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5. Surface protection and treatment

Seal & Bond Finisher VERSATILE LEVELLING PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONAL FINISHING KITS • Smoothly levels all seams of most silicone, polyurethane or MS polymer type kits. • Speeds up hardening. • Provides a nice satin shine. • Free of acids and solvents. • Pleasant odour. • Safe on most surfaces, even on natural stone. • Comes in a handy manual pump spray. • Not flammable. • Biodegradable.


General information SEAL & BOND FINISHER is a biodegradable levelling product for a perfect finish of all seams of most types of kits that harden by humidity: acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and MS polymer kits.

SEAL & BOND FINISHER has a safe, waterresistant formulation that is solvent-free and can be used on most surfaces.

Technical information and packaging Look: liquid. Odour: pleasant. Viscosity (20°C): 1mPa.s. Relative density (20°C) 1.000 kg/L. PH: 7.8. Water solubility: entirely soluble. Vapour pressure (20°C): 2332 Pa. Boiling point/Boiling range: 100°C.

Melting point/Melting range: 0°C. Volatile organic components (VOS), %: 0. Volatile organic components (VOS), g/l: 0. Safety measures and storage: please consult the safety data sheet.

Applications and use • spray SEAL & BOND FINISHER on freshly applied kit, finish as desired and remove excess product; • application on natural stone: after hardening, rinse with pure water. For sensitive surfaces: if needed, test on a small, ,non-visible spot first;

• If the kit is to be painted over, varnished or sprayed: let the kit harden, wipe with a moist cloth and wipe dry.

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Seal & Bond Finisher

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Surface protection and treatment


Seal & Bond Finisher


Surface protection and treatment


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