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5. Surface protection and treatment

Novaclear Coat 2k SG TWO-COMPONENT SMART REPAIR HIGH GLOSS VARNISH • High gloss and UV resistant. • Ultra high scratch resistance. • 100% full hardening thanks to the two-component technology. • Suitable for all paints. • Can be used as a spray gun.


General information NOVACARE COAT 2K SG is a quick drying two-component finishing varnish developed for smart repair and small parts. The varnish provides optimal resistance against weather situations, UV rays and fuels. NOVACARE COAT 2K SG is extremely resistant to scratches. The high technological packaging of NOVACARE COAT 2K SG produces professional varnish finishing

after spot repairs. When using infrared light, the varnish fully hardens after 30 minutes. Thanks to the spray tip technology, the flow and the spray can be adjusted, as with a spray gun. The latest aerosol technology makes it possible to offer two-component varnish in one spray can that can still be used 24 hours after initial use.

Technical information and packaging Colour: Clear. Odour: Specific. Vapour pressure at 20 °C: 5200 hPa. Density at 20 °C: 0.83 g/cm³. Solubility in water: None. Mixability in water: Poor. VOC: 693,6 g/l. EU VOC in %: 84,48.

Storage life: 12 months, dry, cool and frostfree. Safety measures: Please consult the safety data sheet. Storage life after mixing: Minimum 24 hours.

Applications and use • useful, professional varnish solution for spot repair • apply on a clean, grease-free and dust-free surface • solvent-bearing paints can be painted after a drying time of 30 minutes • using two-component spray can: - shake the aerosol properly for two minutes and try on a test surface - remove the protective cap underneath the spray can - loosen the metallic ring and pull it through the hole of the seal

- the inside packaging with the hardener is now open. Turn the ring 360° so that the inside cartridge is completely open and the hardener is released - shake the aerosol properly for two minutes so that the hardener mixes perfectly with the varnish • try on a test surface.

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Novaclear Coat 2K SG

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Surface protection and treatment


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