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MBX - MBX Rubber Brush REMOVE GLUE RESIDUES SAFELY AND FAST • Sand-blast effect thanks to the unique folded, polished and hardened spring steel. • The flexible arrangement of the steel wires makes it possible to process all shapes. • Maximum flexibility, MBX band carried on air cushion. • Ideal running speed due to special reduction system, 3500 rpm without loss of power. • Safe construction. • RUBBER BRUSH for simple fast removal of glue residue.


General information MBX bands are made of high quality polyamide fabric with a tensile strength of up to 440 kg. The spring steel wires are anchored in a U shape. This product offers optimum flexibility. Safety and life span: no satiation, heating or polishing necessary.

MBX RUBBER BRUSH makes it possible to remove glue residues safely and quickly. MBX RUBBER BRUSH is made up of the latest high-tech polymers and has a long lifespan.

Technical information and packaging COARSE: 0.7 mm spring steel, bent, polished and hardened. Coarse sand blast effect. Removal of undercoating and sealing cement. MEDIUM: 0.5 mm spring steel, bent, polished

and hardened. Fine sand blast effect. Removal of paint and rust. FINE: 0.5 mm spring steel, straight. No sand blast effect. Removal of packaging.

Applications and use BODYWORK • removal of undercoating (coarse) • removal of sealing materials (cements coarse) • removal of paint (fine) • removal of rust (medium) • removal of glue residue • no heating of the surface • no satiation or spreading out • does not remove any healthy material, no grinding effect (fine) • removes glue residues from decorative strips, spoilers and emblems (RUBBER BRUSH) • removal of lettering on bodywork (RUBBER BRUSH) MECHANICAL • removal of packaging (fine) • removal of rust (medium) • removal of paint (fine) • cleaning of parts (fine) • cleaning of aluminium (fine) roughening of various materials before glue application

• removal of glue residues from various surfaces (medium) • roughening of various materials for gluing (fine) • removal of cement residues from tools (medium) • cleaning or rust removal on difficult surfaces, fencing, pipes and corners • cleaning of aluminium (fine) • sand blast effect without sand blast installation (coarse) • does not remove any healthy material no grinding effect • removal of lettering (RUBBER BRUSH) • removal of hardened silicones (RUBBER BRUSH) • removal of hardened cement on construction equipment (shovel, spade, trowel, spirit level,...) (medium and coarse) • removal of chalk deposit (RUBBER BRUSH) • removal of discoloration of stainless steel welding seams (RVS)

INDUSTRY • removal of rust from metal surfaces (coarse) • removal of paint and contamination of stone and wood (medium fine)



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