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Prevention – Education – Awareness - Recovery

OUR MISSION: To educate the public on all aspects of child abuse such as symptoms, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, and helping victims locate the proper resources necessary to achieve a full recovery. We also cover areas such as bullying, teen suicide & prevention, children's rights, child trafficking, missing & exploited children, online safety, and pedophiles/sex offenders.

A Message From Our CEO & President

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children would like to thank you for your continued support as we embark on a generational change for the child abuse survivor community. It is our vision that this year will bring about an era of much needed change and spiritual healing. An era that will highlight the unification of our community, an era where child abuse victims and survivors are not afraid or intimidated to speak out, an era where education and awareness is the driving force behind taking a stand against abuse. During 2011, Dreamcatchers for Abused Children continued to provide educational materials and community outreach and intervention programs to parents, caregivers, schools, churches and other agencies worldwide. We also provided vital programs and resources to children, teens and young adults who may be confronted or currently experiencing abusive situations or behavior. Our agency has successfully helped men, women, and children of all ages through its numerous programs. We will continue to strive to implement these changes through endless service, volunteer work, community outreach programs, mentoring, networking, and child abuse education worldwide. We have had great success over the last five years focusing on our community outreach programs. These programs provide child abuse and neglect awareness, educate the public on the signs, symptoms, statistics, intervention and prevention of child abuse, as well as assisting survivors by providing them with the proper resources needed to achieve a full recovery. We intend to reduce victim trauma, lower child abuse statistics through knowledge and education, empower survivors, build self-esteem and promote recovery. We are committed to providing education and service through our community outreach programs that help the victims and survivors, serve the needs of at-risk teens and young adults, support women against domestic violence in the household, and provide resources to the general public to aid in their knowledge and awareness of child abuse. It is our sole mission to help families live safe, healthy and happy lives worldwide. Sincerely, Sandra Potter Donna M. Kshir

2011 Accomplishments         

Reached 1,000,000+ views of our domain website Named Top Rated "Children & Families" Non-profit 2011 Nominated for "Lifetime Remarkable Women" Award Received "Celebration of Women" Alumni Achievement Award Recognized as a Valued Partner Through GUIDESTAR Exchange Nominated for the "Stay Classy" Non-Profit Achievement Award Charity of Choice for "Caylee's Eyes" proceeds (Singer: Curtis Braly) Started "Zero Tolerance Law" Petition Partnered with "Stop Abusing Our Children" Campaign with Founder, Nickelodeon Host, Jeff Sutphen and wife/actress, Stacy Sutphen  Announced Mrs. Oklahoma Plus America 2011 as Dreamcatchers for Abused Children’s National Spokeswoman  Maintained a 24-Hour Hotline/Help Service  Assisted over 75,000 people in need


Program Overview: In an age when child abuse in the home is hidden until it meets the front page of newspapers, we as a society need to look at new strategies to provide education to parents and caregivers to assure safety and protection to all children. Child Abuse “Project Education� was designed as a preventive program to be implemented state wide. Being able to understand child abuse and taking preventive measures, empowers parents and children, and instills responsibility and how to protect their children, and themselves, from abusers and predators. Project Education 2011 provided organized programs that involved parents and caregivers in a variety of activities that helped to reduce negative measures, injury and conflicts while motivating them in a positive nature. Research and statistics on child abuse education has shown to prevent child abuse and save lives by educating parents on how to protect their children. We incorporated child abuse education, communication skills, and empowerment into Project Education through seminars, radio shows and community outreach programs. By addressing issues such as child abuse, time spent in identifying abusers and pedophiles behaviors and strategies to protect children helped to lower the chance of victimization. Our goal was to provide parents, caregivers and children a common language and set of behaviors that are part of the positive, healthy, safe environment in which children can enjoy active learning and live a safe violent-free lifestyle. Additionally, parents, caregivers and children acquired skills for problem solving to create empowerment. We successfully assisted and educated well over 3,500 families and children and plan to continue the program into 2012.

PROJECT EDUCATION: Community Outreach Programs

Child Abuse Education -- Community Outreach Programs Talk Radio Show with Host Patricia McKnight Listen LIVE at:

 Family-to-Family  Peer-to-Peer  Use Your Voice  Teen to Teen  Take Back The Night  Child Abuse Education  Project Education  Awareness Campaign  Missing Children's Division  Networking for Prevention

2011 Fundraisers & Events               

Scentsy Buddies Fundraiser Dream-Green Campaign April's "Blue Ribbon" Awareness Campaign Chosen Charity for proceeds from EatSmart Precision on Amazon 50/50 Easter Basket Raffle 1st Annual Easter Basket Drive 'Postgame' Fundraiser YWCA "kNOw More" Campaign Yale Community Booth Campaign Abuse Bites Walk-n-Talk Sponsor 1st Annual Back-to-School Supply Drive Applebee’s "Dine to Donate" Fundraiser "Blue Wristband Campaign" Against Child Abuse Stocking Stuffer Christmas Drive Canadian County Foster Kids Christmas Party

Financial Statement 2011 REVENUE: 2010 Balance Forward 9463.00 Contributions 6990.00 Grants -----------------------------------------------------16453.00 In-Kind Donations


EXPENSES: Program 9958.00 Fundraising 648.00 Administration 352.00 -----------------------------------------------------10958.00 YEAR-END NET ASSET: $5,495.00

A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS Dreamcatchers for Abused Children is supported by a variety of sources: Community-Based Service Organizations, Corporations & Businesses, Public & Private Foundations, and generous Individuals from all around the world. We wish to personally thank each and every one of you for your support!!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: CEO/Founder: Sandra Potter President: Donna Kshir Vice-President: Roger Larson Secretary/Treasurer: Angela Roy Chairman: Roger Kshir Chairman: Philip Potter

REGIONAL DIRECTORS: Executive Director: Patricia McKnight Regional Director: Tammy Tanko Regional Director: LaQuisha Hall Regional Director: Sierra Sullivan Regional Director: Sue Evans Missing Children Director: Trina Davidson

ADMINISTRATION: Chief Executive Officer: Sandra Potter Chief Development Officer: Donna Kshir Chief Webmaster/PR: Angela Roy Executive Director: Patricia McKnight Events Coordinator: Sierra Sullivan Fundraising Coordinator: Myra Rivera Missing Children Director: Trina Davidson National Spokeswoman: Debbie Splawn-Bunch











DFAC 2011 Annual Report  

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, Inc. 2011 Annual Report