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The Editors

Andi Demaj

Sandile Nkomazana

Shade Bhadmus

Raine Mark

ABOUT THE TEAM The team consists of four students from Buckinghamshire New University. All currently doing a degree in marketing. The group have worked together for four months in order to make a magazine about web analysis for sports drinks.


The Rational THE MAGAZINE The aim of the magazine is to analyse websites and compare them to one another. The type of websites that are going to be compared and analysed are sports drinks. The three websites that were chosen and going to be compared to one another are the following; The Rational These sites have been chosen because they are the leading sports drinks in the industry. Each brand represents different effects in the sense of the target audience and what they are used for. Lucozade as a brand is very friendly. They have a wide audience because the drink can be used for leisure and for sports, this shows how alternative the brand is. PowerAde is very sports based brand as , they focus mainly on people who work out and do athletics. Vitamin Water as a brand targets everybody. It can be used for day to day drink to keep the body going.


Company Profile Lucozade For over 80 years Lucozade is still standing as one of the worlds most leading drinks . Lucozade is an umbrella name for many other energy drinks by a company called GlaxoSmithKline. has been used for many things to include consumers in. The website includes the news of the brand and what is going on, insights on changes the company has made. It also allows the users to look at the charity work the Lucozade are involved in. PowerAde Owned by Coca – Cola and was firstly introduced in 1988. The brand has world wide and sponsors teams such a the Australian, New Zealand and Ireland rugby teams. views by users have gone up by 60% in the last 3 years. They have included many new features which allow users to interact with, such a online videos of challenges people have done and tips on their Facebook page on how to exercise. Its also includes the charity work that is being done all over the world

Vitamin Water Privately owned by Coca – Cola from 2000 Vitamin water is Coca – Cola’s best selling energy drink. Vitamin water has 23 different flavours of its kind , each having its own benefit of vitamin. The homepage of uses the stream of their twitter account to make their page interactive with users. This increases the use of the websites as users go on the site to check if their tweet has appeared on the homepage of Vitamin Water. The homepage consists of links which consume of drinks they have, also to enter a competition and link to their Twitter page, Facebook fan page and YouTube account.


Page Design -Powerade When page design is being discussed the layout of the site plays a key role, because it’s the layout that component that makes the website attractive even if there are no graphics involved.

When landing on the homepage the first thing can be noticed is the company’s logo “Powerade” located on the top left, the navigation bar is positioned horizontally at the top with the middle section having a slideshow of images. As the user scrolls down they will see a couple of links such as “why hydration matter”, “find us on face book” and “London 2012 Olympics games”. The interesting part of the homepage is that they still have the “London 2012 Olympics games” content on there, which shows how out of date the website is.


Page Design –Powerade Powerade does have a number of WebPages dedicated to the multiple physical products that they offer, for example Powerade sells two types of drinks which are featured in the sub category pages of “Powerade� which are called Powerade ION4 and Powerade zero. Powerade uses page title to let the user know which part of the site there are currently on.

The utility page for Powerade gives further suggested evidence that the site has been updated in a long time, because the copyright is issued for the year 2011 that almost 2 years behind. Apart from that the utility page looks to be a normal template for with privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact us and cookie policy all found in the content page.


Page Design –Lucozade When the user arrives on the Lucozade website they will notice is the slideshow of advertisements that the website contains the navigation is located above the slideshow. The logo is located on the top left from the navigation bar and across the logo there is the search bar and the “find us� gadget for the social networks. The footer reference includes the copyright information which is up to date and also they include information about the EU cookie compliance, privacy policy, terms of use, contact us and even include a sitemap.

The footer reference for lucozade looks to be in order as it includes all the essentials to be a good template as it has good working links from the terms and conditions, contact us, privacy, sitemap and even includes the new cookie policy in compliance with EU.


Page Design – Lucozade The Lucozade website has a number of WebPages that are specifically dedicated to Lucozade’s products. In the “our range” of the navigation bar, after clicking the “our range” tab the user will be taken to a new webpage where the user has four types of drink selection to choose from.

If you are to make a selection, for example if you chose the Lucozade sport range you would be taken to a new webpage. It would describe what the drink would do for you if your drank it, provide nutrition info and ingredients. However the most interesting thing about this webpage is the ability to buy drinks for the site, although it will take you to a different site but it’s almost as if it’s an extension of the site.


Page Design – Lucozade The lucozade search result page is very basic as its very similar to the one used in Microsoft word that just scans the document for a string of certain words that are being looked for.

The website features a number of multimedia items such as the ability to watch videos; however all of the videos viewed on the site were embedded into the site from YouTube.


Page Design – Vitamin Water The most notable thing that will be noticed first when visiting vitamin water website; is the massive space that the social feed (twitter) take up on the site. It’s positioned in the middle of homepage, according to the site they receive around 5 million tweets a week all from the hash tag #makeboringbrilliant. The social feed is very interactive as it can be clicked and dragged to navigate it to see more tweets. However in the focus group the feature was highly criticised for being portraying a social network image, as the social feed may confuse users to what the site is about.

Another aspect of the homepage that is seen is the company’s logo on the top left which is always linked to the homepage from other WebPages of the site. The navigation bar is positioned on the right side of the site, while the follow us tab is placed above the navigation bar. The search bar is positioned below the navigation bar but on the left side. Below the social feed is a search criteria for the social feed and at the bottom is the footer reference which includes pages like “jobs”, “contact us”, “terms and conditions” and “privacy”.


Page Design – Vitamin Water Vitamin water has put a huge dedication into making their product category webpage look nice whilst, giving the user plenty of information about the products they offer. They showcase number different drinks that the offers to the customer, if you hover on the particular drink you want to look at it will get bigger and the name of it will appear on top of the picture. When you click to find out more about the drink it will give a description of the drink and there’s also option to download nutritional info about what the drink contains and etc.

The footer reference for vitamin water seems to be missing the copyright information, but however due to its ownership by coca cola it is possible that it’s not really a problem. The privacy policy is written up coca cola, however the “contact us” and “terms and condition” are not available to be viewed as the website reports that it they can’t be found.


Objective Web Design The three websites (PowerAde, vitamin water and lucozade) that are being analysed have a specific purpose which is to serve the customers. This is done by producing content that is easily accessible to the consumer at home, to find out more information about the product that they may wish to purchase. For example the information that is available to the consumer is the nutrition guide and ingredients used for these drinks.

All the websites that we use had some sort of save cost reduction behind them, because their use in the internet, including the social media is a good cost saving when compared to the traditional advertising. Furthermore it helps to target the younger generation that is highly active online.

However lucozade is the only website out of the three that sells products through its online store, this helps to grow the businesses sales because consumers can make a purchase of not just in store but online.


Objective Web Design Another thing that all three websites have in common is speak, as the website all have a follow us page which either links to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. These social networks can all collect information from the user’s likes and comments that they may make. Although these are all done on a separate site, it’s an extension of their brand.

The websites also try to provide a bit of sizzle into their content that they provide to better building the brand and reinforce the brand value. For example each website has made videos for the user to watch that best represent the brands. For example lucozade have a video titled “lucozade sport vs water” which aims to see which drink hydrates the most by putting two groups of men through intense running while the first group gets lucozade sport and the other gets water.

The aim of the video is to show which two liquids hydrates better, see who won on:


Dynamic design and Personalization Dynamic design and personalization is a design where by that the website can gather information about a customer and recognise their preferences. This helps the site to target their customers through emails or push technology. A cookie also known as an HTTP cookie or web cookie is small piece of data sent from sites which help them record what the user likes and what links they are likely to click on. Personalization Internet –based personalization delivers customised content and services for the individual either through web pages e-mail or push technology. Personalization helps web sites to sell, serve, speak and sizzle. Each has an advantages to personalization. Sell – when customers go online to do shopping for groceries online, they wound not want to always what to select each item over again. Serve – personalization enables customers to save things they have done on the site before. So for example when a customer plans a journey, next time they go on the site it will be in their itinerary. Speak – this is when customer can sign up for news letters and emails from websites about updates and new offers they have. Or they can choose what type of communication they want to receive information. Sizzle - This is the all the above in one to help add value to the website and help strengthen the brand.


Options for personalization Personalization varies depending on the customer use. These include the following ; • The country of the customer e.g. based on the IP address • Date or Time • Customer preferences; this can be done by the customer themselves by selecting different types of content • News and events • Location ;phones with access to the internet enables with WAP make it possible to send promotions to a customer hen passing their shop or within the area of the shops location. • Viral Personalization ; • Referrer String • Recommendations Algorithms The current sites that are being analysed do not emphasise the availability of dynamic design and personalisation, as they are sites that promote their products.


According to smart insights since the first quarter of 2012 mobile and tablet browsing has been on the rise with doubling figures for both tablet and smartphone, while traditional (pc) has been losing browsing market share. So businesses need to release that mobile browsing is rising and need to make sure that their websites are mobile optimized.

Mobile optimization is a website that has been made for mobile devices, in other words the design and formatting makes it easier for the user to read and navigate on mobile device screen. Some users would find a website very annoying to navigate across if it wasn’t mobile optimized.

The Lucozade is more different that the Powerade website as when it loads the user will immediately notice that the website is zoomed in from the start. This makes the width of the page massive while also making the font and link more readable, the website looks the same at the desktop version. The user will also be frustrated with the websites usability on mobile devices.


Mobile If the user was to access the Powerade website from a mobile device, the first thing they would notice is that the site has been miniaturized meaning any site designed for big-screen viewing will be converted into a tiny pocket-sized screen. The problem with this is the user will find it troublesome to navigate around the website whilst having to pinch and exploded the picture.

The Vitamin water website is well prepared as it’s the only one of the three websites that is mobile optimized. The site looks different on mobile compared to its desktop counterpart; furthermore the site page width fits in well to phone that may be used as this was visited on an iPhone and Nokia Lumia 800. Navigating around the site is much smoother than the other two sites, as all the picture and contents of the site are scaled to optimum resolution that’s compatible with the phone. Furthermore participants of the focus noticed that the website felt different on from the other two. These websites do not offer any sort of separate mobile apps for their mobile user audience like sites such as eBay and HM. However vitamin water has seen the need to have their website optimized for mobile users which could lead to customer retention, as the customers find the site easy to use. However the same cannot be said for the other two sites which have been left in the dark, as they are still lacking the mobile optimization elements on their websites.


Aesthetics It is very important that when website is designed that there is a limit of how much graphic and colour is used. Having too much of either can confuse the target audience they are meant to targeting or even target the wrong people. They want to be able to engage with their target audience with how the website home page is laid out. Lucozade The homepage of Lucozade is quite subtle and simple. The colours yellow and white have a consistency on the whole of the website, blue is used as the base which makes it every easy to focus on what is going on the page. The logo is located on the top left of the page is blue. There is a moving slide on the homepage, which consist of bright colours; these colours are only used to advertise the three main products from Lucozade. When asked the focus group on which website they like best according to the colours, most of them all chose lucozade.


Aesthetics Vitamin Water The colours used on the homepage for Vitamin Water are very vibrant. Bright colours such as orange, pink and purple are blaring to consumers. Graphics on the home page is laid back in the sense that it is very easy to get around with out the confusion and distraction of the bright colours. The logo on the site is located on the top left on the page in black and white and it not big and bright in comparison to the colours and other things on the homepage.

PowerAde PowerAde went for a masculine look for their homepage. The main colours include of bold blue, black and a hint of white. As we can see the graphics here are not every dynamic but very to the point and very easy-going to use.


Navigation - Powerade Powerade employs the use of a top horizontal bar navigation style; it’s placed below the site’s header. The drawbacks of using this style is that you are limited to the amount of links you can include, however to overcome this Powerade utilize the use of a drop down menu to hold more links to other parts of the site.

PowerAde is also a global navigation type of website as it provides wider schemes for customers to purchase for example its very simple, but at the same time has many various links which help customers find what they were looking for. They have many options (Tabs) available at the top of page so it’s easy to navigate to which is like customer based. The site is very consistent with its availability of options, as you scroll down. So if a customer wanted to find a social web link, it’s easy to find on the home page.


Navigation - Lucozade Lucozade uses a similar style of navigation style which is a top horizontal bar which features drop down menu. However the difference between the two website is that lucozade does not feature a real-time drop down menu, which means to access the menu you need to first click on the tab that you want to see then the menu would just appear. Whereas on the PowerAde website the drop down menu would appear when you hovered on the tab.

Again Global navigation but more into a B2B environment as it has options for customers to buy straight off the home page. The navigation is focused on branding, and relationship based as they want customers to go through their website and automatically purchase.

The navigation on the home page is very product based; the company want to allow visitors to view what is available for them straight away once they click on the page. There is also not a lot of information available on the home page as relationship based, they want the site to be eye catching and have repeat visitors.


Navigation – Vitamin Water Vitamin water use a simple Horizontal text-based navigation, this is probably the most common style found on the internet. When compared to the other two this navigation comes off as a simple navigation as the other two have utilized the use of drop down menus.

Vitamin water website is Global navigation as it uses b2b schemes, for example keying out the product on the main home page so that customers can view different flavours of the drink. It has solutions as to where they can purchase, or even information on clients so links within twitter are available to see forums of feedback within existing customers Lastly, it has a very simple navigation bar for options; therefore it does not confuse visitors and allows them to be more aware of how to use the site in order for them to look at what they want.


Interaction – Vitamin Water Interaction invites the user to the website and ensures longevity in their stay through the layout and structure but most importantly the availability of social media and videos placed around various pages of the website. Interacting with users will be the main key source of a website as it encourages them to stay on the website and it also provides future reference, for example if the website is successful throughout, the user will then visit again.

Also the social feed that is present on the website is also interactive as it features videos that have been posted either by vitamin water or other users that have posted on it through the use of hash tag #MakeBoringBrillant (twitter). The social feed can be navigated through as if it’s a touch screen by click and dragging.

If you hover on the particular drink you want to look at it will get bigger and the name of it will appear on top of the picture.


Interaction – Powerade Powerade has a number of interactivity embedded into the websites; this includes their multimedia section that allows the user to download images from the website. As Powerade also features content such as images, videos such as the sweat sessions embedded from YouTube. These videos typically feature Jessica Ennis who is the spokesperson for Powerade showing why hydration is important. Furthermore the website features a download section, where the user can download PDF files.

Very simple, by clicking on an image or a link it’s easy for customers to find their way through the website. Especially for different age groups, they will just need a mouse to find what they are looking for. Most of the interactive content offered on the website feature athletes who are sponsored by PowerAde, or athletes who use the drink. Linked in with Facebook, so customers can view or have a comment on what they think about the drink. Tips are available from Olympic athletes.


Interaction – Lucozade Lucozade features a number of interactive content on the website such as the videos, image gallery and even interactive pee charts. The Lucozade website features a promotional video that tests the difference between water and lucozade sport.

Furthermore the Lucozade website features a number other interactive such as such as the navigation bar which is fully interactive when the cursor hovers on it. For example if the user was to hover on the product section a drop down menu would appear. Its more different to the drop down menu when compared to PowerAde's.


Copywriting – Powerade Copywriting is ideally to get viewers who are looking at a website to do something- make a purchase, being aware of what your website has to offer, or even to sign up. Most websites have a copyright paragraphs linked in on the home page which invites a viewer who is scrolling on the page. “A simple mnemonic for web copywriting is CRABS: aim for Chunking, Relevance, Accuracy, Brevity and Scan ability”. By having internal jargon about products is not relevant on sites as visitors may not know what the site is about. Many websites include CRABS to their copyright as it allows them to keep it simple but also relevant to what is being said but also to write a good web copy. Key phrases are used to highlight the copyrighting so it’s accurate which then wins credibility and loyalty in the long term.


Referring to the PowerAde home page, they have linked the sports drink with key advantages of why the audience should purchase the drink. This use of copywriting is precise and gets straight to the point. The type of language which is used is smart as it associates to the viewer.

Copywriting – Vitamin Water

Vitamin water’s copyrighting contrasts into keeping the visitor occupied with a simple paragraph. Readers who scan won’t miss the paragraph as the size is also an appropriate size. Underneath the copywriting is an image of the vitamin water drinks available for the customer. Copywriting involves either informing a customer or entertaining a customer and vitamin water has gone for more of a entertaining approach to conceal their viewers’ attention.

Furthermore the language used through out the website is to be somewhat cheeky, as it uses the words “welcome to speed dating” as a way of introducing their different drinks to the user.


Copywriting – Lucozade

“Hydrates+fuels you better than water” A good terminology is used within the Lucozade web site as a source of copywriting which attracts customers viewing as they will look at the foundation and have the accessibility to view the science behind what is being placed as a copy write. The paragraph makes customers look at sports drink in another aspect and makes them think more.


Customer Orientation Web accessibility is the means to how the disabled users can access the website if they have disabilities, are they are to understand, interact and understand the website. Web usability is defined as the ease of which users can find what their look for as efficient and quickly as possible. Usability is also another key factor for a good page design, as the usability aims to give the user a sense of direction. Powerade meta-title tag “Powerade sports drink: Hydration and sport performance improvement” meta description “Discover the world of tag Powerade and find out how it helps your body to keep optimal hydration levels, improving your sport performance”

Vitamin water vitaminwater

Lucozade Lucozade Sport

“the official website of vitaminwater and vitaminwater zero”

Lucozade Sport is an isotonic carbohydrateelectrolyte drink. Find out how it can help maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

meta keywords ✖ ✖ ✔ Google analytics ✔ ✖ ✖ SEO friendly ✔ ✔ ✔ Social media ✔ ✔ ✔ Load time 2.4635 seconds 6.621 seconds, 10.4723 seconds Load times from each site were analysed through the site

Meta title, description and keywords tags help to identify the website they are listed on to search engines. For example a Meta title tag is important as it help a search engine determine the relevancy of the webpages; to the keywords being searched. This is the same for the description and keywords as they seek to be part of the criteria. Google analytics will give the site author the detailed statistics about the websites traffic and their sources, so that they can better make changes should they need to. Fortunately all three websites are using this tool. In time of the growing popularity, site need to start using social media in order to create awareness of the product or service.


Customer Orientation – Powerade Web accessibility is the means to how the disabled users can access the website if they have disabilities, are they are to understand, interact and understand the website. Web usability is defined as the ease of which users can find what their look for as efficient and quickly as possible. Usability is also another key factor for a good page design, as the usability aims to give the user a sense of direction. Powerade has no contrast issues; this makes it very accessible for the disabled users who may have visual problems, furthermore the website does not have any hearing facilities for the blind unless it’s the videos. However the text for the navigation menu title and sub title share the same font which can be confusing.


Customer Orientation – Lucozade Lucozade has a few number inconveniences for people who are visually impaired, for example the entire site has a low contrast between foreground and background colours on some on the buttons. This could be fixed by making the texting bigger. In terms of the usability side of Lucozade has strong footer reference page which makes it easier for student to find out information regarding the site or the company.

When creating ads with search engines such as Google, you will choose certain keywords such as key words or phrases that relate to the business. For example if these any of these keywords are entered Gareth bale, performance, hydration, training, drills and other keywords into Google search; it’s likely that the Lucozade would appear in the first page of the search results.


Customer Orientation – Vitamin Water Vitamin water has a very low contrast; this can make it difficult for the visual impaired audience. Furthermore the font size for the vitamin water is not at an optimal size. Vitamin water is not digestible within the first 5 seconds because, when you land on the site its fills more like a social network the social feed make up most of the homepage.


Online Value Proposition - Lucozade Value proposition is linked to the brand position of the company, this section seeks to answer questions such as who are we, what we do, the markets the company serves and the USP they have. However the online value proposition, seeks to extend this further by identify why the customers will click around the website, return, register or buy from the site. The 6C’s help to define the value proposition, which are: • Customization • Community • Convenience • Choice • Cost reduction • Content Lucozade website carries out its online value proposition by providing a different channel for the end users to purchase the product. This provides convenience for them as this give the customer the option to purchase online or in-store. Furthermore the website seeks to give users the information through the content that it offers on the site, for example it offers nutritional info about the product. Furthermore the content offered such as the videos project a serious persona about the product, as the video drives the perception that Lucozade hydrates better than water.


Online Value Proposition - Powerade Powerade focuses on providing its users with content regarding its products such as the different drinks that they offer the nutritional guide, and tips on which drink to buy. For example isotonic drinks are competing in team sports and endurance, while hypertonic and hypotonic are consumed for different reasons. This information could help the consumer to make a decision about purchasing the product. Furthermore the website has a number of different videos that help to position the brand online.

However Powerade do not have any paid for ads in place, this may be due to the fact that Lucozade is also used as a selling channel.


Online Value Proposition - Vitamin Water Primarily vitamin water is used for content usage, this is aimed for the end user to consume and find out more about the vitamin water‘s products. They give information about the different flavours that they offer to the customer. Vitamin water is a community based website, because on the home page it features a social feed tool. This allows users who have twitter to post photos, videos or tweets on to the feed using vitamin water’s #MakeBoringBrillant. This allows other users to view tweets from other people and they can get involved with the conversation, furthermore vitamin water will sometimes get involved in the tweets and reply the user with some of vitamin water’s generated content. The content and community they have available to the user make the audience believes that this more than just water but a fun product to purchase through its various products they offer including the hash tag #MakeboringBrilliant.

However Vitamin do not have any paid for ads in place, this may be due to the fact that Lucozade is also used as a selling channel.

Integrated Marketing Vitamin water carries out corporate sponsorships through their website, the charity get the business exposure and low cost marketing as well as other things. The campaign that the vitamin water does a campaign that they do through their online channel is that they aim to help children who are suffering from vitamin A deficiency. Through their site they have partnered up with vitamin water which is a charity organisation, furthermore there are videos on the site that illustrates their message. Lastly the company only ask for 25 cents to help give a child vitamin A for the rest of the year.

Lucozade have global marketing in place of their integrated marketing this is because they use this site to sell their products to the consumer and furthermore it would increase their overall sales channel.

Powerade has no integrated marketing featured on its webpages.


Market Data According to a reported filed by companies and market in April 2013, the global sports drink market is estimated to be worth $55 billion (ÂŁ33.6bn) by 2018. The report also goes on to mention that the market will be driven but the consumer attitudes towards health and fitness, fitness centres, gyms, health clubs thus creating a surge of demand for healthier refreshment options. Another report published by Canadean, suggests that the biggest market for sports drinks globally are the North American or Asia markets. This is because for every ten litres of sport drinks being consumed North America and Asia account for eight litres of those ten. The USA and Japan have accounted for well over half of the global consumption in 2012. However today in the UK the sports and energy drink industry is estimated to be worth ÂŁ1.5 billion with 686 million litres in being circulated in 2013. Mintel expects the UK market to have a healthy growth until 2018, expecting the market to be worth ÂŁ2bn and 891 million litres being consumed.


Market Data .

Lucozade Lucozade first launched in 1927 Lucozade has become a sport drink giant with sales reaching ÂŁ117.9m in sales in 2011. The Lucozade and Ribena drinks brands have been sold by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to Japanese firm Suntory for ÂŁ1.35bn. The Lucozade products are sold worldwide. Vitamin Water The company was founded in 1996 by J. Darius Bikoff; they spend 10% of revenues on advertising including their website. As of 2011 vitamin water makes around $700 million in revenues. PowerAde PowerAde was introduced in 1988 and with the help of coca cola it grew large enough in order to be part of the market. Its annually makes around $654 million as of 2010, PowerAde is sold in more than 45 countries around the world -- key markets include Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. Bounce rate Daily Page views per Visitor Daily Time on Site Global rank Search visits 60.6% 1.6% 84.2% 1.3 62.30 1.80

2:16 1,361,085 18.20%

1:12 2,014,280 52.60%

1:21 255,065 29.00%

Bounce rate = users entering and leaving site Search visits = visits coming from search engine


Stats collected from Alexa

Primary Research Also as part of primary research a questionnaire was created and given to individuals around the university in order for the group to develop on sufficient information. The questionnaire was produced to collect quantative data and to find out what a users preferences are. The different types of questions which were asked by the group were how much time they spend on the internet and if their male or female? Etc., This shows the gender disparity , for example whether the male population is on the internet longer or shorter compared to the female population.


Primary Research The group formed a focus group as a source of primary research in order to conclude the areas of the websites chosen. People from the university took part in a series of questions being asked, linked in with the websites that were shown to the individual that took part in the focus group. Reasons of why the focus group was produced is that it gave us an insight to what the audience thinks about the website furthermore this reinforced our secondary research. The audience had the products of the websites in front of them so they could feel, and see the different variations with each product, also they had the opportunity to view the website through a HiDefinition Television so they could analyse each website whilst drinking the products they are analysing. A guide was produced in order to access qualitative data which allowed the group gain an insight of how the audience think, and what their perceptions are regarding the three websites mentioned. Questions were also linked around accessibility, page design and other aspects of what makes a good website.

A short video was also created as you can see below from the images placed below as evidence of what the focus group contained, including the process of various questions being asked to the audience. The group gathered from the focus group that people from the university preferred related to the website of the sectors chosen.


Conclusion Market data According to Mintel the net worth of the sports drink market is has been growing over the years, this means that the companies will have to spend more money on advertising in order to capture the consumer. Navigation & structure Lucozade and PowerAde uses drop down menu in order to get more links which helps the viewer on what they are looking for whilst vitamin water does not as the viewer still can navigate throughout the website with ease. Interaction Vitamin water has the highest interaction out of the three as it provides social feeds on twitter however Lucozade and PowerAde also have interactive content such as videos, images and interactive pictures but overall vitamin water tops the websites. Copywriting From the different websites, it shows that they all have a different state of mind and personality involving copywriting as PowerAde gives viewers a glimpse of how the drink will help hydration. Similar to PowerAde, Lucozade has the same style which makes the viewer have a different view on the drink. Vitamin water provides entertainment which attracts viewers. Aesthetics All three websites have correctly used their colours in accordance to their products. The colours used projects the websites personality for example, Vitamin water uses a range of colours to produce a fun persona.


Conclusion Customer Orientation Although the websites do attempt to be assessable to disabled users, they however miss out in small areas for example Lucozade has a low contrast between foreground and background colours on some buttons, this seems to be the same across all websites. In terms of being search engine optimized the sites have done really well with Lucozade and PowerAde taking advantage of the Meta titles description and key word tags. Lucozade takes the step even further by having paid for ads in place to generate more traffic. Page Design Overall the page design for PowerAde is somewhat lacklustre modern features that it lacks due to the sight being out of date. Vitamin water is built with a fun personality in mind with the social feed being the centre of attention; however this quickly confuses the user to what the website is. Lucozade on the other hand is built to a modern standard as it features the correct layout for page references. The layout is simple yet effective towards the user. Integrated Marketing Vitamin water carry out cooperate sponsorship throughout their website; this may help with their relations with the general public as they will view the company in a positive light. However Lucozade use their website to carry out global marketing as it’s able to reach a wider audience around the world by selling Lucozade products to them. PowerAde have no integrated marketing into place.


Conclusion Mobile With consumers increasingly opting to go for mobile devises over the PC, companies must now make sure that their websites are mobile optimized as mobile optimisation can be the difference between a good website and a poorly built website for mobile. Dynamic design and Personalisation The sites that are being analysed have no personalisation feature or dynamic design, this is due to the fact of the type of product they are marketing to the audience does not need this feature. Online Value Proposition All three website do not offer customization, cost reduction or choice, this seems to be normal as most sports drinks don’t offer certain service that they offer, furthermore the primarily objective is to inform the user about the product everything else is a bonus.


Recommendations Mobile Recommendation for Lucozade & PowerAde Marketers need to be aware of the growing popularity of the mobile devices, therefore the group advises marketers to concentrate on their mobile versions of their sites. As the audience does not like the zoom in and zoom out feature, because they feel frustrated when they use websites that are not mobile optimized. PowerAde The website has got some good aspects of it , however since its last update showed that it has fallen behind its competitors as they need to update their contents and remove the London 2012 Olympics material. Vitamin water Vitamin water need to improve on their website as the user feels like the website is not a sports drink website and looks more like a social networking site.


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An analysis of three websites from the sports drinks industry. The magazine seeks to give information from a deep analysis that was carried...


An analysis of three websites from the sports drinks industry. The magazine seeks to give information from a deep analysis that was carried...