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Education 2014 - 2016 The Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łodz; Faculty of Textile and Fashion – Master of Arts in Jewelry design 2015 - 2016 Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Alicante, Product Design, Spain 2011 - 2014 The Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łodz; Faculty of Textile and Fashion – Bachelor of Arts in Jewelry design 2007 - 2011 Complex of Fine Arts schools of Jacek Malczewski's name in Czestochowa - Silversmithing

Achievements 2018

Finalist of the Make Me! 2018 - as part of the Łódź Design Festival, Poland


Award of Tubadzin Management Group Sp. z o. o. in the 26th Strzeminski Competition – Project; in 3D jewelry design, Łódź, Poland


Finalist of the 10th Art&Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk [curator: Nick Knight], participation in Fashion Jewellery workshops and post-competition exhibition, Poznań, Poland


Honorable mention in the 25th Strzeminski Competition - Project, Łódź, Poland

Visualization of the seemingly invisible

“A collection of jewelry and bags inspired by the Cymatics� (MA) 2016 Cymatics is a type of science that studies the impact of acoustic waves on different structures. According to this field, everything is sound. Art inspired by science is a topic that has intrigued me for a long time. While designing, I pay a lot of attention to the way of expression and the wealth of resources that can be achieved. I am deeply inspired by the experiments involving sound and artistic activity that lie at the interface of art and science from the XXth and XXIst centuries. The resulting works are an attempt to visualize something seemingly invisible.

Different = Irreplaceable 2016 A scar is something intimate. It is a mark on the body and the soul. Like all of us, I have scars too. I made a necklace whose form resembles a pocket mirror. It is a symbol that reflects our concerns and doubts about self-acceptance. Instead of the traditional glass interior, I designed a piece with six interchangeable components. Their combined effect depends on the recipient; it is an ornament intended to reveal the introverted or extroverted character of the one who wears it.

Work made during Art & Fashion Forum jewelry workshop




Intimacy 2015 A scar is usually the result of an accidental injury or perhaps an unwanted souvenir after surgery. It is often perceived negatively by its owner. It is something that disfigures one, something that one wants to get rid of. Through my work I try to transform this often hidden blemish into a decoration. I have created a jewelry collection designed to emphasize the unique relationship between man and the worn object. This is the manifestation of acceptance and glorifying everything we own, nothing is worth being ashamed of.

Intymacy: necklace and brooch

Inclusion 2018 Inclusion is the act of including something or someone in a large whole. It can be considered as a positive or negative phenomenon. The presented necklace is my reflection on time and the relationship between nature and man. For its creation I have used raw amber, glass, resin, silver and a piece of glass vessel (800ml) polished by the sea, which I have found during a stroll along the Baltic coast. The work was created at the 18th International Art Jewelery Competition PRESENTATIONS 2018.

Family portrait 2013 Work inspired by relations between generations Construction, disintegration, stabilization, change, acceptance, rejection My work consists of twenty-four silver-plated hemispheres / brooches. The elements attract or repel each other. Through the use of magnets placed inside them, they can be freely combined, creating interesting, and sometimes unexpected combinations.

Time is a collection of moments. Our various experiences have a significant impact on our lives. Our individual and collective memories confirm this basic truth. The starting point for me was the use of simple mathematical schemes such as: set, subset, union, intersection, difference and complement.

Bachelor "The past in the present - in searching of the lost time". Jewelry collection. 2014




Can you capture something as fleeting as time?

Presence 2015 Our fingerprints are unique and unrepeatable. I recorded the impression of my hands, burned through the enamel on copper jewelry and ink. In this way I created a custom object that is a unique record of an ephemeral moment.

Cufflinks fixed by screwing gold-plated brass, zircons, 2015

Cutlery made by new silver, 2013

Salt and pepper: new silver, gilding, magnets, 2013

Checkers: new silver and polypropylene, 2014

Egg holder: silver plated brass, plexiglass, 2013

Lamp „Wave” 2015

Brooch with replaceable elements: burnished brass, plexiglass, 2011

Elements of nature - brass, copper, metal exposed to weather factors, 2012

Rings: sheet metal mirror, aluminum, paint, 2011

Circles: collection of rings and bracelets, brass, 2012

The world of senses, acrylic glass, gallium, 2013

Flavors: brooches made of silver, rubber, foam, glass, 2013

Bracelets: copper, enamel, glass, 2014

Brooches and pendant: copper, enamel, glass, 2014

Brooch and bracelet: brass, plexiglass, 2015

Paper clips: brass, 2012

Project medal for ASP: brass, 2013

3D projects

The chain for Rector of ASP, 2015

Plus and minus rings, 2014

The unusual project of framing stone, 2015

Art Deco brooch, 2013

Openwork jewelry, 2014

Pearl jewelry set, 2015 + 48 795 648 614

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Contemporary jewellery Portfolio

Sandra Bejm - PORTFOLIO Jewellery  

Contemporary jewellery Portfolio