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On Saturday, April 13, the San Diego Yacht Club will host the Catalina

Island Conservancy’s 18th Annual Conservancy Ball, “Camp Catalina” The theme reflects all that we love about Catalina. Enter the Ballroom and enjoy a libation as you browse the perimeter overlooking Avalon Bay. The Silent and Live Auctions enjoy a tradition of unique Southern California and Catalina-themed treasures and artwork as well as other one-of-a-kind items. Sponsorships are available as well as individual tickets. You can go to where you’ll find detailed information about attending the Ball. S/C Mike and Mari Fink are Chairing the Ball and are well into planning the details. If you want to get involved with the planning, just get a hold of Mari. Sadly enough the House Committee felt it necessary to request that I include a brief comment regarding vandalism at the Club. There was a lively discussion on this subject at the House meeting, with several examples and incidents noted. The upshot was the entire membership needs to take responsibility for the Club, respect the facilities and take it upon themselves to immediately report vandalism if observed. On a much brighter note, we are beginning to see more fruits of the labor coming from the House Committee. Chair Dennis Kennealley, Matt Wells, Bill Engle and Marsha Brun continue to pour countless hours into the effort of making the Bar tune-up a reality. This projects was allocated a $75,000 budget and the design has been refined to bring it within the budget and still give us a ton of bang for the bucks. This is a good opportunity to remind you all just how these improvements are paid for. The bar upgrades, new carpeting in the Club House, new Front Deck Chairs, etc. are all paid from initiation fees paid by new members. Not all projects are fun and exciting, including a project coming soon for the repaving of portions of the parking lot. Other expenses paid include new kitchen equipment, air conditioning systems, etc. Last fiscal year we took in over $300,000 in initiation fees. Each year the finance committee updates a five year Capital Expenditure budget which is then approved by the Board. This assures that your dollars are spent wisely. Incidentally, we could use more quality members, so get your friends to join! There was plenty of racing during the month of February with the Brown Star Regatta, One Design and the Midwinters Regatta. March is jamb packed with racing including SSSS regattas, Islands Race, One Design, PC’s, NOOD, Men’s Mayhem and the Etchell’s Midwinters. The Commodore’s Dinner in March will take a twist. The Red Bull Youth America’s cup Team USA45 together with Oracle Team USA Skipper (and defending America’s Cup helmsman) Jimmy Spithill will be featured with a fundraising dinner in the Dining Room. The team features 3 SDYC members: Jake La Dow, Jake Reynolds and Nevin Snow. Make your reservations online for this March 12th dinner. Don’t wait as this one will sell out!

Hope to see you on the water and around the Club,

Chuck Hope, Commodore

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San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 78 • Issue 3


Board of Directors Commodore Charles B. Hope, Jr. Vice Commodore Chuck C. Sinks Rear Commodore John L. Laun Jr. Staff Commodore kyle C. Clark

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Directors Douglas C. Werner John A. Reiter Michael J. Dorgan Jerelyn W. Biehl Brian D. Thomas


2013 Club Championship Regatta

WHAT’S COOkING 10 12 14-15 17

General Manager Terry Anglin

Commodore’s Dinner Star Worlds Opening Day Mens Mayhem


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DARREN & TERRY SHOW March 14, 2013 When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it’s the Darren and Terry Show. This month the Surfin’ Chef will be whipping up his version of Italian food and Terry will be adding his thoughts on various wines to pair with the fare. Neither of these guys are Italian, so we’re not sure what’s going to happen but know it’s going to be fun. Reservations required. $30++ per person



we roll into March your management team is involved in a number of projects trying to get them completed prior to Opening Day. The dock refurbishment project is continuing and we sincerely hope you are pleased with the results. The contractor has taken care to minimize impact to the membership while ensuring quality in workmanship. We will also begin work on the pool deck this month, refinishing the deck and adding additional drainage to eliminate the standing water at the pool entry area outside the Jacuzzi. As you receive this Mainsheet, we should be completing the bar

refurbishment project and hope you are pleased with the results. Just a reminder, please do not take on the task of opening and closing the new wooden and glass doors. Please ask a member of staff to assist in this process. The team has been given specific instructions as to the proper operation of the doors and we don’t want a member to get hurt or damage the doors. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Also be aware that the Bar will not be open for a few days while the hardwood floors are being resurfaced. Beverage operations will be moved to either the Club Room or Spinnaker Room during the “curing” period.

Lastly we will begin work on the parking lot soon. There are some areas that are in poor condition and need attention. We beg your indulgence as it relates to the loss of parking for periods of time. The main area that will be affected is the front section closest to the clubhouse. On the racing calendar for March, the Islands Race will be finishing at the club on March 9 and a perennial favorite, the NOOD Regatta, will be at SDYC on March 15, 16 & 17. More good news! The Padres begin the 2013 season against the New York Mets on April 1. Hope to see you soon at the club.

SAVE THE DATE USCG Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check day at SDYC by Flotilla 08 will be Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 0830 to 1400 Please contact Sharon Smith with any questions and to reserve a time for your Safety Check. For this safety check please retain your fire extinguishers, then have them serviced. • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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wELCOME NEw MEMBERS FLAG NANCY GAUSEWITZ BERNER “First, I want to renew the love and enjoyment I have gotten all my life from sailing. I would like to sail with comparatively easy-going racers who need a willing, if not terribly adept, crew member. Second, at the risk of sounding too sentimental, I want to join SDYC because it is home.”

jUNIOR FLAG TO FLAG ROBERT AHLERING “I grew up around the club and have always enjoyed being there. I joined the club as a Junior Member because I knew I wanted to become a Flag Member when I turned 30. Boating is an important part of my life that I want to continue. Additionally, when I settle down and start a family, I want my kids to have the same opportunity that I did as a child and hope that they too will learn to love the water.”

WALTER SPATH “I would like to increase my time on the water, to improve my sailing skills. I am excited to expose my children to all of the fun experiences boating provides, that I experienced as a child.”

jUNIOR FLAG BETH SHILLITO “As as a little girl, my favorite memories are of growing up with the SDYC as a central meeting point for family gatherings, boat trips, and many unforgettable vacations. As I have grown older, I want to continue this tradition, and provide a place for my children to grow up around boats and develop the same love of the ocean that I have.”

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE JENNIFER SIVERTS-MCGRADY “Buying a boat soon, planning on docking near the club. Once purchase of my boat is complete, I look forward to participating in SDYC events.”

4 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

WILLIAM HANLON “We have enjoyed being on the water or at the docks for 30 years and would like to join the SDYC to meet people with similar interests; we also would like to spend time with our children on the water.”

Memberships are available...


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.

FLAG Scott Rights Airline Pilot, UPS Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Dempsey Copeland 2nd Sponsor: Larki Cook Arthur Arsenault Engineering Manager, Northrop Grumman Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Michael Sanford 2nd Sponsor: Matthew Smith James Slattery Founder & Chairman of the Board, Millennium Laboratories Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Ed Lazarski 2nd Sponsor: Michael Herman

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE David Jensen Retired Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Jeff Brown 2nd Sponsor: Erik Rogers Photo by © Christy Radecic

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Staff Commodore Gordon “G.T.” Frost, Jr. Vice Commodre Chuck Sinks Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino Staff Commodore Bill Campbell Karen Busch Steve Harris Mary Snow Dennis Kenneally Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón



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in the spotlight

2013 Club Championship Regatta By Joanne O’Dea

The 2013 Club Champs Regatta was held in the club owned J/22 fleet in La Playa the weekend of January 19 and 20, 2013. We thought it would be fun to get the perspectives of Regatta Chair, Steve Harris, Principal Race Officer, Susi Graff, and Team 6 Stars (Tyler Sinks skippering as a last minute sub for Vice Commodore Chuck Sinks, with crew Commodore Chuck Hope and Rear Commodore John Laun).

As you might imagine pulling off 60 races in La Playa is a big challenge. The forecast called for 3 to 5 knots out of the south both Saturday and Sunday. As usual Susi Graff and her world class Race Committee, coaxed the breeze to fill in, and pulled off 60 races! Well done Susi and Jeff! The teams consisted of many of SDYC’s best sailors, families, fleet representatives, and even some stodgy old board members. You know, those guys that wear those funny pink pants on opening day… Andrew Campbell showed up with his new bride Jackie, John Reiter sailed with his kids, Chuck Sinks sent a Collegiate All-American stand in, and last years winning team the Star Fleet (Bennie Mitchell with Dave and Julie Servais) showed up to defend their honor. Seems everyone still likes to come out to play in La Playa… At the end of the first day Barry Ault had settled a few protests, the RC had pulled off 40 races, and there were a bunch of teams very close at the top of the leader board. The Campbells got off to a difficult start with a 4th in the first race, but followed up with Photo by © Joanne O’Dea

First, on behalf of the Planning Committee, we hear from Steve Harris. Where can you find families, Olympians, Americas Cup sailors, junior sailors, college sailors, high school Sailors, men and women, all SDYC members, having fun together in a sport we all love? The SDYC Club Champs Regatta! One of the things I love about SDYC is you have a diverse group of people, all bonded with a common interest, a love of the water and the sport of Yachting. In an age when kevlar sails and pro crews race the Beer Cans, Club Champs is sort of old school. Boats are all the same, the teams are diverse, no fancy sails, and the camaraderie on the dock is what makes it special. Where else can you find John Reiter and his boys racing against Mark Reynolds? When we originally conjured up the

format of this event we envisioned each SDYC fleet sending a team to see whom was the best at the club. Originally, we were thinking racing fleets. But as the concept evolved, we realized there are plenty of opportunities for the top sailors in the sport to compete. But there are not many events designed to bring us together as a club, and to simply enjoy the sport. Much to the chagrin of the professional organizers we opened the event to as broad an audience as possible, accepted additional teams, and messed up the rotations entirely. The format is a big part of the fun. We stage the event out on the end of E dock, where the kids sail. Corinthian is in place on the dock and serves as a home base for the spectators, food, music, protest committee, and coolers full of adult beverages… Races were held in La Playa, so the action was in plain view of the spectators on the dock. Lots of short races, close to the docks, are fun to watch. Teams do one race, then hustle back to the dock to let another team use the boat. The boats are rotating constantly and the landings are part of the spectacle… The fleet of J/22’s makes the whole event possible. This year we had 8 J/22’s sailing non-stop for two days. A new race was started every 7 or 8 minutes. Danielle Richards and Julie Mitchell’s Dad crafted a team/boat rotation grid that served as the schedule of races. The objective of the grid was to have 20 teams in the event, 4 boats in each race, each team should race the same number of races, and each team should race against every other team… Photo by © Steve McNally

Regatta Chair, Steve Harris & PRO Susi Graff

6 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

in the spotlight

Next, on behalf of the Race Committee, we hear from Susi Graff. Ah, the controlled chaos that is the Club Championships! Unlike most weekend regattas that hope to get in 5-7 races over 2 days, the 2013 Club Championships required 60 races over the same time period in order for all teams to have the same time on the water. This number was up from the 52 races we did for the 2012 Club Champs (which I truly think was a record). The only way to possibly get 60 races

Photo by © Steve McNally

TEAM Team 6 Stars Star Fleet Team Campbell PC Fleet Team Reiter Green Fleet Flying Tiger Fleet PHRF Fleet Kyle Who? PHRF Class 4 Etchells Fleet Direct This J/105 Fleet Lehman 12 Model Yacht Fleet Ladies of SDYC SSSS Fleet Race Committee J/120 Fleet Romeos Coffee Fleet

thanks to the visionary members who brought the J/22 fleet to the club, take care of the boats, and made this format possible.

Photo by © Steve McNally

three bullets. The Star fleet started out strong and Team 6 Stars, with Commodore Hope, started with a 1,1,2,1. Bring it on! Most impressive was the skipper of Team 6 Stars having his eyebrow sewed back together after testing the strength of a J/22 boom! It seems those booms are made of metal! Thanks Doc Ryan… Sunday started off with the competitors hanging on the dock in the sun, hoping for breeze. Susi came through again and ran 20 more races to get us to 60. Betty Sherman settled some protests and in the end Team 6 Stars won the regatta with an impressive eight Firsts and four Seconds. Congratulations to Tyler Sinks, Chuck Hope, and John Laun on Team 6 Stars! We received lots of good feedback from the sailors. Many want to expand the event and do a few events like this each year. Many would like to have 5 boats per race so more teams can participate. Lots of good ideas were shared. Special thanks to all the volunteers that made the event happen and to the competitors for making it fun. And last but not least

2013 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: Competitors and Results SKIPPER CREW CREW Tyler Sinks John Laun Chuck Hope Ben Mitchell David Servais Julie Servais Bill Campbell Andrew Campbell Jacqueline Campbell Mark Reynolds Tom Hurlburt Chuck Driscoll AJ Reiter John Reiter Jack Reiter Michael O'Connell Cutter O'Connell Steve Pacelli John Harrop Casey Campbell Julie McPherson Tim Fuller Whit Bachelor Chris Busch Kyle Clark Matt Brown Bill Carey Mark Butler Karen Butler Ian Trotter Dan Aeling Jim Dorsey Rex Cameron Brian Thomas Jerelyn Biehl John Rudderham Dave Vieregg Andy Reiter Cole Harris Craig Moss Stacey Szabo Lori Martin David Ryan Thomas Ryan Lee Hope Shala Lawrence Tammy Fowles Gigi Mitchell/Deanna Burton Dan North Dick Denzler Steve Stewart Summer Greene Jim Person Darin Hayden Mike Hatch Keith Lorence Joe Markee John Landon Gregg Morton Kenyon Martin • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

STANDINGS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 7

2013 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP in was to go to a 3-minute starting sequence , and to keep the races short and sweet. We used the small R/C boats for the course in La Playa – one for a signal boat (Pista) and 2 markset boats. The course was a simple windward-leeward-finish (with the start/finish line in the middle). The Notice of Race called for a 10 AM first warning for both days. Needless to say, this being San Diego, the wind didn’t fill in until about noon each day. So we sat on our little boats waiting for some breeze (while the competitors were having a party on the dock – at least it looked that way to us). On Saturday, Dennis Conner came by in his beautiful Splendor and correctly predicted to us when the wind would start and what direction it would come from – thank you Dennis! Luckily when it filled in it was solid from a westerly direction and we really didn’t have to move the course at all day – just tweaked it a little bit once in a while. Amazingly, we were able to get 40 races in on Saturday, before calling it

a day just after the sun dipped below Point Loma. We were on autopilot on the signal boat Pista, always having 2 races going on the course at the same time. There was some excitement when one of the competitors ran into an outboard engine on the anchored Pista, and when one of our mark-set boats was able to do a “hat overboard” rescue of Mark Reynolds’ favorite hat. On Sunday the wind filled in nicely again around noon and we were able to get the remaining 20 races in with no problem. At the end of the regatta, the competitors and organizers agreed that the racing was great and a good time was had by all – including the R/C volunteers: Gary Adler, Nancy Berner, Peggy Crunican, Mike Dore, Ann Folting, Dave Hardy, Jeff Johnson, Pete Whitby, and Gordie Zimm. Last, but not least - Comments from Team Six Stars. How did you prepare for this event, how is that different from how you prepare for other regattas? Photo by © Steve McNally Photo by © Steve McNally

8 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

JL: Hours (well, maybe almost 2) of training – mostly teaching the old dog in the middle about roll tacks. CH: We spent a lot of time practicing match racing style starts with another team. This helped us get a feel for how the J/22 maneuvers and accelerates. This paid dividends with many great starts on race day. TS: We sailed for an hour and a half the Friday before the regatta and we tried to make it as productive and efficient as possible. We spent a majority of the time sparring with another boat doing boat-handling intensive match racing starts which prepared us the competitive starts during the regatta. How do you think the regatta went? How did the sailing, boat rotations, venue, etc. work out? JL: I think the whole concept is outstanding for a fun weekend of spirited racing, and there is always the opportunity for a NYEEMA nominationworthy event (especially during the boat rotations). CH: The event went as well as last

2013 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Photo by © Joanne O’Dea

Photo by © Joanne O’Dea

Photo by © Joanne O’Dea

Team 6 Starts - 1st Place

Team Star Fleet - 2nd Place

Team Campbell - 3rd Place Photo by © Steve McNally

Photo by © Steve McNally

year with a larger fleet this time, which speaks volumes of the race organizers and race committee. TS: The regatta went great. We could not have asked for better conditions and nicer weather. Many thanks to Steve Harris and his team of volunteers, they did a phenomenal job. What are some fun anecdotes that you can share about sailing together, competing in this event? JL: I think Tyler Sinks’ performance in the last race on Saturday was very impressive. He sailed the race with blood dripping down his face from a pre-start gybe gone bad and was still victorious. Chuck Hope was also money figuring out the shifts and pressure in La Playa Cove. CH: We sailed with a wide range of talent on the boat (we know which end had the big talent) and we all contributed to each race in a meaningful way. We were not the best “team” out there, but we worked well

together and had a great time doing it. TS: This was absolutely a team win. Commodore Hope and Rear Commodore Laun were a treat to sail with and everyone brought a unique skill which was a critical part to our success in the shifty conditions of la playa cove. What was your favorite part of the event? CH: Being able to watch all the matches from the dock or flybridge. The races were exciting to watch with tight roundings and multiple lead changes. TS: My favorite part of the event was hanging out on the dock between races, catching up with old friends and other sailors. Our club has so many talented sailors, it was fun hearing about what other guys have been up to. What is your secret to clinching the Club Championship 2013? JL: Three keys; great starts, correct side of the 1st leg, and inside at the bottom mark. CH: We had to win the last race to clinch the regatta. When Tyler got clocked by the boom on a pre-start gybe I thought we were done. I suggested to Tyler that we abandon the race. With his eyes rolling in the back of his head he told us “I think I’m alright”. We won that last race and then Tyler went straight to Dr. Ryan’s office for 5 stitches over his right eye. TS: Our success was a product of good team work and solid communication which allowed us to limit mistakes and take advantage of opportunities to win races.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 9



Support the Team MAR 12, 2O13 at SDYC Join us for a special evening to support Team USA45 together with Oracle Racing Skipper and defending America’s Cup helmsman, James Spithill, in their pursuit to win the first ever Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. 6:00 PM Social Hour, Mingle with Jimmy and members of Team USA45 Racing! 6:30 PM Dinner 7:00 PM Presentation - Jimmy Spithill $25 Adults MARCH


Reserve on-line now. Don’t miss out! Featuring special raffles and prizes!

Oracle Team USA James Spithill Skipper and Helmsman | Photos: ORACLE Team USA / Guilain Grenier

SEPT 1 - 4, 2O13

SDYC’S Team USA45 Sailors JAKE LA DOW Wing Trimmer St. Mary’s College JAKE REYNOLDS Bowman College of Charleston NEVIN SNOW Tactician Georgetown University

IMPOUND LIST As of January 16, 2012

0-30 DAYS • Blue Schwinn bike recovered from area next to locker building • Black step ladder and white 2x4 recovered from dinghy racks by H dock

Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year.

30-89 DAYS • 2 small boogie boards, broom stick, bucket, scrub brush, screw driver (stored in white trash bag) • Light gray Hobie Mirage tandem kayak recovered from B-8M • Gray Cobra tandem kayak with paddle and boat pump recovered in between dinghy racks on C dock • 2 black paddles recovered from rack C-2M • Power cord, rope and life jacket recovered from dock box at D-39 • 2 yellow kayaks (Ocean Kayak Classic and Scrambler XT) recovered from B-4M • White dock steps with 5 fender covers and box of san paper recovered from slip E-23 • Kayak equipment: wheels, paddle, seat cushion, yellow sail. Recovered from locker 106

10 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

90+ DAYS • Bean bag and hose recovered from locker 105 • Gray Sterlite box recovered from One Design area near J-22s • 15’ grey Davidson ladder recovered from One Design area near J-22s • White wakeboard with blue fins recovered from hoist area between B and C docks • White Sabot recovered from rack B-8T • Gray Inflatable (folded/rolled up) • 5 Gallon Gas Can recovered from One Design area • Milk crate with miscellaneous (apparently abandoned) parts recovered from One Design Area • Peroni Azzurro sign • Microwave • Silver “Phat” bicycle


CRUISING FLEET MONTHLY DINNER March 19th Join the Cruising Fleet for a multi-media presentation by T.J. and Sherry McCann on their recent trip “cruising” through Africa. The journey takes place in Botswana and Zambia, to five different National Parks and Victoria Falls. From antelopes to zebras, we’ll experience all of the exotic wildlife that Africa has to offer. Please come join us! We have a no host bar for cocktails starting at 6:00 PM and dinner is served at 7:00 PM. So please go on line to sign up and indicate if you want beef or fish. If you are unable to sign up on line, please contact catering at 619-221-8400. Program Chairman, Kemp Ruffner

Camp Catalina The 2013 Catalina Island Conservancy Ball Hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club

April 13, 2013 SAVE THE DATE FOR THE 2013 BALL! Mark your calendar now for Saturday, April 13, 2013, for the 18th Annual Catalina Island Conservancy Ball. Nowhere else can you dine in such style and dance the night away at the beautiful and historic Casino, all the while benefiting the Catalina Conservancy and its tireless efforts to sustain our beloved Catalina Island. Now in its 18th year, the Catalina Island Conservancy Ball has become a vital part of the support needed to ensure that Catalina remains the beautiful and pristine place that we have all come to cherish. We need your help! Please consider joining us as a Ball Sponsor for the 2013 Ball or donating items to our auction. As the Conservancy’s largest single fundraising event, the success of the Ball is dependent upon the generosity of supporters like you. We look forward to your participation as the Conservancy presents an exciting evening that will benefit Catalina Island. Since the inception of the Conservancy Ball, San Diego Yacht Club members have been extraordinarily generous in their support of the Ball through attendance, sponsorships and donations of live and silent auction items. Sponsorships are now available and ensure your seating at the Ball as well as an invitation to attend the Sponsor preparty. Packets are available at the SDYC Front Desk. Please let us know if we can provide any further information to you or just go to our website at Together we can build on the legacy begun many years ago which still ensures that Catalina Island will remain the thriving and picturesque setting we know and love. Just go to www. Thank you for your generosity and support! Staff Commodore Mike and Mari Fink 2013 Conservancy Ball Co-Chairmen

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 11

Club News

STAR CROSSINGS The Southern California Star Fleet kicked off the first regatta of the year with eleven boats participating at the Brown Star Regatta here at SDYC. The Brown Star is a combination of regatta/clinic with expert Star sailors providing coaching to the fleet before during and after the races. This year the fleet was expertly coached by George Szabo, Andrew Campbell and Mark Strube. Saturday brought the opportunity for the fleet to work on its light wind techniques while Sunday brought stronger winds and the chance for great racing. After twelve races in varying conditions, Ben Mitchell and crew Craig Moss came away with the win. From Seattle, Carl Buchan and Jamie Buchan was a close second while Mark Butler and John Rudderham won the coveted Brown Star for the most improved! Many familiar faces were out competing over the weekend including Director Mike Dorgan with son Matthew crewing and Bill Gerard and son Bill both from Santa Barbara Yacht Club.

Craig Moss demonstrating winning form

All competitors agreed that the coaching from the experts was worth the effort and the best way to begin the regatta season! A big thanks you to the coaches and the race committee led by Susan Graf and her team…well done.

Elsewhere, George Szabo narrowly missed winning the Florida Mid Winters when gear failure struck in the last race and he had to retire. Mark Reynolds just returned from Miami as well after competing in the Zag Masters Regatta. Next up is the SCYA Mid-Winters at California Yacht Club and a few more events like the Bacardi Cup in Florida. We will keep you posted on how things turn out in the next Mainsheet. Matthew Dorgan working downwind

Again a thank you to our Star World Championship sponsors:

12 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


SDYC Women’s Luncheons Did you know that SDYC membership includes 7 UC Master Gardeners? Meet these dedicated volunteers, hear the latest information on sustainable and edible landscaping and ask questions before and after lunch about gardening and landscaping.

MARCH 6TH 11:30-1:00PM

Lynlee Slayter will explain how SDYC changed to sustainable maintenance practices and why these methods are so beneficial, resulting in earth friendly gardens. Nancy Hurlburt will present the latest UC principals of Edible Landscaping.

$16.00 per person

48 Hour Cancellation policy Sign up online at or call (619) 221-8400



SDYC Knitters meet on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Members Lounge from 6:00-8:30pm. We hope you will join us. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden or call 619-964-1842.


Please come and join us for a fun day of visiting & polishing our beatiful Trophies - they want to sparkle for Opening Day! Monday, April 8, 2013 10:00AM-4:00PM Call and let us know you will be joining in the fun so we can have enough food prepared for everyone. If you have any questions please call Bonnie Rickard (619) 851-4495 No charge to polish or eat!


Place your special order today for Opening Day 2013. • Ladies & Children options are available at the Boatique • Twill Club Pants • Twill Club Shorts • Burgee Silk Tie Features: • *plain front signature vineyard vines • *on seam pockets • *two back button pockets • *100% cotton

Size: • Pant *inseam: 32” waist: 30”42” • *inseam: 34” waist: 34,36,38” • Shorts *inseam: 9” *waist: 28-42” Colors: • Rhubarb (shown), Blue Blazer (Navy). • Price: March Special • Pant $70.++ • Shorts $60.++ • Tie $75.++

Sasha Diamond (619) 758-6302 • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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Club News

San Diego Yacht Club Commodore Chuck & Kitsy Hope Cordially Invite You to Attend THE COMMODORE’S ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHTH OPENING DAY DINNER DANCE Saturday, April 20, 2013 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm Herald the Opening of the 2013 Yachting Season at the San Diego Yacht Club The Commodore’s Dinner Dance is an important tradition, celebrating the Corinthian spirit of Opening Day activities with good friends, good food and good entertainment


Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 pm Dinner at 7:30 pm Music and Dancing with “Sensation Showband” Seating is limited


More information available online by visiting the SDYC calendar


Reservations by April 13, 2013 Reserve online at 48 hour firm cancellation policy


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Club News OPENING DAY 2013 YACHT INSPECTION AND YACHT HOSPITALITY INFORMATION There are two opportunities for showing off your vessel on Opening Day! You may enter into the Yacht Inspection Competition, or host Yacht Club members as a Hospitality Boat (or both!). If you don’t have a slip at the club and would like to participate in Hospitality and/or the Yacht Inspection Competition, call the Dock Master for a temporary slip. Read on for details... Yacht Inspection Competition - Members are encouraged to prepare their vessels and request inspection. Applications for inspection are available in the Mainsheet, online at, or at the front desk. Yacht inspections will be conducted on Saturday, April 20, 2013, commencing at 0900. Inspected vessels must be open for Hospitality after inspection. Members requesting inspection should be sure to pick up a copy of the “Requirements and Recommendations” handout for inspected vessels. Yacht Inspection Competition Award Categories: • Best Maintained Power • Best Maintained Sail • Best Maintained PC Class • Best Maintained Classic Yacht (vessel over 40 years old) • Best Maintained New Yacht (less than 2 years old) • Best Maintained First Time Entry (owner, not the boat) • Best Maintained First Time Inspected Yacht (the boat, not the owner) • Best Maintained Trailerable • Best Maintained Overall Yacht Hospitality - “A Time Honored Tradition...” Yacht owners welcome members and friends aboard their vessels after the Opening Day Ceremony for camaraderie and good cheer. Hospitality is a terrific way to celebrate the arrival of SDYC’s 128th Yachting Season. The Yacht Club will provide snacks and beverages to help entertain and refresh your guests. Balloons will be delivered to identify your vessel. Your vessel name and location will be listed in the Opening Day program. Should we challenge Commodore Hope to stop for a drink on each open Hospitality boat? A life jacket will be provided for his protection...


Deadline for Submission Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Circle one: Yacht Inspection Competition Yacht Hospitality


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Serial adventures in the library By Linda Gillard


you have made it all the way through the Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O’Brian and are ready for more adventures under sail. Your SDYC library can help. There are two other multi-volume fictional accounts of exploits by British naval officers: Alexander Kent’s Richard Bolitho and Dudley Pope’s Lord Ramage. Richard Bolitho is followed from his early days as a midshipman to the rank of

Bridgedeckers By DeeGee Farrell Photo by Jackie Kohls


ith lots of flu cases, colds, medical emergencies, and travel plans in the works the month of January became a real challenge to find players who could come out to play bridge. We still managed to have between two and four tables of ladies each and every Thursday. January also brought back to the Bridge table our darling Jean Kremm. She has had a long, long recovery period after surgery. We are all so happy to see her back and her Bridge skills are still sharp as a tack. She is tough to beat. And I am happy to report that sunny Dorothy Wheeler will be returning to the table in early February. Dorothy

admiral in more than 25 novels. In the first book, Midshipman Bolitho, acts of naval derring-do are interspersed with glimpses of family and friendships, all of which add to the realism of the story and increase interest in the protagonist and his mates. Lord Ramage is a bit more over-the-top. The knife-throwing peer of the realm may stretch credibility now and again, but it all seems in good fun. Ramage takes our hero from a sinking ship to the successful rescue of a damsel in distress, all the while giving us insights into the politics of the British Royal Navy. And he continues, in 18 testosterone-fueled novels. With those long, cold winter evenings underway, maybe this is the time to curl is a marvel with good bridge skills in place at 94 years of age. Hope we can all be playing Bridge in our nineties. We play bridge each Thursday from 10 AM to 2:30 PM with lunch at noon. New members are always welcome. Doris Ellsworth is the Hostess for the month of March. So call Doris (619224-1416) if you would like to play. Delicious homemade cookies were provided by Jeanne Lynch (the Cookie Queen) several Thursdays in a row and she and Jean Kremm also brought in fun Girl Scout cookies purchased from the young daughter of a SDYC member. Winners for the month of January were: Jane Baldwin, Sherron Brinker* (guest), Cindy Caruso, Doris Ellsworth, Sharon Hope, Jane Kenny,* Jodi Kerr* and Jean Kremm. Congratulations to Jane Kenny and Jodi Kerr who both placed First two times in one month. *Denotes first place

up with a warm action book and make the acquaintance of Bolitho and Ramage. Bolitho and Ramage books are available in the fiction section of SDYC’s library. Library hours with a librarian on duty are 1:30 to 4 on Wednesdays and 10 to 1 Saturdays. Members can access the library at other times by signing out a key from the main desk.

Monday Evening Bridge Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on March 11 at 6:30 PM. The game is relaxed, lively and fun, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our January winners: 1st-Billy Satterwhite, 2ndJane Kenny, 3rd-Stan Nadel To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by March 8 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or Reserve early to avoid disappointment. Remember: We now start promptly at 6:30 PM, playing 4 rounds of bridge. Thank you for your dependable promotion of our member activity. With fond regards, Stan and Cecilia

Dorothy Wheeler, Nancy Peckham, Sharon Hope, Jean Kremm, Jodi Kerr, Sharon Dennison, Sarah Gerron (guest), Jane Baldwin, Cindy Caruso, Cameron Peter, Monique Blinks & DeeGee Farrell.

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Go online to register today at Registration at 10:30AM followed by the skipper’s meeting at 11:30AM. Races immediately following. Meet on deck, outside the Spinnaker Room and bring your entry fee: two sixpacks of beer, soft drinks or other beverages! For more information, contact Julie McPherson at (619) 322-0298 or

Community Programs Committee By Nancy & Ed Lazarski

The Community Programs Committee is finalizing our schedule of events for 2013, so stay tuned to future updates on what we’re up to - we’ll be advertising our upcoming events both in the Mainsheet and in the weekly email blasts. This month, we want to let you know that the Sea Scouts have been doing great things, and their Ship Committee could use a few more adults volunteering to assist and provide leadership. For starters – the Sea Scouts’ Ship Committee is currently made up of five men who help organize our Sea Scouts maritime adventures and community service efforts. And, with our Ship 1886 Sea Scouts having eight boys and four girls, and growing, we would really like to encourage a few women to volunteer to be on the Ship Committee. We would really like to broaden the composition of the Sea Scouts’ adult leadership. It’s only their second year, and

already Ship 1886 has had 3 great achievements which were recognized at the January 26th San Diego Imperial Council Venturing / Sea Scouts Awards Dinner: 1. SDYC Ship 1886 was presented the National Centennial Award for their: • “Seamanship”…”for the Safety of your Shipmates and your Ship” --navigation, safety and piloting. Prior to their 2012 voyage to Catalina, the youth spent several weeks learning navigation and plotting charts under the guidance of Rags Laragione and the Maritime Institute. The youth plotted an outbound course north to Oceanside, Dana Point and west to Avalon. There were a total of 12 making this voyage on two sailboats. • “Service”…The Ship conducted non-native plant removal service projects to benefit Emerald Bay and Catalina Island. • “Social”....The Ship engaged in several activities during this trip including snorkeling, camping, war canoes and shotgun shooting. 2. Gwen Curry, Ship 1886 Bo’sun, was inducted into the Class of 2012 National Youth Leadership Society for participation in leadership courses, such as National Youth Leadership Training and Kodiak Challenge, plus her

leadership offices held in Sea Scouts and Venturing. Gwen’s position as Ship’s Bo’sun indicates that her peers have elected her to be the youth leader. 3. Hannah Olson, Ship 1886 Bo’sun Mate Admin, was awarded the Venturing Leadership Award for leadership in the Ship and also her role as President of Venturing Crew 500. At council level she is assistant youth Course Director for National Youth Leadership Training. Again, we are looking for additional adults, and ladies in particular, to help with the Ship Committee. Interested? Let us know, or feel free to join us on Monday, March 18th at 7 PM in the Jessop Room.

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From the archives… By Barry Ault SDYC History Committee

Did you know that our yacht club has a

history archive that is full of interesting stuff? Look at what I found in the archive: Over 100 years ago, not long after SDYC was founded, flag member Wilbur Kyle raced his home built 68 foot yawl, Lady Maud in the second running of the greatest yachting challenge in the Pacific, the 1908 TransPac. We are fortunate to have a wonderful log from Lady Maud’s race. Here are some excerpts: “…As we swung away from the pier, the crowd cheered us, whistles blew salutes, flags were dipped and cannons boomed…”[the second day at sea] “…1030 - a fine breeze on the beam, caught two albacore. Sighted San Clemente Island. Ever and anon

we catch glimpses of flying fish sailing through the air from the tops of one swell to another.. 1500 – becalmed for a couple of hours. With the going down of the sun the wind came up and we reefed the main sail and let her go…” [the third day at sea] “Becalmed since mid-night last. The stay-boom pulled out of the traveler fastening and gave us something to keep us busy. The breeze sprang up around 1330 and we sailed into the outer harbor of San Pedro and dropped anchor.” (this adventure was just the sail from SDYC to the starting line) “…The anchor was no sooner down than visiting yachtsmen began to pile aboard and gave us a royal welcome…


2013 SUMMER SAILING PROGRAM Member online registration begins March 1st! Dates, prices and full details are available at Classes fill early, so please sign-up early to enjoy the fun!

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We donned our glad rags and went ashore singing polly, wolly, doodle all the day…” The log goes on to tell the story of the race aboard Lady Maud and their stay in a Hawaii that none of us will ever see. Some parts of sailing have changed greatly over the years and much of that change is documented by treasures like this log in the SDYC archive. Come and enjoy it with us.

On The Race Course

By Susi Graff Race Committee Co-Chair Photo by Jim Tomcik


got off to a quick start for the Race Committee, with the 2-day Brown Star Regatta falling on the first weekend. This was a clinic for the Stars and it provided the RC with plenty to do. George Szabo, the regatta organizer and on-the-water coach, even remarked how hard the R/C worked – it’s not all mai tai’s and margaritas George! (And for the record, it’s never anything until we are back at the dock). The racing area was just around the corner of Zuniga jetty, which made for shifting conditions and lots of mark adjustments – quick and precise work by our mark set folks. We got in 7 races on Saturday and it was great to watch the level of competition between the 11 boats grow as the day went on. On Sunday we just did 5 races as everyone wanted to get in to watch the Super Bowl. Next up for the RC was the monthly One Design Weekend on February 9-10, with Bruce Greene as PRO. There was a good turnout of Etchells, J105s, and PCs, along with a fledgling racing fleet of club J/22’s. Bruce was able to get in 4 races on Saturday, even with a 100% wind shift in the first race, and 3 races on Sunday. And what really made the weekend for Bruce was the addition of several new, enthusiastic volunteers to the RC! The SCYA Midwinters were on February 16-17 (our PRO was Mike Foster), and SDYC hosted six fleets: Beneteau 36.7, J/70, J/80, J/105, J/109 and J/120. There will be no dull moments for the Race Committee in March, with events every weekend. The SSSS has their monthly Saturday race on March 2, and RC members often help with these. Bruce Greene will run the March One Design Weekend on March 9-10; the Islands Race also finishes

here that weekend. Bruce along with Wayne Coulon will be the PRO’s for the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD (National Offshore One Design) Regatta the following weekend. The NOOD is an annual event and is one of only seven such regattas held around the country; with the number of entries and different types of boats the regatta requires two ocean courses and lots of RC personnel. The Men’s Mayhem happens on March 23, and then the highly-attended Etchells Midwinters finishes up the month, with Bruce Greene as PRO. As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to get out on the water with the Race Committee and we are constantly looking for new volunteers. No special training is needed, and the RC can be as exciting as the racing itself! Learn more about us on the SDYC website under “Race Info->Race Committee” or contact the Sailing Office at 619-758-6309 or jared@sdyc. org.

Regatta Top Finishers

Club Championship: January 19-20 1st Place: Team Six Stars (Chuck Hope, John Laun, Tyler Sink) 2nd Place: Star Fleet (Ben Mitchell, David Servais, Julie Servais) 3rd Place: Team Campbell (Bill Campbell, Andrew Campbell, Jacqueline Campbell) One Design Weekend: January 26-27 Etchells 1st Place: Chris Snow, 1018 Etchells 2nd Place: Andy La Dow, Second Wind Etchells 3rd Place: Andrew Whittome, Down Under Brown Star Clinic: February 2-3 1st Place: Ben Mitchell, Craig Moss 2nd Place: Carl Buchan, Jamie Buchan 3rd Place: Alejandro Bugacov, Eugenio Cingolani One Design Weekend: February 9-10 Etchells Winner: Frederic Laffitte, Hustle & Flow J/105 Winner: Rick Goebel, Sanity J/22 Winner: Steve McNally PC Winner: Tom Hurlburt, Skylark

Upcoming Events

March 2: SSSS Saturday Race March 8-9: Islands Race March 9-10: One Design Weekend March 15-17: Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta March 23: Men’s Mayhem March 23: SSSS Saturday Race March 29-31: Etchells Midwinters West April 13-14: One Design Weekend April 20: Opening Day Race April 27: SSSS Saturday Race

Brown Star Clinic

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Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events.

Race Committee

On the race course


Old Friends Racing Association By Cliff Thompson, ‘Super Gnat’

This is an update on the OFRA group of

sailors who have been sailing now for over 25 years in San Diego on Wednesday’s. And, guess what, we are still at it! It should be noted that the word Friends (in our title) sometimes has a different substitute word. A normal Wednesday day is like this: Lunch at the SDYC bar at 1130 (Super Gnat & Alexa crew). Other boats have lunch aboard. The course for the day is then decided either during lunch, or by phone, or on the water before starting. Do you notice how INFORMAL this is. We then do a staggered start (slower boats first) off of Buoy 17 around 1PM (or slightly later). The starting line is between Buoy 17 and the tip of Shelter Island. No Race Committee is involved. The usual course is to Buoy 11 (just past Ballast Point), then down to Buoy 21, then to Buoy 22 and

finish at Buoy 17. There are variations on this course depending on the speed of the boats and of course, whatever the wind gods have in mind. We normally sail with no spinnakers, but leave that to the individual boat. Most of the time we are finished by 3:30 PM and it’s time for cocktails! Any sailboat is invited. We don’t care if it’s slow or fast. The whole idea is to get people and boats out on the water in the middle of the week and have a good time. We would like to thank the below skippers/ boats who participated for the year 2012. They are: • Wayne Terry Sr./Fortune • Al Breitenbach/Whisper • Cliff Thompson/Super Gnat • Victor Wild/Alexa • Don Fulton/Babe • Chick Pyle/Kea Some boats that participated are missing from the list, as it is hard to keep track of everyone. So, if I missed your name, buy me a drink, and I might remember. A quick thank you to all the skippers (past, present, deceased) that have held the fleet

together all of these years. Some quick names come to mind. Dr. May who owned Sagacious, a Col 50, (now deceased), Wayne Terry who also sails a Col 50 who has been sailing all these years, Craig, now deceased, who sailed Brushfire for many years, Cliff (that’s me), on two Super Gnat’s have been sailing on Wednesday’s for 12 years now. So, we now have a smaller group than in previous years. We would like to have more boats come out and join us. After all, it’s a great excuse to get out on the water and go sailing. So, let’s go sailing! Please join us on Wednesday’s. Just contact myself or Wayne Terry.

Super Gnat crew durring Christmas.

J/22 Fleet

FIRST RACE FOR J/22 PROGRAM MEMBERS A HUGE SUCCESS! By Darin Hayden Photos by Darin Hayden

for the NOODs! Anyone interested in crewing, please contact Darin Hayden ( who is keeping a crew list for J/22 Members looking for crew. A special “thank you” to Race Committee and PRO, Bruce Greene, for setting up perfect race courses for us! Rick McElvain & John Hardesty

The J/22 Program competed in its first

event of the year on Sunday, February 10th. We joined the Etchells and PC’s for the One Design Race in the ocean. There were three teams (Sheid, McElvain, and McNally) who enjoyed an easy tow out to the course thanks to race committee’s Gary Adler and Pista. All three teams successfully managed three races with spinnakers. The McElvain team made an impressive showing with just two onboard and were tough competitors! Equally impressive was team Sheid with a team of five; three of those being Juniors! Team McNally managed to learn from their short practice to work together as a team and learn the new boat! We all had a lot of fun and look forward to getting more J/22’s out

Nico Barrera, Xavier Sheid & Paolo Barrera

Steve McNally, Dick Denzler, Darin Hayden & Julie McPherson

Towing out to the ocean!

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Internet Remote Control Emergency Radio System By Peter Van Horne KA6U Photo by Peter Van Horne


veryone today is connected. Smart phones, high speed wireless connections and the Internet allow us to keep in touch with friends, family, and the office from almost anywhere. Amateur Radio operators or “Hams” provide emergency communications during times of natural disasters or other emergencies. As a teenager living in Michigan I had an opportunity to provide public service communications after the Sylmar earthquake in California in 1971. For two weeks, the very long distance phone lines out of California were jammed by family members across the country checking on their loved ones. Because the phone lines didn’t work, two of my friends who were also Hams and I used Amateur Radio to deliver hundreds of messages from families in California to their friends and families across the country. The SDYC Amateur Radio Group asked, “What if we could build a portable Amateur Radio station that could leverage the great SDYC Communications Center to provide Worldwide emergency communications?” In December 2012, the ARG convened a special meeting where I presented a concept to the SDYC Amateur Radio Group board for an Internet remote control system for the SDYC Comm Center. The Board enthusiastically approved the idea. The January 2013 result is the Internet radio remote control system shown in the picture below. San Diego Yacht Club’s remote controlled Amateur Radio station has the power to reach anywhere in the World. During the last two weeks of January, the remote control radio system communicated with amateur radio operators in over 40 countries around the world. Contacts

included Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Chile, Argentina, France, Germany, even a small island north of Russia about 400 miles from the North Pole! In one night in January, in six hours, we contacted Amateur Radio stations in 35 states from Hawaii to Massachusetts to Washington, Florida and everywhere in between. The Internet remote control radio system is built into a portable waterproof case. The case contains everything the radio operator needs to communicate using voice, Morse code, even special digital communication modes that allow connecting a PC to the radio for sending messages, pictures and faxes around the world from a laptop computer. The system can be powered from a wall outlet, connected to a car cigarette lighter or batteries. The box with the numbers on it in the middle of the picture is the remote control unit for the radio located in the SDYC Comm Center. The silver colored Morse code key is at the top. A microphone is at the right. The black box on the left connects to the Internet. The black box on the right is the wireless router that

connects to WIFI, to wired Internet, or the Verizon Wireless network. The remote control radio system is an important part of the SDYC Amateur Radio Groups emergency communications capability. The portable remote control system can be taken to any remote location, including your boat, where communications are required. If you and/or your children would like to learn more about the proven communication benefits of radio with modern, high tech internet connectivity integrated into a normal and emergency communication system, please send an email to or go online to for more information. If you and/or your kids would like to see a live demonstration, either at the Comm Center, or your child’s school, of this latest, in house creation, please contact us, we would be happy to teach you another aspect of yachting.

San Diego Yacht Club Internet Remote Controlled Amateur Radio System

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PC BY Rish Pavelec, PC #16 DAWN Photo by Rish Pavelec


elcome readers! We are well on our way to some wonderful sailing weather and activities. The second annual SDYC Club Championship was held on January 19 and 20. The race course was in La Playa Cove. Twenty teams competed in the J/22 boats. The PC Fleet was represented by: Mark Reynolds, skipper/helmsman and Chuck Driscoll and Tom Hurlburt. Our fleet was represented by an excellent team and should be well pleased taking 4th place. The winds were light and “iffy”

to say the least. E-Dock, as all others facing La Playa, was packed at the end with people interested in watching the show. Thanks to our trusted fleet members for representing us. I am pleased to report that our trusty Fleet Captain, Geves Kenny, has stopped slacking and has already been seen on the water and racing with the trusted crew of La Cucaracha. Welcome back Geves!! Our weather has been WEIRD to say the least. On several days during mid January, we started the day with every intention of getting out on the water. After checking the winds from home and then down at the club…we had disappointing “busts” on several days. Though we are still about 1 inch shy of the expected rains for the year… now

"#84 Just out of the beauty parlor

22 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

that the rains seem to be gone…there seems to be little wind left behind. I do hope and expect that the situation will be corrected soon. For those of you who aren’t aware… SDYC member, Ray Ashley, and “his” San Diego Maritime Museum employees and volunteers have made GREAT progress on the completion of the San Salvador!! If you have not had time to visit the site of the construction and see the work in progress, I strongly encourage you to do so. I know that many club members have “participated” in the ongoing project and I salute you all for your efforts. Remember that the OLDEST KNOWN SURVIVING PC (#8 WINGS) holds a place at the museum for all visitors to admire. I would hope that, like me, you support the museum with your membership and visit the vessels on site often. The new Ancient Mariners 2013 events/race schedule has come out and, as usual, many great events are scheduled. Please make it your business to check your calendars. March 2nd is the 20 Guinea Cup #2 and April 13th will bring the April Fools/20 Guinea Cup #3 race. Hard to believe that next month, on the weekend of April 19th, will be Opening Day at the SDYC!!! In the past, we have been so fortunate to have great weather and I expect to see the same this year!! Please remember that our Fleet should be well represented as THE classic yacht fleet at the club and your vessel should be uncovered with signal flags flying as part of this celebration. As I have said in the past…. the condition of your boat is not important. What is important is that you SHOW your boat uncovered and fly at least ONE signal flag. You should know how important this is to the rest of your fleet members on E Street. I know that our fleet will also be well represented for the Opening Day race and will report next month. Until then, enjoy your club and get out there on the water!!



The opening One Design weekend for

2013 started as a cold, bleak rain soaked day. Competitors launched their boats and looked to the heavens to see if the weather and wind would cooperate before venturing out onto the course. Making a popular judgement call, the Race Committee elected to postpone onshore. With that competitors went to the yacht club bar and enjoyed warm coffee, sandwiches and, for the lucky few Marnie Buddo's home made Hot Buttered Rum, which was the real crowd pleaser of the day. With no significant improvement in weather conditions racing was eventually called off for the day. Sunday brought much better conditions as the entire fleet of 14 teams sailed out to the course under a 10 knot breeze. Race 1 got under way at 11:20 am with shifty wind conditions, and clearing skies. Team Down Under (Andrew Whittome, Gary Mitchell, Julie Servais) led the fleet around each mark and opened up a significant lead at the finish line for a comfortable win. Second place went to Second Wind (Andy La Dow, Patrick Sloan and Commodore Chuck Hope) with Hustle and Flow from Seattle (Frederic and Janet Laffitte and Joe Williams) taking third. Race 2 saw the breeze soften a little and the degree of wind shifts across the course increase. Despite port tacking the fleet, Team Down Under could not maintain the lead and was passed by USA 1018 (Chris Snow, John Rudderham and Derek Gauger ) on the second upwind leg. Chris went on to take first place over Hustle and Flow, with Jack (Charlie Mann, Mike Held and Tom Reilly) powering through the finish line to take an impressive third. David Ryan sailing his new boat Nauti Spot USA 981 with brother Tom Ryan and Vince Brun placing a close forth. Race 3 saw yet another port tack cross

at the start by Down Under but again the joy was short-lived. After a tight fourway duel around the entire course, Team Second Wind sped from fourth to first on the final leg to win the race. Skipper Andy La Dow was clearly pleased with the result and his impressive downwind speed. Second position went to USA 1018 giving Chris Snow and his team the overall win for the weekend, with David Ryan taking third by half a boat length over Andrew Whittome on Down Under. Chris Snow demonstrated the rule that "consistency wins the day" by never placing outside the top four boats. The racing was close and hard fought, with teams often finishing overlapped looking for that half a boat length on the final wave to clinch a place. Race Committee and PRO Jim Person did a great job. Managing the racing schedule and resetting the course several times to match the shifting wind directions. Many thanks go out to the volunteers on Race Committee for their time and efforts. The competition in the Etchells fleet is heating up this year. New Skippers to the fleet include Ian Trotter on USA 904 and David Ryan on USA 981. In addition, many teams from last season have expressed their intention of getting back out on the water. With events on the horizon like the Midwinters West in March, the Orca Bowl in May and the Worlds, which

will be held in beautiful Italy in June, the racing is expected to be exciting this year. The Winter series is an Invitational event. Fleet 13 welcomes any teams that wish to compete to join the One Design Weekends. If you are interested in competing in the Etchells class please reach out to Fleet Captain Bruce Nelson at and enquire about a possible boat charter that will get you out onto the course to line up with some of the best One Design sailors in the country. If you are looking to crew or are interested in purchasing an Etchells please visit our website at www. The next ODW is scheduled for March 9th and 10th.

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Final January ODW Results 1st Place: USA 1018 Chris Snow 2nd Place: USA 985 Andy La Dow 3rd Place: USA 1283 Andrew Whittome 4th Place: USA 1281 Frederic Laffitte 5th Place: USA 981 David Ryan

MARCH 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 3




In the theme and tradition of SDYC

going green, so have the members of the Anglers Fleet. If you have not already ventured to see the new Fillet Station located in the same corner as the Etchells, then you probably have not noticed the black 3 foot x 4 inch PVC tube installed on the light pole. Why and who would be effected by the quiet fishermen on the hunt for dinner or a mega catch photo opportunity care about where and what he does with their useless fishing line? Every day, improperly discarded monofilament fishing line causes devastating problems for marine life and the environment. Did you

know that it takes over 500 years for monofilament fishing line to decompose? Marine mammals, sea turtles, fish and birds become injured from entanglements, or might ingest the line, often dying as a result. Human divers and swimmers are also at risk from entanglements and the line can also damage boat propellers. Public response to Berkley’s innovative line and spool recycling program has been remarkable. Since 1990, the Berkley Conservation Institute, with the help of anglers everywhere, has recycled more than 9 million miles worth of fishing line. That’s enough line to fill two reels for every angler in America. Berkley has used this line to build fish habitat. SDYC Anglers Fleet, BoatU.S. Angler Program and Berkley invite you to join with us in helping to reduce marine debris. With funding from the NOAA Marine Debris program and the National

Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we are now part of a nationwide network of monofilament recycling locations to make proper disposal of monofilament more accessible. See you Friday, March 15th at 7:00pm in the Commodores Room for the Anglers Award Ceremony.

“GOT TENTS?” Sign up now and earn a spot in the line to get early tent reservation for this Summer. Hurry, this is a limited offer!! This is a reminder to join the Buffalo Beach Club at a Commodore or Vice-Commodore level and earn the right to early sign up for tents reservations. March 16 0800 hours sign up in-person inside the Spinnaker Room in the Main Building (Earlier Arrivals OK) After 1030 hours we will begin accepting phone and email reservations Sign up options are for: PEAK SEASON: July 19 to September 2. The tent rate is $75 per night. HIGH SEASON: June 14 to July 18, and September 3 to October 13. The tent rate for the High Season is $50 per night. LOW SEASON: January 1 to June 13, and October 14 to December 31. The tent rate for the Low Season is $35 per night. *Members may not make reservations for other members. *The maximum rental period is seven consecutive nights. *Members must notify the Dockmaster’s Office before using tents at Buffalo Beach. CANCELLATIONS: Members won’t be charged for cancelled tent reservations if the Dockmaster’s Office receives the cancellation request 30 days prior to the first day of your reservation. A member will be charged if your tent space is not re-rented, and the cancellation request is made within 30 days of the reservation date. See you at the Beach! Eduardo Savigliano 24 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Fleets, Etc.

Tennis By Keith Danon Photos by Christy Radecic

The cooler weather has not kept our Fleet Members from wearing down the cement on the courts. We put up two new nets and got a new squeegee for the morning dew. Our courts are really looking good! If you are lonely and feel that urge to bring up your game a notch, the ball machine is working perfectly. When I hit against it, the score was 6-0, ball machine winner. At least I didn’t have to buy it a cocktail afterward. The “Cupid Cup” was hosted by Dan & Becca Rumsey. We had a good turnout of players and fans. A mixed doubles format was implemented and it gave everyone a chance to play a variety of people. There was aggressive playing on the court and kissing on the sidelines. After all, it was

the “Cupids Cup”. Delicious chocolate and champagne went to the winners, and world class wine to the runners up. Thanks again to Dan & Becca. How many times have you said, “If someone could only tell me what...” Well, the March adult/kids clinic will answer many of our players questions and they will go away much better players. It’s always a good event and we will have another clinic on September 3rd. Stop by the Tennis Fleet table on opening day for a drink and see how you can help us in the future. Don’t forget the “Tropical Tennis Mixer” on April 28th from 10:00 to 2:00. The blenders will be mixing my concoctions of fresh fruits, rum and conversation. Of course snacks and soft drinks are always on the court. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. May 24th is our “Happy Hour Fundraiser”. What a great combo to play tennis with lots of our members and then tell stories afterwards over

cocktails. This should be a fun event! The Tennis Ladder is always open and please do challenge someone above you to move up. It’s a great way to play some tennis and meet some new Fleet members. Blink your eyes and the Club Championships will be here in October, so make your way to the top and get ready to play. The annual “Fourth of July” tournament is July 5th, 6th and 7th. Men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles is on the agenda. If you haven’t played in this tournament, definitely make it this time. As summer heats up, August 17th is our Raft Up. Just ask any members who were out in La Playa last year and you’ll want to be on the water this year! Thank you to all of you who have volunteered so far. Please “throw your racquet in the ring” and volunteer for some of our events in the future. Lots of tennis and parties coming up! See you on the court.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

MARCH 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 5


Model Yacht Fleet By David Ryan Model Yacht Fleet Captain Photo by Joanne O’Dea

The SDYC Model Yacht Fleet kicked

off the new year with our first regatta of 2013 on January 13th. The first installment of the Winter Series culminated with a sense of nostalgia, as the old master, Jean Malthaner, displayed his vintage racing prowess and expertise. Jean bested the rest of the 9 boat fleet to take top honors. He dominated on that day, winning 4 of the 9 races, and his score would have been even more impressive if he had not needed to use 2 DNC’s as throwouts. Congratulations to Jean! 1) Jean Malthaner 16 pts.

2) Sandy Purdon 20 pts. 3) Gregg Morton 25 pts. 4) John Rudderham 28 pts. 5) John Landon 29 pts. As mentioned in last month’s Mainsheet, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to race in the idyllic conditions provided by the Mission Bay Model Boat Pond several times a year. Our first scheduled event there will be on April 27th for the second day of this year’s Spring Series. The accompanying photo is from that regatta two years ago. As the weather heats up and the days get longer, I anticipate the participation from fleet members will continue to grow. In addition, we continue to add “new blood” to the fleet each year. This year we would like to welcome Dick Denzler. Dick is a product of the SDYC Junior Program and is looking forward

to some great competition with some of his old cronies. We eagerly await the completion of his new boat and seeing him out on the starting line. We have races scheduled for every month, with weekly Friday night Sunset Sailing beginning at the end of May and going through the end of September. We always welcome anyone interested in learning more about the details of getting involved in this great racing activity. Check the fleet website for schedule and contact information.

Classic Mission Bay Model Boat Pond Action


SOUTHERN STYLE CRUISE TO LA PLAYA By Cruise Captains Bob & Patti Witt


anuary 18th – 20th the Cruising Fleet kicked off the 2013 Cruises with a long cruise to the La Playa Basin, which is the “normal” first cruise of the year. Compliments of the Harbor Police, we added a small twist to the “normal” La Playa cruise. Ten Boats were rafted together, enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning of sunshine and warm weather when the Police informed us of a miscommunication between SDYC and themselves and we were “busted”….as in a “cease and desist and break this raft up right now” . But, a little detail like that put NO damper on the Cruising weekend fun. Cruising Captain Bob Witt challenged the Harbor Police and did us all proud, fighting to keep us anchored out; but, alas, we all returned to our slips and started the fun all over at the Club House. That worked fine, because in addition to the ten boats in La Playa Basin, we had a

total number of 46 people signed up for all land events and activities. Events consisted of a chili cook off contest on Friday evening. SDYC and Chef Darren provided a large pot of the chef’s best chili while 9 Cruising Members brought their own large pots of their best chili recipes to challenge for the “best” member’s CHILI. What wonderful, delicious, and diverse group of member’s chili were presented. And, we had some very creative presentations, most noted was the Benson’s tequila shooters to accompany their yummy chicken chili. However delicious they all were, only one member could win and Cruise Fleet Captain John Anderson and his nominated tasting partner, Ian Gardner Smith, selected a finalist. After many, many small bowls of chili (and a few tequila shooters!), John announced Ernie and Mimi Mortensen as the WINNING CHILI. Congratulations! And, thank you all who brought your big pots of chili…. yummy bowls of red and good fun was had by all. Saturday afternoon we turned the Spinnaker Room into a Ceasers Palace Casino for the afternoon by having

26 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

professional Vegas dealers set up tables of TEXAS HOLDEM (with ‘funny’ money”). Talk about good fun…when there is no real money to lose, fun can be had with no worries. The dealers taught us all how to play and become competitive gamblers. Both Neil Martin and Bob Witt had a royal flush and many people who had not played before walked away with a newly learned “skill”. The number one winner for Texas Holdem was Chuck Dahill, who now has bragging rights for one full year within the Cruising Fleet as “Texas Hold Em” winner. Bob Witt supported one full table by sharing his winnings amongst all the other players all afternoon. After gambling the afternoon away, we went by dinghy, drove or walked over to Southwestern Yacht Club for a delicious dinner in a private room overlooking the Bay. After meeting and sharing a cocktail, we all joined for dinner. Compliments of Todd and Lanette Bloom, we were able to celebrate Jerry Burroughs Birthday with mini cupcakes, which had maximum flavor. Candles, birthday song and another year for Jerry were celebrated by all.



Let the Luff-Ins Begin! By John Fretwell

The 2013 Junior sailing year is now

In addition to those named above, there were several more SDYC players in the money. Deserving special mention is SDYC A Fleet Captain, Cole Harris, who left the stage on Saturday with the 1st place medal around his neck. While preparing for sailing Sunday morning, Cole realized he had sailed the day before without his class-required corrector weights. He headed straight to SWYC and withdrew from the previous days racing, setting an outstanding example for all of our younger sailors. Way to go Cole!! Spring is moving fast, and the 2013 Summer Program is right around the corner with registration opening March 1st. Grab a boat, hit the water, and sail fast!!!

SDAYC Luff-In #1 Radial Paul Didham, 2nd Sabot A Zach Malcolm, 1st Sabot B Jack Reiter, 1st Sabot C1 Jack Plavan, 1st Sabot C3 Peter Busch, 3rd SDAYC Luff-In #2 Radial Paul Didham, 2nd Sabot A Zach Malcolm, 2nd Sabot B Jack Reiter, 1st Sabot C1 Sean Caulfield, 1st Sabot C3 Gabriel Campbell, 1st

Young Peter Busch is bringing some fire to the C3 Fleet

Photo by © Tama Harris

Photo by © Tama Harris

B Lindsay showing some girl power in the A Fleet! Photo by © Stacia Lindsay

fully underway, and that means that in addition to our regional events up and down the coast, and a myriad of high school regattas, the SDAYC Luff-In schedule has begun. “What’s a LuffIn?” you may ask, and that’s a good question as the term is thrown around a lot, and not always correctly. Luff-Ins are specifically local area regattas managed by the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs, and hosted by Mission Bay, Southwestern, and Coronado Yacht Clubs, as well as SDYC. Luff-Ins occupy an important position is a young racers experience, more intense than one of our own seasonal series, yet less of a jump than a first trip up to Newport, Long Beach, or beyond. Veterans know that an unblemished attendance record is key to winning one of the prestigious perpetual trophies such as the JJ Fetter for Radials, Doug Hart for CFJs, Mark Reynolds for C420s, Tim Wadlow for 29ers, or Dennis Conner for Sabots, and yet for many, these events are also the right place to try out a new boat, sail, or crew combination. Care to see a long list of Team SDYC sailors, coaches, champions, and even today’s parents? Check out the Luff In perpetual! The first Luff-Ins of the year were hosted by SWYC in early February, and I had the pleasure of coaching our C3 sailors; a particularly fun assignment as we have a sizeable and enthusiastic group, including several young girls. Mackenzie Harris, Caylin Schnoor, Carly Rosier, and Piper Holthus all finished every race they started, and fleet-mates Tim Fraher, Cameron Cage, Peter Busch, and twins Gabriel and Paulo Campbell also helped paint an encouraging picture for the future of Team SDYC. With each day of the weekend scored

as a separate event, Team SDYC’s top performers were:

SDYC’s Junior Board of Directors is recognized at the SDAYC Installation Dinner

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MARCH 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 27











Steak Night

Deck Dining



6 SSSS Racing



9 One Design

Women’s Luncheon Burger Bash


Prime Rib




Loma Unit Bridge Group

SSSS Racing Commodore’s Dinner

Wednesday Night Tennis


New Member Orientation

Darren & Terry Show

Burger Bash

Prime Rib

Pasta Night



Deck Dining Anglers Fleet Awards Ceremony



Prime Rib



Pasta Night

Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime Rib

Pasta Night

24 Model Yacht Racing



SSSS Racing

Saint Patrick’s Day



Wednesday Night Tennis




Cruising Fleet Dinner New Member Cocktail Party Burger Bash

Steak Night


Deck Dining

20 SSSS Racing

One Design


Pasta Night




Wednesday Night Tennis


Deck Dining



Steak Night




Burger Bash

Easter Brunch

Deck Dining





SSSS Spring Series III




Mission Bay Cruise


Mission Bay Cruise

Mission Bay Cruise


Prime Rib



Pasta Night


SSSS Spring Series IV

Deck Dining


12 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis



Loma Unit Bridge Group



Prime Rib

Pasta Night



Prime Rib

Pasta Night


Deck Dining


Prime Rib

28 • MARCH 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Steak Night



SSSS Spring Series VII Burger Bash

Steak Night




SSSS Spring Series VI

One Design

Catalina Conservancy Ball


Darren & Terry Show

Wednesday Night Tennis


Deck Dining


Wednesday Night Tennis


Burger Bash

Pasta Night

SSSS Spring Series V Commodore’s Dinner

Burger Bash


Prime Rib Cruising Fleet Dinner

14 One Design

Women’s Luncheon Burger Bash

Steak Night


Deck Dining


Model Yacht Spring Series

Tennis Tropical Mixer


Steak Night

CLASSIFIEDS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. All new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.

For sale or Partnership: Jersey 36 TOPSHOT II Slip A-8, Well made, very clean & comfortable. Looking for ½ interest partner with or without equity to share use or will sell 100% . Boat is turn key, no deferred maintenance with only 1,900 hrs on mains and 550 hrs. on new 6 KW gen. New Carpet. New Fuel Tank. Great to cruise or kill fish, fast and economical, Reliable twin Turbo Detroit’s use less than one gallon per mi. @ 10 knots. 70 Gal. lighted Bait Tank, Electric Davit for 10 ft RIB with 4 stroke Honda. Updated auto pilot, GPS, Fish finder, 72 mi. Radar, VHF, Reverse cycle air/heat, Blue ray/surround sound. Flat screen TVs. Call Roger E. Bill @) (619) 297-1100 or email: Partner Wanted: Seeking non equity partner for a 38’ Hernandez trawler .Partnership percentage tailored to your specific usage needs. Very roomy and comfortable yacht overlooking La Playa Cove at the end of H dock! Separate aft and bow cabins with adjoining Heads . Split level floor plan with sunken full galley area.Three burner stove and oven, refrigerator, microwave, double stainless sinks, flat screen TV, Fireplace, I Pod ready stereo throughout! . Tempurpedic mattress in aft cabin. Twin, low consumption diesel engines,Genset, windless. Lots of outdoor area to relax and cocktail on. It’s a condo at the club! Call Archer 619-701-9999 For Sale: Partial interest in Beneteau 40.7 sailboat, Built 2000, comfortable 40 foot racer/cruiser. Race ready SDYC slip C-51. Contact Steve 858 361 1556 or Mike at 619 459-1648. FOR SALE: PC 48, good condition, fully equipped with all sails incl. spinnaker. Call Peter: 619-265-0426 FOR SALE: Outboard, Honda, 9.9 HP. Nice Condition 2002, $1,290, Little use as sailboat dinghy motor, 4 stroke, short 15” shaft, nice 4 blade prop, pull start technology, starts/runs excellent, Regualr Service, Cosmetics=Good.(619) 223 6467 For Sale: Honda out board : Four Stroke, 2 Horsepower. Less than 3 hours on engine. $700.00 dollars. For Sale: Duffy Herreshof 30. This is one of eight boats built by the Duffy Electric Boat Company to plans drawn by Nathaniel Herreshof. It is powered by a 96 volt Advance DC Electric Motor (Whisper Drive). It has a 5.5 KW Northern Lights GenSet Diesel auxiliary that runs on biodiesel fuel. Its bottom is coated with CeramKote (zero copper). Teak superstructure and inlaid interior. Beveled glass windows fore and aft. Microwave, refrigerator, Bose sound system. Full electronics. Hydraulic steering, autopilot, bow thruster. Full size enclosed Vacu-Flush Head. Seats 14. Contact Mike at 619-846-0215 or FOR SALE: FREE CLASSIC BOAT! To anybody willing and able to finish restoration project that has already been started with over $50,000.00 invested. OWN A PART OF SDYC HISTORY !! Commodore Alonzo de Jessop’s last boat, a 1937 38’ Ingrid ketch “ Comber “. Call Lonnie Lynch for details. 619-221-0343.

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MARCH 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 29 2/13/13 7:05 AM

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Mainsheet March 2013  
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