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Robin Hood

Sandra Alfonso Panisello 1A Montse Reverte

Index Vocabulary: Vocabulary episode 1:pag. 2 Vocabulary episode 2:pag. 2

Vocabulary episode 3:pag. 2 Vocabulary episode 4:pag. 3 Vocabulary episode 5:pag. 3 Vocabulary episode 6:pag. 3 Vocabulary episode 7:pag. 4

Summaries: Summary espisode 1:pag. 5 Summary espisode 2:pag. 5 Summary espisode 3:pag. 5 Summary espisode 4:pag. 5 Summary espisode 5:pag. 5 Summary espisode 6:pag. 5 Summary espisode 7:pag. 5

Vocabulary Episode 1: earl:compte church:esglèsia wedding:matrimoni husband:marit enemy:enemic

king:rei prison:presĂł far away:lluny in power:en poder castle:castell land:terra title:tĂ­tul still:encara marry:casar arrest:arrestar Episode 2: money:diners bow:arc hood:capa outlaw:fora de llei get off:alliberar-se wait:esperar find:trobar leader:lĂ­der wear:portar

Episode 3: rich:ric poor:pobre present:regal kind:amable traveller:viatger

let:deixar trap:trampa search:buscar carefully:cuidadosament well done:ben fet shot:tir across:a traves de... join:unir-se

Episode 4: Early : D’hora The best :El millor Archer :Arquer Shoot :Dispara Arrow :Fletxa Friar :Frare Strong :Forat Live :Viure Near :Prop de Carry :Portar Fool : Tonto Hate : Odiar Try : Tractar de Stupid : Estúpid Peace : Pau

Episode 5:

silver:plata plan:pla immediately:inmediatament laugh at:riure de... bring:portar archery:tir amb arc competition:concurs prize:premi winner:guanyador soon:aviat win:guanyar trap:trampa search:cercar carefully:amb cura well done:ben fet! Shot:tir stay:estada

Episode 6: escape:escapar angry:anfadat unlucky:sense sort in love:enamorat idea:idea daughter:filla

prisoner:presoner truth:veritat Great news:bones noticies

Episode 7: surprise:sorpresa follow: kill:matar majesty:majestat arrive:arribar hurry:apressar-se north:nord hear:escoltar silence:silenci thief:lladre in power:en poder honest:honest finish:final start:principi congrulations:felicitats

Summary Episode 1:Robert wants to marry him with Marian ... but in the wedding goes the sheriff and say Robert is an enemy of King Richard and arrest him.Lady Marian is very sad and Robert is desconcerted.

Episode 2:Robert scape and he goes on a horse to de Sherwood Forest and here he find an owtlaws...they talk and gonna be friends and make Robert her leader,give us a bow and a green hood.Now he is Robin Hood.

Episode 3:They rob a rich men to give the money to poor people.Robin know 'Little John'they fight and Little John pulls to the water,later he help him to leave the water and be friends.

Episode 4:The outlaws are practise archery and her talks of Friar Tuck..later Robin call he ..he is an strong men and they fight but Robin say he stop.And already be friends.

Episode 5:The sheriff and Sir. Guy make a plan.Her plan is make an archery competition because Robin go ther and arrest him.Robin goes...but that if he went but was disguised as an old man,he wins te best prize...a silver arrow and he saws Marian again. Episode 6:The sheriff make and other plan,say Marian marry with Sir. Guy but she don't acept this...the sheriff puts Marian and her father on the prison.Marian scapes and go to the forest for search Robin.

Episode 7:The king Richard retorn and arrest the sheriff and a Sir. Guy,and Friar Tuck marry Robert and Marian with the congrulations of the king.


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