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5. Surface protection and treatment

Novacare Leather Cream Shine THE PROFESSIONAL LEATHER TREATMENT IN 3 FINISH EFFECTS MATT, SATIN AND SHINE • Restores suppleness to leather. • Protects leather against extreme influences such as moisture, dirt, dryness, UV rays,... • Prevents discoloration or hardening in leather. • Fast, easy and safe to use. • Does not attract dirt or dust. • Contains natural nutrients and aromas for leather such as wax and lanoline. • Is silicone free.


General information Professional leather treatment in 3 finish effects: • MATT: gives a matt anti-slip effect; contains extra vitamin E to guarantee a longer life span. • SATIN: gives a supple satin effect to leather; is based on vegetable wheat germ oil and contains skin protectors such as vitamin E and refined mutton fat.

• SHINE: gives a smooth, very shiny surface. This product is based on lanolin and beeswax NOVACARE LEATHER CREAM protects all natural and synthetic types of leather. The product makes the leather soft and supple and helps maintain the leather's natural colour.

Technical information and packaging Apperance: cream. Colour: white. pH: 6,6 to 6,7. Self-ignition point: 270°C. Water solubility: forms an emulsion with water. Consumption: depending on thickness of leather and dryness of surface, approx. 50 ml per m². Boiling point: 100°C. Melting point: 0°C.

Contains: wax, lanolin, mixture of woolgrease and mirror resin or violin resin. This is obtained by distillating turpentine out of resins. Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof. Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

Applications and use • SHINE: - ideal for use when leather has to show a shiny effect - to restore the value of a slightly damages base by rubbing - NOVACARE LEATHER

CREAM SHINE is sometimes too smooth for use on car seats ideal for use on furniture, sofas, shoes, clothing, trouser belts, saddles, clothing,...

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