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5. Surface protection and treatment

Novacare RC1 HIGH QUALITY POLISH FOR REMOVING SCRATCHES AND STAINS • Two colours: white for light coloured paint, black for dark coloured paint • Polishing was never easier • Free of solvents and silicones • Verified grain size • Removes scratches, paint runs, matte spots and spray errors

RC1 General information NOVACARE RC1 is a stabilised water-soluble emulsion with specially selected sand grains. This special composition works effectively thanks to the selected and controlled granulometry (grain size) of the special abrasive composition. The products of the NOVACARE RC line are free of silicones and solvents, and can be used on all paint types in the industry and bodywork world and many other similar paint procedures, as used on furniture and high quality industrial products. The NOVACARE RC line comes in two colours: the white version for light coloured paints and the black version for dark coloured paints.

NOVACARE RC1 is a product formulated for use on new dry paints as well as on old weathered paints. A controlled sanding capacity shows excellent paint restoration of paints sanded with micrograins. NOVACARE RC1 is best used in combination with a soft wool pad to remove sand scratches by sanding with polyester abrasive film or normal sand paper with grain 2000 and avoid new scratches, especially on dark colours. If Novacare RC1 is used properly, further polishing is not needed. If protection is desired and more deep shine is needed, Novacare RC2 can be used.

Technical information and packaging Colour: White - black Odour: Not noticeable Appearance: Viscose liquid Solubility: Mixable. pH: 7 Boiling point: > 100°C Flash point: > 60 °C Specific weight 1,238 Kg/l Dry matter level: 25,66% VOC (Directive 2004/42/EG): 0,04% - 0,55g/l

VOS (volatile carbon): 0 Use: 15 to 20 m² per litre Storage life: 12 months, dry, cool and frostfree Safety measures: Please consult the safety data sheet

Applications and use • The surface to be treated must be clean and free of dust; use Multifoam for this • Remove any traces of wax and degrease with Safety Clean • Use a sheep wool pad • Apply enough NOVACARE RC1 to the surface to be treated, never on the wool pad • Start the polishing machine on very low speed and maintain this low speed, working with a 90° traverse motion to avoid overheating, especially on plastics • Continue to work with this motion until the desired homogenous result is achieved • If sanding is done beforehand, the operation will have to be repeated, especially on dark paints

• The very fine scratches caused by the wool pad can be removed by using the same Novacare RC1 with the foam pad • This second passage provides a deeper shine • Novacare RC1 can dirty top surfaces, so protect plastic parts or treat them with Novasim before polishing • It is important to not overheat the surface, so do not stay in the same place long • Let Novacare RC1 dry a few minutes and remove the rest with a microfibre cloth • Clean foam pads and sheep wool pads guarantee better results

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Novacare RC1 White

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Surface protection and treatment


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bottle 500ml

Surface protection and treatment


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