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Application Recommendations for Breathing Protection Respirator type

Fields of application/function

SATA air vision 5000 Pages 78 to 83

Ergonomically shaped (pressure fed) respirator hood independent from ambient air. Protects the entire head during work. Please observe the legal requirements of each country.

SATA vision 2000 Page 84|85

Full face respirator protects the head incl. hair and neck / independent from ambient air (air supplied). Please observe the legal requirements of each country.

SATA air star C Page 86|87

Half mask protects mouth and nose / independent from ambient air (air supplied). Protective goggles are recommended. Please observe the legal requirements of each country.

SATA air star F Page 90|91

Half mask to protect the mouth and nose area / depending on ambient air (filtering mask). With pre-filter pads to extend the lifetime of the filter cartridges. It is recommended to wear protective goggles. Please observe the legal requirements in each respective country.

Cutaway model SATA air vision 5000 Hood With rigid skull cover providing impact protection whilst working in confined areas. Headband Can be adjusted at 4 different points ensuring perfect fit.

Hood cloth Breathable, solvent-resistant, lint-free and flame retardant. Quick exchange due to velcro attachment system. Comfort head band To ensure highest hygiene standards. Made of microfibre velour, dermatologically tested; can be exchanged within a few seconds only; includes foam insert for enhanced wearer comfort.

Visor With large field of vision

SATA CCS discs Allows the convenient individual identification to avoid confusion; available in four colours.

Special single visor foil To prevent reflections and distortions ensuring unrestricted view; quick and easy to exchange.

Locking/pivot control Allows easy visor location.

 SATA®air regulator belt™ / plus Extra-large, comfortably cushioned belt allowing the individual adaptation and upgrade with additional modules.

Facial seals Follows facial contours ensuring optimum seal and comfort. Low reflection due to dark colour. Breathing air hose for fresh air supply. Hose guide on the rear for maximum comfort.

  SATA®air regulator™ The SATA air regulator can be swivelled and adjusted on the belt unit by up to +/- 45°.

Accoustic warning signal Instant indication of insufficient air supply.

  SATA®air humidifier™ The air humidifier increases the relative air humidity by up to 30 %.

Plug-in diffuser optional accessory – to avoid uncomfortable air flow.

 SATA®air carbon regulator™ The SATA air carbon regulator guarantees optimum breathing protection when wall-mounted filter regulator units without activated charcoal filter stage are being used. It can be rotated and adjusted on the belt unit by up to +/- 45°.

Diffusor block Breathing air distribution reduces the noise level to 64 dB(A) at 2.5 bar inlet pressure.

  SATA®air cooler™ SATA®air warmer™ cools down / heats up the breathing air to a comfortable level. The temperature can be individually adjusted.


  SATA®air warmer carbon™ Depending on the actual demand of supplied air, the breathing air temperature can be adjusted between 4°C up to 20°C.


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