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THANK YOU TO THE 2016 COMMITTEE CHAIRS & APPOINTED OFFICERS VICE COMMODORE JOHN REITER, LIAISON TO: Sponsorship, Carolann Dekker Membership, Staff Commodore Andy La Dow Membership Development, Steve Harris House, John Alioto Catalina Outstation, Gregg Buckley

REAR COMMODORE MIKE DORGAN, LIAISON TO: Opening Day, Bill Pascoe Challenge, Bruce Sutphen Club Facilities, Matt Wells Master’s Regatta & Lipton Cup, Tim Fuller & Joanne O’Dea Vallarta Race, Steve Malowney

DIRECTOR / TREASURER JERELYN BIEHL, LIAISON TO: Finance, Bob Witt SDYC Sailing Foundation, S/C Gary Gould Competition Fund, Kelly McKeown Dredge, Timothy Kelley Yachting Cup, Julie & Dave Servais

DIRECTOR BRIAN THOMAS, LIAISON TO: Club Events, Susi Graff Junior Activities, Tom & Marcy Holthus Race Management, Al Pleskus Race Comm Sail, Susi Graff Protest, Marilyn Foster Handicapper, Bruce Nelson Fleet Capt. Sail, Dave Servais Offshore/Coastal, Dave Servais High Profile Regattas, Chris Snow Suports Docks, Bob Vincent SD Port Advisor, S/C Thompson Fetter

DIRECTOR MICHAEL MORTON, JR. , LIAISON TO: Port Captain’s, Jack Leer J22 / Match Race, Rick McElvain F&B Long Range Strategy, S/C Fred Frye Women’s Events, Percia Amedee & Mary Copeland Cruising Fleet, Chuck Dahill

DIRECTOR JEFF TADDER, LIAISON TO: History, Steve Allman Library, Lois Kenneally Trophy, Bonnie Brockway TMDL, John Adriany Junior Flags, Meg Ehman & Lindsay Janos Commodore’s Dinner Speakers, Vicki Droz

DIRECTOR JEFF BROWN, LIAISON TO: Community Programs, Erica Opstad Amateur Radio Group, Scott Rights Tennis, Tracy Nichols & Marcy Van Stee Anglers, Brock Guentner Bridgedeckers, Jeanne Lynch Cycling, Tina Logan LIAISON TO OUR TRUST FUND BOARD, JUNIOR STAFF COMMODORE JOHN LAUN APPOINTED OFFICERS Fleet Captain/Sail, Dave Servais Fleet Captain/Power, Lanny Cornell Mainsheet Editor, Dee Van Horne Entertainment, Pam Werner Port Captain, Jack Leer Judge Advocate, Bill Budd Handicapper, Bruce Nelson Fleet Chaplain, Troy Sears Fleet Surgeon, Dr. Asa Morton Protocol Advisor, Raymond Ashley Officer of Elections, Bill Pascoe

FROM THE COMMODORE COMMODORE - DOUGLAS C. WERNER SDYC is decorated for the holidays again, warmly reminding us of the traditions that abound at this time of year among families, in our community and at our yacht club. Centered on thanksgiving and celebration, they extend beyond winning a yacht race or making landfall. They include what all of us have done this year to enjoy belonging to our club: yachting, extending friendships, volunteering in events, committees and groups, and sharing with others what is special about this great club. Since the events this month are well described in the calendar listing near the back of this Mainsheet, Pam and I are using this final Commodore’s Message to thank and to celebrate. To our members who have led and served on our committees, groups and event teams, we want to thank you for SDYC_Doug_0034.tif generously giving your time and talent to making the club a member-driven organization. This includes all who served

as Appointed Officers and the Staff Commodores who served on committees this year, adding your wise counsel to our affairs. The passion you have brought to contributing to the club has been beyond measure, and has made us exceptional in every area. We decorated for last year’s holidays, and celebrated New Year’s, Opening Day and July 4th with fun and class, thanks to our entertainment chairs and teams. We have had outstanding regattas, thanks to our regatta event chairs and Race Management members. Our sailors have won big at major yachting regattas nationally, with thanks not only to our great racers, but also to the Challenge and Competition Fund Committee members who supported them. Thanks to our special Family Task Force and House Committee members, we have welcomed many new member families and encouraged them to be part of our yachting tradition by practicing the virtues of excellence that we teach to our youth. Our Junior Activities chairs and committee did an amazing job with new boat logistics and expanded junior sailing programs. Across from this page is our 2016 committee organization so all the members who led these efforts are recognized with our deepest appreciation for spectacular achievements this year. To all our club staff, we want to thank you for doing your best to make all members feel like they are the Commodore. Our customary high member satisfaction with service has continued, and compliments abounded from members and guests. Thanks go to our special General Manager, Terry Anglin. Racers and cruisers hosted by SDYC at all of our many events this year uniformly praised our people, dining services and facilities, and gave especially well deserved compliments about our race management staff. Credit here goes to Chef Darren Denny, Tammy Hackney, Carlos Sevilla and Jeff Johnson and their respective teams. Our Junior Summer Sailing Program had the most participants ever, almost exclusively from member families. High-fives go to John Fretwell and the coaches. Our many special events were wonderfully well produced by Amy Snyder and the hard-working catering team. Our communications staff of Emily Willhoft and Jared Wohlegemuth not only broadcast our accomplishments across our media channels, but also helped all of us focus on who we are, how we operate and why our traditions matter. Credits go to Monica McGovern who produces the Mainsheet, and Editor Dee Van Horne. We also have an outstanding Controller in Rich Gomberg. Since coming aboard three years ago, our accounting services and financial information have been rendered with high quality and accuracy. As important, Rich has been an invaluable player in our strategies for managing our revenues, reserves and expenses, especially regarding our lease expense. Liz Smith helped the cause by advancing our sponsorship levels for regattas. The security and safety of our members, our yachts, our facilities and premises were well protected by Janne Isokaanta, Arturo Abrego and the force.


It has been a privilege to work with the outstanding members who were chosen to serve on the SDYC Board, past and present. The examples of leadership and achievement of those I followed, I am certain will be met and surpassed by those who come next. Spouses of board members deserve high praise, as well, for all they do, collectively and individually, to serve the membership. A special thanks to Susan and John Laun – “The Most Interesting Sailor in the World” - who passed us the three gold stars, along with invaluable guidance and support. The membership should be confident in the leadership and fun which Lisa and John Reiter will bring to the helm next. And my biggest thank you and love goes to my delightful wife, Pam, who shared the dream and shouldered the work with me for the past year. (Please see us on the back cover.) It has been an honor to serve the membership this year and an experience we will cherish for a lifetime. Fair winds, • w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ai n s h e e t • 1

San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 81 • Issue 12 Board of Directors Commodore Douglas C. Werner Vice Commodore John A. Reiter Rear Commodore Michael J. Dorgan Jr. Staff Commodore John L. Laun

DEPARTMENTS 1 From the Commodore 3 Greetings from the Club

Directors Jerelyn Biehl Brian D. Thomas Michael A. Morton, Jr. Jeffrey N. Tadder Jeffrey L. Brown

IN THE SPOTLIGHT 4-5 2016 Snipe World Masters MEMBERSHIP 6 Meet our Newest Members 7 Operation: Holiday Helping Hand ad General Manager ON THE RACE COURSE Terry Anglin 8 First Masters Regatta win for Bill Menninger 9 Newport Harbor Yacht Club wins 2016 Lipton Cup Mainsheet Editor: Dee Van Horne 10 Skippering My First Keelboat Regatta Production: Monica McGovern Deadline: 10th of the month 11 22 Finns Compete in Finn North American Masters Mainsheet: Championships Website: FLEETS, ETC. 12 Tennis Automated Phone 619/758-6300 13 Happy Holidays from the Anglers Front Office 619/221-8400 14 Cycling Fleet/Model Yacht Fleet Dining Room 619/758-6314 15 SSSS Fleet Bar 619/758-6315 / 758-6335 16 PC Fleet Security 619/758-6322 17 Cruising Fleet Dockmaster 619/758-6308 Sailing Office 619/758-6309 18 Buffalo Beach Accounting 619/758-6306 19 Dear Krabby Maintenance 619/758-6333 20-21 Juniors Juniors 619/758-6320 Membership 619/758-6303 CLUB NEWS F&B Office 619/758-6313 22-23 2016 Taste of Point Loma Thank You Catering 619/758-6311 24 New Year’s Eve ad Fax 619/224-3059 25 Commodore’s Dinner announcement Catering Fax 619/758-6337 26 SDYC Around the World ARG Ham Shack 619/758-6324 27 Bridgedeckers 28 Upcoming Events Calendar The Mainsheet is dedicated to providing information relevant to members of San Diego Yacht Club, focusing on timely events, 29 Classifieds fleet forums and announcements that support the yachting lifestyle. Mainsheet (USPS 024-501) is published monthly (12 issues annually) by the San Diego Yacht Club, 1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106-3005 (619) 221-8400/Fax: (619) 224-3059

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Volume 81, Issue 12 Periodical Postage Paid, San Diego, California and at additional mailing offices. Each issue is mailed the last week of the month. An annual subscription rate of $24 is included in membership dues. POSTMASTER-Send address changes to: San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Copyright ©2016. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Sinclair Photo courtesy of Molly Cadranell SDYC Sprig passing behind St. Francis YC Wildcat on Starboard tack. St. Francis 6 Metre Invitational & 6 Metre North Americans. Sprig Crew : Greg Stewart, Ben Mitchell, Paula Schmid, Jon Easley, Hogan Beatie



Happy holidays! As we come to the end of the year, a reflection on what has been undertaken and accomplished at SDYC during 2016 is in order. The team is never satisfied and while we will never hit perfection, we can certainly strive for excellence. One of the keys to the accomplishments of the team

has been the effort to promote from within whenever possible. There are many success stories from 2016 wherein employees have progressed due to their hard work and support of fellow team members. This will continue to be a focus of the management team. The club performed a number of projects this year led by the kitchen renovation. The project came in on time and under budget and the energy savings impact of the upgrade has contributed to reducing its energy costs from 2015 by over $40,000. Other major capital items included the parking lot slurry, clubhouse roof renovation, new

front steps at the entry to the clubhouse, and repair to the south eaves of the clubhouse. All brought in on budget and on time. I also want to thank each and every member of the SDYC team for their dedication, hard work and support over the past year. They are on stage every day creating great experiences for club members. Not everyone is able to get recognized and there are many of the team who go unheralded. My warm wishes go to all the team members and together, we will make a great 2017 for the SDYC family – members, their families and staff. Happy 2017 to all!




• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ai n s h e e t • 3


Serious Sailing, Serious Fun at the 2016 Snipe World Masters

Team Beihl - Bow 10


Opening ceremonies

They say an adventure begins when something goes wrong. One week before the Snipe Worlds Masters, a regatta my mom and I raced in, something went wrong. Hurricane Matthew was a Category 4 Hurricane when it hit New Providence Island, home to the capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau. The Royal Nassau Sailing Club was not quite decimated by Matthew, but it suffered from his 8 foot storm surge and 120 knot winds whipping side on-shore. The docks were completely gone, save a heavy powerboat stuck up on an electric hoist, the storm surge had also filled the downstairs of the Sailing Club with 6 feet of seawater, flooding the snack bar fryer leaving a greasy film on the walls and the toaster oven on the sea floor displaced by the returning storm surge. An amazing group of members and staff came together to clean the building, build new rigid and floating docks, a new snack bar, cleaning the pool, tow boats back to the Sailing Club, the list goes on. I was immediately tasked with helping cut away the few remaining old twisted docks followed by salvaging a floating dock off a homeowners beach the following day. Our plan to practice

4 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

and get warmed up for the event in the race location was not looking good. Our original plan was to arrive five days early to practice, where we would stay with our friends Jimmie and Lori Lowe. They are an amazing part of our Snipe family and they are legends in sailing in the Bahamas. This amazing couple helps not only run the two yachting organizations (Nassau Yacht Club - homebase for Stars, and Royal Nassau Sailing Club - homebase for Snipes) in Nassau but also the newly reformed Bahamas Sailing Association. We helped the Lowe’s organize and rebuild, as well as do a lot of boat work to get ready for the racing. Everything was a scramble and it was a matter of ticking off the boxes that needed to happen before 100 sailors and guests were at the club full time for a 5 day regatta. We got on the water the morning of the event with new sails and a tuned boat with help of Augie Diaz. There were a lot of extremely talented sailors on this race course and regardless of the 80 year old combined age minimum and 15 knot max wind limit, (more on this later) if you had a bad start or missed a shift you would lose 10 boats. The first day of racing was pushing the rules limit, although they claim it was never above 15 knots for more than 30 seconds, on

IN THE SPOTLIGHT our second leeward mark rounding we were planning into the mark with 4 other boats, it was well over 18 maybe a touch over 20 knots of breeze. Luckily it was just one puff this big but this upper end of the wind limit was to be the story of the event. The second day saw a fairly strong low pressure system approaching the island with the forecast over 20 knots all day. The Race Committee decided to use this as a lay-day and I took advantage of the wind to check off kiteboarding in yet another country. The following three days of racing were similar to the first, 12 to 18 knots of breeze, three upwind legs and two downwind. We had some great starts and most of our first 2 laps in the race were pretty good. Our upwind boat speed suffered as one of the lightest teams on the course, as well as our lack of practice time and feeling the boat out, but our downwind legs were great! We usually gained 5 to 10 boats on any given run, but would seem to lose the same on the upwinds. The third upwind beat was always a killer for us, we were exhausted from trying to keep up with larger teams in the breeze and by that leg we were pooped. We had a few leeward mark roundings in the top ten but were usually bouncing around in the middle of the fleet. We prayed for lighter winds for the more civilized sailing we signed up for but alas, the Bahamian trade winds did not ease. Our last day of racing was slightly softer but our goal of placing top half was tough to hit. The motto of the Snipe Class is “Serious Sailing, Serious Fun!” and this regatta was both of those and more! All of the people involved racing Snipes are excellent people as well as sailors. The boats are heavy and everyone is always willing to give each other a hand. We have a strong Snipe racing fleet here in San Diego and I encourage anyone to go find a fleet member or a boat and enjoy some high quality one design sailboat racing. Although our regatta went from a plan to an adventure before we had even left, we came away with a great experience with amazing people with a side of some extremely challenging sailing. If you ever get a chance to go sailing in that part of the world, take it. For every sailor should go to the Pirate Republic at least once!

RNSC – hurricane devastation – no docks Bahamian yard with hurricane debris. We salvaged this temporary dock to use for the regatta.

RNSC with temporary docks (and NO docks in background)

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ai n s h e e t • 5




The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.

“I have a great desire to get back involved in the boating lifestyle and also provide an avenue for my children to learn and cultivate their nautical knowledge so they will continue the family boating tradition that was passed to me from my Dad.”


Patrick Sullivan (Danielle) Sales and Service, Mikelson Yachts Non-Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Rick McElvain Secondary Sponsor: Richard Peterson Ann Chamberlin (Sami Revah) VP Sales, SeatAdvisor Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Sharon Case Secondary Sponsor: Terry Moore


“I have had some of my fondest childhood memories growing up at the SDYC. It’s a very special place to me, not just the sailing, fishing and using the amenities, but the staff who works there, which in itself says a lot about the establishment at the SDYC in how they treat and retain their employees.”

Gregory Price (Amy) Airline Pilot, American Airlines) Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Dave Graulich Secondary Sponsor: Bill Kraus Dell Kronewitter (Dawn Valentine Kronewitter) Director of Engineering, Fuse Integration Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Phil Lamb Secondary Sponsor: Dave Baker



“We love the water, sailing, and boating! We would like to share our passion for the water with our children, teach them to sail, and we would love to get our own sail boat soon!”


Michael Burrafato Student, University of San Diego Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Bobby Marsh Secondary Sponsor: Kimberly Pretto



Gary Peterson Insurance Broker/Partner, Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC Boat Owner Primary Sponsor: Rags Laragione Secondary Sponsor: Geoff Kopecky


“My wife and I are avid boaters who would greatly enjoy becoming part of a group of like-minded people. We believe SDYC would afford us an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with other boaters, and become involved in an organization we are already impressed with.”




“I want my children to sail – I began sailing before I can remember and was constantly on the water in PA. As a resident of Point Loma, I hope to become a part of the warm community I know the SDYC to be.”

6 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


It is with our deepest sympathy that we record the passing of the following SDYC member:



OPERATION: HOLIDAY HELPING HAND EVENT a y d i H@0900 l December 10, 2016 o e



Donate Online Today:



O p er a tio


SDYC is gearing up for Operation: Holiday Helping Hand (O:HHH) 2016. For the eleventh year, we will be helping military families, who cope with serious physical, financial and separation concerns, celebrate an enjoyable holiday. This is our way of expressing our thanks for their ongoing sacrifices during these times of great uncertainty. Last year, your generous donations enabled us to provide each of 74 military families a substantial monetary gift.

H an d

Working with our partner, the San Diego Armed Services YMCA, we are able to identify families of local, primarily lower rank, enlisted personnel who could really use a HOLIDAY HELPING HAND. All families are carefully screened by the ASYMCA, and have recently struggled with unusual and challenging financial difficulties. Many of these families have at least one child with a severe physical and/or mental disability or a critical illness. Deployments are especially difficult when the spouse left at home must cope with a special needs child or children. In the words of a family you helped last year: “A Huge thank you for the opportunity to even give our kids a Christmas! We are so blessed and can’t thank you enough. There would be no way we could have enjoyed the holidays without this financial help. May God Bless you!”

Every dollar that you donate to O: HHH is distributed entirely to the military families for whom it is intended. There are no overhead expenses or compensation given to SDYC, Pt Loma Rotary Club, or to anyone involved with this program. All contributions are passed through the Pt Loma Rotary Club’s Charitable Endowment Fund, and are 100% tax deductible. Acknowledgement letters will be provided with 501c3 tax deduction info.







For more info, please contact Ed Letzring Sue Slaght 619-222-0200 619-523-9539

t h


• For SDYC member charge: Contact the SDYC Bookkeeper (Angela) at 619-758-6306 or • To donate by check: Make checks payable to: PLR ENDOWMENT FUND On the Memo Line, please write: For O: HHH Mail checks to: Ed Letzring, 1225 Concord St, San Diego, CA 92106 • To donate online: Follow the link provided for O: HHH 2016 on SDYC’s website:


o Ya c

GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Make a donation in the name of a family member or friend. SDYC will provide a gift acknowledgment card for you to present to you honoree.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ai n s h e e t • 7


“Sailing aside, my favorite part of the Masters Regatta is the camaraderie of the guys that you’ve raced against your whole life, or new guys that you haven’t sailed against yet.” – Bill Menninger, 2016 Masters Regatta winner

First Masters Regatta win for Bill Menninger For the fifth consecutive year, San Diego Yacht Club hosted the International Masters Regatta from October 21-23, 2016. The regatta was sailed in equalized J/105 boats in the San Diego Bay. As the name of the race implies, the 12 invited skippers represented three countries and were over the age of 60. More than just a time to race against former rivals or friends, the International Masters Regatta is an event to celebrate the history of sailing and unite masters sailors from around the world. Chuck Nichols (SDYC), the winner of the 2013 Masters Regatta, described the International Masters Regatta as “...a bunch of old characters that come back and tell you about sailing. It reminds you of how great they were and still are.” The wind was light and shifty throughout the weekend, and after delays in the early afternoons on all three days, Race Committee was only able to run 8 of the 12 scheduled races. Richard du Moulin (Storm Trysails/Larchmont YC) won both of the two races on Friday making him the day leader by a 4 point margin over Chuck Nichols at the end of the day. The wind picked up on day two of the weekend allowing for four races on Saturday. In addition to du Moulin, Jon Andron (StFYC), Bob Fisher (Royal Lymington YC) and Bill Menninger (NHYC) each won races on Saturday. When talking to these skippers between races, it seemed like the key to success on Saturday was good starts and sailing on the right side of the course. Richard du Moulin won the last race on Saturday and remained the regatta leader after the first six races. There were only two points between the skippers in second through fourth places at the end of Saturday, so the pressure was on going into the last two races on Sunday. Menninger had a great day of sailing on Sunday, winning both races which moved him into first place overall. He ultimately became the winner of the whole regatta by just one point. Du Moulin was the second place finisher and Andron finished third, 10 points behind du Moulin. This is Menninger’s first time winning the International Masters Regatta and also the first win from a Newport Harbor Yacht Club skipper. Menninger reflected at the end of the weekend. “My overall 8 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

strategy for these three days was to get better every race. My starts were not very good at the start of the regatta, but they got a lot better by the end. Sailing aside, my favorite part of the Masters Regatta is the camaraderie of the guys that you’ve raced against your whole life, or new guys that you haven’t sailed against yet.” Thank you to everyone who helped make the event so specialRace Committee, Protest Committee, Co-Chairs Joanne O’Dea and Tim Fuller, Cynthia Sinclair Photography, J/105 Owners, event sponsors and all volunteers. BY EMILY WILLHOFT PHOTOS BY CYNTHIA SINCLAIR


Newport Harbor Yacht Club wins 2016 Lipton Cup BY EMILY WILLHOFT PHOTOS BY CYNTHIA SINCLAIR San Diego Yacht Club’s signature fall regatta, the 102nd Challenge for the Lipton Cup, was sailed on October 28-30 on San Diego Bay. The Lipton Cup, named for the historic yachtsman and tea baron, Sir Thomas Lipton, has been the most prestigious trophy contested in Southern California and one of the most coveted on the West Coast since 1903. This regatta brings together twelve yacht clubs from across the country to determine the best of the best. On Friday and Saturday, the breeze filled nicely and conditions were typical for San Diego. For the majority of racing on Friday and Saturday, Newport Harbor Yacht Club (NHYC), San Diego Yacht Club (SDYC), St. Francis Yacht Club (StFYC) and Larchmont Yacht Club were consistently placing near the top of the fleet. NHYC, skippered by Jon Pinckney, won two races on Friday which propelled him to be the day leader after Friday’s four races. Pinckney is no stranger to the San Diego Bay, having participated in SDYC’s Masters Regatta the weekend prior to Lipton Cup as crew for Masters Regatta winner Bill Menninger. SDYC, the defending champions of the Lipton Cup, took the lead after five races on Saturday with NHYC and StFYC close behind. Saturday was a picturesque day of racing with bright, sunny skies and winds between 7 and 10 knots throughout the afternoon. The 2016 Lipton Cup ended dramatically Sunday under ominous clouds and light rain. StFYC managed to break in front of the fleet during the last race of the regatta and keep the lead until the finish. StFYC’s win of the last race moved them up to a second place finish overall and just one point away from the overall win. NHYC won the first two races on Sunday and even though they finished ninth in the third race, they were able to keep their overall lead over StFYC and won the regatta. NHYC finished third in 2014 and second in 2015, so it was game on to see if they could pull off the win this year. • w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ai n s h e e t • 9

ON THE RACE COURSE Karina the Archer, at the helm

Skippering My First Keelboat Regatta BY KARINA NIETING

“I was so happy that I won my first keelboat regatta. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you think you can, you should.” - Karina Nieting

At first I was scared when my dad told me he signed me up as the skipper in the Halloween Regatta, but when I started driving I was excited. First we checked in and got our course, which was X to 22, then back to X, and then finish. I didn’t really care if I won, I just wanted to have fun. I wore my archer costume and my sister wore her cat costume. The wind was blowing hard and I was a little nervous, but I got over that in no time. This was my first regatta at the helm and I am 9 years old. It was extra exciting because it was 8 days before my birthday. At the party I thought we were going to win and we actually did. I was so happy that I won my first keelboat regatta. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you think you can, you should.

Karina at the awards ceremony, with her prizes

Kaylee the cat, crewing for her littler sister

BY BEN NIETING This is Ben Nieting, and I’ve been a member since 2007. My daughter, Karina Nieting, just drove in her first Keelboat Regatta. It was her decision to spend several hours of her free time writing this article. She wanted to share her experience with the club, to encourage others to skipper their first regatta. Karina drove a club J/22 under the boat name Ripple. Karina is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. Her crew were her 12 year old sister Kaylee Nieting, and myself. It was a special day for Karina. Since she was born, she has sailed with me on many boats, has participated in the youth program at SDYC, has driven some La Playa Beer Can races this summer, did some J24 driving in previous years of Beer Cans, and even drove a bit in the Hot Rum last year. But this was her first time driving an entire regatta. There were 2 races on Saturday, both 5.1 miles long, for a total of 10.2 miles (Handicap distance). I approximate the winds to have been from 8 to 15 knots. We did multiple spinnaker sets and jibes. Class 5, our class, was combined with class 6 for the starts, so there were 8 boats on the start each time, including a Beneteau Oceanis 41 and a Santa Cruz 40 to contend with. She drove it all. It was a full day that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Her big sister Kaylee also sailed her first regatta when Kaylee was 9, also in a J22. Karina and I crewed for Kaylee in that race, when Karina was 7. So it was cool that Karina got to drive her first regatta at 9 also, like her big sister. 10 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

2017 SDYC Club Champs Mark your calendars now for the 2017 Club Champs Regatta to be held January 28 - 29, 2017

ON THE RACE COURSE 22 Finns Compete in Finn North American Masters Championships BY MIKE DORGAN 22 Finns competed in the 2016 Finn North American Championships over 3 days hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club. Day one featured racing inside Mission Bay, on Sail Bay with 3 races sailed in light to moderate breeze with flat water. ABYC member and long time Finn and Star sailor, Erik Lidecis got out to a great start enjoying the Bay races with scores of 2,1,1 leading the pack after day one. After racing on day one, a Finn sailor commented how quick it was to sail in and out from the Bay Race course and now he had more time to relax and have some drinks with fellow Finn sailors and enjoy the Southern California weather and hospitality. Racing for days two and three were held in the ocean off Pacific Beach with a large SW swell across the course and sea chop with breeze in the 6-12 knot range for most of the races. A couple of races had breeze in the 15-knot range putting a premium on downwind pumping, rocking and rolling down the

waves with the very last leg of the last race turning into a drifter, just delayed enough to complete the regatta. Sailors traveled from all over the US to sail in the 40 year old+ regatta with casual racing and fun beer socials and dinners after racing hosted by MBYC. Racing was close throughout the fleet with the exception of Lidecis sailing equally well in the ocean, winning the regatta with one race to spare. The SDYC and MBYC Finn Fleets are growing, with more and more people getting into the boats for casual fun racing without the hassles of having to look for crew or having a large budget to campaign and race the boat. Next Regattas up are the Fall Finn Classic and Turkey Day regatta at ABYC. Top 5 Finns Overall 1) Erik Leidecis 2) Henry Sprague 3) Darell Peck 4) Mike Dorgan 5) Rob Coutts

! r fun o f e t the da e v a s


We hope your family will join our family for a great sailboat race in J/22s. Start a new holiday tradition!

$50 team entry fee Meet on bar deck for drinks & chips Enter online: or call Leslie Reynolds 619.987.4156 • w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 11


Tennis Fleet Celebrates “End of the Year” Bash BY KEITH DANON The holidays are here and time for family, friends, and tennis. Last month we had a fantastic evening clinic put on by our local pro Rudy, coaches Ian and Kate. Ten of us were divided up on the courts and put through two hours with a plethora of drills. With all three coaches hitting balls constantly, we all got individual tips on how to improve our strokes along with a tremendous cardio workout. Our Tuesday and Thursday weekly clinics continue to attract new faces. For $20, you’ll get some quality instruction, professional strategies, and a worthwhile workout. There are both novice and advanced sessions available so come by and check them out. Thanks go out to Scott Launey. Scott was Tennis Fleet captain for 3 years and promoted the Fleet’s membership during his term. He is still extremely instrumental in assisting the Fleet, always coming to bat when requested. The last time I saw Scott he was spraying the courts with weed killer and blowing the debris off them to enhance the playing surface for all of us. The “End of the Year’ party was a BLAST! Brian and Erin Walsh graciously hosted the soiree at their gorgeous home on the bay. Around 50 members attended, enjoying

an evening of food, drinks, and entertainment. The Mexican food was muy bueno, the bar muy abierto, and the guitarist muy excellente! Brian opened up his “tequilla shrine” to everyone that evening. With over 30 bottles of tequilla and mescal, he educated us with an awesome progression of tastings and information. As a superb narrator, he also had a non stop video going further explaining tequilla, mescal, and their history. That following morning I went straight to the Betty Ford Center in the desert to finish my masters degree in “drinking 101”. A “HUGE” thank you to both Brian and Erin along with our co-captains Tracy and Marcy for making this party awesome! The month of February brings back the ”Valentine Day Tournament”. A co-ed tournament put on by the Rumseys is always one of the best of the year. You can bring your sweetheart to play or we can set you up with a Tennis Fleet member that day. No need to sign up on “Match. com” for this tournament. Be sure we have your currant e-mail address to keep you informed with the latest details. Happy holiday to you all and I’ll see you on the courts!

12 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g




• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 13



Model Yacht Fleet BY DAVID RYAN Despite it being eternally cliché, I’m going to evoke the “I can’t believe the year is almost over” generic astonishment phrase. In retrospect, I suppose there is some, small naïve voice inside my head, hoping that every nextyear things will slow back down to the way they used to be. Regardless, the Model Yacht fleet is getting ready to put a wrap on a terrific 2016 racing season. Once again, our awesome fleet captain, Staff Commodore Sandy Purdon, has graciously offered up his beautiful home to host the annual fleet party on Sunday, December 11th. Sandy’s wife Kathy seems to keep

outdoing herself every year with her creative and charming holiday décor, making this a warm, festive event the whole fleet looks forward to with great anticipation. As of this writing, with only 2 more days (out of 29 total) of racing left, the High Point Championship is still up for grabs. It seems appropriate in this election year that this “race” is still “too close to call”. While it seems things tighten up atop the leader board each year as we close in on the last few regattas, this year has 4 skippers with a legitimate shot at winning it all. Current standings show Larry Adams now leading (182 pts.), followed by David Ryan (180 pts.), with Skip Malthaner and Dick Denzler tied with 175 points. That’s only 7 points of separation between the top 4 boats after 27 regattas, with just two remaining race days to determine

14 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

the winner. There’s no doubt that this year’s High Point Championship will come down to the wire. It should make for some spectacular competition down the stretch!


SSSS FLEET BY DEE VAN HORNE The SSSS fleet recently hosted our last of the five series SCWSA regattas on November 12th. The fleet organized a great PRO, Ken Bertino and his support team with the assistance of Jeff Johnson. Thank you gentlemen for your Corinthian spirit in supporting our sabot fleet! All 26 participants were all ready to sail this final regatta of the year. However, the winds did not allow us to compete for the daily “hardware” on the water. The race committee postponed for one and a half hours after several wind checks with gusts from 1723 knots, the Regatta chair, Julie McPherson, with input from RC and sailors, decided to call the race for the safety of the fleet. The SSSS fleet hustled to change the format of the day to an early dinner and trophy presentation. All worked out perfectly with the exception of sailing. The fleet recognized Pam Lindley for her many years of service to the fleet and to SCWSA for scoring and sailing. Thank you Pam! The perpetual trophy results for the SCWSA 2016 season are the following: Jerelyn Biehl – Peter Davis Perpetual Ladies A Dee Van Horne – Bob Hood Perpetual Ladies B Scott Finkboner (MBYC) – Bent Moller Perpetual Men’s A Bob Henderson (MBYC) – Doris Wiedemann Perpetual Mixed C Cindy Heavrin (ABYC) –SCWSA Most Improved Sailor

End the Year By Making A Difference! Let’s Build Up the SDYC Junior Endowment A few years ago, the Sailing Foundation set up the SDYC Junior Sailing Endowment fund at the San Diego Foundation. The goal was simple: to create a tax-deductible way for members and friends to donate for the exclusive benefit of the SDYC Junior Sailing Program. The long-term goal was to accumulate enough donations so that the interest earned by the endowment would provide a significant yearly gift to the Junior Program. It would be these funds that would ensure that the Junior Program would always have enough money to keep the program running at a world-class level. We’re off to a great start. We have a beautiful, new facility, competitive equipment and strong participation among the younger sailors at our club and in the community. It’s now up to us to help financially build this endowment. If you’d like to end the year by making a difference, please consider a gift to the Junior Sailing Endowment. Your gift will help the program now, and in the future. We appreciate your support.

SDYC Sailing Foundation

Just write “Junior Sailing Endowment” in the memo portion of your check, and we’ll make sure it gets deposited in the right account.

Junior Sailing Endowment

Please mail to: SDYC Foundation • 1011 Anchorage Lane • San Diego, CA 92106 or donate online by using the JUST GIVE link on our webpage:

sdycsf-mainsheethalf-1216.indd 1

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h11/14/16 e e t •6:3615 AM


PC Fleet BY JIM OBERG, PC #11 FIRST FIDDLE The Pacific Class Fleet has been pretty active during this year, and I will give you an update for the year regarding the racing and bay sailing events that our fleet has enjoyed and participated in. On March 13th our annual Coronado Sojourn sail, where we sail down to Coronado Yacht Club, enjoy lunch, then sail back to SDYC was enjoyed by the following: First Fiddle, Beth & Jim Oberg, Onion Truck, Alex & Diane Caldwell, Zest, Heather & Steve Brownsea, Blue Chip, Dale & Chris Frost, Twilight, Cathy & Barry Worthington, and Route 66, Brent Boyd & Danielle Richards. There was fun sailing and good laughter during the day! The PC San Diego Bay Fleet Championship was sailed May 14-15, with Coronado Yacht Club hosting the event. This regatta is really fun, with smooth water and generally perfect wind conditions, which was the case on Saturday, but Sunday it blew hard out of the east southeast, so we cancelled the second day. The results were, 1st Heather & Steve Brownsea, 2nd Beth & Jim Oberg, 3rd John Landon (sailing #31), 4th Danielle Richards & Brent Boyd, 5th Vance & Steve Gustafson, 6th Chris Frost, & 7th Nick Wilson. The sail back to SDYC was great with the wind direction we had. The Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta was the event for June, and is collectively held by Acient Mariners Sailing Society (AMSS) & SDYC. The finishes for the PC Fleet were 1st place Heather & Steve Brownsea, 2nd place Beth & Jim Oberg, 3rd place Doug Holthaus, 4th place Alex Caldwell, 5th place Chris Frost, and 6th place Brent Boyd. July, August, & September are generally slower months, with families on vacation and out of town. There is good participation sailing with AMSS in there Guinea Cup Series, which was good for Heather & Steve Brownsea and Brent Boyd & Danielle Richards. We had (4) boats out sailing in the Maritime Museum Event, San Diego Festival of Sail Parade, sailing with many old vessels, but honoring the replical of the sailing vessel San Salvador, sailed by Juan Cabrillo. The PC Fleet National Championship Regatta was sailed on October 15-16 with SDYC running the races. Our club and fleet were honored to be awarded the William Avery Baker Award by the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum.

Chris Freeman, Director of Development, from Mystic, came out to San Diego and made the presentation at our Saturday night dinner. The award recognizes private individuals or organization for their superior work in preserving historic yachts or recreational small craft. The racing was GREAT and very COMPETITIVE! There were (3) races on Saturday, and, the standings at the end of the day were: 2016 PC Nationals Final Results Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

# 31 42 62 14 11 66 21 43 9 72

Boat Name Skylark Zest Jack’s Wiley Menace La Cucaracha First Fiddle Route 66 Onion Truck Blue Chip Jade Yankee

Owner Mark Reynolds & Tom Hurlburt Steve & Heather Brownsea Ernie Pennell Rob Lindley Jim & Beth Oberg Danielle Richards & Brent Boyd Alex Caldwell Chris Frost Steve Gustafson Dave Grundies

Race 1 Race 2 1 2 4 1 3 3 2 4 6 5 7 6 5 8 10 10 8 7 9 9

Race 3 2 3 1 5 4 6 8 9 7 10

Race 4 Race 5 Total 1 1 7 2 6 16 4 7 18 5 3 19 3 2 20 8 4 31 7 5 33 6 8 43 11 dnf 11 dns 44 9 9 46

Our Saturday night dinner was GREAT, our club and staff served a wonderful sit down dinner for (75) attendees. Prior to dinner, Chris Freeman presented the award, which was followed by a slide presentation by CF Koehler, about Dale and Chris Frost’s restoration of PC #43 Blue Chip. During dinner and after, was open microphone, and there were some wonderful stories about our fleet, some of the legends that have and still are sailing PC’s, and good sailing stories. It was halarious and good fun! On Sunday, we had (2) races, and the final results for the 2016 PC National Championship Regatta follow: 2016 PC Nationals Saturday Standings Place # Boat Name 1 31 Skylark 2 62 Jack’s Wiley Menace 3 42 Zest 4 14 La Cucaracha 5 11 First Fiddle 6 66 Route 66 7 21 Onion Truck 8 43 Jade 9 9 Yankee 10 72 Blue Chip

Owner Mark Reynolds & Tom Hurlburt Ernie Pennell Steve & Heather Brownsea Rob Lindley Jim & Beth Oberg Danielle Richards & Brent Boyd Alex Caldwell Steve Gustafson Dave Grundies Chris Frost

Race 1 Race 2 1 2 3 3 4 1 2 4 6 5 7 6 5 8 8 7 9 9 10 10

Race 3 2 1 3 5 4 6 8 7 10 9

Race 4 Race 5 Total 5 7 8 11 15 19 21 22 28 29

On the horizon, we will be sailing the Ancient Mariners Sailing Society (AMSS) last Guinea Cup Race, and the Half Pint O’ Rum Race, and begin the new year with the New Year’s Day Race. 16 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Cruising Fleet BY CHUCK DAHILL The biennial Ensenada Cruise started with one of the best sea state days for cruising south in memory. Some of the mariners were escorted by dolphin and even a small whale. Dockmaster Fito had our slips assigned and ready upon our arrival and the Marina Grill evening margaritas didn’t disappoint. We had a total of ten boats for the journey and five additional couples traveled by land and stayed in the hotel. Friday morning the boaters cleared in and out of customs and we were off to Lechuza Winery for a tour and tasting. It’s a family run winery and all were there to greet us and make our visit informative and tasty. Next we were treated to lunch in a vineyard with locally sourced food prepared over wood fired stoves and oven. Oyster, quail, pork, rib-eye, lamb and dessert were prepared for us. While strolling through the property one can see gardens, animals and the vineyards, providing a beautiful backdrop to our meal. Saturday daytime was spent exploring Ensenada on our own. There is shopping, Bufadora, new and old museums and horseback riding. Saturday evening we ate together at Sanos, a celebrated steak house called one of the best restaurants in

Ensenada by San Diego magazine. Squid, tuna carpaccio, sautéed mushrooms, quail, sea bass, filet mignon and creme brule were all served to each of us. What a gastronomic treat! The voyage home was again a blessing for the power boaters, best ever going north locally at sea in my memory. A special shout out to Dale Bingham and Bill Cima who were the Cruise Captains for this great cruise. See you in 2018! The annual Cruising Fleet Christmas Party is on December 13 and will include a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Darren, awards and acknowledgement of those who worked so hard to make this year’s cruising activities such a success followed by dancing the night away to the tunes of the yacht rock band AM Gold and general

holiday cheer for everyone. Hope to see you there.

UPCOMING EVENTS Annual Cruise January 20 - 22 Annual cruise to La Playa and the clubhouse if weather is bad Dinner Meetings December 13, 2016 Christmas Holiday Party, look for an eBlast with all the details January 17, 2016 Annual state of club and plans for 2017 presentation by the new Commodore John Reiter

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 17


Planning for 2017 BY GREGG BUCKLEY The San Diego Yacht Club’s Buffalo Beach Group had a great 2016 - there were hundreds of members and their families who enjoyed a great spring, summer, and fall at our outstation at Whites Landing. Out at Buffalo Beach, there is a new pier, a new float, a newer long term lease, and plans are in the works for very thoughtful improvements for our camp. Our beach masters are home, the launch Mr. Manana is back at the club, and SDYC members involved with the Buffalo Beach group, as well as other club committees are planning the

direction that our outstation will take in 2017. Behind the scenes, our club is overcoming all of the obstacles that are thrown at SDYC in order to build our permanent structures out on Catalina Island, and plans for the improvements are being fine-tuned in order to obtain final approval to begin building these new structures. On Monday, December 12, from 7 PM to 9 PM, the plans for the new construction will be unveiled. Please plan on attending this meeting so you can obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the direction that the club will be taking with the Buffalo Beach outstation. In January, at a date that is being

determined, the Buffalo Beach group will have its first meeting for 2017. The purpose for this meeting is to dive deeper into the plan and details for the Buffalo Beach construction, explore and determine the short term and long term needs of our club members at Buffalo Beach, plan 2017 Buffalo Beach events, and form sub committees in order to implement the goals of 2017 and beyond. Please mark your calendars for the SDYC December Annual Meeting, and look for the announcement for our first Buffalo Beach meeting in 2017. If you’re interested in becoming involved in the Buffalo Beach Club, please email me at

Christmas Decoration Take-down Day December 28 9:00am - finish Brunch to follow

18 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Dear krabby Answering your questions, on and off the water... BY CF KOEHLER, OWNER KOEHLER KRAFT CO. “Hey Krabby, can I buy you a hot rum?” said a voice from the other end of the bar. “Of course, it’s getting to be that time of year again. I bet you have a question.” I answered, anticipating the now-familiar routine. “I do. How do I make these on my boat while I’m sailing?” he asked while handing over a piping hot rum, then my latest drinking partner continued, “Not the drink recipe, but how can I get hot water on my boat while I’m out away from shore power? I want to stay out and sail when it cools off on a fine fall or winter early evening, but my crew wants to retreat to the bar for hot drinks,” said the skipper of a boat without hot drinks.

“Good question. Hot drinks make the fine San Diego fall and winter weather even more appealing - and prevent mutiny and scurvy. There are a couple ideas I can pass along as I sip my hot rum. I am guessing you don’t have a stove or it doesn’t work. If that’s the case, the easiest solution is a large insulated thermos-type container of hot water that you make before you leave the dock - either at home or with an electric teapot plugged into shore power. If that is not enough water to keep your crew warm, you could use an inverter to run the teapot (if you have one). If you read some of my earlier articles you can see if your electrical system is up to the job.” I answered “Well, there is an old stove onboard I just don’t know if it works or how to work it. It has a tank and an old bicycle pump,” Answered the skipper/soon-tobe seagoing bartender. “That sounds like an alcohol stove. If it works then you’re all set.” I said thinking my consultation was over. “It might. I would like to be able to spend the night anchored in La Playa and make coffee in the morning - but aren’t those old things hard to use and dangerous?” asked the stove-fearing skipper. “You probably can make the alcohol stove work, it has possibly two more moving parts than a slingshot. They were once standard cooking equipment on boats. They may be a little tricky to use at first, but if you’re careful and follow the instructions, they are safe.

The way they work is pretty simple: there is a tank that you fill with denatured alcohol, then pump the tank up with air pressure with the bicycle pump. By slowly opening the burner valve, liquid alcohol flows into a small tray under the burner. Then you shut off the valve and light the tray to heat the burner. Once the fuel burns off, the burner is hot enough to vaporize the pressurized fuel. The stove works like a gas stove. You light the burner and adjust the flame. With a bit of practice, you’ll have it down. The East Coaster and I use a 1960’s vintage one on our week-long cruise on the Sound. We made coffee, baked biscuits, and cooked most of our meals without a hitch. If you can get that stove going you will have a real moral booster for your crew. Not just hot rum drinks but all kinds of simple hot meals that will make the cool afternoons and evenings more enjoyable. You’ll be amazed how just heating some water or food on the stove will take the chill off down below and keep your crew from jumping ship for shore-side grog. With a little practice, you’ll be making all kinds of hot drinks and snacks. You might get so good at it that you’ll find yourself cooking enough to make the investment into a new propane stove with self-igniting burners and an oven with temperature control and a broiler. But for now, the old alcohol one should do the trick. Those hot rums go down too quick we better get another...”

Fantastic Racing - Best Parties - Delicious Food - Beautiful Mexico Come enjoy the sunshine, fast boats and a Betty in the pool! It’s time once again to join our friends at the Club de Yates de Acapulco for the SDYC/CYA Challenge. Our time-honored tradition of camaraderie and competition has never failed to be both fun and challenging and this trip promises to be better than ever! The Challenge Organizers in Acapulco are offering some serious racing in Farr 40s and J70s for both buoy and random-leg races. After the racing, there will be a beach day and plenty of time to soak up the sun and relax. We will be leaving SDYC late evening on Thursday, February 16, 2017 and returning mid-morning on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. (President’s Day Weekend) We’ve designed a few packages to suit different schedules and budgets, so go to the website for all of the information - - and sign up today! For questions contact Traci Miller at bailliemiller@ or call 858.603.1866

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 19



SDYC Juniors Thrive in 2016 BY JOHN FRETWELL 2016 has been a great year for SDYC’s Junior Program, with a wide variety of personal and program successes. We know that these successes were built upon the support and efforts of the Club, as a whole, so thought it would be nice to wrap up the year with a brief review. As spring unfolded, our young sailors performed well on the racecourse. The SCYYRA series are the highest regional standard for racing in the major classes. Here’s how we wrapped up the 2015/2016 series: ● North Series for Sabots- Jack Egan, 2nd; Piper Holthus, 4th ● Perry Series for C420s- Cole Harris, 2nd; Jack Reiter, 4th ● Shadden Series for CFJs- Cole Harris / Annabelle Huyard, 4th ● Hamlin Series for 29ers- Peter Joslin / Jack Joslin, 5th ● In July, Team SDYC won the Dick Sweet Sabot Team Race series, defending our 2105 title! Meanwhile, the high school teams hosted by SDYC were also wrapping up a great season. In their highest cumulative ranking ever, all four schools were ranked in the PCISA’s top ten, with Point Loma, 2nd, Francis-Parker, 5th, Cathedral Catholic, 6th, and Bishop’s, 10th. PLHS went on to deliver strong results at Nationals, 2nd in Fleet Racing, 3rd in Team Racing. Besides preparing for our Summer Program, much of the spring was spent preparing to host the ICSA College Nationals. Getting a chance to see and rub elbows with the nation’s best, including many Junior alums, was a great experience. And while the first fleet of new CFJs delivered to SDYC didn’t quite meet expectations, I’m happy to report that we’ve now taken delivery of 12 boats from another supplier. These boats look amazing, and the second half of our new fleet is expected around the New Year!

20 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Junior Commodores Regatta BY IAN NYENHUIS MBYC hosted the Junior Commodores Regatta for Sabots and Lasers over the weekend of November 5th and 6th. There were about 90 sailors that raced. Five sailors came from St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida. They did a great job transitioning from Optimists into a Sabot. Two of the sailors from Florida set the top two scores in the C1 fleet. With the training on Friday at Mission Bay, the 28 sailors from SDYC had some advantage over the other sailors. The amount of first time sailors was crazy and they were all doing pretty good for the first time.

On Saturday the wind was okay but not the best in the morning. As the day went on the wind picked up and we got five races in. The wind was not very consistent and that was very odd for Mission Bay. The race scores were all over the place - at one point you are in first and then you are in fifth. On Sunday, the conditions were really poor because the wind was really light and the tide was strong. I was really surprised that we got five more races in with the lack of wind. Even though the conditions weren’t the best, it was still a very fun regatta. The regatta wrapped up with a fun trophy presentation that rewarded those who mastered the challenging conditions. Mackenzie Harris was the

big SDYC winner taking 1st in B Fleet. Congrats, Mackenzie! Thank you to all the coaches that helped at the regatta and all the parents too!

SDYC Juniors Thrive in 2016 continued... Summer saw the most-attended Summer Program ever, with over 330 sailors hitting the water, and several more great race results made the books! The Joslin brothers turned in a solid 5th at 29er Nationals, while Amanda Majernik / Emma Batcher also were 5th at the Ida Lewis Jr. Women’s Doublehanded Championships. Graduating “Junior” Nevin Snow led Team SDYC to a spectacular win at the Governor’s Cup International Youth Match Race, and in August, Cole Harris / Tanner Chapko punctuated the summer by securing the C420 North American Championship! In fall, newly elected Junior Commodore, Amanda Majernik led another successful community outreach program with The Monarch School, and Friday Afterschool Sailing saw excellent attendance, especially from our budding Sabot racers. Team SDYC is super excited to have named Beka Schiff as our new Assistant Head Coach, and look forward the year ahead with her onboard. In our most recent good news, Cole Harris was just named SDAYC’s Junior Yachtsman of the Year, receiving the Paul J. Hartley Memorial Award for his stand-out year including multiple successes on the racecourse, and outstanding service as Junior Commodore. As we approach our annual Trophy Dinner, I hope you’ll join us in celebrating these individual and program achievements, which truly can only occur with the unrivaled support the San Diego Yacht Club provides to its next generation! • w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 21


22 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g



A special thanks to the participants in San Diego Yacht Club’s 6th annual Taste of Point Loma | Fiddler’s Green

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 2 3


Join us Castaways for New Years Eve on...

Forbidden Island

6:00pm Arrival time 6:00-7:30pm Cocktail hour 7:45pm Formal dinner service begins 8:30pm-12:30pm Dancing with “Rhandi & Associates” 9:30pm Dessert & coffee station on Front Deck Scotch & cigar bar in the Flagpole area 12:30am Departure time

$150 per person $300 per couple Black tie, Island flair encouraged Register for the party of the year at

24 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


COMMODORE’S DINNER with Alan Ziter, Executive Director of the Naval Training Center Foundation JANUARY 11, 2017 6:00 - 8:30pm $30.75++/person RESERVATIONS FOR THIS EVENT AT SDYC.ORG

Please join us for the first Commodore’s Dinner of the 2017 series! Alan Ziter, Executive Director of the Naval Training Center Foundation, will present an informative evening about all of the exciting things going on at the new ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. He oversees the restoration of the 26 historic buildings and the opening of them as a new Civic, Arts & Culture District. To date, the NTC Foundation has completed $82 million in renovations to 16 buildings and the ARTS DISTRICT is home to over 80 galleries, dance companies, civic groups and nonprofit organizations-as well as artists, designers, cafes and creative retail. His Powerpoint presentation promises to entertain and inspire, and will be followed by a Q & A.

MONDAY EVENING BRIDGE DECEMBER 5 AT 6:30PM This is a popular, friendly and fun game open to all members and their guests. Many of the players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. There are usually 4-5 tables playing. To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by December 2 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-2222254 or

San Diego Yacht Club Knitters SDYC Knitters meet every Tuesday in the Members’ Lounge from 6:00pm - 8:30pm. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. For questions please contact Darin Denzler at or call 619-964-1842

Congratulations to our October winners: 1st-Monique Blinks, 2ndGinny Buerger, 3rd-Derek McNally. Alert: The December game is on the first Monday of the month in order to allow players to attend the annual club meeting.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g • D EC EM B ER 2016 M ain s h e e t • 25


sdyc around the world

Ceilidh, Catalina 42 slip H-14, anchored in Chuyler Harbor, San Miguel Island with Mike and Beth Sise in early October, 2016. Ceilidh returned to San Miguel, also anchoring in Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands. Mike noted this was going to be either the first of many or the last long cruise for Beth. She commented, when they returned to H Dock twelve days later, that it had been a “severe pleasure”. However, they both thoroughly enjoyed their cruise to the desolate and beautiful Channel Islands.

This photo was taken October 7, 2016 on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Archipelago. T.J. & Sherry McCann visited El Chato 2 Ranch, a Giant Tortoise Ecological Reserve, during their 2-week Silversea Cruise of the Galapagos Islands onboard the Expedition Ship Silver Galapagos.

Wytie and Sally Cable aboard M/V Happy tucked into Long Cove on Vinalhaven Island off the coast of central Maine in late August.

Share your adventures with us! Display the San Diego Yacht Club burgee in a photo your next trip and we will include it in a future issue of the Mainsheet. Please provide the names of people in the photo and the location. Send photos to:

26 • D EC EM B ER 2 016 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Bridgedeckers BY DEE GEE FARRELL We thank you, Jean Kremm, for acting as our Hostess during the month of October. Jean, by nature, is very efficient. She really knows how to get things done. She sets up the cards and score sheets early each Thursday morning and is ready to get right on with playing the game. Jean also brought us delicious cookies from Trader Joe’s. The cookies were a big hit. Candy and cookies were also brought in by Merrie Friberg. Merrie is a bridge substitute but we find that we are calling on her more often than not. We so enjoy

having her come to play bridge with us. The Hostess for the month of December will be Jane Kenny. We play bridge every Thursday from 10 am until 2:30 pm with lunch at noon. If you would like to play bridge with us during the month of December please call Jane Kenny at: (619) 224-0749 and sign up. Speaking of signing up, don’t forget to sign up to attend our Bridgedeckers Holiday Party on December 8th. Jeanne Lynch is again chairing the event which is always a sold out affair. We will have a special lunch served to us in the La Playa Room plus all the incredible candy and cookies and other dessert treats that seem to magically appear each year. Maybe they come in Santa’s Sleigh? The cookies, I know for a fact,

are homemade by Jeanne and they are delicious! Winners for the month of October were: Monique Blinks, Bonnie Cole, **Doris Ellsworth, Merrie Friberg (guest), Sharon Hope, Pam Lindley, Jeanne Lynch, *Karen Miller, Rita Moller, Nancy Peckham, Cameron Peter, and *D’Neane Wilkinson. * denotes First Place Congratulations to Doris Ellsworth for placing FIRST two Thursdays with a score of over 5,000 points each week. Doris also had the highest score of the month at 5200 points. Hurray for Doris! We WELCOME Pam Lindley, new to Bridgedeckers, and she is a winner. We are so happy Pam decided to come and play bridge with us.

Christmas Luncheon Friday, December 9, 2016 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in

The 1886 Dining Room Enjoy lively music and a complimentary champagne toast along with a dazzling display of holiday menu favorites! $29.95++/Adult, $14.95++/ Children 7-12 6 and Under with our Compliments Reservations are required.

A 48-Hour 100% Cancellation Fee will be in effect for any cancelled reservation after Wednesday, December 7 or no-show reservations. This will be the only dining option available in the Club between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

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1 Bridgedeckers 2 Junior Trophy Dinner 3 Hot Rum III 4 Children’s Christmas Party Model Yacht Thanksgiving III 6 Annual Board Dinner SSSS Fall Series XIV SDYC Knitting Group 8 Bridgedeckers 9 Traditional Holiday Luncheon 10 AMSS Half Pint Rum Op: Holiday Helping Hand SSSS Saturday Race 10-11 One Design Weekend 12 Annual Meeting Employee Christmas Party 13 Cruising Fleet Dinner SSSS Fall Series XV SDYC Knitting Group 14 Annual Christmas Commodore’s Roast Luncheon 15 Bridgedeckers 20 SDYC Knitting Group 22 Bridgedeckers 23 Family Fun Regatta 25 Christmas - Club closed 27 SDYC Knitting Group 28 Christmas Decoration Take- Down Day 29 Bridgedeckers 31 SDYC NYE Party

1 New Year’s Day Race 3 SDYC Knitting Group 5 Bridgedeckers 7-8 CA Dreamin Match Race PCISA Rose Bowl Regatta 10 SDYC Knitting Group 11 Commodore’s Dinner 12 Bridgedeckers 14 SCYYRA Shadden Series 3/4 14-15 One Design Weekend 15-16 SCYA Harold Adams Team Race Classic 17 SDYC Knitting Group 19 Bridgedeckers 21-22 Safety at Sea Seminar 24 SDYC Knitting Group 26 Bridgedeckers 28-29 Club Championships 31 SDYC Knitting Group

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New Year’s Day Race SDYC Knitting Group Bridgedeckers CA Dreamin Match Race SDYC Knitting Group Bridgedeckers One Design Weekend Bridgedeckers SDYC Knitting Group Bridgedeckers Club Championships SDYC Knitting Group


FOR SALE: 30’ Cutwater Sport Top (2015) “Law & Disorder” Slip A48. Single Volvo Diesel 370HP, Bow/Stern Thrusters, Generator, Solar Panel, AC and Heat, Icemaker, Refrigerator, Wine Cooler, Microwave, Electric Stovetop, Outriggers and Rod Holders, Underwater Lights, Garmin Radar, Depth, Autopilot, GPS, VHF, AIS, Two Chartplotters, Two TVs and Fusion Audio. Motivated Seller. $270,000 Leanne 619-972-5153

Late 30s couple with two young children seeking boat co-ownership/partnership with similar stage family(ies) with sailboat at club. Contact Mike at 858 945 2703. FOR SALE: Sabot - complete beginner sabot. $400. Please contact 619-517-0142.

g n i m Co Join a group of friendly SUP paddlers for a cruise through La Playa to Kellog Beach and back! We'll meet at the Junior ramp at 8:30am on Mondays beginning January 9th. Bring your own board and paddle. For questions contact Darin Denzler at

FOR SALE: Trinka 10 Ft. Tender “The Best Rowing/Sailing Dinghy In The World” Dark blue hull, teak floorboards, you can also use up to a 2 h.p. motor. Weaver Davit system available too! New this sells for over $6800 will entertain $3300. Call Todd 619-742-5842

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Mainsheet December 2016  
Mainsheet December 2016