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Greetings, Holy smokes, where did summer go? Seems like just yesterday we were all sliding down the iceberg in La Playa Cove enjoying an amazing 4th of July weekend, and now the kids are headed back to school. We have suffered through some “ho hum” summers over the past few years, but not this year. Summer 2014 was about as good as they make ‘em here in So Cal, absolutely fantastic….I hope you made the best of it. First up some business, then on to the fun stuff. As many of you know, our Club’s current lease with our landlord, the Port of San Diego, was signed in 2009. The lease term expires in 26 years (2035), unless the Club makes a significant Capital Investment (estimated at approximately $15 million in 2011 dollars) in our leasehold by demolishing and replacing our 575 slip marina by 2029. If the Club makes this significant “mid-term” Capital Investment, then the lease would extend to 2049, effectively giving the Club the maximum 40-year term the Port allows a yacht club on the tidelands. As we have been reporting, your Board has also been grappling with the dredge issue in our marina. Two storm water outfalls, one in the A/B Dock area and one in the I Dock area, are slowly but surely silting in our marina. Roughly two yeas ago, we requested our landlord the Port, and the City of San Diego to remedy this problem. After all, it’s their silt filling up our marina. Unfortunately, but predictably, the reply was, “Not our problem, we have no budget, get a lawyer.” So we did. Understanding this would be a somewhat drawn out process with the Port and City, your Board took the initiative and conducted the engineering studies necessary to scope our dredging project. We now know our dredge project involves 13,400 cubic yards of dredge material, we understand the quality of the dredge material (“clean”) is suitable for offshore disposal, and we have quantified the costs of the dredging project (best case mid-six figures, worst case ~$1.1 million) mostly dependent on the efficient mustering of the dredge assets. Furthermore, through the wet slip and dues increases initiated in 2012 for docks and dredging, and after the recently completed dock refurbishment project, SDYC has a growing reserve of approximately $600,000 to execute a dredging project. Fast forward to today. Through a nearly two year negotiation with the Port, I am happy to report your Board, with the endorsement of the Staff Commodores, reached an agreement with the Port of San Diego, ratified by the Port Commissioners, to revise and restate our lease. In short: • SDYC will now enjoy a full 40-year lease term - expiring October, 2049. • It is no longer a mandatory requirement that SDYC demolish and replace our 575 slip marina by 2029. • There is no change to our rent structure. • SDYC will be responsible for dredging our marina within the next 10 years. Your Board is now engaged in risk analysis of going forward with a pending legal proceeding against the City of San Diego regarding the silting issue. The mandatory replacement of our entire slip and dock complex by 2029 was a significant financial liability facing our Club. Funding that liability has been the source of great angst among our membership. That entire issue is now removed from our Lease. In exchange, SDYC has agreed to undertake, what the Board and our engineers believe to be, a very manageable (logistically and economically) dredging project. The dredging project is in the hands of a very capable and engaged Dredge Committee, headed by Tim Kelley. The elimination of the marina replacement liability is good news. However, we must keep in mind our current slip and dock complex is approaching 30 years old. Our marina will need investment of resources to be maintained in a condition consistent with SDYC standards and to extend the useful life of


our docks into the mid 2040s. Your Board has taken the extra step of engaging an engineering firm, Moffett and Nichol - Blaylock, to provide an opinion regarding the long-term requirements for our slip and dock complex. The long-term estimate is the Club will need to invest approximately $3 million over the next 25-30 years to provide for a solid, functional slip and dock complex at a level of quality we expect at SDYC. Over time, this is a manageable sum, but one which we must all be mindful. The Lease negotiations with the Port of San Diego were a huge effort and involved countless man-hours. I would personally like to recognize S/C Hope, the Flag Officers and Directors, our JA Bill Budd and member Casey Schnoor for their unwavering support of this effort. “Junior Staff Judge Advocate” Bill Pascoe agreed to stay on to see this negotiation through. His contributions to our great Club in this effort cannot be adequately described in words. Thank you Bill. Back to fun... Please welcome Snipe sailors from across the globe who will be racing in the Snipe Western Hemisphere and Orient Championship September 8-12. Extend a warm SDYC welcome to the 47 racing teams representing 13 countries. Marcy Van Stee, party planner extraordinaire, is kicking off the “La Playa Poker Run” over the Labor Day weekend, August 31 - it will be a blast! The Beneteau Cup is September 13-14. The 18th running of Sail Fest for Kids is September 20th giving kids with life-challenging health issues and their families a day on the water and an opportunity to ditch the doctors and hospitals for a day of fun and the inaugural Race for Rady’s dinner will be that evening with a PHRF race following on the 21st – sign up at to get involved! J/Fest is September 26-28. A couple of highlights: Check out the ESPN Uncharted Waters video on the SDYC web site – a short documentary of the 1995 all women’s America’s Cup Challenge…featuring JJ Fetter and Ann Gardner – really cool. On September 28th, Carl Eichenlaub will be inducted posthumously into the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Carl will be inducted in a ceremony like SDYC hosted in 2011, except it will be held at the Detroit Yacht Club. With Carl’s addition, he will join Dennis Conner, Lowell North and Mark Reynolds as the fourth SDYC inductee.....something no other club in the country can boast. Congratulations Eichenlaub family. As I write this, we are preparing to head over to Catalina in our family Zodiac following Nick and Lori Martin in their family Whaler. The two boats and “support teams” will be escort/nourishment boats for my son Tyler and Mike “Iron Man” Martin on a crazy 32 mile “lay down” paddleboard race -- from the Isthmus to Manhattan Beach on August 24th. A “leisurely” 6-7 hour marathon across the San Pedro Channel going head to head with 60 competitors....just to put a cherry on a marvelous summer! These guys are following a great tradition of watermen at SDYC, the Catalina Classic will be a great test of endurance. Good luck guys! Whew, a long one this month! Enjoy a beautiful Indian summer September. I’ll see you around the Club. Good sailing,

Chuck Sinks, Commodore

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 79 • Issue 9 Board of Directors Commodore Charles C. Sinks Vice Commodore John L. Laun Rear Commodore Douglas Werner Jr. Staff Commodore Charles B. Hope, Jr. Directors John A. Reiter Michael J. Dorgan Jerelyn W. Biehl Brian D. Thomas Michael A. Morton, Jr. General Manager Terry Anglin Mainsheet Editor: Joanne O’Dea & Kirsten Stahl Production: Monica McGovern Deadline: 10th of the month Mainsheet: Website: Automated Phone 619/758-6300 Front Office 619/221-8400 Dining Room 619/758-6314 Bar 619/758-6315 / 758-6335 Security 619/758-6322 Dockmaster 619/758-6308 Sailing Office 619/758-6309 Accounting 619/758-6306 Maintenance 619/758-6333 Juniors 619/758-6320 Membership 619/758-6303 F&B Office 619/758-6313 Catering 619/758-6311 Fax 619/224-3059 Catering Fax 619/758-6337 ARG Ham Shack 619/758-6324


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The Mainsheet is dedicated to providing information relevant to members of San Diego Yacht Club, focusing on timely events, fleet forums and announcements that support the yachting lifestyle. Mainsheet (USPS 024-501) is published monthly (12 issues annually) by the San Diego Yacht Club, 1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106-3005 (619) 221-8400/Fax: (619) 224-3059

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Photo by Charles K. Egan, Esq. Photo by Christy Radecic


6:00pm arrival, 6:30pm event begins This month the boys will be featuring Hill Family Estate Winery. Hill Family Estate is a family owned and operated winery in Yountville, CA. They feature a nice selection of varietals and Terry will be busy tasting the wines while Daren is preparing the food. Always a treat and always sold out. Make your reservations quickly. $50++ per person.

GREETINGS FROM THE CLUB GENERAL MANAGER - TERRY ANGLIN, CCM CCE Greetings from the Club! With the summer season coming to an end, I’d like to take a moment to send out some thank yous. The Snack Shack did brisk business with fast and tasty food – thanks Kristy for great service with a smile. Pool closures were minimal due to “accidents” and lifeguard rescues were non-existent – thanks kids and parents for being diligent around the water. The Beer Can BBQ’s were a big success – thanks to the Food and Beverage team for the great food and hospitality. The Snipe Western Hemispheres will be here shortly. The regatta begins September 6 and continues through out the week. Joanne O’Dea and her team have put in a ton of work for this event and I know between her team and Team SDYC the event will go off

without a hitch. The PC Nationals on September 20 & 21 will follow the Snipes. The last Beer Can BBQ of 2014 will be on Wednesday, September 3. Over the years, we have seen attendance reduced about this time every year. To take its place, the team will be bringing back Pasta Night with a few new added touches. In response to the continuing drought conditions in California, we are taking some new water conservation measures here at the Club. The service staff will only be offering water on request. The Management Team has issued a Staff Water Conservation Policy Manual. You can help us by conserving water when washing your boat and sails and not leaving the hose running. If you come across a club hose

without a shut off nozzle, please let us know so it can be replaced. The Darren and Terry Show has shifted its nights to better align with the events calendar. We are moving the Duo to the third Thursday of the month rather than the second Thursday. We hope that you will continue to attend one of our signature events at the Club. In September, we will learn if SDYC is again honored with the Platinum Club Award from the Club Leaders Forum. The award is voted on by General Managers and club presidents from across the country every two years. We will announce how the Club fared in the 2014 balloting in a future Mainsheet issue. Charger football is on the way! See you around the Club.

SDYC Food and Beverage Minimum Increase At the recommendation of the House Committee and Club Management, the Board of Directors at their July meeting approved an increase to the Club’s Food and Beverage minimum, from $100 to $150 per quarter. The F&B minimum applies to all Flag, Flag Widow/Widowers, Life and Life Widow/Widowers, Service Members and Provisional Associate members. The increase in quarterly F&B minimum will take effect beginning October 1, 2014, and from then on. This increase is intended to encourage our members to use the excellent bar and dining amenities at the Club and importantly to help offset sharp increases in food costs and in particular labor expenses. The recent increase in the State and City minimum wage will add over $60,000 annually to the Food and Beverage operating budget in the coming year. This change may inconvenience a very small number of our members. We thank you for your support and encourage you to come out and enjoy the food and service at the Club. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ai n s h e e t • 3


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS BRIAN MALARKEY - FLAG “Having moved to the Point last fall – we have been spending so much time with so many members and friends of the club. Our kids attend Sunset View and Westminster in the neighborhood and many parents are members. I have been a waterman my whole life and I want to install those principles and passions into my kids and family.”

WILLIAM SIMA - FLAG “We have been most impressed with the quality of individuals, the friendliness, the nautical expertise and the camaraderie of this select group. The close relationships we have renewed and developed through yacht club functions have become mainstays in our social life, both on and off the water, and will continue to be so for years to come.”

LUKE ZOUVAS - FLAG “My wife and I know many people who are members and we feel that it is a great forum for entertaining and socializing. We also want to get our kids into programs for yachting.”

PHILLIP LAMB - FLAG “My family and I are ready to enjoy all the club has to offer. I love everything there is about Yachting. I’ll be Racing/ Cruising/Fishing more often than I do now. Which is great for me! Living in Point Loma will make it easy to be active members.”

KAREN SAHD - FLAG “My husband and I have been long term residents and homeowners in Point Loma. We love it here and are raising our three children in this beautiful community. We believe that the honor of membership in the SDYC will bring many healthy, wholesome experiences and memories to our family.”

NATHAN TREADWELL PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE “I just recently moved to Point Loma and want to join a local community of like-minded boating enthusiasts. I will be a boat owner again shortly and the facilities at SDYC are convenient and well equipped. I also want my children to grow up around boats and on the water.”

KATIE MCCAHILL - FLAG “Our daughters are young and we believe that exposing them early to the boating community is very important. I’d like them to learn to sail at a young age through SDYC’s sailing camps and classes, and to see this community become an integral part of their lives. I’d like to be a part of this community as well.”

PAUL MALLORY - SERVICE “My wife and I have been sailing with Jon Dekker and his crew. We enjoy the camaradarie and atmosphere of the club. We would like to become more involved and get to know more people with a similar passion for the sport of sailing.”

BRYAN WOOD - FLAG “Down the road, in the near future, my wife and I would like to own a boat and get a slip. The social aspect would be a tremendous plus as well, as we live in Point Loma, and would benefit from many new relationships created at the SDYC.”

CAMERON BIEHL - JUNIOR FLAG “I have grown up racing and representing SDYC. I now have a race boat that I live on and would like to race and continue to represent SDYC for all my kite and sailboat racing.”

ANNA JOSLIN - FLAG “In planning our recent move from Newport Beach to San Diego, an active, successful Jr. Program and yacht club were at the very top of our list of priorities. Having grown up in San Diego, I have know SDYC to have both. Through our involvement in junior sailing we have had a great deal of exposure to SDYC and feel that the club fits our needs as a family but is also a club where we could continue the active involvement that we have enjoyed at Balboa Yacht Club.”

CARLY OLENICK - JUNIOR FLAG “My college experience was centered around sailing. Since graduating from UCLA last year I have missed the practice and regatta laden atmosphere that dominated my life for four years. I would love to increase my participation in the sailing community at SDYC and hopefully have the opportunity to give back by serving on a committee or two.”

JUNIOR FLAG TO FLAG - JACK SKAHEN 4 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.


Lake Rickolt (Gemma) Owner, Sol Luna Expeditions Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Les Cross 2nd Sponsor: Bob Fletcher Sara Riley Schreiner Registered Nurse, Sharp Health Care Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Vince Brun 2nd Sponsor: Steve La Dow Annette Matthies Senior Director of Corporate Development, Receptos Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Dean Cuplin 2nd Sponsor: Rick Levenson


Stephen Brownell (Stephanie) CPA, Lindsay & Brownell, CPAs Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Lisa Betyar 2nd Sponsor: Craig Irving

Mathew Blanchard Real Estate Consultant/ Law Student, Self Employed Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Peter Zarcades 2nd Sponsor: Justin Tjalma

Traci Hapke Sr. Complex Service Manager, Morgan Stanley Wealth Mgmt. Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Gary Kreitzer 2nd Sponsor: Bill Van de Weghe

Cameron Hutcheson Student, University of Southern California Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: James Reynolds 2nd Sponsor: Mike Honeysett


Lindsay Janos Assistant Instructor, Andrew McLeod (Brianna) General Manager, Southwest USA Freestyle Martial Arts Non-Boat Owner Boulder & Stone 1st Sponsor: Charles Mellor Boat Owner 2nd Sponsor: James Hervey 1st Sponsor: Pete Morrow 2nd Sponsor: Andrew Campbell David Kreiss (Nasim) Sean Flaherty (Joni) Consultant to the electric utility Associate Attorney, Reid Coultas industry, Associate Traffic Analyst, Cubic Coast Law Group, LLP AMI Operations Consulting Boat Owner Defense Applications Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Doug Kincart Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Don Balfour 2nd Sponsor: Tom Ryan 1st Sponsor: Dr. Matt Sanicki 2nd Sponsor: Janette Murphy 2nd Sponsor: Robert Witt


Terry Burke (Vickie) Audiologist/Owner, Hearing Associates, Inc. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Kenyon Martin 2nd Sponsor: Jeff Brown


Aidan Hoogland 7th Grade Student, Eastlake Middle School Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Sarah Kanemasu 2nd Sponsor: Tom Holthus


Carol Keigher

Last Call Joan Lightner – Life Widow 236 Paul Zeigler – Life 146

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino 619.980.2623 Vice Commodore John Laun 619.840.4804 Staff Commodore Bill Campbell 619.887.1729 Staff Commodore Andy La Dow 619.237-1404 Mary Snow 619.392.4477 Dennis Kenneally 619.885.1380 Lee Hope 619.995-0326 Steve Malowney 619.838-6353 Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón 619.758.6303

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SEPTEMBER 2014 M ai n s h e e t • 5


DUTCH SHOE 2014 BY CHARLES K. EGAN, ESQ. Photos by Charles K. Egan, Esq.

A Great Shoe and $51,000 to Boot


45th annual Dutch Shoe Marathon, which covers the 7.2 nautical miles between SDYC and Coronado Yacht Club, was tackled by 152 junior and senior sailors in near perfect conditions on a sunny July 18th. The favorable current and breeze, in addition to the lack of participation in this year’s race by Navy and commercial traffic, made for one of the fastest and cleanest Dutch Shoe’s in recent memory. This, along with the decision to add a Leukemia Cup component to the race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, made 2014 a race to remember. In keeping with the tradition of staggered fleet starts, the C Fleet boats were first out of La Playa and followed in order by B Fleet, A Fleet and Seniors. Sailors who fundraised for LLS were given green stripes to place on the head of their sail courtesy of Chris Snow at North Sails, John Gladstone at North Graphics, and the Plavan family. As usual, a sizable spectator fleet accompanied the racers down the harbor, taking advantage of the once a year look through the viewfinder at 6 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

100 pound sabots on a backdrop of 100,000 ton carriers. Leaving the Shelter Island basin with a flood tide to follow them down the course and a cooperative 6-8 knot breeze, the C Fleeters put the hammer down, gave the rest of the fleet a near permanent view of their transoms, and led the way to CYC. With the race up for grabs in the Glorietta channel and Corinthian patiently awaiting the finishers at the turn in the bay, two SDYC juniors jockeyed for the lead in the closing moments of the race. In the end, Sean Caulfield played the Glorietta shifts the best and narrowly edged out young Peter Busch for the 2014 Dutch Shoe Marathon championship. The C Fleet had carried the day, numbering seventeen of the top twenty overall finishers. Finishing in seventh place overall in just her first Dutch Shoe race was First Girl to Finish Katie Plavan, followed by Katie Olsen in tenth place overall. Top SDYC finishers in other fleets included A Fleet sailor Piper Holthus (3rd in fleet, 28th overall), A Fleet sailor Jack Egan (4th in fleet, 34th overall), B Fleet sailor Jack Plavan (2nd in fleet, 15th overall), and Senior Fleet sailors Scotty Sinks (2nd in fleet, 47th overall), Commodore Chuck Sinks (3rd in fleet, 55th overall), and Eric Heim (4th in fleet, 58th overall). Thanks to CYC for being such a great


post-race host and kudos to Director John Reiter, Junior Director John Fretwell, and the many junior coaches and volunteers that came together and ran a great race. As if the fun and camaraderie of this race wasn’t enough in and of itself, this year’s Dutch Shoe was also a Leukemia Cup event and sailors raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the days leading up to the race in a show of support for SDYC junior Jack Egan’s battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. North Sails, the Holthus family, and LLS donated prizes for the top fundraisers. In a little over six weeks our sailors raised in excess of $51,000, an absolutely unbelievable and unprecedented effort by our juniors. This is a testament to both the character of our sailors and to the philanthropy of our community as a whole, and it is certainly cause to step back for a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to be a part of the fabric of something so great. On a personal note, our family owes a world of thanks for the work of so many people who supported and encouraged our son Jack by making the Leukemia Cup a reality. Our thanks in particular are due to JAC Chair Steve Harris, Junior Commodore Clayton

Schluter, Cole Harris, the Plavan family, the Caulfield family, the Junior Board, Commodore Chuck Sinks and the entire SDYC Board. Though we never really saw it coming, the stars aligned and Jack was able to sail the race this year despite being in the middle of his chemotherapy regimen and spending the day before the race in the hospital. There is no question in our minds that that the outpouring of support was a major reason for his resolve to sail the Shoe, and the scene at the finish line with Corinthian’s horn accompanying the applause and cheers of the sailors and spectator fleet is something we will never forget.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ai n s h e e t • 7


The 2014 International Masters Regatta Presents

RVE W! E S RE E NO IN ONL Thursday, October 23rd | 5:00 - 8:00 PM | Skippers & Crew | Friends & Family Enjoy tastes from Point Loma’s finest eating and drinking establishments. All SDYC members and family are invited.

$25/person Reservations Online |

8 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g



The History of Point Loma and the Lighthouse

Stories about the San Diego Zoo

Karen Scanlon and Kim Fahlen

Georgeanne Irvine with the Zoo for 36 years

presented by

presented by

Weds., Sept. 10th 11:30am We will have Raffle Items, with all monies going to O:HHH to support our military Sign up online at or call (619) 221-8400 48 Hour cancellation policy

Oct. 8th 11:30am Zoo animal friends will join us!

Autumn Trunk Show September 13, 2014 11am - 2pm Featuring new Reyn Spooner shorts, colors, mens’ casual apparel and limited edition Christmas & Fourth of July commemorative prints. View & pre-order your favorite 2014/2015 print and style. If you are unable to attend call 619-758-6302 or email

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SEPTEMBER 2014 M ai n s h e e t • 9



has been a whirlwind for CpC! Our Sea Scout Ship 1886 was well represented at the Koch International Sea Scout Cup, held June 22-28 in Long Beach. Ryan Poole and Wyn Adams crewed on FJs and took 15th overall, out of 72 boats representing 10 countries – a great showing for the youngest crew in the Fleet. Sailors were divided into two flights, with the top 50% competing for the championship Koch Cup. A consolation flight was established in 2002, allowing sailors to compete for a Maori carved statue known as the Kiwi Cup. This competition is held every 2 years, and this was SDYC’s first time competing, so we’re gunning for the cup next time. After completion of the Koch Cup, the Sea Scouts set off on their annual

excursion to Catalina on July 5th. After a successful navigation to Catalina and lots of scouting activities and water sports, they returned to SDYC on July 13th. July 20th was a beach cookout and bonfire at Mission Bay. They organized the SDYC First Aid and CPR Class on July 26th. Several sailing days were planned for August, and a few Sea Scouts participated in the “English George” regatta at Catalina on August 22-24. The First Aid & CPR Class held on July 26th was a success, a full day class with lunch guaranteed participants a 2 year certification. Participants voiced appreciation for having it hosted at SDYC, vice having to search the class out in the community. Military Appreciation Night has been very rewarding. Thanks to Ruth Rollins for her leadership, Ed Letzring for scheduling and managing boats, boat captains and crew for hosting, and all the volunteers that make such

a difference each year. This community outreach every summer brings smiles and a bit of respite to our brave military members. Monarch School Fun Sail will occur throughout September, as well as their Leadership Rewards Sail. Thanks to Gwynn Thomas for her diligence in keeping this event a thriving success and a true gift to the participants from Monarch School.

SAILFEST 2014 and THE INAUGURAL RACE FOR RADY SEPTEMBER 20 & 21 We invite you to join us for a fun-filled weekend benefiting Rady Children’s Hospital. Come be a part of this exciting community event as we support the children who need us most. On September 20 the San Diego Yacht Clubs’ 18th Annual Sandy Letzring SAILFEST event will host over 60 families from Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and Balboa Naval Medical Hospital. 50 or more SDYC skippers and their crews gather to take our guests on a bay cruise. The children and their families enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, pony rides, face painting, crafts, harbor patrol boat, fire engine, police patrol car and other fun activities. Skippers are needed for SAILFEST. Skippers please sign up on line at In conjunction with SAILFEST, we are excited to announce the inaugural event of RACE FOR RADY, a benefit for Rady Children’s Hospital Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. RACE FOR RADY extends and expands SailFest and strives to support the children being treated at Rady Children’s Hospital Peckham Center in even more meaningful ways by raising funds for their interactive medical treatments. September 20 will feature a Beach Bash Fundraising Party at the San Diego Yacht Club with Silent and Live Auctions, dinner, and dancing to live entertainment by the Beach Boys theme band Surf’s UP. The Silent Auction will feature participation by nationally recognized yachtsmen/women including JJ Isler, Bill Hardesty, Steve Hunt, Ty Reed and Tyler Sinks. Make party reservations at September 21 at noon will feature a Bay Race/Pursuit Start staggered start off Shelter Island by handicap with smallest boats first sponsored by SDYC with trophy presentation at SDYC. Race registration: For more information on SailFest and Race for Rady contact Gwynn Thomas at 619-997-5219

10 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


COMMODORE’S DINNER SERIES What’s New at Qualcomm? The company and the technologies. John Sinnott, a member of the San Diego Yacht Club and senior director of investor relations for Qualcomm, will talk about what’s next for San Diego’s most well known company and the technologies that will continue to shape our lives, both on and off the water.



Bridgedeckers were sizzling on the Fourth of July. Jean Kremm and Jeanne Lynch advertized that a special bridge tournament game would take place here at the club. Sixteen SDYC members qualified for the event. Qualification was based on getting to the Club early enough to secure a parking place. Winners were 1st man: Billy Satterwhite. 1st woman: Jane Kenny. Winners of the last round at Table 1 were Geves Kenny and Jeanne Lynch and they, therefore, were declared the Champions. Good going! Many Thank yous go to Sharon Hope. She was the perfect hostess for the month of July. Sharon not only set up our bridge game each Thursday morning but she also provided us with decadent cookies and candy - at least twice with SEEs chocolates. Celebrating the birthday of Bridgedecker D’Neane Wilkinson, on the 31st of July, Sharon brought in delicious cupcakes baked,


September 9, 2014


6:00pm - 8:00pm




House Salad Prime Rib, Au Jus Mashed Potatoes Seasonal Vegetables Baked Apple Pie


and beautifully decorated, by her own granddaughter. That was so much fun! The Hostess for the month of September is Jean Kremm. We play bridge every Thursday from 10am until 2:30pm with lunch at noon. If you would like to play bridge with us call Jean Kremm at (619) 758-1507. Winners for the month of July were: Doris Ellsworth, Sharon Hope, Pat Houser, Jane Howard, *Jane Kenny, *Nancy Knight, *Jean Kremm, *Nancy Peckham, Cameron Peter, Mary Regondino, *Dorothy Wheeler and D’Neane Wilkinson. The weather outside has been hot which meant the air conditioner was on full force in the La Playa room during our bridge games. We ladies were freezing to death and so Sharon Hope suggested that we all put on our fur coats and have our picture taken for the Mainsheet. And I believe it was Nancy Peckham who suggested that we rename ourselves the BRRRRIDGDECKERS. *Denotes 1st place • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MONDAY EVENING BRIDGE Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on September 8 at 6:30 PM. This is a relaxed, lively and fun game, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our July winners: 1st-D’Neane Wilkinson, 2nd-Cecilia Carrick, 3rd -Jane Kenny. To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by September 5 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-2222254 or The game begins promptly at 6:30 PM, playing four rounds of bridge. SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 11


C420 NATIONALS BY NICK KASCHAK Photos by Chrsit Radecic


nyone who has competitively raced sailboats knows how strenuous it is to “figure-out” a new venue from the tactical standpoint. Where’s the pressure? What will the first shift be? Will the wind shift consistently? Is current a factor? We at SDYC were fortunate enough to race the Club 420 National Championship on our local waters this summer, a task that often puts pressure on local teams to perform. Despite the “home-court advantage” we started planning our attack of this event months in advance, setting a strong precedent for all our training programs. Our Team SDYC Sailors took part in a two week long clinic that spanned one team ranking regatta, seven clinic days, one speed-tuning session all the way to Mission Bay, one preNationals regatta and finally the three day National Championship. The focus of the clinic was idealistically simple: bring the newer C420 racers up to

competitive speed and continue to push the veterans to find the next gear. At the end of the C420 National Championship, the results proved the validity of our training philosophies and program. Team SDYC took home the coveted overall victory with 1st Scott Sinks/Rebecca McElvain displaying amazing boatspeed and consistency. In addition to the overall win Team SDYC took 4th (Will La Dow/Holley Toppa) and 8th (Andy Reiter/Charlie Miller), both teams displaying resiliency and speed across all playing fields. Finally, we came home from the regatta very excited about the performance of our newest C420 Team riders, many of which were competing in their 2nd or

12 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

3rd C420 event! The future is bright for these motivated young sailors! Regatta Recap: The R/C team at SDYC is second to none. They put on an amazing event with courses that tested all the racers skills. Long upwind legs coupled with tight reaches and surfing downwind legs assured the most skilled teams arose to the top. The first day of the event was on the lighter side of the breeze range. Two races were sailed in shifty conditions. Days two and three brought great breeze with crews trapping upwind and planing on the reach legs. Entering into the final day the points were tight at the

ON THE RACE COURSE top. The lead had been exchanged everyday of the event. Scott Sinks/ Rebecca McElvain came out firing with a first in the second race of the final day. This made things feasible for the victory. With a seventh in the penultimate race points were tight. Scott/Rebecca needed to put four points on the boat in front of them to seal the deal. Since the top few spots were so close it did not make sense to go after one particular boat. Instead they sailed their own race to a tee, letting the boats make the mistakes. Scott/Rebecca started near the favored pin while the leader started near the boat end. As the first beat unraveled the pressure near the boat and right side faded. Putting Scott/Rebecca in a spot to seal the victory! They held off the boats around them throughout the race, winning the regatta by two points. Congrats to all of Team SDYC who showed great sailing prowess at this event. I look positively forward to the next one!




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Scott Sinks Max Brill Romain Screve Will LaDow

Rebecca McElvain Ian Brill Jackson Ritter Holley Toppa

Roberto Stevens Sydney Avitia-Jacqes

Cassie Obel Jack McGraw Andy Reiter Chriss Weiss

Annika Garrett Megan Lansdale Charlie Miller Dot Obel

William Martens Ted Bascom

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SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 13



If you haven’t watched the Lipton Cup competition in recent

years, your first reaction might be to yell “Fire!” because it can only be described as a fire drill. Hectic, close, boat on boat action on the race course separated by crazy musical chair flurries between races by the crews. And all of this within shouting distance of the Broadway Pier and the San Diego waterfront. Some of you may have experience with this chaos if you raced for the club championship, but for most of us it is totally different and confusing. I thought it would be worthwhile to describe the event and along the way, give spectators, locals and visitors, an idea of how to enjoy the event to its fullest. Each morning, the crews are found on the dock inspecting their boats or eating breakfast in the clubhouse. Sailing is unique in many ways and being able to get very close to the greats of our sport is one of the best things. We at SDYC are accustomed to seeing World and Olympic champions strolling around our club and we usually give them their “space”. This event is different, so come early and bug the superstars for autographs and give your favorite team

encouragement or criticism as seems appropriate. Enjoy breakfast and try to catch a great strategy being hatched at the next table. Or, you might overhear some tuning or rigging tips if you hang out on the dock while the crews prepare to get underway. The fleet will be tied up at the guest dock and pit passes are not required. Plan on seeing the boats off the dock between 1000 and 1100. You will still have enough time to get to the racecourse either by car or boat. On Sunday there will be a special opportunity not to be

missed. As soon as the racing boats are off the guest dock, the yacht America will come alongside and a lucky few will board and head to the racecourse to watch the racing from a rare vantage point. Passage on America will be very limited and tickets will be available online on a first come first goes basis. SDYC will cater aboard America and there will be a nominal charge. The Race Committee will publish the intended location of

the racing each day and that will help you determine where to go to watch. The most likely possibilities will be the end of the Broadway Pier or Harbor Island. Check before you leave the club. Transportation and parking could be challenging so plan ahead to avoid wasting time on race day. If you are going to watch from your boat, the Race Committee will publish information to help you get as close as possible without getting caught OCS at the gun. If they ask you to move, please thank them for volunteering and get your butt and your boat in gear in the direction they indicate. The first horn will be at 1200 each day. Expect to see some of the closest fleet racing action you have ever seen. Cheering and horn blowing is encouraged. The courses are short and there will be lots of races each day depending on conditions. Bear in mind that the boats are randomly assigned to the teams at the start of the day. The end of each race starts the real chaos of the modern Lipton Cup. Close to the start/finish line, there will be a floating dock where the teams will tie up between races to change boats. That’s right! After every race, the teams will grab their spinnakers and sunblock and scramble/stumble to another boat which (they hope) will be alongside the floating dock. (Doesn’t it seem like they should also have to down a ration of rum?) If it hasn’t already occurred to you, it will be hard to figure out which boat your favorite team is sailing without a program, so be sure to get one at the club before you depart. To help in identification, the teams will have their club name in large letters on their mainsail. You will be able to tell when racing is over each day because the racers will head directly to the bar rather than to the floating dock. That is your signal to do the same

14 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

ON THE RACE COURSE and if you’re quick, you‘ll be able to cheer their return ashore at SDYC. There are great social events planned for each night. They are open to everyone and are another excellent opportunity to rub elbows with the teams. You may purchase tickets for the Saturday night dinner online. All 3 days will be similar except for the afternoon of Sunday, November 2nd when racing will end a bit earlier and culminate with the dispensing of large amounts of adult beverages and more importantly, the awarding of the Sir Thomas Lipton Challenge Cup to the winner. It is an honor for SDYC to be able to host this regatta and we hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy it with us.


COURTESY OF THE SAILING OFFICE 4th of July Regatta, July 4, 2014 PHRF-1 Winner: Mike Honeysett, Wiki Wiki PHRF-2 Winner: Karen Busch, Wani Racing J/22 Winner: Jim Dorsey, J/22 #7 Portsmouth Winner: Craig Moss, Green Goblin One Design Weekend, July 12, 2014 Etchells Winner: Chuck Sinks, Lola J/105 Winner: Rick Goebel, Sanity J/120 Winner: John Laun, caper C420 Nationals, July 15-17, 2014 1st Place: Scott Sinks, Rebecca McElvain, SDYC 2nd Place: Max Brill, Ian Brill, MBYC 3rd Place: Romain Screve, Jackson Ritter, SFYC Dutch Shoe Marathon, July 18, 2014 A Fleet Winner: Ryan Ratliffe, MBYC B Fleet Winner: Joshua Means, BCYC C Fleet Winner: Sean Caulfield, SDYC Senior Winner: Scott Finkboner, MBYC




If you have ever dreamed of a power boat cruise to exotic Mexico with friends and planned on having lots of fun in an organized, coordinated group down the coast of Baja, this is your event! USA

San Diego Ensenada

San Peñasco Felipe Tepoca


Guadalupe Island

Kino Bay

LA Bay Cedros Island

e rtl




Santa Rosalia

W ha le

San Carlos Guaymas Yavaros

Mulege Concepción

Pa rk

Carmen Escondido






La Paz SanJose

Cabo San Lucas

Five hundred nautical miles


With warm breezes, beautiful following seas, and soft sand ashore, you will experience the magic of the Baja Peninsula. You will cruise to seven different ports accompanied by fifty other power cruisers of like mind. In each port you will be hosted to fabulous receptions and activities all coordinated by the CUBAR Committee of San Diego Yacht Club. This biennial event specifically planned for power boat cruisers makes getting to La Paz, Mexico a load of fun with lots of support.

Puerto Vallarta

The CUBAR Committee provides educational seminars and printed information to help plan your trip and to prepare your boat. You will be provided with all the information that you need to make this dream cruise a reality. The best part is all proceeds will be donated to the Junior Sailing Program. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Bob Morris at Please visit the official website at to join the Interest List and find out more.

Cruise Underway to Baja Rally

The Woodies are back The San Diego Yacht Club will again be hosting the San Diego Fall Gathering of the Southern California Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) on October 3rd through October 5th, 2014. It will be a special weekend where you will be able to see a number of classic and antique wooden runabouts from the 1920’s through the 1960’s that have been painstakingly restored and cared for. ACBS is comprised of a great group of members who are always willing to talk about their boats, answer questions and share their love of these wonderful boats from the golden age of boating. The event is being sponsored by our member RADM (Ret) Ken Slaght, owner of a 1942 Chris Craft runabout. Stop by the front dock to see these vintage woodies and submit your ballot for the People’s Choice Award. Please visit these websites for more information on ACBS: National Chapter www.

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SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 15


! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

September 26 - 28, 2014 !

SDYC is inviting J/Boat’s from all over SoCal to come and participate in fall sailing in San Diego!


One design fleets slated for J/Fest include the fast growing, super hot J/70 fleet as well as J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105, J/109, and J/120 fleets. Any J/Boat is eligible to participate, and all are welcome to race in One Design, PHRF, and J/Cruise classes. Fun on and off the water includes competitive racing on the water and social events after sailing!


Notice of Race - Contact Joanne O’Dea at for more information

16 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


RACE COMMITTEE BY SUSI GRAFF Photo by Jim Tomcik Perhaps you are considering joining the Race Committee for one of our events, but have no idea what the possible jobs are. Here are very brief and broad descriptions of some of the R/C positions we usually need to fill for any given event...on the main “signal boat” (usually Corinthian at our events – a 43’ Defever). Utility: This is the place to start as a volunteer, and to learn more about the other R/C positions. Our Utility people post the course number and wind direction, stand by to put flags up or down as needed, write down finishers, etc. – and are directed usually by the Timer (see below). Principal Race Officer (PRO): This is the person in charge, sort of like the “Commanding Officer” or CO on a Navy ship. The PRO determines the courses (their length and wind direction), directs the people setting the marks, and has overall responsibility and final authority for the management of the race course. Being a PRO takes lots of R/C experience and most of our PRO’s are certified by US Sailing at varying levels. (Bruce Greene is an International Race Officer, for example, who can run races anywhere in the world – and has!) Timer: Continuing my analogy, the Timer is like the “Executive Officer” or XO of a ship. While the Timer is primarily responsible keeping the time before and after the start and for precisely calling out the starting sequence, often he or she oversees the other R/C personnel on the signal boat and makes sure everyone is doing their job on time. Being a Timer also takes a bit of practice. Flags (also called Signaler): The Flag person makes sure the starting sequence flags (class flag

and preparatory flag) get up and down smartly, following the timing commands of the Timer. Sounder: The Sounder makes sure the sounds (usually horns) of the starting sequence occur at exactly the right time, following the timing commands of the Timer. The other fun place to volunteer for the Race Committee is on the Mark Set teams. The Mark Set people use smaller boats (22’ – 26’) to move around the course quickly at the PRO’s direction, setting and pulling the marks off the course. If you like really being “on the water” and active, this is the place for you. US Sailing offers a “Join the Race Committee Team” booklet which is also very useful in describing these positions – we often have one person doing several of the roles they describe. As for recent Race Committee doings, August was a “light” month in more ways than one. PRO Summer Greene ran the One-Design Weekend on August 2nd and here is her report: The best word to describe the August One Design Weekend would be tricky. The morning forecast didn’t look too good, but went out to the Roads and the wind actually didn’t look too bad. A little overcast with 5-7 knots from 260-280. We managed to start the first race on time, and thought it would be

OK but it didn’t take long for the wind to drop to 3 knots. For an hour and 20 minutes the wind went up and down, back and forth without really settling in long enough for the RC to change anything. The 6 Etchells and 6 J-105s had four miles of chasing shifts and puffs with lots of lead changes. Once everyone finished the first race we waited for few minutes hoping for something more consistent. When it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen, the RC settled on a .7nm course at 260. Three minutes into the sequence it became clear we had to postpone and move 20 degrees to the right. We tried again and got everyone off but ended up moving the first leeward mark to access of 305. The race went quickly and was relatively square after the first leg, but the few boats that went right off the line (including one that was OCS and came back) lead the fleet substantially for the rest of the race. Not wanting to call it a day, we made an effort to start a third race but it just wasn’t meant to be. Corinthian’s wind instruments were reporting anywhere from 290 degrees with 3 knots to 010 degrees with 8 knots. Instead of chasing the breeze from Point Loma to the Hotel Del we decided to call it a day, just in time for everyone to get rained on in the way back to the club.

Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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TENNIS BY KIETH DANON Photos by Christy Radecic


ith Summer and our rackets in full swing, tennis is “happening” at SDYC. I got a chance to watch the “Women’s Clinic” taught by our pro, Rudy Rodriguez. It is every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-10:00am. On Tuesday I saw Marcy, Kay, Carla, Kristen and Leslie go through a session with Rudy. His drills are effective and his advice sound. The drop in cost of the clinic is only $20, so stop on by. Keep the kids active and involved each Tuesday at 4:30-5:30pm for the “Kid’s Clinic.” A couple of the parents told me it has been a great experience for their kids improving their physical and social skills. The clinic is just long enough for the parents to catch up and

say hello over a cold one at the bar or patio. It’s a great after school activity for the fall! The “Annual La Playa Tennis Fleet Raft Up and Happy Hour” was a big success! We have over 60 Tennis Fleet members stop by throughout the weekend. There was plenty of food, drinks, and stories told over the 3 day party. A HUGE “ Thank You” to Mike and Lynn Lee and their anchor boat, Livin’ Life, for being exceptional hosts for our raft up. Doghouse (Pete and Marcy Van Stee), Island Time (Bruce and Gail Ives), Alexa (Dan and Becca Rumsey), and EZ Rider (S/C Chuck and Tracy Nichols) were all tied up for the weekend making it a treat for all of us on the water. Everyone was welcome and able to stop by to enjoy in the festivities including Staff Commodores, Directors and friends of our members to toast to our summer of fun on and

18 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

off the courts. The “Ladder Challenge” on Saturday had the men and women vying for new spots on the ladder. Remember, you have until October to challenge someone above you to qualify to be one of the top four finalists in the Championships. Three years of “Thumbs Up” go out from all of us to Matt Brown and Christy Radecic. As co-captains of the fleet, they have increased the interest, membership, and the activities we all enjoy as being members. You guys did an excellent job! The baton is being passed to Tracy Nichols. Tracy knows the workings of the Fleet and we look forward to having her take the helm. Please tell Tracy if you can help volunteer with some of our activities this year. Thank you for your support of the Tennis Fleet and we’ll see you on the courts!




ith all the terrific fleets available to SDYC members, it raises the question of how to make an informed decision as to which one to join? What characteristics define a healthy fleet? How does the Model Yacht Fleet (MYF) at SDYC measure up? Here are some parameters for consideration. 1) Parity vs. Parody: Is there a level playing field with regard to equipment? Is the fleet strictly one-design, or is there some kind of less-than-perfect, static handicap rule (or, worse yet, a “moving target” rating system with oodles of room for subjective interpretation)? The latter scenario leads to rapid yacht obsolescence and plenty of disenchanted skippers in all but the elite group at the top of the fleet with seemingly unlimited resources. Isn’t this a parody of healthy competition? In contrast, a one-design fleet with a number of evenly-matched competitors breeds parity. MYF… check. 2) Raising the Bar: Has there been consistent improvement in the collective fleet performance over time? Is there a steady influx of “talent” pushing everyone to get better? Well, if multiple world-champion, one-design skippers qualify as “talent,” you better believe it! We recently welcomed

multiple world-champion from the Etchells class, Bill Hardesty, as our newest fleet member. He joins world champ in the Star class, George Szabo, as another yacht racing superstar that can add the CR-914 to their prestigious sailing résumés. MYF…check. 3) National/International Presence: Are there active fleets across the country with opportunities for travel to regattas? Several of our SDYC fleet members will be attending the 2014 CR-914 Nationals in Tulsa this November. MYF…check! 4) New Blood/Youth Movement: Is there an influx of younger participants, ensuring future viability of the fleet? Recent membership additions, Junior skippers Jack Egan and Cole Harris have put our established fleet veterans on notice that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months. MYF…check. 5) Fleet Camaraderie: Are seasoned skippers willing to help new members learn key tuning and radio-control tips? Of course, with purposeful intent. Do opportunities exist for socializing outside of the dockside racing venue? Our fleet parties, such as the annual Corte Madera steak BBQ and Holiday party are beyond compare. MYF… Check. 6) Fleet Leadership: Is there consistently reliable handling of logistics and subsequent effective communication with the fleet membership? Yes, Fleet Captain, Chuck Mellor, has seamlessly “taken the reins” and continues to confidently

lead with the traditional high standards of his predecessors. MYF…check. In summary, it seems the SDYC Model Yacht Fleet measures up pretty well to the parameters that define a healthy, dynamic fleet. Of course, none of this is news to those of us who have been at this for a while. Why not join us? What are you waiting for?

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SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 19


The Cruising Fleet continues to enjoy the best of both worlds, cruising to neat places with a lot of fun thrown in for great memories and special events planned for ever member. If you are reading this and you are not a member of the Crusing Fleet and want to enjoy the special programs we have at our dinner or the other events, you should join our Fleet for only $50/year!


The Cruising Fleet now moves into

our final and most exciting events of the year as we approach September through December. We finished July with The Cruising Fleet headed south to the most southerly port north of the US-Mexico Border on Friday afternoon, July 18th and found a very welcoming setting at Chula Vista Yacht Club. With seventeen intrepid skippers winding their way through the channel, staying between the red and green markers, no one went aground, at least from our fleet. At about 2 bells (1700) the fleet found the friendliest bar on the bay was open for business, and the drinks flowed with much relish. Everyone (all 53 of us) seemed happy with the beautiful setting from the balcony looking west across the South Bay, across the Silver Strand at a beautiful evening sun. The flag officers of the CVYC were present to welcome our cruising fleet and much frivolity flowed between the members of both clubs. At about 1830 the fajita spread appeared in the downstairs dining room, and it was an outstanding meal, meeting Chef JJ’s much heralded reputation for culinary expertise. SDYC Cruising Fleet Captain Kemp Ruffner expressed the appreciation of the Cruising Fleet to CVYC for their wonderful hospitality. The repast finished with lots of good will being shared by all.

Saturday morning dawned with a pot of hot coffee, lots of mimosas and some of the best breakfast fixings that a galley could conjure. Everyone shared their favorite breakfast dish and no one went hungry. At about 0930, the assembled fleet members headed back to their boats to get ready for an

easy day of relaxation and for those that wished, some exploring. At 1200, Bob Morris provided transportation for some of the Fleet members who wanted to explore the Living Coast Discovery Center, where they found sharks, rays, eagles, falcons, snakes and lots of other native fauna. The transportation provided round trips to and from the CVYC to the parking lot of the Center. It was 1700 when 44 fleet members showed up at the tall ship “Bill of Rights.” This stately 136 foot long

20 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

double master is owned by the South Bay Sailing Association. The ship has been on waterfront of the Chula Vista Marina since November. The not for profit foundation is committed to restoring the elements that need attention while at the same time providing a unique opportunity for tall ship sailing on San Diego Bay. We all came together and imbibed on some California wine, and shared in some of the best hors d’oeurves that one could experience. While standing on the deck and looking west, one can imagine the grand age of sail. In September we kick off our Catalina trip for 7 days in what we all like to think as the South Pacific and this year our Cruise is called the “Fun Zone”! We will begin our Cruise on Saturday 6 by rafting up in Del Mar Basin which is the half way point with a joint potluck and fun gathering. Then on Sunday we all head for Avalon and secure our moorings. That evening we will all gather at the Avalon Grill for cocktails and OD’s. Dinner will be on your own that evening. The next day we will have a blast by competing with teams of four in a game of miniature golf! That evening we will all meet for our team awards dinner at the Casino Dock Café. Tuesday we pull our moorings and head up the island to Cherry Cove where we have lunch planned for all on the patio of the Harbor Reef. Wednesday we relax all day and enjoy the beauty of the quietness of Cherry on our boats until that afternoon at 4:oo Pm when we all head to the beach for a Hawaiian Luau BBQ and hosted wine party! This always a

FLEETS, ETC. lot of fun! The next day we all do our thing on our boats, relaxing, snorkeling, exploring, hiking and telling each other lies of our biggest adventures on the open sea! That evening we will meet for some enjoyment on one of our boats and then dinner on your own. Friday we all head back down the island to Buffalo Beach for a fun afternoon of a Treasure Hunt and prizes which is then followed by a potluch and BBQ with you cooking your own meat and we will furnish the wine. Saturday we all head back to SDYC after a great week. Cruise Fleet Captains: Burroughs’s, Bloom’s and Ruffner’s. And then in October, another great Cruise. The Cruising Fleet is heading South of the Border.Join us for a long weekend packed with culinary adventures and free time for relaxing, shopping and exploring. Highlights include: * Thursday Happy Hour buffet at Hotel Coral Marina bar. * Friday tour of La Cava de Marcelo, Latin America’s oldest cheese cave specializing in Italian and Mexican cheeses. Tour includes cheese tastings and dinner. * Saturday excursion to the Guadalupe Wine Valley with tastings at Vinas de Garza, Lucheza Vineyards and Adobe Guadalupe. We will lunch at Lucheza. * Sunday day of relaxation. Take advantage of the wonderful amenities of Hotel Coral, including their famous Sunday brunch, pools, spa, etc. Downtown Ensenada is a short cab ride away for shopping and exploration. *Sunday sunset dinner at Punta Morro with spectacular views of the rugged Mexican coast. We are providing two travel options for this cruise: For those going by sea, we will be staying at the Hotel Coral

marina. We will be setting up buddy boats for those who want to cruise as a group. In addition, Hotel Coral is providing assistance with the Port Authority documentation. Land options are being provided as well. A shuttle bus will provide transportation between SDYC parking lot and Hotel Punta Morro. If you are

planning on staying at Hotel Punta Morro, it is imperative that you make reservations as soon as possible since rooms are limited. More information is available on the Cruising Fleet website. Registration is now available on the Cruising Fleet website. More in-depth details are available under the “Cruise News” portion of the registration. Now after reading about these adventures you have to ask,” Why don’t I belong to the Cruising Fleet?” And so simple, just go to our website and sign up for only $50/couple/yr. Otherwise you can contact Kelly Dahill at kellydahill@ who is our New Member Chairperson. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 21



Saturday morning, August 9th dawned

with warm temps and a bit of humidity in the air. Members of the SDYC Cycling group donned our SDYC cycling jerseys, jumped on our bikes, and headed down to police headquarters at 14th and Broadway. We received an invite from Chief of Police, Shelley Zimmerman, to have the SDYC group join up with the SDPD group for a ride around the bay. After some intros and welcoming comments were made, Shelley graciously told all in attendance that we would stop at every stop sign or light, and follow all of the rules of the exceptions! We rolled out of the parking lot at 7:15, with Shelley in the lead. The Saturday morning jaunt included cross training. Little did we know that we’d be crossing a bridge! Not the Coronado bridge, as Mike Lee suggested, but the new Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge! We dismounted, climbed the stairs, rolled across, then dismounted and hefted the bikes down the stairs on the other side. As we continued around the bay on Harbor Drive, then the great new Bayshore bike path, our members got a chance to get to know Shelley a little better and meet members of her team at the San Diego Police Department. After a relatively leisurely pace around the bottom of the bay, several in attendance opened up and sprinted up the strand. We all met up at the Ferry landing for the cruise across to The Broadway Pier. Total distance varied depending on where each person joined the group, but overall it was about 33 miles. Tina Willmore got some more great shots on the ferry ride, and as we disembarked, we said goodbyes to our

new friends. Several were headed back to Police Headquarters, and many of us headed back to SDYC. Thank you again Shelley for the invite! We’re proud to have you as a member of SDYC, and are proud of the community evolvement you’re bringing to police headquarters. We all had a great time, and enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some of the wonderful members of the police force. Perhaps we can do this again? The SDYC cycling group welcomes riders of all abilities, and we encourage you to join us for future rides!

22 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g




s always, life seems to be a blur and the summer is passing by. We finally got DAWN back in the drink and had a lovely sail out to the point and back to the club. I am pleased to report that we did not run aground, hit anything/anyone and the sails went up and down just as it says in the book I recently read. This, after my having pulled the rig apart and reassembling it. It sure feels good to be back in the breeze after a month out of the water. Our Fleet Captain reported that we did not have enough boats signed up for the July 13th One Design races so the event was canceled. As I write, it is too early to report about the Coronado Island Race on Aug. 17th. On July 18th, several people met at SDYC to honor our late friend Bud Caldwell. It was a great day to share stories and think about our fleetmate and old friend. Bud was one of the first people I heard about and called when I bought my first PC, back around 1992. Of course, he was eager to help me, even though I was not an SDYC member. Just meeting him convinced me that this was the fleet I wanted to be part of. I miss seeing his smiling face down at the dock and remember his ability to say “Another way you might do it is to...” when, in my heart, I knew he was saying “You really screwed that up, Rish…but here’s how to save it!”.


Summer is always too short. We have

a good showing of sabot fleet sailors and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you Race Committee for continuing to serve our fleet so graciously. We couldn’t race without you and we appreciate all of your efforts in setting a perfect course and finishing all of the boats. First start is

We miss you, Bud. I am in contact with the folks building the PC Association sanctioned RC model of the PC. They are making great progress and hope to show the model at one of the Friday afternoon SDYC RC races off of the main deck. I have also been told that they would be pleased to make half models available to the fleet. Their price hovers at $450.00 depending on numbers requested. Ouch. You will note that I have attached two photos from the builders. A note from Fleet Captain, Jim Oberg regarding the Nationals: The PC Nationals will be sailed in the Coronado Rhodes September 20 & 21, 2014. There will be 5 races; 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. All PC owners need

to try and make this event. This event, like all the others throughout the year will be fun, exciting, and the conditions will be delightful. This should be plenty of time to get your boats, rig, and sails looked at, and address any items that 11:30am until 1:15pm. See you on the water! A big thank you to John Fretwell and his Junior coach and support team for supporting the SSSS fleet during the height of the Junior summer sailing program. We shared coach boats, dock space and La Playa without anyone missing a “beat” up wind. The SSSS fleet really appreciates all of the efforts that everyone puts in to making fleet sailing fun and exciting at every age. Mark your calendar for the last • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

need to be taken care of. Our fleet depends on the continued and ongoing participation of all the members. Check & mark your calendars today so you can enjoy this exciting weekend! Trophies will be given for the top 3 finishers, along with participation awards for all that compete. Come enjoy this weekend yachting with friends. On Saturday evening there will be a wonderful dinner at the club. This event is truly a great time to laugh & scratch, and visit with good people. Yesterday, we had a lovely day on the water, along with what seemed to be thousands of Sabots. We stayed out of their way as they raced toward the Coronado YC. So, enjoy what is left of our summer and hope for some rain in the coming months. We sure need it. in the series, SCWSA regatta which SDYC has been hosting for the past several years. This year we have a new date for the SSSS/SCWSA regatta - Saturday, November 15th Details are forthcoming and the NOR is being prepared for this event. The SSSS also races once a month on a Saturday. So, if you can’t make the Tuesday, come join us on Saturday! Check out the SSSS fleet calendar online at senior_sabots for our sailing dates. SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 2 3




hat does the future hold for the Buffalo Beach Outstation (BBO)? From the end of the dock, it looks like there are some exciting things taking place behind the scenes. Let’s go Back to the Future and ask long-time SDYC member, Joe Holasek what’s going on. CC: What type of improvements are planned for the near and long term future at the Buffalo Beach Outstation? JH: Overall, we are taking a phased approach. But to back up a bit, SDYC has a Lease with the Catalina Island Conservancy, the Trustee of the land. We have had this Lease for the past 14 years, and have options to continue it well into the future. As part of this Lease, new improvements are planned such as a permanent Beachmaster accommodation, a new shower and head, and a few small wood cabins (about the size of the tents) with operable louvers for windows, with similar beds or built-in bunks. These improvements are required to go through a permitting and environmental review process through the entitlement agencies, which are the County of Los Angeles and the California Coastal Commission. CC: How is the planning and permitting process going to implement these plans? Schedule? JH: We are processing a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) and a Sensitive Environmental Analysis Conditional Use Permit (SEACUP). As part of this entitlement process,

an Environmental Assessment was conducted, which included a Biological Constraints Analysis for flora and fauna, which indicated no sensitive species present. A Soils Test for the future septic system is underway too. Once all the issues have been resolved (don’t want to bore you with all the details) and terms of the CUP agreed upon, a hearing date will be scheduled with the discretionary authorities. We expect all of our Applications to be approved. After all the permits have been secured, we can start implementing the first phase. And YES, we need a few volunteers to help us! All the money raised at the Buffalo Beach Bash will go towards off-setting costs for the new improvements. Yay! CC: What is the difference between the Catalina Island Conservancy and The Catalina Island Company? What role do they have in the permitting process? JH: The Catalina Island Conservancy was founded in 1972 through the Santa Catalina Island Company and the efforts of the Wrigley and Offield families, as a non-profit organization. It is one of the oldest private land trusts in Southern California and protects 88 percent of Catalina Island. The Santa Catalina Island Company has its roots as far back as 1894, when William and Joseph Banning started this company and placed title to the land. Their vision was to develop the island for resort, with Avalon being one of their initial developments. Years later, in 1919, William Wrigley, Jr., acquired a majority interest in the Company and during the next 56 years, many conservation practices were started such as non-native animal control,

24 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

source water protection and restoring over-grazed areas. CC: What is your background and how did you get involved? JH: I have been a practicing Architect in San Diego for over 25 years, and have worked on literally dozens of complex Entitlement projects. I’m involved with the BBO because it’s a very special place to my family (Debbie, Halea, and Alana) and friends. Our annual vacations to Catalina have been filled with hiking, boating, swimming, barbequing...building lasting family memories. Even though it is so close to San Diego, it almost feels like it’s in another country. CC: How can others get involved? JH: Every SDYC member can help and support the cause in many ways: by a donation to the Buffalo Beach Club, joining the Work Party at its annual “fix-up” week at Buffalo Beach, being a Buffalo Beach Bash “buddy” (griller, party planner, fund raiser, etc.), or reserving and planning your next vacation to Buffalo Beach. It’s all good and your continued support is much appreciated since this invaluable Club asset is only as nice as we make it! As a Buffalo Beach volunteer, Joe’s passion for Buffalo Beach has no limits. He has spent hours and hours of volunteering personal and professional time, including numerous trips to Los Angeles, on behalf of SDYC to assure the permitting process goes smoothly. Field measuring, Plot plan preparation, meetings with staff, biology report coordination, untangling the bureaucratic maze, you name it...Joe has “been there and done that”. His commitment and dedication to getting the job done is commendable!


Southern California Sept. 13-14 at SDYC

WHO: ALL Beneteau Owners of ANY Skill Level

Coaching and crew positions also available. You don’t have to own a Beneteau to join in the fun! Instructors provided, and Racing and Sail Trimming Seminars are also included. We will help you learn to race and have FUN doing it. We will have both novice and experienced racing classes. Join us afterwards for dinner, live music and raft-up at the San Diego Yacht Club.

WHERE: San Diego Yacht Club CONTACT: Yvonne Stern at 619-224-7784 or

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 25



BY JOHN FRETWELL Photos by Carlota Campbell


egardless of what else happens over summer, August for Team SDYC juniors is defined by the Junior Sabot Nationals. This rite of passage regatta is the big chance for Sabot racers to demonstrate the new skills they’ve achieved over the year. Adding drama is the fact that the normal A through C3 fleet designations are out the window for Nationals, with everyone having the opportunity to qualify for the Gold fleet and vie for the championship. For some, it will be their first experience with a major 100 boat regatta. For others, the clock is ticking as they take a last shot at the title before aging out. Always, the energy is electric. This year the Junior Nationals were hosted by Newport Harbor Yacht Club, so we had a pretty good idea what to expect: a well appointed event at a challenging sailing venue. Team SDYC consisted of 24 competitors, ready to do battle! There’s always Nationals drama, and this year was no exception. Day One is Qualification Day. Veterans who made the Gold Fleet in the previous year are exempt, but all others sail. With only 120 spots available for the next three days, this year only the top 79 spots were free after the pre-qualifiers were considered. Day Two is Flight Selection, with all but the defending champ hitting the race course. A round-robin is sailed and at the end of the day, the top 30 sailors will comprise the Gold Fleet and go for the championship, while the next groups of 30 will race as Silver, Bronze, and Iron, respectively. There are several infamous stories of favorites whose chances were dashed by a flight selection misstep, so tensions remained high. This year, Team SDYC qualified 6 sailors for the Iron Fleet, 3 for Bronze, 7 for Silver, and 7 more in Gold. And that’s where things got interesting… On the morning of Day Three, two problems were pointed out in the scoring thus far, and the regatta came to a grinding halt. When the dust had settled, Team SDYC had had one sailor promoted to Silver, and another moved into Silver from Gold. Ouch. More subtle was the challenge to mindset faced by all competitors. If we’d known we had the time, we all should have gone bodysurfing across the street! The afternoon continued on an unusual path. Bronze and Iron came in after two races in nice conditions with building pressure for the first Gold/Silver racing. The breeze continued to climb with puffs to perhaps 14 kts. RC decided to excuse Bronze and Iron, keeping Gold and Silver out for two more. By the time they hit the dock, Team SDYC had carved out a real challenge for the championship: two thirds of the racing had just occurred and MBYC’s Max Brill had

won all four races so far. We had a lot of points to make up. Finally, Day Four went according to plan and quite a bit of improvement was seen. Bronze and Iron fleets sailed four in a row for a marathon finish. Cameron Cage and Newport transplant Shaye Wattson had great days to finish 2nd and 5th in Iron overall, and Gabriel Campbell showed follow through with a final race bullet in the same division. Silver and Gold hit the water for two final races to finalize the championship. In Silver, John Majernik kept his nose to the grindstone, using consistency to earn the trophy for 5th place. In Gold, it was bittersweet as Cole Harris ran away with the day, posting a 2-1, but also ran out of regatta, despite jumping six positions in two races to claim 5th overall. Congrats to all the Team SDYC sailors and families who took on the challenge of Junior Sabot Nationals! I hope you’ll all enjoy a relaxing final couple weeks of summer before we hit September and begin ramping up for Alamitos Bay in 2015!

26 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

JUNIORS Customize a chair with your boat name and support junior sailing! The JAC

is selling personalized canvas chair

backs with all proceeds benefiting the junior sailing program

This last

is a durable



waterproof design that will

years and mounts attractively to the new deck chairs


$200 covers year 1 and the installation per year will be billed to your account for years

2 -5

Please order online programs/chairbacks


sdycsf-mainsheethalf-0914.indd 1

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 27

8/8/14 3:44 PM







Labor Day tennis tournament


J/22 BEER CANS Night Tennis




Prime Rib





J/22 BEER CANS Night Tennis








Prime Rib



Deck Dining



25 J/22 BEER CANS Night Tennis

Prime Rib





SSSS Saturday Race


Steak Night



Steak Night

Deck Dining





Deck Dining

26 Bridgedeckers



Beer Can BBQ



Steak Night




Deck Dining

Steak Night



Prime Rib








Night Tennis

Pasta Night








Prime Rib




Pasta Night

15 Night Tennis

Prime Rib

Pasta Night



17 Bridgedeckers

23 Night Tennis


Prime Rib


Deck Dining







Deck Dining


Night Tennis

Prime Rib

Pasta Night


28 • S EP T EM B ER 2 014 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g






Steak Night


Deck Dining

Pasta Night



SSSS Saturday Race











Steak Night





Deck Dining


Steak Night



Steak Night


Deck Dining

CLASSIFIEDS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. All new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.

Etchells USA 1217. Ultra stiff hull. Original owner kept pretty much perfect. Always under full cover. Brolga turnbuckles, replaced standing rigging. Custom center spinnaker bag. Tapered spin pole. Rare custom made single axel Aussie trailer, 2 sail boxes, 1 storage box. Open sail card. Contact Marshall Harrington 619.291.2775 Standup Paddle Board Jimmy Styks Beaver 11’X31”X4.75 3 years old $325 Sutter 619 9728591

UPCOMING EVENTS September 6: SSSS Saturday Race September 6-7: One Design Weekend September 8-12: Snipe Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship September 13-14: Beneteau Cup September 20-21: PC Nationals September 20-21: Autumn Match Race Invite September 21: Race for Rady September 26-28: J Fest

October 6-10: Kiteboard North Americans October 11-12: One Design Weekend October 11-13: Snipe Pan Am Qualifier October 18: PCISA Girls Invitational October 19: PC Powderpuff October 19: Star Oktoberfest October 24-26: International Masters Regatta October 25: SSSS Saturday Race October 31- Nov. 2: Lipton Cup

One of our favorite nights is back on Wednesdays again:

Endless Pasta Night! Starting Wednesday, September 17

5:30 pm – 9:00 pm Create your very own pasta culinary masterpieces and watch as Chef Mario sautés it right before your eyes! Accompany your special creation with our selection of specialty salads, additional delectable sides and entrees, and of course, toasty garlic bread! Adults $18++ Children 7-12 $6

Make your reservations today! 619.221.8400 • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

SEPTEMBER 2014 M ain s h e e t • 29

1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106

Mainsheet September 2014  
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