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SATA paint pressure tanks Page 102 to 107

• Time saving due to continuous working without interruptions • Also suitable for high viscosity, paste-like or thixotropic materials • Various equipment and special versions

SATA vario top spray Page 108 to 111

• High performance diaphragm pump technology with enhanced pump capacity for high speed application • Individual versions for pumping, feeding or painting • Ultra-fine atomisation of primer materials and topcoats in conjunction with the reliable, top quality SATA spray guns (e.g. SATAjet 3000 K and 1000 K)

SATA clean RCS SATA clean RCS compact SATA clean RCS micro Page 116|117

• Rapid cleaning system for intermediate cleaning of spray guns for quick colour changes when using disposable cups, e.g. SATA RPS • Suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paint systems

SATA multi clean 2 Page 116

• Self contained spray gun cleaning machine for automatic spray gun cleaning • Suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paint systems

SATA trueSun Page 118

• Daylight lamp for accurate colour retrieval • Uniform distribution of the light intensity across the entire light cone ensuring consistent colour reproduction – from centre to edge • Built-in charging condition display • Infinitely dimmable light intensity • Highest quality level of daylight reproduction from start to finish

SATA dry jet 2 Page 119

• Accelerated drying of surfaces painted with waterborne materials • Ideally suited for smaller paint jobs, as expensive booth heating times are being avoided • Integrated air regulation to set the inlet pressure

SATA Blow Guns Page 112

• To blow-off dust and particles - low air consumption, high efficiency • Robust and very durable • Different versions with special nozzle set-ups available

Grit Blasting Equipment Page 112 |113

• Grit blasting guns with hard metal insert - to remove rust efficiently and quickly • Ideal for areas of difficult access • Injector suction principle optionally with hand-held gun or large containers

Rustproofing Equipment Page 110|111

• Pressurised cup spray gun for cavity preservation and underbody protection of all vehicle types. Different cavity wand systems are available. • Fine atomisation even with the application of high-viscosity materials by pressurisation with up to 10 bar

SATA Multitool Page 123

• 13 tools for the daily spray gun maintenance • Solid moulded recesses made of anodised aluminium • Compact size: approx. 125 x 44 x 27 mm (closed)



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