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Mobile Hebebühne [ mobile lift ]

CARRYSWING [ strong | safe | reliable ] The space-saving and mobile lifting and tilting device for vehicles – easy to use with most vehicles – supplied complete with powerful electric drill for operation.

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I lift and tilt up to 2 tonnes I lift up to 3 tonnes axle weight ( non-tilt mode) I platforms 180 mm wide and 800 mm long for stable support I adjustable between 1130 mm/1490 mm and 1265 mm / 1625 mm ( inner/outer platform edge dimensions) I supplied with two 800 mm x 27 mm x 27 mm rubber-faced beams for positioning on platforms to avoid crushing of pipes or brackets I safety lock pin supplied for use when raised I use indoors or out I you can still open the vehicle doors – no obstructions I great for wheel and brake jobs – quick and easy I use for working at a convenient height – no more back ache or lying on cold floors

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