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Nova Antiskid Tape BLACK, SELF-ADHESIVE ANTISKID TAPE • Semi-vulcanised quality rubber on a PVC-film, covered with an acrylic glue. • Very effective antiskid structure. • Does not absorb any moisture or water. • UV- and ageing resistant. • Resists temperatures up to +160°C. • Universal applications, for in- and outdoor use.


General information NOVA ANTISKID TAPE is a semi vulcanised quality rubber on a PVC film, covered with an acrylate glue. NOVA ANTISKID TAPE is highly temperature resistant at positive or negative fluctuation of temperature.

NOVA ANTISKID TAPE has no water absorbing capacity.

Technical information and packaging Top layer: semi vulcanised rubber. Glue layer: acrylate glue. Intermediate layer: PVC-film. Colour: black. Pressure sensitivity: hardens by pressure. Temp, resistance: resists temp, -30°C to 160°C. Tickness: 1,8 mm. UV-resistance: OK. Non-ageing: OK. Impermeability: excellent.

Hardness: Shore A 85-95. Adhesion on BA-steel: 32,5 N/25mm. First test foundations based on PE, PP, silicones and bitumen for adhesion. Shelf life: 24 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof. Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

Applications and use • as antiskid on cellar stairs, emergency stairs, swimming pools, lubricating stations,... • on entering steps of trucks • as buffer plate on walls and doors

• as antiskid on the bottom of tool kits • as safe bearing surface on e.g. earthmoving machines

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Nova Antiskid Tape

roll 10cm x 106cm Tapes



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