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Discover Ireland, by Alexandra Sempere.

Ireland ‘s nickname is

the "Emerald Isle“. It's unbelievably green, with

expanses of rolling fields and hills, lush vegetation under foot and colorful gardens.

Ireland is an island country situated in the Northwest of Europe. It is a small country with a population of around 4,500,000 inhabitants.

Its capital and the biggest city is Dublin.

The national Flag is the tricolor of green, white and orange.

Discover Ireland, by Alexandra Sempere.

The Shamrock is a recognized symbol of Ireland. The Official emblem of Ireland is the harp. Ireland is the only country in the world who uses a musical Instrument as its national national emblem.

Yes, these are also famous symbols of Ireland. Ireland

We said Ireland is a small country with less than 5 million people living there, but Irish blood is widespread around the world because of emigration. Why? Ireland was a very poor country and during the 19th century waves of Irish emigrated, mainly to the US, UK and Australia.

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