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Sandpiper Orchid Society August 2013

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Sandpiper Meetings Location

Galloway Branch of the Atlantic County Library system located at 306 East Jimmie Leeds Road Galloway, NJ Phone 609-652-2352

Annual Orchid Auction OPEN to the PUBLIC

Map of Meeting Location

August 22nd

September 26th

7:30 PM At our August 22nd meeting, Michael Hogan, will give a presentation entitled “Rare Wild flowers of the Pine Barrens”, a presentation of the orchids, gentians and other rare wild flowers of the NJ Pine Barrens. He will bring copies of his book " The Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shore area”.

August ‘13 Newsletter in a PDF FORMAT

Doors open for Previewing at

6:30 PM Auction begins at 7:00 PM

It’s time to add to your collection from some of the finest plants, divisions, and duplicate items available today.

The Orchid Help Guys

Lively Bidding Complimentary Refreshments

Before the Meeting 7:15 PM Ask the Orchid Help Guys before any Sandpiper Orchid Society meeting for advice on any culture problems you may be having with your orchids.

No entry fee, just come in and enjoy a few hours of FUN with your orchid loving friends Orchids pictured are not necessarily included in this Auction




SHOW TABLE & Orchid Shows Point Standings thru

July 2013

Block, L.


Bollenbach, G.


Capone, J.


Class, B.


Connolly, C.


DelGuercio, M&S


Ellingsen, B.


Ference, R.


Fontaine, A.


Gotwols, C.


Gray, A&P


Jankowski, L&R


Livesey, B.


Michalenko, R.


Penso, M.


Stone, C.


Zona, G&H


How the Points are Earned Rosette Award ....…... 10 pts 1st Place ...................... 5 pts 2nd Place .................... 3 pts 3rd Place ..................... 1 pt Joe Myers Award - Awarded to the member that accumulates the highest point total for the year as determined from Society Displays and the monthly Show Table results. Lisa O’Neal Award - This award was established in 2006 upon the untimely death of then president Lisa O’Neal. Lisa was renowned for displaying her finest orchids on the monthly Show Table. The winner of this award is acknowledged as having grown the most outstanding orchid of the year which is chosen from those plants that received the 10 point Rosette Award.

Hands on Workshop “Repotting Using Sphagnum” At Sandpiper’s last meeting, Ron Ference held a handson workshop in which all attending were given an orchid to repot and take home. All members were shown examples of orchids potted in sphagnum moss. Ron then demonstrated the proper technique of how to repot an orchid using sphagnum. Everyone was supplied an orchid, moss and a pot to learn how to repot and then take their orchid home. A great workshop was enjoyed by all who attended the meeting.

9/13/2013 - 9/14/2013 9th Annual Merritt Huntington Memorial Symposium – History –

The Merritt Huntington Memorial Symposium began in 2005 when some members of the Tidewater Orchid Society (TOS), Peninsula Orchid Society (POS), and Virginia Orchid Society (VOS) formed a committee to explore the possibility of planning a one day orchid symposium in the Mid-Atlantic area. These orchid enthusiasts had worked together to plan the very successful 2000 Eastern Orchid Congress (EOC) in Williamsburg, VA. The committee asked Merritt Huntington to advise them and he was very excited about the endeavor. Sadly, his untimely death came early in 2005, but the committee decided to move forward and name the event in his memory. .....continued on Page 5

Web Link  to  Merritt  Huntington  Mem,  Sym

Sandpiper Orchid Society MEMBERSHIP FORM To obtain Sandpiper OS Membership information and a printable Application Form, click on the link below. Printable Membership  Application  Form


David’s Monthly Orchid Tips

Can I repot my orchid when it is in spike or blooming? If your orchid is in spike, you can repot as long as you are careful not to damage roots while repotting. There may be a couple of reasons that you want to repot while your orchid is in spike. These same reasons can apply to plants in bud or bloom. The plant could be in drastic need of repotting. If this is the case, carefully clean away the old medium and try to avoid damaging roots. If the plant has a very poor root system to start out with and it is clearly suffering from stress, it is best recommended that you remove the flower spike as it is draining energy from the plant that could be used to help it recover. You might want to repot it into a decorative pot before the plant blooms. If this is the case, to avoid shocking the plant, simply remove the plant and set it into the new pot without removing the old potting medium. This way you will avoid shocking the plant and it will continue its flowering schedule as usual. If your orchid is in bud, you can repot it for the same reasons as if it was in spike. However, the risk of some (or all) buds being shocked and falling off is high. Orchids are much more forgiving if you repot when the buds have just formed and are "tight". For the most part, you should avoid repotting when in bud if it is not necessary. If you repot when your plant is actually blooming, it is normal for the flowers to drop faster than normal, sometimes almost immediately. Only repot when blooming if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

David Off is a 3rd generation member of the highly respected WALDOR ORCHIDS family.

Transporting Plants Pack plants carefully when transporting them home from a nursery or show, to and from judging and orchid society meetings. Plants are better protected in boxes or cartons than loose in the car. Even a newspaper or piece of wrapping paper rolled into a sleeve around the plant and taped closed will help keep it safer during transportation. Take the extra time to carefully situate and protect bloom spikes and flowers against bending and breakage in transit before transporting your plants. When orchid shopping, bring along an extra stash of boxes or bags, plus some lightweight packing materials unlikely to damage your new acquisitions such as polyester batting, finely shredded paper or foam packing peanuts. Most, but not all, sellers will supply some sort of protective materials to keep the plants they sell safe during the trip to their new home, but for those times when a seller is unprepared, has run out, or is simply too busy to wrap your purchases, it helps to have one’s own materials on hand.

Waldor Orchids                             Farmers  Markets  Schedule

...thanks to the Orchid Web website.

Web Link  to  Farmers  Markets  Schedule


Calendar of Events 15

International Phalaenopsis Alliance “Focus on Phals” Day 50 West High St. Ballston Spa, N.Y. website:


Mid-Atlantic Judging Center Philadelphia Horticultural Center Philadelphia, Pa. website:


Sandpiper Orchid Society Meeting Annual Auction 7:00 PM Galloway Branch of the Atlantic County Library system Galloway, N.J

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The Sandpiper OS is an Affiliated Member of the American Orchid Society

The Benefits Of Membership Whether a beginner or an expert orchid grower, you will find membership in the American Orchid Society a truly rewarding experience. You’ll join 18,000 others worldwide who share a passion for orchids, as well as furthering conservation and research efforts for these wondrous plants. And you’ll enjoy a wealth of membership benefits. ...membership to the American Orchid Society

American Orchid Society 4


Co-hosted by the North Eastern New York & Mid-Hudson Orchid Societies Sunday, September 15, 2013 50 West High Street, Ballston Spa, NY PROGRAM SCHEDULE:

8:30 - 9:15 am Morning Refreshments & Sales Tables Open 9:30 - 10:15 am Tom Harper: The Six Most Important Species Influencing Today’s Hybrids 10:30 - 11:15 am Carri Raven-Riemann: From Mega to Micro: New Horizons in Phal Hybridizing 11:15 - 11:45 am Mini Auction (to raise funds for future meetings) 11:45 - 12:45 pm Lunch Break & Sales Tables Open 12:45 – 1:30 pm Norman Fang: Moss Culture: Part II 1:30 - 2:00 pm Roundtable Discussion with the Speakers 2:00 – 4:00 pm Open House at Piping Rock Orchids The Merritt Huntington Memorial Symposium started as a one day affair with three speakers, a panel discussion, AOS judging, lunch and orchid vendors and was held on November 12th, 2005. It has since grown to a two day affair with a reception, speakers, and vendors on Friday evening and a full day of speakers, panel discussions, AOS judging, vendors, and lunch on Saturday. The symposium is now in its sixth year. For the first three years, it was held in Williamsburg, VA. Then in 2008, the symposium was moved to Virginia Beach, VA. The event has averaged 100 attendees per day for the first five years. By keeping the event small and easy to plan, the committee has been able to make the symposium very personal and friendly. The speakers, vendors, and attendees are all able to get to know one another and share their love and knowledge of orchids. The American Orchid Society (AOS) "discovered" the symposium in 2007 and came on board to sponsor three speakers at our 2008 event in Virginia Beach. In 2009 they sponsored two speakers and it has been a great collaboration and everyone has benefited from it. Everyone is looked forward to our 2010 symposium which will host the AOS Fall Members Meeting, October 27th - 31st, 2010, at the Cavalier Oceanfront Hotel. The Merritt Huntington Memorial Symposium organizing committee, which we fondly call "an alliance of Merritt's Orchid Friends in Virginia", has come a long way in 6 years. In 2009, the symposium became incorporated and received IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The symposium committee has had a lot of help along the way from our local societies, TOS, POS, VOS, the more recently formed Richmond Orchid Alliance (ROA), the AOS, and other friends of Merritt that are not on our committee. We still enjoy working together and we are looking forward to future symposiums.


July 2013

Show Table 1st Place Winners SHOW TABLE  DETAILS

C. aclandiae Grown by B. Livesey

Epi. Green Hornet Grown by M. Penso

Dar. Fuchs Cream Puff x Rhy. Pink Grown by R. Michalenko


Paph. Pale Face Grown by R. Ference

Phal. Hybrid Grown by H. Zona

SHOW TABLE  DETAILS V. sanderiana alba x Christ. vietnamica Grown by R. Ference


Waldor Orchids ORCHIDS September Preview

Waldor Orchids The largest supplier of orchid plants and supplies in the Delaware Valley. 10 E. Poplar Ave. Linwood, N.J. 08221-2526 Phone: 609-927-4126 Fax: 609-926-0615 Fridays and Saturdays 9AM - 5:30 PM

Paraphalaenopsis Kolopaking 'Crownfox' HCC/AOS Photo Š G. Allikas. Favorite Mexican Orchids: Chysis, Gongora, Stanhopea, Galeandra Paraphalaenopsis species & hybrids Paphiopedilum in China Part VI Collector's Item: Aerangis distincta


...thanks to the American Orchid Society

Sandpiper Orchid Society Editor PO Box 462 Waretown, NJ 08758

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Please enjoy the Sandpiper OS's August '13 Newsletter.

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