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Chesapeake Bay Cruise October 2 - 10, 2015 SDYC has joined the International Council of Yacht Clubs (see link on SDYC home page). One of the benefits available to all SDYC members is participation in their cruises. Mark your calendars for this upcoming ICOYC Cruise! This beautiful cruise will take participants from Annapolis to several quiet anchorages, as well as the two Eastern Shore towns of Oxford and St. Michaels. The proposed itinerary of 110 nm includes two venues where participants will anchor out, and a day dedicated to an excursion of your choosing. Space is limited and this cruise is expected to sell out, so get your tickets now! $475 Early Bird Sign-Up (before June 1st, 2015) $575 Regular Sign-Up Enter Online:

More information: Annapolis Yacht Club * *Formerly

CUBAR 2015 KICKOFF DINNER MEETING Saturday, May 30, 2015 Mark your calendars! On Saturday, May 30, the San Diego Yacht Club will be hosting the Kickoff Dinner Meeting for CUBAR 2015. With delicious food and informative speakers, this dinner is the perfect place to learn key dates, anticipated port of calls, registration information and specific criteria for the cruise. The dinner will also feature a silent auction, with proceeds benefiting SDYC’s Junior Program. If you would like to provide an auction item or have a question about this fun, group cruise down the Baja to La Paz, email




Anyone interested in learning the details of CUBAR 2015!

San Diego Yacht Club

5:30 - 6:30 Social Hour & Silent Auction 6:30 - 7:00 Buffet Dinner 7:00 - 8:30 Presentation, Q&A


- Key Dates - Anticipated port of calls - Registration process - Boat criteria

FROM THE COMMODORE COMMODORE - JOHN LAUN What a Month I’m writing this column in February and looking at the March race calendar. An amazing month of great racing is before us; the Farr 40s will be here for their Midwinters which will be the first competition for Rick Goebel’s new weapon Insanity, the same weekend is the Island’s Race offshore from Newport which Staff Commodore Wayne Terry will manage to his usual high standard of excellence, then the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta, our famous One Design Weekend, the PC Coronado Sojourn, and the Etchells will have both the Bill Bennett Cup and Midwinters West. Of course, there is a full slate of junior sailing all month. This will be non-stop fun. ICOYC Chesapeake Cruise SDYC is a member of the International Council of Yacht Clubs. Please see the link on the home page of our website for more information on this association of the leading yacht clubs in the world. One of the benefits to SDYC members is the opportunity to participate in ICOYC events, like their cruise on Chesapeake Bay in October. The Chesapeake is a wonderful cruising venue in the Fall, as 48 Members of our SDYC Cruising Fleet experienced in 2013 in their cruise organized by Staff Commodore Sandy Purdon. Now there is an opportunity for another fine cruise hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club with members of leading yacht clubs from around the world, and I bet members of our Cruising Fleet will be happy to share charter info and fun stories (see ad on preceding page for crusie information). Membership Engagement Keeping with the cruise theme, this month I would like to highlight the membership engagement activities of our Cruising Fleet. The Cruising Fleet formed a membership committee last year, led by Kelly Dahill, with the initial idea of recruiting new members. However, they soon realized that the real goal of the committee was to foster a positive experience of camaraderie among new and seasoned members in all social and cruising activities. The objectives were; 1) to promote a strong, positive image as part of SDYC, 2) to provide multiple formats for keeping current and potential members informed of upcoming events, 3) to recruit potential members throughout the year by emphasizing that the Cruising Fleet is for both power and sailboats, as well as for non-boat owners and members of all ages, 4) to make sure new members feel welcome at first dinner/event, and 5) to make sure all members feel comfortable in all cruising/social events. By the end of 2014, the Cruising Fleet added 14 new couples – double the previous two years. In order to meet the objectives, the committee created new activities and features. These included items like providing buddy boats for new cruisers, providing a complimentary bottle of wine for the new members to share at the table of their first Cruising Fleet dinner, and providing opportunities for non-boat owners as well as boat owners to participate in cruise events. The fleet has also done a great job in getting creative the past couple of years with the cruise activities – movie raft up nights, poker rallies, pool golf, Amazing Race scavenger hunts, nature walks, a train trip to Santa Barbara, Rodney Dangerfield night, chili cook-offs, a club “staycation”, carnival games, an Ensenada culinary/wine cruise, and others. The Cruising Fleet is active, fun, and growing like never before. Public Service Announcement I’ve heard a number of members have questioned why I was tagged as “The Most Interesting Sailor in the World” on the cover of the January Mainsheet. I understand why you might be confused, unless you attended my roast in December or follow the Dos Equis beer commercials featuring the most interesting man in the world – a bearded, debonair gentleman roughly in his 70s. He performs feats such as: freeing an angry bear from a painful-looking bear trap; giving his own father “the talk”, experiencing an awkward moment just to know how it feels; and finding the Fountain of Youth but not drinking from it “because he wasn’t thirsty”. It is a joke. I am obviously the least interesting sailor in the world. All material in my roast was a total fabrication, although I do share inside jokes with total strangers. I don’t always write columns, but when I do, it is for the SDYC Mainsheet. Stay curious my friends. Good Times,

John Laun, Commodore • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ai n s h e e t • 1

San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 80 • Issue 2 Board of Directors Commodore John Laun Vice Commodore Doulgas C. Werner Rear Commodore John A. Reiter Jr. Staff Commodore Charles C. Sinks Directors Jerelyn W. Biehl Michael J. Dorgan Brian D. Thomas Michael A. Morton, Jr. Jeffrey N. Tadderw

1 From the Commodore 3 In General 4-5 Membership


First Annual SDYC Family Fun Regatta California Dreamin’ Match Race Stop #1 - SDYC New Year’s Eve 2015


General Manager Terry Anglin

10-11 Opening Day Announcements 12 SDYC Library’s Featured books - February 2015 13 Women’s Events 14 Valentine’s Day Dinner Announcement 15 Bridgedeckers/Monday Night Bridge

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ON THE RACE COURSE 16-17 2015 Harold Adams Team Classic

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Photo by Photo by Bob Betancourt


THE DARREN & TERRY SHOW March 19, 2015


For March, we are featuring a new winery called Berryessa Gap. The winery is located in Winters, California in Yolo County. The Wine Enthusiast recently rewarded Berryessa 90 points on 2 of their varietals. Darren will, as always, be crafting some exceptional dishes to go with these wines. Make your reservations now as this event will sell out for sure. Reservations required, please reserve early - $50++ per person

GREETINGS FROM THE CLUB GENERAL MANAGER - TERRY ANGLIN, CCM CCE Spring is in the air, and in anticipation Out with guest speaker Susan Laun, VP of With an eye towards continuing these of some spectacular breezes, SDYC has Human Resources at Qualcomm. This one types of physical plant improvements and a packed and exciting month of sailing will be a sellout, so make your reservations to properly plan for them, your Board planned featuring the Farr 40 Midwinters, early. of Directors and Finance Committee are the NOOD and Etchells Midwinters. And Also on the social front in March is a finishing up a 10 year capital improvement after a challenging day on the water, what Balvenie Scotch and Cigar night featuring plan for the club. SDYC is fortunate to have better way to relax than to join your friends the Balvenie Ambassador, Lorne Cousin. a group of progressive thinking leaders at the club for one of the many fun social Our members will be enjoying 12, 14 that take on these projects. Unfortunately, events planned for March. and 17 year old scotch accompanied by in my years in the business, I have seen First off, it’s everyone’s favorite day to cigars nowhere nearly that old. Light hors too many clubs who fail to plan and then are forced to respond in a totally reactive spot a leprechaun - St. Patrick’s Day! We will d’oeuvres will be served as well. once again be serving up some tasty Irish The Etchells fence project is ongoing mode. Kudos to the Club leadership. fare with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, but should be done by months end. Have a great spring and we hope to see soda bread and green beer planned. In the Also coming up is the Jacuzzi interior you soon at the club. middle of the month, we host Ladies Night replastering.


6:00 - 8:00PM

Come by our table on the Front Deck and swoop up amazing deals from some of the best boutique wineries in California including Stolpman Sauvignon Blanc, Ladd Pinot Noirs, Hill Family, Tamber Bey, and Anglim Pinot Noir to name a few. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ai n s h e e t • 3



“One of the primary reasons for joining is for our children, Chace and Evan, aged 6 and 3. The reputation of SDYC is second to none and we can’t think of a better place to help them develop their passion and respect for both sailing and the ocean. We envision the San Diego Yacht Club as a place to spend evenings and weekends fostering friendships and spending time on the water.”



“I grew up around boats and on the docks. Being on the water or sitting at the top of the dock defines who I am. I’d really like to share these experiences with my family. I’ve chosen the San Diego Yacht Club over other clubs because of it’s great reputation, fantastic facilities, commitment to youth programs, and the friends that I have who are already members.”

“I have a young, growing family and I want to have a family-friendly environment where we can socialize and where my children can participate in programs such sailing, cruising and angling. It is important to me that my family has the opportunity to spend time with other local families who share the same interest as us. I am a life long resident of Point Loma, and I want to further develop boating and angling skills as a family.”



”I am a San Diego native and grew up in Point Loma, participating in the SDYC junior program up until high school. I am recently married, establishing myself here in Point Loma and would like to re-join the community that I was fortunate enough to be a part of growing up. My wife and I believe in important values such as good sportsmanship and the Corinthian spirit embodied by SDYC.”


“I very much appreciate the strong commitment of SDYC to racing and it’s activities in organizing many of the local races. A yacht club’s orientation towards sailing as a sport is in my opinion very important to keep the sailing community in San Diego strong, and I would like to be part of supporting this ongoing effort.”


“I would like to become a junior member of SDYC in order to continue learning how to sail competitively with the end goal of sailing at the collegiate level. SDYC will help me on this journey with the prestige of both its junior program and its facilities.”



“I have spent most of my life in and around boats and loved every minute of it. I grew up in Point Loma and SDYC was central to most activities of my youth. I’ve recently returned from living in the San Francisco Bay area for almost 9 years and I can’t wait to link back up with my SDYC friends.”

PROVISIONAL TO FLAG Nathan Treadwell Frank Baldwin

4 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

“My family and I are passionate about boating and the ocean. We have no plans to ever leave San Diego and look forward to many years of being active, respectful club members. Though my wife Clare and I have been living in San Diego for a few years now, having a boat in the harbor has made us feel new to San Diego all over again. We are excited to learn about boating in San Diego/Southern California waters, as well as to meet and socialize with people with similar interests. SDYC feels right to us.”


“I will make my home in San Diego and want to build a life on the water. I know that the members of San Diego Yacht Club have a commitment to service as well as fun on the water. I want to be near others with these values. The historical tradition of this organization, and the world famous sailors that make it their home appeals to my interests as well as being the first to join in the fourth generation of my family.”


“My wife and I would like to be part of a yacht club with members with similar interests and experiences. I like to help with sailing events, especially youth sailing events, as we have occasionally during summers at Lake Okoboji. Occasionally we have visited SDYC as a reciprocal member from St. FYC and we enjoy the camaraderie we felt amongst the members there.”

SERVICE TO FLAG William Fenick


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership. SERVICE FLAG FLAG Howard Warner III (Sarah) Korrie Rahilly (Paul) Eric J. Devaney (Yong) Social Worker Physician, UCSD Rady Children’s Commanding Officer Naval Base, U.S. Navy Non-Boat Owner Hospital 1st Sponsor: Katherine Kelly Boat Owner Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Robert Reighley 2nd Sponsor: Hugh Egan 1st Sponsor: John Bohne 2nd Sponsor: Peter Opsal 2nd Sponsor: Wayne Zittel Kellin Chatfield NON-RESIDENT Associate, DLA Piper (US) LLP Thomas D. Baker (Cory) Non-Boat Owner VP, Information Technology, Websense Guadalupe Dipp Architect, Los Arroyos Verdes 1st Sponsor: Steve Pacelli Non-Boat Owner 2nd Sponsor: Walt Groves 1st Sponsor: Michael Caruso Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Rick Day 2nd Sponsor: Amy Radonich 2nd Sponsor: Ralph Howlett Brad K. Jones (Amy) Commercial Real Estate Broker, CBRE PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE JUNIOR Non-Boat Owner Robert E. Lee (Debi) Shaye Wattson 1st Sponsor: Dan White Real Estate Investment/Partner, Student, Dana Middle School 2nd Sponsor: S/C Mike Morton Silver Portal Capital, LLC Boat Owner Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Tyler Sinks Geoffrey F. Davis (Juan Meza) 1st Sponsor: Jim Reynolds 2nd Sponsor: Steve Harris Owner, Coronado Mobile Storage 2nd Sponsor: Peter Zouvas Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Pat Stadel JUNIOR FLAG 2nd Sponsor: Warren Gross Carissa A. Crawford Marketing Executive Gerald Martin (Lisa) Non-Boat Owner Owner/General Contractor, J.M.B.S. 1st Sponsor: S/C Gary Gould James ‘Pat’ Murray – Life 315 Boat Owner 2nd Sponsor: S/C Fred Frye 1st Sponsor: Richard Fantozzi 2nd Sponsor: Biff Leonard



Staff Commodore Bill Campbell


Rear Commodore Doug Werner


Staff Commodore Andy La Dow


Staff Commodore Woody Hunt Lee Hope Steve Malowney Bill Dubbs, Jr. Joanne O’Dea 9407


Show us your BURGEE PRIDE SDYC Members Canal Boat Cruising in England Summer Greene, Joanne O’Dea, John Rudderham, Bruce Greene, Ann Greene, & Ian Trotter

619.972.3059 619.995-0326 619.838-6353 619.961.6921 619-347-

Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón 619.758.6303

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ai n s h e e t • 5




We certainly are fortunate to live in a place where we can

spend a weekend in January on the water, wearing shorts and t-shirts, while much of the nation is frozen solid! The Club Champs regatta is becoming a highlight of the year for me at SDYC. For me it’s up there with Opening Day, Fourth of July, and the Junior Awards Banquet. It represents all that attracts many of us to sailing; friends, boats, family, and a healthy dose of competition. And it’s not about the equipment. It’s about strategy, tactics, boat handling, team work, and camaraderie. The Club Champs regatta attracts a diverse group of sailors that include high school sailors, junior flags, world champions, America’s Cup sailors, and PHRF racers, all mixing it up in J/22’s in LaPlaya. This year the Cruising Fleet was out in force with a 20 boat raft up. The J/22 fleet of boats is what allows us to pull off this event. Competitors don’t have to prepare boats or think about sails. Show up at the club and hop on your boat. No launching, cleaning bottoms, or repairs. The boats are rotated in every race, and most competitors felt the boats were close. The format of the regatta puts a premium on good starts, clear lanes, and sailing in breeze. And these boats are loads of fun, even in light air. They are small enough to compete in La Playa, but large enough to be comfortable for adults. If you are looking for a simple way to get on the water, look no further. Join the J/22 fleet! January in La Playa is usually light and shifty and this year was no exception. Somehow the Race Committee managed to pull off 40 races. And even though the conditions were challenging, Bill Hardesty, and his team of Chuck Sinks and Mandy Hardesty, proved that good sailors can win in any condition! 6 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


A large group of people worked hard to host Club Champs. Too many to thank in this short article but let me highlight a few - Susi Graff and all the Race Committee volunteers, Jeff Johnson, Tyler Sinks, Christy Radecic, Bob Betancourt, Rick McElvain and the J/22 fleet, Lance Murphy, Joe Ravitch, Mark Smith, Steve Stewart, Kyle Clark, Commodore John Laun and the Board, and Bonnie Brockway. Thank you everyone for your contributions and I look forward to seeing you at the club! 1st Place - Sabots - Bill Hardesty, Bill Campbell, & Mandy Hardesty

2nd Place - Junior Flags - Tyler Sinks, George Saunders, Austin Diaz

3rd Place - Bridgedeckers - Lee Hope, Gregg Morton, & Paula Schmit

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ai n s h e e t • 7




all been there – Rushing back and forth from the boat to the car to the house to the dry storage 3 days before Opening Day. We’re toting overflowing dock carts (if we can find one) and armfuls of cleaning bottles, sandpaper, wax and a wet/dry vac, trying to get the boat ready for inspection or hospitality. On the East Coast, this is a major undertaking, often involving full shrinkwrap covers, de-winterizing and re-splashing. Here at SDYC, we are lucky to have year-round boating weather, and the process is a lot simpler. But it’s an opportunity to get our boats ship-shape for the coming year, and if we plan ahead, it can be a lot of fun, and much less frantic. According to S/C Ken Bertino, longtime member of the Opening Day Vessel Inspection Committee, boats must “Be ready to leave the dock, safely,” so we’ll focus on that, with a few cleaning and cosmetic items added to a count down to Opening Day calendar of things to-do to get ready. Call it “Safe & Sweet.” Start now and you’re good-to-go! Requirements for inspection (Even if you’re not getting inspected, check these off for Opening Day and to get ready for summer!): • • • • • •

Participant aboard and yacht and ready for inspection at 0900 hours on April 18, 2015 SDYC Burgee properly displayed National Ensign properly displayed Vessel must be dressed All required safety equipment, flares, signaling devices, bell, horn, and charts displayed for inspection Medical equipment and supplies on hand and accessible

• • • • •

USCG approved PFDs and throw device in ready position USCG navigational rules pub. on board for vessels 39’4” and bigger Anything required by USCG or State law must be aboard Oil pollution and waste placards properly displayed Fire extinguisher(s) certified, in ready position and of sufficient number, class and size

Week 1 - “Get rid of it” Raise your waterline and your spirits, by de-cluttering. Spares are always good, but removing the stuff that’s beginning to bond with your boat also clears the path to the items and systems you really need to access. Don’t forget your dock box, and Bonus: Do the same with your dry storage locker. Week 2 - “Sweat the big stuff” Week 1’s work pays off when you can actually see your engine, tanks, electrical, steering gear, pumps and other big systems below deck, as well as the standing rigging on sailboats, and any deck gear on powerboats. Starting early allows you the time for any service and repairs before Opening Day, and since this is usually the dirty work, you want to get at it before you spit and polish. If you can haul-out to do this, all the better. • • • • •

Propulsion engines, reduction gearboxes & generators Water makers, pumps, stabilizers, thrusters, heaters, AC Electrical panel breakers, batteries, battery chargers, inverters, wiring Spars, standing & running rigging Bottom paint

Week 3 - “Whatever floats your boat” It’s not pretty if it’s resting on the bottom. Use this time to get all the required safety gear, test it, and make sure it’s accessible.

8 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

•Navigational instruments,GPS, VHS, compass+deviation table, autpilot, fatho • Cockpit deck drains & scuppers •Anchor/rode, mooring lines & fenders • Bilges, head, bilge pumps, sea cocks, plumbing, soft wood plug Week 4 - “Varnish & Tarnish” With most of the heavy lifting done, it’s time to shine, literally. Get pretty and protective on your brightwork. If you act like you’re really having fun, you might even be able to “Tom Sawyer” your slipmate into joining you. • •

Woodwork, metalwork, fittings, window/porthole frames Deck hardware, winches, cleats, lifelines, rails

Week 5 - “Wax on, wax off” Now that you’re strong and fit from the brightwork, getting the glass to the point where you can see yourself should be no problem. Week 6 - “Sweat the small stuff” This is the fun part. Polish knobs, paint the bilge, trim dock lines of “Irish Pennants.” • • • • •

Glass cleaning Shine the ship’s bell Arrange books and nautical accessories Buff out the tender “Welcome Aboard” mat

Week 7 - “Dress to impress” First impressions count. Run the flags (doing it too early can result in tears and wraps), including your burgee and ensign, stock the bar, and set out some fresh flowers. Toast to yourselves, enjoy watching the madness as the other procrastinators go running up and down the dock! Opening Day 2014


OPENING DAY 2015 YACHT INSPECTION AND YACHT HOSPITALITY INFORMATION There are two opportunities for showing off your vessel on Opening Day! You may enter into the Yacht Inspection Competition, or host Yacht Club members as a Hospitality Boat (or both!). Yacht Inspection - Members are encouraged to prepare their vessels and request inspection. Yacht inspections will be conducted on Saturday, April 18, 2015, commencing at 0900. Inspected vessels must be open for Hospitality on Sunday after inspection. Members requesting inspection should be sure to pick up a copy of the “Requirements and Recommendations” handout for inspected vessels.

Yacht Inspection Award Categories Best Maintained Power Best Maintained Sail Best Maintained PC Class Best Maintained Classic Yacht (vessel over 40 years old) Best Maintained New Yacht (less than 2 years old) Best Maintained First Time Entry (owner, not the boat) Best Maintained First Time Inspected Yacht (the boat, not the owner) Best Maintained Trailerable Best Maintained Overall Yacht Hospitality - “A Time Honored Tradition...” Yacht owners welcome members and friends aboard their vessels after the Opening Day Ceremony for camaraderie and good cheer. The Yacht Club will provide snacks and beverages to help entertain and refresh your guests. Balloons will be delivered to identify your vessel. Your vessel name and location will be listed in the Opening Day program. If you don’t have a slip at the club and would like to participate in Hospitality, call the Dock Master for a temporary slip. Should we challenge Commodore Laun to stop for a drink on each open Hospitality boat? A life jacket will be provided for his protection...

Application deadline for submission Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Please submit completed application to SDYC front desk or sign up online at Member Name____________________________________

Phone #_________________________________________

Yacht Name______________________________________


Slip number_______________________________________

Circle one:

Yacht Hospitality only Yacht Inspection (also includes Hospitality)

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ai n s h e e t • 9




0900 0900 0900 1230 1330 1330 1500


For complete Opening Day details, go to

10 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g




has whipped right on by and February has begun. It is hard to believe that we San Diegans are in the throes of winter when our thermometers read 75 degrees each day. Somebody has to live here so, we are forced to just enjoy. I thoroughly relished the month of January acting as your Hostess. All you girls were great about signing up and playing by the rules. We had 4 full tables 3 weeks out of 4. I could tell by all the smiles, laughter and chatter that we were all having a really good time. The laughter was probably caused by all the homemade cookies provided by Jeanne Lynch and the ton and a half of chocolate candy we ate. And Valentine’s Day is on its way! Thank you to all of the SDYC staff that wait on us each and every Thursday setting up our room, checking on the thermostat, serving our lunches, (just the way we ordered), making sure all is well. We appreciate all of your efforts so much. Congratulations also to Maura McCarthy, voted Employee of the Year. She certainly deserves it. We Bridgedeckers gave Maura a huge round of applause. Maura gives us her undivided attention and always with a smile. No wonder we love her so much.

Congratulations also to Lee Hope and Gregg Morton (co-skippers) and team mate Paula Schmidt for placing third in the SDYC Championship Series in La Playa Cove. I usually stick to writing about bridge and bridge winners but Lee, Gregg, and Paula are huge winners in our hearts because their team was named Bridgedeckers. Lee made it a point to come by while we were playing bridge to show off his framed Yacht Club burgee trophy. And Jeanne Lynch , our personal photographer, snapped some photos of us with Lee. Our Hostess for the month of March is Doris Ellsworth. We play bridge every Thursday from 10:00am until 2:30pm with lunch at noon. If you would like to play bridge with us in the month of March call Doris Ellsworth at 619-2241416. Winners for the month of January

were: *Jane Baldwin, Monique Blinks, Doris Ellsworth, *DeeGee Farrell, Phyllis Haynes, *Nancy Knight (guest), Jean Kremm, Jane Kenny, Jeanne Lynch, and *Dorothy Wheeler. *denotes first place. Congratulations to Dorothy Wheeler who continues to win at the bridge table. Placing first at 96 years of age is something to brag about. This just proves what we have been saying all along- playing bridge is really good for your brain.

Monday Evening Bridge March 9, 2015 at 6:30pm

This is a relaxed, lively and fun game open to all members and their guests. Many of the players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Recent games have attracted 20 players with popularity increasing. Congratulations to our January winners: 1st-Betty Woodall, 2nd-Sharon Hope, 3rd-Mike Moser To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by March 6 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or The game begins promptly at 6:30pm, playing four rounds of bridge. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 11



Mark your calendar now for the 20th Annual Catalina Island Conservancy Ball. Nowhere else can you dine in such style and dance the night away at the beautiful and historic Casino, all while benefiting the Catalina Conservancy and its tireless efforts to sustain our beloved Catalina Island. Since the first Ball in 1996, the Catalina Island Conservancy, steward of the Island’s lands, has raised over $4.5 million for its many projects in conservation, education and recreation through this annual event. They work to ensure that special places like Buffalo Beach, White’s Landing and other natural treasures remain for you, your friends and family to enjoy for generations to come. As the Conservancy’s largest single fundraising event, the success of the Ball is dependent upon the generosity of supporters like you. • Consider becoming a sponsor of the Conservancy Ball. It’s easy and now online! Just go to • The live and silent auctions are big revenue generators for the ball. To donate an item email S/C Mike or Mari Fink at or drop off your item at the SDYC front desk • Come to beautiful Catalina Island and join your fellow SDYC members at the Conservancy Ball If you choose to join us as a sponsor, you and your guests will begin the evening with an exclusive Pre-Ball Sponsor Reception at the the Island’s newest hot spot - Catherine’s Terrace at Descanso Beach Club. At six o’clock, guests will make their way to the Casino Ballroom for the Silent Auction and Dinner – bidding on hundreds of auction items and dancing their way through the evening to the sounds of Society Beat. Thank you for your generosity and support! Staff Commodore Mike and Mari Fink, 2015 Conservancy Ball Liaisons

12 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


SDYC Womens Events March 11

May 13

Susan Laun, VP Qualcomm Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night out

6:00 - 8:30pm $24 inclusive


$24 alcohol not included

2015 Calendar May 13

June 3

October 7

November 11

Love the Pearls! Ladies Night Out

San Diego Zoo Centennial Celebration

Floral Presentation with Penn Flowers of Point Loma

September 9

Chico’s Fashion Show

Champagne Tasting with Terry -Ladies Night Out

Sign up for all events at: or call (619) 221-8400


One hundred years ago, back when

women wore long skirts, hats and carried parasols to protect them from the sun, the Panama Canal was completed and the people of San Diego came together to host a phenomenal party. This celebration was a yearlong event to highlight innovation, architecture, culture, and the natural beauty of San Diego, which was then the first United States Port of Call in the Pacific. Now, 100 years later, San Diego is celebrating it all over again. On Wednesday, February 4th, sixty-five women gathered in our SDYC dining room to lunch and hear a presentation from Michael Ruiz, 2015 District Manager for the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department about the 2015

celebration. This will be a collaborative effort of such diverse sectors as arts, education, horticultural, architectural, government and private citizens all joining together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Panama-California exposition.

The city’s, the park’s and the communities’ efforts and partnership today illustrate the commitments San Diegans have to make sure Balboa Park is around for another 100 years. There are events scheduled throughout this year to celebrate. You can visit with

King Tut, hear an organ concert on one of the worlds’ largest outdoor organs, adopt a garden or landscape, see special exhibits, or just wander and people-watch. Let’s support the Celebration and make sure the park will be around for another 200 years. After we enjoyed a lovely lunch, opportunity gifts were distributed and with the generosity of our guests we raised $745 for Operation: Holiday Helping Hand! Please join us our next event, a Ladies Night Out on March 11 at 6:00pm to hear our own Susan Laun, Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Giving at Qualcomm Corporation. She will be speaking about her personal career journey and give a look at how to get the most out of your career in today’s world. Reservations may be made online. We encourage everyone to bring a guest, especially those who are investigating their career options.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 13

CLUB NEWS SDYC Library’s Monthly Featured Books: February 2015

These include cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes. They are all on shelves in the Northwest corner of the Board room. They are divided into categories just like the regular books: America’s Cup, History, Yacht Design & Maintenance, Seamanship, Racing, Cruising, Novels, and Adventure.

Our library is brimming with new titles, and some classic favorites, too. Stop by the library during library hours or anytime to find out more about our offerings. A full listing of titles can be found on the SDYC Library website at Questions? Email us at

DVDs: Roy Disney’s Pacific High. This is an “oldie but goodie” DVD documentary on the 1978 Newport to Ensenada race. It follows the race from beginning to end with both aerial photography and onboard footage. The pictures are truly spectacular from views of the entire fleet to close ups of hulls slicing though the water. Four crews, including Shamrock and Ragtime, are highlighted with footage before, during and after the race. It is fun to see the competitors discussing tactics and teasing each other during the 125 mile overnight course.

By Linda Gillard and Dr. Beth Shillito, SDYC Library Committee

Novels: “Shipwrecks” by Akira Yoshimura is a haunting novel set on a remote island village of medieval Japan. Isaku, a young boy turned man of the family, learns the dark and heinous trade of the village to keep his family alive. During winter, trade ships carrying precious cargo pass along the coast. The villagers light fires in the night to draw the ships to the rocky coast in hopes that the ship will sink, where they can then murder the crew and plunder the ship. When a ship finally drifts to shore, Isaku and the village are overjoyed, but find the crew mysteriously dead and wrapped in red silk. What ensues is the mysteries of Mother Nature’s vengeance and retribution. “Shipwrecks” is haunting emotional novel about the harsh life of a poverty stricken young boy, a recommended read for historical fiction lovers who are looking for something different to pick up this year. -Dr. Beth Shillito

In addition to the many books in our San Diego Yacht Club library, we also have a limited number of audio-visual items.

Of course, the topic is some 37 years old and much of the film is very dated. But that is part of the fun. Watching a young, skinny Roy Disney overseeing his boat and crew is fascinating. And smoking! Almost everybody smokes and tosses butts overboard. But the feeling of fun and competition is timeless. And the whole enterprise is very professionally done. DVDs: Steve Dashew. For more serious cruising, we have several of the Steve Dashew DVDs on long distance voyaging. (Steve Dashew and his wife Linda have spent 30 years and hundreds of thousands of miles doing long-distance cruising and have branched into boat design and manufacture.) Making it Happen is an introductory work, subtitled Hints for getting ready to go. It highlights the Dashew’s own Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia, which is now in PDF form and very easy to use and integrate with other cruising information and aids. Probably not of interest to anyone already out there voyaging, but this DVD could get the armchair sailor thinking and planning. Also available is Offshore Voyaging Series Vol. Three: Winter Crossing. This is sort of a diary of a midwinter transatlantic delivery of a Dashew-designed yacht. There is no crisis or special excitement, just a documentary about a crew of 6 Japanese young men and one American yacht manufacturer making their way across the Atlantic to the Med in inclement

14 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

weather. Another Dashew DVD is Offshore Voyaging Series, Vol. Four: Beowulf the Legend. This is in essence an advertisement for Dashew-designed boats, including Beowulf. It is pretty selfserving, but still very interesting to anyone thinking about cruising boats. There are other DVDs in the Dashew series, including Sailing Dreams, Dashsew Offshore and The Deerfoot Story. DVDs: Cruising America’s Waterways: Seattle and the San Juans. We have a few cruising guide audio visual items. For example there is Cruising America’s Waterways: Seattle and the San Juans. This DVD takes you on a cruise through the San Juan Islands from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is basically a travelogue that shows not only the waterways, but also the shore attractions of the area. It would be useful for someone who does not know much about the area, but would be curious to learn more. -Linda Gillard

About the SDYC Library….. The SDYC Library is the largest nautical library on the West Coast! Located upstairs in the SDYC Clubhouse, the library houses thousands of nautical titles in over 16 categories including History, Yacht Design, Seamanship, Racing, Cooking, Cruising, Oceanography and Fishing, Novels, Navigation, Volumes, Navel, Reference, Charts, A/V, Adventure and Arts. Books can be checked out anytime! Books for return or donation can be left at the front desk. Library hours: Wednesdays, 1:30 – 4:30 pm Saturdays, 10 am – 1 pm For more information on the SDYC Library, please visit ary, or contact



MARCH 10 6:00 - 8:00pm


Kevin, who retired from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UCSD in 2011 after 40 years of service, is widely published in books, journals, the web and trade magazines. His unmanned landers reached the absolute deepest point in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench in 2012. He is also known for his many contributions to educational outreach through the Marine Technology Society, including curriculum for K-8, creating high school and undergraduate design challenges, and professional level tutorials. If you missed the last Commodore’s dinner in January it was well received by over 100 attendees. Sharon Green of Ultimate Sailing Photography had the audience in awe over spectacular sailboat racing photos. Her stories behind the photos were just as riveting. Kevin Hardy’s appearance promises to be just as exciting. Save the date March 10th. See you there! RESERVATIONS FOR THIS EVENT AT SDYC.ORG/CALENDAR/EVENTS/2960


On December 6, 2014, Will Corwin

celebrated his 90th birthday at San Diego Yacht Club with fellow club members, family, and lifelong friends he has known since kindergarten in attendance. Guests enjoyed a trip down memory lane with a slide show presentation, shared memories of how they first met Will and expressions of gratitude for his friendship and kindness over the years. Excellent food and good spirits were enjoyed by all. Will is a native San Diegan and a longtime member of SDYC. His father, Edward A. Corwin, was also a member of SDYC. In the 1930’s Will’s father taught him to sail off the front dock at SDYC on Will’s boat named the Wimpy. This fostered his lifelong love of sailing and

Will later taught his children, grandchild, and great-grandchild to sail at SDYC. Will also enjoyed competitive yacht racing in the Coronado 25 fleet. He placed third in the World Championships in 1970 with his daughter, Lynn Corwin, and John X. as crew. Will has been a docent with the Maritime Museum and has given tours

and prepared historic presentations. He builds replica models of historic ships and is an accomplished watercolor artist. Will and his family are looking forward to celebrating his 100th birthday at SDYC.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 15





this year’s annual Brown Star Regatta we had a small but nice fleet of seven boats with two boats from Marina Del Rey and the rest locals. Director Mike Dorgan debuted his new crew, daughter Millie. We started out the weekend by racing out to the course from La Playa on Saturday. The RC then set up a short windward/leeward course just around the corner from Zuniga Jetty with the Start/Finish line mid course (great for practicing starts and mark roundings.) After a number of practice starts the RC ran 5 races and then we raced back to the hoist for line honors. It was a beautiful clear sunny day with 8 to 10 knots of breeze. The plan for Sunday was similar, but we had a bit

16 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

more breeze (20 plus knots). The race out was quite exhilarating dodging numerous moored boats at top boat speed on our way up to the rounding mark off shore of the Driscoll house. We even made it out to the finish line before the RC was fully set up. We skipped the practice starts and had two longer races, and then a race back to the hoist. Ben Mitchell with Julian Busch finished out the weekend in first with 14.3 points over 11 races, and Mark Butler with John Rudderham finished in second with 21 points. Millie Dorgan did a great job crewing in her first Star regatta, and Dad even let her helm downwind. Yeah Millie!



Regatta Top Finishers January One Design Weekend Jan. 17, 2015 Etchells: Lola, Sinks J/105: Wings, Dennis Case



The weekend of February 8th and 9th I

had the opportunity to sail the Star Boat with my dad in the Brown Star Regatta held by San Diego Yacht Club, and I was very lucky. My dad and I have always talked about how one day I could do as my brother Matthew did and sail with my dad in the Star. So when my dad asked me if I wanted to sail with him during the weekend I of course said yes. I was not expecting to sail with a bunch of other people, such as champions. So when I arrived with my dad on Saturday I felt very intimidated. I felt this way because from my perspective I would be racing against big and scary sailors who have way more experience than me. But they made me feel welcome and were very nice to me. I had a lot of fun the first day sailing with my dad and learned how to use all the controls and some tips from him. Once I figured everything about the boat out, we became serious and tried to be competitive. It was extremely important for me to get all of the controls right because if you didn’t get a back stay on, the whole mast would break and fall down. The venue was at the outer cliff at the end of Point Loma and by the lighthouse. That was so beautiful to have that amount of space to sail. No moored boats would get in my way like they do when sailing my Sabot in La Playa. The only problem was the

courses were 5 times longer than my normal sailing courses. I even had to skipper the boat downwind which was really scary and different than any other boat. You have to put so much more effort in the tiller than other boats because you have to steer with authority and push against the current toughly. We did pretty well the first day and got 3rd overall; so I was very happy about that. The next day it was extremely windy and all my confidence was gone because I was more than half the size of all these sailors and only 13, and I did not want to be the cause of a capsized boat. My dad noticed my fear so told me that today would be a “learning experience” and that it would be fun. We completed the first 3 races, which was a really big achievement for me because it was blowing over 20 knots and I could barely reach the hiking strap. I could not believe my dad because all he was wearing was a life vest, cotton shorts and a button down short-sleeved shirt, while I was freezing in sailing gear. I felt encouraged by everyone on the water cheering for me, which made me want to work harder. I was very happy when I reached the dock because I could not feel my feet, legs or hands from the long, wet cold sail in. I felt so accomplished when sailors way stronger than me said they could barely finish the last race they were so tired. The experience I had was one that I will never forget. I loved that I had the chance to sail with my dad and I am excited to continue sailing with him again. I learned so much and I am very grateful for all the new information I learned from sailing champions. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Club Champs Jan 24-25, 2015 First Place: Sabot Second Place: Junior Flag Third Place: Bridgedeckers Snipe District 6 Championships Feb. 6-8, 2015 First Place: Doug Hart, Jon Rogers Second Place: Randy Lake, Kate Sheahan Third Place: Chris Snow, Mandy Sackett Brown Star Clinic Feb. 7-8, 2015 First Place: Ben Mitchell, Julian Busch Second Place: Mark Butler, John Rudderham Third Place: Chuck Driscoll, Jim Oberg

Upcoming Events March 1: Bud Caldwell Fun Sail March 4-7: Farr 40 Midwinters March 6-7: Islands Race March 8: Lehman Daylight Savings Race March 13-15: Sperry Top-Sider NOOD March 21-22: One Design Weekend March 21: SSSS Saturday Race March 22: PC Coronado Sojourn March 27-29: Etchells Midwinters April 4: Men’s Mayhem April 10-12: Etchells National Championship April 11-12: One Design Weekend April 11: SSSS Saturday Race April 18: Opening Day Race April 25: Lehman Spring Regatta

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 17




s the upcoming fishing season approaches, a few early Yellowtail have been showing up at the Coronado Islands. Halibut have been found in the back bay of San Diego and we look forward in anticipation to what could be offshore with all this warm winter weather. But in the meantime we want to congratulate last year’s winners of the SDYC Anglers Awards. First off we all want to give special recognition Peter Evering for all of his hard work in making the anglers a wonderfully successful group and received the ROBERT S. ROULETTE MEMORIAL TROPHY for outstanding service. In the Juniors category we would like to recognize: In the Adults category we would like to recognize:

Sean Guentner First Gamefish of the Year by a Junior (Don Waggoner Trophy) First Yellowtail of the Season by a Junior Largest Yellowtail by a Junior on 20 lb. (Charles W. Patrick Memorial Trophy) First Bonito of the Season by a Junior Largest Bonito on 12 lb – 8 ½ lbs (H&M Sportfishers Award) First Barracuda of the Season by a Junior Largest Barracuda 8lbs (Mission Bay Sportfishers Award) First Dorado of the Season by a Junior Largest Dorado by a Junior 19lbs Largest Halibut by a Junior (Dick Eddy Trophy)

Brock Guentner Largest Gamefish on 8 lb – 11lbs Tuna (Dr. B.A. Guentner Trophy) Largest Gamefish on 12 lb – 19lbs Dorado (Frank Wishon Trophy) Largest Dorado of the Season Largest Tuna on 20 lb (Miss Leona Trophy) Last Tuna of the Season

Phil Johnson First game fish of the year (Kenneth Baker Trophy with a nice Yellowtail) Largest Yellowtail on 20 lb (Frank Hope Award) Largest Dorado on 20 lb Louie Zimm Hi Ratio Trophy (Commodore’s Trophy) Todd Struyk Largest White Sea Bass 50lbs of Season (Elmer Hehr Trophy) 2 years in a row Randy Lake Largest Yellowtail on 30 lb (Mission Bay Boat Sales Award) Bob Fletcher First Tuna of Season

Cooper Smith First Tuna of the Season by a Junior Largest Tuna by Youngest Junior 23lbs 11oz. Largest Non-Billfish of the Year by a Junior (Johnson Family Trophy)

18 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Jack Santone Largest Halibut of the Season 31lbs (Lucien K. Small Trophy)




Spring is knocking at our doors and the

Tennis Fleet is ready to play more tennis. If you are not a fleet member, for 6 Mount Gays or $35 you can join us for tons of fun throughout the year. Thanks go out to Matt Brown, Tim Fallen and Christy Radecic for representing the Tennis Fleet in the Club Sailing Championship. A dozen boats were rafted up in La Plaza rooting our team on. We have a new event scheduled for March 28th from 9:00-11:00. It is the first co-ed “Cardio Tennis Clinic.” Cardio tennis is a high level fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport with cardio vascular exercise. This combo delivers the ultimate, full body, calorie burning, aerobic workout. I’m already thirsty! All levels of players are invited as we will play against

the ball machine with pro instruction from Rudy Rojas and his team. This session will definitely improve your fitness level. It will be a complimentary event paid for by the fleet so be sure to stop by. Skip Rickon was hitting balls, looked down and realized he did not see his name engraved on one of the pavers under our Tennis Pavilion. Yes, there is still time to have your name/message engraved and forever remembered at the San Diego Yacht Club. Get in touch with Tracy or Marcy and they’ll take care of it for you. April 25th brings back my 7th annual “Tropical Tennis Mixer.” It is a co-ed tournament and set up so everyone gets to play a lot of tennis. I promise bigger blenders, more food, and more prizes. Yes Suzi, your crown as the reigning “Hula Hoop Champion” will be on the line. Some of our female fleet members have been practicing all year for a chance to dethrone you. The limbo contest will be held after, and gifts given to the “Limbo Champs.” Tracy informed me that Wednesday night

tennis is really getting popular. These days we are using both courts so everyone can stay warmed up and playing. It is a great opportunity to hit balls and get to know other fleet members. See you on the courts!

Sunshine swinging on the hook in Willows Anchorage on the south side of Santa Cruz Island

Furuno TZTouch with AIS class B, Icom-M802 SSB/HF, Icom-M602 VHF and Icom E28 2M ham radio

switched to ham radio to maintain contact with SDYC ARG members who had our family contact information. Scott Launey W6SRL, Scott Benjamin W6RSB and Rod McLennan W6MWB knew that Sunshine would be on 2 Meter Catalina Repeater frequency (147.090 MHz), monitored twice daily. We were also using our Marine SSB/HF radio in conjunction with a Pactor modem connected to a PC laptop to send and receive personal emails, text weather messages and detailed grib-file graphic weather forecasts. While relaying the alternator information over the ham radio airways, several other hams listening piped in with important information, shipping address and an air cargo service, for our shipment to arrive in Two Harbors. With ordering details covered, the only thing left for Claudette and I to do

was to enjoy quality time in the Channel Islands and keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get a call. Over 8 days, we anchored in Little Scorpion, Smugglers, Coches Prietas, Willows at Santa Cruz Is., Cuyler Harbor at San Miguel Is., Becher’s Bay at Santa Rosa Is. and back to Yellowbanks/Smugglers. Once in Two Harbors, the new alternator was installed. After leaving Cherry Cove, we headed to Buffalo Beach for a few days of hiking and visiting with SDYC members. While there, we both got cell phone calls from our families telling us that it was time to head home. Without ham radio, this trip would not have been possible. Having different communication options aboard your boat gives you more time to spend out on the water… N6EZV


This past summer, Claudette and I wanted

to sail someplace different than Catalina on our sailboat Sunshine. Because neither one of us had spent much time in the Channel Islands, we decided to make that our cruise destination. “SoCal Loop Cruise” describes the sailing vacation path; NW up the coast, West to the outermost Channel Islands, SE to Catalina then back to SD. A big factor in planning was we both had family members that were in ill health and did not want to be out of touch at any time during our cruise. To lower anxiety, extra attention was given to coming up with a communication plan that would keep us “in touch” at all times, even while out in the far reaches of the Channel Islands where cell phone coverage is still non-existent. Our communications plan was simple. We planned to “check-in” with our families via cell phone daily as we worked our way up the West Coast. After departing Channel Islands Harbor, we were sailing in 15-20 knot west-northwesterlies, typical for that area. The Cruising guides don’t call it “Windy Lane” for nothing. Our communication plan

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 19




model yacht fleet at SDYC is bristling with enthusiasm as we continue to see great turn-outs for all of our regattas so far this yachting season. We are averaging 16 boats on the line for the first 3 race days this year. That’s up nearly 25% from last year and a whopping 70% from the same period in 2013. Some familiar faces continue to flash their skills near the top of the fleet, but now there are a good number of “sophomores” (as well as some upperclassmen) taking their game to the next level. Dick Denzler, in his second year, has rocketed to the upper tier of the fleet and is in contention to win, consistently. He joins veteran and undisputed embodiment of premier Corinthian sportsmanship,

John Rudderham, who has built on his previously streaky success, turning in consistent top finishes this year. Other returning “rookies” from last year, Chris Leitz, Ian Trotter and Kris Zillman have also had strong finishes, showing it’s just a brief matter of time before they are consistently right at the top. Newcomers Darin Hayden and Phil Lamb have shown they intend to be in contention at the top, quickly mastering their boat-handling and showing good speed out there. Let’s face it, not everyone can be Bill Hardesty, who joined last year, and won the only regatta he sailed this year. We look forward to Bill’s continuing participation when his busy schedule permits. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many “pro” opportunities in the model yachting scene.

An early look at the “high-point” competition for the year to date shows Skip Malthaner out in front. Skip has really brought his “A” game out this year, showing great boat-speed, smart tactics and superior race course management. Even, in the rare occasion he doesn’t get off the line quickly, he sails within himself, staying out of trouble and passing boats in bunches, as he works himself to the front of the fleet before the finish. Sneaky-fast Denzler is right behind him, followed closely by yeoman, Mr. Rudderham. Last years “War Eagle” high-point champ, Larry Adams, is actually tied in point total with John Rudderham and sits in 4th, poised to make another run at it. Right behind them (and also tied in points) are David Ryan and Fleet Captain, Sandy Purdon to round out the top 6 positions. The standings for the rest of our 21 competitors to date can be found on the fleet website. It’s a long year with over 25 race days left for us. Stay tuned as the fun has just begun!

Easter Brunch Celebration

Sunday, April 5 from 10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m Menu

Chopped Vegetable Salad, Fresh Apple Almond & Cranberry Salad, Asian Vegetable Slaw, Caprese Skewers, Spring Salad Cups, Seared Ahi & Cucumber with Wasabi, Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon, Grilled Chicken & Spinach Wraps, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Imported and Domestic Cheese Display, Grilled & Roasted Vegetables with Roasted Shallot- Raspberry Vinaigrette, Apple-Smoked Bacon and Maple Sausage, Cheesy Breakfast Home Fries, Belgian Waffles, Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine, Uncle Roberto’s World Famous Omelets, Spinach Artichoke Fritatta, Chef’s Fresh Catch, Duck Leg Confit with Almond Cranberry Medley and Blackberry Peppercorn Sauce, Jalapeno-Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Chipotle-Parmesan Creamed Corn, Stir Fry Vegetables, Kobe-Style Roast Beef, Glazed Smoked Spiral Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Manuel’s Dessert Extravaganza Kids Buffet Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Fresh Fruit, Jell-o, Chicken Nuggets & French Fries, Cheese & Crackers, Veggies & Dip, Ants on a Log, Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Adults $37.95++, Children 6-12 $16.95++, Children under 6 Dine with our Compliments. 48-Hour/50% Cancellation Policy in Effect. Please Call 619-221-8400 or go online to for reservations! 20 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g



Nirvana is our 64 foot Alden cutter built

in 1952. For the last year our family (Gary, Gigi-aged 12, Axel-aged 10 & myself) have been sailing the South Pacific. The long-term plan is to sail for 2 years with the ultimate destination Australia, where the boat can be repatriated to the land of her origin. The boat had a major refit 7 years ago and she came well equipped, but unfortunately many of the systems and maintenance had languished under the Mexican sun. The whirlwind of preparation began by hauling out in Puerta Vallarta, a job made possible with the assistance of “Mr. Mexico”, Joe Neal. That was followed by sailing her up the coast in December. We were fortunate that the staff and Board at SDYC secured a few months of moorage to facilitate our plans. Gary attended to the structure and finish, and we had abundant help from our fellow members (too numerous to mention here) but precious and generous beyond belief. Major projects included rebuilding the boom, adding a new bowroller and headstay structure, integrating sat phone and navigation software, updating safety equipment and preparing for kids homeschooling. Gary and our long term crew comnsisting of Harrison Blacklock, Scott and Angela, and our passage crew Shala Lawrence, donned their flash Nirvana shirts (from Steve Mollering) and pushed off the dock on May 8th only to break the fitting for the propane system while leaving the harbor. They called a friend and had a new one delivered by dinghy. It took 19 days to cross the Pacific to the Marquesas, including 14 days of port tack power and a memorable visit from King Neptune that left Harry bald and Gary with luscious black locks secured to his head. The rousing passage was safe and uneventful sailing-wise, but about

the wonderful people, incredible scenery and tasty fruit. On Hiva Oa we traveled across land to see the ancient ruins of Paamau, where there are numerous tikis and an altar for sacrifices carved out of stone. The stunning anchorage of Hakahetau on Oa Pou is surrounded by 8 magnificent volcanic spires encompassed in clouds. The white sand beach and brilliant blue water of Hana Moe Noe Bay entice you to swim all day. Daniels Bay (Tai Oa) on Nuka Hiva has the 3rd tallest waterfall in the world, and is accessible by a magnificent rainforest

3 days away from the Marquesas the membrane on the watermaker collapsed and the water tanks got contaminated with salt water. There was very little backup water, so we drank a lot of tonic water, juice and salty gatorade. Upon arrival in the Marquesas, we found the harbor of Atuana on the island of Hiva Oa packed with cruising boats from all over the world starting their South Pacific adventure. It has been great fun randomly bumping into many of these same boats throughout the 6,000 miles of the South Pacific we covered this year. The highlights of the Marquesas included

hike that involves crossing 3 rivers and passing the ruins of an ancient village. Once at the waterfall base it is impossible to resist swimming into the cave carved out by the water. While there, we were treated to some of the best local food including poisson cru and green papaya salad. The Marquesas were delightful in their remoteness and the simple existence that the people lead. Our visit helped us all unwind from the rushed American life. This adventure was possible due to the generous community at SDYC that inspires and nurtures boating lifestyles.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2015 M ain s h e e t • 21


The Cruising Fleet continues to enjoy the best of both worlds, cruising to neat places with a lot of fun thrown in for great memories and special events planned for ever member. If you are reading this and you are not a member of the Crusing Fleet and want to enjoy the special programs we have at our dinner or the other events, you should join our Fleet for only $50/year!


The Cruising Fleet started its 2015 cruising

season the weekend of January 23-25 with the annual La Playa Cruise. After venturing across the channel, we had 20 yachts anchored in the basin for the best viewing of the Club Championships races. We started Friday night with our third annual Chili Cook-off where 60 CF members tasted chili prepared by the Fleet chefs and Chef Darren’s own Club Chili. Taking first prize in the Traditional Chili competition was “Chicken Chili Verde” prepared by Lanette & Todd Bloom; first in

the non-Traditional Chili was “Teriyaki Pork Beer Chili” prepared by ; and first place in 5-Alarm Chili and voted best overall was “Fireball Chili” prepared by Cindi and John Lake. Early Saturday we started with Coffee and Bagels in the Clubhouse while hearing some of the La Playa history recounted by Edwina Goddard. Edwina and her family have been La Playa residents since 1927 and her memory of the early years on La Playa is amazing. Back at the raft-up the boats prepared for a busy day of cheering the racers. We were particularly supportive of “Team 8 Stars” skippered by Commodore Laun. Alas, nobody could beat Team Sabot, skippered by Bill Hardesty, Rolex Sailor of

the Year. Saturday night dinner was held in the new clubhouse of the Silvergate Yacht Club. Our friend Steve Rock, chef at Fiddler’s Green provided the catered dinner. Come Sunday morning, our typical plan is a quick Coffee, Bloody Mary or Mimosa followed by hoisting anchors and a transit back to our home docks – but we’re having fun, sun and racing! So we stayed through the afternoon; cheering the teams. La Playa Cruise Captains: Lance Murphy and Dave Grundies (greatly supported by their spouses Janette and Diane Schneider).

2015 - 2016 upcoming events Cruising Fleet Meeting

Mission Bay Cruise

Baja Safari to visit the Whales

Please join us as our speaker will be our own Richard Virgilio. He will discuss the 100,000 miles of cruising on the Motor Yacht Big Eagle. What makes this unique, besides the distance is that his daughter Christiana is the captain of this beautiful vessel. She started as the First Mate twenty years ago and has been the Captain for the last 12 years. He will share his experiences of being a crew member and taking orders from his daughter He will describe deliveries on Big Eagle to and from such exotic places as Saint Petersburg Russia, Scotland, Morocco, Athens, Sicily, Malta, France, Italy, Spain, The Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Victoria BC.

You don’t want to miss this year’s cruise to Mariner’s Cove! It will prove to be great fun with a specially catered dinner at nearby Mission Point and you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Crew Classic, play in the sand, walk the beach or just relax with new or old friends.

The Cruising Fleet has planned a 6-day trip to southern Baja to experience the Grey Whales up close and personal. Our group of 28 will depart SDYC on Feb. 20th in a chartered bus, returning Feb. 25th. We’ll drive approximately 500 miles over two days to arrive at Scammon’s Lagoon. After a day in Panga boats, we’ll continue on to San Ignacio Lagoon where we’ll spend another day with the whales. We hit Scammon’s for a second time on the return trip home. Along the way we will stop for sight-seeing and a walk through a Mexican National Park. Late February is the peak time to visit the mother whales and their new babies; we’ll get lots of pictures to share.

March 17 6:00pm Main Dining Room

March 27 - 29 Mariner’s Cove

More details to follow. Contact Erika and Ron McCleave (emcc1967@cox. net) or Larki and Jim Cook (larki@ with questions.

22 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

February 20 - 25, 2016 Baja, CA




he Pacific Class PC sailboat is truly a work of art. The design, the fabrication of the hull, the rig & sails, and the joy of sailing the boat in light to moderate winds like we enjoy in San Diego is something beyond compare. Like any boat, and specifically any wooden boat, the owner has to have a reverence for wood and woodwork, and know the art of applying the finish. You know you are going to have ongoing repairs/projects as a result of the wooden element. A major part of ownership is the joy of getting “down and dirty” to keep their boats in good shape, and some owners keeping their prized possession in Bristol Condition. This all falls under the term of “Yachting”, yes the work at the dock or on the trailer is part of the yachting experience.Those who own wood boats all understand this, even though at times, while in the middle of a project, your mind questions the sanity of the experience. However, when complete, the pride of what you have accomplished, the sight of what you have produced, and the joy of being able to show off your classic sailboat is immeasurable. We have a couple of PC’s in the troughs of restoration at this time Phil Thearle #35 (Arora), and Chris & Dale Frost #43 (Blue Chip), have been at their respective yachting experiences for nearly a year.

On January 17th Chris & Dale Frost had a “Rib Party” at the Koehler Yard, celebrating the installation of the last of the (54) newly laminated ribs made of ash. The party hosted by Chris & Dale, and CF Koehler, with around 60 guests, enjoyed a fantastic band, and barbecued “ribs”. It was a fantastic gathering of our PC Fleet members, and other wooden boat owners to see one of the joys of the yachting experience. On February 8th, Chris & Dale did it again with a “Whiskey Plank Party” with a similar sized crowd, and yes, plenty of whiskey. The toast was to the last of the (24) new Philippine Mahogany Strakes, making up the (14) new planks being fastened to the new ribs. Blue Chip is now getting a new mast step, chainplates installed, & the hull is being faired and painted. Once launched, she will be brought to her new home at SDYC where the final touches and hardware will be completed. The photos here, only show the success of the work, not the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the yachting experience. Enjoy your yachting experiences, they are all good, fun, and it’s what we get to do!

SDYC KNITTERS SDYC Knitters meets every Monday in the Members’ Lounge from 6:00pm - 8:30pm. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden - darinhayden@ or call 619-964-1842 • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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DON’T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY! By Matt Capron Buffalo Beach has become a favorite destination for many SDYC members and friends in the summer months. But did you know that our Catalina Island Outstation is open to Commodore Level Buffalo Beach Club members from November to June? Using Buffalo Beach in the Low Season is a perfect fit for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Indian Guides, family reunions, or anyone looking for a Catalina adventure without the crowds. Our family reunion spent at Buffalo Beach last Thanksgiving was amazing!

Spring in Catalina is beautiful

The SDYC Outstation, located at White’s Landing, sits next to one of the nicest sand beaches on the Island. Many members stay on their boats, but our Dockmaster’s would be happy to assist you with a tent reservation. At camp you will find an ice machine, barbecue grills, cooking gear, kayaks, fire pit, shower, hot water, and two heads. The Buffalo Beach Committee will provide instructions on how to open and close the camp. There is a good chance your group will be the only one using the facility. There is great lobster fishing close to Buffalo beach

Kimberly Huston (left) and Shelley Capron enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at Buffalo Beach last year

There is a good chance you will have Buffalo Beach to yourself if you visit in the low season.

Buffalo Beach All Hands Meeting

MARCH 9, 6:00pm in the Staff Commodores Room Pizza and drink mixer followed discussion of BB Bash and Work Party Email us at with your questions or comments 24 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

SDYC members Travis Likert and David Powell enjoying some friendly competition on the beach.

Buffalo Beach Tent Reservations Open

MARCH 14, 8:00am in the Frost Room Signups are for BB Club Commodore and Vice Commodore levels For information please go to our website:




Spring sailing is here! Daylight Savings

is March 8th and we will have more daylight to sail in the evenings. The sailing fleet has been busy racing in La Playa with perfect weather conditions and up to 14 boats on Tuesdays. Come out and watch us from the race dock and if you are inclined to have a late lunch, please join us after sailing on the deck around 1:30pm to socialize and share in the sailing spirit of the fleet. Congratulations to Team SSSS – Danny North, Dick Denzler and Darin Hayden for a job well done representing the SSSS at the Club Championships in January. Help Wanted – We need folks to help the sailing fleet with race committee. If you have a couple of hours on a Tuesday mid-morning to early afternoon and would like to be on the water, we need

you! Race committee is not difficult to do and the fleet would be happy to show you the ropes on how to set a simple windward / leeward course, check in boats, and score boats. Oh and use our race timer. It’s easy and its fun. If you have the time or know of someone that has the time, please let myself or Diane Riehl know. Men’s Mayhem – It’s always mayhem when you get guys in a sabot! The date is currently set for Saturday, April 4th which is the day before Easter. Please join in on the fun of watching the guys out on the water. We need volunteers… please be sure to let me know if you are available to help with this event. SCWSA Regatta – We host the last regatta of the SCWSA regatta series. Thank you Julie McPherson who has graciously stepped up to chair the event again this year. Please help her by signing up to do check in, table decorations/flowers, and lots more. The date is Saturday November 14, 2015. Mark your calendars today.

Team SSSS for Club Champs

Perfect La Playa sailing. 9651 Jim Patrick


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June 15 - August 7 Sea Urchins, Sea Horses, and Sea Otters morning classes for every level beginner. Adventure Sailing for pre-teens and teens on a variety of boats, while focusing on seamanship and FUN!

World-class race training and coaching for all ages in Sabots, C420s, CFJs and more... Check out our NEW “E Ticket” option for those who can’t get enough!

Plus all the Summer favorites like Tuesday Family Nights, the Dutch Shoe Marathon, and Junior Sabot Nationals.

Discounted Early Member pricing thru March 16th, with no billing until June!

registration open now - 26 • M A RC H 2 015 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g




f Scott Sinks and Rebecca McElvain weren’t already on your list of young sailors to watch, the Yacht Racing Union of Southern California is making sure they are now. As a pair, they have collected a number of titles, including 1st place in the 2014 U.S. Sailing Youth Championship and 2014 C420 National Championship. They both helped steer Point Loma High School to three-time High School Team Race National Champions and to win the 2014 ISSA Mallory High School National Championship. Now both young sailors are being recognized for their individual contributions to the sport. Sinks, winner of the Youth Excellence Award, is no stranger to accolades. His pursuits as a youth sailor have led him to become two-time CFJ National Champion, the 2013 SDYC Junior Commodore and a sailing coach at SDYC. McElvain, receiving the award for Yachtswoman Excellence, placed 4th at the 2014 Ida Lewis Jr. Women’s Championship and placed 3rd at the 2014 C420 Orange Bowl. She also coaches at SDYC. Both sailors grew up sailing in the SDYC Junior Program, and cite San Diegos’ year-round practice weather and the great coaches at SDYC as their main secrets to success. “We are so lucky to be able to sail and have good wind conditions year-round,” Sinks says. “Along with the stellar conditions, the facility and the coaches at SDYC are top of the line.” For McElvain, one of the Junior Program’s greatest strengths is the strong competition from fellow sailors. “I

Sinks and McElvain work through the chop on their way to an exciting last-race victory at the 2014 C420 Nationals!

really owe a lot of my success to having such an amazing program. It encouraged me to always improve and never gave me an excuse to slack off in practice,” she stated. We expect this is still only the beginning for these talented athletes, who are 19 years old and 17 years old. Sinks, a current student at Boston College, is focused on tackling the demanding requirements of a varsity college team. “College sailing is the only type of sailing on my plate right now,” he said. McElvain, still attending Point Loma High School, has her eyes set on a championship repeat. “Winning Youth Champs was a great experience. It was the perfect way to finish sailing with Scotty,” she said. “Right now, I’m focused on the I420 to get ready for Youths again this year.” We will definitely be keeping our eyes out to see where sailing takes them next. Congratulations Scott and Rebecca!

Buy a Piece of SDYC’s Future! The SDYC Junior Program has purchased SIX new C420 sailboats. The purchase of these boats will provide continued development and success of our Junior sailors in this highly competitive class. The “naming rights” for these new boats are currently available and each purchase provides critical support for SDYC’s tradition of excellence in youth sailing. Don’t miss your opportunity to name a piece of SDYC’s future and support Junior Sailing. All donations will be handled through the SDYC Sailing Foundation. Contact John Fretwell, Junior Sailing Director with any questions. - (619) 758-5067

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CLASSIFIEDS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. All new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.

FOR SALE: 1978 Cal 34 MK III. Summer is coming! Catalina is calling! Ideal family cruising boat. Good condition. Westerbeke diesel. Take a look--Slip A 34. $21,500. Call Gary (619) 917-3212. For Sale: Classic 1958 Trojan Marlin 15’ Wooden Boat, Mahogany w/Little Dude Trailer. All Restored! Johnson Javelin 35 H.P. Outboard Engine all Rebuilt. Custom Cushions, and Accessories. This will turn heads at the club. Offered at $7500 Call Todd Bloom 619-742-5842, or Jerry Burroughs 571-309-7704 for more information. PRICE REDUCTION: For sale: 48’ OFFSHORE Sedan (52’ LOA), Slip D-3, excellent condition, too many options and upgrades to mention. Great boat for: Catalina, anchoring anywhere, raft ups, holiday light parades, regatta viewing, cruising and so much more! All the comforts of home! Includes 12’ Caribe dinghy with 40 HP Honda. All are meticulously maintained and cared for, from its appearance to the nuts and bolts. Call Richard at 619-223-3173. Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year. Call 619-758-6336 to claim. 0-90 DAYS: • Rope/Line approximately 250’ • Starfish and sails • White dock steps recovered from Slip E-23 • 2 wooden mast holders • Raritan Marine water heater • 10 Masts, approximately 40’ Recovered from • Older blue Suzuki outboard • Bimini top with white cover 1- Design • 2 Saw horses in poor condition • Blue Tarpoon 120 Wilderness Kayak • 1 Mast w/grey cover approximately 30’ • Wrangler Radial Goodyear tire with rim • Steel dinghy stand recovered from 1- design • 17’’ black tire without rim • Grey SUP soft carrying bag • Misc. spars from 10-20’ recovered from 1• Mariner motor, grey outboard • Black Schwinn Beach Cruiser Design • Black Evinrude outboard • Teal Beach Cruiser with front basket • 3 Yellow kayaks; 2 Hobie, 1 Hobie Mirage • 10’ EZ loader trailer • Black, white, red Schwinn Beach Cruiser • 1 blue boat cover • Large white dock steps • Pink “Next” Parowan mountain bike (child) • Grey Alpine inflatable • Grey/ black engine, 2 black mats • 8’ Dhyer- Dow Dinghy • 4 Sabots; 1 baby blue, 1 green with white • 1 white boat seat with 2 grey seats and black • Pair of Wooden Cut n’ Jump Water Skis stripe, 1 black, 1 white with black stripe piping • 8’ Dinghy float • 1 Sietech Hand Dolly • Assorted extension cords • Assorted ladders • Blue Bulingham dock steps • Assorted wooden planks • 1 Grey mast tube

Calling all Junior Flag Members! Let’s join the Opening Day Weekend festivities! Send an email to if you’d like to join the Jr Flag Group for the Opening Day Race, Dinner or volunteer during the weekend. Junior Flag Committee • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106

Mainsheet March 2015  
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