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THUR -- SUN, JULY 4 -- 7, 2013



WEDNESDAY JULY 3rd 5:00 PM 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Tent City Set Up Live Music: Jessica Lerner

THURSDAY JULY 4th Drink of the Day 7:00 AM 8:00 - 2:00 PM 8:30 AM 9:00 - 11:30 AM 10:00 - 12:00 PM 11:00 AM 12:00 - 1:30 PM 1:30 - 3:00 PM 3:00 - 5:00 PM 6:00 PM

FRIDAY JULY 5th Drink of the Day 7:00 AM 9:00 - 12:00 PM 10:00 AM 12:00 - 3:00 PM 1:00 - 3:00 PM 3:00 - 5:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM Sunset 6:30 - 9:30 PM

“The Cowboy” (Jack & Coke) Donut Sale Blood Mobile National Anthem & Parade Kids Bocce Ball Pony Rides Tent Judging Mechanical Bull Rides (Adults) Mechanical Bull Rides (Kids) Cocktail Bingo BYOB Pavilion

“The Outlaw” (Long Island Iced Tea) Donut Sale Women’s Doubles Tournament Swim Meet / Treasure Dive Adult Bocce Ball Championship Land Scavenger Hunt Cocktail Bingo Model Yachts BYOB Pavilion Movie Night Live Music: Andy Nichols

SATURDAY JULY 6th Drink of the Day 7:00 AM 7:30 - 9:00 AM 8:00 - 11:00 AM 9:00 AM 9:00 - 1:00 PM 9:30 - 11:30 AM 12:00 - 3:00 PM 2:00 - 3:00 PM 3:00 - 5:00 PM Sunset 6:00 - 10:00 PM

“The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) Donut Sale Kids Fishing Tournament Swap Meet Bike the Bay Men’s Doubles Tournament Dinghy Scavenger Hunt Chili Cook Off Paddleboard Race Cocktail Bingo Movie Night Cowboy Jack / Line Dancing

SUNDAY JULY 7th Drink of the Day 7:00 AM 9:00 AM All Day

“The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) Donut Sale Mixed Doubles Tournament Tent City Breakdown



Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown

ell I made it half way through the year, including the semi-annual meeting. Thanks to all my committees and event chairs for getting us this far. I hear from many Staff Commodores that it is a downhill ride from here, and the attention will turn to V/C Sinks as he builds his team. I hope they are right! Congratulations to the Dock Committee chaired by Bill Dubbs and supported by General Manager Terry Anglin for a successful completion of the dock refurbishment project. The docks look beautiful and we are set for the next 15 years or so until we must meet our Port lease obligation of replacing the docks. The refurbishment project came in under budget with a $50,000 savings in un-spent contingencies. That is a sign of a wellplanned and executed project. Now we are in high gear with the testing, sampling and cost estimating for the dredge project. Chaired by Tim Kelley, the committee is focused on two areas of the marina that have been impacted by accumulations of sediment entering the Shelter Island Basin from large municipal storm drains. The result of this sediment accumulation is that members can no longer safely navigate due to the impaired water depths in these areas. An engineering and environmental consulting firm has been retained to define the extent of the sediment accumulation, to develop a plan for the dredging and removal of this material, and to characterize the material to define how and where to dispose of the dredged material. Chemical and biological testing is required in order to determine if the material can be used for beach replenishment, can be dumped offshore, or if it must go to a landfill due to contaminants. Chemical testing that has been completed indicates that the material is relatively clean and could meet offshore disposal criteria. Biological testing is now underway with results expected at the end of June. The Semi-annual meeting held on June 10th was well attended. A bylaw that addresses the rights of the Spouse of a Member was presented and there was good discussion by several members. The vote was close but failed to garner the 2/3 majority and the motion failed. In general the membership seemed to support the idea that we should define the rights and limitations of the spouse, but the cause(s) for termination of such rights should be better defined. Approximately 30% of our members and spouses participated in the membership survey last May. The Board will be working with the General Manager to review and analyze the survey results. We will assist McMahon in preparing a summary of the results which will be provided to the entire membership as soon as the data is finalized. The Board will take the survey into consideration during future strategic planning efforts and then develop an action plan accordingly. The first weekend in June was made memorable for many of us at the club, including your Commodore, by a last minute appearance of one of the most cutting edge sailing machines in the world today, the MOD 70 (Multi One Design) “Orion”. Orion and her crew, including world renown record holding ocean racer Brian Thompson, took the time to take guests out for a sail on San Diego Bay and then spend the evening “showing and telling” us of a level of One Design racing never before imagined. To top it off Lowell North and wife Bea were among the sailing guests on the Saturday sail. Lowell was in the driver’s seat for more than an hour displaying a grin which had all present feeling proud and a bit of history being made. Special thanks go out to Tom Siebel, Franck David and the crew for giving us an unexpected treat aboard “Orion” on her way from Puerto Vallarta to her summer home in San Francisco Bay. She’ll be MoD 70 orion - Lowel North and Brian thompson back in March for our San Diego to PV Race highlighting a fleet of perhaps three to four big multihulls. For those of you who want to follow the MOD 70 Class and Orion’s activities go to the class website The Junior Sailing and Adult Sailing Programs are now in full swing, the Beer Can races are a great mid-week decompression, the days are longer, the weather getting warmer, and list of reasons to use the Club just get bigger and better! See y’all at the Hoedown on the 4th of July weekend,

Chuck Hope, Commodore • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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IN GENERAL THE DARREN & TERRY SHOW July 18, 2013 6:30 pm For the heat of July, the boys are going to feature Fun Summer Wines. The wines will mostly be whites and geared to be chilled down with perhaps a blush or light Pinot Noir thrown in. As usual, Darren will be knocking your socks off with his great food. This event is always sold out, so make your reservations early. $35++ per person

greeTings FroM The CLUb generaL Manager - TerrY angLin, CCM CCe

happy July!

This has to be one of our busiest months of the year. With Beer Can races, Adult Learn to Sail, the July 4th festivities, Friday Deck Dining, and the Darren and Terry Show, SDYC will keep you hopping. The complete list of the July 4th action is laid out on a separate sheet within this month’s Mainsheet. Suffice to say the Committee has a full 4-day lineup including, of course, Tent City. There will be themed events to keep in line with the Hoedown festivities during the course of the weekend. Earlier I mentioned the Adult learn to Sail program. This is a great way to introduce your significant other or yourself to the fun and thrills of sailing. After all, we are a yacht club. Call the

Junior Office to get more details on this activity that will provide a lifetime hobby. As I write this, the management team is finishing up version 1 of the 2014 operational budgets. You would be quite surprised at the amount of time it takes to develop these budgets for all facets of a huge operation such as SDYC. There are 11 separate operational budgets plus a capital improvement budget. Speaking of capital improvement budgets, I am sure you are aware that the dollars used to fund the improvements are gathered solely from initiation fees. It is extremely important to the health of the club that the existing members keep the pipeline full of their proposed

candidates. Our pet phrase for this is “everybody knows somebody”. If you have any questions about the membership process, please call Danielle at 619-758-6303. Also don’t forget about allowing the club to host your special meetings and events. The Catering department is vitally important to the financial health of the Food and Beverage operations, as it is much easier to predict and control costs in this environment. Amy and Alyssa are on duty to take your calls and answer any questions. All right, time to finish up June and take a deep breath for the July 4th weekend. Hope to see you around the club.

ANNUAL 4TH OF JULY BLOOD DRIVE July 4th Blood Drive: Put it on your calendar! 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM Are any of the fleets putting together a competition for the Bloody Marys? We are suggesting a new fleet this year. Friends of MAN, that is Military Appreciation Night. If you have hosted a boat or come by to say hello, or helped check in the Wounded Warriors, you can say you are a Friend of Man Fleet. We are going to try for the most blood donors. Make an appointment at the front desk or online @ www.sandiegobloodbank. • Click on Donate Blood-Bloodmobile-Modify Search • Enter July 4 • Sponsor Code SDYC Help ensure our community has a safe blood supply. Lives depend on you! See you on the 4th! Ruth Rollins - Community Programs Committee • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 3



WELCOME NEW MEMBERS John Cloughley “My family has been around the SDYC community for many years. We have always been impressed with the numerous activities and programs. We would like to be a part of these activities as well as the SDYC community.”

Pamela Farrell “Owning a boat and having friends with sail and power boats, I am able to spend a good amount of time on the water. But I would like a more formal and active way to participate in boating, and to be involved in a community where amiable people share that interest.”

JUNIOR FLAG Timothy Wright “My reasons for joining the SDYC are to enjoy the camaraderie of other like-minded boating enthusiasts in a great environment, and participate regularly in club activities and events; to enjoy the sailing and social activities with my family.”

Michael Teasley “I have become familiar with the opportunities for sailing and the San Diego Yacht Club’s out reach programs through my own participation and association with my sponsors. I would like to participate in these activities as a member.”

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE Skip Joyce “After researching other yacht clubs, I have decided that not only does the SDYC have the best programs and facilities in the area, but also the members seem to share the same background, interests and love of yachting that I do. The SDYC is the place for me.”

4 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Robert Luddy “Although we enjoy the city access of the Marriott, my wife and I are now seeking a more family, friendly atmosphere in which to raise our children when “aboard”. We spend quite a bit of time on our boat and sincerely enjoy the family feel of the SDYC.”


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.



John Barkley Attorney, Barkley Law Group Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Bill McKenna 2nd Sponsor: S/C Malin Burnham

George Kindley Attorney, The Kindley Firm APC Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Barry Shillito 2nd Sponsor: Richard Taubman

Michael Gladstone Marine Mammal Trainer, SAIC Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: William Pascoe 2nd Sponsor: Heather Brownsea

Paul Mason President, Sloan Mason Insurance Serv. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Ken Klestinec 2nd Sponsor: Tom Ryan

Luke Jacobson Portfolio Manager, Wall Street Associates, LLC Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: David DeRosier 2nd Sponsor: Tiffany Mittal


Thomas Vaughn Pilot, Southwest Airlines Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Tracy Sinnott 2nd Sponsor: Bruce Sutphen Michael Hinkley C.E.O., Green Flash Brewing Co. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: David Vieregg 2nd Sponsor: Christopher Cramer

Victoria Barker Business Administrator, Strategic Data Systems Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Mike Martin 2nd Sponsor: Steve Gustafson Aislinn Sotelo Librarian, UCSD Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Doug Ledsam 2nd Sponsor: S/C Richard Knoth

Erik Elander Supervisory Officer, Department of Homeland Security Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: John Gladstone 2nd Sponsor: S/C Fred Delaney

PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE Thomas Schliem Sales Manager, Steren Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Bill Crafton 2nd Sponsor: Robert Cleator

SERVICE Calliope Allen Physician-Commander, U.S. Navy Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Asa Morton 2nd Sponsor: Alex Martin

SERVICE TO FLAG Forrest Faison Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Dr. Diane Schneider 2nd Sponsor: Ken Slaght


LAST CALL Leland E. Kellerhouse – Life 20 Mrs. James Taggart – Life Widow 173 Mrs. Wallace Springstead – Life Widow 199 Jack B. Lindsey – Flag 405 Mrs. Andre Gomez – Life Widow 152

Staff Commodore Gordon “G.T.” Frost, Jr. Vice Commodre Chuck Sinks Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino Staff Commodore Bill Campbell Karen Busch Steve Harris Mary Snow Dennis Kenneally Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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in the spotlight

Kite Racing By Joanne O’Dea Photos by Michael Petrikov

Kite racing exploded onto the scene in

San Francisco June 3 - 7 with the North American Kite Racing Championships at St. Francis Yacht Club bringing world class sailors together to compete at the highest level of Kite Course Racing in a spectacular venue. Seventy four registered racers competed in the event, with several SDYC members participating. We caught up with some of the racers to find out what this sport of kiteboard racing is all about. For more information and to see some great video coverage of the racing, go to the event website (the link can be found at Artie Means, 16th, Silver Fleet Artie describes kiteboarding as the best racing out there; affordable, high performance and great competition. He has been kiting for 6 years, but the course racing discipline is new to him in the last 2 years. The only drawback with kite racing being a relatively new sport, there are not many local regattas; but that should quickly change, starting with the US Nationals being hosted by SDYC. The course race boards are much different than the ‘normal’ kiteboard that everyone is used to seeing, the kite racing boards are six feet long, 28 inches wide and have 3 huge fins which allows upwind performance. The whole package weighs less than 15 lbs. For each sanctioned event the participants are allowed to measure in one board and four sizes of kites to cover a wind range from 7-35 (+) knots. The courses have been constantly changing, but St FYC came up with a great layout for this event. Starting with a standard windward leeward course, on the 2nd lap there is a short run, followed by blast reach to the finish. This means the participants are going through the

finish, just off the beach, at over 30 knots. There were a few photo finishes and a few epic crashes! The total course is 3.5 miles and takes around 13 minutes, which is quicker than almost anything but the AC72s. St FYC ran a great event with 2 days of qualifying to select the gold and silver fleets, followed by 2 days of championship racing for each group.

Nico Landauer, 2nd, Silver Fleet Nico has been kiting for 1 year, he uses 4 kite sizes, depending on the wind strength he will choose his kite size. If the conditions are windy, he will use a smaller kite. He uses a harness that is attached to the bar and lines that drive the kite. Finally he uses a 70cm wide by 6’2” long race board with three 40cm fins. Several things attracted Nico to the sport including the amazing speed, racing upwind at 15-16 knots and downwind at 30-35 knots. The ease of packing all the gear in the car and always being ready to sail is convenient, and, last but not least, the great workout during every kite boarding session. One striking difference between kite board racing and a sailboat regatta is that an Etchells will sail a course in one hour, while the kite only takes 20 minute to do the same course. The racing rules and courses are almost identical, with the kite board NA courses being very similar to the AC45’s with the finish on a broad reach. To prepare for the kite racing NA’s in San Francisco, Nico spent a few cold weekends and a week

6 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

training on the Bay before the event. There are so many good spots around the world for kite boarding, at the time of this writing, Nico is in the Caribbean about to start the South American championship and has been kiting in shorts on turquoise warm water with coral reefs going under his feet. Bryan Lake, 2nd, Platinum Fleet Bryan was excited about the great conditions and super high performance racing during the Kite Board Racing NA’s and about the great showing from our SDYC kiteboarders, with 2 SDYC members in the top ten. They are all motivated and hungry to go faster! Bryan is looking forward to the US Nationals hosted by SDYC this year. Ty Reed, 10th, Platinum Fleet Ty has been racing kites for 10 years. His equipment includes Mikes Lab Raceboard (built in CA), Cabrinha Velocity kites, Tectonics Maui Fins. When asked what has attracted him to the sport, he answers that it was originally as a release, while campaigning the 49er. He only rode freestyle and waves (racing didn’t even exist when he learned to kite board). Ty went to Cal Maritime and was stuck with the ocean a long way away. There was a kite venue but the conditions were pretty poor so he started with an old raceboard to get the basics. Racing equipment allows one to kite in conditions that would normally be impossible with traditional gear. Ty talks about kite boarding not being different from a sailing event, a kiteboard regatta IS a sailing event. The racers go faster than any sailing craft in the world (except for an AC 72) around a race course. There is no sitting and drifting in postponement because the participants just stay on the beach if there is no wind. In order to prepare for the North American’s, Ty tried to sail as much as he could and went to some smaller events in Nor Cal the last few months leading up to the NA’s. He also tried to surf as much as

in the spotlight

possible for cross-training. If asked by anyone who might be interested in trying the sport, Ty advises taking a lesson! If possible, try to do it in a windier spot than San Diego. If one plans on being a local kiter in San Diego get race equipment: you will literally get 70% more time on the water (If not more than that). Ty suggests that anyone interested should talk to one of the local SDYC kite boarders who can recommend the right gear. Ty is excited that the yacht club members are showing interest in the kite board racing program, the fleet in San Diego will be strong soon! Bill Hardesty, 28th, Silver Fleet Bill has been kiteboarding for 14 months, from scratch with little to no kiting experience. You start on the beach dragging around, move to dragging in the water, and then you finally put a board on your feet. If the breeze is strong you can get going in about 10 days of training. If the conditions are light it takes longer because you need to generate power. In strong wind the power is right there for you to use. For racing Bill uses specialized raceboards that are 70cm wide, 6’6” length, and thick when compared to any conventional board. The fins are long and high aspect to generate the needed lift without adding drag. The boards are somewhat foiling when you really get going well. The kites are just like sails.

There are a few popular brands and most guys end up buying whatever the winners are using. But, there is a big difference between freestyle gear and race gear! Bill was attracted to kite board racing because it is fast, athletic, and fun, he thinks we will be seeing kiting much more in the future. Kiteboard regatta formats are very similar to any other regatta format. The races are windward-leeward courses with a gate. There are small things that make it more spectator friendly like the reaching finish in front of the beach, the racers typically go to the beach after each race to high-five their friends and have a drink of water. Bill feels that his preparation for the North American’s was inadequate because it is much harder to kite in heavy air than it is in the San Diego light air. Two weeks before the event, when he first got to St Francis, he couldn’t even sail around the course. Every time he turned to go downwind he would get launched, go swimming for his board, and/or crash the kite. It was like his first day of heavy air in a Laser.

Bill also recommends to anyone that is interested in the sport - Take lessons! It doesn’t come easily for most people but with a little bit of time anyone can do it. However, it is tough in San Diego. Mission Bay has a few spots as does Coronado. To learn, look for 15+ knots. It is easier in windy conditions. Once your skills are better you can get going in 8-10 knots. Anyplace with good steady wind is a good kiting spot. It helps to launch off a beach but its pretty amazing what people launch from to get out on the water. Another kite board racer who participated in the North American’s, Cameron Biehl, grew up in the Junior program at SDYC; Cameron finished 25th, Gold Fleet. For those that want to learn more about kite board racing, drop an email to any of the guys above and they can point you in the right direction. Also everyone should put the US Nationals date (October 17-19) on their calendar. This will be the first kite event hosted by SDYC and should be great for spectators and anyone that wants to try kite racing.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 7

Club News

Transpacific Yacht Race By Joanne O’Dea


Transpacific Yacht Race from California to Hawaii, started in 1906 and is run biannually. The race was inspired by King Kalakaua, the revered Hawaiian leader of the late 19th century who believed that such an event would strengthen the islands’ economic and cultural ties to the mainland. But it didn’t happen until Clarence MacFarlane, a Honolulu racing sailor, invited several contemporaries in San Francisco and Los Angeles to race to the Hawaiian Islands. The race was scheduled to start in the summer of 1906, but when MacFarlane sailed into San Francisco Bay, following the great earthquake 27 days earlier, he changed the starting point to Los Angeles. The starting line is off the bluffs of Point Fermin in San Pedro, the finish is off the Diamond Head lighthouse just east of Honolulu, a distance of 2,225 nautical miles. This year, three SDYC teams are preparing for this year’s run to Hawaii, with racing scheduled to start the week of July 8. Read on to see how each of these teams are readying the boats and crews for their upcoming adventures.

Bad Pak is an STP 65 owned by Tom Holthus and designed by Reichel/ Pugh, built in Australia by McConaghy’s Boat Yard. It was originally launched as Moneypenny by Jim Swartz in 2008. The crew going on Bad Pak numbers lucky 13 a group of close friends (mostly amateur) who have been sailing together for nearly 20 years, most have sailed in multiple

TransPacs - Ryan Castro, Andy Stagg, Scott Vincent, Andrew O’Dwyer (boat captain), Charlie Jenkins, Tom Deere, Andy Folz, Jim Garrett, Jon Gardner, Damian Craig, Emmet Holden, Scott Lowry (Navigator), Tom Holthus (Owner/Skipper). This is the third Transpac for skipper Tom Holthus and his Bad Pak program. His first boat was a J/145 in which he was the First Place boat in Division 4 in the last two consecutive TransPacs, 2009 and 2011. Boat preparation, crew training and execution, and navigation are probably the three most important factors in winning a Transpac race. The Bad Pak team have been preparing the boat and crew for well over a year now. They have participated in the Puerto Vallerta race, the Cabo race twice, as well as numerous other local offshore races. Bad Pak has a full-time boat captain who has been upgrading and tweaking things constantly such as the ballast in the bulb, electronics systems, running and standing rigging, etc. The boat is also equipped with a full new set of North sails. Being a newer, larger boat, the crew is hoping this race will be different from the last two - it will be faster! The competition this year is the biggest challenge for the team as Division 1 Fleet has seasoned veterans including the big prize winners from the last race. Safety is of upmost importance. All crew wear inflatable harness/PFD’s. Bad Pak carries two life rafts, 3 EPIRB units, back-up GPS units, etc. Each crew member is also provided with a personal AIS unit that can be used to locate a “Man OverBoard” with the on-board AIS receiver. As far as preparation for medical emergencies or injury treatment, Bad Pak has a crew member with EMT training. Several others have had CPR and basic first-aid. The boat is equipped with a robust medical kit with enough meds to handle just about anything except the worst of injuries. To feed a hungry crew, provisioning includes a mixture of frozen meals kept on dry ice that can be prepared boil-in-bag style as well as freeze-dried foods. The yacht’s modest galley has no refrigeration, oven or microwave. Just a two burner stove that uses camp fuel style gas bottles. Regarding sailing conditions that can be expected, Transpac has several distinct segments to the race. The sail from the start at Pt. Fermin across to the West End

8 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

of Catalina most often provides a building sea breeze that ranges from 12-15kts; but a Catalina Eddy is always a possibility with light southerlies to deal with. The next part is typically a windy reach with 15-20kt breezes. Finally the boat gets into the Trade winds for the downwind run to the Islands in 15-20 kts average, although the nightly squalls can peak out in the lower 30kt range. After the race, the boat needs to get back to San Diego, and is delivered on its own bottom. The boat captain Andrew leads a crew of 4-5 other flown in from the mainland on a three-week or so journey back to SDYC.

Resolute is a J/125 owned by Tim Fuller and sailed with six crew - Tim Fuller, Patrick Fuller, Chris Busch, Patrick Murray, Jeremy Davidson, and Brian Perrin. For Patrick Fuller, Brian Perrin and Jeremy Davidson this is their first Transpac. This will be Tim’s 10th Transpac that includes one First to Finish Barn Door award (Silver Bullet ‘89), and most recently a 1st place in Division 6 (double-handed) in ‘09 (Relentless - 1D35). Chris Busch and Patrick Murray have multiple crossings on winning boats. All are very good sailors and good guys. Tim looks forward to sailing with them, as well as sharing his son Patrick’s first Transpac race with him. Each of the crew have sailed on the boat in local buoy racing as well as the most recent very windy “Islands Race” (1st PHRF A class). That race was a good test for Transpac surfing conditions. Resolute was recently hauled out of the water to inspect the bottom paint condition, keel joint, rudder bearings, prop, mast integrity, steering and rigging. New sails were added for the race as well modifying other sails to cover multiple wind ranges and wind angles. That effort provides a weight saving and makes Resolute more versatile. That is also an added safety measure as it minimizes possible sail changes in challenging conditions. Electronics systems were also

Club News changed to more efficiently download weather information, and increase navigation system redundancy. Even a spare satellite phone will be aboard stored in the waterproof “ditch bag” in the event the crew has to abandon ship into the life raft! (Tim is hoping not to use that satellite phone!) This is the first Transpac race for Resolute. The J/125 has a winning history in the Transpac, and is a very fast boat for it’s size (41’). Tim can expect speeds up to 25 knots in the right surfing conditions. Tim’s first Transpac was in the very windy 1977 race. In that race the boat Merlin set the elapsed time record that stood for many years. Honestly there were times in that race that were scary at best. Back in those days “IOR” design type boats made up most of the fleet. Those boats were heavy and difficult to steer downwind in large waves typical in the Transpac. The phrase “dig a hole” was coined regarding that type of boat. Tim expects that Resolute will excel in similar wind/wave conditions, and be much easier to steer! For special safety equipment that is required, Resolute is equipped with a very strong emergency rudder system in the event of a rudder loss, Hydrostatic (water activated) PFD’s (life jackets), as well as personal AIS location devices for all crew members to attach to their PFD. That AIS device will assist in locating and recovering anyone who may fall overboard during the race. MOB recovery is especially difficult at night as one might imagine. The signal from the AIS device is shown on Resolute’s GPS plotter below, and allows for drift if it takes some time to turn the boat around to recover the person overboard. All crew members will be required to wear PFD’s in rough conditions and at night as well, as being tethered to the boat at night. In case of medical emergencies or injuries, some of the crew have medical training as well as Safety at Sea certificates. There is a complete medical kit aboard in the event of injury. The crew is experienced enough to minimize such risks. Provisioning includes pre-cooked food (tuna and chicken) for lunch wraps, a variety of freeze dried dinners (pasta, stew, etc.) and protein shakes, bars and fruit cups for breakfast. The breakfast food is prepackaged for easy distribution to the crew and consumption while

sailing the boat. Being that the boat is shorthanded (6 crew on a 41’ boat) for this race, it means keeping meals simple, healthy and QUICK is critical. This aspect of overall preparation is important to Resolute’s performance. A variety of healthy snacks will also be aboard, as well as PBJ makings as for as long as the bread lasts. There will also be frozen breakfast burritos for the first couple of days packed in dry ice as Resolute has no refrigeration aboard. As far as expected sailing conditions, it’s to early to tell weather wise, but Resolute and crew will be 100% prepared. The crew is hoping for a windy race allowing Resolute to show what she and crew are capable of, and spend as much time with family in Hawaii as possible. That’s the fun never know what to expect. Tim supposes it’s a challenge to drink that first Mai Tai upon arrival in Waikiki and looks forward to that challenge, as well as hoisting the winning class trophy at the awards presentation! Following what Tim hopes is a great finish party in Waikiki, Resolute will be taken to a local shipyard in Hawaii to remove the mast, keel and rudder. From there the boat/mast/keel is placed on a trailer that was rented and shipped empty to Hawaii prior to the race. Resolute is then trucked to a Pasha Lines cargo freighter headed for San Diego. When she arrives in SD she is trucked to Driscoll’s ship yard and re-assembled. It’s a lot of work in a very short period of time. Soon after, Resolute is headed to San Francisco to race the Rolex Big Boat Series in September.

Creative is a J/105, owned by Ed Sanford, and it looks like Creative may be the first J/105 to participate in the Transpac. This will be the first TransPac for the entire crew, which includes Ed Sanford (owner/helmsman/ project coordinator/boat prep), Bill Beck (Northrup Grumman aeronautical

engineer/Tactician navigator/helmsman), Andrew Sapien (Northrup Grumman / crewmember-electronics/boat prep) and Cameron Hurley (Restoration Technician crewmember/ race prep/ fix it guy). Preparation for this race has been a gradual process of doing offshore events- Bishop Rock race twice, followed by Coastal Cup (San Francisco to Santa Barbara race in June 2012, winning first in class). The entire crew for Transpac did Coastal Cup. The process involved both getting experience doing offshore racing on a J/105 as well acquiring addition gear and sails for those races. Each race was a learning process, and gaining more experience in preparation for the next race. This Transpac race prep started literally the month after Coastal Cup with emails to the Transpac race committee. David Servais of SD Boatworks was Ed’s main “go to” guy for advice and boat modification, but Ed had a lot help from others including Chuck Skewes from Ullman sails and Ray Marchetta from Pacific Outfitters. For safety, Creative is equipped EPIRB, AIS, Sat phones, PFD’s , raft, and the Transpac list of safety requirements. Special challenge was the emergency rudder system Bill Beck designed and built. Lightweight carbon fiber. The entire crew has done the Safety at Sea Course, as well as, a day was spent at the boat with Chris Doolittle Complete Onedesign training on safety and planning for contingencies. The crew participated in a weather and communications seminar and attended the Peter Isler Expedition software/routing seminar. Ed will be the medical officer on board as his background is primary care internal medicine. Preparation here centers around a good medical bag with supplies for common marine medical problems. Ed is hoping for the usual Transpac breezes and a safe passage for Creative. After the race, the boat will be packed up, put on its trailer and rolled over to Pasha Freight for delivery to National City first part of August. Good luck to the crews of Bad Pak, Resolute, Creative, and other SDYC members that are racing in this year’s TransPac. The teams can be followed on the event website,

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 9



There will not be a Commodore’s Dinner due to the 4th of July and other activities. Our next event will be a safety-related program in August following the recent offshore racing accidents.


Boatique Trunk Show & Sale! Take a look at the new Reyn Spooner upcoming collections!

When-Wednesday July 17th 5:00-8:00pm (during Beer Can BBQ) Where- SDYC Deck Be the first to wear the new summer collection! Sasha

Diamond (619) 758-6302

Stars Summer



10 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Club News

Dinner & Discussion July 16th

Please come join us for what will be a very enjoyable and informative evening! Our guest will be John A. Bolduc who is the Vice President of Public Safety for the Unified Port of San Diego. In that capacity he serves as the Chief of the Harbor Police Department, and oversees the Homeland Security Department. He will be presenting on Maritime Public Safety. He will discuss the capabilities and capacities of the Harbor Police Department and how they partner with state, local, and federal agencies to ensure a coordinated effort of Public Safety in the San Diego Region. He will also discuss current trends in maritime smuggling and its impact to the region and the boating/sailing community. We have a no host bar for cocktails starting at 6:00 PM and dinner is served at 7:00 PM. So please go online to sign up and indicate if you want beef or fish. If you are unable to sign up online, please contact catering at 619-221-8400. Please remember any cancellations must be done by 5:00 PM on the Sunday before with catering. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on the 16th! Program Chairman – Kemp Ruffner

Camp Pendleton “Semper Fi” Cruise By John Anderson Photos by John Anderson


s we steam into summer, the Cruising Fleet is looking back on a very successful spring season with five cruises already behind us. The trip up the coast to Del Mar Basin at Camp Pendleton in May did not disappoint. We had perfect weather, smooth seas, Phil’s Barbecue, and more fun than a responsible adult should have. There were 34 cruising fleet members, 12 boats - 5 sail and 7 powerboats. We arrived in the basin starting at about 1:00 pm on Friday, May 17. We gathered at the Sailing Center at about 5:00 pm for obligatory cocktails. Commodore Arce of the Santa Margarita Yacht Club joined us for a greeting and a glass of wine. Phil’s set up our barbecue dinner and served us chicken, pork ribs, corn on the cob, beans, potato salad, cookies and brownies. We waddled back to our boats as our resident bugler, Scott Launey sounded taps. On Saturday morning, we had a beach

walk on the Del Mar Beach. It was a beautiful morning and the walk was only interrupted by a line of Marines, rifles at port arms, extending from the tide line the entire width of the beach, suggesting that we probably shouldn’t proceed any further. Saturday offered paddle boarding, kayaking, and game time at the Marina. I won’t even try to describe the games played except to say that it included rubber duckies, slingshots, fishing rods, dice and lots of adult beverages. After the games were over, gentlemen gathered on Endurance for cognac and cigars. Meanwhile, the ladies had gravitated to Sea Lark and Zephyr. We had our traditional dinghy parade into Oceanside Harbor on a fabulous Saturday evening. Our dinner and award ceremony was a major success. The grand prize for the Games went to Jim Cook with runner up prizes going to John Gonnerman and Scott Launey and Lannette Bloom. The now famous Del Mar Basin International Film Festival commenced at sundown with the movie “Caddyshack” (non-rated version) being shown onto the sail of Zephyr. Dinghies gathered around Mojito and Zephyr where they were supplied with

popcorn and wine. The raft broke on Sunday morning. The most remarkable thing is that nobody hooked their anchor on the cable. It was a pleasant trip home and we chalked up another one.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 11



Thank you Cameron Peter for acting as our Bridgedecker Hostess for the month of June. As usual you did an excellent job of organizing tables and players and even found time to make your, almost famous, lemon cheese cake bars. YUM! Welcome back to the bridge table Jeanne Lynch and Jean Kremm. We have missed both of you and are so happy to see you back playing bridge, smiling, AND winning besides. We play Bridge each Thursday from 10 AM to 2:30 PM with lunch at noon. New members are always welcome. D’Neane Wilkinson is our hostess for

the month of July. If you would like to play bridge call D’Neane at (619) 5234650. Winners for the month of May were: Britt Alford, **Jane Baldwin, Doris Ellsworth, *Phyllis Haynes, Sharon Hope, *Jane Kenny, Jodi Kerr, *Jeanne Lynch and D’Neane Wilkinson. *Denotes First Place Special congratulations are in order to Jane Baldwin who won First Pace two times in one month. Way to go Jane.

MondaY eVening bridge Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on July 8 at 6:30 PM. This is a relaxed, lively and fun game, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our May winners: 1st-D’Neane Wilkinson, 2nd-Betty Allman, 3rd-Cameron Peter. To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by July 5 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or Reserve early to avoid disappointment. The game begins promptly at 6:30 PM, playing four rounds of bridge. With fond regards, Stan and Cecilia


SDYC Knitters meet on both the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month in the Members Lounge from 6:00-8:30pm. We hope you will join us. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden call 619-964-1842.

Man-Cave MAYHEM on the Island

12sdycsf-stagcruise-0513.indd • JULY 2 013 M1 ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

5/5/13 9:37 AM

Club News

Women’s Luncheons

Continue with Entertaining Programs By Mary Copeland


women who attended the June luncheon were treated to a lively, entertaining and informative presentation from Tyler Richards Hewes, Associate Director of Mainly Mozart. As they celebrate their 25th anniversary of music performances in San Diego, Mainly Mozart has grown and changed over the years to better connect with a wider variety of audiences. The annual Festival is held in May and June with a number of performances at several venues: There is the Festival Orchestra Series at the renovated Balboa Theater, downtown, with the grand masters of classical music performed. The

Mean Team

Thank You

By Lois Kenneally Photos by Cecilia Carrick

Warm weather and hours of hard

work keep our landscaping looking its summer best. More than a dozen Point Loma Association "Mean Team"

Chamber Players perform at The Timken Museum in Balboa Park and the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium in Carlsbad. Additional concerts featuring today’s musical innovators are held at The Abbey, downtown, and in Rancho Santa Fe. The Spotlight Series, held at the Scripps Research Institute Auditorium in La Jolla, features a wine reception before the concert. The concerts have turned into interactive performances with artist talk-back sessions following the concert. Mainly Mozart’s Mozart & the Mind series pairs a neuroscientist with a musician to show the effects of music in the brain…the audience can literally watch a projection of the parts of the brain that are stimulated by the music! Additionally, Mainly Mozart has a Youth Orchestra that is partnering with The New Children’s Museum in San Diego, and performing with young musicians from across the border. So many exciting programs for audiences of all ages, from Mainly

Mozart! And, they generously donated 20 tickets to our raffle for Operation: Holiday Helping Hand. Our June audience purchased many raffle tickets in hopes of winning Mainly Mozart tickets. Many thanks to Ann Fulmer for bringing the Mainly Mozart program to our Luncheon series. We also asked the attendees to complete a brief survey and have received a robust list of suggestions for future luncheons. Thanks Ladies! On a different note, we took a few moments to recognize a wonderful friend, Annette Mixson, who lost her long battle with cancer in May. Annette was always delightful and fun, with a twinkle in her eye. Since she was the inspiration for creating our Women’s Luncheons, we paused to thank her for her great idea, with lots of colorful flowers. We will miss you, Annette. The Women’s Luncheons will take the summer off and return with more programs beginning in September. Please watch the Mainsheet and the SDYC News & Events email blasts for details.

members arrived at the SDYC in April with their pick up trucks, pitch forks, shovels and gardening gloves. They mulched the property from La Playa to the far end of Anchorage Lane, weeded, and groomed throughout the day. Thank you to the Point Loma Association, to staff, and to all those SDYC volunteers who dedicate their time to beautify our grounds.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 13

Club News

Southern California

Beneteau Cup At SDYC


SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2013 WHO: ALL Beneteau Owners of ANY Skill Level

Coaching and crew positions also available. You don’t have to own a Beneteau to join in the fun! Instructors provided, and Racing and Sail Trimming Seminars are also included. We will help you learn to race and have FUN doing it. We will have both novice and experienced racing classes. Join us afterwards for dinner, live music and raft-up at the San Diego Yacht Club.

WHERE: San Diego Yacht Club CONTACT: Yvonne Stern at (619) 224-7784,

14 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Club News

Community Programs by Nancy & Ed Lazarski

The Community Programs Committee

has had another great month! 10 weeks of Monarch School after school sailing is now complete once again, and it was a huge success. Kids from this school would not have had an opportunity like this if it were not hosted at SDYC. Thanks again to Gwynn Thomas for her efforts! Military Appreciation Nights (MAN) have kicked off and will be happening every Wednesday evening through the end of August. In case you are not familiar with this event, we will have Service members that are wounded, ill or injured as our guests. They are treated to a boat ride by gracious SDYC Members, and following the boat ride on the bay is dinner on the deck, along with the live music that runs during the


Ghost Wave postscript By Laura Kyle


history is full of fascinating characters, some of whom walk among us, largely unrecognized. One is Harrison Ealy, Life Member #60. Harrison was one of the first people known to surf the now-infamous wave at Cortes Bank. This happened in 1962 when he paused near Bishop Rock while delivering Carol McCune’s Blue Marlin home from the Transpac. If you read the book review of Ghost Wave in last month’s Mainsheet, you know a bit about the wave and the group of professional surfers who put it in the spotlight in the 1980s. Harrison was one of a handful of amateurs who stumbled upon and surfed the wave long before the sport drew glossy

Beer Can Races. This is an opportunity for SDYC to stop by the MAN table and thank these brave Service members for their sacrifice and our freedom. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary came back once again to teach the “Suddenly in Command” class. For those taking the course for the first time, it was a great foundation to help anyone prepare for an emergency situation on the water. With the information offered, we all can take what we have learned and personalize it to our own yachts and travels. For those taking the course a second or third time, it’s a great refresher! This time around there were 20 students. The instructors asked for feedback, saying that they are always looking for ways to improve the course. So anyone who attended is welcome to speak up! Sea Scouts are staying busy and continue to grow strong. This year there are twice as many as last year, and we are proud of them. We are also pleased to be their Charter organization at SDYC. Right now they

are busy plotting their course to Catalina for their summer trip, and they will be helping in SDYC events such as SailFest. Sea Scouts are a great opportunity for our youth to learn lots about boating and leadership. The Blood Mobile is all set for July 4th. We thank Ruth Rollins for her great efforts once again this year, she keeps this effort going for CpC. We encourage everyone to participate both groups and individuals - to sign up to donate blood. Remember that you need a picture ID with you, and no alcohol before donating. As tradition holds, Bloody Mary’s will once again be awarded to the SDYC group with the best turnout! Our CpC is always open to interested members. We have a lot of fun and as noted, we sponsor some of the most fun and important events held yearly at the Club. Feel free to contact Ed and Nancy Lazarski for more info, or stop by a meeting the second Thursday of the month at 6:00PM at the Club.

media coverage. “I knew there was a wave there. On previous deliveries I would see it steaming and pumping. I made sure to stay away from it,” Harrison says. On one particular delivery however, there was only a moderate swell in the area of Bishop Rock. “There’s a buoy out there, and a kelp bed. We anchored in the lee and went snorkeling.” Harrison had been surfing while in Hawaii and so happened to have his board with him. He paddled out and rode waves that he says were “big; overhead, but not as big as Waimea; not 25 feet.” Ghost Wave quotes Harrison saying, “If I never surfed in Hawaii, I would have been scared to death out there.” Harrison’s sailing mentors were SDYC notables Gene Trepte, Gerry Driscoll and Fred Liebhardt. He remembers a more relaxed era when Art McMenomy paid him $1.25 an hour to work on his boat at the Kettenburg yard. “Things

were very different then, much looser, less bureaucracy,” he says. Things have changed on the surfing scene, too. When he first heard that Cortes Bank had become an extreme surfing destination, “I was really excited for the guys doing it. When we were surfing we had no tow-in jet skis or lifesaving systems or leashes. There were no helicopters. There weren’t 20 guys on a wave; it was just one or two. It’s come a long way and it’s a good thing.”

Harrison Ealy

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 15

Club news

IMPOUND LIST As of May 16, 2013

0-30 Days: • White windsurfer board recovered from H-6T • Orange Cobra tandem kayak recovered from shore next to slip I-1 30-89 Days: • 3 blue boat covers and 1 beige boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • 2 SUPs, sabot sail and aluminum spars for small dinghy recovered from small dinghy rack B-8M

90+ Days: • Blue tarp rolled up and old blue funder recovered from the bottom of the B dock gangway • Yellow kayak recovered from rack B-7M • White dock steps recovered from north hoist pad, by mule shed • Wood and metal booms recovered from rack B-5M • Grey boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • Blue Schwinn bike recovered from area next to locker building • Black step ladder and white 2x4 recovered from dinghy racks by H dock • 2 small boogie boards, broom stick, bucket, scrub brush, screw driver (stored in white trash bag) • Gray Cobra tandem kayak with paddle and boat pump recovered in between dinghy racks on C dock • 2 black paddles recovered from rack C-2M • Power cord, rope and life jacket recovered from dock box at D-39

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 yellow kayaks (Ocean Kayak Classic and Scrambler XT) recovered from B-4M White dock steps with 5 fender covers and box of san paper recovered from slip E-23 Kayak equipment: wheels, paddle, seat cushion, yellow sail. Recovered from locker 106 Bean bag and hose recovered from locker 105 Gray Sterlite box recovered from One Design area near J-22s 15’ grey Davidson ladder recovered from One Design area near J-22s White wakeboard with blue fins recovered from hoist area between B and C docks Gray Inflatable (folded/rolled up) 5 Gallon Gas Can recovered from One Design area Milk crate with miscellaneous (apparently abandoned) parts recovered from One Design Area Peroni Azzurro sign Microwave Silver “Phat” bicycle

Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year.

44th Annual Dutch Shoe Marathon

Friday, July 19, 2013

Co-Hosted by SDYC & CORYC

Registration & Skippers Meeting at SDYC 1st start at 1200 (Fleets C, B, A and Senior) Great Spectator Opportunities Finish in Mariner’s Cove, Coronado Awards, Food and Drink at Coronado Yacht Club

Don’t miss this annual classic... register online today! 16 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


September 27 - 29, 2013 SDYC is inviting J/Boat’s from all over SoCal to come and participate in fall sailing in San Diego! One design fleets slated for J/Fest include the fast growing, super hot J/70 fleet as well as J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105. J/109, and J/120 fleets. Any J/Boat is eligible to participate, and all are welcome to race in One Design, PHRF, and J/Cruise classes. Fun on and off the water includes competitive racing on the water and social events after sailing! Notice of Race - Coming Soon Contact Joanne O’Dea at for more information

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 17

ON the race course


June One Design Weekend By Marly Isler


hile there were only six Etchells that raced in the June One Design Weekend, it was still very challenging racing with tricky conditions and a short


One of Fleet 13’s best regattas, the

Sailing Supply Orca Bowl, continues its reign as one of SDYC’s signature regattas. The 2013 ORCA Bowl was truly a continental event, with Ted and Jamie Hardenbergh coming from New Hampshire and Newport Beach, respectively, Frederick Lafitte coming from Seattle and Sherwood Kelley from Mission Viejo. And the San Diego weather did not disappoint: it was vintage San Diego with short chop, wind lanes of 50 to 250 yards wide separated by light spots. With numerous passing lanes for the gifted tacticians and light spots for the oblivious, the ORCA again provided very challenging sailing. At regatta’s end Bruce Nelson

starting line. Three races were sailed on June 1st, a Saturday, and racing was cancelled for Sunday. The breeze was pretty light, with a max of about 7 knots coming out of the SSW, but very shifty. The race committee did a great job considering there were three other fleets out on the water too. I thought a really fun part of the weekend was how many younger people came out

for the regatta, with JP Barnes and myself crewing for my mom, JJ Fetter, on the winning boat and Patrick Powell and Ryan Nies sailing on Geoff Davis’s boat. Nice work to all the individuals who sailed and see you at the next One Design Weekend on July 13th, which will also be a one day event.

sailing Rhino proved why he has been the fleet champion two of the last three years. With Rodney “Haggis” Hagebols and Bobby Nelson as crew, the current reigning SD One Design champion continued his winning form with four “bullets,” two thirds and a fourth place finish. By the last race on Sunday, Rhino’s lead was enough that Nelson and company could sail in early, taking a DNC for race number eight. Sailing Chowder with one former New Englander Julie Servais, David Servais and Megan Cates, Vince Brun was also a force to be reckoned with, finishing with a total of 21 points, ten points ahead of Staff Commodore Andy La Dow. Sailing “Trailer Park” with 2013 Commodore Chuck Hope and trailer park mogul Patrick Sloan, La Dow showed that he still has the stuff to go fast. After a challenging day of racing, the skippers and crews retired to the Pavilion, where they enjoyed a barbecue organized by Gary Mitchell, the Orca Bowl Regatta Chairman. The

party was obviously not too taxing as only one boat did not make the starting line the nest day. Twenty boats sailed on Sunday, slugging it out in some very challenging conditions. Etchells Fleet 13 is now heading into the summer season with plans for a clinic for the uninitiated. For those interested in trying the toughest (and largest) one design keelboat fleet in southern California, this is an opportunity to come and match your skills against some of the very best. With the past ORCA Bowl featuring boats with world champions and Olympic medalists, the Etchells Fleet 13 in San Diego continues to be the standard of excellence.

All line up, with no room.


18 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Photos courtesy of JD Tomcik

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 19

On the race course

Sailing office By Jeff Johnson

Sailing Supply ORCA Bowl: May 18-19 1st Place: Bruce Nelson, Rhino 2nd Place: Vincent Brun, Chowder 3rd Place: Andy La Dow, Trailer Park One Design Weekend: May 18-19 J/105 Winner: Stewart Canon, J-OK Star Winner: Eric Heim, Lilly Sour Cream J/22 Winner: Dick Denzler

Upcoming Events July 6: SSSS Saturday Race July 13: One Design Weekend July 14: PC One Design July 19: Dutch Shoe Marathon July 20-21: Yvonka International Race July 27-28: Blue Star District Champs July 27: SSSS Saturday Race August 3: One Design Weekend August 17: SSSS Saturday Race August 24-25: Rollins Bowl / Star PreWorlds August 28-31: Star Worlds Registration August 31: SSSS Saturday Race

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Stahl

Photo courtesy of ©Mark Burge

20 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Regatta Top Finishers

Photo courtesy of © Bob Betancourt

Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events.


ith the spring rush of events past (NOOD, Opening Day, Etchells Mids and ORCA, Yachting Cup and Star Tune ups), Race committee volunteers will have a several weeks off to regain their domestic lives, and enjoy the summer before the swell of events in the fall come around. With roughly half the sailing season past, the Race Committee has put up some impressive volunteer hours – we have set 43 venues over 37 days (some days we run two venues) utilizing over 50 different people. Based on an 8 hour day, and an average of 8 RC people per venue, that figures to be 2752 people hours, almost 3000 hours of service to the club in six months. And it is worth highlighting that this does not take into account the hours put in by the Protest Committee, nor Race Committee volunteers that assist the SSSS, Model Yachts, Juniors, Lehmans, nor the hours of organizational work put forth by the event chairs and their committee members. Besides just thanking the Race Committee, make sure to also appreciate the dozens of other volunteers you see or hear about at these events. They are working hard so you can enjoy the event. San Diego Yacht Club is a community of people passionate about boating. Besides just participating in these sailing or boating events, take time in the next 6 months to look up the Race Committee page on the SDYC website. Click on Race Info/Race Committee and from there, on the right, select RC Sign Up. Getting involved can take as little as a day, or as much time as you can devote. There is something for everyone. From preparing skippers packets, organizing social events, running a markset boat, or keeping score on Corinthian. Most jobs are fairly simple and can be learned with a quick mentorship

from one of the many dedicated RC volunteers that regularly help out. And if you want to ask about something specific before you sign up, feel free to contact Regatta Manager Jeff Johnson who would be happy to help you work through any concerns you may have. The Fall sailing season in San Diego will see lots of great events including the Star Worlds, PC Nationals, J/ Fest, Beneteau Cup, Lipton Cup, International Masters Regatta, Acapulco Challenge, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Challenge, monthly One Design Weekends, a couple of match races and wrap up with the illustrious Hot Rum Regatta. So if you’re not sailing, jump in to help out! And as a gentle reminder, while you are enjoying “messing about in boats” this summer, remember some fundamentals: Drink water, wear sun screen and/or sun protective clothing, wear a PFD when appropriate (all the time on the club’s J/22s) , and be careful: water and alcohol don’t mix very well no matter how you feel! Have fun and be safe. Sailing Office out.

Fleets, Etc.

Model Yacht Fleet By David Ryan Model Yacht Fleet Captain Photo by Darin Hayden

The model yacht fleet racing season

is now in full swing as evidenced by our weekly presence, racing every Friday evening in front of the club, off the guest dock. If there’s one theme that seems to be developing this year, its that the level of competition has now risen to the point that a number of different skipper’s names appear at the top of the leader board after each regatta. Mirroring this diversity are the number of different venues at which we’ve raced. Whether it’s the most consistent conditions found between B and C docks, pond sailing at Mission Bay or Lake Corte Madera, or “on center court” off the front deck on Friday evenings, each location requires a different approach to tuning and tactics. We’ve even enjoyed racing in the “light lump” off the end of E dock, when the guest dock was occupied. On Friday, July 5th at 1700, immediately following cocktail bingo, we will be presenting a special version of our weekly racing, the “Model Yacht Round-up”, as part of the (count ‘em)

SSSS Fleet By Dee Van Horne Photos by Dee Van Horne


SSSS fleet showed their SDYC colors at the Senior Sabot Nationals at Lido Island Yacht Club on June 1st and 2nd. We had 8 sailors participate in this year’s regatta – Dan North, Betty Becker, Dick Denzler, Steve Stewart, Darin Hayden, Bobbie Morrow, Michael O’Connell, and Dee Van Horne. There were a total of 32 sailors in this regatta. The sailing conditions were challenging with Saturday’s weather being more traditionally light and shifty winds from the west and a little bit of sunshine.

four days of celebration, in recognition of Independence Day. There will be opportunities for novice, radio-control racers to participate in small fleet races of 4-6 boats. After a very brief and basic instruction by a fleet member, you will have the opportunity to race against other novice, model yacht skippers. The races will have quick, one-minute starting sequences, followed by a short, twolegged course. New racers will be able to rotate in after each race. We anticipate procuring the emcee skills of the celebrity bingo announcers to provide on-going commentary during the races. Don’t miss the opportunity to challenge your spouse, sibling or friends, while a deck full of uninhibited, post-bingo spectators take out their frustration of losing with raucous jeers and cheers. Listed below are results from the last several regattas, which demonstrate the parity within the fleet, with a different winner for each of the regattas. We would also like to welcome Staff Commodore Ken Bertino, who purchased #1062 from Jean Malthaner, to the fleet. We always encourage anyone who would like to learn more about this very affordable, fun way to enjoy yacht racing with fellow club members, to come join us. We’re racing every Friday off the front deck through the end of September. Grab the controls However, Sunday’s weather was cold and drizzly most of the day with light winds out of the south. Our fleet did well over all with Dan North taking a 2nd in the Masters division. Here are a couple of events that are always fun to sail in: Mission Bay Yacht Club hosted the All Girls Sail Jam on June 15th. Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted the 2nd in the series SCWSA regatta on June 23rd. And, don’t forget the ever popular Dutch Shoe Marathon on July 19th. Please come out and join the SSSS Fleet for the Thursday evening summer series. Racing start at 5:00pm. Be sure to sign up on line and come out and join in on the fun and camaraderie on and off the water!

from any one of our fleet’s skippers for a race and see how much fun it is. We hope to see lots of new faces at the “Roundup” on July 5th. Yee, haw!

Results April 27th Spring Series II 1- David Ryan 7 2- Skip Malthaner 20 3- John Landon 21 4- John Rudderham 27 5- Sandy Purdon 31 May 11th Corte Madera 1- George Szabo 9 2- David Ryan 13 3- Craig Moss 21 4- Randy Lake 29 5- Jean Malthaner 32 May 26th Spring Series III 1- Jean Malthaner 15 2- Skip Malthaner 16 3- Dan Aeling 17 4- David Ryan 17 5- John Landon 39 May 31st Sunset Sailing I 1- Larry Adams 11 2- Sandy Purdon 13 3- Jean Malthaner 22 4- John Landon 23 5- Chuck Mellor 24 June 7th Sunset Sailing II 1- Dick Denzler 19 2- Dan Aeling 21 3- David Ryan 24 4- John Landon 26 5- Larry Adams 30

Place A Fleet 1 2 3 4 5 B Fleet 1 2

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •



Boat Number

10 13 21 23 24 45 53

Chuck Sinks Betty Becker Jerelyn Biehl Danny North Robb Walker Darin Hayden Susan Dijkman

9315 7613 9889 7630 7606 9443 7848

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 21


bUFFaLo beaCh BY SUSY DORSEY Photos by Amee Alagiri

The 5th Annual Buffalo Beach Bash

held on Sunday, May 25th was a smashing success. Members were greeted with genuine Catalina sand brought back from our one beloved beach. Jim Dorsey has managed to surprise us year after year with an exciting entrance that evokes the true essence of Buffalo Beach. This year we walked into the sail area under a palapa where we registered at a picnic table -- only here our picnic bench didn’t need the netting to keep the mosquitoes or wasps at bay.

Guests enjoyed a walk down history lane -- by viewing what Susy Dorsey termed the “Art Gallery”. It featured much of how the Outstation was created, old photos, vintage charts and a good dose of nostalgia. Director John Reiter probably summed it up best, “It’s great to get all of that info out there for the membership to soak in, as well as for the History Committee to record for posterity - great idea!” And the great ideas didn’t end there. Cathy and Cathy worked hard on getting great food ready for the 230 members who showed up with family and friends. Cathy Cibit and Cathy Jorgensen worked tirelessly to ensure there were chefs on duty, hot dogs, brats and burgers at the ready. This year’s Emcee Keith Dannon of

“Music As You Like It”, worked the entire crowd into a frenzy with the games. Hula hoops contest, Limbo and the Annual Buffalo Chip Throwing contest -- there was something for everyone young and old. Candy Diaz helped man the extremely busy raffle and silent auction tables. Witnesses reported there was fierce bidding on the haul outs. The Buffalo Beach Boutique sold out of sweatshirts before the Bash ended. They were a design genius with a small red buffalo embroidered onto the hood. (Towels, t-shirts and visors are still available - please contact Susy Dorsey.)

Cathy Jorgensen

Scott Launy, Mike Countery, Jim Dorsey set up Historical Display.

day of fishing, spearing, sailing, cocktail cruising, tubing, paddle-boarding or just enjoying their boats. 1)Wash down the tables after cutting 2)Empty and rehang the white 5 gal scrap bucket 3)Place used fishing line in black recycle tube 4)Grey large garbage can holds carcass, scrap and trash (not the Bay) 5)Turn off water at source and rehang hose Over the past few months we have experienced members treating the area as if mom were to come behind to clean up after them. This fillet table is for all of us to use and enjoy not for the Club Maintenance or others to scrub before using themselves. Please remember to come down to the Main Guest Dock July 6th at

7:30-9:00am for the Kids Dock Fishing Tournament. Prizes will be awarded to those winning kids following the event based on several categories. Happy catching and to a strong fishing season.

Keith Dannon Keeps the buffalo chip toss moving along.

angLers FLeeT

Super Summer Sun Shade


The Anglers Fleet is very thrilled to

just have hosted the 4th Annual Bay Tournament against SWYC and the max capacity of Kids Fish aboard Sea Watch. We are also excited to thank the SDYC Board, Committees, Facilities and those members who have rallied around our addition of the shade trellis to the fillet station approved and built before the start of the fishing season. There are a few responsibilities to follow that will keep the area clean and usable by all SDYC Members whether in the Anglers Fleet or just out having a

22 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g



“See and be seen” AIS Class B Radio By Bob Vincent N6EZV Photo by Bob Vincent N6EZV

Most high technology devices involve

radio in some form or another. I, like most, love new gadgets and gizmos, but luckily for me, by the time that I finally get around to buying it, that technology has evolved through several phases of development, improvement and increased competition has caused equipment costs to continue to come down over time. After a certain amount of time as elapsed and I have become more familiar with a particular area of marine technology, I am able to make a more informed decision about whether or not this technology is something that I really need and can afford in my boat budget. Having just gone through this research, decision and purchase loop, I would like to share what I have learned about Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology.

Chart plotter display with AIS Target TERRIER visible. More detailed information is available on all AIS targets visible.

I suspect that some of you reading this article are familiar with AIS and already have it installed on your yacht. However, I also expect that many more of you are not that familiar with AIS, what it means and how it works and probably do not have AIS equipment installed on your boat, yet. Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a VHF radio transponder used by big ships

(and smaller boats) worldwide to track and identify other vessels on the water for the primary purpose of collision avoidance. All large ships over 300 tons are required to have an AIS transponder that both receives data from other ships in its vicinity and also transmits specific data about that particular ship for all other AIS equipped ships (and smaller boats that are also AIS equipped) to see. Large ships are required to have a Class A AIS transponders that can both transmit that ships data and receive data from other large ships. Class A and lesser expensive Class B equipment used by smaller boats transmits static information about a ship or smaller boat like its Name, Marine Mobile Service Identity number (MMSI), Ship’s Station Call-sign, Vessel type, Length and Width. Class A and Class B AIS equipment also transmits GPS calculated and updated dynamic data like Course Over Ground (COG), Speed Over Ground (SOG), Closest Point of Approach (CPA) between the two passing ships, Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA), Range, Bearing, Heading and Position. AIS Receive Only is equipment that only receives AIS information from other Class A ships and Class B boats and displays where other vessel are located and how other vessels are proceeding, but AIS Receive Only equipped vessels do not give other vessels in that vicinity any detailed information about the static or dynamic parameters of the AIS Receive Only equipped boats. In my opinion AIS Class B equipped privately owned boats can now benefit from all of the safety advantages that larger commercial ships are required to use. “See and be seen” greatly improves safety at sea especially at night and in poor visibility weather conditions. Combined with your onboard radar, AIS gives you the best possible picture of other vessels in your vicinity in all conditions. Your Margin-ofSafety is greatly improved especially in high traffic commercial shipping lanes. Also, your position is always visible to authorities and other ships in case of an emergency. AIS B equipment provides you the best possible picture in the dynamic environment of fast moving vessels. With AIS B on your boat,

you can now easily maintain situational awareness by graphically viewing your own vessels position relative to other AIS equipped vessels when viewed on a suitable AIS display or chart plotter. Over the years, I have had several close calls with passing ships, both during the day and at night. One factor is that it is much easier for you to see a large ship than it is for the large ship to see you. When you have AIS B equipment onboard, an AIS symbol will appear on the bridge of the large ships with the name of your boat under the AIS symbol showing the relative position of your boat. In the old days of trying to call attention of your position to the watch standers of a big ship, you used to use vague descriptive language on the radio like “Ship off my port beam…” or something to that effect. Now, with an AIS B radio transponder installed on your boat, you can call the bridge of the ship by name that you are most concerned about. You can also give your boat’s name when calling so that ship can identify you and your position relative to other ships viewable from that ship’s position. During a May crossing to Buffalo Beach at night, on my 0200 watch, there was a large cruise ship all lite up on the horizon making way toward Long Beach, about 12 NM southwest of my position. When I checked his AIS location and data information available to me, my AIS B equipment indicated that we would pass less than 0.6 nautical miles from each other in about 32 minutes. After I made a 20 degree heading change to starboard, the computed CPA increased to over 3 miles. The best part is the watch stander on that ship was also aware of my heading change and the resulting increased CPA that now indicated a much greater margin of safety.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 3

Fleets, Etc.

PC BY Rish Pavelec, PC #16 DAWN

This has been a busy time for us. Cissy

and I have been doing a lot of traveling. In May, we returned from Ireland and Paris. We had a fantastic trip. Much to our surprise, the Irish enjoy drinking Guinness from the tap and in Paris they drink wine. Despite our efforts, we could not empty the kegs and barrels… thus were unsuccessful, so their evil habits continue. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the yard and museum where the Titanic was built and launched in Belfast and also seeing author (Riddle of the Sands), Erskine Childer’s yacht, ASGARD. She has been restored and is on display. Sadly, Childers, an Irish National, was executed for using the yacht to smuggle guns from Germany to Ireland to be used during the “Troubles”. I have attached photos of vessel. Ireland is, indeed, a lovely place… however, she continues to have her “troubles”. There is much news in the fleet. First, a welcome to Dennis and Ernie Pennell who have partnered with S/C Dennis Conner and now sail #62. She is expected to be seen on the water

during upcoming races. Also new to the fleet is Fletcher Pond, who now drives #45. Welcome to our fleet! The PC Nationals, held on May 18th and 19th, were the expected success. Held at the CYC in South Bay, I want to thank the CYC race committee for doing a great job. The results of the 5 races were as follows: 1st #11 with Steven Driscoll and Mark Reynolds in control. 2nd was #31 with Tom Hurlburt driving. 3rd was #14 with Gary Gould at the helm 4th was #42 with Steve Brownsea on board, 5th was #9 with Vance Gustafson at the tiller and Brent Boyd (#66) watched the boats from 6th place. It was a wonderful series of races. Our thanks to the CYC and all of you who were out there on the water. The 2013 Yesteryear Regatta, sponsored by the AMSS, enjoyed 7 PC’s at the line. Congrats to #40, 11, 14, 42, 66, 78 and 37 for enjoying the regatta and finishing in that class order. The fleet did pretty well in the over all results with #40 showing an 8th place! These boats just can’t be stopped!! The Wooden Boat Festival was held at KoehlerKraft as was the Kettenburg Regatta, however it is too early for me to report results. July 14th will bring the One Designs. Please remember to register on line in advance. At this

time, the Coronado Islands Race is scheduled for August 18th. Much preparation needs to go into bringing this event together, so again, I ask that you register in advance. As a fleet, we owe thanks to several groups. If it were not for our own SDYC club, the race committee, the CYC and race committee, the Ancient Mariners, volunteers, our Fleet Captain and our PC Association, to name a few, our fantastic events would never happen. I hope you all appreciate just how much effort goes into each and every time you raise the sails and enjoy a day on the water getting beat up by your fellow fleet members! Until next month, I need to go buy a cannon and continue to look for that gopher in my yard….but that’s another story. Sail on!

24 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Photo courtesy of Jane Kenny

Photo courtesy ofRish Pavelec

PC Championship


Fleets, Etc.


“SERVING UP FUN” By Keith Danon Photos by Christy Radecic

It’s time to bring out your racquets and

stock up on the sunscreen, because summer is here! The “Party for the Patio” was a huge success. Co-Fleet Chairs, Christy Radecic and Matt Brown would like to share their overwhelming gratitude with all who prepared, donated and attended the first time event under the market lights on Court 2. We had over 200+ attendees including Commodore Chuck Hope, S/C’s Bob Collins, Chuck Nichols, Sandy Purdon, Mike Fink and Kyle Clark. Directors John Laun, John Reiter, Doug Werner and Brian Thomas were there to support our Fleet. The Raffle prize table was filled with exciting gift baskets with generous thanks to Becca Rumsey and Ian Adleberg and beautifully collected and presented by Tracy Nichols with help from Vira Villareal and Niza Brown. When the raffle finished, the rock ‘n roll started. Dennis Kuhn and his band, “SuperPoint” rocked the house and had many members on the dance

floor tearing it up. A great job by Dennis and the band. Special thanks to the generous donations provided by Director John Reiter, Becca Rumsey, and Ian Adleberg. No one went thirsty! We had wonderful volunteers in Kay North, Carol Honeyset, Suzi Launey and Marcy Van Stee at the welcome table. Amazing themed centerpieces were created by Vicki Martin. Early preparations by Scott Launey, Skip Rikon and Matt Brown to secure a safe entry and electrical for the night. I got to emcee the event. You can still order your personalized paver for only $250. Your name or message immortalized forever at the SDYC in stone! Online, it’s easy, at . Thumbs up to Andy Cornesky and the staff for making the court look good, keeping the food hot, the drinks cold, and the party smooth. Our fearless leaders, Christy, Matt, Tracy and Becca did an outstanding job pulling this one off in style! An excellent job by all the volunteers that made it happen. The “Party for the Patio” raised needed funds for the new seating area which will be enjoyed by all. The 4th of July weekend will be a blast with numerous activities going on including the Fleet’s Tennis

Tournament. We will be playing Women’s Doubles (7/5 9am), Men’s Doubles (7/6 9am) and Mixed Doubles (7/7 9am). Grab a partner at the club or come and we will match you up with someone. Results will be announced in the next Mainsheet. Be sure we have your current email address, and keep up with our activities on the website and check out our Facebook page SDYC Tennis Fleet for pictures and updates. There have been challenges on the Tennis Ladder so continue to call other members and work your way up. We will be having a ladder play day in conjunction with the Tennis Fleet Raft Up in August. Don’t miss out on the best event of the year in LaPlaya! Some people do not realize all the backline arrangements it takes to throw a great event. Thanks to all of you that have stepped up to the plate/court and volunteer to make our events a success. See you on the courts!

Festive Centerpieces by Vicki Martin

Cocktails under the market lights on Court 2

Kids grooving’ to “SuperPoint”

Tracy Nichols and Vira Villareal at the raffle table

Becca Rumsey with her guests

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Junior S/C Kyle Clark and Kirsten Stahl

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 5


Qualcomm 2013 Star World Championship By Joanne O’Dea Photos courtesy of Newport Harbor Yacht Club


2013 Star North American Championship was held out of Newport Harbor Yacht Club, June 6-9, one of the many events this year that are leading up to the Star Worlds held at SDYC the first week of September this year. Conditions were typical Newport, anywhere from 8-12 knots. The field of 42 teams sailing was a who’s who of the Star Fleet, with several members of SDYC participating including George Szabo with crew Craig Moss, Andrew Campbell/John Von Schwarz, Eric Doyle/ Payson Infelise, Ben Mitchell/Julian Busch, Mark Reynolds/Hal Heanel, Eric Heim/Isao Toyama, Chuck Driscoll/ Jim Oberg, and the overall winners Brian Ledbetter (also an Olympic silver medalist in the Finn, 1992) with crew Gregg Morton. After 2 days of sailing, the situation at the regatta got tight after six races sailed and the discard came into effect. On the eve of the final day of racing, Brian and Gregg were in the lead but with a small two points’ margin on Team Campbell. Two heats remained on the program and Team Buchan, five points behind, had their chances for the title. On Sunday, Brian and Gregg won the

8th and last race, needing to put several boats between them and the next boat, and won the North Americans overall by one point on Team Buchan, after the Buchans had led following race seven. Former leaders Team Campbell recovered from an OCS in the 4th race to finish third overall. Gregg grew up sailing with Brian in the SDYC junior sailing program and have been close friends since childhood. When Brian found out that Gregg was not going to do his own Star program for the 2013 Worlds, he asked Gregg if he would consider sailing it with him, and of course, that was a no brainer for Gregg. Gregg and Brian had little preparation for the event, they sailed together in the 70s in Soling’s, and a Governors Cup in 1976, they had only 2 days practice in the Star just before the NA’s. Going into the last day with 2 races to go, Team Ledbetter was 2 points ahead of Team Campbell, and 5 points ahead of Team Buchan. Brian and Gregg had a decent start in the first race but chose the wrong side and rounded the first mark in the late twenties and dug back to 14th by the finish. Team Buchan led from start to finish in race 7. Going into the last race Brian and Gregg were determined that their goal to qualify for the Worlds would be accomplished and that they would be less conservative in the approach to the last race. They decided to be very aggressive at the start (under a black flag) and try to win the race. They did just that, but when they saw that Team Buchan had rounded the last mark in 6th place and with their speed and talent that they needed

Star NA Champions - Brian Ledbetter and Gregg Morton

26 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

some divine intervention. They figured that if Team Buchan finished 9th , they would tie and win the tie breaker. Well, after the finish, the tow boat was in a huge hurry and started dragging them home when Gregg looked back and noticed that the fleet had clumped up right at the finish and it looked to them that Team Buchan slipped a few spots, but it wasn’t until they got back to the dock that they found out that Buchan’s finished in 10th, and that they had won the regatta! An interesting footnote to the events of the last race, Team Buchan are Brian’s brothers-in-law, so maybe a family feud is brewing? Gregg assures that Carl and Brian train together and cheer for each other. Other Star World news Title Sponsor - San Diego-based Qualcomm Incorporated, the world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, has signed on as the title sponsor of the event. Local Star Fleet Qualifiers - the following teams from the local Star fleet have qualified for the Star Worlds over a three series of One Design Weekends - Mark Butler with crew John Rudderham, Mike Dorgan with his son and crew Matthew Dorgan, Chuck Driscoll and crew Jim Oberg.

Ist Place Overall - Brian Ledbetter and Gregg Morton

3rd Place Overall - Andrew Campbell and John von Schwarz






the time this article hits the newsstands, the 2013 Summer Program will be well underway! The school year will already be a distant memory for many, but I’d like to congratulate the Point Loma High School Sailing Team on an excellent season punctuated by a 4th place finish at the Mallory Fleet Racing Nationals, and yet another championship title at the Baker Team Race Nationals. That’s three Baker championships in the last four years for the Pointers! As I write, this year’s summer staff of coaches has assembled and is hard at work, alternating coats of varnish

on Sabot spars and blades with lesson planning and brainstorming on how to make this the best summer ever! I love this time of year because this is where it all begins: a fresh crop of new Sea Urchins, Sea Horses, and others, ready to begin what will hopefully be a lifetime adventure in sailing! If you haven’t already, please make a point to stop by and check out the summer fun. We’ll be taking a quick break for Independence Day, but if you come by on July 3rd, I’m sure you’ll witness plenty of red, white, and blue boats and sailors. After the 4th, it’s on to annual classics like the Dutch Shoe Marathon which will run this year on July 19th! There are rumors circulating that this year’s course may follow the fabled “Northwest Passage”, so we may be starting all over on figuring the quickest

way down the bay! Don’t miss the 44th edition of this classic! Then of course we’re headed to the climactic Sabot Nationals, “at home” this year with SDAYC hosting at Mission Bay Yacht Club. We’re expecting a robust turnout, and Head Coach Nick Kaschak, A Fleet Coach David Larson, and the rest of our coaching staff are planning carefully to get Team SDYC ready for the big game! The Sabot Nationals will be sailed from August 5-8, so mark your calendars and come on over and check out the action, and root for our young guns!

Clean air is hard to find at the front of the Dutch Shoe Marathon!

July 4th, 2012 Action

2ND ANNUAL ADULT LEARN TO SAIL PROGRAM Summer 2013 June-August, Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30PM Participants will enjoy outstanding instruction from SDYC’s world class coaching staff, and topics and class structure will be developed based on sign-ups and attendance. We expect these offerings to fill up very quickly, so please sign up right away to reserve your spot! John FreTWeLL

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

JULY 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 27






Bridgedeckers Night Tennis 4th of July Festivities

Prime rib



Model Yacht Sunset VI 4th of July Tennis Tournament

beer Can bbQ


Adult Learn To Sail


7 4th of July Tennis Tournament

4th of July Tennis Tournament

ssss raCe

steak night

deck dining



Model Yacht Sunset VII




Bridgedeckers Night Tennis

burger bash


Prime rib


LehMan beer Can ii

beer Can bbQ


18 Adult Learn To Sail


Prime rib


Night Tennis


deck dining Model Yacht Sunset VIII


deck dining Model Yacht Sunset IX

one design

steak night




Cruising Fleet Dinner burger bash

PC one design

Darren & Terry Show



YVonka raCe

dUTCh shoe

beer Can bbQ



steak night

Bridgedeckers diCk sWeeT TeaM raCe


burger bash


Prime rib


Adult Learn To Sail

Night Tennis

beer Can bbQ

LehMan beer Can iii

bLUe sTar disTriCT ChaMPs

deck dining

ssss raCe

steak night



Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash

Prime rib

beer Can bbQ






Model Yacht Sunset X



Bridgedeckers Night Tennis

Jr saboT naTionaLs

deck dining




Adult Learn To Sail

8 Darren & Terry Show 9

steak night

one design

Model Yacht Sunset XI



Bridgedeckers Jr saboT naTionaLs (MbYC)

burger bash


Prime rib


Night Tennis

beer Can bbQ




deck dining Model Yacht Sunset XII

ModeL YaChT sUMMer i



Bridgedeckers Adult Learn To Sail

burger bash


Prime rib


22 Adult Learn To Sail

burger bash


Prime rib

CrUising FLeeT ChULa VisTa CrUise


deck dining Model Yacht Sunset XIII

ssss raCe




beer Can bbQ

Night Tennis


Night Tennis

roLLins boWL/sTar Pre-WorLds


deck dining Model Yacht Sunset XIV

ModeL YaChT sUMMer ii


Bridgedeckers sTar WorLds regisTraTion

Burger Bash

Prime rib

steak night


Cruising Fleet Dinner



Night Tennis

beer Can bbQ


steak night Tennis Ladder Challenge

beer Can bbQ

28 • JULY 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

deck dining

ssss raCe

steak night

CLassiFieds You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. all new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.

FOR SALE: Trinka 12 sailboat by Bruce Kirby famed designer of the Laser and many racing yachts. Fast racing with two-person crew and safe family sailing for four with second weighted centerboard. Cover, launching wheels, and dolly. Like new at reduced price. John Penhune, 858-459-7403 or 858-204-8022. FOR SALE: Sabot #10088, Winner of Dutch Shoe 2011, new rigging, carbon fiber boom/mast and like new North Sail. $2900 Contact Jim at 619-2264978 or FOR SALE: CONSIDERING A PC? Well, Yankee, PC 72, would like another skipper. PCs are comfortable and responsive when racing or cruising, and always a delight to the eyes. Yankee, having always been well maintained (and with a freshly painted bottom), is in excellent condition with a full complement of sails. Want to know more? Contact Dave Grundies, 858.999.1898. FOR SALE: WANT TO GO SAILING? Consider our Cal 25, Let’s Away. She comes with a good complement of sails, and a newer 6 hp Johnson outboard, recently serviced at Sunset Marine. Cal 25s are good sailors, and easy to maintain and sail. We’ve enjoyed Let’s Away and now look to find a new owner who will use her more frequently than have we. Kendall Squires, 619.606.2012. FOR SALE: Jersey 36 TOPSHOT II Slip A-8, Well made, very clean & comfortable. Looking for a partner with or without equity to share use or will sell 100% . Boat is turn key, no deferred maintenance with only 2,000 hrs on mains and 650 hrs. on new 6 KW gen. New Carpet. New Fuel Tank. Great to cruise or fish, fast and economical, Reliable twin Turbo Detroit’s use less than one gallon per mi. @ 10 knots. 70 Gal. lighted Bait Tank, Electric Davit for 10 ft RIB with 4 stroke Honda. Updated auto pilot, GPS, Fish finder, 72 mi. Radar, VHF, Reverse cycle air/heat, Blue ray/surround sound. Flat screen TVs. Call Roger E. Bill @) (619) 297-1100 or email: WANTED: Moderately used older approx. 1.75oz spinnaker that could be used on a 40’ perf./cruiser (Beneteau 393), journey to Hawaii in August. Also looking for spinnaker pole approx. 18-19’, and plastic gas cans. Skip Malthaner (619) 379-5636 FOR SALE: PC 48 GOOD CONDITION, FULLY EQUIPPED WITH ALL SALES INCLUDING SPINNAKER. CALL PETER AT 619-265-0426 FOR SALE: all in good condition and lightly used: O’Neill 7 mil wetsuit, women’s size 8, Aqua Lung “Legend” dive regulator with Suunto “Cobra” dive computer with compass and software, SeaQuest “Libra” women’s buoyancy compensator with weights integrated (weights not included). Beth Adams 904-315-8643 cell

Get to Know...

By Jackie Kohls

ADELAIDO VILLANUEVA – SOUS CHEF How would you describe your cooking style? I like everything to look aesthetically pleasing on the plate. My favorite flavor profiles are Mediterranean, French and Italian. Those types of food have a unique exotic taste that is almost indescribable.

When did you start working for the SDYC? What was your first position at the Club? I began working for the SDYC in March of 2005 as a Banquet Cook. Since then I have been promoted to Sous Chef. Where were you born? How long have you been in San Diego? I was born in Guerrero, Mexico and have been living in San Diego for 25 years now. What was the most difficult aspect of coming to California? Having to leave my mom, Divina, was very difficult. She worries about me still, always calling and sending letters. I miss her cooking, especially her Mole De Olla and Tamales De Arroz. What do you miss the most about Guerrero? What is your favorite thing about San Diego, CA? The weather is much warmer in Guerrero, with a tropical climate. I could wear shorts and sandals every day, walking on the beach. I also miss the food. I love seafood, the Pescado A la Talla is my favorite. San Diego has a lot to offer. I love the water and run to Mission Bay Park frequently. I find it so calming to watch the water and run by the beach or bay.

What is your favorite part about working in the kitchen? Experiencing different things every day is one of the main reasons I enjoy my job so much. The complexity of some of the recipes and uniqueness of the food items both in banquets and a la carte make my job challenging and exciting. I love seafood and trying new things. Creating new menu items is extremely rewarding. Where did you work before you came here? Prior to the SDYC I worked as kitchen manager at Bayou Bar and Grill and cook at the La Jolla Country Club and La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club.

What is your favorite sport to watch or play? I love all sports, but soccer is my favorite to both watch and play. I was a soccer coach for over ten years for my son’s soccer team. It was a wonderful way for us to bond and grow together. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Visiting my family in Guerrero would be on the top of my list of things to do. I would want to make sure my mom was well taken care of and put her worries to rest. What is your favorite part of working at the SDYC? The SDYC is an amazing place to work and I am so thankful to be working at such a prestigious Club with such friendly members and coworkers. The environment of this Club makes it a great place to work.

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Mainsheet July 2013  
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