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THE KETTENBURG REGATTA Competitive buoy racing, scenic bay races, a Concours D' elegance, med tie moorings, Awesome Dinner and lots of fun and entertainment. Come join the fun and help us support the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego

Open to all classes of wooden sailboats and power boats including all Kettenburg makes and models. Sign up and register at

The Kettenburg & Classic Yacht Regatta JUNE 28—30 2013



ast month the Board held a retreat to establish a frame work for Long Range Planning. This was an all-important look at the challenges our Club will face 10 to 20 years in the future and how we can prepare for it. Here is an insight to this effort. Race Program: SDYC owns a fleet of race committee boats, has a full time Race Director, and a dedicated volunteer Race Committee. How do we plan to maintain or replace these assets over time? How does the rising costs of racing big boats factor into declined participation in the sport? And what about handicapping policies for the races hosted by SDYC? Our recently formed Fleet Captain Committee will soon be working with the Race Office and Race Committee in addressing these and other race related issues over the next few years. Dock Replacement: Our lease requires the complete replacement of the docks with construction to start no later than September 30, 2028. That’s a long way out, but sooner than later we will have to discuss marina plans permitting and more importantly how we are going to pay for it. Lenders don’t typically loan more than 50% of marina construction costs. Our existing loan prevents us from taking out additional loans prior to paying off the balance. The Board is working with the Finance Committee to study options on how to pay for this future project. Shelter Island Master Plan: The San Diego Unified Port District has a Master Plan for Shelter Island. There have been a couple of attempts to find a developer to develop the land north of SDYC that covers the parking lot in front of the Le Rondolete over to the Marlin Club. We currently benefit from a temporary lease of the former North Sails lot and would benefit from a long term lease of this property. We will continue to monitor Port plans in this area. Dining Room: We have a multi-purpose room that serves as our dining room where we can all enjoy some amazing meals. But how do we maximize the dining experience in a room that is used for banquet functions, membership meetings, weddings, private parties, etc? A focus committee has been formed to look into how we can better serve the members and take advantage of one of the best dining locations in the City. Some not so long range issues include: Spousal rights: The Board will be proposing a bylaw addition for the June Semi-Annual meeting of the members. The prosed bylaw defines the rights (and limitations) to be enjoyed by the spouse of the member. The language of this bylaw will be mailed with the meeting notice. Percent Boat Ownership: Our bylaws currently allow for up to 1,200 Flag Members. Our marina has a capacity of 565 slips. We have waiting lists that go well beyond 5 years for larger vessels. There are a lot of dedicated boaters/sailors who cannot afford a boat, or choose not to own one. The current bylaws require 75% of incoming members to own a boat. Depending on the results of the recent membership survey, the Board may propose a bylaw amendment at the end of the year that would reduce this requirement. I’m looking forward to Summer Solstice and an action packed summer. See you around the Club,

Chuck Hope, Commodore

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San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 78 • Issue 6


Board of Directors Commodore Charles B. Hope, Jr. Vice Commodore Chuck C. Sinks Rear Commodore John l. laun Jr. Staff Commodore Kyle C. Clark

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Directors Douglas C. Werner John a. Reiter Michael J. Dorgan Jerelyn W. Biehl Brian D. Thomas


Opening Day 2013


general Manager Terry anglin

4th of July Hoedown/Man-Cave Mayhem Commodore’s Dinner/4th of July Blood Drive

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Photo by © Stuart Paul Hartley Stu’s Art Photography Video Photo by © Jackie Kohls

IN GENERAL THE DARREN & TERRY SHOW June 13, 2013 For June the dynamic duo ventures across the sea to Spain. Darren surfed over to this great country and snagged a couple of recipes and with the help of Santiago of the Dining Room staff; we have a great night planned. Terry will be pairing several Spanish wines with the items and it’s looking like one white selection and two reds. If you were at the last show and saw the boys outfits, wait till you see them this month. Reservations required. $35++ per person


Hooray it’s summer!!!

Boo to June

gloom! We have had a busy past couple of months and are gearing up for a funfilled summer with lots of activities on and off the water. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s warming up, tons of activity, Beer Can Races, Adult Learn to Sail kicks off, a plethora of activities going on. If you have not already picked up a social calendar from the front desk please do so. The calendar lists a lot

of the events happening at the Club throughout the year and is a great reminder. On Friday, June 7, we bring back one of our member’s favorites – the Father/Daughter Dinner Dance. Every year, it’s a sellout, so make sure and make your reservations early. Also on tap is another Darren and Terry Show. The theme for June is Spanish food and wines. What we know for sure is that we will have 1 white and 2 reds and are working on the menu of fare to pair with the wines. Know that the wines will be

bigger and more tannic in style than our normal Cali juice. Hopefully by now you have all returned your member surveys to the McMahon Group. Your Board and Management team are anxious to see the results which will be shared with you. The trends from your responses will go a long way to our forming the best yacht club in the world. We appreciate your participation and support. As always, I look forward to seeing you around the Club and wish you a wonderful summer!

Save the Date Annual Father Daughter Dance June 15th 2013 Online Reservations

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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Arthur Arsenault “I want to further and share my love for yachting with others. I want to expand my knowledge of boating culture through sailing, racing, and cruising with other members of the club. I look forward to sharing the family atmosphere of SDYC with my family. I am also very interested in the community outreach aspects of SDYC and giving back to the San Diego community. It would be an honor to be a member of SDYC.”

Aaron Williams “I have been a large admirer of SDYC for its history and culture. I’ve had the privilege of sailing and yachting with members of SDYC which has developed my skill sets. It literally is my 2nd family and I felt I wanted to be more than a guest, but a contributing member.”

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE David Jensen “I want to meet more people with a passion for boating and I want San Diego and SDYC to be my home base for my boating activities.”

Nelson Vargas “My family and I have seen how important the SDYC and sailing are in members’ lives. We want sailing to have a positive impact on our lives and we want our children to be involved in a healthy sport such as sailing. We believe the San Diego Yacht Club is the perfect place to do that.”

Sherri McKinnon Orr “I want to continue having boat experiences with family and friends and would enjoy being involved in various committees.”

Tania Swain “Over the last 6 years I have been around SDYC a lot and have realized how much I appreciate the friends I have made and the activities. We were active in supporting Junior Sailing, towing, volunteering and at the same time had a lot of fun. Being part of the club has become important to me as I want to get out sailing, be with friends and enjoy the social events.”


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MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Staff Commodore Gordon “G.T.” Frost, Jr. Vice Commodre Chuck Sinks Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino Staff Commodore Bill Campbell Karen Busch Steve Harris Mary Snow Dennis Kenneally Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón

858.455.9060 619.818.6872


619.887.1729 619.224.9506 858.449.5264 619.392.4477 619.885.1380 619.758.6303


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.

FLAG Cynthia English President, Crown City Escrow Services, Inc. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: James Garrett 2nd Sponsor: Jonathan Spangler Gale Krause Real Estate Investor, Self Employed Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Joseph Benoit 2nd Sponsor: William Graham Kathleen Brown Housewife Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: S/C Jim Jessop 2nd Sponsor: S/C Nick Frazee Peter Palmiotto Insurance Sales & Marketing, Self Employed Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Gregg Reynolds 2nd Sponsor: Chip Flaherty

Jonathan Cavuoto Owner, First National Bullion Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Larry Maio 2nd Sponsor: Chris Ball

Chris Foster President, T.H.G. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: James McMillan 2nd Sponsor: Richard Tear

John Ponder Attorney/Partner, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Jeff Peter 2nd Sponsor: James Reynolds


Teresa O’Dea-Hannum Pediatrician, Sharp Rees Stealy Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Mark Butler 2nd Sponsor: George Szabo III

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE Babak Rashidi CEO & Surgeon, American Advanced Surgery Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Carlos Smith 2nd Sponsor: Hugh Bennett

Gregory Stokes Financial Planner, (Self) Cetera Advisor Networks Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Niza Brown 2nd Sponsor: Daniel Rumsey Stephen Skahen, Jr. Naval Officer, U.S. Navy Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Graham Kelly 2nd Sponsor: Randy Dick George Saunders Tenant Services/Media, Brice House Starboard Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: JJ Fetter 2nd Sponsor: Tyler Sinks


LAST CALL Ernest Peterson – Life 80 George T. Szabo – Life 251 Mrs. Robert Ingold – Life Widow 149 Louis X. Sheid, II – Life 257 Mrs. Roy Drew – Life Widow 166

Peter Carides President, Tachyon Networks, Inc. Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Diane Schneider 2nd Sponsor: Bill VanDeWeghe Jessica Aminoff Attorney, Self Employed Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Doug Hutcheson 2nd Sponsor: Matthew Traino

SERVICE Conor Latham Naval Officer, U.S. Navy Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: George Lindley 2nd Sponsor: Ann Folting • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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in the spotlight

By Joanne O’Dea

The 128th Yachting Season for San

Jessop Opening Day Race Awards: • Class 4 • Class 3 • Class 2 • Class 1 • Overall

First Fiddle Quick Meteor Kea caper Quick Meteor

Jim Oberg Julie & Gary Mitchell Chick Pyle Director John Laun Julie Mitchell, Skipper

Yacht Inspection Awards: • Best Power • Best Sail • Best PC • Best Classic over 40 years • Best Trailerable • Best 1st Time Owner • Best 1st Time Boat Shown • Best Overall

Intuition Starstruck Zest First Fiddle Misspent Youth Splash Down Pizzazz Zest

Todd Bloom Mike Pack Steve Brownsea Jim Oberg & Chuck Driscoll Tom Wright & John Weston Glen Vieira Ed Letzring Steve Brownsea

Junior Yacht Inspection Awards: • Beginner C-3 Caylin Schnoor • Best C 1-2 Keegan Leonard Taisei Hatter • Best A-B

6 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

The awards presentation honored the following SDYC members: • Yachtsman of the Year Graham Biehl • Alonzo de Jessop Memorial Award Jeff Brown • John Rumsey Award Staff Commodore Woody Hunt • Paul J. Hartley Award AJ Reiter • Wayne Kight Trophy Bryan Lake • Sally Bennett Memorial Award Carrie Schluter • Loch Crane Yacht Design Award Greg Stewart • Honor Roll Award Craig Leweck • Burgee of Merit Award Marsha Brun Blue Blazes Dennis Pennell • Yacht of the Year Award

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

2013 SDYC Opening Day Awards

Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul Hartley

Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul Hartley

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Diego Yacht Club was officially kicked off on Sunday, April 21, 2013, following the Jessop Opening Day Race on Saturday and the Commodore’s Dinner Dance (celebrating the Corinthian spirit of Opening Day activities with good friends, food and entertainment) on that same evening. The hundreds of SDYC members who attended the ceremonies on Sunday celebrated the rich history and tradition of Opening Day at SDYC. The weather could not have been better, a typical sunny, warm San Diego Spring day, how nice that our Opening Day co-chairs Jill Roberts and Paul Hartley arranged such a beautiful day! The festivities were kicked off by Commodore Chuck Hope who

welcomed not only the SDYC members in attendance, but also his family, Staff Commodores, Civic dignitaries, appointed Officers of SDYC, Junior SDYC Officers, visiting officers and representatives of other yacht clubs and yachting organizations. All were treated to patriotic music performed by Navy Band Southwest and honored by the United States Marine Corps Color Guard, with Paul Hartley at the microphone for the National Anthem. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation by Fleet Chaplain Troy Sears, the folks in attendance that served in each branch of the armed forces were honored.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Opening Day 2013

in the spotlight Photo courtesy of Stuart Paul Hartley

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Craig Leweck, Honor Roll Award “Being recognized on the Honor Roll was totally unexpected. The award’s past recipients are an amazingly talented group of people who have played this game of sailing at the highest level, and have come out on top. I was privileged to have been part of a team that did the same, and am now flattered to be part of the club’s group of individuals who have attained so many outstanding accomplishments in yacht racing.” Brian Lake, Wayne Kight Trophy “Aloha SDYC, I would like to say that ever since I was a little kid jumping around on Dennis Conner’s catamaran Stars and Stripes at the front dock of SDYC, I have always been keen on the sport of high performance sailing. Growing up and learning the fundamentals of sailing and life at SDYC has prepared me well. To receive the award of SDYC Junior Flag Wayne Kight Award really means a lot to me. Thank you for the award and so much more. I am proud to be representing SDYC around the globe. Unfortunately I was unable to attend Opening Day at the club due to a regatta. But I am sure my Dad and mom were super stoked. Thanks. See ya on the water” Marsha Brun, Burgee of Merit Award “It was definitely a surprise for me to be even suggested to receive such an Honor, and when I heard Chuck speaking about this person and realizing it sounded an awful lot like me, I could not believe it. I’m not one to get up in front of a crowd of people, and when I went up those steps to receive the Burgee of Merit and saw my name on that board, honestly! I just said “Wow!” to myself.After helping put together the Sailing Center, it was my goal to try and bring the Main Club house up to Bright, and bring this Club to a full circle of Beauty and excellence. Terry told the Board that SDYC is a Member of the Platinum Club, and deserves everyone’s help. I think about getting this award everyday knowing that this is an Honor, and feel it was just a dream. I love this Club!” Dennis Pennell, Sr., Boat of the Year Award “I have been a member of SDYC for 55 years and have been racing on a variety of boats through the years. My current boat, Blue Blazes, is a Reichel Pugh 50 which I have been racing the past 9 years. The boat has a first class pedigree, originally launched in 1992 as Morning Glory and subsequently owned by Dennis Conner as Stars and Stripes until I renamed her Blue Blazes. I have raced the boat thousands of offshore miles, always with my friends who are amateur weekend sailers. It was an incredible honor to receive Yacht of the Year and I was completely surprised by the award. My thoughts at the moment were that I owed this prestigious honor to my loyal crew, some of whom we have been sailing together for over the past 35 years! I am very grateful for the honor bestowed upon us by SDYC.” S/C Woody Hunt, John Rumsey Award “I am very proud to have received the San Diego Association of Yacht Club’s John M. Rumsey, M.D., Award for Special Recognition at our Opening Day Ceremony. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors of San Diego Yacht Club led by Commodore Kyle Clark for their nomination and opportunity to join the list of impressive past honorees.” Graham Biehl, Yachtsman of the Year “I am so honored to receive the SDAYC Yachtsman of the Year Award. There is a rich history of sailing in San Diego and I am glad to be considered part of it. I want to thank SDYC and all its members for being so supportive and friendly whenever I am at the club, and of course to my family for all the love and support they offer.” Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls

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JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 7


The 2013 Catalina Island Conservancy Ball Hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club

We are so pleased to report that this year’s Conservancy Ball will net approximately $400,000 which will directly fund the ongoing programs dedicated to the Island’s maintenance and protection. What a wonderful time we had at the Catalina Island Conservancy Ball! Forty partygoers from SDYC ventured 26 miles across the sea (give or take a few miles) to dance the night away at the beautiful Avalon Casino. We arrived Thursday and Friday and on Friday evening we enjoyed a very fun all-SDYC get together at the Hotel Metropole and the M Restaurant. CC Gallagher on the Island catered for us and we ushered in the Ball weekend in style. Saturday arrived and the ball began at 6pm. There’s something really fun about walking from your hotel to the taxi stand on Crescent Street in a formal and tux…the natives love it and there are lots of nice comments! Arriving at the Casino is a treat…the Art Deco design coupled with the beautiful Ball décor sets the mood for the evening beautifully. Frankie Fink played piano during the Sponsor pre-party at Hamilton Cove and then joined us at the Ball and played again prior to the Big Band sounds of Society Beat, led by Kevin Esposito. Kevin has played numerous times at San Diego Yacht Club events and he never disappoints—a true big band orchestra that plays everything from ‘40s to now. The crowd of nearly 400 browsed the silent auction covering the full perimeter of the ballroom and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by the head chef of the Santa Catalina Island Company. The live auction was a great success and we then danced the night away until midnight. Kevin kept the dance floor full and a great time was had by all. We thank everyone for their generosity and support. We look forward to next year and supporting the Conservancy in its efforts to protect and sustain our beloved Catalina Island, including our beautiful Buffalo Beach outstation. Staff Commodore Mike and Mari Fink 2013 Conservancy Ball Co-Chairmen

Our S’mores centerpieces

Laura Clapper; Mark Clapper; John Laun; Susan Laun; Doug Werner; Pamela Werner

Kitsy Hope, S/C Woody Hunt, Lisa Vieira & Coley Hunt

Cathy Jorgensen; Stan Jorgensen; Dixie Jorgensen; Tom Jorgensen; Carmelette Simonds; Jim Simonds Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Ann Muscat. Conservancy president and CEO with Mike & Mari Fink

Guests and Avalon residents danced the night away to the sounds of a 16-piece band from San Diego.

8 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Mari and S/C Mike Fink

Photo courtesy of Lori Martin

Front row: Jan Dunlap, Natalie Hazard, Anne Marie Flynn, Blanny Hagenah, Dan Hirst. Back row: Bill Dunlap, Phyllis Seawright, Dennis Seawright, and Mary Hirst.

Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Photo courtesy of Shana Cassidy Photography

Chuck Hope (Middle); Kitsy Hope (Middle); Coley Hunt; Woody Hunt; E Woodrow Hunt; Lori Martin; Mike Martin; Brian Thomas; Gwynn Thomas

Man-Cave MAYHEM on the Island

sdycsf-stagcruise-0513.indd 1

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t 5/5/13 • 99:37 AM


COMMODORE’S DINNER SERIES SPEAKER INTRODUCTION We are very pleased to welcome San Diego’s “Navy Mayor,” Admiral Dixon Smith, who will be speaking about how the Navy and San Diego mutually benefit each other. Admiral Smith will discuss how the National Defense strategy is dependent on a significant force in the Pacific and how the Navy’s presence in San Diego is part of that strategy. He will also talk about where he focuses his resources, as well as the Navy’s social, economic, and environmental contributions to the region, and briefly cover some of the Navy’s future plans on the waterfront.



Admiral Smith, a native of Connecticut, received his commission from the United States Naval Academy in 1983 and was designated a surface warfare officer in 1985. His first sea tour was aboard USS Miller (FF 1091) serving as first lieutenant. Admiral Smith then served as operations office aboard USS Jarrett (FFG 33) providing air cover for USS Missouri (BB 63), and then served as operations officer aboard USS Gridley (CG 21), executive office aboard USS Antietam (CG 54), and commanding officer aboard USS Sullivans (DDG 68) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has also served in shore assignments in Naples Italy as deputy executive to the Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Southern/ Europe/Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe, as well as at Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, R.I, Naval Inspector General, Washington, and the United States Naval Academy. Prior to assuming his current duties as Commander, Navy Region Southwest, Admiral Smith served as Commander, Naval Region Hawaii/Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific. Admiral Smith holds a master’s degree in Business from Webster University and is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Please join us in welcoming this special guest to SDYC. Family and friends are also welcome.

ANNUAL 4TH OF JULY BLOOD DRIVE It is time to put the SDYC’s Annual 4th of July blood drive on your calendars. The San Diego Blood Bank will have their Bloodmobile at the club and open for business from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Look for us in the parking lot. Last year we collected 49 pints of blood from 45 donors. How can that happen? There were 4 donors who donated red blood cells and the platelets were circulated back into the donor. This is the most pints we have ever collected. Can we exceed that number this year? Bring your friends who are not members. They can sign in as the fleet of your choice. Many members found it was so convenient last year, being located in the loading dock and the club put a Bloody Mary table right next to the Bloodmobile, in case you did not want to wait to see if you won a free one. The Tennis Fleet won the Bloody Mary contest last year with the most fleet members donating. Other fleets that came close are the Parents of Juniors/Juniors, Cruising and Buffalo Beach. Several club employees have also donated. You can sign up today by going to www.sandiegobloodbank. Click on Donate Blood-Bloodmobile-Modify Search and entering July 4 and sponsor Code SDYC. We may also have a reservation sheet at the front desk along with information on who can and cannot donate. Help ensure our community has a safe blood supply. Lives depend on you! - Ruth Rollins 10 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Club News

Cruising Fleet Barbecue SDYC Pavilion Sunday, June 23, 2013 5:00 PM The Barbeque will feature steaks hot off the grill, as well as fresh fish and all of the trimmings. There will be plenty of food and drink for all with a no host bar. This is always a great opportunity to meet and mingle with old friends and meet new ones. You can bring prospective Cruising Fleet members with you, too. Be sure to sign up early! $25.00 per person for Cruising Fleet Members or $45.00 per couple $35.00 per person for non CF Members Be sure to signify your choice of steak or fish when signing up on the Cruising Fleet web page

IMPOUND LIST As of May 16, 2013

0-30 Days: 30-89 Days: • Blue tarp rolled up and old blue funder recovered from the bottom of the B dock gangway • 3 blue boat covers and 1 beige boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • 2 SUPs, sabot sail and aluminum spars for small dinghy recovered from small dinghy rack B-8M

90+ Days: • Yellow kayak recovered from rack B-7M • White dock steps recovered from north hoist pad, by mule shed • Wood and metal booms recovered from rack B-5M • Grey boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • Blue Schwinn bike recovered from area next to locker building • Black step ladder and white 2x4 recovered from dinghy racks by H dock • 2 small boogie boards, broom stick, bucket, scrub brush, screw driver (stored in white trash bag) • Gray Cobra tandem kayak with paddle and boat pump recovered in between dinghy racks on C dock • 2 black paddles recovered from rack C-2M • Power cord, rope and life jacket recovered from dock box at D-39

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 yellow kayaks (Ocean Kayak Classic and Scrambler XT) recovered from B-4M White dock steps with 5 fender covers and box of san paper recovered from slip E-23 Kayak equipment: wheels, paddle, seat cushion, yellow sail. Recovered from locker 106 Bean bag and hose recovered from locker 105 Gray Sterlite box recovered from One Design area near J-22s 15’ grey Davidson ladder recovered from One Design area near J-22s White wakeboard with blue fins recovered from hoist area between B and C docks Gray Inflatable (folded/rolled up) 5 Gallon Gas Can recovered from One Design area Milk crate with miscellaneous (apparently abandoned) parts recovered from One Design Area Peroni Azzurro sign Microwave Silver “Phat” bicycle

Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 11

Club News

Bridgedeckers By DeeGee Farrell

THANK YOU to our April Hostess, Suzzi Moore.

Suzzi stepped in and not only set up our tables, cards, score sheets and lunch menus each Thursday morning in her well organized manner but she also put together 3 and sometimes 4 tables of eager bridge players each week and all this before we even arrived on the scene. Suzzi, you are one super Hostess. We need to see more of your pretty smile and fun personality. We also love your delicious cookies. Thank you for spoiling us. We play Bridge each Thursday from 10 AM to 2:30 PM with lunch at noon. New members are always welcome. Sharon Hope is the Hostess for the month of June. If you would like to play bridge call Sharon at: (619) 222-1776.

From the archives By Barry Ault


alking the docks during the Yachting Cup and seeing so much technology and carbon fiber made me wonder what the leading edge racers were like in the early days of SDYC. Eye witnesses are hard to find so the obvious place to look for the answer was the SDYC history archives. The yachting population at the beginning of the 20th century was small. At one point SDYC boasted of 26 members. All boats were custom built and each was unique. Yachts were generally from 25 to 40 feet and narrow with only a couple over 60 feet. Materials of the time drove construction with lots of wood frames and planking. There was a mix of iron and lead ballasting. A few racers were lighter and had long overhangs to take advantage of the handicapping rules of the day. Virtually all were gaff rigged on heavy wood masts with small jibs and big mains. They had low or no deck houses with little in the way of accommodations below. VERY low freeboard made for wet racing even in the bay. Sails were

Hurray for our SDYC chef, Darren. He has created an excellent new menu and we ladies appreciate so much the variety of items to choose from. We are enjoying trying new items each week. **An important reminder to our Bridgedeckers is that if you are signed up to play and you become ill or have a family emergency DO NOT try to fill your spot calling our Bridgedecker/ Substitute list. Call the Hostess of the month and let her know you cannot play. Calls need to be coordinated with the Hostess so she has the right number of players each week. Winners for the month of April were: **Jane Baldwin, Peggy Benton, Cindy Caruso, Doris Ellsworth, Jane Kenny, Jodi Kerr, Jo Lancaster, *Rita Moller and *D’Neane Wilkinson. *denotes first place. Congratulations to Jane Baldwin who came in first two times in one month.

cotton canvas and heavy when wet or dry. In 1904 the hottest yacht on the west coast was the sleek 48-foot sloop Detroit, which won the Lipton Cup for SDYC. Other smaller but similar racers of the time like the Chula Vista One Design class raced regularly up to 1918 when many were stripped of lead and brass for the war to end all wars. Notable local boats included Mischief, Trilby, Aeolus and Gretchen. The 1920s saw the arrival of the dominant R boat sporting the long overhangs of Detroit but with taller rigs, larger jibs and no gaffs. Along with the new 6 and 8-meter designs, these pure racers won pretty much everything

12 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Monday Evening Bridge

Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on June 3 at 6:30 PM. The game is relaxed, lively and fun, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our April winners: 1st-D’Neane Wilkinson, 2nd-Jane Kenny, 3rd-Geves Kenny To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by May 31 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or Reserve early to avoid disappointment. Remember: We now start promptly at 6:30 PM, playing 4 rounds of bridge. With fond regards, Stan and Cecilia around the buoys while The 56 foot yawl Teva led a growing fleet of larger blue water racers of classic construction. Significant additions to the local racing fleet of the 1920s were the Star and the Starlet followed in the 1930s by the PC. Although the Star adapted to the evolution in materials, other early designs didn’t and one boat (the PC) even fights to this day to preserve the old ways. Most importantly, I learned it was not just the technology that changed. The design and implementation of every aspect of the today’s racing yacht is different in every way from the masthead fly to the bulb on the keel.



2012 Crew List: SDYC Members & Friends Who Made a Difference

The San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation received strong financial support in 2012. These funds enabled the Foundation to provide grants to our award-winning high school and college sailing teams, sponsor a sailing camp for at-risk youth at MBAC, support our world-class Junior Program and variety of other programs.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Corinthian CluB Planned GiFtS The Corinthian Club was established to provide recognition for those donors who have made a planned gift through their will. Roger Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gardner-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gibbs Staff Commodore & Mrs. Nicholas L. Frazee Staff Commodore & Mrs. Gary Gould Sam and Mona Morebello Mrs. Lewis Moulton Mr. and Mrs. John Rebelo Capt. Robert Shinn William Waite

reGatta SoCietY A listing of donors who gave cash or property directly to the Foundation. $5,000+ Platinum Cup $1,000-4,999 Gold Cup $500-999 Silver Cup $100-499 Bronze Cup under $100: Friends of the Sailing Foundation

Platinum Cup The Beyster Family Foundation S/C & Mrs. Malin Burnham Thomas Carruthers Downing Family Foundation Nicholas Frazee Jeanne Lehman Frost Gary Gould Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Gold Cup Estate of Bruce Bradbeer Rhett Dodson Mrs. Gordon Frost Gordon Frost David Jackson Thomas Janes Geves Kenny Mrs. Frank (Ruth) Rollins Ryan Family Charitable Foundation John P. Scripps Foundation John Shoemaker Brian Thomas Peter Zarcades

Silver Cup Kim Fletcher Michael Herman Isaacs Brothers Foundation at The San Diego Foundation Mark Majernik

Bronze Cup Nancy Atherton Jerelyn Biehl Kenneth Bertino James Brown Esther Burnham Tommy Carroll Catalina Island Yacht Club Dr. David Chigos Daniel Clawson Thompson Fetter Warren Foy Timothy Hawk Ed Huggin Robert Jackson Richard Knoth Paul Leimer John McKnight Riley Mixson, RADM Rita Moller Kevin Morse Beverly Owens David Purcell Butch Richardson Thomas Marine, Inc. Joe Thompson, Jr. Douglas Werner

Friends of the Sailing Foundation Ken Abady Elizabeth Adams Robert Adelizzi John Adriany Daniel Aeling John Ahlering Robert Ahlering Mark Akins Madhu Alagiri David Alberga Mrs. C. Douglas Alford John Alioto Tamara Allen Joseph Allen Blake Allen Norman Allenby Dwight Allgood Stephen Allman Douglas Allred James Altizer Miguel Alvarez

Richard Ament Kenneth Andersen Donald Anderson Jim Anderson John Anderson Richard Anderson William Anderson Robert Anderson David Anderson John Anderson Thomas Anderson Brad Anderson Tinja Anderson-Mitterling Michael Anderson-Mitterling Fred Applegate Richard Arneson Ron Arnold Brian Arrington Frank Asaro Raymond Ashley Edsel Aucoin Douglas Augustine Greg Augustine William Ault L. Axford Robert Baker Thomas Baker Beecher Baldwin Donald Balfour Christopher Ball Elaine Balok Joel Baranski Mounque Barazone David Barba John Barbey Vicki Barker Stephen Barnes Hugo Barrera Leland Barrett Victoria Barrett Tyler Barrett Zachary Barrett Timothy Barry Marian Barry James Baskin J. Basnight Felicitas Batley William Bauce C. Bayne Gresham Bayne Marie Beaulieu Gary Bechtel Christopher Behr Don Belding Charles Bell Daniel Bell R Bell Roy Bell Michael Benedict Hugh Bennett

Edwin Bennett John Bennett Brad Bennett Matthew Bennett Joseph Benoit Marvin Benson Eric Benson Joyce Benton Randy Benton Margaret Benton John Benya Jonathan Berger Joyce Berglund-Beyer Deborah Bergman Lorenzo Berho Joe Bernolfo David Berry Lisa Betyar Thomas Beutler John Beyster Graham Biehl Roger Bill Dale Bingham Robert Bingham Charles Bishop Homer Bivin Emrys Black Peter Black Bruce Blakley Donald Blucher Elizabeth Bluhm Debra Blum Louis Blum William Boehm Robert Bohl Larry Boline Susan Bonanno Peggy Bone Kenny Bonilla Sumner Bookwalter Holly Bookwalter Eric Borowsky Fred Borrelli William Borsari J. Bower William Bowman Jonathan Boyce Pamela Boynton Kenneth Bozigian Martha Bradbeer Lawrence Bradley Matthew Brash Dr. E. Breitenbach Eric Brelin Matthew Brewer Mary Bridge Jo Briggs Robert Britton George Brokaw Robert Brokaw

Daniel Brown Jeffrey Brown Barbara Brown Jeffrey Brown Niza Brown Shelby Brown Robert Brownlie Heather Brownsea Jeff Bruhn Vincent Brun John Buchanan Capt. E.O. Buchanan Mrs. J. L. Buchanan Buck Buchanan Michelle Bucklew Gregg Buckley Bruce Buddenhagen Robert Buie James Buley Robert Burkett John Burnham William Burns Patricia Burns Jerry Burroughs Peter Burton F. Busch Christopher Busch Karen Busch Martin Buser Paul Buss Arnold Busse Virginia Butler Lyle Butler Patricia Butler Mark Butler Karen Butler Ludlow Butler Jerome Butsko Mike Bythewood G. Cable Robert Cadranell Mary Cairns Alex Caldwell Alexander Caldwell Gregg Caledonia Christopher Calkins Henry Callihan Alex Camet Jason Campbell William Campbell Kasey Campbell Andrew Campbell Barrett Canfield Stewart Cannon Robert Canterbury Steven Cantrell John Cappetta Giovanni Caprioglio Matthew Capron Robert Captain

Donald Carder Rosemary Carey D. Carleton Jeffrey Carlile Morton Carlile William Carls Sam Carpenter Cecilia Carrick Bill Carroll Jesse Cartee Patricia Carter Sharon Case Stephen Case Sheila Casinelli Mark Catlin Gerald Cavalieri Caryl Chabot A. Chadwell Mrs. Romer Chadwick Wayne Chadwick John Chalker Mike Chalker Anne Chambers Johna Chaney Edward Chapin Charles Chapman Steven Chatfield Beth Chavet-Oberg David Cheresh Charles Cheyney John Choisser Beth Christensen Adrienne Churchill Cathy Cibit Don Clark Kyle Clark Russell Clark Tod Clark James Clarke Kers Clausen Carda Clawson Robert Cleator Scott Clifton David Cloyd Andrew Coldicutt William Cole Alan Cole Harry Collins Robert Collins Michael Collins Henri Colt Jeffrey Commisso Michael Conerty Dennis Conner Larki Cook Rabon Cooke W. Coombe Dempsey Copeland Robert Copeland Roger Copeland Gary Copson William Corbett Thomas Corbett Curtis Corda Vernon Corea Lanny Cornell Steven Corney William Corwin Stephen Cota Nancy Cottingham

William Courington Philippe Covington Douglas Cowan Alvin Cox James Cox Pamela Cox Bruce Crabtree Bill Crafton Cecilia Craig James Craig John Craig Damian Craig Tyler Cramer Loch Crane Joe Craver Joseph Craver Gary Crawford Jack Crivello Les Crouch Scott Cummins Dean Cuplin Kim Curtis Joseph Dagostino Chuck Dahill Carol Dahlberg-Bohl Bennett Dahlin Toni Daley John Daley Sharon Daley Timothy Daly Louis Dameson Luke Daniels R. Dann Keith Danon Matthew Dathe Jack Davis Ron Davis Brett Davis Julie Davis Richard Day David De Rosier Douglas De Souza Perry Dealy James DeBello Lois Dechant Thomas Deere Arthur DeFever Edele deKirby Carolann Dekker Thomas Delahanty Frederick Delaney Vincent DelPidio Philip DeMassa John Dennis Jim Dennison Richard Denzler Dorothy Des Granges Craig Dever Ashley Dever Stephen Diamond Phillip Dias Austin Dias Robert Dicker Charles Didham Michael Dingman Tom Dingman John Dodge John Doede Richard Doering Thomas Dore

Michael Dorgan Jack Dorsee Tracy Downing Eric Doyle Mrs. Roy Drew Charles Driscoll Joseph Driscoll John Driscoll Thomas Driscoll William Dubbs Charles Duddles Thomas Duffy Michael Duffy Brian Dunn Frank Dwinnell J. Dye Rodney Eales Walter East Alejandro Echeverria Richard Eddy Charles Egan Carl Eichenlaub James Eischen James Eischen Melissa Ekdom Erik Elander Linda Elefante Don Ellis Peter Ellsworth Matthew Engel Veronica Engel Arthur Engel William Engle John English Neal Esterly Craig Evanco Austin Evans Katherine Evans Kurt Eve Thalia Evenson Peter Evering John Eves William Eves Barry Faber C. Faison Val Farrell Robert Faucett Erik Faucett Kevin Faulconer Walter Faust Robert Feeney Robert Feinstein August Felando William Fenick C. Ferguson Rachael Fernandez Shawn Fettel Trevor Fetter Elliot Feuerstein Brett Feuerstein Benton Field Guillermo Fierro Carolina Finch John Fink Michael Fink Jordan Fink Marjorie Fischer Todd Fisher Wade Fisher Leasa Fisher Sheila Fleet George Fleming Stephen Fletcher Robert Fletcher Robert Fletcher James Flynn James Fogerty David Folsom Nancy Folsom David Folsom John Folting John Folvig Betty Foss Mark Foster Michael Foster Ron Fowler

Tammy Fowles William Fox Blair Francis Sigrid Frank Annette Frank Bob Frazee Daniel Frazee Drew Freides Jeffrey French Thomas Friedkin Dan Friedman Albert Frost Bruce Frost James Frost Christopher Frost Thomas Frost Aaron Frost Edwin Frusti Frederick Frye Timothy Fuller Ann Fulmer Donald Fulton Stephen Games Michael Ganahl Joseph Gann Richard Gant Brian Ganz Doug Garfield Simon Garland James Garrett Robert Gault Robert Gault Phillips Gausewitz Patrick Gayner David Gee Daniel Geissmann Thomas Geraghty Wayne Germain Jeffrey Gerwin Emil Ghio Christopher Ghio Jerry Gibbs Patty Giddings Brooks Gifford George Gildred G. Gildred Philip L. Gildred,Jr. Ian Gill Lee Gillard Alfredo Giovannelli William Glazebrook John Gleason Richard Gleason Enid Gleich Patrick Goddard Patrick Goddard Richard Goebel Frances Golden Connie Golden Gene Golliet John Gonnerman John Goode G. Gould Christina Grady Richard Grafton William Graham James Grant Paul Grayson Mrs. Kenneth Greene Bruce Greene Howard Greene Summer Greene June Greening Bennet Greenwald Sherman Gregory Shirley Gresham Matthew Grob Warren Gross J. Grosvenor Craig Grosvenor Walter Groves Ralph Grutsch Bernard Guentner Richard Gulley Vance Gustafson Stefen Gustafson

Richard Gustafson Vincent Guzzetta Roger Haerr Joseph Hagan Brian Haines James Hall Nancy Hall William Hamlin Chris Hamm Fred Hammett Wells Hampton Ronald Hansen Wayne Hanson Robert Hanson David Harari George Harbaugh William Hardesty Jon Hardesty Dan Harlan P. Harman Stan Harrelson Marshall Harrington Fred Harris Steve Harris Mrs. Kenneth Hartley Charlotte Hartley Paul Hartley Stuart Hartley G. Hartman Troy Hartmann Rudolph Hasl Robert Hatch Andrew Hatch Michael Hatch Kathryn Hattox James Haugh Alexander Hawk John Hawkins Kevin Haynes Mrs. Vital E. Haynes Bruce Haynes Eve Hearne Raymond Hedrick Robert Heft Aimee Heim Frederick Hein Philip Heintz Michael Held Carl Helfrich Eugene Helsel P. Hendricks Jerry Herbst Gilbert Herrlin Blaire Herron Matthew Hervey James Hervey Kjeld Hestehave Andrew Hewitt Raymond Higgins Kimberly Higgins Jerald Hilbert Anne Hill Laurance O. Hill Peggy Hill Teresa Hixson Christian Hoag Allan Hodge Linda Hoffman Paul Hogue Joseph Holasek Keith Hollenbeck Alan Holmes Thomas Holthus J. Honeysett Todd Hoover Sharon Hope Frank Hope Charles Hope G. Hopkins Mary Anne Hopper Fay Horner Chadwick Hough William Houlihan Patricia Houser Susan Houser Kipland Howard

2012 Crew List: SDYC Members & Friends Who Made a Difference Frederick Howden Frederick Howe J Stephen Howell Jason Howerton Ralph Howlett Marie Huff Joseph Hughes Corky Hughes Todd Hughes E. Hunt Millie Hunter Paul Hunter Leslie Huntley Thomas Hurlburt Frank Hurst Theodora Hussong S. Hutcheson William Hutchison Donald Innis Joseph Inzunza Craig Irving Marilyn Irwin Jennifer Fetter Isler Bruce Ives Kirk Jackson Tom Jackson David James Thomas Janes Charles Jenkins D. Jenkins Julia Jensen Jimmy Jensen Thomas Jensen Cindy Jensen Mrs. Arthur Jessop George Jessop Gerald Jessop James Jessop Stuart Jewell Alex Jewell Kay Johns Patrick Johnson Philip Johnson William Johnson John Johnson Robert Johnson Katherine Johnson Paige Johnston Virginia Johnson Henry Jones Stanley Jones James Jones Nyda Jones-Church Stan Jorgensen Howard Justus Abel Kaase John Peter Kaheny Michael Keefe Laura Kelleher Leland Kellerhouse Graham Kelly Pam Kelly Robert Kelly Melissa Kelly Ryan Kelly Dennis Kenneally Sue Kennedy F. Kimball Douglas Kincart Paul Kissel Kenneth Klestinec Brigand Kline Gordon Knight Jenner Knight Yutaka Kobayashi Charlotte Kobey-Morton Clarence Koehler Paul Komadina Robert Kopaniasz Geoff Kopecky Michael Koumjian Martin Kovacevich James Krause Gary Kreitzer David Kreitzer Mark Kremers

Dena Krueger Larry Kuerbis Dennis Kuhn Kim Kundrak Mrs. Frederick Kunzel William Kurtz Roger Kuske Jerome La Dow Peter La Dow R. La Dow Stephen La Dow Derek Laffey A. M. Lahitte Julie Laird John Lake Randy Lake Katherine Lake Thomas Lancaster Richard Lancaster Paula Landale Nicolas Landauer John Landon Donald Lang J. Langlois Harry Laragione Richard Lareau W. Larsen Kristina Larsen Fred Larson Maureen Latham Richard Laub John Laun Scott Launey Kevin Lawrence Shala Lawrence Edward Lazarski Grant Ledford Joy Ledford Douglas Ledsam Veronica Lee Christopher Lee Michael Lee Bradford Lee Jack Leer Geoffrey Lehy Chris Leitz Douglas Lepore Lisa Leweck Charles Lewis John Lightner Travis Likert Elizabeth Lillie Wan Lim R. Lindberg George Lindley Keith Lindley Jack Lindsey Terry Lingenfelder Brian Linn Anthony Lisenko Dale Lisko Albert Lizarraras Gary Loberg David Lockwood Michael Loffer William Logan Christopher Logan Michael Loper Eric Loper Keith Lorence Kathleen Love Mack Lovett William Lowe David Lowry Jed Lowry Scott Lowry Mrs. Gordon Luce Andrew Luce Roark Ludwig Agnes Luster Gordon Lutes Jennifer Luther Stephen Lyford Alonzo Lynch Timothy Lynch Brandon Lynch

Justin Lynch Myron Lyon John Lyon Phyllis Maas Stewart MacDougall Laurie Macgillivray Edward Mackey Bonita MacVaugh C. MacVean James Madden Mary-Carol Madison Alan Makinson Dan Malcolm Christopher Malloch Thomas Malone Steve Malowney Jean Malthaner Charles Mann Larry Manzer Joseph Manzer Colleen Manzer Jana Mar Ray Marchetta Andy Marcus Joe Markee Amanda Markee Neil Martin Michael Martin Bill Martin Alexander Martin Thomas Martinez James Mashburn Zachary Maxam Lauren Maxam Frann May Warren McArthur Thomas McBride Michael McCafferty Thomas McCann Ronald McCleave Gloria McColl-Powell R. McComic Gary McCormick Kenneth McCrobie Richard McCune Barbara McDowell Rick McElvain Robert McGill Douglas McGinty Christine McGregor Kathleen McKaveney Bill McKenna Keith McKenzie Kelly McKeown Sunny McKesson Daniel McKinney Michael McKinnon Michael McKinnon Dan McKinnon Michael McKittrick Richard McLaughlin Rod McLennan Michael McLeod Andrew McLeod James McMillan Stephen McNally James McNeil Paul McPherson Timothy McQueen William McWethy Noel Meadows William Meanley Jack Meek Connie Melhorn Charles Mellor Enrique Mereles Richard Merriman Tom Merris Herbert Mertens John Messerschmitt Stephen Meyer Craig Meyer Randall Milanowski Charles Miller David Miller Morgan Miller

Karen Miller Traci Miller Brad Milligan Scottie Mills Lexi Augustine Bonnie Minaker Julie Mitchell Risto Mitrovich Tiffany Mittal Mark Moffat Rodney Moll Steven Mollering John Monaco Brian Monaghan Thomas Money William Monk Barbara Monroe Scott Monroe Theodore Montag Kristina Montag Alan Mooney Michael Moore R. Moore E. Moore Matthew Morris Robert Morris Peter Morrow Lauren Morse Ernest Mortensen Asa Morton J. Morton Michael Morton Michael Morton, Jr. Mark Morton Matthew Morton Emil Mosbacher Robert Mosher Barry Moskowitz David Moss J. Moulds Steven Mueller Martin Muir Joseph Mullen David Mulliken Alo W. Manizza William Munster Scott Murfey Benjamin Murphey Mary Murphy Janette Murphy James Murray James Murray Ron Murray Kenneth Murray John Musa Nicholas Nayfack David Neal Joe Neale Bruce Nelson Burt Nelson Andrew Nelson William Newbern James Nicholas Arthur Nicholas Charles Nichols Donald Nicholson Rachel Nieting Michael Niggli Kazumasa Nishioka H. Noll

Daniel North Muerl Norton Scott Norton Daniel Nowlan Kirk O’Brien Chad O’Connor Maureen O’Connor Joanne O’Dea Gary O’Hara James O’Hern Angela O’Mahony Daniel O’Malley Michael O’Riordan Edward O’Sullivan James Oberg Garrett OBrien James Ogle Robert Olds Jed Olenick John Oliver Morgan Oliver Erika Olsen Peter Opsal Erica Opstad David Ostrander Mary Ostrander Kenneth Ott John Otterson Sean Oversmith Steven Pacelli R. Pack Scott Pack Robert Palko Keith Palmateer Mark Panissidi Michael Panissidi Greg Parise Gail Parker Sean Parker John Parrish Marguerite Parzen James Patrick Elizabeth Patton T. Paul Richard Pavelec Douglas Pay Robert Peacock Cleo Pearson Kimberly Peck Bruce Peckham John Pedlow Bruce Peeling Steven Penhall John Penhune Dennis Pennell Ernest Pennell Robert Pennell Timothy Peppers Trevor Perich James Person Oliver Peter Jeffrey Peter Daniel Peter Hans Petermann Janet Petersen Douglas Peterson Ernest Peterson Reeve Peterson Richard Peterson Thomas Peterson Samuel Peterson

Steven Petter Marjorie Phaler Max Phelps Catherene Phillips Peter Phillips Robert Phillips Steven Phillips Mrs. William Phillips Gary Piazzoni Randall Pittman Edward Plant John Plavan Albert Pleskus H. Poindexter Ingrid Poole Kathleen (Kay) Porter Helen Powell Kimberly Pretto Stephen Prough R. Provins C. Pruett Tyler Pruett C. Pruett James Pugh H. Purdon Clive Pusey Charles Pyle John Quan Kevin Quan Scott Quan Bobbie Quick Terrence Quinn Raymond Quint Francis Radford Amy Radonich Susan Raffe Susan Randerson Andy Rasdal John Rebelo David Reed Ferrell Reed Ty Reed Dianne Reichardt Robert Reighley Thomas Reilly Richard Reineman John Reiter Lisa Reitz James Reynolds James Reynolds Mark Reynolds Norman Reynolds Rick Reynolds Matt Reynolds Bryce Rhodes Kathyrn Rhodes Lawrence Rhyne E. Rice David Rice Danielle Richards James Richardson Jim Richardson Ralph Richey Susan Rick John Rickard Thayer Ridgway Roy Rieve Jeannette Rigsby Thomas Riley David Rillie

Brooke Robbins Ron Roberts Jill Roberts Lawrence Roberts Todd Roberts Adam Roberts E. Robinson Richard Robinson Robbie Robinson Buddy Robinson Paul Robison Kenneth Robison Stephen Rock Rosemary Rodger Brad Rodi Charles Rogers John Rogers William Rogers George Roland Randall Rolfe Stephen Root Crosby Roper Noah Rosenblatt Gerald Rosier Margaret Roulette Brad Ruetenik J. Ruffner Nick Rugen John Rumsey Eugene Rumsey Kenneth Ruppert Jerome Ryan Hal Ryan Tomas Ryan Amy Ryan David Ryan Donica Ryder Paul Saber James Sakasegawa Bert Salonen Marshall Sanders Carol Sands Edward Sanford Michael Sanford T. Denny Sanford Leslie Sanguinetti Jack Santone Catherine Santone Richard Santore Dr. Michael Satterlee G. Saunders Paul Saunders Thomas Sayer Thomas Sayer Kai Scharnweber Louis Schlegel Andrew Schlesier Robert Schlesier Carrie Schluter Pauline Schmid Diane Schneider Neal Schneider R. Schnoor Aldo Sciomachen Jeanne Scott Paul Scripps Troy Sears Cheryl Sears Mrs. Thomas Sefton William Selby Michael Selter

Neil Senturia Erik Shampain Colin Shanner Douglas Sharp Susan Sharp Louis Sheid Xavier Sheid Tammie Sheldon Charley Sheridan Betty Sherman Barry Shillito James Shillito George Shinn Robert Shinn Jeffrey Shinn R. Shinn Andrew Shoemaker Jo Bobbie Showley Roger Showley Virginia Shue Helen Shultz Ann Silliman Cathleen Silliman William Simmons Maria Simon Arlene Simpson Michael Sindici Chuck Sinks James Sinks Tyler Sinks Tracy Sinnott Michael Sise RADM Kenneth Slaght Matthew Slakoff Steve Slaughter Richard Slayter Patrick Sloan Mrs. Elmer Small Stacey Smith Kenneth Smith Wayne Smith Jenner Smith Matthew Smith William Smith Lindsay Smith Matthew Smith Thurman Smithey Mark Snell Mary Snow P. Sparrow George Spellman James Spithill Robert Spriggs Morgan Spriggs Mrs. Wallace Springstead Wallace Springstead Kendall Squires Kirsten Stahl Thomas Stanford Harold Starkey Hugh Starkey Craig Starkey Scott Starkey Kirsten Starr Gary Stephany Mrs. William Stephens Mrs. Horace Stevens W. Stevenson Greg Stewart Richard Stoddard Laura Stolpe James Stone James Storm William Stout Paul Strand Hans Strom Todd Struyk Harold Suiter Leo Sullivan Jack Sutphen Bruce Sutphen Dean Sutter Edward Swan Beth Swanberg Mrs. Joseph Swedelius Diane Szekely

2012 Crew List: SDYC Members & Friends Who Made a Difference Jeffrey Tadder Alexandra Taliaferro Richard Taubman Richard Tear Joseph Tebo Scot Tempesta Paul Terhaar Wayne Terry E. Terry Robert Thaxton Stephen Thein Lindy Thomas Clifford Thompson J. Thompson Gordon Thompson Kent Thompson Frank Thompson Jim Thompson John Thornton Steven Tietsworth Bill Tilden Michael Timon Barbara Todd James Tomcik Isao Toyama Helmut Trapp Albert Trepte Maria Trotter Max Trummer William Trumpfheller John Tsirimokos Eric Tucker Eric Turner Dean Tuttle Donald Tuverson Frank Tybor Peter Van Horne Bill VanDeWeghe Don Vaughn Keith Vaux Peter Venieris Yannis Venieris J. Craig Venter Douglas Vickery Glen Vieira Dave Vieregg Robert Vincent Richard Virgilio Lori Viviano-Clark Bill Vogt John Voigt John Vorgeas Christopher Waddell William Waite Theodore Walker Howard Walker Paul Walker Eric Walker Mark Wallace Brian Wallace John Ward Theodore Ward Ted Wassel Mark Weatherup Shannon Wehsener William Weiland Karl Weingarten Eric Weintraub Gary Weisman Sylvia Welles Frank Wellington Robert Welsh Jon Werner John Weston Mrs. Richard Wheeler Donald Whelan Jeannie Whisenhunt David Whisenhunt James Whistler R. White Jeffrey White Daniel White Jack White Gregg Wickstrand Colin Wied James Wiesler

Victor Wild John Wilks Stephen Williams Christy Wilson James Wilson Robert Wilson Mrs. Thomas Wilson Phillip Wilson Douglas Wilson Robert Winchell Robert Witt Ashley Wolters Robert Woodall Steven Worcester Donald Worley Thomas Worth Bryan Worthington G. Worthington III Bradley Wright Thomas Wright Richard Wright Steve Wright Kelle Wright Bonnie Wright Whitney Wright Donald Wyatt Frank Wyatt Shervin Yazdan Donald Young Sally Young Paul Zeigler Louis Zimm Julius Zolezzi Peter Zouvas

2012 Grant List • SDYC Junior Program • Southwestern Yacht Club Scholarships (Summer sailing program for at-risk youth) • Grants to San Diego high school sailing teams (Bishop’s, Cathedral, Coronado, Francis Parker, La Jolla, Point Loma, Torrey Pines, UCSD) • Grants to San Diego County team at High School Doublehanded Nationals • Grants to San Diego County team at High School Team Race Nationals • Grants to San Diego County team at High School Singlehanded Nationals • Grant to Mission Bay Aquatic Center (Summer sailing program for at-risk youth) • Quest for the Cup - Youth America’s Cup Team support • SDYC Olympians - Graham Biehl & Molly O’Bryan Vandemoer • Sailfest for Kids Event (Program for children with cancer and other life threatening conditions. • San Diego Hall of Champions • South BaySAILING YMCA Aquatic FOUNDATION Program ★

Club News

SDYC Women’s Luncheons JUNE 5th

Mainly Mozart is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year. In June, their Festival Orchestra will have a series of performances around San Diego, culminating in a Silver Anniversary Gala Celebration. Most concerts will be held in the restored Balboa Theater.

11:30-1:00PM $16.00 per person

48 Hour Cancellation policy Sign up online at or call (619) 221-8400

Women’s Luncheons

Informative & Fun By Mary Copeland


e are having fun at our Women’s Luncheons. In March we had a wonderful program from our SDYC University of California Master Gardeners. Lynlee Austell-Slayter told us about how she guided the Yacht Club to sustainable maintenance practices. Lynlee shared why sustainable landscaping is so beneficial, resulting in earth friendly gardens and large savings in water usage. She persuaded SDYC to remove the small strips of grass around the curbs in the parking lot and remove plants that required a lot of trimming. Instead, she supervised the planting of low water plants that do not require much maintenance. Lynlee’s before and after photos of SDYC landscaping were impressive. Even more impressive were the significant cost reductions in maintenance and water bills for the Club.

Nancy Hurlburt gave us an in-depth presentation about edible gardening. Her program was very timely with the increased interest in growing herbs and other fruits and vegetables. She shared how to integrate edibles with other landscaping, instead of having a standalone garden, and what to do about fertilizers with edibles. Our Master Gardeners brought a wealth of information about gardening in San Diego to our Luncheon. In addition to Lynlee and Nancy, we had four additional SDYC Master Gardeners in attendance: Lois Kenneally, Julie Hasl, Hanna Richardson and Cindy Sparks. Not only did they have posters, they brought brochures on many important issues, including on water smart plants, how to plant and trim trees, and how to deal with pests. Many women stayed after lunch to ask questions and get additional information from our experts. In May we had a fantastic presentation from Dr. Iris Engstrand, University of San Diego History professor, noted San Diego historian and author of our SDYC comprehensive history book in 2000 and update in 2012. We expected a program about the history of our Club, and got a

very informative and entertaining history of women at our Club. Her details of sailing and rowing participation by our SDYC women decades ago was news to many of us. Iris also had important information about our women since 2000, including our first woman Commodore Betty Sherman and the many women Junior Commodores. Iris grew up sailing Snowbirds in the waters off Newport Beach and hopes more women stay with or return to sailing in the future. Iris had dozens of photos from our earliest days as a Yacht Club to today. Iris and our History Committee welcome photos to incorporate into our archives, but they must have details of the people in the photo and the event. Our next Luncheon will be Wednesday, June 5th. Tyler Richards Hewes, Production Manager for Mainly Mozart will be speaking about Mainly Mozart’s 25th Anniversary season and the great things they have in store. Registration is open, so please register online for your seat and for your tablemates. We look forward to seeing you in June!

SDYC Knitters

SDYC Knitters meet on both the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month in the Members Lounge from 6:00-8:30pm. We hope you will join us. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden call 619-964-1842.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 17

Club News

Community Programs by Nancy & Ed Lazarski

The Community Programs Committee

is now working at full speed! As you saw in last month’s Mainsheet, our Monarch School Sailing program is in full swing thru the end of May, and there will be monthly articles on our the happenings and activities of our Sea Scouts’ Ship 1886. The CpC hosted a First Aid and CPR Class in April for 23 folks – a combination of Sea Scouts and Club members – it was a great turn out and there are discussions on making this

Ship 1886

Opening Day at SDYC By Tammy Poole, Ship 1886, Mate Photos by Jackie Kohls


Scout Ship 1886 was proud to be a part of SDYC’s Opening day and provide service to their Charter Organization by seating dignitaries and helping on the day. The Sea Scouts worked hard planning their busy weekend to ensure they could staff booths at both Opening Day and Day at the Docks. The Ship’s presence at the Day at the Docks caught the eye of Wake-Up San Diego and the Ship was able share their knot tying skills on the Channel Six News. To view the footage, please visit http://seascoutship1886. This Ship has a full summer to look forward to including their week long sailing trip to Catalina in August which will include activities such as sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking at emerald bay. This trip will provide the perfect opportunity to practice the Rules of the Road knowledge and Navigation Skills they have been learning at the Maritime Institute over

an annual event. Wednesday, May 29th was our first Military Appreciation Night. Amee Alagiri (who is new to our team) and Ruth Rollins ( a veteran of many MAN events) have this event organized and they are ready to go. Hopefully we’ll see you out on the deck on Wednesday’s when you can stop by and thank these folks for their service to our nation. MAN events are every Wednesday through August 28th and we want to thank everyone who is helping with the Shore Party and those who are volunteering their boats – the Club couldn’t do this without you. On Saturday, June 1st we had the Coast Guard Auxiliary teach a “Suddenly in Command” class. We advertised this on the email blasts and the past year. The Ship is also working to restore four 420’s that will be used to practice their sailing skills this summer and to use during upcoming trips and raft-ups. The Ship meets every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in the Jessop Sailing Foundation Building at SDYC. Please feel free to pop-in and visit any of our meetings.

18 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

this course addressed 2 scenarios: if the captain becomes incapacitated or falls overboard, or you purchase a new boat and step aboard for the first time - you are Suddenly In Command. We’ll have to report on this class in the next Mainsheet, because this class was not held prior to the June Mainsheet publishing deadline. We want to thank all of our volunteers for their continued support, and if you are interested in participating in all, or one specific, Community Programs Committee event please contact us - we would be glad to have you! And, if you are a military member, please consider volunteering for some of our militaryfocused outreach events!

Club News

Star Worlds 2013 By Joanne O’Dea

SDYC will be welcoming Star sailors

from all around the world to the 2013 Star Class World Championship, held this summer, Aug 28 - Sept 8. The Club is very pleased to be hosting this prestigious event for the eighth time since the first competition in 1922. John Burnham, Regatta Chairman, answered some questions to prepare SDYC members for the event and what they can expect. Q: What makes the Star World Championship an important event for SDYC? JB: The SD Bay Star fleet was chartered in 1925 and is the home fleet of more Gold Stars (World Championship winners) than any other Star Fleet in the world. In 1937, SDYC members Milt Wegeforth and Ernie Phillips captured the Gold Star, the first of 16 Championships for the San Diego fleet. SDYC will be hosing a preeminent event for a sail boat class that is a world leader in organization, rules, talent, and leadership. Q: Why is chairing the Star Worlds important to you? What makes it meaningful? JB: It is so important to me to have do the best job that we as a team of volunteers, professional staff, vendors, and sponsors can do to present a world class regatta for the participants that will be coming from all over the world. I love the logistics that is involved in planning such an event and having it all come together. Embracing the history of the Star class and of the Yacht Club, involving the junior sailors who are the future of the class and the club itself, is especially meaningful. Having chaired the regatta the last time it was hosted by SDYC in 1994 with 94 boats participating makes me want to give back to the class again. What makes it most meaningful is my family history with the Star Class, my father, Malin

Burnham, crewed for Gerry Driscoll in 1944, and at the age of 17, was the youngest to win the Gold Star with Lowell North as crew in 1945. Q: What should members expect to enjoy during the event? JB: We are certainly encouraging the membership to come out and spectate during the racing! We are expecting to have 75 teams from 20 countries participating, the racing will be world class, tight, exciting, and it will be great to have a strong spectator fleet from the Yacht Club members. SDYC will be extending our hospitality to the participants and we invite the members to open up their homes to host visiting sailors (creating long lasting friendships with sailors from other countries). We hope that the membership comes to the social events during the week, Opening Ceremonies, Prize Giving, reception at the SD Hall of Champions Sailing Exhibit. We are reaching out for volunteers who would like to participate, especially with measurement, registration, and language interpretation. Q: Who are some of the notable participants in the regatta? Are any SDYC members? JB: The list of participants is impressive and includes long time Star sailors, past World and Olympic Champions. SDYC members that are already registered include George Szabo sailing with crew Craig Moss, Eric Doyle, with others

from SDYC that we expect will be sailing. Skippers and crews are still in the qualification process for the event. Q: What are some of the challenges the planning committee is facing in preparation for the regatta? JB: Fundraising is the greatest challenge, developing and forming partnerships with sponsors that will support the regatta, and enjoy exposure not only to the members at SDYC but to San Diego at large. Logistics is also another big challenge, boat storage during the event for example. Q: What are some of your favorite memories of past Star events? JB: Seeing the evolution of the Star Class, being a youngster around the events and growing up to sail in the Stars, meeting fantastic people, champions and characters. Crewing for my Dad and sailing in the best place in the world, San Diego, meeting US Presidents such as Gerald Ford at Star Worlds event (Chicago, 1975). I want to give back to SDYC and the Star Class for a lifetime of memories, and to make SDYC stronger for those who will have the same opportunities I have had. Q: What will make the 2013 Star Worlds at SDYC a success? JB: A great regatta with plenty of participation from the SDYC members. For more information about the event, visit

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 19

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Cyclying Club By Tina Willmore


e’d like to officially introduce the SDYC Cycling Club and bring you up to speed with all that we have been up to in the past several months. The cycling club was created due to so many Yachtsmen hiding the fact that not only were they fine sailors but had a hidden athleticism in cycling. With early morning tide pool rides in Point Loma & fun weekend rides up the coast, our Commodore, Chuck Hope made official this fun & growing club for the San Diego Yacht Club. With our slick new Kit Jerseys that many of you have seen, we have been riding on weekends up the PCH, training rides in East County and in April we had a great group come out and ride in the 108 mile San Diego Gran Fando. We have a ride around the Bay scheduled on the morning of July 6th in celebration of the 4th of July Festivities.


Ghost Wave

By Laura Kyle

The world’s gnarliest wave breaks just

100 miles west of Point Loma, at Cortes Bank. Few have seen it, although many of us have raced or cruised past the very spot. On occasions when wind and swell conditions are just right and a mass of water hits the bank just so, a monstrous wave of 60 or more feet can appear, seemingly out of nowhere. Frightening as this sounds, Cortes Bank today draws numerous big-wave surfers seeking the ultimate ride. Ghost Wave by Chris Dixon will drag you down deep into the lives of surf legends who “discovered” the wave in the late 1980s and those first documented to surf it. You’ll be sucked

Anyone & everyone are invited to come whether you are a cyclist or not. More information on this ride to follow. If you would like more information on becoming a member you can go on the SDYC website under Fleets/Groups and sign on. We hope to see you out on the road and around the club. Andy Ladow, Tina Willmore & Bill Haynesworth

Kip Howard

Bill Logan, Kip Howard, James Churchill, Jon Dennis, Mike Lee, Bill Haynesworth, Andy Ladow, Chuck Hope, Tina Willmore at the start of Kitchen Creek..

Tom Fisher, Judy Fisher, Bill Haynesworth, Tina Willmore, Jon Dennis, Bill Logan at the start of the San Diego Gran Fando.

in -- even if you don’t surf, yourself. The science-minded will enjoy reading about waves themselves. Once thought limited by gravity to 60 feet high, waves have been documented to top 100. For example, during the 1998 Sydney to Hobart race a rescue helicopter had to quickly ascend 150 feet to avoid a 140-foot-tall wave. Today, some scientists theorize that certain waves can reach 1,000 feet. Cortes Bank on the other hand “is considered almost uniquely without an upper limit,” Dixon writes. For the history buff, there’s the story of the USS Ramapo’s historic voyage during which she recorded and survived a 112-foot wave. Dixon recounts the Cortes wave’s first documented sighting from the USS Constitution and other sightings by steamships, clipper ships and cutters, fishermen and divers. He also tells

about the historic charting of the area. And there’s a chapter for those who appreciate the eccentric. Dixon writes about an attempt during the 1960s to scuttle a freighter called the SS Jalisco on Bishop Rock and found upon it a new nation called Abalonia. The plan might have succeeded if a rogue wave hadn’t demolished the Jalisco the very day she was put down on the Rock. Adding to the intrigue, the entire story takes place virtually in our own backyard. You’ll find the book in SDYC library’s Adventure section.

20 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

On the race course

Race Committee

Yachting Cup 2013 from Corinthian By Bruce Greene, PRO outer roads course

From the Race Committee perspective

Regatta Top Finishers

One Design Weekend: April 13-14 Etchells 1st Place: Leon/Egan/Davis, Lola Etchells 2nd Place: Bruce Nelson, Rhino Etchells 3rd Place: Andrew Whittome, Down Under J/105 1st Place: Dennis & Sharon Case, Wings J/105 2nd Place: Sean O’Keefe, DeColores J/105 3rd Place: Jon Dekker, Air Boss Opening Day Race: April 20 Class 1 Winner: John Laun, caper Class 2 Winner: Chick Pyle, Kea Class 3 Winner: Julie & Gary Mitchell, Quick Meteor Class 4 Winner: Jim Oberg, First Fiddle Overall Winner: Julie & Gary Mitchell, Quick Meteor Ton Cup Match Race: May 3 1st Place: Vince Brun, David Servais, Max Moosman 2nd Place: Peter Isler, Julie Servais, Mark Butler Yachting Cup: May 4-5 Class AA Winner: Jay Steinbeck, Margaritaville 1.5 Class A Winner: Tim Fuller, Resolute (overall winner) Farr 40 Winner: Jeff Janov, Dark Star J/120 Winner: John Laun, caper Flying Tiger Winner: Paul & Julie McPherson, Niuhi J/109 Winner: Thomas Brott, Electra J/105 Winner: Dave Vieregg, Triple Play Class B Winner: Boatner / Velthoen, Rival J/70: Winner: Kownacki / Jenkins, DFZ J/80 Winner: Curt Johnson, Avet

Upcoming Events

June 1-2: One Design Weekend June 15-16: Match Race Invitational June 28-30: Kettenburg & Classic Yacht Regatta July 6: SSSS Saturday Race July 13: One Design Weekend July 14: PC One Design July 19: Dutch Shoe Marathon July 20-21: Yvonka International Race July 27-28: Blue Star District Champs July 27: SSSS Saturday Race

couple of races started uneventfully. Half way through the second race the wind did an abrupt shift of 20 degrees +/- to the left and doubled in velocity to about 15 kts making a course change necessary with some fine work by the mark boats moving up to about 2/3 N. M. in a bumpy beam sea from the original mark to set the new mark in location in a timely and precise manner. The last race went well and racing for this year’s Yachting Cup was completed. From the RC point of view it was a pretty good weekend results wise, despite the conditions. Good races run, nobody sank, no serious damage to the boats, no really serious injuries. Despite a few minor mechanical problems with the committee boats, which were mostly due to sea state, the equipment generally worked very well. I was very proud of the way our volunteers worked in some difficult conditions and I thank them all.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 21

Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events.

the Yachting Cup weekend looked on Saturday morning like it would be relatively benign and settled after the major wind shift of the Ton Cup on Fri. The National Weather Service forecast, and most of the weather models, called for moderate southerlies of 10 to 15 kts with relatively flat seas for at least three days with only a minor chance of showers. Due to the good work of the Race Committee Chair, and our many volunteers, we were able were able to put five markset boats, a photography boat and two RC signal boats on the water fully manned for the event. More than 20 people per day, the majority of whom worked both days on the water. On the way to the starting area on Sat. Corinthian’s anchor escaped it’s chain hook and dropped out of the bow board and began banging on the bow in choppy seas. The winch was engaged and when the anchor came up, upside down, it hit the bow board hard enough to launch the burgee staff straight up out of it’s holder like some kind of a missile complete with it’s top mounted whip antenna and high tech yard wind instrument (the tightening screw in the holder in the base has been frozen for years). Arriving at the start area we found a moderate southerly chop, of only about three feet or so, but with significant cross chop making a miserable and very rocky-rolly anchorage. Refrigerator doors opened and dumped their contents on the deck with most things on shelves and tables joining them. On the upper deck it was definitely one hand for the ship and the other for yourself. The breeze was about 15 kts. from 185o. On both courses we set two weather marks, inner and outer, to accommodate varying fleet needs. On the outer roads course with the bigger boats the outer mark was 2 N.M. from

the signal boat. The planned starting time was 1130 which was delayed for about five minutes due to the inability of the outer weather mark boat to cover the distance to it’s assigned position in the normal time due to the sea conditions. Several usually well prepared and well sailed racing boats called in to the RC to say they had equipment or sail problems and would not be racing in at least the first race. Not a good sign. From there on it was a pretty good day with the wind on rails and only minimal changes to the course distance to the weather marks necessary to keep the three fleets in reasonable order and minimize waiting time. During the course of the first two races several boats developed equipment or sail problems and retired. A few crew injuries meant other boats retiring and in one instance a call for the RC to take an injured crewman ashore to get medical treatment which we were able to do without major problems due to the steady wind. Four races were scheduled for Saturday but during the third race, normally well sailed boats and the ones we gauge racing conditions by, were exploding kites, purse seining sails, tearing mains or showing instances or semi out of control handling. Too much gear was breaking, too much sail damage and too many injuries. People were obviously getting tired. With the wind blowing a steady minimum of 15 and gusting well over twenty and the sea state perhaps a little worse, we decide that the racers, and our own people, had enough for the day and headed for the club. Conditions on the near roads course were similar and they did the same thing. On Saturday morning things looked worse with small craft warnings flying. The forecast was for 15 to 20 kts gusting 25 but still from the south. At my place it was cold, grey with very light rain and I did not want to go out into that washing machine again. The happy surprise when we got to the starting area was a breeze of only around 10 kts. with a much more settled sea state. The wind continued to drop to around 7-8 kts. and the first

ON the race course

Yachting Cup 2013

all of the sailors and wished them luck in the regatta over the weekend. At the same time, a “Crew Welcome Pasta Party” was being held on the Main Deck of SDYC. All participating crew were invited to the delicious pasta station while listening to live music on the deck and in the bar. Saturday’s racing forecast from regatta sponsor Buoyweather, called for wind at 15-20 knots out of the South with gusts to 25 knots which ended up being very accurate. This year’s Yachting Cup had two race courses with a Far Roads Course and a Near Roads Course. The Far Roads Course had three starts which included the PHRF AA Class, PHRF A Class & Farr 40 Classes starting together, and the J/120 Class. The Near Roads Course included the Flying Tiger Class & J/109 Classes starting together, the J/70 & J/80 Classes starting

By Julie Servais

The 2013 Yachting Cup was held at San

Diego Yacht Club on Saturday & Sunday, May 4 & 5. After competitors picked up their document packets in the Jessop Room provided by Sailing Supply and Harken along with Mount Gay Rum hats for all, the weekend started off with a bang on Friday night at the “VIP Skippers Party”. Skippers from each of the 84 competing boats were invited to a cocktail party in the Frost Room which was a unique opportunity for them to meet one and other prior to racing. Wine, beer and champagne, which were sponsored by South Coast Yachts and JK3, were served with a wonderful seafood raw bar to snack on. Commodore Hope welcomed

Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

J/109 Class sailing down wind.

together, the J/105 Class, and PHRF B. Each course had a long windward mark and a short windward mark, leeward mark gates and finishes on the left side of the committee boat downwind. The race committee favored “Course 4” which was a windward/leeward course twice around with finishes downwind. Competitors sailed three breezy and challenging races that were wonderfully run by the SDYC Race Committee. After a long day on the water, competitors headed in to the dock where they were welcomed with carving stations and keg beer. A special treat was having the SDYC wait staff tray serve beer to the “big boats” that were med-tied in the main basin. Once competitors had their boats packed away it was time to party! At around 5:30pm the awesome mariachi band arrived in the SDYC Main Dining Room and the “Cinco de Mayo Party” was on! The SDYC taco station was a huge hit with Don Julio Tequila being served by several “Tequila Girls” around the party. The club was dressed like the ultimate fiesta with piñatas, sombreros, and even mustaches on every table for people to wear! The feeling of the night was great and fun was had by all! Sunday’s forecast called for slightly lighter race conditions with 15-18 knots of breeze with gusts to 20 knots out of the South. It was another challenging Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

J/105 Class Start

2nd Place in PHRF AA, Victor Wild’s TP52 Team “BUD”

22 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

J/105 “Wings” and “Triple Play”

On the race course day of racing for competitors with three races, especially because of a few rain squalls hitting mid-day. Again, the SDYC Race Committee favored “Course 4” and racing concluded around 3:30 pm. While competitors were on their way to the docks, the SDYC Staff and Volunteers were setting up the Main Dining Room for the awards ceremony. Chili dogs,

nachos and kegs of beer were available for competitors to snack on while they waited for the awards to get under way. Pirate’s Lair also had their booth set up so that competitors could purchase some Yachting Cup gear before heading home. Commodore Hope welcomed competitors to the ceremony while his wife Kitsy stood by to hand out awards Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

Photo courtesy of Julie Servais

Overall Yachting Cup Winner, Tim Fuller, Team J/125 “Resolute”

to regatta winners. Prizes were awarded to ten classes with beautiful perpetual trophies handed out alongside the champagne buckets, decanters and beer pitchers. All first place crew received beer mugs as well. Sponsor prizes were provided for First, Second and Third Place winners by North Sails, Anchor Gloves, JK3, Soft Deck and Ullman Sails. The Overall Regatta Winner was Tim Fuller on his J/125 “Resolute” from the very competitive PHRF Class A. Tim was awarded with the Yachting Cup Overall Perpetual Trophy along with a gift certificate from Kona Kai and an SD Boatworks Custom Carbon Fiber Kelp Stick.

Regatta Chairs, David & Julie Servais with Comm. Hope at the VIP Skippers Cocktail Party

Photo courtesy of Vince Brun

Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

The three amigos, Doup Petterson, Enrique Mereles & Vince Brun.

Julie Servais, Joanne O’Dea, Amanda Denton & Marnie Buddo Photo courtesy of Bronny Daniels

Conner’s “Stars & Stripes” & Victor Wild’s “BUD” Photo courtesy of Darrall Slater

Photo courtesy of Bob Betancourt

Rear Comm. Laun on J/120 “Caper” 1st in Class

J/70s Racing on the Near Ocean Course

Rick Day on Beneteau 40.7 “Audacious” 2st in 40.7 Class

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 3

On the race course

STAR BOAT HAPPENINGS Springtime brought out seven of the

local star fleet for the April One-design Weekend races on the 20th & 21st. Several familiar faces re-appeared after lengthy layoffs from Star boat racing, notably Robbie Haines and his son Brian as crew, sailing their new addition USA 8189. Additionally, from Newport Harbor Yacht Club was John Virtue and crew Rodney Hagabols sailing USA 8362. Saturday brought light to medium conditions, which the race committee was able to conduct three very good

races for the day. Races 1 & 2 saw Ben Mitchell sailing with Greg Morton capturing first place each race and was closely followed both races by the team of Chuck Driscoll and Jim Oberg to score consecutive second places. Race 3 of the day became a show down between Haines and Mitchell each jockeying for the pin end start with the result being both would like a do-over! As the race progressed the two poor starts were converted into a race for first and second, with Haines holding on for the win and Mitchell in second. Sunday brought more typical Point Loma conditions with light to medium winds under grey skies. Race 4 saw Virtue returning to form with a win in that race. The Haines family showed that their win in Race 3 was no fluke and delivered another

24 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

win in Race 5. In the final race Mark Butler and John Rudderham showed the fleet their transom for the entire race….nice job guys! Final scores had the Driscoll/Oberg team recording all consistent scores and in first place for the weekend. They were followed by Virtue/Hagabols in second. Haines who missed the last race finished third. First day leaders Mitchell/Morton were unable to sail due to prior travel plans. The fleet is looking for another good turn out at the May One Design Weekend. On a more thoughtful note, the local Star fleet has recently lost two of its long time members in Lee Kellerhouse and George T. Szabo The Star fleet’s heart goes out to the family and friends of these two fine gentlemen.

Fleets, Etc.

Model Yacht Fleet

The Perfect Storm…that wasn’t By David Ryan Model Yacht Fleet Captain

Over the past several months several

SDYC fleets have been keeping their collective fingers crossed for a heavy dose of late-season mountain rains. In order to make the (up till now) annual pilgrimage to the pines and oaks, which surround Lake Corte Madera, for a special day of racing and relaxing, the Pine Valley area would need to receive and unseasonable abundance of spring precipitation. Unfortunately, by the beginning of April, it became apparent that this was unlikely to occur. So, reluctantly, the disappointing news was delivered; that the SSSS Sabot regatta and Lehman Cow-Patty Cup would need to be cancelled. There just wasn’t enough depth in the lake (being about 4 feet below last year’s level) to justify proceeding with an event that needs to be superior in order to measure up to the exceptional memories and tradition of the past several years. Fortunately, our unflappable, majestic CR-914 (don’t call them toys) model yachts and their skippers, were up for the challenge. It’s not quite as difficult to accommodate a fleet of 36 inch yachts that draw about 10 inches. So, being the “only game in town”, all of the collective energy, from those that participate in some (or all) of the 3 fleets, that can proudly reference racing on Lake Corte Madera as a highlight of their sailing résumés, was focused into making this year’s model yacht regatta extra special. A couple of intentional changes and numerous unintentional and serendipitous ones helped to ensure that the 2013 Corte Madera regatta will hold special memories for all those that attended. In order to validate the excellence of the racing venue, it was determined that this previously “friendly match” would now count toward the annual high-point award. Additionally, the highly-anticipated, steak BBQ would now be shifted from an extended lunch break to a post-regatta evening of fantastic feasting and friendship. In my experience, the more importance or significance that is placed on a highly-

anticipated event, the less likely that event will live up to one’s expectations. It seemed like this year’s regatta would be no exception, when a slow-moving, atypical, low-pressure weather system produced sporadic showers and mountain high temperatures in the 40’s during the work-week, within two days of the regatta. Immediately, I had “flash-backs” to 2011, when the SSSS enjoyed a beautiful day of racing, with temperatures in the 70’s. The very next day the Lehman fleet arrived, only to be greeted by 20 knot winds, dense fog and temps in the 40’s. But this time, high pressure took over, producing north-east winds that, at times, must have topped 18 knots. While it made for challenging racing, the 80 degree, warm, dry air triggered hopes that summer is right around the corner. Despite the gusty conditions, patches of spotty and potentially devastating weeds, and the occasional need to avoid the Landon Boys’ posse, enjoying a swim near the leeward mark, the racing was competitive and fair. In addition, the turnout was great, with a couple of core fleet members, who had not attended in prior years, enjoying the “initiation”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry Ault traded his Etchells for a Bass boat and a set of plans for a log cabin. Likewise, it wouldn’t seemingly take much coaxing for Chuck Mellor to follow in John Landon’s footsteps, and convert his neatly-groomed facial fuzz into a full-blown “Duck Dynasty” conversation piece. By, the conclusion of our nine races we weren’t without the usual breakdowns due to electrical problems and rigging failures. Some more notable and interesting set backs included John Landon’s decision to forego the rescue row-boat and wade out through the mucky mire, till chestdeep, in order to free his boat from the weeds, as well as Gary Becker’s apparent jettison of his keel bulb. And who could have anticipated rudder problems from someone named Rudderham? However, when the dust (or mud) had settled, it was no surprise to see George Szabo, III as the decisive winner over a tough and talented group of competitors. George jumped out to an early lead, winning the first 3 races with a combination of boat speed, tactical supremacy and avoidance of trouble (i.e. weeds). It was apparent that “Team 1700” meant business when George brought in hot-shot, wild-card

Randy Lake, to steer his identical-appearing, alternate boat. Indistinguishable from George’s boat, except for the garish, pink “1700” on the mainsail, Randy made his model yacht debut in an impressive fashion. If he were to join the fleet, I have no doubt he would be able to quickly build on his noteworthy 4th place finish amidst a strong 14 boat fleet going forward. However, I’m not so sure that he will be able to continue to consistently provide our hungry group with the 20 lbs. of sashimi-grade yellow tail, he caught the day before. Craig Moss made his first appearance on the starting line this season and his pace on the race course was only rivaled by his keen ability to pace himself with the wellmanaged draining of his cooler. Consistent finishes paid off for Craig by earning him a 3rd place overall. Wiley Jean Malthaner was able to edge out Dan Aeling by a point, to secure 5th place. There’s not doubt that part of Jean’s success can be attributed to the gushing P.D.A. he received from the quite precocious Bentley “the boxer” Szabo. In the final race, as his boat battery ran out, it became apparent that David Ryan would not be able to top George; this, despite Dan North’s play-by-play commentary/rooting and the doctor’s apparently “bulging neck veins”, according to Mr. Szabo’s description of the scene. In the end, it was actually quite fitting that George would prevail. Sadly, he had just lost his father, George, Jr., on the previous Sunday. With heavy hearts, yet the fondest memories, we all raised a glass during the BBQ festivities to George’s pop. He had attended at least one of the Corte Madera regattas, as an interested, supportive spectator, in the recent past, and really enjoyed the mountain splendor. He was, and will continue to be, dearly missed by all of the SDYC community. Rhetorically, George later offered that this was “by far, the best day he’s had all week.” As the sun set on a cloudless, warm, alpine evening, creating a dramatic silhouette of the majestic, bald eagle nest atop a nearby pinion, all those in attendance left with a sense of serenity and rejuvenation. In the waning twilight moments of the final cleanup, Jean Malthaner summed it up best with his sage advice. “It’s not about what you are able to accumulate in this life. It’s about the people and relationships we share.”

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 5

Fleets, Etc.

Buffalo Beach By Bruce Gresham

Thank you Jim and Suzy Dorsey for

The tents reservations are going very well. Dock Master Joe reports we are about 80% full for July and Aug, and about 50% full for the rest of the season. Search for open dates on the Buffalo Beach Web reservations page on Photo courtesy of Bob Vincent

another fantastic Job at the 5th annual Buffalo Beach Bash. This events always a great way to meet or reconnect with your fellow Buffalo Beach Club members. Our Board of Directors approved the purchase of a used 20’ Mako whaler launch. This boat is will be used to ferry our members and guests between Avalon to Buffalo Beach. Thank our board members for this key piece of equipment for our outstation. Thank you Matt Capon who found and drove to Corona to bring this boat back to SDYC for some TLC. We are happy to report our consummate Beach Master Dan Berman is back with us for another season. Check the web site for Dan’s schedule. Greg Buckley and Scott Launey lead the intrepid 2013 Buffalo Beach

Work Party. This team works all week to prepare the outstation for the summer. Each day this group was scrubbing, weed-wacking, trimming and polishing, fixing and painting. Each night they tested Pat’s Patio, the BBQs tables with some awesome meals and fellowship. Be sure and thank the members of the work party for making our camp so much nicer for us all. Their effort is just another example of the commitment of our members to make our great club.

New signage, the brainchild of Myron Lyon, depicts the partnership between the SDYC and the Catalina Conservancy

We love our new Launch

Celebrating a successful work party!

Anglers Fleet

Take your Kids Fishing-June 30th By Peter Evering Anglers Fleet Captain Photo by Peter Evering

SDYC Members and their guest to fish aboard the Sea Watch Charter Boat. Children 7-15 do not need a fishing license. Adults and kids 16 and over, please bring your CA fishing license with you. We will meet at the Seaforth


and Grandparents, please sign up your kids for our Annual Kids Fishing Trip. Why is the Anglers Fleet again looking to share our time with your kids in assisting them to hook up a fish? We are helping you as a family to a catch lifetime of memories! It is also a good way to teach kids about and it also encourages them to respect the environment. Through an extremely social environment, it is a great way for parents and children to spend quality time together and the excitement to bring up what might be lurking on the bottom of the ocean. This event is open and free to all 26 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Marina in Mission Bay at 11:30am and returns at 6:00pm. Rods n Reels, bait and lunch are also provided. All you need to do is sign up at the SDYC Front Desk before the boat becomes full.



Presentation Canceled - ARG Meets in the BAR By Bob Vincent N6EZV

The Amateur Radio Group (ARG) is

just one of the many “Fleets” that members of the San Diego Yacht Club have to choose from in pursuit of their own particular “Aspects of Yachting”. The ARG usually meets on the last Tuesday of the month in the Communication Center to discuss ARG business and plan future ARG projects. On the last Tuesday in April that was initially scheduled to be an “ARG Presentation Evening”, because our guest speaker had to cancel do to an unexpected work conflict out-of-town, the ARG decided to “tack” to the SDYC bar, and pursue an alternate agenda. ARG bar room conversation quickly turned to upcoming SDYC events including the Yachting Cup and the Buffalo Beach Work Party. discussion about the One communication plan for the SDYC Yachting Cup 2013 was interesting. For those present, we discovered that Ann Folting KI6UYP was going to use one of the ARG’s two “Packet Boxes” to communicate real-time Yachting Cup race

SSSS Fleet By Dee Van Horne

The Spring Series is well under way

and we have had a good turnout of Sabot sailors each Tuesday. The weather has been fair, and the wind mild… perfect conditions for sailing! We have several events that are coming up. The Senior Sabot Nationals which will be held at Lido Island Yacht Club on June 1st and 2nd. There will be a silver fleet in the Masters division. This is an attempt to attract more people to sail.

Scott Launey W6SRL, Scott Rights N6PG, Gregg Buckley KJ6MBT, Rod McLennan W6MWB, Sue Huggin KO6DV, Ed Huggin KK6GO, Bob Vincent N6EZV, Gary Crawford KC6GIN & Mike Foster KJ6ENC

results from Corinthian on the Coronado Roads “Far Course” back to Mike Foster KJ6ENC in the Command Center while Rod McLennan W6MWB was planning to be aboard the R/C boat Apollo on the Coronado Roads “Near Course” doing the same. The objective was to provide real-time “text” of race results back to Mike in the Comm Center so that he could input those results into the SDYC Sailing Center’s remote computer screens that are viewable by participants and spectators alike on the seaward side of the Sailing Center. On Sunday, May 5th, as we were loading the Buffalo Beach Work Party cargo boats Triton and Sunshine, we noticed that there was always a crowd standing in front of those monitors looking to see how the Yachting Cup racers were doing. Additionally in the bar, we were talking about the upcoming Buffalo Beach Work Party since several of the ARG members present were also pulling double committee duty as active Buffalo Beach Work Party participants. To some of us, being at Buffalo Beach gives us a chance to utilize the ARG’s homemade Buffalo Beach Radio. SDYC will be hosting the Senior Sabot Nationals in 2014. Here are a couple of events that are always fun to sail in: Mission Bay Yacht Club will be hosting the All Girls Sail Jam on June 15th. And, don’t forget the ever popular Dutch Shoe Marathon on July 19th. Please come out and join the SSSS Fleet for the spring and summer series. Tuesdays for the spring and Thursday evenings for the summer; the last Tuesday spring series race is June 11th. All Tuesday races begin at 11:30am and summer races start at 5:00pm. Be sure to sign up on line and come out and join in on the fun and camaraderie on and off the water!

2 Meter, battery powered “Packet Box” used aboard Yachting Cup R/C boats Apollo and Corinthian allowed for real-time race results to be transmitted back to the Comm Center.

Self-contained, battery powered “Buffalo Beach Radio” used during April 2013 Survey Expedition and May 2013 Work Party to communicate with the Amateur Radio Group Juniors (ARGJs) on the mainland from Buffalo Beach.

Radio Communication in many different forms has become an invisible part of our everyday lives. Cell phones and Wi-Fi are two forms of radio communications that we all use on a daily basis are both lost as soon as you get a few miles offshore in your boat. As many of the active ARG members can tell you, maintaining a situational awareness about what channels of communication are available at any and every part of your nautical journey is an “Aspect of Yachting” that can be challenging, but enjoyable. The Amateur Radio Group (ARG) is a valuable resource that is available to everyone at the club who is interested. If improving you communication knowledge, skills and capabilities, both ashore and afloat, is important, please contact the ARG at for more information. Thank You! Place A Fleet 1 2 3 4 5 B Fleet 1

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Boat # 8431 10231 7606 7434 7613 7848

Skipper Danny North Scott Finkboner Rowena Carlson Jim Hecht 19 Betty Becker Sue Miller 4

Points 6 10 10 20

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 27

Fleets, Etc.

PC BY Rish Pavelec, PC #16 DAWN Photo by Ron Jagodinski


just came in from a walk and was blown all over the street. A few minutes after arriving home, the gray clouds moved in and a gentle mist started falling. Our weather sure has not been what we expected lately! Cissy and I recently returned from our get away to Pennsylvania. The time spent at Gettysburg and Valley Forge will not soon be forgotten. The cold winds blowing off the hills at Valley Forge and walking the hills of the battlefields reminded us of all the people who gave so much so that our union could survive. I was recently contacted by a fellow interested in building a remote control racing model of the PC. With the permission of the group, I have attached a beautiful photo of their design. At my suggestion, the project manager met with the Maritime Museum to inquire about using original plans to “fine tune” their work. The PC Association group has since given the project their blessing. As you can see, they are off to a great start. It was explained to me that this is a “labor of love” and not a money making venture. Other examples of work done by JAGRAF/X can be seen at

With the help of Dynamic Marine Machining (Dave Gardner #78) new keel bolts and lifting ring fasteners are now available. Some of our boats have already finished the installation. It is a huge relief to know what several of our fleet members will no longer have to worry about lifting their boats. Our PC Fleet Championship was held on May 18th and 19th, but it is too early for me to report. I am told that Opening Day was another complete success! Congratulations to Steve Brownsea (#42) for winning two trophies! Best Maintained PC AND Best PC Maintained by Owner. Congrats to Jim Oberg & Beth Chavet (#11) for winning not only the Club Classic Boat Inspection, but they were the 1st PC to complete of the Opening Day Race, too! Thanks to the entire fleet for getting their boats ready to show. Special thanks go from me to Geves and all those who helped get DAWN finished up and showing. Because of an unexpected emergency, Cissy and I were forced to leave town at the last minute and, unfortunately, missed the entire celebration. Remember that this month will bring the annual San Diego Wooden Boat Festival on June 15th and 16th. The event will show wooden vessels on the hard as well as in the water. I will, again, serve as the “Man at the Mic”. Having the power to say abusive things about people and make up lies about anyone I choose is worth the time

28 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

expended. Friday PM will be the usual BBQ dinner for all those who show their boats. Saturday and Sunday will be the usual fantastic breakfasts and lunches, provided by our galley crew. Saturday will be the days end dinner for those who choose to attend. Please try to join us, but sign up early. June 28-30 will be the Kettenburg Regatta sponsored by the San Diego Ancient Mariners. Events like these are fantastic and a lot of work goes into making them happen. Thanks to all of you who work so hard. July 14th will be the One Designs so please get that on your calendar and sign up on line. Have a great sailing season. Summer’s here!!

Fleets, Etc.

Tennis By Keith Danon Photos by Christy Radecic


pril was a busy month for the Tennis Fleet. First, a heartfelt thank you to co-fleet captains, Matt Brown and Christy Radecic for an outstanding job on representing the Fleet on opening day. They gave out information on the advantages of being in the Fleet, sold clothing, made tropical drink tasters, put on Fleet tattoos, and signed up new members. It takes a lot of work to make all these things happen. I encourage you to give a bit back and volunteer, even in a small way, for our upcoming events. Call any of us and we will give you some different options that will help out the 2013 Tennis Fleet. I appreciate your support of my 5th Annual Tropical Tennis Mixer. We had 20 hard hitting players and another 30 fans cheering them on. With Christy’s help on the scoreboard, everything worked out great. Director, Doug Werner showed

off his strong forehands along with David Ryan, Scott Launey and Dan Rumsey. Bob Woodall, Scott Cummins, Jerry Hilbert and Robert Jackson brought their best to the courts. Ian Adleberg, Jesse James, Scott Rights and Skip Rickon took no prisoners. Briana Ruff, Betty Woodall, Carol Honeysett, Suzi Launey, Kari Topz and Kelly Thomas represented the woman and brought their “A” game to the every match. Thanks to pups, “Harley” and “Taylor” for showing up and fetching balls! If our $35 annual fee ever goes up, perhaps we can employ real ball boys in the future! The Tennis Fleet is so grateful for the generosity of members, Ian Adleberg for donating two magnums and two bottles of bubbly to our top 4 finalists and Becca Rumsey for donating excellent wine and sparkling wine to the winners of the hula hoop and limbo contests. The Tropical Mixer Finals pitted Scott Launey and Betty Woodall against top point-getters, Bruce Ives and Kelly Thomas. Congratulations to our winners, Bruce and Kelly for their excellent performances. Kira topped all participants at the limbo and our Hoola Hoop Queen, Suzi Launey, held on to

Party For the Patio

her championship! Suzi’s hula hoop was inspected afterward to see if it was batterypowered, because she just kept it spinning while accepting her prize. Everyone got lei’d, ate, drank, and played plenty of tennis. SAVE THE DATE! “PARTY FOR THE PATIO” will take place on Saturday, June 1st on Court 2 at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come out and dance to the music of our own tennis fleet member, Dennis Kuhn’s band, Superpoint under the market lights. There will be free appetizers and a no host bar to enjoy the music and some fabulous raffle prizes including fine magnums of wine/sparkling wine, boat and tennis prizes. The event is to help support the construction of a new patio entrance to Court 2. Wear court friendly shoes and thanks in advance for your contributions to making the tennis fleet a success at SDYC. July 4th weekend speaks for itself with the biggest tournament of the year. Details to come soon. August brings in our “La Playa” raft up which no one should miss. Tons of fun all weekend long. Thank you for your support of the Tennis Fleet!


Everyone is invited to join us Fun

on the tennis courts

Saturday, June 1st - 7:00PM - Court 2 Come see what we’re planning!! Complimentary Appetizers

Cash or SDYC Charge Fine Wines

Dance to SDYC’s Band SuperPoint Prizes

No-Host Bar

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 29


J/22 Fleet

Making an Impression on Opening Day! By Darin Hayden Photos by Jim Tomcik

The newly formed J/22 competitive fleet debuted at the Opening Day Regatta this past month! There were seven - J/22’s on the starting line which included teams: McElvain, Sheid, Pascoe, Greene, Trotter, McNally, and Dorsey. Crews were a mix of experienced racers, folks who had never been on a J/22 and some who had never participated in a sailboat race EVER! Great fun was had by all. This new fleet is gearing up for an exciting season of racing opportunities. There will be Sunday ODW’s each month and modified Beer Can fleet racing on Wednesday evenings in La Playa. There will also be Tuesday evening match racing opportunities and an “Introduction to Match Racing” class is currently being scheduled. We hope you had a chance to see the J/22 displayed in the breezeway during Opening Day as well as the hospitality J/22 in the water. If you haven’t joined this new fleet, consider it now!

J/70 Sailing By Bennet Greenwald Photo by Chuck Allen, North Sails

Forty nine J/70’s

- Last day of the Annapolis NOOD - boats everywhere - about 9/10 knots but very spotty - flat water. There’s Van Waay, Szabo, Healy, Janney, Skelly, Wells, - you name the great sailor he’s here - I’m supposed to sail with these guys. Okay calm down were doing fine - Madrigali has this. Yeah - but it’s me and I don’t have this. One race today -will you just calm down? Sure - in second - 7 from first - one ahead of Willem - sure - no problem I’m calm - it’s just my foot that’s excited. Alright we’re starting - one third of the way down from the boat - tacking as soon as possible going left - got it. Tack - #@*it - we fouled - do the 720 - lost 15 boats - still going left - reach there’s no wind - whoops there’s a 30 degree lift lost half of it - here’s the mark in no wind - current ripping - hit the mark - do the 360 - go back - NO DONT GO BACK THAT”S OLD RULES - DUMMY! - Lost another 20 boats - were like 34th - Madro says okay jibe out - keep the #@*ing thing moving! - UP UP UP - okay bottom mark - left turn - can’t see the mark - kite in the way - going too low of it - TURN THE BOAT - awesome rounding - got 20 boats on that leg - the dudes ahead are right here - no pressure. PRESS

30 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

- PRESS - will you PLEASE PRESS - NO go up -here’s the #@*ing lift - gee these shifts are like 30 degrees with the velocity up and down- here’s the top mark - they shortened - one leg to go - jibe as soon as we round AND DON”T HIT IT - we finish well here and we win this thing -WILL YOU #@*ing GO UP? YAAAAY we crossed 6th - we won this thing. With thanks for patience, marvelous hard work and perseverance to Jeff Madrigali, Steve Pickel, and Morgane Renoir.





is swiftly winding down for SDYC’s junior sailors. The changing of season allows us to shift our focus from books, tests and teachers to boats, regattas and coaches. The regatta that is on the forefront of many of our young sailors minds will be Sabot Nationals. Sabot Nationals is the pinnacle of Sabot competition. Top honors have gone to numerous Olympians, College Sailor of the Years and world-class sailors. Rotating around venues in Southern California, this year’s Nationals will be held by Mission Bay Yacht Club. The coaching staff at SDYC intends on taking full advantage of this fact by combining practices with Mission Bay’s Juniors throughout the summer. All of this in mind, the present is the time to start making steps towards ensuring a

peak performance at Sabot Nationals. The elements that must be perfected during the summer months include: physical, mental and equipment preparation. At the physical level, we aim to work on our sailors perfecting their boathandling and boat-speed techniques. When our sailors can execute perfect boathandling without second thought they will be able to think more about tactics and strategy. In addition our physical preparation will encompass training to ensure we are ready for the long days on the water common to these regattas. The mental aspect of our training revolves around our sailors understanding of their potential and where they can finish in the fleet. While the Sabot world is broken down into fleets based on previous performance this truly does not have the same basis at Sabot Nationals. Experienced sailors out of the top fleets will be able to finish strongly at Nationals given adequate preparation. So watch out for those dark-horse B and C1ers! We plan to train

our sailors in the applications of mental stamina necessary for the long days of qualification. A major regatta like Sabot Nationals requires sailors to not allow mental slipping when dealing with bad races, protests and less experienced competitors. We will employ the use of visualization techniques, goal setting and routine building to make sure our sailors are psychologically sharp for the length of the event. Finally, our staff will endeavor to make sure that the equipment our sailors are using will not hinder their racing. The last thing our sailors want to worry about is their equipment, so we intend on doing any necessary re-rigging as we see fit. This process will include: weighing every individual’s Sabot, taking measurements of mast rake and control line settings to guarantee each sailors equipment is high caliber. We at the Junior Department will run with those specific elements to guarantee our sailors are in top shape leading into Sabot Nationals. Our coaches are here for you, please come see myself or any other coach so we can help you in your goals for this and/or any regatta. Champions are built here and we look forward to seeing SDYC next to the winner’s name on the 2013 Sabot Nationals trophy.

2ND ANNUAL ADULT LEARN TO SAIL PROGRAM Summer 2013 June-August, Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30PM Participants will enjoy outstanding instruction from SDYC’s world class coaching staff, and topics and class structure will be developed based on sign-ups and attendance. We expect these offerings to fill up very quickly, so please sign up right away to reserve your spot! JOHN FRETWEll

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 31







USCG Auxiliary Class Tennis Party



Steak Night





7 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis

Burger Bash


Prime Rib


Burger Bash



SDYC Golf Bridgedeckers

Women’s Luncheon

Darren & Terry Show



Steak Night

Model Yacht Sunset III Father-Daughter Dance SDyC MaTCH RaCE INVITE

Deck Dining

Beer Can BBQ


Junior Sailing Family Night


Deck Dining


Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime Rib


Model Yacht Sunset II

Beer Can BBQ


Loma Unit Bridge Group SSSS Spring Series XIII Semi-Annual Meeting Commodore’s Dinner



21 Bridgedeckers

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Fathers Day BBQ



Model Yacht Sunset IV Tennis Ladder Challenge Anglers Tournament


Burger Bash


Prime Rib


Beer Can BBQ


28 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis

Deck Dining

Model Yacht Sunset V

Lehman Beer Can I Burger Bash

Prime Rib


Area J Triple Eliminations

Cruising Fleet BBQ Steak Night Area J Triple Eliminations Kids Fishing Charter



Lehman Summer I Steak Night

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5 Bridgedeckers

Wednesday Night Tennis

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Adult Learn To Sail

Women’s Luncheon Burger Bash

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Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset VIII


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset IX



Prime Rib


Beer Can BBQ

Wednesday Night Tennis Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash

Prime Rib

Steak Night

14 PC One Design Steak Night


21 yVONKa RaCE

Beer Can BBQ

32 • JUNE 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Steak Night




Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash

4th of July Tennis Tournament




Wednesday Night Tennis


4th of July Tennis Tournament


Beer Can BBQ



One Design



Wednesday Night Tennis

Prime Rib



Darren & Terry Show

Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash

Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset VII



Beer Can BBQ


Cruising Fleet Dinner

Model Yacht Sunset VI 4th of July Tennis Tournament

Beer Can BBQ


Wednesday Night Tennis




Deck Dining


Steak Night

ClaSSIFIEDS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. all new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue. FOR SALE: Tiara 35 motor yacht. 2000 model yr. Hard top. 350 Crusader engines. Fully rigged for fishing or cruising. Partial equipment list: Furumo radar, auto pilot, plotter and sounder. Bait tank with window. Underwater lights. Outriggers. Great shape and beautiful. $138,000. 858/ 692-9494. WANTED: The Star World championship will be held at SDYC September 1-8 2013. Please let me know if you are willing to House some sailors or if you have a boat they can stay on. I would really appreciate all the help I can get. It’s also a fun way to meet some new people. Please contact or 619-851-6872 WANTED: Sabot mast. Call Jack Leer @ 619.318.1212. FOR SALE: PC 48, GOOD CONDITION, FULLY EQUIPPED WITH ALL SALES INCL. SPINNAKER. CALL PETER: 619-265-0426 FOR SALE: Jersey 36 TOPSHOT II Slip A-8, Well made, very clean & comfortable. Looking for a partner with or without equity to share use or will sell 100% . Boat is turn key, no deferred maintenance with only 2,000 hrs on mains and 550 hrs. on new 6 KW gen. New Carpet. New Fuel Tank. Great to cruise or fish, fast and economical, Reliable twin Turbo Detroit’s use less than one gallon per mi. @ 10 knots. 70 Gal. lighted Bait Tank, Electric Davit for 10 ft RIB with 4 stroke Honda. Updated auto pilot, GPS, Fish finder, 72 mi. Radar, VHF, Reverse cycle air/heat, Blue ray/surround sound. Flat screen TVs. Call Roger E. Bill @) (619) 297-1100 or email: FOR SALE: 1988 Sea Ray 300 Weekender, $23,500, all systems have been gone through and in excellent working order, very low hours on newer GM V8 gas motors. It’s in slip A25. Please call or e-mail me for additional information Steve Mollering 619.985.3360 FOR SALE: Honda Outboard 4 stroke, 2 HP. Less than 3 hrs. on engine. $700.00, or best offer. Don Belding 760-741-7335. FOR SALE: INTERESTED IN A PC? Yankee, PC 72, would like a new skipper. To sail a PC is to understand why they are a delight for racing or cruising. Yankee, having always been well maintained (and with a freshly painted bottom), is in excellent condition with a full complement of sails. Want to know more? Contact Dave Grundies, 858.999.1898. FOR SALE: LOOKING FOR a great deal on a good sailboat? Consider our Cal 25, Let’s Away. She comes with a good complement of sails, and a newer 6 hp Johnson outboard, recently serviced at Sunset Marine. An an easy boat to maintain and sail, we have enjoyed Let’s Away and now look to find a new owner who will use her more frequently than have we. Kendall Squires, 619.606.2012. FOR SALE: 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk, 1986 with Yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke, rebuilt 2005, full sumbrella cover, color fish finder,bait tank, VHF, 2001 galvanized AROS trailer $7300.00 offer. Steve 858 361 1556 FOR SALE: 17 Foot Grand Laker row boat Donated and built from a kit by Marty Engler, retired SDG&E Vice-President. Based on a Maine hunting boat design, this is sold by Newfound Woodworks of Bristol, New Hampshire. The kit alone costs $2,500. The construction is ¼” by ¾” cedar strips, glued then fiber-glassed inside and out. List price of new boat is $10,000, plus trailer and motor. They sell 250 kits per year. A similar used boat sold at the factory this year for $7,000. This classic boat includes trailer, outboard and cover. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE SDYC JUNIOR PROGRAM. Contact Joe Ravitch (619-758-6308) to inspect or Tom Fetter for details (619-234-7989, x104). FOR SALE: 7’11” fiberglass dinghy, stable. 2 wooden oars. Good condition. $400 619-523-9223

Get to Know...

By Jackie Kohls

LAURA NELSON, BOATYARD ATTENDANT When did you start working for the SDYC? What was your first position at the Club? I started here at the San Diego Yacht Club in June 2012. My one year anniversary is coming up! I was hired for the Boatyard Attendant position and thoroughly enjoy what I do.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? I would treat my family to the dream vacation we’ve never had the chance to take. What is your favorite aspect of working at the SDYC? Whether it’s a member or a coworker, there’s always a friendly face around. Add that to getting to work right on the water, and the SDYC makes for a great place to work.

How long have you been living in San Diego? I was born and raised here, which means I have been living in San Diego for twenty-one years now. What is your favorite part about living in San Diego? I love being so close to the beach, especially with Summer right around the corner! Living in San Diego, we are privileged to have some of the most beautiful beaches available and I take every opportunity to enjoy them. What is an interesting fact about you? Or what would you like people to know about you? Not many people know that I have

a beautiful son, James, and when given the chance to brag, I do! He’s 3 years old and tons of fun! What is your favorite tV show or movie? I am borderline obsessed with Law & Order S.V.U. Reruns never get old.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the future? Having just completed my two years at Mesa College, I hope to finish my Education at Cal State San Marcos while playing softball for the University. Who is one person you admire? Why? I admire my brother, Frank. He is a great father to my nephew, and the best role model I could ask for in my son’s life. I admire anyone who values family as much as he does.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JUNE 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 33

1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106

Mainsheet June 2013  
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