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Clean up the sound 5


All Meetings are held at 10 a.m. on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Juana’s Pagodas unless otherwise specified. September meeting at Navarre Beach Fire Station

3 County commits BP dollars to clean up Santa Rosa Sound


2016 Meetings

By Jamie Gentry The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners voted Thursday, Aug. 25 to allocate the county’s portion of Pot 3 of the RESTORE funds toward five projects to improve the water

November 12 (Second Saturday due to Thanksgiving.)

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Five Project Breakdown

December - no meeting All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda




Study of Santa Rosa Sound $200,000 plus matching To improve the Sound, it helps to know what your starting point is Grancagnolo said. The county plans to partner with local scientists to gather together all the data on the water quality of Santa Rosa Sound at this point. The county is currently in talks with the University of West Florida on this.

quality of Santa Rosa Sound. Applications for the county’s $12.3 million portion of the fund must be approved by the RESTORE Council, the Department of Environmental Protection and Gov. Rick Scott, based on a set criterion that these projects must meet. Grant Manager Erica


Water Quality Monitoring $200,000$300,000 plus matching “You also need to know if it’s working,” Grancagnolo said, so the county would put roughly $20,000 a year toward regular testing of the water to continue until the funds dry up. The county is also in talks with UWF for this project.

Grancagnolo said these projects were not selected out of thin air. They were concerns that had been on the county agenda for some time and were vetted by the county’s BP consulting firm Atkins. “A lot of these projects have been on priority lists for the county or other groups


Navarre Beach Waste Water Treatment Facility Effluent Discharge Relocation $6 million+ matching Planning and permitting have been completed for a project that would reroute effluent currently being processed and dumped directly into Santa Rosa Sound to a facility at Eglin Air Force Base. A pipe would run underneath the sound and carry the effluent to a rapid infiltration system.

for a long time,”she said. “So a lot of them have been identified as priorities in the past, but without adequate funding to put toward them…We did consult with Atkins, so some scientific knowledge (went into it).They are issues that have been studied and looked at in the past.”

4 Stormwater Outfall Treatment $4 million plus matching The project is to reroute contaminated runoff water from parking lots and streets to be treated using a hydrodynamic seperator before eventually flowing into Santa Rosa Sound. Pot 3 funds are restricted from being used for infrastructure improvements, but projects directly affecting water quality would be eligible Grancagnolo said.


Septic to Sewer Conversion $1 million plus matching The idea is to incentivize citizens to switch from potentially polluting septic tank systems to sewer hook ups by absorbing some of the cost to switch, but the degree to which RESTORE funds can be spent on private property remains unclear, meaning thousands of dollars in costs could still fall to the resident. Sound page 2

Holley-Navarre Water wants beach utility for free By Rob Johnson In corporate mergers, the deals sometimes include exchanges of stock, assumption of debt or cash paid by the acquiring company. But in Holley-Navarre Water System’s proposed acquisition of Navarre Beach Water System, the small county-owned utility would essentially be gifted to the mainland nonprofit. “We won’t pay anything,” said Paul Gardner, HolleyNavarre’s general manager. In a phone interview with the Navarre Press this week, Gardner asserted that if Santa Rosa County demanded compensation in return for his utility taking over Navarre Beach Water’s operations,“It would be a deal breaker.” If approved by county commissioners, the combination--described by County Engineer Roger Blaylock

as a “transfer of water and sewer operations”- would put about 4,000 Navarre Beach customers under the control of a company that hit its 14,000 ratepayers with a 17.5 percent increase last December. In contrast, Navarre Beach Water hasn’t increased rates since 2008. Future benefits touted Still, advocates of the deal assert that it will save money for Navarre Beach Water customers in the long run. That’s because HNWS plans to tear down the beach utility’s sewage treatment plant, which needs replacing at an estimated cost of $18 million. Instead, HNWS plans to build a pipeline under the surface of Santa Rosa Sound that will carry raw sewage to its mainland treatment plant. The resulting effluent will be spread in various loca-

tions, some of it eventually on a remote section of Eglin Air Force Base under an agreement now being negotiated. The cost of the Navarre Beach to Eglin project is estimated by Holley-Navarre at $18.5 million, which would be shared about equally by the two utilities. The environmental boon of that undertaking appeals to supporters, who note that the treated wastewater from Navarre-Beach’s plant now ends up in Santa Rosa Sound. “It’s not a perfect solution. HNWS’s effluent ends up in bays and streams,” said District 2 Commissioner Bob Cole. Still, he said,“It gets us out of putting thousands of gallons of effluent a day right into the sound.” But piping treated wastewater into Santa Rosa Sound isn’t unusual. That’s how Emerald Coast Utility Authority handles most of

the sewage from its 1,600 customers on Pensacola Beach. Spokeswoman Nathalie Bowers said the company has a treatment plant on Santa Rosa Island at the edge of the sound, where about 80 percent of its effluent ends up after traveling through a 400-foot pipe. Still, Cole reasoned,“I want to get government out of business. If Holley-Navarre Water can run this efficiently and not add to the cost for residents at the beach, I’m for it.” That remains to be seen. When Daryl Lynchard, then Holley-Navarre Water System’s board president, learned last December of a new healthcare package agreed to by management that would lead to a 17.5 percent rate increase, he said, “Our (HNWS) costs are out of control.” Water page 2

Sound from page 1

Navarre Beach News is published monthly by Sandpaper Publishing Inc.. Navarre Beach News and its entire contents and style are fully protected by copyright and registered according to copyright laws. Navarre Beach News cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the expressed written permission of Sandpaper Publishing Inc. and Navarre Beach News. To Contact Us: Navarre Beach News 7502 Harvest Village Court Navarre, FL 32566 Phone: (850) 939-8040 Fax: (850) 939-4575 Web: Email: Publisher Sandi Kemp

Why should you care? Pollution in Santa Rosa Sound from everything from septic tank leaks to car oil to dog poop can wreak havoc on the ecosystems and sea grass beds. But what is the effect to humans? Dr. Barbara Albrecht, watershed expert and professor at the University of West Florida, said the effects can be serious. ■ Pollutants accumulate in animals such as fish and oysters causing contamination of seafood. ■ Sewage leakage from busted pipes and septic tanks can cause illness for swimmers.


from page 1

Production Manager Dickie Williams Advertising Gail Acosta

Raw sewage risks Gardner acknowledged that the new pipe bringing sewage from Navarre Beach to the mainland for treatment would have to be“a pipe within a pipe”in case of leaks. Blaylock listed the raw sewage factor among several“disadvantages” in a written analysis of the proposed utility merger.

for every dollar received from the fund, the hope is that the county will put up $2 in kind. Grancagnolo said the Consortium wants to see the county have some “skin in the game.” But that does not mean that the county has to pull those dollars directly from the general fund she said, listing other RESTORE pot funds and additional grants as possible matching dollars. Even previous improvement projects could be considered. And there is no requirement, but Grancagnolo said it allows Santa Rosa County more leveraging of opportunities and

No such thing as free and easy money A $12.3 million payout might sound like a sweet deal, but there are other factors in getting those funds, Pollution Sources for Santa Rosa Sound namely matching those ■ Leaking septic tanks ■ Busted sewer lines dollars. According to Grant ■ Water runoff from roads and parking lots Manager Erica Grancagno- ■ Metals and oils leached from vehicles ■ Fertilizers lo, the Consortium’s goal ■ Dog waste for the Pot 3 funds is a 2:1 ■ Effluent from wastewater treatment plants matching.This means that

stretches the money over more projects. There is another snag in this supposed windfall. The U.S. Treasury holds these funds and will disperse them over a 15year period just under half a million dollars at a time. At this point the county cannot bond those funds. In other words, they cannot spend them before they have them. “We have been waiting for the treasury to put out guidance related to bonding opportunities which would allow us to have more of the money up front to do larger projects,”she said. “It’s the same issue with Pot 1. The treasury has put out guidance in regard to Pot 1.” In the end, there is still over a year’s worth of approval processes left to go through before the county can begin these projects and details of who will perform them, how much they will actually cost and how the county will pay for them are still being sorted out.

pay more for water and sewer tap fees--$2,500 and $3,600 respectively - compared with $1,500 for water and $2,800 for sewer service from HNWS. “I do think Holley-Navarre can do the job more efficiently in the long run,” said James

Calkins, volunteer vice president of the company’s board who also ownsVIP Beach Services in Navarre. But the main reason for advocating the combination, he said, “Is to stop putting effluent in Santa Rosa Sound.”

In addition, Blaylock wrote, “The county and beach customers would no longer have control of the rates or special assessments. At this time, only nominal increases in water and sewer rates are anticipated to account for inflation and the cost of collection-system infrastructure to accommodate future growth. The NBU franchise has historically produced a positive cash flow, which is anticipated to continue.” Navarre Beach residential customers currently pay a base rate minimum of $59.48 a month for combined water and sewer service -assuming a 3,000gallon use minimum. For the same use amount, the HNWS monthly fee for water and sewer service is $52.99. However, new beach residents

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■ Pollutants fuel blooms of bacteria like flesh-eating vibrio vulnificus. “You are not going to have healthy communities. With sewage overflows, you can have pathogens get in the water,” Albrecht said.“If you go swimming and you have a cut, now you’re getting an infection. People end up swallowing water and get sick. The [bacteria] are present already in our area, but it doesn’t bloom until we have impaired conditions or unhealthy conditions. So these things start to quadruple.”

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Science station receives IMPACT grant ule,”she said. “It allows us to reach kids in the northern end and also to promote the discovery center at festivals. It’s another way to get our name out there.” The 24-foot trailer will feature three touch tanks with local sea life such as horseshoe crabs, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and crabs. A light microscope with Submitted photo video display will allow viewCharlene Mauro and Amy Cozart accept the $108,200 grant on ers a close-up look at behalf of the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station. microorganisms such as coast to educate the public “We get a lot of requests plankton. There will be addion conservation of area from schools that can’t trav- tional interactive displays oceans. el because of the bus sched- and a gift shop.

By Jamie Gentry

The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station received $108,200 in grant money Sunday, Oct. 16, from IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area’s 2016 grants. The grant will go toward the Coastal Conservation Corp’s purchase and outfitting of the 24-foot traveling display called the Discovery Depot. Station Director Charlene Mauro said the Discovery Depot could be driven to events throughout the Gulf

University of West Florida science students will staff the Discovery Depot as part of a practicum through the TEAL RISE program. Mauro said the grant will likely cover the entire cost of the project with roughly $65,000 going toward purchasing and outfitting the trailer with the equipment, displays and even live animals. The rest of the grant would be used to purchase wrap decals to decorate the outside of the trailer and a vehicle to tow it. Mauro said they will need to find a truck or travel van capable

of towing at least 9,000 pounds. The station was among 10 organizations that received the grant this year, bringing the grand total given by IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area to more than $8 million. Mauro said they are the first organization to receive a grant from this organization on their first try and the first grant recipient in Navarre. “This is a big deal for our area,”she said.“Everyone has been waiting for this area to get this kind of recognition, and it’s really great to be recognized by this large group of women.”

Lack of hotel stay info frustrates tourism officials By Rob Johnson

Most hotel managers balk at sharing details of their occupancy rates without assurance those figures won’t be made available to competitors, yet Santa Rosa tourism officials are about to mount a new effort to obtain that data. The month-to-month figures are considered important in the planning of leisure industry promotions, but the Santa Rosa County Tourism Development Office hasn’t had access to them. The office’s previous advertising agency, Mobile-based Davis, South, Barnette and Patrick, sought unsuccessfully to persuade local hoteliers to share their occupancy data - specifically what percentage of their rooms were rented in various months.

“We’ve tried to get the occupancy numbers for three years but most of the hotels won’t share them,’’ said Meredith South, partner in DSBP who led the company’s effort in Santa Rosa County. But Davis-South’s contract went to St. Petersburg-based Paradise Advertising on Oct. 1. And now, part of the responsibility in that $700,000a-year pact is getting precise hotel occupancy rates. “We have asked our properties for help with this info and other info numerous times in the past, but hopefully our new ad agency will be able to communicate to the properties the importance of us having these,”county Tourism Director Julie Morgan told the Navarre Press in an email. Laurie Gallup, owner of Navarre Properties, a vaca-

tion rental reservation company, said,“The occupancy rates could be really important to planning and help focus the county’s tourism spending on when it’s needed and can do the most good.”

Guarding proprietary info Paradise’s first move to gather the hotel data will apparently be to try buying it from STR, a Tennesseebased tourism analytics company that collects occupancy rates from hotels worldwide and publishes monthly reports. “We have recommended that they (Santa Rosa’s Tourist Development Office) have an STR report conducted,” said Mary Jane Kolassa, a Paradise spokeswoman, in a phone interview. But while Paradise can take for granted that STR data is

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available in markets such as its home base of Pinellas County, the Santa Rosa figures are more elusive. That’s because STR only compiles occupancy rates for zip codes with at least five hotels, said Nick Minerd, a company spokesman. But Navarre has just three hotels in the 32566 zip code and even the scheduled opening of Springhill Suites on Navarre Beach next March still won’t be enough to generate an STR study of its own. Although STR compiles occupancy rates for certain Northwest Florida markets, the figures are presented in such a way that the data for individual properties remains relatively private. For example, the Panama City segment includes 122 hotels, Fort Walton Beach has 45, and there are 38 listed for Destin.

The shoe leather solution That may leave Paradise Advertising and Morgan with one option: do it yourself. “I don’t see why they can’t knock on doors, develop a good relationship with the hotel managers and get the information first-hand,”said Gallup, a former volunteer member of theTourist Development Council, an advisory group made of bed-tax collectors and other leisure industry leaders. Some Santa Rosa hoteliers indicate willingness to cooperate with the county’s tourism research needs if their results aren’t made public in such a way that their individual occupancy rates are discernable. “We just don’t want information out there that we were 10 percent full, or whatever,” said Lynne Myers, sales manager at the Navarre Days Inn. Still, Myers said,“We’d like to help.”

Liz Horton, a TDC member who is a marketing executive at Wyndham Resort Quest, said,“It seems like something could be worked out with our hotels in Santa Rosa County.” That may mean establishing agreements with individual hotels to furnish their information to Paradise Advertising, the TDC and Morgan on the condition it be made public only collectively and not revealed to other lodging managers. Gallup said such an arrangement might also suit condominium management companies such as hers that haven’t been providing occupancy rates either. But Myers said the starting point for furnishing the local data is hardly a mystery. The county’s tourism leaders should just pick up the phone or go see her:“I’ve never been asked.”

Time to deep clean


November 2016




PROVIDED BY PETER BIRCKHEAD The following is a monthly update on the activities of the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee. I HOLIDAY DECORATIONS FOR NAVARRE BEACH ENTRANCE SIGN AREA I am pleased to announce that Commissioner Williamson, along with the other County Commissioners and the help of Julie Morgan, Director, Santa Rosa Tourism Development Council, have provided $1000 to the NBLRA for Christmas Decorations. Frankie Gibbs, longtime Navarre Volunteer working with the Navarre Chamber of Commerce and The Santa Rosa Tourism Development Council, will be joining Joni Johnson, Lisa Cichy and I the week of Thanksgiving to decorate. Veterans Day - Joni Johnson, Lisa Cichy and I will be decorating the Navarre Beach Highway Entrance sign for Veterans Day with miniature US Flags around the perimeter of the island.

II TOP 5 CAPITAL IMPROVEMEMT PROJECTS FOR NAVARRE BEACH AND NAVARRE PARK The 5 Capital Projects being worked on and their status are as follows: A. Renovation of Navarre Park – to include the Butterfly House, Kayak Launch, New Playground Equipment and enhanced water feature. UPDATE – CONSTRUCTION PLANS AND SCOPE OF WORK IS BEING FINALIZED AND IT IS ANTICIPATED THAT CONSTRUCTION WILL COMMENCE BY MID TO LATE 2017. B. Reduced Signage Along Gulf Blvd – all current signs are being reviewed and determined necessary or not and a new signage package will be developed with a goal of reduced and consolidated signage. UPDATE – sign consolation and removal of unwanted signs has begun by Public Works and Navarre Beach Staff. C. Dedicated Right Turn Lane at 4 Way Stop – a dedicated right turn lane will be added in front of the Tom Thumb on Navarre Causeway to help reduce traffic back-ups at this intersection. UPDATE – PLANS ARE BEING

President’s Message

FINALIZED AND THE PROJECT IS SLATED TO BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 2017. D. New Public Restrooms and Showers at Navarre Fishing Pier – new restrooms and shower facilities will be added in the Navarre Pier area. – UPDATE – SCOPE OF WORK AND CONSTRUCTION PLANS ARE STILL BEING DEVELOPED. E. Multi-Use Path Along Gulf Blvd. Improvements – various improvements will be considered for the multi-use walking and bike path along Gulf Blvd including water fountains for people and dogs. UPDATE – PLANS NOW INCLUDE RESURFACE AND STRIPE WITH NEW DISTANCE MARKERS, ADDED WATER FOUNTAINS FOR HUMANS AND PETS AND THE STRONG POSSIBILITY OF IRRIGATION FOR WATERING EVENTUAL NEW LANDSCAPING AND PALM TREES ALONG GULF BLVD. SCOPE OF WORK AND CONSTRUCTION PLANS STILL BEING DISCUSSED.

This has been good year for membership growth with a current total of 268 members as compared to last year, same time, of 231. With over 2,300 Navarre Beach Leaseholders we still have a lot of growth potential. The new Navarre Beach News is getting information out in the hands of all households on Navarre Beach, as well as, to all NBLRA members. The new Navarre Beach News has been well received. At the last meeting Robert Coley brought us up to date on the possibility of Holley Navarre Water buying the Navarre Beach Water System from Santa Rosa County. I would point out these discussions are in the infant stages. Navarre Beach Leaseholders need to be aware of the impact of an ownership change and provide feedback to the BOCC as they consider the future of the Navarre Beach Water Department. At the BOCC meeting where the offer from Holley Navarre Water Department was discussed, all commissioners stated that eliminating the pumping of the effluent from the Navarre Beach Water Department into the sound should be considered even though the present process meets EPA requirements. They also stated that any changes in ownership should be what is best for Santa Rosa County, Holley Navarre Water Department and Navarre Beach Leaseholders. Key items for us to consider from both systems are monthly service rates, monthly minimum requirements, tap fees, future capital costs to remove pumping effluent into the sound and the timing to complete that objective. Keep in mind that BP funds will be available help pay for some of the costs to remove effluents from the sound. Also a very important factor is whether the Holley Navarre Water Department can get FEMA Insurance coverage for damage caused by a hurricane or a tropical storm. Even though this project will be down the road it is imperative that we start gathering data now so we can give the BOCC our recommendations when they are ready to make the decision on the future of the Navarre Beach Water Department. Best Regards, Gary E Buroker President, NBLRA 8499 Gulf Blvd Apt 606 Navarre,Florida 32566 Phone 937-205-2990

Thank you. Beach Beautification Liaison Committee

IV WELCOMING COMMITTEE I am pleased to announce that Justine Ward, a year round resident of Navarre Beach, has come forward to Chair our Welcoming Committee. Sandi Kemp, with The Navarre Press and Navarre Beach News, who as you know produce our newsletter, has agreed to assist in helping us get this committee up and running. A meeting is scheduled for November 9 to get started. Watch for more exciting news from this committee! If you are interested in learning more or perhaps joining this committee please let me know.

Peter Birckhead, Chair Gary Buroker, Member Dave McPherson, Member James Calkins, Member Lisa Cichy, Member Joni Johnson, Member Justine Ward, Chair, Welcoming Committee 713-819-1980.

Contact the Santa Rosa County Commissioners at 850-983-1877

Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association Minutes of October 15, 2016

The meeting was held at the Pearl of Navarre conference room Meeting called to order 10:00 A.M. NBLRA Members,

V. BENCHES AND PALM TREE ISLANDS ON THE BEACH The sale of benches with donations has been brisk. However we still have a few left so if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible.

III LOCAL ADOPT A SPOT PROGRAM ANNOUCED FOR NAVARRE BEACH This program is fully underway. Should you notice any issues on the island please bring them to my attention. If you are interested in serving on this committee please let me know. We can always use the extra help.

Quorum -- 2 board members/35+ attendees (all members) September Minutes -- Motion made to accept and approve, seconded, passed. Treasurer's report given by Gary -Motion made to accept and approve, seconded, passed. The actual Treasurer’s report is listed as a separate article in this addition of the NB newsletter. Paid Memberships for 2016 = 266 (up 17 from previous month) A year ago this time paid membership = 231 Fire Department Report 26 Responses/24 in district responses and 2 mutual aid responses Water rescue totals for the year are 60 less than last year to date – Some of the decrease is attributed to red flag education Beach Beautification Liaison Committee Report (BBLC) given by Peter Birckhead The County has approved $1,000 for holiday decoration for Navarre Beach sign at Hwy 98. Flags will be going up around the sign for Veterans’ Day Progress on capital projects: Island Signage - No motor vehicle signs decreased and put on back of stop signs. Sexual predators signs - 1 has to stay, others are going to be removed Right turn lane at 4-way stop in the works. (Round-about would be too costly and space is limited.) Bathrooms and showers at the pier are in the works. Repaving of bike path and adding water fountains is in the works. Also looking at adding irrigation. Still looking for Welcoming Committee chair. Bench Sales -- 8 sold. Thanks to Gary B and Rob Williamson for purchases. 7 metal benches left to replace, possible County will fund some of the replacements.

Concerns Political signs, etc. -- county has organizations to remove ALL signs every Thursday. Will check into the County expanding this to Navarre Beach Weeds along causeway by bridges – Will check to see if this State or County responsibility to maintain. Fee Simple Title The Bill is being held up by the inclusion of the "No Pass on Navarre Beach" amendment to the bill. Need to do something while Congressman Miller is still in office. (He retires January 1, 2017) US Senator, Nelson won't support without Dan Brown's (Manager of National Seashore) approval. Brown wants no rezoning or pass. By a show of hands the majority of leaseholders DO NOT want pass Holley Navarre Water Acquisition of Navarre Beach Wastewater Plant Bob Coley offered information as a leaseholder not a HNW board member. A pipeline would run under the sound to be released into a drying bed on Eglin property. Presently HN is supplying water to NB residences. NB wells are used only in emergency situations. NB wastewater plant is in compliance with federal EPA standards as of today but this could change in the future. County wants to stop effluent release to the sound. County is currently working on projects to cleaning up sound and stopping the effluents is one of the issues. Concerns voiced by members during this discussion What will the “Tap” fees cost? Whose responsibility is storm damage and repair response time? Is this covered under FEMA? HN management problems? What is the value of land which would be given to HN? Cost to the NB leaseholders/residents? (Possibly 63% increase in fee or a 10 year MSBU) Gary suggested when time comes, let the facts speak for themselves.

Nominating Committee Gary suggested Dave McPherson, Ike Mefford, and Lisa Cichy serve as nominating committee. Anyone wishing to run for the 2017 NBLRA board should notify one of these members so they can submit all candidates at the November 12, meeting. Election of the 2017 Board will be held at the November 12th meeting. A motion was made to accept this committee, it was approved, seconded, and passed. November meeting date changed from November 19th to November 12th due to Thanksgiving. RV Park Master plan would allow for RV Park Hiring attorney to fight it could cost leaseholders $2,500 + Another option -- Ask county to add ordinance to the NB Zoning Plan to restrict RV parks on NB. Request for variance on property at White Sands and South Carolina St. Property is currently zoned multi-housing use – zoning allows for 10 units/acre Property in question is 8.5 acres = 85 units Mr. Herring, property owner, in attendance, gave an overview of proposal and kindly fielded concerns Proposal -- 68 units/8.5 acres, lots of green space, large retention pond Member Concerns: Infrastructure, back taxes owed, traffic, loss of sunset views After much heated discussion -Mr Herring offered to supply copy of plans to leaseholders E-mail to be sent to leaseholders/residents to advise of Nov. 10th meeting and commissioners e-mail A motion was made to end this discussion, seconded, and approved. A motion made to adjourn meeting at 11:30 am. Seconded and approved!!!! October Minutes respectfully submitted by, Lisa Cichy

Reminder: The meeting on November 19 is at 10 a.m. at Juana’s.



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NAVARRE, FL GULF BREEZE, FL 8059 Navarre Parkway 2560 Gulf Breeze Hwy. Navarre, FL 32566 Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 850-515-0777 850-677-8000

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 1pm-4pm Across from the post office

4 Plus Locations To Better Serve You!

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun Closed Next to IHop

Locations also in Pace & Panama City

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Navarre Beach News November 2016  

Navarre Beach News November 2016