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Top Ten Search Terms in Google For the UK For the Year 2009 It is interesting to see the amount of people that will search for something or a site they have already visited before, and they could simply type it into their web url bar. Even websites like the BBC get searched for in Google, with, hardly being a domain name you would struggle to remember, even after a few beers on a summers evening in July. So, using the Google Insights website, we decided to have a look at the way people have searched in 2009, and see if we can spot any rising stars or falling giants. We were surprised at the top ten searches, with many simple sites that many would remember still being searched for, with a mixture of the more general search terms that we did expect being thrown into the top ten. Web Search Interest - United Kingdom, 2009 Top searches 1. Facebook 2. BBC 3. YouTube 4. Hotmail 5. eBay 6. games 7. Yahoo 8. news 9. Google 10. weather As mentioned previously, it seems that Google is becoming the new way to visit sites, rather than becoming a search engine. BBC, YouTube, Facebook, eBay and Hotmail are hardly the most difficult URL's to remember, and we are slightly surprised the amount of people that search for Google, in Google! I would suggest that fewer people are using bookmarks on their browser any more and with the Google Toolbar now coming as standard with most

things, it looks like people use the search box on this to simply get to a site they have visited many times before. 2009, as mentioned in previous videos and blog posts was the year of Social Media, and this is reflected in the rising stars of searches in this year: Rising Searches 1. Twitter +3,300% 2. Facebook login +550% 3. jogos +120% 4. juegos +100% 5. Facebook +100% 6. Yahoo mail +90% 7. eBay UK +90% 8. iplayer +80% 9. BBC iplayer +80% 10. +60% To see twitter top of the rising searches for the UK in 2009 is no surprise and nor is the fact that Facebook also has risen by 550%, but it is interesting to see it's the login page, again suggesting people are using Google more to visit previously visited sites than find new ones. The Iplayer has seen its popularity increase this year, with Yahoo mail and Hotmail also making their usual rising appearances. Looking at these figures is a simply fantastic insight into how the British Internet Public are using Google, something that seems to change and evolved year after year. The rising searches always seems to reflect what is happening currently, with Twitter and Facebook proving this, but to see the same old names like Hotmail and Yahoo continuing to rise would either suggest a return to popularity or more people not using the bookmark option on your browser. google juegos

Top Ten Search Terms in Google For the UK For the Year 2009  

It is interesting to see the amount of people that...

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