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Mens Mayhem 2013

Dick Denzler 5th Place Photo by Jerry Gibbs

George Szabo vies for basketball

Photo by Jerry Gibbs

Danny North wins converted Auld Mug for first

Photo by Julie McPherson

Photo by Jerry Gibbs

Rita, Dee, Audrey, Julie, Arlene & Martha

Randy Lake Captures Third

Mens Mayhem is an annual tradition started in the 70's and put on by the Sabot fleet. It involves a themed fun race in front of the club followed by three or more serious races in La Playa Cove. This years theme was "Basketball: Get Your Game On". The Ash Brown trophy was won by the Ribbon team with most points scored in the dockside basketball hoop. We had many great competitors this year. Chuck Sinks and Danny North tied for first and the tiebreaker went to Danny. Their respective scores were 2,2,3, and 4,1,2. Third was Randy Lake with 8 points. Fourth was David Ryan with 11 points, and fifth was Dick Denzler with 18 points. A lot of the awards were six packs of beer donated as "entry fees." Thank you to all for participating and we hope you return next year. Of course Mayhem couldn't have happened without our team of Sexy Sabot Sailing Set in registration, food organization, race committee and photography. Thanks especially to Dee Van Horne and Darin Hayden who handled race committee under demanding conditions and 45 degree wind shifts. Also thanks to SDYC members, Andy La Dow, Chuck Sinks, John Harrop and George Szabo for graciously loaning us their personal boats for use as rescue and markset when a perfect storm of junior events the same day occupied all the usual club boats. Our photo boat, manned by Rod McClennan was driven and donated for use by Staff Commodore, Dr. Woodrow (Woody) Hunt. Danny North was quoted as saying, “I was so stoked to race with such legends as Chuck Sinks, Randy Lake, Staff Commodore Kyle Clark, Matt Brown, the Ryan’s, George Szabo, and Craig Moss (the new sheriff in town). I wish we could get these guys on the SSSS start line more than once a year!” Julie McPherson

Cheerleading Squad of from left to right: Lois Harrington, Jerelyn Biehl, Betty Becker, Stacey Szabo, and Julie McPherson lined up for photos

Photo by S/C Woody Hunt

Photo by S/C Woody Hunt

Photo by S/C Woody Hunt

The race is on!



elcome to the 2014 yachting season! Congratulations to co-Chairs Paul Hartley and Jill Roberts for organizing a beautiful Opening Day with all the formality and celebration that San Diego Yacht Club is known for. I had been contemplating on how to call for action of all members to help out with our membership drive “everybody knows somebody….Have you sponsored a candidate for membership lately?” My thought process then had me reflecting on what makes SDYC such a great Club. As diverse as we are, we are still true to our mission to encourage and foster interest in all aspects of yachting. Our own website history page begins with “In 1886 a group of local boating enthusiasts joined together to found what has become a cornerstone yacht club in the annals of American yachting.” And that is what it really comes down to; we are comprised of approximately 2,000 yachting enthusiasts. And sure, we might enjoy tennis, bridge and the latest group to form “Team SDYC Cycling,” but our club is jam packed with yachting enthusiasts. We have committees, fleets, groups and clubs that plan events all year long. That includes 37 committees, 10 appointed officers and over 100 employees all working in concert to support our vision “to be the world’s best yacht club.” Financially it is plain and simple. We derive revenue almost exclusively from members paying dues, F&B Minimums, slip fees, etc. We currently have openings for 119 Flag members. The initiation fees alone from filling this quota would go a long way to supporting our capital improvement program. The revenues would lessen the burden on future dues increases. Please invite your friends and colleagues who are active in yachting to consider joining the Club. That includes your buddies that are already down here on a regular basis. each May starts out with SDYC’s signature regatta the Yachting Cup. SDYC hosts southern California racers to some great racing off our coast (after they make their way back up from the Newport to ensenada race the weekend before). What a site it is to see the front dock jammed with racing boats rafted three deep. Later in May we have the PC Fleet Championships and the etchell’s Orca Bowl. On April 13th, SDYC hosted the Catalina Conservancy Ball. Thank you to the many members who traveled to Avalon for this spectacular weekend. Much gratitude goes to Mike and Mari Fink for serving as Chairs for the Ball and to S/C Woody and Coley Hunt for arranging the Friday Happy Hour. Planning for the 4th of July weekend is in full swing. This year we will bring back the Chili Cook-Off. It has been several years since the demise of the Cook-Off, and rumor has it that it died a very political death (bribes, cheating and conspiracies?). Pull out your favorite recipe if you dare to put a team together! We will also have a bike around the bay ride, so dust off your bike while you are at it. More information will follow on the 4th of July weekend next month.

See you around the Club,

Chuck Hope, Commodore

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San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 78 • Issue 5


Board of directors commodore charles B. Hope, Jr. vice commodore chuck c. Sinks rear commodore John l. laun Jr. Staff commodore kyle c. clark

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in tHe SPotliGHt

Directors douglas c. Werner John A. reiter Michael J. dorgan Jerelyn W. Biehl Brian d. thomas


uSA45 racing

WHAt’S cookinG 3 10 12 19

General Manager terry Anglin

Wine 101 commodore’s dinner/4th of July Yachting cup 5th Annual Buffalo Beach Bash

cluB neWS

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Photo by © Bob Betancourt

Photo by © Guilain GRENIER / ORACLE TEAM USA

copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.

In GeneRaL THE BUFORD AND CLETUS SHOW (Formerly Darren and Terry) Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6:30PM The hometown boys are back again with their great food, wine and irreverent style. This month the feature will be on the food as Southern style food reigns. Now we all know that Southern food is not normally healthy. Well nothing is going to change for this event. Bufford (Darren) will unveil his version of country delights while Cleetus (Terry) will be challenged to find a wine to pair with them. We guarantee this will be a show to remember. Reservations, please. $35.00++ per person

GreetinGS FroM tHe cluB GenerAl MAnAGer - terrY AnGlin, ccM cce

As I write this, the team is in the midst

of prepping for Opening Day and, I can’t believe it, July 4th. Looking at this month, there are regattas every weekend. From the Yachting Cup on the first weekend to the Yesteryear Regatta, followed by the Orca Bowl, PC Fleet Championship and One Design (all the same weekend) and finally finishing with the SSSS Race. Jeff Johnson and the Race Committee will certainly be busy. On the social front, of course Darren will be cooking on the Front Deck every


Friday. In addition there is the monthly Darren and Terry Show, this month the names have been changed to Buford and Cletus; and a new event called Wine 101 that is listed below. Please don’t forget about our recurring events with Prime Rib Night on Tuesday and Pasta Night on Wednesday. These past few weeks, new breakfast, lunch and dinner menus have been unveiled. The poor House Committee had to be used as guinea pigs to taste test the foods at their meetings as Darren tried his best to surprise and delight. He succeeded and the new

offerings are a delight. Be sure and check elsewhere in the Mainsheet for the Adult Learn to Sail. This is a great program that gets you on the water in a fun environment and sets you up to join the J22 Fleet membership program. I take it every year just to meet members. Since this is May and graduations are usually in June, don’t forget your club when it comes to celebration parties. We can handle small or large groups and Amy and Alyssa are waiting for your call. Hope to see you soon at the club.

neW Program! Wine 101 Thursday, May 16 at 6:00pm Join Terry Anglin, International Wine Society Board Member, as he leads an informative and educational program in the 6 major varietals of the world. This program is vastly different from Darren and Terry Show as it is geared to be a classroom style wine tasting. The differences between the 3 types of wine, growing process, harvesting, and making of wine are discussed followed by a tasting of the three major whites, (Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay) and then a tasting of the three major reds, (Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Chardonnay). Flavor profiles of the 6 varietals will be discussed. There is also discussion on the making of sparkling wines, how to store wine, how to buy wine and what gadgets to not buy.

Awarded associate student leadership scholarship and the san Diego County hotel/motel association scholarship. These awards are great achievements and highly sought after within the industry. Congratulations Cory!

Please note that only palate cleansing cheese and crackers will be served with the wines. The attendees will leave the class with a basic understanding of how wine is made and exposure to the 6 major grape varietals. Hey out there, junior Flags and wine neophytes, this is a great way to meet with world of wine. Terry recently taught this class at the World Conference on Club Management. $23.00++ per person. Reservations, please.

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MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 3


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE Gerald Hudec “I am interested in expanding my boating experience. Also, I have discovered that one meets great and interesting people while boating.”

Michael Stevenson “I would like to continue the nearly lifelong enjoyment I have felt sailing here as crew and guest of my uncle and friends. As a member, I would hope to become very involved in the activities: Crewing on other member’s boats, helping Junior members discover their own versions of the deep satisfaction I have found sailing here, and volunteering on any committees where my abilities and experience can be useful.”

Scott Rights “The San Diego Yacht Club fosters a great family environment for the sailing community here in Point Loma, and we are eager to contribute to that spirit. I look forward not only to the social interaction with fellow boaters, but also to exposing my children to the guidance of the fantastic junior program at SDYC. As a family, we enjoy sharing our passion for all things boats with fellow members.”

Phyllis Rose “Boating has always been my passion. I want to get more involved in the boating community. I have been involved in the past with boating fundraising events and look forward to contributing to the boating community.”


James Slattery “I have a passion for boating and I have wanted to be associated with a group of people who share this interest in San Diego. Additionally, I am impressed that the Club’s active community outreach efforts such as the Military Appreciation Nights, Holiday Helping Hand, and Sailfest. I feel very strongly about boating and giving back to the community.”



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PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.


Pamela Farrell Client Service/Marketing, GlobeFlex Capital, L.P. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Lisa Betyar 2nd Sponsor: Brett Willmot

Robert Luddy Vice President, ServiceNow, Inc. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Chris McComic 2nd Sponsor: Andy Shoemaker

Photo by © Christy Radecic


Timothy Wright Senior Managing Director, HFF Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Xavier Sheid 2nd Sponsor: Perry Dealy

JUNIOR FLAG Michael Teasley Student, Mesa College/ SDSU in the Fall Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Charles Mellor 2nd Sponsor: Jim Hervey

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Staff Commodore Gordon “G.T.” Frost, Jr. Vice Commodre Chuck Sinks Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino Staff Commodore Bill Campbell Karen Busch Steve Harris Mary Snow Dennis Kenneally Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón

858.455.9060 619.818.6872


619.887.1729 619.224.9506 858.449.5264 619.392.4477 619.885.1380

LAST CALL Staff Commodore Art DeFever – Life 68 Jack Sutphen – Life 532 Mrs. Clinton McKinnon – Life Widow 156 Dorothy des Granges – Life Widow 217 Thurman E. Smithey – Life 226


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in the spotlight

USA45 Racing By Joanne O’Dea

This upcoming America’s Cup has a twist

that has never been seen before in the Cup’s history. America’s Cup and Red Bull have designed a component supporting youth teams to compete for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup (RBYAC). The Youth America’s Cup will take place between September 1- 4, 2013 on San Francisco bay in the exciting AC 45 catamaran. The format of racing will be fleet racing taking place close to shore next to the Embarcadero. The team that was selected through an extensive application process and selection series, USA45 Racing, will represent the United States. SDYC is proud that three sailors who grew up in our Junior Program are a part of the team, Jake La Dow, Jake Reynolds, and Nevin Snow. It surely will be exciting to watch these SDYC youth sailors compete in the world’s most demanding boats! In March, SDYC hosted a fundraiser for the team, and the club members came out in droves to meet the members of the team who were present, and hear a presentation by fellow SDYC member, Jimmy Spithill (Skipper and Helmsman of ORACLE TEAM USA). Meet the team! Jake La Dow, Wing Trimmer, Team

Manager, began sailing in the SDYC junior sailing program at 7 years old. Learning to race in the Naples Sabot, Jake had success at a very early point in his career. Winning two consecutive Sabot National Championships was just the beginning of Jake’s success. Jake jumped into double handed dingy sailing in the 420 and the CFJ where he had success on the Southern California circuit and at the National level. Jake proved himself on the High School sailing circuit claiming one Gold and two Silver medals at the nationals. Now involved in college sailing, Jake has done well on the team race and match race courses, winning both conference championships. Outside of dinghy sailing, much of Jake’s success was made on the match race circuit. Jake, along with team members Jake Reynolds and Nevin Snow have racked up quite the match race resume with a high open world ranking of 27. To name a few stand out performances, they claimed the Italiana Cup, GoPro Chicago Match Cup, and the Governor’s Cup, which is accepted as the premier youth match race regatta in the world. Jake looks forward to training in high performance catamarans, and racing the AC45’s during the summer as the team prepares to win the RBYAC. Currently, Jake is attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland. When asked, Jake describes sailing on the AC45 as “Fun, fast, and physical. I have

6 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

never had a more enjoyable and exciting workout before.” Jake Reynolds, Bowman, grew up sailing Naples sabots at age 6 at SDYC. As Jake got older he started to move into the double-handed scene. His freshmen year at Point Loma High School, he started to skipper at and learned smart tactics and boat handling skills. By his senior year he had won two team race nationals and won one fleet race nationals. Jake is currently attending the College of Charleston in South Carolina where he is a skipper on the team. Jake’s big boat experience will help him as he learns to sail the very challenging AC45 this summer in San Francisco bay. When asked, Jake described sailing the AC45 like “we are living on the edge between reward and disaster.” Nevin Snow, Tactician, grew up sailing sabots at SDYC. After the sabot ranks, he took up the Laser where he sailed very well nationally and internationally, winning 3 National titles and 3rd at the U17 Worlds. Attending Cathedral Catholic High School, Nevin helped his team to two silver medals and championship at the fleet race nationals, while at the same getting his match race career started with Jake and Jake. Nevin and his team’s hard work paid off at the 2011 Governor’s Cup when they controlled the lead the entire way through the event and taking the finals 2-0. Nevin is attending Georgetown University, and has qualified for both the Match Race and Singlehanded Nationals, winning his division at inter-sectionals and conference championships. Nevin said, ”Closest to flying I’ve ever felt sailing.” “Most physically demanding boat you could imagine”

in the spotlight The weekend following the fundraiser at SDYC, USA45 Racing traveled to San Francisco to officially begin on-water training for the RBYAC. It was the first session sailing together after having been selected to represent USA. Weather forecasts predicted winds in the 12-22 knot range and did not disappoint. The morning training sessions were key to the success of the weekend, allowing the team to iron out any boat-handling and communication issues before the wind picked up. The goals for the morning included ensuring that each sailor understood their roles through each maneuver, moving consistently and efficiently as a team. It was made clear in the team meetings that they were not concerned with the speed of the gybes or smoothness of the tacks, but rather to set up a good base for these maneuvers. The approach of taking it step-by-step proved to be extremely effective as the team notably improved each day. Each afternoon provided a whole new challenge to USA45 Racing, with winds breezy and puffy. The coach for the weekend, ORACLE TEAM USA’s Darren Bundock, set up a course similar to the one that will be used during the RBYAC. The team went through everything from timing starts to calling lay-lines and began to get a feel for when maneuvers needed to be executed around the racecourse. Often times the team found themselves underestimating just how fast they would approach the starting line, or a mark, but by Sunday had noticed significant progress in the feel for the AC45. The goal going into Sunday was to build confidence on the AC45, sailing around the racecourse with consistency. The team wanted to have competitive starts, consistent tacks and gybes, and clean furls, takedowns, and launches of the Code Zero gennaker. Once the breeze picked up, they executed their best race in consistent 1315 knots on the shortest course of the weekend, putting more importance on the efficiency of each maneuver. The weekend ended with the team motivated after their first training session. Next on the team’s schedule is another training session in San Francisco later this Spring. For more information, follow the team on their website,

“When we learned Jake was pursuing this it seemed like such a long shot. He is already very busy with school, collegiate sailing and living the life as a college kid. He and his team mates must really have impressed the Oracle guys during the tryouts. He was beyond euphoric when he got the word they were named as the USA team! Once the initial excitement wore off, the real work began as he quickly learned the team was tasked with independently raising 100% of the funds for the campaign. Now they have a real tiger by the tail as they juggle yet more responsibilities. Jake and the rest of the team are working on so many fronts to get prepared for this event. They have raised enough money so far to “just show up” but that is not what any of them want to do. The physical requirements alone to competitively race an AC45 are significant. Physical fitness training and finding a way to get out on the water as often as possible on an AC45 remain their biggest challenge not to mention the ever present need for money. They are all learning so much, appreciate all of the support they have received thus far and we could not be more proud of how mature Jake has handled all of it. It is going to be one heck of a summer and one he will never forget!” - Robin and Andy La Dow, Jake's parents

“I was so pleased to have the fundraiser SOLD Out. It takes a lot of work to put an event together and it was great to see the interest in the turn out for our members to learn more about the USA45Racing, Spithill update and support for our own SDYC Juniors. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all who donated items, came to the event and contributed to help support USA45Racing Team. I am filled with pride to see how Jake makes maturing look easy by the ease in which he speaks with large groups and individuals, but most importantly, that he makes them feel that their time and donations were so greatly appreciated! Their goal to win the Youth Cup has taught them new business and communication skills and how to handle stresses of fundraising to help reach that goal. So they are also learning first hand how to start and run a business. I have been most impressed with how much confidence and enthusiasm they have shown in pursuit of their dream.” - Leslie and Jim Reynolds, Jake's parents

“It was so fun to hear Nevin's excitement after sailing the AC45's last week. Guess how long it took them to sail from under the Golden Gate Bridge to the Berkeley Circle? Four minutes!! I can't imagine! This is a big shift for Nevin, really for all of these boys. They've never had to undertake so much organization and responsibility; they're used to dinghies! The physical aspect of the sailing is also daunting. Nevin is in pretty good shape and trains regularly with his college sailing team, but he told me that for these boats, he really has had to step up the cardio significantly... and he doesn't even have one of the tough grinding jobs! Lastly, I can tell that he is learning a lot from Charlie Buckingham's leadership style. Charlie is a fantastic role model, with his Olympic Laser campaign, two-time College Sailor of the Year, and now leading this crew. It will be a very exciting summer with a lot of hard work ahead, I'm sure.” - Mary and Chris Snow, Nevin's parents

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MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 7

USA45 Racing Fundraiser Photos by © Jackie Kohls

8 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

EASTER 2013 Photos by © Jackie Kohls

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MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 9


coMModore’S dinner SerieS sPeaKeR InTROdUCTIOn



Our guest speaker will be documentary filmmaker Noah Taffolla. Noah is an Ocean Beach native known as the creator and host of the original series Wonderland, which aired on KPBS. Noah is a huge fan of all things San Diego and provides interesting stories about the people and places that make San Diego so special. Noah is currently appearing on “Dining Out with Noah” as well as a host on UT San Diego. Please join us to meet Noah and hear some of his stories about San Diego’s “Wonderland.”

10 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


SeMPeR FI 2013 Cruise to Del Mar Basin, Camp Pendleton


Friday, May 17 – Sunday, May 19

May 21, 2013

Catered Barbeque, Beach walks, games, museum visit and 2nd annual dingy raft-up movie festival

Join the Cruising Fleet for a multi-media presentation by J T and Gail Thompson. They have made several trips to Lahina Maui to photograph the Humpback Whales. This is a short summary of their trips and of shooting photos of the most active Humpbacks.

Cruising Fleet Members sign-up today!

Please come join us! Please go on line to sign up and indicate if you want beef or fish. If you are unable to sign up on line, please contact catering at 619-221-8400. Program Chairman Kemp Ruffner

coronAdo cAYS cocktAil PArtY & cruiSe BY LANNY CORNeLL, D.V.M. CRUISe CAPTAIN

the annual Coronado Cays Cruise and

cocktail party was held at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club March 15,16 and 17. Friday night there was a Gala cocktail party at the club which featured a great repast of appetizers and a no host bar. There were over 50 people attending including all the crew of the 9 boats anchored in Coronado Cays Bight. A local band and dancing through the night allowed most to stay till near dawn or at least that is what I am told by Lannette and Todd Bloom. I was night, night at about 9:30 PM aboard KeeT, which was one of the anchored

boats, with CoCo on watch. Saturday began with KeeT’s famous coffee rolls and cookies served aboard each boat individually by no other than the St. Patties Day leprechaun. Saturday afternoon began with a wine tasting with advertised wines from all over the globe. each of a half dozen wines were tasted, then the crews quizzed on its country of origin, type of wine and including one blind test of white or red wine… Choose one. I must say I was amazed at the ability of the tasters to totally miss not only the color by taste but also the origin and type of each sample. One must suspect there is some other reason for crews to drink wine than for their ability to determine its veracity or origin. Of course, there is always one in the crowd who ignores the fine qualities and character of the wine and accuses the servers of daring to pass off one wine for all the tasting. WeLL, I must

say I was taken aback by such dastardly talk but, ALAS, it was true. Marv Benson figured out that there was trickery afoot and all the tastings were of the same red and white wine, he thus won the grand prize, a half pint of Tres Mujeres Blue Agave Tequila. Finally Saturday ended with a Contest pitting the finest Cruising Fleet Brains against each other in a Mexican Train competition. The winner, Helen Powell, also received a half pint of the finest Tequila in Mexico. Beth Burroughs was a close second but failed to show up for the awards presentation so we drank her half pint at dinner. Those present Sunday morning were again rewarded with a great coffee cake and cookies to get up enough energy to weigh anchor and get home. All arrived safely back at their SDYC slips.

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MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 11


YACHTING CUP MAY 3 - 5, 2013

SDYC’s premier annual regatta features: - Reduced Entry Fees - Friday Ton Cup Match Racing - One Design, PHRF & ORR Competition - Bigger Parties - VIP Skipper Welcome Party - Crew Welcome Party - Cinco de Mayo Party - Free mooring at SDYC docks to all non-San Diego competitors iMPound liSt As of April 16, 2012

0-30 dAYS: • Yellow kayak recovered from rack B-7M • White dock steps recovered from north hoist pad, by mule shed • Wood and metal booms recovered from rack B-5M 30-89 dAYS: • Grey boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • Blue tarp rolled up and old blue funder recovered from the bottom of the B dock gangway • 3 blue boat covers and 1 beige boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • 2 SUPs, sabot sail and aluminum spars for small dinghy recovered from small dinghy rack B-8M

• • • • • • • •

Blue Schwinn bike recovered from area next to locker building Black step ladder and white 2x4 recovered from dinghy racks by H dock 2 small boogie boards, broom stick, bucket, scrub brush, screw driver (stored in white trash bag) Gray Cobra tandem kayak with paddle and boat pump recovered in between dinghy racks on C dock 2 black paddles recovered from rack C-2M Power cord, rope and life jacket recovered from dock box at D-39 2 yellow kayaks (Ocean Kayak Classic and Scrambler XT) recovered from B-4M White dock steps with 5 fender covers and box of san paper recovered from slip e-23

90+ dAYS: • Kayak equipment: wheels, paddle, seat cushion, yellow sail. Recovered from locker 106 • Bean bag and hose recovered from locker 105 • Gray Sterlite box recovered from One Design area near J-22s • 15’ grey Davidson ladder recovered from One Design area near J-22s • White wakeboard with blue fins recovered from hoist area between B and C docks • Gray Inflatable (folded/rolled up) • 5 Gallon Gas Can recovered from One Design area • Milk crate with miscellaneous (apparently abandoned) parts recovered from One Design Area • Peroni Azzurro sign • Microwave • Silver “Phat” bicycle

Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year.

12 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Club News

SDYC Women’s Luncheons MAY 8th

Iris Engstrand, USD History Professor, and noted Point Loma and San Diego Historian, will provide us with an entertaining history of San Diego Yacht Club, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of our Clubhouse in May.

11:30-1:00PM $16.00 per person

JUNE 5th

Mainly Mozart is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year. In June, their Festival Orchestra will have a series of performances around San Diego, culminating in a Silver Anniversary Gala Celebration. Most concerts will be held in the restored Balboa Theater.

11:30-1:00PM $16.00 per person

48 Hour Cancellation policy Sign up online at or call (619) 221-8400

Did You Know The SDYC Sailing Foundation has a Website?

History_____________________________ Board of Directors _____________________ Grant List ___________________________ Donate Online ________________________

For more information visit: sdycsf-mainsheethalf-0513.indd 1

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PM MAY 2 013 M ain s h e4/8/13 e t 3:07 • 13

Club News

Community Programs

SDYC Launches 4th Season of Monarch School Beginner Sailing Classes By Gwynn Thomas

The 4th season of the SDYC Monarch

School Beginner Sailing Program was launched on Wednesday March 13th. Thanks to the dedicated support of SDYC Sailing Foundation and John Fretwell, Junior Sailing Director, and Junior Department coaches and volunteers, 2013 classes now give 24 excited kids from Monarch School the joy of sailing. Monarch School, located in downtown San Diego, provides accredited education to homeless and at risk kids while caring for their basic needs such as healthcare, food, clothing and personal hygiene. The Monarch School Beginner Sailing Classes incepted in 2010. In that first year SDYC Sailing Foundation granted scholarships for 2 kids from Monarch School to attend Winter Session Beginner Sailing Classes. Chase, one of our Star students that year, went on to successfully complete two SDYC sailing classes in the summer of 2010 including Novice Racing. Spring of 2011 the first beginner sailing classes designed specifically for

Monarch School were realized with a 9 week session for 10 Monarch School kids. 2012 the classes were expanded to two 5 week sessions holding 7 kids each session for a total of 14 kids. This year expanded classes allow 24 Monarch School kids the opportunity to learn how to sail. 1st session holding 12 elementary school kids run every Wednesday starting March 13th for 5 consecutive weeks. 2nd session holding 12 middle school kids begins April 17th running 5 consecutive Wednesdays. The classes are so popular at Monarch School half of the kids are repeat attendees from prior classes. Sailing Foundation scholarships for Summer Beginner or Summer Novice Racing classes are granted to one or two qualified attendees of the Spring Monarch sailing classes. We already have our eye on some possible candidates for scholarships this year. The Monarch School Fun Sail Dates

originated in 2007 and return next September when SDYC and our SDYC Junior volunteers will host 20 Monarch School kids on 3 consecutive Fridays. The kids are taught basics of sailing while experiencing fun sailboat racing in La Playa Cove followed by swimming and poolside snacks. Many thanks again to SDYC Sailing Foundation for their generous support and to John Fretwell, Junior Sailing Director, his coaches and Junior Volunteers for making these classes a reality and enriching the lives of the Monarch School kids.

Community Programs Committee Military Appreciation Night Summer Wednesday’s Beer Can BBQs Military Appreciation Nights Entertainment on the Deck Your Community Programs Committee is organized and ready to host 12 active duty military from Balboa Naval Hospital every Wednesday from May 29th to August 28th We look forward to you joining us on the deck to recognize their selfless service! 14 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Club News

Club Report

Tuesday, April 2nd was a big night for

shop and caused a lot of damage to our fleet. Quite a few boat owners were there when I got there in the early evening on Wednesday, and it was a sad sight to see Bill Jenkins inspecting his boat. His ‘Sea Cucumber’ may have sustained the most damage with everything from impact punches that go all the way through, to broken spreader and boom and delamination of his rails. The Pekin’s yellow hull also sustained quite a bit of damage to the hull and their mast was down. Kyle’s Freeway Flyer might be 3rd in the race for most damage (we’ll do better next time Kyle!), with extensive

Lehman next to what’s left of dolly

Director Jerelyn Biehl and Bill Jenkins survey the damage

Bull in the Lehman Yard By Niza Brown Photos by Bruce Sutphin

a certain 19 year old who got drunk and “failed to negotiate the turn,” in the words of our GM Terry Anglin, at the end of Cañon Street. And I thought April 1st was supposed to be the fool’s day! Once said driver crashed through the fence he proceeded to act like a bull in a china

damage to the hull, port center thwart bracket broken, the thwart itself is broken, broken rails, not to mention that his boat wasn’t on the dolly anymore, though another boat was, partly. Director Jerelyn Biehl was also there inspecting her boat which has it’s own set of problems and is not sea worthy. Ray Hedrick reports that his boat has multiple issues, which is not surprising since we found parts of his dolly, but no sign of his boat at first glance, since it had flown about 10 feet and has a strange new appendage going through the hull that appears to be made from plant material that used to decorate the outside of the fence. Overall the yard was a melee of boats, rigging, pieces of dollies and plants, with a fine spray of sparkling fairy dust (fiberglass) on everything. At least a dozen boats were damaged. Hoping to have the shiny “new” fleet out racing by summer, so cheer when you see the Lehman fleet out in La Playa again! It’s going to be a party!

Cracked hull on Bill Jenkin’s boat

Ship 1886 By Tammy Poole, Mate Photo by Tammy Poole

Ship 1886 just returned from another

successful trip to the Colorado River where they practiced their sailing and rowing skills aboard the Sea Pearl and four kayaks. Several work parties were held to repair kayaks in preparation for the trip. The Youth Quarterdeck Officers put their planning skills into

action and successfully oversaw the planning of all aspects of the trip including the budget, food and activities that were organized by several of Ship’s youth. The highlight of the trip was the two days spent on the water exploring various lakes and sandbars ensuring they ran all activities in a safe manner and allowing new members of the ship to experience new skills such as anchoring and rowing. The only negative aspect we experienced was the vast amount of hungry mosquitos

waiting for us when we returned to camp each evening. Looking forward, the Ship is preparing for our super trip in August where we will be sailing to Catalina and spending a week at Emerald Bay.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 15

Club News


Boat of the month: Whisper By Al Breitenbach


By DeeGee Farrell Photo by Danielle Carreon

The sun is shining on the water with

gulls soaring over and around the Club. Flowers are poking up in my garden. Spring is definitely on the way. At the Club everywhere you look maintenance men are sanding, varnishing the bright work or painting the decks and the walls. We are getting our beloved yacht club ready for the annual Opening Day ceremonies. Hurray for our wonderful staff working hard to get the jobs finished quickly and efficiently. They try hard not to interrupt our games or interfere with our concentration. We also appreciate so very much the dining room staff that always put forth extra effort each week to satisfy our special dietary requirements and culinary requests. You are doing a great job. The La Playa Room where we ladies play bridge on Thursdays sports a newly refinished side bar quite handy for our glassware and pitchers. We do appreciate our set up servers. We play Bridge each Thursday from

10 AM to 2:30 PM with lunch at noon. New members are always welcome. Cameron Peter is the Hostess for the month of May. If you would like to play call Cameron at: 619-225-1715. A special Thank You to our popular player Sherron Brinker for bringing exceptional SEES and other delicious chocolates as treats in remembrance of her son, Christopher Brinker. Sherron, we are so happy to see you back at the bridge table. A huge hug to you ladies for agreeing to have your picture taken wearing your Easter bonnets. Winners for the month of March were: Jane Baldwin, * Monique Blinks, * Doris Ellsworth, DeeGee Farrell, * Jane Kenny, Nancy Knight (guest), Jeanne Lynch, Rita Moller, and * D’Neane Wilkinson. *denotes first place

Photo by S/C Sandy Purdon


Reighley, Bruce Sutphen, Carl Hancock, Tom Dingman, Bob Vosskuhler and Ray Marchetta. Whisper is shown above racing towards Buoy 21 shortly after the above Team picture was taken. We sail for fun. And we also sail to win. Bring your boat out and join us on wednesdays at 1:00 PM.

Photo by Cliff Thompson

hisper is featured as this month’s OFRA Boat of the month. She is a Kaufman and Ladd Skye 51 ketch built in 1981, purchased by us in 1989, and then modified to her current state. Designed as a performance cruiser, or what the Whisper Team calls a “furniture boat”, her displacement is 56,000 lbs (16,000 lbs over the design weight) with an overall length of 51 ft. Whisper performs well in the OFRA races when the wind speed is over 10 kts--preferably over 15. We have been racing Whisper on OFRA wednesdays for nearly 15 years. In the picture above is some of our team. Left

to right in the back are Jim Thompson, Charles Didham, Mike Kaufman (Kaufman Design, Annapolis, who designed Whisper) and Lin Batten. In front are George Folgner, Al Breitenbach and Rick Frederick. Other regulars not in the picture are our mentor Jack Sutphen (recently deceased), our second mentor Bud Caldwell, Bob Spriggs, Randy Ames, Dan McCauley, Fred Delaney, Robin

Monday Evening Bridge Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on May 13 at 6:30 PM. The game is relaxed, lively and fun, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our March winners: 1st-Liz Piazzoni, 2nd-Jane Kenny, 3rd-Pam Morris To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by May 10 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or Reserve early to avoid disappointment. Remember: We now start promptly at 6:30 PM, playing 4 rounds of bridge. With fond regards, Stan and Cecilia

Easter Beauties: DeeGee Farrell, Jean Kremm, Sharon Hope, Sherron Brinker, Jane Kenny, Cameron Peter, Monique Blinks, Doris Ellsworth, Jeanne Lynch, Jane Baldwin, D’Neane Wilkinson & Jodi Kerr.

16 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


SDYC BOATIQUE Show Mom your love this Mother’s Day! Our Boatique is filled with beautiful accessories and apparel for her. • 18K Nautical Collection • Travel Essentials • Pure Linen apparel and scarfs • New arrivals weekly!

Sasha Diamond (619) 758-6302



fter reading about the SDYC clubhouse in the Mainsheet and seeing shots of its earlier incarnations, I decided to look around in the archives for stuff about the older buildings. Much to my surprise, I discovered an aspect of the club I never knew existed. During the late 1800s and early 1900s there were all sorts of competitions that people actually used to go and watch such as bicycle races, marathon dancing, sailboat races and, strange as it may seem, power boat races. In 1924 SDYC resurrected power boat racing on San Diego Bay as part of a large regatta organized to dedicate the then “new” Roseville clubhouse in Point Loma. The records are sketchy at best but apparently power boat racing had faded from the scene 10 years earlier and this incarnation only lasted for a few years. Although short lived, the racing was intense and pitted local heroes with names like Kettenburg against arch rivals from the evil north (California Yacht Club). This 1924 “Thunder Boat Regatta” saw the boats start and finish

right in front of the club and rip around San Diego Bay at speeds approaching 60 knots and a pretty incredible 30 knot average. This was a big regatta with over 100 entries primarily in several sailing classes. Public interest was great enough that large bleachers were placed alongside the clubhouse on Navy coal barges to accommodate the 1500 spectators that showed up to watch. The San Diego Union covered the regatta in great detail as it did all of SDYC’s racing, cruising and social events of that era. Power boat racing in front of the SDYC clubhouse has given way to no wake zones, Duffys and R/C model yachts but the record of it still exists in the club’s History Archive. 1923 and 1924 are two years in particular in which the original newsprint is preserved with loving care and with the label “Fragile”. Bring your cotton gloves and come enjoy it with us. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 17

CLUB neWs San Diego Yacht Club Catering The San Diego Yacht Club has had an exciting past couple of months, hosting beautiful events. The catering department is excited and anxious to plan your next event here at the Club. We host everything from business meetings to extravagant weddings. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Please contact Amy Snyder or Alyssa Freeman to request an appointment or ask a question. (619) 758-6312 or (619) 758-6311 or You can find more information on our banquets page:

2nD annual aDult learn to sail Program summer 2013 June-August, Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30PM Participants will enjoy outstanding instruction from SDYC’s world class coaching staff, and topics and class structure will be developed based on sign-ups and attendance. We expect these offerings to fill up very quickly, so please sign up right away to reserve your spot! JoHn FretWell

SDYC KNITTERS SDYC Knitters meet on both the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month in the Members Lounge from 6:00-8:30pm. We hope you will join us. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden or call 619-964-1842.

18 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

The Clubster iPhone app has arrived! The app is a free, fully integrated iPhone application that includes all of the features and benefits available on the All active Clubster members can easily download the Clubster app from the App store and instantly begin using it on their iPhone. They can also download the Clubster iPhone app on their iPad.

Club News

5th Annual Buffalo Beach Bash Support our Catalina Island Outstation!

Sunday, May 26th, 2013 2pm – 7pm

San Diego Yacht Club, Sail Wash Area $15/person or $50/family *Burgers *Hot Dogs *Salads *Desserts *Music *Games **Bring your own cooler**

Silent Auction *Raffle* Raffle tickets: $5

To RSVP & buy raffle tickets online, visit

Tickets and entrance costs can be charged to your member account. For more information or to donate raffle/auction items please contact: Cathy Cibit @ 619.944.8516 or Cathy Jorgensen @ 619.977.3052 or Non-SDYC members are also welcome! • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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ON The Race Course

Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events.

Race Committee By Summer Greene Photos By Bob Vincent N6EZV

This is the height of the busy season for

SDYCs race calendar and in the last few weeks we have three big races in hosting the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD, Etchells Midwinters and Pacific Coast Collegiate Conference Champs. The Sperry Top-Sider NOOD was back for another year and SDYC ran two courses in the Rhodes with 6 classes: Beneteau 36.7s, J/105s, J/120s, J/70s, J/80s and Soling’s. The conditions were painfully light all weekend forcing PROs Bruce Greene and Wayne Coulon to send the mark boats out on a wind hunt. After daily postponements and moving the courses to windier areas they managed to save the weekend and get in two fair races on each of the three days. March 29-30 was the Etchells Midwinters West and it was nice to see the Etchells fleet out in force with 21 boats all three days. The weather was wonderfully clear and sunny but shifty and inconsistent breeze kept the RC and sailors busy. Several course changes in direction and length kept everyone in their toes but the fleet stayed tight together with separations between the

Rolex Caribbean Swan Cup 2013 By Ben Mitchell


im Madden took his Swan 601 “Stark Raving Mad VII” to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands to participate in the inaugural Rolex Caribbean Swan Cup hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda at their stunning new facility in Virgin Gorda. Racing was conducted over four days for the fleet of twenty Swans of all sizes with the largest being a

first and last finishers around 3 minutes. To top off the great racing, a Friday night chalk talk, Saturday night party and Sunday visit from the Eater Bunny made the regatta a great success. Finally, Pacific Coast Collegiate Conference Champs wrapped up with 24 teams racing off the City Front near the Star of India. This event was sailed in FJs and was fast and furious with 14 races on Sat and 8 on Sun. With only 12 teams racing at a time this event takes a little extra work to set up Corinthian and a dock for off teams to spectate from and boat changes between races. Special thanks to Bob Vincent and team for setting that up. In May we’ve got a race for everyone so come on out and join the fun! With Yachting Cup for big boats, the Ton Cup for match racers, the Yesteryear/ Kettenburg regatta for the Ancient Mariners, One Design Weekend for J/120s, J/105s, J/70s, Etchells and Stars, a SSSS Sabot regatta, and the last of the Model Yachts Spring Series you should be able to find an event that’s right for you. Come on out and enjoy.

Regatta Top Finishers

Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta: March 15-17 Beneteau 36.7 Winner: Chick Pyle, Kea J/105 Winner: Gary Mozer, Current Obsession2 J/120 Winner: John Laun, caper J/70 Winner: Bennet Greenwald, Perseverance J/80 Winner: Curt Johnson, Avet Soling: Ian Wareham, Ghost Rider I-14: David Hayter, Alegayter Racing Flying Tiger: Paul & Julie McPherson, Niuhi Viper 640: James Sears, F.N.G. Ultimate 20: Michael Eisenberg, Toon Town Buccaneer 18: Dennis Martinelli, Lazy Bones Catalina 36: David Flint, Isle Run Men’s Mayhem: March 23 1st Place: Danny North 2nd Place: Chuck Sinks 3rd Place: Randy Lake SLAM Etchells Midwinters West: March 29-31 1st Place: Bill Hardesty, 2nd Place: Chris Snow, Avalanche 3rd Place: Bruce Nelson, Rhino

Upcoming Events May 3: Ton Cup May 4-5: Yachting Cup May 18-19: ORCA Bowl May 18-19: PC Fleet Championship May 18-19: One Design Weekend May 25: SSSS Saturday Race June 1-2: One Design Weekend June 15-16: Match Race Invitational June 28-30: Kettenburg Classic

24 Collegiate sailing teams sailing FJ sailboats using the Alpha Dock tethered behind Corinthian

Swan 100 and the smallest a Swan 42. The first two days brought nice Caribbean breeze (14-16knots) and blue skies so the race committee sent the fleet on “around the island” races going clockwise the first day and counterclockwise the second day. Both those races were won by Wendy Schmidt’s Swan 80 “Selene” with “Stark Raving Mad” second both days. The third day brought lighter wind (11-14knots) and the team on “SRM” was rewarded with a first place finish. The final day brought lighter winds still and set the stage for a winner take all finale between the “Selene” and the “SRM”, fortunately the predominately

SDYC crew reveled in the San Diego like conditions for the win. The win capped a great week of sailing in a beautiful venue and earned Skipper Jim Madden a sharp looking Rolex timepiece. Joining on the “SRM” crew were SDYC members: Chris Busch, Peter Burton, Al Pleskus, Jeff Brown, Drew Freides, Ben Mitchell and Jon Gardner.

SDYC crew- Al Pleskus, Chris Busch, Ben Mitchell, Jeff Brown, Peter Burton, John Gardner, Drew Freides

20 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

On the Race Course

March Mid Winters By Rusty Snapshackle Photos by Kirsten Stahl

The 2013 SLAM Mid Winters West

Regatta, the first of two major Etchells events on the west coast this Spring was held over the Easter Weekend. Point Loma Outfitting, owned by Fleet 13’s own Tom Carruthers, proudly sponsored the three day regatta which attracted some of the best One Design racers on the left coast. Day One - Vince Brun sailing with Rodney Hagebols and Julie Servais on USA 1227 demonstrated tremendous speed and smarts to win the first race over Chris Snow on USA 1018, Avalanche and Bruce Nelson USA 986, Rhino followed closely by Steve Wright on USA 984, Reposada. With race one of four scheduled races in the books, the teams shook off the rust and settled down to business. The next race bullet went to Mr. Rolex, Bill Hardesty and Team Line Honors, followed closely by Steve Wright, Mark Butler and Tom Goddard on Reposada and Tom Carruthers on USA 1000 “K” sailing with Eric Doyle and Andrew Campbell. SDYC Race Committee, led by the ever reliable Bruce Greene, sent the

fleet off on another four leg windward, leeward course. Despite shifty conditions, Argyle Campbell, sailing USA 975 Black Jack,led the fleet to a comfortable win followed by Frederic Laffitte on USA 1281 Hustle and Flow and Lola USA 1066 skippered by Chuck Sinks took third. The final race of day one sent the fleet on a five leg course. Jim Cunningham, sailing with Jeff Madrigali and Karl Anderson on USA 935, won the race followed closed by Team Line Honors, Hustle & Flow and Rhino. With four races now complete and four different teams each with a bullet the leader board was tightly grouped with just a couple of points separating the top 7 teams. In first place was Vince Brun tied with Frederic Laffitte just one point ahead of a hungry pack of America’s Cup veterans, Olympic Medalists and World Champions all anxious to make a move on day two. Race Chair Mike Held hosted a debrief Friday evening led by Bruce Nelson, Vince Brun, Bill Hardesty and others who enjoyed a good day on the water. Sharing their views of the race course and tips on rig set up and boat handling. You can view the video at Day Two - teams were treated to a warm sunny day and moderate but shifty winds. With four races scheduled there were going to be plenty of opportunities for teams to leg out, fall back, tack on one another, OCS and shoot themselves in the foot. All of which happened. As usual, the top teams shared the honors and quickly separated themselves from the mid

fleet. However, these same teams also struggled in the shifty conditions to stay consistent and posted a mixed bag of results for the day. Following another fun day of racing, teams were treated to cocktails, dinner and more cocktails in the Jessop Room courtesy of Point Loma Outfitting and Fleet 13. The evening was enjoyed by all and provided competitors with an opportunity to connect with old friends, re-hash the days racing and swap a few stories. Day Three - Easter Sunday and the fleet had been visited overnight by the Easter Bunny in the form of Etchells sailor Marnie Buddo. The Easter Buddo had left some teams with what many believe were Rum soaked Peeps. A nice way to start the tow out. Thank You ! With just three races left to determine this year’s Mid Winters Champion, some teams got hopping while others laid eggs. Argyle Campbell posted a 1, 1, 2. Chris Snow posted a 2, 2, 10. Bill Hardesty a 3, 4, 11 and Bruce Nelson a 4, 7, 1. After eleven hard fought races victory went to USA 979 Team Line Honors led by Bill Hardesty sailing with Mandi Markee, Joe Markee and Victor Diaz. Second place went to Chris Snow sailing Avalanche with son Patrick Snow, John Rudderham and Cole Harris. Third place to Fleet Captain Bruce Nelson on Rhino sailing with Steve Pickel, Patrick Morrisey and Morgane Renoir. The next major event for the Etchells is the prized Orca Bowl. Scheduled for May 18, 19th it is expected to draw an even larger fleet with teams coming to San Diego from all over the country to swap tacks with some of the World’s best teams. 2013 SLAM Mid Winters West Regatta Final Results Line Honors Bill Hardesty Avalanche Chris Snow Rhino Bruce Nelson USA 935 Jim Cunningham Chowder Vince Brun

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 21

On the race course Photo by © Emmanuel Renoir

March One Design Weekend By Andrew Whittome

Ceratotherium Simum Etchells Cottoni

or the Great White Northern Etchells Rhino has been spotted once again in San Diego. Normally found in the grasslands of the Savannah, the great White Rhino was seen charging at the March One Design weekend skippered by Etchells Fleet Captain, Bruce Nelson. Sightings of the great White Rhino, which is actually gray in color have been rare in recents months. Researchers speculate that Rhino may be reasserting itself in the fleet and making a run at the MidWinters Regatta or the prized Orca Bowl. On Saturday, race one of the ODW and team Hustle and Flow took line honors. Extending their win streak from February skipper Frederic sailing with his wife Janet and friend Mark Cathcart enjoyed a comfortable win. Second place went to Marshall Harrington and crew of Zooid III followed closely by Team Down Under (Andrew Whittome, Ian Storer and Sonja Smith) Race two and Rhino came out of the shadows and charged to the front. Followed closely by Team Down Under and Team Lola skippered by Chuck Sinks sailing with James Eagan and Geoff Davis. Dan Aeling helming USA 965 Endurance aka TUSK to their first win since purchasing the boat in the 2012 season took race three in style. Dan sailing with Joe Holasek and Ashok Suratkal led around each mark and extended their lead on the final leg. Second place went Rhino and third place to Down Under. This marked the final race of the day and presented teams with a tie for first place at 8 points going into Sunday between Rhino and Down Under. Sunday teams enjoyed plenty of sunshine and a solid breeze from

255 degrees. Racing got underway at 11:55AM. With its head down and charging Rhino lead the fleet up the left hand side of the beat and enjoyed a 25 degree left shift that left the rest of the fleet wallowing in the mud. Rhino won race 4 followed by Hustle and Flow, Lola and Nauti-Spot. Race 5 and Marshall Harrington, Goli Marin-Nieto and Brook Wilson on Zooid III cranked down the shrouds and got to work. Going up the right hand side of the beat Marshall found the shift he was looking for. Tacking for the weather mark, they gauged up, rounded the mark and never looked back. Zooid III led the fleet around every mark extending each leg for a comfortable win. Followed by Lola and Down Under for third.

Race 6 and the breeze stiffened and clocked to 290 degrees. Summer Greene sailing Mostly Harmless led around the first and second marks. Closely pursued by Down Under and Tom Carruthers on USA 1000. The breeze shifted further right to 310 making the right even more revered. Team Down Under went on to win the race over USA 1000 and the Great White Rhino charged from seventh to third. After 6 races Rhino and Down Under we’re tied at the top of the leader board each with 18 points. However, with two bullets over the weekend Rhino won the March ODW. Down Under places second and Hustle and Flow finished third overall in their own tie break with Lola at 26 points a piece.

Final March ODW results

22 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Rhino Bruce Down Under Hustle & Flow Lola Nauti Spot

Nelson Andrew Whittome Frederic Laffitte Geoff Davis David Ryan

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place



During the last week of March 2013, the Amateur Radio Group got together for what is commonly known in the ham radio world as an “Antenna Party”. The purpose of the antenna party was to assemble and install a new 40 Meter antenna element on the existing Force 12 directional (yagi) antenna that is standing tall above the SDYC Locker Building. The Communication Center already had an existing 40 Meter dipole antenna that was installed and working properly since the antenna tower went up in September 2010. W6IM, our 24/7 winlink station (www.winlink. org) located in the Comm Center ,has been the primary user of the original 40 Meter dipole “wire” antenna. The advantage of having a fixed wire dipole antenna is that it has the characteristics of an omni-directional antenna that works well in all directions. The new 40 Meter directional antenna just installed has a stronger “beam of energy” that is much stronger and more focused in a specific direction, but in a more narrow pattern. Because of this “beam” characteristic, the 40 Meter element was installed on the boom of the existing Force 12 antenna that is mounted on top of the antenna tower’s “rotator”. When using this new antenna, the entire Force 12 yagi antenna can be “aimed” in any direction using the antenna rotator controller located in the Comm Center. Armed with this new directional 40 Meter antenna, the Comm Center has demonstrated making contacts with other radio stations in literally hundreds of countries that are thousands of miles away in all directions from our current location in the Southwest corner of the U.S. The Amateur Radio Group is

New member Scott Rights N6PG, Peter Van Horne KA6U and Scott Launey W6SRL test the new 40 Meter beam element that was just installed on the Comm Center’s Force 12 directional antenna.

The 40 Meter element with the cylindrical loading coils can be seen after installation to the Force 12 “yagi” antenna that now gives that directional antenna long-range 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meter capability.

constantly working on improving the capability of our world class Communication Center. Projects like this 40 Meter antenna “party” also brings our group together, not only to “work together”, but also to “learn together”. The basic electrical and radio theories that are part of our radio world can also be applied to the overall system knowledge of or boats that bring all of our passions together here at the San Diego Yacht Club. If any of you boaters out there ever have any questions about some of the systems

that are making you crazy on your boat, get the manual out and give the ARG a call. We may not be the ones who actually fix your problem, but we will all get to know each other better while trying… ;-) For more information, goto www.sdyc. org/arg and make contact. Good Luck!

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 3

Fleets, Etc.

PC BY Rish Pavelec, PC #16 DAWN Photo by Stu Hartley


hat a crazy time of weather it has been lately! Seems like the month of March went from no wind to LESS wind. As I write, I am FINALLY seeing a breeze come up, and the SDYC web site shows that the wind is 12K with gusts up to 18! What am I doing sitting here?!?! Our CYC Sojourn in March was canceled. At the last minute, a few boats had (for different reasons) could not make it after signing on. The number dropped to the point that Fleet Caption, Geves, pulled the plug. I am told that a couple of boats sailed down anyway. Good for them! I learned recently that #69, MYSTIC, up in Brown Point, Washington is for sale. The asking price is posted on the SDYC PC web page with other PC’s for sale. Last month was our Opening Day, but as I am writing in March, it is too early to post any gossip. I will get readers up to date next month.

Don’t forget that our Fleet Championship Regatta will be held this month. Mark May 18th and 19th on your calendars!! More to follow! The Annual San Diego Wooden Boat Festival will, again, be held at KoehlerKraft boat yard on June 15th and 16th. I hope to see one or two PC’s represented. I will, again, be acting as MC. Despite their efforts, they have been unable to fire me after some (13?) years. They also cannot find another fool to take the job! I hope to see many of you present over the weekend. June 28, 29 & 30th will be the annual Kettenburg Regatta, sponsored by the Ancient Mariners. This is always a great opportunity to see several woodies out on the water. I don’t know what the line up will be yet..but what I know from the past is that the PC’s are the largest fleet represented in the regatta. I assume it will be the same again this year. On a sad note I just learned that we lost our good friend, Jack Sutphen, #62. Readers know that Jack was not only an accomplished sailor but also greatly responsible for bringing the PC fleet back to life over the years. I

Jack leads the pack again!

24 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

know that others will list Jack’s many accomplishments, so I won’t. We all have “Jack Sutphen” stories to tell. I have a great one and it details my first meeting with Jack and our afternoon of spinnaker sets. Anyone who agrees to buy me a beer on the deck will hear my story and I promise that your belief that I am clueless on the water, will be proven. I think I can also promise that you will get a good laugh at my expense. Since it is a memory of Jack that I will always carry with me…and one that shows what a patient gentleman he was (WHEN NOT RACING!!!) I can pretty much promise you will enjoy the tale. If not, I will pay for my own beer….so that’s easy! Sail on, Jack. You’re with Jean now, as you have always been. Remember, friends….you only go around once. Make each day and each friend count.

Fleets, Etc.

Anglers Fleet

Anglers Swap and Meet, May 11th By Peter Evering Anglers Fleet Captain Photo by Jessica Lester


ith the excitement of the 105th Anniversary SDYC Opening Weekend over and some of us who ventured outside the gates to upgrade gear at the Point Loma Day at the Docks, we have an opportunity to bring some value to your used goods. The Anglers Fleet Swap Meet will specialize in a particular type of product: new and used fishing gear and tackle from

Tennis By Keith Danon Photos by Christy Radecic

March was a busy month for the Tennis

Fleet. As the weather got warmer, more players came out to enjoy Wednesday Night Tennis. The Adult/Kids Tennis Clinic was a success. We had 18 adults hitting away and honing their skills. S/C Sandy Purdon, S/C Chuck Nichols and the enthusiastic group benefitted by the instruction of Barnes Tennis Center Pro, Nic Izumi in all areas of their games. A special thanks to Andy and Lauren from Food and Beverage for bringing out two pitchers of “Bloodies”. These helped to console the players who got eliminated from the challenge games. Scott Launey and Kelly McKeown were the last players standing and both went home with prizes. Everyone commented on what a fun couple of hours it was! April was an even busier month. Support was shown on Opening Day. Matt, Christy and Becca proudly represented the Tennis Fleet. They had a summary of upcoming Tennis Fleet events available and sign-up sheets for volunteers to help out in the future. This “terrific trio” also poured a preview

members of various Clubs in the Point Loma area. Our swap meet will be a place where the community will come to sell and barter their goods which are usually inexpensive and range in quality. The SDYC Grass Pavilion May 11th, 8am-11am, will bring all members together over a cup of coffee and doughnuts as all participants should bring items they no longer need or want as it’s a great excuse for cleaning out garages, basements and attics also making your wife happy. The Fleet is securing a Point Loma Captain (TBA) to guest speak during that time to help to us gain some fishing knowledge before the start of the season. Two more dates to remind you

about that will also be open to all SDYC membership. Saturday, June 22nd SDYC vs. SWYC Club Bay Challenge and the following weekend Sunday, June 30th will be Kids Fish aboard Sea Watch.

of tropical tasty treats featured at the Tropical Tennis Mixer. The 5th annual Tropical Tennis Mixer was a great success. We had lots of blended drinks, good food, great prizes and competitive tennis. We played a format of total games won which gave everyone lots of tennis time and a chance to go home “King and Queen” of the courts. Results will be posted in the June Mainsheet. SAVE THE DATE! We are planning to have our first fundraiser, “Welcome to Summer on the Courts” on Saturday night, June 1st, 2013. Details are being finalized regarding the times, food and musical surprises. The event will be held to begin to raise the funds for a more permanent patio structure outside court two for our annual events and

mixers. The festivities will be open to all club members and promises to be a wonderful night on the courts under the market lights. Be sure to follow our updates via club newsletters and fleet emails and on our Facebook page at SDYC Tennis Fleet. Summer is on the way with our La Playa raft-up, ladder challenges, 4th of July festivities, and so much more! See you on the courts!

Tennis Clinic Highlights

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MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 5

FLEETS, ETC. Photo by © Elaine Huntington

Model Yacht Fleet By David Ryan Model Yacht Fleet Captain

May is upon us, which means coastal

J/22 Fleet By Dan Aeling Photo by Dan Aeling

San Diego Yacht Club is proud to host

a fleet of eight J/22s as an amenity for all members to enjoy. This past month, our fleet has grown to nine boats, as our newest boat, Hull #971, has just arrived from Austin, Texas. Our J/22 Fleet is used by the club for organized match racing, team racing and fleet racing throughout the year. In addition, all SDYC members are welcome to purchase a J/22 Fleet Annual Pass for just $500, which helps support the upkeep and operation of the boats. This

Weather Mark Madness at 2010 Corte Madera Regatta

the entire country. As previously mentioned, we have continued with monthly series races throughout the winter and spring. “high-point” championship The concludes with our final regatta on November 2nd. With over 30 race days in our season, there’s still a lot of racing to come. While it’s very early, as of press time, it look’s like we’re seeing a resurgence of the fleet founders. Currently staff Commodore Sandy Purdon is settling the pace, followed by Jean Malthaner. Not far behind is John Landon and a host of others within a couple of points of him. Next up is the annual Corte Madera Regatta in Pine Valley on May 11th. As anyone who has participated in the past will attest, this is a highly-anticipated, special event every year, with great racing in a serene setting and a delicious BBQ as well. Last year we were all startled when a Bald Eagle swooped down and plucked an unsuspecting large-mouth bass from the middle of our race course. Although the truth is we probably set the marks in Annual Pass grants a member unlimited use of our J/22 boats for pleasure sailing for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. While there are some blackout dates on the calendar when the boats are reserved for scheduled competitions, the J/22’s are available for use by Annual Pass holders on all non-blackout dates. For those interested in joining the fun,

Photo by © David Ryan

eddy, marine layer and a preview to the summer weather pattern. Will it be cold and drizzling for the first days of summer vacation at the pool? Will the Fourth of July fireworks display be visible below the clouds? Should we bring fleece and space heaters to early summer La Playa “raftups”? Fortunately, the Model Yacht Fleet has an annual transition that is immune to the fickle weather patterns of southern California. On Friday May 31st at 1700 we kick off our Sunset Sailing series for the summer. Southerly, westerly… it doesn’t matter. It’s Friday and we’re at the club with family and friends, a few paces from the bar, smelling aromas of garlic Sand Dabs and enjoying yacht-racing competition and camaraderie. While we race throughout most of the year, the fun really starts with the beginning of our weekly Sunset Sailing Series. Another special opportunity we enjoy, as a result of the unique partnership we share with the “Argonauts”, is racing on the Mission Bay Model Boat Pond. On April 27th we returned to “the pond” for another tremendous day of racing on one of the best model yacht racing venues in

That’s no seagull.

its fishing grounds. What’s not to love? As you can see, there’s always something exciting going on with the Model Yacht Fleet, and we’re always happy to invite new skippers to join our strong and growing fleet. Check the club website for contact information. 1 2 3 4 5

Winter Series III 2/24/13 David Ryan 10 pts. George Szabo 13 pts. Sandy Purdon 27 pts. Dan Aeling 31 pts. Jean Malthaner 37 pts.

1 2 3 4 5

Spring Series I 3/24/13 John Landon 10 pts. David Ryan 14 pts. Chuck Mellor 21 pts Sandy Purdon 24 pts. Jean Malthaner 25 pts.

our next planned fleet race for the J/22’s will be the SDYC Opening Day Regatta on April 20th. For more information on the J/22 Fleet, visit our website ( fleets/j_22_fleet) or send an email to our J/22 Fleet Captain Shala Lawrence (email:

New J/22 Fleet Member Arrives at SDYC

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JUNIORS By John Fretwell

The Junior Program is very excited to

announce Nick Kaschak as Team SDYC’s new Head Coach! Nick is an excellent sailor and educator, holds degrees in both psychology and anthropology, and he’s even an Eagle Scout! Here’s my recent Q&A with Nick! JF: Welcome Nick! Now that you have come aboard as Head Coach, what’s your vision for the next year or so, program and personal? NK: Thank you very much for welcoming me on board. I am honored to have been selected for this position. I look forward to being able to train the junior sailors of our program to be the best competitors they can be both on and off the water. I intend to create a solid line of communication between the sailors and their supporting coaches to best understand their needs. Additionally, I wish to get as many of our juniors sailing and understanding as many aspects of the sport as possible. There is much to learn from every type of boat and creating well-rounded sailors is my goal. Personally, I’m very excited to get out on the line with the local Snipe fleet as I have recently purchased a boat, and also bettering myself as an overall waterman through kiting and surfing. Maybe do a little schooling in there too..! JF: What’s your coaching style/ philosophy? NK: I view my coaching style as very “old-school” in its dynamics. I believe that instilling concrete fundamentals at the most elite level will make the best sailors. Sailing like other sports is best executed by establishing a muscle-memory connection with our actions. When you don’t have to think about your technique, it allows you to focus more on what is happening around you, something critical to sailboat racing. Developing sailors to have the best boatspeed and boathandling in the fleet makes for easy racing at every level. Tactical knowledge will come with experience racing, boat skills can always be bettered via practice. I also like to look at sailing from a Zen perspective philosophically. Not allowing defeats or successes to alter your focus

is key in racing. I believe sailing is as much a mental sport as it is physical thus sailors need to be trained in psychology in addition to physical prep. JF: What have been your biggest changes in the last five years and prediction for next five? NK: I love seeing how sailing technology reflects the pinnacle of engineering capabilities. New boat designs and sails are making boats faster and easier to sail. I hope the technology at the top begins to trickle down into junior level racing allowing for quicker more tunable dinghies. I also like seeing how far kiting has come as a wind sport in the last few years! For the future I’d like to see juniors getting their hands on more tunable boats, an aspect of the sport that is often overlooked in junior sailing. JF: What’s good (or bad?) about the Sabot, especially considering your Opti experience? NK: We really like our Sabot here in Southern California. Despite its quirks; it has a track record of training some of the world’s best sailors. I’ve always been a fan of the class and what the boat can teach you. My experience with Opti sailing is while the boat can handle any condition thrown at it they seem to lack the ability to implant portions of sail trim and technique. I don’t envision the Sabot going anywhere soon. If you can sail a Sabot fast you can sail anything fast! JF: You’ve coached a lot of Lasers with great results. Laser thoughts? NK: I truly enjoy coaching Laser sailing. The boat is a perfect vehicle to translate sailing skills onto a responsive platform. My success has stemmed from vast speed and boathandling training coupled with the strong dedication of my sailors. JF: We get a lot of questions about how junior sailing potentially relates to college competition and college admission too. As a recent grad, what’s your read on this? NK: My foremost thought is that sailing should not be the first thing in mind when applying to colleges. Junior sailors need to remember that a whole lot of their life will happen after college and college sailing. Also your sailing ability alone won’t get you into college. While coaches can talk with admissions grades, test scores and other accomplishments are highly regarded by admissions

officers. JF: How about girls in sailing? NK: Getting more girls to the top of our sport is awesome! Sailing can level the playing field quite a bit in this regard with tunable/depowerable dinghies. In fact girls in my opinion have distinct advantages in many parts of sailing. I hope that the future brings more girls out to skipper against the boys because they can beat them! JF: Any other hobbies or musical interests? NK: I generally drift towards things that involve being outdoors. I tend to get a little weary staying inside for long periods of time. I’ve recently picked up kite boarding which is a blast and I look forward to progressing! I also love to surf as well as cycle and hike. Music-wise, my iPod is littered with almost everything you can imagine. I tend to stick to music my parents grew up listening to, oldies but goodies! Stuff you might have heard at Woodstock or Monterey Pop. JF: What’s your favorite aspect of coaching? NK: My favorite part is regatta coaching, where we hopefully see all the hard work pay off. Seeing the sport unfold in competition puts all its components into play. Physical ability, boat prep, mental acuteness and environmental awareness all becoming working ingredients to a successful regatta. I like preparing a sailor with proper boat set-up, a defined skill set and tactical knowledge then releasing them onto a race course!

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MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 27

May 2013 MONDAY







Wednesday Night Tennis

Burger Bash

13 Loma Unit Bridge Group

Women’s Luncheon

Darren & Terry Show

Wednesday Night Tennis

Lehman Twilight II Bridgedeckers



YeSterYeAr reGAttA


orcA BoWl

Mothers day Brunch


one deSiGn Pc Fleet cHAMPionSHiP

deck dining


24 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis

orcA BoWl

CF Del Mar Basin Cruise CF Del Mar Basin Cruise CF Del Mar Basin Cruise

Pasta night


SSSS Spring Series VI


deck dining


Steak night

corte MAderA rAncH reGAttA

Pasta night

Prime rib


10 Bridgedeckers


SSSS Spring Series IX Commodore’s Dinner

Burger Bash



Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime rib


YAcHtinG cuP

deck dining


SSSS Spring Series VIII


ton cuP

Pasta night




Bridgedeckers Lehman Twilight I



Steak night



Tennis Fleet Happy Hour

Model Yacht Spring Series III

Cruising Fleet Dinner


Burger Bash


Prime rib


Pasta night


SSSS Spring Series VII

Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime rib

Beer can BBQ

Burger Bash

31 Bridgedeckers

deck dining


Steak night



Model Yacht Sunset I deck dining

JUne 2013 MONDAY





2 one deSiGn

Steak night





7 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis

Burger Bash


Prime rib


Loma Unit Bridge Group SSSS Spring Series XIII Semi-Annual Meeting Commodore’s Dinner Burger Bash


18 Junior Sailing Family Night

SDYC Golf Bridgedeckers

Women’s Luncheon

Darren & Terry Show



Steak night

Model Yacht Sunset III Father-Daughter Dance SdYc MAtcH rAce invite

deck dining

Beer can BBQ



deck dining


Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime rib


Model Yacht Sunset II

Beer can BBQ




21 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis



Model Yacht Sunset IV Tennis Ladder Challenge Anglers Tournament


Burger Bash


Prime rib


Beer can BBQ


Wednesday Night Tennis

28 Bridgedeckers

deck dining

Model Yacht Sunset V

Lehman Beer Can I Burger Bash

Prime rib

Beer can BBQ

28 • MAY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Fathers day BBQ



Area J Triple eliminations

kettenBurG clASSic

deck dining

Cruising Fleet BBQ Steak night Area J Triple eliminations Kids Fishing Charter


Lehman Summer I Steak night

clASSiFiedS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. All new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue. Lehman 12- Awesome family boat! Almost perfect condition with some slight imperfections that will “buff” out no-problem. easy-assemble multi-part dolly is also included. Cambered mast can be angled to match wind-sheer and the bottom is improved with lateral “speed-grooves” permanently imbedded into the finish. Call Kyle, Ray, Bill, Bill, Dave, Dave, Giselle, Jerelyn or Bruce for more information. SeeKING fractional interest in SDYC-based powerboat 32’ or larger. Former new Grand Banks 42’ Motor Yacht owner, USN Officer, Navigator and OOD. Contact Mitch at 619.255.1160 or FOR SALe: RIB Zepplin 1997, 12.5 ft, 15 hp Yamaha, 2 stroke. engine runs great. Center console steering column. Hard bottom. Running lights and compass. Includes new canvas cover and trailer. Previously used as tender for larger vessel. Well maintained. $2,750 OBO. Call Paul Walker 480-242-5002 or BUY A DUFFY! It’s a perfect boat to take out anytime! Plus there’s virtually no maintenance, no gas bills and it’s easy to drive by yourself. We’ve got one for sale: Ragtop Day. 21’ Red hull on G-Dock. Always professionally maintained. $21,500 firm. It’s a good deal. Take a look at the comps on yachtworld. Call Matt Dathe (619) 846-2036, or email FOR SALe: 2001 24’ PATHFINDeR DeeP V Major Overhaul 2013. Twin Yamaha 150 hp with 375 hours, New GPS, New Stereo, Autopilot, T-Top, Bait Tanks, Outriggers and Trailer. Console Cover, Oversized Gas Tank and More. New Bottom Paint (4/13). Slip C-26 $40,500 or Best Offer. Contact Howard at (858) 756-9192 or FOR SALe: PC 48, GOOD CONDITION, FULLY eQUIPPeD WITH ALL SALeS INCLUDING SPINNAKeR. CALL: PeTeR AT 619-265-0426 Amara is for sale; Bowman 48 aft cockpit, deck salon, cruising sailboat designed by Chuck Paine & built to Lloyd’s specifications in the Rival Bowman boar yard in england. She is a fast, nimble, elegant, traditional and highly capable yacht that has been extensively refitted and upgraded over the past 6 years. Contact Dean Cuplin (619) 980-2551 for details. WANTeD: fractional interest in SDYC-based powerboat 32’ or larger. Former new Grand Banks 42’ Motor Yacht owner, USN Officer, Navigator and OOD. Contact Mitch at 619.255.1160 or 30% discount on the price of Jack Sutphens world championship winning PC... #62 is a piece of SDYC history, tuned by the best PC skipper ever in this iconic class.. The boat is a real steal at $ 6, 619-922-3421. WANTeD: Donate your 19-23 foot open cockpit power boat to SDYC for use at Buffalo Beach. This boat will transport members and their gear to and from Avalon to our beautiful Outstation. Ideal features are a high freeboard and a vee bottom for a smooth ride through the afternoon chop. Contact eduardo Savigliano, or Director Biehl to discuss the benefits of donating your boat. FOR SALe: Cal 36, Lehman 12, Sabot, 11’ Achilles with Nissan 9.8 call (760) 822-3122 for details

Get to Know...

By Jackie Kohls

TEODORA (BABIE) SILVESTRE, ACCOUNT SERVICES MANAGER When did you start working for the SDYC? What was your first position at the Club? I started working here September 27, 1979 as Assistant Payroll Book Keeper/Cashier.

What is your favorite TV show or movie? I love the Twilight movie series; because I enjoy love stories and I like Robert Pattinson. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? First, I would pay off all the family bills and give a large amount to my children. Once I know my children are taken care of, I would then like to go back to the Philippines and help the community by building schools for the underprivileged and help orphaned children.

Where were you born? How long have you been in San Diego? I was born in the Philippines and have been living in San Diego since February 1978. I moved here to join my Husband. We were married in the Philippines in 1975. My husband and I moved to Hawaii in 1976 and he was transferred to San Diego in 1978. What was the most difficult aspect of coming to America? The language barrier was very difficult to overcome. Because of my Filipino accent I was nervous and self conscious when speaking to people outside of the Philippines. Working for the San Diego Yacht Club helped me over come my fear of speaking to new people, which gave me a lot of confidence. What do you miss the most about the Philippines? What is your favorite thing about San Diego, CA? I miss my family and more specifically, my mother. I also miss the authentic Filipino food. Family and good food are very important to me. San Diego Filipino food is good, but doesn’t compare to

the food I grew up with. I love San Diego though and have adopted this place as my home. San Diego is beautiful and clean and I love the weather. What is an interesting fact about you? Or what would you like people to know about you? I worked as a grade school teacher in a private school in the Philippines for seven and a half years. Life has taught me to never take myself too seriously and have fun everyday, which is why I like to joke around, dance and listen to music. I have been blessed with a loving husband, son and daughter.

What is your favorite part of working at the SDYC? I love working on the payroll and being able to give employee their hard earned paychecks. That area of my job is so rewarding. I also enjoy greeting and talking to the members every day. Saying hi to commodores (past and present) is something I look forward to daily. You have worked at the SDYC for over 33 ½ years. What has been your favorite memory? I have lots of great memories from working at the San Diego Yacht Club and every day I am here is a good memory. It is a privilege to be a part of this great Club and I am honored to work here. I proudly take that with me everywhere I go.

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MAY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 29

1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106

Mainsheet May 2013  
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