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Pier peak season peaks profits

All Meetings are held at 10 a.m. on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Juana’s Pagodas unless otherwise specified. There will not be a December meeting.

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Walking and fishing visits to the Navarre Pier jumped to nearly 30,000 in July 2016. Profits from that month were roughly $68,000 for the county.


2016 Meetings

January 21, 2017 December - no meeting All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us As beach season winds to a close and the 1,545-foot Navarre Pier becomes less crowded, the pier has changed to its winter hours. On Nov. 6, the pier began opening at dawn and closing half an hour after dark. Though the traffic is begin-

ning to slow, the pier saw quite a bit of action this year with more than 144,128 visitors between January and September; October’s counts are not yet available. In 2015, the annual total was 157,190 visitors. Navarre Beach Utilities Supervisor Terry Wallace said the pier season could be summed up in one word.

“Busy!” Every one of those visitors who kept the pier busy paid to walk or fish on the longest fishing pier in the Gulf of Mexico and in the state of Florida. Thus far in 2016 the pier has raked in just under $333,000 and in 2015 that number was higher at $350,426. Peak months of June

and July alone realized more than a third of the 2016 profit as visitor counts soared to more than 29,000 per month. Just a note, some of the monetary totals for 2016 have been calculated based on numbers reported by the Navarre Beach Utility and then multiplied according to rates for each type. The amounts do not account for Pier page 2

ReefCam install underway despite rough seas By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us After three years of waiting, the Gulf of Mexico’s only underwater live feed camera is being installed this week at Navarre Beach’s artificial snorkel reef. The 360-degree camera created by View into the Blue (VITB) is part of the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station’s (NBMSS) expansion, the interpretive center Gulf Coast Discovery Center. The reef cam will offer livestream views of the reefs diverse wildlife to its website at www.navarresciencestation.org. Plans are to eventually build a viewing pavilion at the NBMSS as well Director Charlene Mauro. The camera and install cost roughly $60,000 and was paid out of grant money awarded to the NBMSS, including

Photo by Jamie Gentry Navarre Beach Marine Science Station students and staff fight the surf along with members of underwater camera company View into the Blue while trying to install a nearly 500 pound concrete weight for a live feed reef camera. Rough surf has made installation of the camera difficult. RESTORE funds from the BP oil spill. Mauro said this project is about scientific research as well as providing the public a peek at the reef. She said Florida State University and Univer-

sity of West Florida will be working with the NBMSS for study through the reef camera.The camera is also equipped with several types of scientific nodes that will collect data on things like water salinity,

audio frequencies, water quality and more. “It’s so much more than just being able to see fish on the reef,”she said. Mauro, her dual enrollment marine biology students, divers and members of VITB laid cabling and installing equipment both under water at the reef and along the shoreline, though weather conditions complicated the process. Swells at the reef reached nearly 5 feet at one point Mauro said. Those weather conditions made it nearly impossible to safely carry the two nearly 500 pound concrete sinkers that are used to anchor the camera and its scientific nodes Mauro said. With the camera weighing nearly 300 pounds, she said it takes a lot of coordination and favorable weather to install. Even after the camera is finally ReefCam page 9

Lifeguards close the books on a busy beach season By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us Navarre Beach’s Lifeguard season finished up Sunday, Oct. 30, to their highest numbers in recent history according reports by the Navarre Beach Utility that manages the lifeguards. Between March 13 and Oct. 16, the beach saw 75,818 visitors in 2016 up 18,870 visitors from last year. That’s a 33 percent increase. Navarre Beach Utilities Supervisor Terry Wallace said beach visitor counts are taken by the lifeguards in each zone hourly via a head count. Those totals are then averaged for a daily and monthly count that is then added up to reach the yearly Photo by John Richardson estimate. Lifeguards page 2 Returning lifeguards are Anthony Paone, Riley Tilghman, Charles Marek and Isaac Redford.



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Rental market booming in Navarre area

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Shoreline setback could shorten for Santa Rosa By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us Discussion of shoreline setback regulations for Santa Rosa County by the Zoning BoardThursday, Nov. 10 may result in changes to the law regarding the 50-foot regulation to limit just how far construction can encroach toward the water. Data provided by the planning and development office showed the board generally approves most requests. Between January 2014 and October 2016, 18 applicants requested to build within the county required 50-foot setback from the mean waterline, and of those the zoning board approved 12. That leaves them with an approval rate of 67 percent. The most common requests were for extensions to homes and the construction of pools. Discussion by the board and staff lead to the suggestion of adding a minimum 25-foot requirement that could not be infringed by variance applications. Of the applications from the study period, only four went past the 25-foot setback. “We have some people who say they would never approve anything within the 25 feet, so maybe we have a 50 foot to 25 foot,but nothing that encroaches into the 25 feet,” board chair Jim Waite said. The issue was initially breached at last meeting by board member Bill Seelmann. Seelmann indicated he was frustrated with inconsistency and unclear rules regarding the setbacks. Board member Scott Kemp said the board needed some flexibility because erosion limits use for many with shoreline property. “The people have come back a dozen years after they bought the property. Now they’re retiring and 50 feet is gone,” he said. “They are still having the same expectation to build a big house with a big pool and their pier on something that’s not there, so I think that is something we need to keep in mind. With all the effort that went into the process with coming up with that initial 50 foot, I’m not sure that works today.” There was also discussion of view shed issues and the balancing of property rights for both the applicant and their neighbors. “One thing we have to be aware of is what impact does that have on the two neighbors that are sitting there when [the applicant] has gone 10 feet further out, and I’m used to sitting there every morning and drinking my coffee while looking out, and now I can’t do that, ” board member Don Richards said. “That is dramatically impacting the quality of life for the neighbors.” He said he has seen some shoreline pool projects that were completed that he wished the board had not approved. Staff has begun including Federal Emergency Management Agency-designated flood zone maps, storm surge prediction map and topographic maps in presentations of variance applications to the board for considerations. Waite also recommended the board meet with their commissioners in the coming weeks to discuss the issue further. Also on the Zoning Board’s agenda was the appointment of Kemp as the new chair and Richards as the new vice chair.

Photos by Sandi Kemp

The Sound at Navarre Beach cut the ribbon on their newly built 250-unit apartment complex Friday, Nov. 4. The Navarre area is seeing an influx of rental homes with the construction of additional units next door to The Reserve Apartments about 2 miles down the road. By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us In an area known for steady population growth, The Sound at Navarre Beach apartments has added another 250 living arrangements to help with the influx. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday, Nov. 4 to celebrate the completion of construction of the 250-unit complex. Finishing touches are being done on the inside of two of the buildings, and all units are expected to be up for rent by the end of 2016. Their prices are the highest for apartments in town, running $1,051 to $1,690. Those prices are slightly lower for folks signing leases now with specials that are currently being offered. Down the street about two miles, construction of apartment complex Greystone Summit is nearing completion. The 146-unit building will house six floor plans ranging from one to three bedrooms and costing between $1,009 to $1,569 per month, though those prices are tentative. Preleasing on these


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Construction of 250 apartments at The Sound at Navarre Beach is expected to be completely finished by the end of 2016. Units are available now starting at $1,051 per month. units is expected to begin in January with move-ins tentatively set for March or April. Greystone Summit and neighboring complex The Reserve Apartments are both owned by Greystone Properties. The Reserve Property Manager Denise Duke said it’s no surprise new rentals are coming available in the Navarre area. “There are quite a few people in this area that are downsizing, and of course we have our mil-

itary,”she said.“This area is growing. We get a lot of leads from out of state. We get a lot of people retiring to the area or military or job transfers.” When asked about the state of rental markets in the area she said you can’t know for sure, but the market seems to be perfect for building these new units. “At the Reserve, we stay 99 to 100 percent occupied,” Duke said. “The response that we’ve got-

ten (to the new property) is tremendous.” The Reserve boasts cheaper one and two bedroom units listed at prices ranging between $869 and $1,184 a month. Navarre’s third mainland apartment complex, Cayo Grande is also slightly cheaper with one and two bedroom units at $899 to $1,239 a month. On the detached home side of the rental market, Davis and Decker Property Managem e n t ,

taxes, annual pass use or other issues that may have been deducted from the totals, so take into account 2016’s numbers might be slightly higher than accurate when reading this data. But all in all the numbers are close to exact. While the profits from the county-owned pier do go to the county, Wallace said they are limited in use. “Profits go in the general fund for the county,”he said.“Profits can only be used for pier maintenance or any upgrades to the pier.”

This year, those expenses included replacing roughly $7,500 worth of boards along the pier and reimbursing the pier store for labor collections of those funds. The exclusion only lasts for the fiscal year. Then if those funds were not needed, they roll over into the general money pot he said. Rates for the pier for fishing with included fishing license are:

“You can go by the numbers that it was a busy season,”Wallace said. “We had a couple returning guards from last season, Everything went pretty smoothly.” Rescues of those swimmers were also on the rise this year. Lifeguards made 132 rescues between March 13 and Oct. 16 compared with 94 rescues in 2015. Of the eight months in the lifeguard season, six months in 2016 saw a greater number of rescues than the previous year with the rescue count exceeding the previous year by 4.5 times more rescues in August. “We also had roving lifeguard patrols on the other side of the pier again this year, and we had

several rescues on that side,”Wallace said.“If we hadn’t had those roving patrols we might have had more drownings.” For every 574 visitors, the lifeguards had to make one rescue compared with one rescue to every 606 visitors in 2015. Flag conditions indicate that water conditions were probably not the cause of a spike in rescues as this year did not vary much from previous years’ flag conditions. This season also saw tragedy in the loss of two swimmers to drownings. Jay Wiley Evans was found after he went swimming after hours in an unguarded section of the beach. Thomas Edward Buss also passed away after tak-

Fishing license included in admission ■ $7 adults ■ $6 seniors & active-duty military

Inc., is seeing good fortune with keeping their roughly 240 homes rented out said Maintenance Coordinator Britt Roloff. Their prices can be higher than their apartment counterparts at $900 to $2,200 a month. “With us it’s slow this time of year, but we have several that are up on rental on our website,”she said.“We pretty much stay full.” When asked if she thinks Navarre has enough rental properties for customers, she said she does not know about others, but Davis and Decker keeps full. “They have enough,”she said. Century 21 IslandView Realty Inc., Realtor Phil Babiak said their company averages about 95 to 100 percent occupancy of their rental properties in the area. He said oftentimes families want to try before they buy, renting in a new community before purchasing a forever home. “We are in a growing community,”he said.“As such rentals generally precede sales and sales are strong so rentals should certainly be stronger, and it appears that is the case.”

■ $4 youth (15 and under) ■ 5 and under free To walk the pier: ■ $1 for a day ■ $5 for a week ■ $60 for an annual walking pass Annual and weekly fishing passes are also available ranging in price from $25 to $300 with discounts for seniors and active-duty military. All admissions are free to children five and under.

ing a swim during the day. Both drownings occurred during redflag conditions. Wallace said now that the lifeguards would no longer be patrolling the beach, it is important that beach goers pay attention to the flags. “Pay close attention to the flags - we always have the surf warnings up for the conditions of the waters,”he said.“Pay attention to that and the signs. The last couple of years every drowning at our beach has occurred on red- flag days.” Those interested in becoming lifeguards for next season should contact Terry Wallace at 850-9818888 for information on training and hiring times.



New kayak and scuba walkover in the Marine Park will protect dunes near reefs

By Brian Lester editor@nbnews.com Construction is underway for a walkover to the snorkeling reef on the Gulf side of Navarre Beach. With plans formalized for the project back in 2013 – delays including sea turtle nesting season prevented the work from getting started sooner – the walkover is being built near the eastern most pavilion on Navarre Beach and it should be finished within the next couple of weeks. “If the weather stays ideal and there are no delays, it should be done in two weeks,” said Mike Sandler, the president of the Navarre Chamber Foundation. The cost of the project is $109,385, with $64,000 coming from the Tourism Development Council.The Navarre

Chamber Foundation put up $45,385 to cover the remaining expenses of the walkover, which is being built by Floridian Construction. The foundation also paid an additional $5,000 to cover permit and design expenses. When the reefs were first set in place in September of 2012, there were no plans to build a walkover. That soon changed because it was obvious there was a need for a walkover for those carrying kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards and other supplies to the beach. “It wasn’t something in our initial plan but something we discovered we needed,”Sandler said.“We saw people were making their own path to the beach rather than use the boardwalk because of other items they were carrying.” Because of the lack of room

Photos by Sandi Kemp

Although convenience is one of the reasons the walkover has been built, it also serves a purpose of protecting the land near the walkover. on the boardwalk, creating their own paths seemed to be the only option for beachgoers with something like a kayak or paddleboard in tow. That meant walking over the dunes and vegetation to get to the beach. “If you have a surfboard, paddleboard or kayak, you can’t negotiate the standard walkway at the pavilion because of the turns and

Black Hawk Honored Photos by Dickie Williams

Residents and VIPs gathered at Navarre Park on Friday, Nov. 18 for the dedication of the Black Hawk Memorial to remember the soldiers and U.S. Marines who perished in a helicopter crash Mar. 10, 2015. Local artist Randy New created the memorial on behalf of the Santa Rosa Leadership Class 29. The elements of the memorial are meaningful in many ways; a star is cut into the foundation of the memorial and the memorial itself sits atop a pentagon-shaped base embedded with the seals representing each branch of service. The components of the memorial are the base of stars, the flag and an eagle. The eagle faces the flag at the entrance of the park and the point of the pentagon faces due east, the direction of the tragic accident. The base of stars supporting the flag was cast with 11 brass stars and lights illuminate the stars. Five benches were also dedicated to each branch of service and a sixth bench dedicated to Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.

steps,” Sandler said.“This walkover is designed to be a straight shot out to the reef and will have no steps.” The new walkover will ease traffic significantly. It will be 6 feet wide, 365 feet long and not stand more than 30 inches off the ground. Because of its low height, railings won’t be required. The length and width of the walkover will make it

much easier for those with a kayak, paddleboard or surfboard to get to the beach. A wash down station is also being built. “It will be much more suitable for people taking kayaks or any other large items straight out to the beach. It will take them directly to the area in front of the artificial reefs,”Sandler said. Although convenience is

one of the reasons the walkover is being built, it also serves a purpose of protecting the land near the walkover. “We are creating a protected walkway that leads straight out to the reef and the most important thing is the dunes aren’t being destroyed and the vegetation isn’t being destroyed,”Sandler said.“The dunes are critical out there and we want to keep those protected.” Sandler said he had hoped that it would have been ready for this tourist season but is thrilled it will be in place for the next one. “It’s a great thing to have out there,” Sandler said. “People are constantly going to and from the beach during peak season and there is only so much room. This creates a little more room for everyone.”


December 2016




Provided by Peter Birckhead The following is a monthly update on the activities of the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee. I Holiday decorations for Navarre Beach entrance sign area I am pleased to announce that Commissioner Williamson, along with the other County Commissioners and the help of Julie Morgan, Director, Santa Rosa Tourism Development Council, have provided $1,000 to the NBLRA for Christmas Decorations. Frankie Gibbs, longtime Navarre Volunteer working with the Navarre Chamber of Commerce and The Santa Rosa Tourism Development Council, joined Joni Johnson, Lisa Cichy and I the week of Thanksgiving to decorate the Navarre Beach Entrance Sign on 98 for Christmas. Go take a look! Veterans Day - Lisa Cichy and I decorated the Navarre Beach Highway Entrance sign for Veterans Day with miniature US Flags around the perimeter of the two islands. II Top five capital improvment projects for Navarre Beach and Navarre Park. The 5 Capital Projects being worked on and their status are as follows: A. Renovation of Navarre Park – to include the Butterfly House, Kayak Launch, New Playground Equipment and enhanced water feature. Update – Construction plans and scope of work are being finalized and it is anticipated that construction will commence by mid to late 2017. B. Reduced Signage Alone Gulf Blvd – all current signs are being reviewed and determined necessary or not and a new signage package will be developed with a goal of reduced and consolidated signage. Update – during the past several weeks 88+ or - signs along Gulf Blvd and Whites Sands have been either removed or consolidated. It is anticipated that for the week

of December 5th’s County Commissioners Meeting there will be a request to solicit proposals for new entrance signs for the pier, boat ramp , and marine park areas. Stay tuned. C. Dedicated Right Turn Lane at four-way stop – a dedicated right turn lane will be added in front of the Tom Thumb on Navarre Causeway to help reduce traffic back-ups at this intersection. Update – as reported in the Navarre Press the design phase for this project is complete and bids are now being accepted and due December 6 with a selection by December 8. Construction of this $54,500 project should begin in January. D. New Public Restrooms and Showers at Navarre Fishing Pier – new restrooms and shower facilities will be added in the Navarre Pier area. Update - Santa Rosa County did receive updates on this planned $1.8 Million project which will be funded through Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill monies. However it will be some time before funds are actually available. Construction will include a $1.22 million gulf side walkover complex with groups of west side park pavilions mirroring the existing pavilions on the west side, along with restrooms, grills, picnic tables, paved entrances, parking, etc. and two boardwalks from the pavilions to the water, a kayak/canoe launch, and restoration of degraded habitat. In addition, construction is underway for a walkover to the snorkeling reef on the gulf side of Navarre Beach. This is being paid from the Tourism Development Council and the Navarre Chamber Foundation, as well as the contractor paying an additional 45,000 to cover permit and design expenses. The walkover with be six feet wide and 365 feet long with the width set for assisting those with kayaks or paddleboards, surfboards, etc. E. Multi-use path along Gulf

President’s Message NBLRA Members, The year 2016 has been a good one for Navarre Beach. Our beach was renourished for the enjoyment of Santa Rosa County residents, Navarre Beach leaseholders, and visitors. Properties on the beach will be better protected from erosion as well. Santa Rosa County Commissioners agreed to fund all local costs for the project therefore not requiring a MSBU. Progress has been made on Beach Beautification under the leadership of Peter Birckhead and Commissioner Rob Williamson. A new landscape contract is in place to maintain the landscaping on the entrance of Navarre Beach and causeway to the island. A capital project survey was completed and a priority list was created. A continuous right turn lane south bound will be installed at intersection of Navarre Causeway and Gulf Blvd. Several benches have been replaced and additional benches have been purchased. The elimination of excess signs on Navarre Beach is in progress. Some work has been done on transfer of leases to leaseholders in fee simple with HR -1452 & S -770 but it seems to be held up over debate whether the legislation should restrict the ability to allow a pass to be built in the sound to the Gulf of Mexico. We spent time in three meetings this year reviewing the Navarre Beach Zoning and Land Use Plans. In August our association took a position to support the present plans including maintaining the 266 acres currently set aside for conservation/recreation on Navarre Beach. Lastly we spent time the last three meetings on the process of starting to clean up the sound. BOCC had committed to using funds from BP to begin the process of cleaning up the sound which has been a high priority of association for some time. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best Regards, Gary E Buroker President, NBLRA 8499 Gulf Blvd Apt 606 Navarre,Florida 32566 geburoker@yahoo.com Phone 937-205-2990

Reminder: Next meeting will be on January 21, 2017 at 10 a.m. at Juana’s.

Blvd. improvements – various improvements will be considered for the multi-use walking and bike path along Gulf Blvd. including water fountains for people and dogs. Update – Plans now include resurface and stripe with new distance markers, added water fountains for humans and pets and the strong possibility of irrigation for watering eventual new landscaping and palm tress along Gulf Blvd. Scope of work and construction plans still being discussed. III Local adopt-a-spot program announced for Navarre Beach. Please join me in welcoming Lynn Steinhilber to the Adopt-a-Mile Program. Lynn will be assuming Lisa Cichy’s area December 1. Please also join me in thanking Lisa Cichy for her months of service to the NBLRA in participating in this program. Should you notice any issues on the island please bring them to my attention. If you are interested in serving on this committee please let me know. We can always use the extra help. IV Welcoming committee I am pleased to announce Justine Ward and Micelle Auwaerter., both year round residents of Navarre Beach, have come forward to Chair our Welcoming Committee. Sandi Kemp, with The Navarre Press and Navarre Beach News, who as you know produces our newsletter, has agreed to assist in helping us get this committee up and running. A meeting was held on November 9 to get started. Watch for exciting news from this committee! If you are interested in learning more or perhaps joining this committee please let me know. V. Benches and palm tree islands on the beach The sale of benches with donations has been brisk. However we still have few good locations available for anyone who might be

interested. Please join me in thanking the following individuals and entities for donating the cost of a new replacement or dedicated bench: Rob and Amie Williamson John Lewis and the former Beach Beautification Committee Rebecca Ward John Heilman Ashton Saunders Rick Guillory Gary Buroker Bryan Taylor Santa Rosa County Navarre Beach Regency Condo Association * Mary Skinner Lisa Cichy The Navarre Beach Regency Condo Association also donated for a plaque with their name to be placed on the Donor Recognition Arch (behind the Tom Thumb) at the eastern entrance to the walking/biking path along Gulf Blvd. We have plaques for a $250 and a $500 donation so please let Peter Birckhead know if you are interested.

friend. Our perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized. 4” by 4” plaques are $250 and 4” by 8” inch plaques are $500 Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods. VII Miscellaneous items In case you are wondering the lights on the West End Entrance sign to Navarre Beach (Gulf Blvd and the National Seashore) are missing. Within one month of the Navarre Beach Water Department repairing and replacing some of these solar lights they were stolen. Yes, sometime stole all four light fixtures! If anyone has any information about this please let Peter Birckhead know. Terry Wallace is working with the county to replace these lights with hard wired lighting like the Highway 98 Entrance Sign. Look for more updates on this later. Thank you.

At the time of this writing many of the new and dedicated benches are being installed by the Navarre Beach Watering Department. Please join in my a round of applause thanking Terry Wallace, Supervisor, Navarre Beach Water Department, and his crew for assembling and installing all of these new benches. VI Donors Recognition Arch Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be! We have 4 inch by 4 inch and 4 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a

Beach Beautification Liaison Committee Peter Birckhead, Chair Gary Buroker, Member Dave McPherson, Member James Calkins, Member Lisa Cichy, Adopt a Mile Joni Johnson, Member Lynn Steinhilber, Adopt a Mile Justine Ward, Chair, Welcoming Committee Michelle Auwaerter, Co-Chair Welcoming Committee Peter Birckhead peterbirckhead@gmail.com 713-819-1980.

Contact the Santa Rosa County Commissioners at 850-983-1877 bocc@santarosa.fl.gov

Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association Minutes of November 12, 2016 The regularly scheduled meeting of Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association was held at Juana’s Pagodas and called to order at 10 a.m.by President, Gary Buroker. By a show of hands it was determined that 45 members were present. Kathy Boulton presented the treasure’s reports, which is included in the newsletter. Membership as of November is 276. The checking account balance is $8,009.31, the money market account is $11,641.38 for total assets of $19,650.69 Robert Coley requested the minutes of the October meeting be amended to clarify the discussion of Holley Navarre Water System takeover of the beach sewage treatment facility. The amendment reads as follows: Robert explained the headline in the Navarre Press article that said that Holly Navarre wanted the utility for free did not explain that the plant would ultimately be demolished and therefore had no value. The utility would spend three to five million dollars to build a pipeline under the sound to the plant in Holly by the Sea. The reason for the 17.5% increase to ratepayers last May was not for out-of-control personnel costs, but rather was for the capital expense program to expand the system and upgrade and replace aging equipment. It was also to cover the increase in costs of water they get from Fairpoint Water Utility. Holley Navarre Water Systems owns 33% of Fairpoint Water Utility. To clarify the rate comparison between the two water systems the beach has a minimum charge of $59.10 per month even if no water is used. The minimum charge from Holley Navarre is $29.38 if no water is used. If the county has to dispose of the treated effluent by piping it to Eglin without the participation of Holley Navarre then the cost to leaseholders is expected to be raised by 63% per month to be paid by a 10 year MSBU or the 12 to 18 million dollar cost. Peter Birckhead, chair of the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee, was not present. His report was presented by Gary Buroker. You may read his complete report included in this newsletter. Lisa Cichy and Peter Birckhead placed the US Flags around the Welcome to Navarre Beach sign on the 98 entrance to the beach. The flags were out for Election Day, Veterans Day and the Blackhawk dedication event. The BBLC committee is moving forward with the Board of County Commissioners regarding the other capital improvement projects for the beach. Sadly, Peter reported that the four lights that were just installed and fixed on the west end sign, near the entrance of the National Seashore Park, valued at $250 each, were stolen. Dave McPherson, chair of this year’s nominating committee for NBLRA officers, presented the slate of proposed officers for the coming year. Those are: • Gary Buroker, President • Peter Birckhead, Vice President • Phyllis Kinzle, Secretary • Kathy Boulton, Treasurer • Tim Keohone , Past President Nominations were opened to the floor for additional candidates. The proposed slate of officers was elected by a show of hands. Gary Buroker thanked the people for voting us into office. He also thanked Teresa Pack and Linda Coley for serving in various offices within the NBLRA and supporting our activities. Each of them has



decided to take a less active role in the year ahead. Gary recognized Katie and Ed DeCoste. They have agreed to attend BARC meetings and serve as our representative. The BARC group’s focus is to improve the water quality in the sound. They have identified the three factors that impact the sound waters negatively and those are: • Runoff water from Hwy 98 • Septic systems in Navarre • Effluent from our water treatment plant here on the island President updated members on county zoning meeting held November 10. Zoning did not agree to allow zoning changes for the Herring property but it should be noted that the BOCC has the final decision. Also the developer can appeal the zoning board decision directly to BOCC. In answer to question from the floor regarding dedicated funding for future beach renourishment, Gary explained we missed having that set as part of the budget for 2017 but the NBLRA plans to be aggressive and be certain that this is put on the next budget. Gary said that there is strong feeling in the state government to have the beach renourishment costs to be funded by the state thru something like a state wide bed tax. Gary has contacted US Congressman Miller to get something done about fee simple legislation before he leaves office. Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 by President Buroker. Respectfully submitted, Phyllis Kinzle

Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association, Inc. Treasurer’s Report for November 7, 2016 Checking Balance (10/10/2016) ..............$7,764.34 Income Dues........................................................$ 370.00 BBLC Donations w/ Dues ...................... $ 2,441.00 Total ........................................................$10,575.34 Debits Newsletter, Postage & Website ..................$ 0 The UPS Store............................................$ 0 PayPal Service Fee ....................................$ 6.87 BBLC Benches (4) ..................................$ 2,566.03 Total .........................................................$ 2,566.03 Current Checking Balance (11/07/2016) .$ 8009.31 (Of which $594.80 is BBLC Donations) Money Market Account – Issue Date 3/27/12 Interest Rate 0.03% Interest October YTD 2016 = $2.94 Total ........................................................$11,641.38 Total Assets ............................................$19,650.69 Paid Memberships for 2016 – 276 (Plus 10 from previous month)



Donors Recognition Arch engraved plaques available! Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence Association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be! We have 4 inch by 4 inch and 4 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a friend. Our perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized. 4” by 4” plaques are $250 and 4” by 8” inch plaques are $500 Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd. and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods. Please contact Peter Birckhead for more information or to make your donation. Peter can be reached at 713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com Thank you for considering.

Help make Navarre Beach

the best and recognize a loved one or a business. We are replacing all metal benches with composite benches. For more information and specifics, contact Peter Birckhead at 713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com “There are still several good locations available on White Sand Blvd. for those that are interested”


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DEP $1 million short on Navarre Beach Park improvements By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.us Design and permitting of Deepwater Horizon oil spill funded improvement projects for Navarre Beach Park are coming to a close as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) prepares to put the roughly $2.8 million project out for bid in January. That $2.8 million projection blows past the initial estimate for these improvements FDEP’s coordinator for early restoration projects Pearce Barrett said. “Unfortunately the estimate at this time is that this

project is about $1 million over budget,” he said. “Which means we will have to do some imagination as we move forward with the project. One of the main reasons for the over budget is not that the designers are designing elaborate features. It’s that a lot of these projects were put together as much as 10 years ago, and construction has changed drastically from before 2010 to where it is now.” Improvements presented to the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners by Barrett are separated into two pieces; the Sound side Navarre Beach Park Coastal Access and

Dune Restoration and the Gulf side Navarre Beach Park Gulf side Walkover Complex. The sound side project was originally forecast to cost $614,630. It is expected to feature two new boardwalks, and a kayak/canoe launch. While the boardwalks reroute traffic off the dunes, 1 acre of degraded dune habitat will be restored. On the Gulf side, the project is a bit more ambitious with an original price tag of $1,221,847. The new pavilion area will feature three new sheltered picnic areas with grills, bathrooms, boardwalks out to the beach, a bet-

ter flowing parking area and an observation deck looking out over shorebird nesting areas. Barrett said construction is expected to begin in April and last nine-12 months, and the design will reflect existing structures on Navarre Beach. County Administrator Tony Gomillion voiced concerns about the time frame for construction falling on Spring Break, but Barrett said he felt they could complete construction with little disruption to visitors. As for covering the difference, Barrett listed funds from projects that were eliminated, came in under budg-

et or reduced in scope as possible sources. He also suggested the interest gained while the money sat in the bank could help offset the cost. Barrett said the least favorable options were for the county to throw in the difference or the projects having to be downsized. “I don’t really want to do this, but reducing some of the features,” he said.“We could offer some of the features as deduct alternates and bring some of the pricing down.” The oil spill funds for these projects are separate from the BP RESTORE pots, and

though Santa Rosa County initially submitted the Navarre Beach Park improvements for consideration, FDEP has administrative control over the projects and the money. These projects are part of Phase III Early Restoration Projects, meaning they are only part of the beginning of the millions of dollars in Restoration Project funds still left to be spent by FDEP. Further discussion between FDEP and the BOCC of the remaining balance on the Navarre Beach Park projects and the final bid selection are expected to take place in January.

Yule of Yesteryear: The Spirit of Christmas will fill the air with musical performances and more at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free admission. For more information, call 678-2615.

Destin Harbor Boat Parade: The Destin Harbor will be dancing with holiday lights and cheer. Visit with Santa Claus from noon to 4 p.m. at HarborWalk Village's Main Stage. Boat Parade will light up the harbor at 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.emeraldgrande.com.

Cocktails & Countdown: Revel in cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and dancing, all while taking in the stellar views of the ball drop and fireworks at 8 p.m. and midnight at HarborWalk Village at the Emerald Grande. For more information, call 800-676-0091.

December 2016 Calendar of Events Dec. 2 Seussical the Musical: Navarre High School Theatre performed“Seussical the Musical” Dec. 2 and 3 on the Navarre High School stage.

Gulf Breeze Holiday Parade: The Gulf I Love the 90’s Tour: I Love The 90’s Breeze Holiday Parade started at 10 a.m. Tour starring Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, on Shoreline Drive. It was a great success! Coolio, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, Kid N Play and Young MC, at the Pensacola Bay Lighted Boat Parade: Santa was on Center at 7 p.m. For more information, the lead boat. Started at 6 p.m. at Sabine visit www.pensacolabaycenter.com. Dec. 3 Marina and ended at Portofino Boardwalk. Sand Dollar Saturday & Local For additional information, visit "Holiday Pops" Concert: Ring in the Marketplace: Shop the great deals and pensacolabeachchamber.com. season with all your holiday favorites at have a bite to eat at the Sand Dollar Plaza, the Mattie Kelly Arts Center. The concert 1900 Highway 87, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 9 starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25. For Zoo lights: Enjoy the beauty of the Gulf more information, visit Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk: This family Breeze Zoo at night as you admire www.mattiekellyartscenter.org. event was for all ages and started and thousands of sparkling lights Dec. 9-24, 26 finished at the Holley-Navarre Main Fire and 27 from 5 to 9 p.m. Cost is $10 per Songwriter showcase listening Station. person. For more information, call 932room: The Club at Juana’s becomes The 2229. Listening Room from 4:30 to 11 p.m. Cost Navarre Christmas in the Park & is $15. For more information, call 939Parade: “Christmas in the Park” was held Christmas on the Coast: The Pensacola 2130. from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Navarre Children’s Chorus will transform sunny Park at the foot of the Navarre Bridge. weather into a winter wonderland at the Dec. 10 The Navarre Community Christmas Parade Pensacola Saenger Theatre Dec. 9-11. Films on the Field: “Home Alone” will was at 2 p.m. at the Navarre Library. See Tickets can be purchased at the Saenger be showing at Shoreline Park North, 800 the Dec. 8 edition of the Navarre Press for Theatre Box Office or by visiting Shoreline Dr., in Gulf Breeze starting at photo of this event! ticketmaster.com. 7:30 p.m. This is a free event. For more information, call 934-5140. Santa’s Workshop Craft Fair: The Navarre Garden Club hosted a craft fair at Saturday with Santa: Santa will take a the Navarre Conference Center. break from his preparations at the North Pole to visit the Navarre Library from 10 to 11:30 a.m. All ages are welcome. For more information, call 981-4066.

A Peter White Christmas: The wildly popular A Peter White Christmas is coming Dec. 16 to the Emerald Coast at 7:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theater of the Mattie Kelly Arts "The Nutcracker": Ballet Pensacola invites you to experience the magic of this Center in Niceville. beloved holiday classic at the Pensacola Saenger Theatre Dec. 1-18. For more Cox Pensacola Christmas Parade: Come join the fun beginning at 5:15 p.m. information call 595-3880 or visit www.pensacolasaenger.com. Preceding the parade is the 1.2 miles Christmas Parade Dash. For additional Dec. 30 information, visit New Year Movie: Visit the Navarre coxpensacolachristmasparade.org. Library for a family New Year Movie at 11 a.m. For more information, call 981-7323. Dec. 11 Billy Claus: You’ll enjoy a full day of arts Dec. 31 & crafts, live music and get your picture taken with Billy Claus and his LuLuBelle's. New Year Bash: Celebrate New Year’s Billy arrives at Lulu’s Buffett in Destin at 2 Eve at Juana’s Pagodas and Sailors’ Grill on Navarre Beach. Festivities are from p.m., so make sure to get here early to 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. For more watch him arrive in style. For more information, call 939-2130. information, call 710-5858.

Noon Year’s Eve: Lulu’s Buffett, 4607 Legendary Marina Dr. in Destin, will host the first annual noon year’s eve bash from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be live music, face painting, games for kids, sand castle contest, kid-safe fireworks and a beach ball drop at noon. Annual Pelican Drop: Families can enjoy a street-party atmosphere downtown Pensacola with live music and fireworks, along with a 10-foot, half-ton illuminated pelican that is drops 100 feet at midnight. For additional information, visit pensacolapelicandrop.com.

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Participants receive a long sleeve t-shirt and REGISTER www.navarrepelicanplunge.com enjoy beer, black-eyed WHEN Sunday, January 1, 2017 Plunge at NOON peas, cornbread, live WHERE Navarre Beach Pier • 8579 Gulf Boulevard Navarre, FL 32566 music & festivities.

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More than 100 Navarre residents have joined the book club Beach Reads. The club’s monthly read varies from fantasy to mystery to classics and more. By Jamie Gentry editor@nbnews.com For the avid reader of Navarre, a new book club has taken root uniting beachdwelling readers for monthly discussions and socials. Founder Lisa Bradley formed the Beach Reads book club seven months ago after discovering there were limited options for book clubs in Navarre. She made a post to Facebook asking if anyone wanted to join her in a reading discussion group and was shocked at the response.

“I was expecting six or seven people,”she said.“It was 60-something people who were interested. Obviously we needed a book club.” So she made one. Now the membership is at 130. Currently the club is reading fantasy novel “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V. E. Schwab. Bradley said the club really branches into all genres, whether it is fantasy, classics, mystery or non-fiction. “We read all different kinds of books,”Bradley said.“We want to do all genres so hopefully we can find new authors

Want to join?

Join the Facebook Group at Beach Reads Two meeting chapters: As the Page Turns, third Tuesday of the month, 6 p.m. Dog Eared, third Wednesday of the month, 6 p.m. New chapters are forming. Message Lisa Bradley on Facebook for details. in a genre they might not normally read, and they will go ‘wow I didn’t know it was like that.’We want to expand their horizons and have fun while we are doing it.” Each month the group starts a new book. Bradley posts a theme or topic with

suggested books on the Facebook page. Then members can vote for their favorites and add other book options in the category to vote on. Bradley counts up the votes, and the winner of the poll becomes the next read. November’s theme is books



that have become TV shows like Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries. After reading the book, the club will discuss it via Facebook, and the club’s two chapters meet toward the end of the month. During the meeting they discuss the read, spend half an hour socializing and do an activity. Activities include playing Pictionary, going to see a movie based on the month’s read, painting classes, scavenger hunts and costume contests. But Beach Reads does more

than unite book lovers. The group started a scholarship fund for Navarre High School graduating seniors who are going to college.The seniors must have a 3.0 and write an essay to enter for the scholarship. The first essay theme was“pick a literary character to be your best friend.”They awarded $100 last year, and they have accumulated double that in donations for this year’s scholarship already. More information is available at the group’s Beach Reads Facebook page.


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With the camera weighing nearly 300 pounds, she said it also takes a lot of coordination and favorable weather to install. Even after the camera is finally underwater, the live feed will not automatically be available. “One of the things people should understand that it’s going to take a week or so to get all the [information technology] stuff running. There is a lot behind the scenes,”she said. The camera itself is encased in a roughly basketball-sized glass dome. The device has a self-cleaning wiper arm feature and is designed to last under water indefinitely with little need for maintenance, a design specially created byVITB. VITB owner Trevor Mendelow said these cameras are part of a larger mission to help scientist and the public at large connect over our oceans. “The whole reason this business started was because of a need of the scientific community be able to work under water with both time lapse and live video,”he said.“Video is so engaging. We really think it is important to have people participate in the science by not only being able to capture screenshots from the video but also ask questions. Scientists have to convey their knowledge, but they have to be able to articulate it well to the public. Some of the value of these tools is to also get young people to participate in that process and learn to talk to scientist and realize that we are all in this game together.”

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While waiting on weather conditions to improve,VITB’s Zack Rago made a presentation to the NBMSS students about the cameras and potential futures in marine science. Though the process is taking longer than expected, Mauro said she is still very excited to finally have the project in the water. “We wrote the grant three years ago, and it’s nice to finally see it coming together,”she said with a smile.“I didn’t realize how many people it would take to make this happen. It’s been awesome, a real educational experience.”



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Time to deep clean Featuring Wedding Photographer John Starrett of JonMonFishimagery.com

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