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Sandpiper Orchid Society DECEMBER 2013 Sandpiper Meeting Location

Galloway Branch of the Atlantic County Library system located at 306 East Jimmie Leeds Road Galloway, NJ Phone 609-652-2352


Holiday Covered Dish Supper

(Note: Week and Date change due to the Christmas Holidays)

December 12th 7:30 PM

Map of Meeting Location

Upcoming Meeting December 12th Sandpiper’s December Meeting will be a Covered Dish Supper supplied by all attending members. Guests are Welcome. Doors open at 6:30 PM Dinner begins at 7:30 PM

Please join us and celebrate our final Meeting, Show Table and Social Gathering of the year in a festive Holiday style.

(Note: Meeting Time Change)

December ’13 Newsletter in a

Please notify Nancy Burke on what you are bringing if you have not done so already.


The Orchid Help Guys

Phone: (609) 965-0455 Email: Dr. Cary Stone

Bergie Ellingsen

Before the Meeting 7:15 PM Ask the Orchid Help Guys before any Sandpiper Orchid Society meeting for advice on any culture problems you may be having with your orchids.




“Questions and Answers” Last month members were encouraged to bring their questions about orchid growing, repotting, insect control, seasonal weather changes, growing conditions and to even bring their actual plants that are not growing well and that were not happy, to the meeting. These subjects and questions about other culture were answered by numerous members of the Society who have many years of orchid growing experience. The evening was an ‘eye opener’ to many in the audience. Most felt they gained a great deal of knowledge from questions they had not even considered asking but were glad that someone else covered the subject. A very informative evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

Free Orchid 2014 Membership Drive Join or Renew now, or before

Sandpiper’s upcoming January Awards Banquet, and have your name placed in a drawing for your choice of 1 of 3 beautiful Blooming Orchids, drawn at the Awards Banquet. Please mail or deliver at your next meeting, your Membership Renewal Application to George Bollenbach, Membership Chair.

Sandpiper Orchid Society MEMBERSHIP FORM To obtain Sandpiper OS Membership information and a printable Application Form click on the link below. Printable Membership  Application  Form


SHOW TABLE & Orchid Shows Point Standings thru

November 2013 Block, L.


Bollenbach, G.


Capone, J.


Cascioli, P.


Class, B.


Connolly, C.


DelGuercio, M&S


Ellingsen, B.


Errickson, B.


Ference, R.


Fontaine, A.


Gotwols, C.


Gray, A&P


Jankowski, L&R


Livesey, B.


Michalenko, R.


Penso, M.


Schairer, C.


Stone, C.


Zona, G&H


How the Points are Earned Rosette Award ....…... 10 pts 1st Place ...................... 5 pts 2nd Place .................... 3 pts 3rd Place ..................... 1 pt Joe Myers Award - Awarded to the member that accumulates the highest point total for the year as determined from Society Displays and the monthly Show Table results. Lisa O’Neal Award - This award was established in 2006 upon the untimely death of then president Lisa O’Neal. Lisa was renowned for displaying her finest orchids on the monthly Show Table. The winner of this award is acknowledged as having grown the most outstanding orchid of the year which is chosen from those plants that received the 10 point Rosette Award.

Cymbidium Care Cymbidiums are native to the foothills of the Himalayas and are accustomed to cool conditions. Their tall spikes have from 10-25 flowers ranging from 2 1/2" to 6" which last from one to three months. Many are fragrant and their long leaves make them attractive as indoor plants. Temperature and Humidity It is essential to grow Cymbidiums outdoors from May to early to mid-October. They like night temperatures to fall below 58 degrees. These cool temperatures will initiate the flower spikes. They will tolerate temperatures as low as 35 degrees. When the plants are brought indoors in the fall, place them in a bright (south or east window preferably) cool section of your home. Humidity may be provided with the use of a humidifier or the tray and gravel method. Just make sure that the plant is not standing in water or the roots will rot. Light and Shade When growing Cymbidiums outdoors, place the plant where it receives bright defused light such as through a pine tree or shrub in early morning. Very light afternoon sun works also. When you bring them indoors, give them as much light as you can (south, east or west windows). Feeding We highly recommend Green Jungle Orchid Food, especially formulated to work with rain, distilled, reverse osmosis water or water low in alkalinity. Fertilize with Green Jungle every time you water, all year round. This is the fertilizer that we developed and use on our own plants. The results have been excellent. For tap water or well water, we recommend fertilizing with Grow More 20-10-20 once every 2 weeks from March through September. And once each month through February use Grow More 6-30-30. Watering During the growing season, which is generally spring, summer and fall, cymbidiums should be watered frequently and heavily; in winter, with less sun, watering can be somewhat reduced. Except for the period immediately after potting, the growing medium should be kept moist at all times. A fine spray over the foliage, in addition to pot watering, is beneficial unless the weather is cloudy. These plants have long thin leaves what are prone to tiny, almost invisible spider mites on the undersides. To avoid getting the mites, take the plant into the shower once a month and spray the foliage lightly with room temperature water. If you have spider mites, insecticidal soap sprayed 3 times, one week apart, should control them. Potting Many different potting media have been used for cymbidiumsstraight osmunda, fiber, rockwool, or fir bark, mixes of loam, dried oak leaves, and redwood fiber, or various combinations of standard horticultural materials. The important thing is to have a light, porous medium, capable of holding moisture but draining thoroughly. When plants need to be divided and repotted, do it in the spring after blooming. Repot only when the medium has broken down, for cymbidiums do best when not disturbed. Cymbidiums produce an extensive root system and may be "overpotted" more readily than other orchids. Select a pot which, once the plant has been placed in the center, allows space for at least two years' growth. Remove all dead or dying roots from the plant, carefully taking off the old compost without causing damage to the live roots. Should you wish to divide your plant at this time, each section should have three or four green bulbs in addition to any new leads. As cymbidiums are particularly susceptible to a number of diseases, it is now standard procedure with them and any orchid for that matter, to sterilize all cutting and potting instruments before using them on a new plant. Backbulbs, or the old leafless pseudobulbs, should be removed if the procedure will cause no damage to the rest of the plant. ...thanks to the

Orchid Web website.


SANDPIPER ORCHID SOCIETY AWARDS BANQUET Sandpiper始s Annual Awards Banquet is being held on Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at the Crab Trap Restaurant in Somers Point. Our room will be available at 4:00 PM. Dinner is scheduled to be served at 5:00 PM. Please complete the form below and mail it to Henry Zona, along with your check. The cost this year is still $35.00 per person. YES, there will be a Show Table. Henry Zona 609-641-1986 email: Please Print, Cut Out and Mail Banquet Form

SANDPIPER AWARDS BANQUET Make checks payable to the: Sandpiper Orchid Society The cost is $35.00 each. (Includes Reserved Banquet Room, Complete Meal, Tax and Tip) Guests are welcome. Name_____________________________________ Dinner Choice:

Number Attending__________

Prime Rib___________________ Crab Imperial______________ Mail this form and your check to: Henry Zona 1013 Shelbourne Ave. Absecon, NJ 08201

2013 Waldor Orchids Holiday Sale Join us for our Holiday Sale on December 13th & 14th and again on December 20th & 21st. Everything in the store including all plants and supplies will be 20% off. There also will be cookies and refreshments for all that are able to attend. Whether you are looking to enhance your collection or a special holiday gift for a loved one, we will have hundreds of plants from which to choose. Take advantage of the discount by stuffing their stockings with some orchid supplies. PS. Should you need large quantity of potting media, please call ahead so that we can have it ready for you.

10 E. Poplar Ave. Linwood, N.J. 08221-2526



Phone: 609-927-4126 Fax: 609-926-0615

Calendar of Events January 2014


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26th Annual Open House at Silva Orchids Silva Orchids Neptune, N.J. Phone: 732-922-2635 website:

Sandpiper Orchid Society Annual Awards Banquet Crab Trap Restaurant Somers Point, N.J. Contact: Henry Zona for Advance Reservations only EXTENDED CALENDAR  DETAILS

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The Sandpiper OS is an Affiliated Member of the American Orchid Society

The Benefits Of Membership Whether a beginner or an expert orchid grower, you will find membership in the American Orchid Society a truly rewarding experience. You’ll join 18,000 others worldwide who share a passion for orchids, as well as furthering conservation and research efforts for these wondrous plants. And you’ll enjoy a wealth of membership benefits. ...membership to the American Orchid Society

American Orchid Society 5

November 2013 Show Table 1st Place Winners SHOW TABLE  DETAILS

Ascda. Princess Mikasa 'Royal Saphire' Grown by B. Ellingsen Slc. Bright Angel x Lc. Mini Purple Grown by G. Bollenbach

Den. White Grace 'Sato' Grown by S. DelGuercio

Phal. violacea Grown by R. Ference Paph. Glenarm Grown by R. Michalenko

Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice Grown by C. Connolly Nodosa Hybrid Grown by A. Fontaine


Blc. George King ‘Serendipity’ Grown by R. Ference

Liparis longipes Grown by R. Michalenko

Colm. Wildcat 'Green Valley' Grown by C. Connolly

Paph. spicerianum Grown by R. Michalenko

Pot. Love Avenue 'Serenade' Grown by Rita Michalenko

Ascda. Fuch's Sunkist 'Orange Glow' Grown by B. Ellingsen

Paph. Arnold J. Klehm Grown by R. Ference



Lc. Blue Grotto 'Takagi' Grown by B. Ellingsen

ORCHIDS January Preview

Waldor Orchids The largest supplier of orchid plants and supplies in the Delaware Valley. 10 E. Poplar Ave. Linwood, N.J. 08221-2526 Phone: 609-927-4126 Fax: 609-926-0615 Fridays and Saturdays 9AM - 5:30 PM

Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Yashira' AM/AOS Exhib: Susana Ortiz

photo Š Greg Allikas

Orchid Fossils and Evolution Sparophytic Orchids: Corallorhiza The Importance of Water Quality The Genus Rhynchostylis


...thanks to the American Orchid Society

Sandpiper Orchid Society Editor PO Box 462 Waretown, NJ 08758

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