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SAILFEST 2013 The 17th Annual Sandy Letzring SailFest Regatta will be held on Saturday September 7, 2013 SDYC partners with Children’s Hospital and ASYMCA to host children with cancer or other life threatening conditions and their families for boat rides on the bay, barbeque lunch and fun activities on shore for the kids. It is always a wonderful day. SDYC Members may participate in two ways. You can take a family out on your boat for an hour bay cruise or you can volunteer as crew on a boat. SailFest is a memorable event for these brave children, their supportive families and our SDYC members. Skipper check-in 10:30am – 11:00am Saturday September 7th Skippers Meeting at 11:00am Guests arrive 11:00 to 11:30 am To volunteer contact Brian Thomas or Gwynn Thomas 619 997-5220 or 619 997-5219 Your Participation is Greatly Appreciated!



ue to Mainsheet production deadlines, I am sitting on my boat in La Playa on the morning of July 7th. That means I survived the 4th of July celebrations! And what a kick-off to a great weekend it was. The Hoedown theme started with yours truly leading the parade on the John Deer tractor, followed by kids’ pony rides. A few of the big hits were the mechanical bull ride, Bike around the Bay (60 riders going 34 miles), Chili Cook Off, Paddle Board Races, and Line Dancing. Entertainment crew Marcy Van Stee, Lori Martin and Kitsy really went all out. Sherriff Jim Cook kept the law in order and the Asa/Mike duo was up to their usual shenanigans at Cocktail Bingo. The Board received the raw data for the membership survey. We had a response rate of 36%, which is considered pretty high for a Club of our size and provides an accurate representation of the entire membership. In addition to the demographic breakdown of the responses to each question, we received 70 pages of written comments that ranged from “this survey is a waste of money” to very well thought out ideas, suggestions and opinions. Over the next few months, I will keep you posted on what the Board intends to do with the survey information, including developing solutions to short term problems as well as long term strategic planning. A hard copy of the survey results will be kept with the General Manager should you wish to review the results yourself. There will also be a written summary produced by the survey consultant that will be issued to all Members. Here are some immediate changes you can expect as a result of the survey: • The popcorn machine is back! • WiFi: Expect 100% Club wide coverage, including the docks. The Board approved an installation proposal and the G M has been asked to expedite the project. • Lounge: the worn and torn furniture has been scheduled to be replaced and was ordered prior to receiving the survey. • Pool: Lots of comments on the pool, none were favorable. The GM has been asked to; expedite the ordering of new pool furniture and umbrellas (this has been on the radar screen for a while), verify we have the right water temperature year round, better regulate the amount of chlorine in the pool at any given time, and look into the best pool closure time for cleaning. • Non-member Parking: The GM has been asked to develop a written parking policy that will apply to regatta days, weddings, private parties, holidays, etc. Once the policy is approved by the Board, the policy will be distributed to Security, Club Events Committee, Catering Department, Race Office and other affected departments or committees. Longer term, there are many areas where we can improve. Some of the comments that stood out or were often repeated include (this list by no means covers it all): • We need to stick to our roots as a yacht club • We need to strike a balance between focusing on yachting and racing • Service in the Dining Room and Bar needs to improve • The Dining Room is in need of a make over • Restrooms need better upkeep and Clubhouse restrooms are in need of repair and/or renovation • Lots of comments (pro and con) on Buffalo Beach and the challenges we face with a long-term solution. Now it’s time to finish a fantastic summer weekend with a few friends that aren’t willing to let the weekend go. We’ll put away the last few toys and then enjoy a glass of wine before heading back to the slip. What a life at SDYC. Cheers!

Chuck Hope Commodore

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San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane San Diego, CA 92106-3005 Volume 78 • Issue 8


Board of Directors Commodore Charles B. hope, Jr. vice Commodore Chuck C. Sinks rear Commodore John l. laun Jr. Staff Commodore Kyle C. Clark

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in The SPoTliGhT

Directors Douglas C. werner John A. reiter Michael J. Dorgan Jerelyn w. Biehl Brian D. Thomas


4th of July

WhAT’S CooKinG 3

Darren & Terry Show

ClUB newS

General Manager Terry Anglin

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Photo by Lauren Wright

Photo by Jackie Kohls

IN GENERAL THE DARREN & TERRY SHOW Thursday, August 8, 2014, 6:30 pm Changing it up a bit this month for August the dynamic duo will be showcasing the wines of Ferrari-Carano. We will be featuring a mixture of both whites and reds from this heralded Sonoma winery. In the portfolio for the night, some of the higher end of the Ferrari-Carano will be showcased. In case you haven’t had the chance to visit, their gardens are some of the most beautiful at any winery. As always Darren will be bring out several courses of his famous food. At the time of this writing, we are still determining whether a representative of Ferrari-Carano will be able to attend or if you get to listen to Terry again.

Reservations required. $35.00++ per person.

GreeTinGS FroM The ClUB GenerAl MAnAGer - Terry AnGlin, CCM CCe The end of the month marks the We thank you for your support. irst I want to thank all of our members This is also the time when we are onset of the Star Worlds here at SDYC. for a great July 4th celebration. This There will be a hubbub of activity on finalizing the operational and capital had to be the busiest celebration in my land and on the water. Once again, budgets for the 2014 fiscal year. In the tenure. There was always a crowd and SDYC will be on the world map. But event you stop by and I am buried in always something going on. Although preceding the Star Worlds, we have papers that is likely what I am doing. we have a good sized facility, it felt as the Cruising Fleet going to Chula Vista Feel free to stick your head in and give though we had reached capacity. I and the Rollins bowl. me a break. As we were developing also want to thank the staff as they As I write this, I am working with the budget, we were informed that due performed admirably and kept the the survey company to formulate to the efforts of the department heads, a letter to you all describing the the club’s workers compensation mod place in as good of shape as possible. Now on to August. Wow, it seems results of the survey. Your Board rate had gone down considerably strange to say that. Where has the and management team gleaned a which translates into big savings in WC summer gone? As always the Darren great deal of information from your premiums. This is great news and it’s and Terry show is on the second responses some of which have been rewarding to see the results of all the Thursday of the month and this month made into immediate action plans. efforts. As we wrap up summer, stay safe we are featuring the wines of Ferrari- The Commodore details these in Carano. Michael Hurst, the Southern his article. For me, I was pleased to and don’t forget to visit the Club. And California Regional Manager, will be see that 94% of the respondents are say, have you made your holiday party on hand to lend his expertise. And of either very satisfied or satisfied with reservations with the Catering Team course, the Surfin’ Chef will be on the the operations of the club. This puts yet? Hope to see you soon. SDYC at a level that is 12% above the Front Deck every Friday preparing his McMahon Group’s average data base. special end of the week treat.


Photo courtesy of Mojo Photography

Photo courtesy of Mojo Photography facilities/2c/banquets

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Photo courtesy of Mojo Photography

The 2013 Father Daughter Dance was a hit!

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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS FLAG Peter Palmiotto “Since growing up in Pt. Loma, many summers were spent at SDYC as a Jr. Member and as a guest of current members. I’d love for my children to learn to sail and to appreciate all aspects of “boating life”. We have a large network of friends who are members.”

Kathy Brown “My daughter is interested in the youth sailing program. I think it would be a great opportunity for her to be involved in the junior sailing program at a world class facility. SDYC seems to be very family oriented too.”

Jonathan Cavuoto “Reasons for wanting become a member are to surround myself with people of similar interests and to get more involved in sailing and possibly racing.”

Cynthia English “We have been impressed with the energetic atmosphere that exists at the club; the family focused culture that is so very apparent and the storied history that is portrayed on the walls and trophy cases that we have spent some time perusing during our visits. We know that SDYC is the best fit for us.”

JUNIOR FLAG Gregory Stokes “My wife and I are expecting our first child in October and we want to raise our child around SDYC. We both desire to continue to grow as sailors, racers, etc. We also want to meet people with similar values who desire to be on the water.”

George Saunders “SDYC to me was my second home growing up. The friends I made from the SDYC Jr. Program and in the sailing community are some of my closest and loyal friends. I want to continue sailboat racing with my family and friends and also want to continue to participate in all of SDYC events and traditions.”


PROVISIONAL ASSOCIATE Peter Carides “My wife and I are moving to Point Loma in 2016 and would like to re-kindle the boating /yachting flame that has been a part of my life for many years.”

4 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Conor Latham “My wife and I are both eager about sailing and the sailing community. We are interested in getting involved with the community in a more formal manner. We also desire to have children that can have a good, safe place to learn about boating in a friendly family atmosphere.”

Teresa O’DeaHannum “The strong emphasis SDYC has on sailboat racing is one of the main reasons I would like to become a member. Also I have two young daughters who I hope will grow up in the excellent junior program.”


PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS The individuals listed below are being considered for membership in your Club. Being considered for membership is not tantamount to becoming a member of the club. Solicitation is hereby made of any and all information which you might have, favorable and unfavorable, pertaining to the individuals applying for membership.


Katherine evans Advertising, Meads Durket Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Beth Vieira Christensen 2nd Sponsor: S/C Fred Frye

ryan Castro Systems Engineer, Cubic Defense Applications Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Tom Holthus 2nd Sponsor: Scott Lowry

Mitchell Siegler Senior Managing Director, Pathfinders Partners, LLC Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Charlie Mann 2nd Sponsor: Jim Reynolds Photo courtesy of Jackie Kohls


Daniel Morwood Business Development, Microsoft Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Jeff Tadder 2nd Sponsor: Dick Peterson

Sherri McKinnon orr Housewife Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: CF Koehler 2nd Sponsor: John Hawkins

JUNIOR FLAG TO FLAG Jeffrey Gladstone Wildlife Officer (Warden), CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife Non-Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Gary Weisman 2nd Sponsor: Doug DeSouza Brian haines Energy Engineer, AESC, Inc. Boat Owner 1st Sponsor: Gary Weisman 2nd Sponsor: Andrew Campbell

MeMBerShiP CoMMiTTee Staff Commodore Gordon “G.T.” Frost, Jr. vice Commodre Chuck Sinks Staff Commodore Kenneth Bertino Staff Commodore Bill Campbell Karen Busch Steve Harris Mary Snow Dennis Kenneally Membership Secretary Danielle Carreón

858.455.9060 619.818.6872



J. William Pugh – Life 28

619.887.1729 619.224.9506 858.449.5264 619.392.4477 619.885.1380

Richard S. Laub, Jr. – Flag 1112 Robert C. Thaxton – Life 206

619.758.6303 • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

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in the spotlight

The 2013 Fourth of July HOEDOWN By Jackie Kohls Photos by Jackie Kohls


Fourth of July weekend is a treasured and highly anticipated event at the San Diego Yacht Club, for good reason. This traditional event brings the entire Club together to enjoy the strong heritage and history of this amazing place. Each year the event seems to grow in attendance and number

of activities, combining new and old traditions. The weekend started off with a full day of activities which never lost momentum. We enjoyed a weekend of fun starting with the National Anthem and Parade which as always was a hit! This traditional activity was followed by some new and old activities: bocce ball, pony rides, tent judging, mechanical bull rides and cocktail BINGO. Those were just the activities held on July 4th. At any given moment throughout the weekend something was going on. Even into the late night hours we were enjoying live music, movies, line

Inner Tube Races

Golden Beer Bob Winner

“I heard swimmers parents and blinded beer bobbers saying that “that was sooooo much fun”. Kelly Thomas’ daughter Kenan was an amazing helper with giving out medals and prizes.” - Larki Cook

dancing and much more. This event at the Club is not one to miss. The Committee, comprised of Kitsy Hope, Lori Martin and Marcy Van Stee, outdid themselves. They put together a fantastic weekend. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. They did not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. Once a year we are able to share in our passion for this wonderful Club and celebrate the great country we live in. I hope all of you enjoyed your Independence Day, whether you were at the Club or not. Happy belated Fourth of July.

Treasure Dive

“The kids were happiest with the “plainest least spicy chili, just beans” and the adults were most excited about “chunks of meat and lots of topping options”! Besides having amazing tasting chili, various methods were used to increase voters’ interest…everything from using puppies to free beer and “punch” to very festive décor and well designed posters. Winners were the teams Club Star, Blazing Saddles (II) and Enhanced Chili.” - Larki Cook Chili Cook Off Toppings

Celebrating Victory!

Chili Cook Off Winners, Club Star

6 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Blazing Saddles (II), the Moss Family


5/30/2011 Sabot Sailing 13 boats A=8/B=5 SAIL #







1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

SKIPPER A FleeT Betty Becker Eric Heim Rowena Carlson Amanda Majernik Michael O'Connell Julie McPherson Jim Hecht Lois Harrington

7613 7200 7605 10183 7848 7988 7434 7676

1 3 2 4 5 9 6 9

2 1 5 3 4 9 7 6

2 1 3 6 4 9 7 5

1 2 6 7 8 3 5 4

4 3 2 5 7 1 6 8

10 10 18 25 28 31 31 32

1 2 3 4 5

B FleeT Bobbie Morrow Laura Kyle John Majernik Anne Hinton Sandy Skewes

9225 7635 10224 10205 9334

2 6 3 1 6

1 2 4 3 6

3 1 2 4 6

3 2 1 4 6

1 2 3 4 5

10 13 13 16 29

R -- SUN, JULY 4 -- 7, 2013

HUR -- SUN, JULY 4 -- 7, 2013 UR -- SUN, JULY 4 -- 7, 2013

SUN, JULY 4 -7, 2013 UN, JULY 4 -- 7, 2013







Drink of the Day| WWW.SDYC.ORG/JULY4 “The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) S ANNUAL TRADITION Tent Contest

“The annual SSSS 4th of July Saturday Regatta was held in a very crowded La Playa Cove in 6-8 knots of shifty southwest wind. Finding pressure between the numerous raft-ups and staying off the weather mark lay-line were key tactics for the top placers. Congratulations to SSSS B-fleeter Dee Van Horne for cleaning up in cocktail bingo, which was held directly after the regatta.” - Michael O’Connell

7:00 AM Donut Sale 7:30 - 9:00 AM Kids “We Fishing Tournament want to THANK ALL OF YOU who came 8:00 - 11:00 AM Swap Meet out6th to our 1st Annual SDYC ride around the SATURDAY JULY 9:00 AM Drink of the Day Bike Bay the this Bay 4th Coke) of July weekend. It was a Huge “The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) yack Set&Up SATURDAY JULY 6th 9:00 1:00 PM Men’s Doubles Tournament Success! We had over 60 people show up of 7:00 AM Donut Sale sic: Jessica Lerner Drink of the Day “The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) t Up all levels riding both Young & Old which 9:30 - 11:30 Scavenger Hunt 7:30AM - 9:00 AMDinghy Kids of Fishing Tournament 7:00 AM Donut Sale Jessica Lerner was GREAT! Next Year we hope to see many 12:00 - 3:00 Chili Cook Off Meet m & Parade 8:00PM - 11:00 AM Swap more of you out there. - PM 9:00 KidsBike Fishing TournamentIf you would like 3:00 RaceBay 9:00 AMAM Paddleboard the wboy” (Jack & Coke) 2:00 -7:30 more informati on on the SDYC Cycling Club - PM 11:00 AMPMCocktail Swap Meet 3:00 -8:00 5:00 Bingo 9:00 - 1:00 Men’s Doubles ale please fi nd more infoTournament on the SDYC website.” 9:009:30 AM- 11:30 AM the BayScavenger oy” (Jack & Coke) Sunset MovieBike Night Dinghy Hunt obile Tina Willmore 9:00 1:00 PM Men’s Doubles Tournament 6:00 10:00 PM Cowboy Jack / Line Dancing Rides (Adults) - 3:00 PM Chili Cook Off l Anthem & Parade Ready to Bike the 12:00 Bay. Preparing for the ride. 9:302:00 - 11:30 AMPM Dinghy Scavenger Hunt le Ball(Kids) Rides - 3:00 Paddleboard Race cce 12:00 - 3:00 PMPM ChiliCocktail Cook Off them & Parade 3:00 - 5:00 Bingo des 2:00 3:00 PM Paddleboard Race Ball SUNDAY JULY 7th Sunset Movie Night dging - 5:00 PM PM Bingo of 6:00 the Day “The Cocktail Mustang” (Mt Gay/ Line & Coke) - 10:00 Cowboy Jack Dancing ical Bull Rides (Adults) Drink3:00 Sunset Movie Night g 7:00 AM Donut Sale ical Bull Rides (Kids) 6:00 - 10:00 PM MixedCowboy Jack / Line Dancing Bull RidesIced (Adults) 9:00 AM Doubles Tournament ng Island Tea) Bingo Bull Rides (Kids) All Day SUNDAY JULY Tent7th City Breakdown vilion go es Tournament Drink of the Day “The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) SUNDAY on Dive asure 7:00 AMJULY 7th Donut Sale of AM the Day “The Mustang” (Mt Tournament Gay & Coke) Championship 9:00 Mixed Doubles tlaw” (Long Island Iced Tea) Drink 7:00 AM Donut Sale Hunt All Day Tent City Breakdown ale 9:00 AM Mixed Doubles Tournament w” (Long Island Iced Tea) s Doubles Tournament Final Announcements Bike the Bay All Day Tent City Breakdown eet / Treasure Dive • w w w. s d yc .o r g • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 7 oubles Tournament occe Ball Championship

ca Lerner



SATURDAY JULY 6th Drink of theJULY Day 6th“The Mustang” (Mt Gay & Coke) SATURDAY 7:00ofAM Drink the Day 7:30 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM

Donut Sale (Mt Gay & Coke) “The Mustang” KidsSale Fishing Tournament Donut

In the spotlight


“Margaret and Dave MacVean had a blast volunteering for the Dinghy Scavenger Hunt. They stuck to the Independence Day theme, and Margaret worked hard putting together a fun list of items that sent our fleet far and wide. Teams had to find gold coins from an anchored dinghy, necklaces on the docks, and American Flags from a Red White and Blue La Playa Raft-Up (Thanks Paul Hartley and Keith Palmateer.) All 14 teams made it home with a completed list. When a steely eyed competitor was asked, “Tell the truth, did you use a smart phone to list the 13 Colonies?,” the final item on the list. He answered, “No, I used my grandpa!” Better than any App! Thanks to all of the teams: kids, parents and grandparents, who made it a great Hunt!” - David MacVean

Sheriff protecting the SDYC Saloon

Tent City

“I had 19 land scavenger hunt teams this year. Our first place winner was Team Pau Hana with Ryan as the team captain and his teammates. They finished the “hunt” with 100% of the clues answered and items found in 45 minutes. In second place with had team “Falling Donkeys” with Lucca as the team captain with James, Cameron, Conner and Cody. They finished their hunt in 50 minutes with 100% and then team “Barnacle Boys” finished in under an hour and missing 1 clue. Congratulations to all of the teams! See you next 4th of July!” - Dee Van Horne Dinghy Scavenger Hunt Competitors

8 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g


Ready for BINGO!

Land Scavanger Hunt Scoring Table

In the spotlight

Commodore Hope leading the 4th of July Parade.

Pony Rides

SUP Contest

“The Mechanical Bull Riding was extremely popular with young and not so young! Many Dads brought their children and then couldn’t resist trying their hand at it. The operator was having more fun than anyone, especially with the “tough” Dads! It was hilarious!” - Vicki Droz Hang on tight!

Bull Riding

Winner winner!!!

Bocce Ball Tournament

2013 4th of July Committee

Cocktail BINGO

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Swap Meet Treasures

AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • 9


SDYC Sailing Foundation – Reaching out to the Community Military Families and Disadvantaged Youth Enjoy a Week of Summer Fun One of our most important grants is to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center Summer Sailing Program (MBAC). Your donations, combined with other charity support, have made this a truly successful program for kids who otherwise would not be able to participate! This summer is very busy with both new and returning campers participating in a wide variety of water sports including sailing. Foundation funds allow for 24 weeklong camper scholarships this year. About a third of the participants applied directly to MBAC for assistance, and the rest were chosen through the Copley Family YMCA and the Armed Services YMCA of San Diego. The Copley YMCA generally sends at-risk kids, while the Armed Services YMCA sends children who have a parent deployed overseas. SAILING FOUNDATION The Foundation’s goal is to establish a love of sailing with these children and foster in them a desire to return for advanced training. We are proud to support this youth outreach and could not have done it without the continued support of our donors. Thank You! ★

iMPoUnD liST As of May 16, 2013

30-89 Days: • White windsurfer board with crack on bottom recovered from rack H-6T • Orange cobra kayak “Wilks” written on kayak found outside fence next to I-dock

90+ Days: • Yellow kayak recovered from rack B-7M • White dock steps recovered from north hoist pad, by mule shed • Wood and metal booms recovered from rack B-5M • Grey boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center • Blue Schwinn bike recovered from area next to locker building • Black step ladder and white 2x4 recovered from dinghy racks by H dock • broom stick, bucket, scrub brush, screw driver (stored in white trash bag)

• •

• • • • •

Gray Cobra tandem kayak with paddle and boat pump recovered in between dinghy racks on C dock 2 black paddles recovered from rack C-2M Power cord, rope and life jacket recovered from dock box at D-39 2 yellow kayaks (Ocean Kayak Classic and Scrambler xT) recovered from B-4M White dock steps with 5 fender covers and box of san paper recovered from slip E-23 Kayak equipment: wheels, paddle, seat cushion, yellow sail. Recovered from locker 106 Bean bag and hose recovered from locker 105 Gray Sterlite box recovered from One Design area near J-22s 15’ grey Davidson ladder recovered from One Design area near J-22s

• • • • • • • • •

White wakeboard with blue fins recovered from hoist area between B and C docks Gray Inflatable (folded/rolled up) 5 Gallon Gas Can recovered from One Design area Milk crate with miscellaneous (apparently abandoned) parts recovered from One Design Area Peroni Azzurro sign Microwave Silver “Phat” bicycle Blue tarp rolled up and old blue funder recovered from the bottom of the B dock gangway 3 blue boat covers and 1 beige boat cover recovered from lost and found area outside the Malin Burnham Sailing Center 2 SuPs, sabot sail and aluminum spars for small dinghy recovered from small dinghy rack B-8M

Items are impounded when we cannot identify the owner and the item is not stored in its proper location. Items are stored in the impound yard for a period of 90 days and then either disposed of or sold at one of our impound sales throughout the year.

10 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Club News

There’s Sunlight on the Sand, There’s Moonlight on the Sea, There are Mangos and Bananas You Can Pick Right off the Trees! South Pacific Bay Cruise Join us for the Annual Chula Vista Cruise August 16 – 18 Slips at CVYC; Friday Dinner; Saturday Pot-Luck; Games and Surprises Sign-up on line

Join the Cruising Fleet for our next very special program! This will be a very enjoyable and informative evening! Our guest will be Jim Breante who is a native San Diegan, Docent for the San Diego Maritime Museum, member of the San Diego History Center and the Italian Historical Society. An experienced speaker, Jim shares his experience of growing up in Little Italy, near the vibrant life of the waterfront, via a PowerPoint presentation, featuring pictures from historical and family archives. Jim’s memories are shared and treasured by many San Diegan’s. We have a no host bar for cocktails starting at 6:00 PM and dinner is served at 7:00 PM. So please go on line to sign up and indicate if you want beef or fish. If you are unable to sign up on line, please contact catering at 619-221-8400. Please remember any cancelations must be done by 5:00 PM on the Sunday before with catering. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there! August 20th, 2013 Program Chairman – Kemp Ruffner

Cruising Fleet Celebrates the Summer! By John Anderson

Just over 100 Cruising Fleet friends

gathered at the Pavilion for the Annual Cruising Fleet June Barbecue. Old friends and new members enjoyed the New York steaks and Norwegian Salmon expertly grilled by BBQ Master Lanny Cornell and our long-time grill superintendent, Jim Buckley. The Summer Barbecue has been a longstanding Cruising Fleet tradition. Plans are well underway for three of our up-coming 2013 events. The August Cruise to the Chula Vista Yacht Club will be August 16 through the

18th. Bob Morris is Cruise Captain and has made some great arrangements. The Annual Coastal Cruise, followed by the Summer Cruise to Catalina will take place the first two weeks of September. The Coastal Cruise will leave from SDYC the day following Labor Day and head North to Del Mar Basin, Newport Beach and Long Beach before crossing to Catalina. The Summer Cruise will commence on September 9 at Cherry Cove and continue through the week. We have numerous activities planned for a memorable cruise. There is still time to sign-up for our epic Chesapeake Bay Cruise in October. We will be chartering both sail and powerboats and spending 10 days on the upper Chesapeake, visiting historic and beautiful spots. While the cruise starts from Annapolis on October 16, the weekend prior is the Annapolis • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Boat Show and the weekend following the cruise marks the date of the Sailing Hall of Fame Inductions. With nearly 50 people signed-up, we are anticipating a great trip. Don’t forget the Cruising Fleet Dinners on August 20 and October 8 (moved forward because of the Chesapeake Cruise.) Enjoy the rest of the summer!

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 11

Club News

Bridgedeckers By jean Kremm

Dee Gee, who does such a wonderful

job writing the Mainsheet, asked me to take over this month. So you’ve got me again. Our hostess for August will be Jo Lancaster (619-269-4305). Please call Jo if you would like to play. We play bridge from 10AM until 2:30 every Thursday with lunch at noon. Winners for June were *Britt Alford, Sherron Brinker (guest), *Doris Ellsworth, Sharon Hope, Mary Jones, Jane Kenny, Jodie Kerr, *Jean Kremm, and *Cameron Peter. * Denotes winner of that particular week. Sharon Hope was our hostess with the mostest for June. We all enjoyed very good cookies and

candies as well as the extra pounds we added to our bodies. Thank you anyway, Sharon. We want to wish Dee Gee Farrell, Cammie Peter and Jeanne Lynch our support and caring while they are being “caregivers”. They are real troopers. We hope you all get back to the easier life of playing bridge with us.

Monday Evening Bridge Monday Evening Bridge at SDYC will be held on August 12 at 6:30 PM. This is a relaxed, lively and fun game, open to all members and guests. Many players meet early in the bar for a casual dinner. Congratulations to our June winners: 1st-Billy Satterwhite, 2nd-Ginny Buerger, 3rd-Sharon Hope. To reserve your seat at the game, please RSVP by August 9 to Stan Nadel or Cecilia Carrick at 619-222-2254 or Reserve early to avoid disappointment. The game begins promptly at 6:30 PM, playing four rounds of bridge. With fond regards, Stan and Cecilia

SDYC Knitters

SDYC Knitters meet on both the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month in the Members Lounge from 6:00-8:30pm. We hope you will join us. We welcome beginners to expert knitters. If you have any questions, please contact Darin Hayden;, or call 619-964-1842.

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Club News

FROM THE ARCHIVE By Barry Ault, History Committee


hen Merion Golf Club recently hosted their 5th US Open it was a pretty big deal for that club. Their first was in 1934, four years later (1938) SDYC began an equally important history of hosting the Star Class World Championships. This year’s version will be our 8th time welcoming what consensus considers as the best sailors in the world to compete for the most coveted prize in one design sailing. Local knowledge doesn’t appear to be the secret to winning the Star Worlds when held in San Diego. In seven opportunities, only one local has a SDYC managed to make it to the top step of the podium. That was Lowell North in 1973. Three of golf’s greatest; Nicklaus, Hogan and Jones all won 4 US Open Championships. They are matched by our own Lowell North’s 5 Star Championships (as crew in 1945) which are backed up by 5 seconds and 2 thirds. Add an Olympic Gold Medal, and Lowell is the undisputed, all time king of the Star Class. Lowell’s performance has been backed up by a long list of

SDYC greats. All across the globe, SDYC has a storied list of sailors who have performed with greatness in the Worlds. Joe Jessop started it all finishing third in 1928, but Milt Wegeforth put SDYC on the Star map in 1937 winning the clubs first of many Gold Stars, the symbol of the World Champion. This impressive list includes: Mark Reynolds (2 + 2 Olympic Gold medals), Dennis Conner (2), Gerry Driscoll, Malin Burnham, Vince Brun, Paul Cayard, Joe Londrigan, Eric Doyle and George Szabo. These same names also appear again and again as winners of Silver Stars (2nd in the worlds) and Bronze Stars (3rd). Other podium finishers from the San Diego Fleet include: Tom Scripps and Chick Rollins. In addition, there are too many near podium finishes to mention as well as tragic stories of broken boats and marks touched to finish out of the money. As for the Star Worlds in San Diego, the local contingent didn’t just roll over for the visitors and like every Gold Star win demands, all seven of the San Diego events have been won by great sailors: 1938 – Walther von Hutschler – GER; 1940 – James Cowie – USA; 1958 – Bill Ficker – USA; 1961 – Bill Buchan – USA; 1969 – Pelle Petterson – SWE; 1973 – Lowell North – USA; 1994 – Ross MacDonald – CAN.

The Star Class has a long history of competition at the highest level and the sailors that manage to qualify for the worlds are all at the top of their game. I don’t have room to talk about all of the SDYC sailors who have skippered or crewed in the Worlds and then went on to further success in sailing, but you can read about them in the SDYC History Archive. Come and enjoy it with us. And find a way to get out on the water and enjoy the Star World Championship held at SDYC for the 8th time next month.

Lowell North (15 yrs) and Malin Burnham (17 yrs)

Star Class Sailing

SDYC Women’s Luncheons SEPTEMBER 11th 11:30-1:00PM

Chico’s Fashion Show: Come see our SDYC models in the latest Chico’s fashions! We are working with Chico’s on Raffle items and other discounts. Don’t miss it!

$16.00 per person

OCTOBER 9th 6:00PM

Ladies Night Out: We will have a Champagne Tasting with Terry. Plus some surprises.

$16.00 per person 48 Hour Cancellation policy Sign up online at or call (619) 221-8400

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Southern California

Beneteau Cup At SDYC


SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2013 WHO: ALL Beneteau Owners of ANY Skill Level

Coaching and crew positions also available. You don’t have to own a Beneteau to join in the fun! Instructors provided, and Racing and Sail Trimming Seminars are also included. We will help you learn to race and have FUN doing it. We will have both novice and experienced racing classes. Join us afterwards for dinner, live music and raft-up at the San Diego Yacht Club.

WHERE: San Diego Yacht Club CONTACT: Yvonne Stern at (619) 224-7784,

September 27 - 29, 2013 SDYC is inviting J/Boat’s from all over SoCal to come and participate in fall sailing in San Diego! One design fleets slated for J/Fest include the fast growing, super hot J/70 fleet as well as J/22, J/24, J/80, J/105. J/109, and J/120 fleets. Any J/Boat is eligible to participate, and all are welcome to race in One Design, PHRF, and J/Cruise classes. Fun on and off the water includes competitive racing on the water and social events after sailing! Notice of Race - Coming Soon Contact Joanne O’Dea at for more information

Man-Cave MAYHEM on the Island

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sdycsf-stagcruise-0513.indd 1

5/5/13 9:37 AM

Club News

Community Programs by Tammy Poole, Ship 1886, Mate


Diego – Imperial Council BSA, with assistance from Ship 1886 youth, had the pleasure of presenting Commodore Hope the Ship’s 2013 Charter. This is the authorization by BSA to SDYC to conduct the Sea Scout program for another year. Ship 1886 wishes to thank the San Diego Yacht Club for their support and for being the Ship’s Chartering Organization. Sea Scout Ship 1886 has been working hard to prepare for their August sailing trip to Catalina. All preparation including planning of activities, preparing the boats, navigation and plotting are the responsibility of the Youth. While

underway the Youth will be standing night watches and navigating the vessels under the guidance of the adults to ensure our safe passage to and from Catalina. Last year our trip to Catalina was a great experience and everyone wanted to do again. sail training and Summer advancement days have been taking place to prepare the newer members of the Ship. All the youth, with the help of the Maritime Institute, have

been learning navigation and Rules of the Road as part of the preparation. San Diego Imperial Council has been fortunate to obtain the donation of a 42’ Classic John Alden Yawl. Ship 1886 and other ships in the Council are now able to use this great learning tool. The Yawl is the perfect platform for all youth in the Ship to learn new skills and work together as a team. Here’s to summer!

Blood Drive By Ruth Rollins Photos by Jackie Kohls

The Annual 4th of July Blood Donor

program exceeded the goal set by the San Diego Blood Bank. Fourty six potential donors signed in. Fourty one pints of blood were given by fourty donors. One of the first donors was Congressman Scott Peters who said he would be attending several patriotic events but donating blood is the most important of them. The Bloody Mary winning “fleet”, was Friends of Military Appreciation Night, with 14 donors. The tennis fleet was a very close second. Several potential donors had to be turned away because they did not have a picture ID with them. We expect to see them all next year with picture identification. Many thanks to all who gave because someone’s life may depend on you.

S/C Campbell, Congressman Scott Peters & Ruth Rollins

Getting ready to donate.

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Blood Drive Welcoming Committee

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While 2013 features multiple celebrations surrounding the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s Star of India’s 150th, the Once Upon a Star Gala promises to capture the essence of the year-long celebrations. On September 28, Guests will be escorted aboard the Star of India at a mooring on San Diego Bay, and with the slow-descending sun, the glowing lights of the Star will rise over the historic vessel. Once aboard guests will enter another world − a grand and eloquent journey to times past, as each deck level re-creates a certain period in Star’s 150 years. Amid the finery of specialty wines and gourmet samplings, the music of several eras will filter through the expansive deck space, replete with décor from the 19th and 20th centuries. Star of India, formerly Euterpe, was launched at Ramsey, Isle of Man, (in the Irish Sea), on November 14, 1863. If the year sounds familiar, yes, it was the year of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address given just five days after Euterpe’s launch. This fact alone creates a symbolic time and place. Euterpe sailed as a Merchantman, Emigrant Ship, and plied the waters of the Northwest for Salmon in Alaska as Star of India. As the great Windjammers were overtaken by the age of steam-power, Star of India’s mooring lines became firmly tied to the Alameda docks that formerly thrived with commerce. She was purchased by a small group of San Diegans, under the auspices of the San Diego Zoological Society, with high hopes of creating a museum of sorts, featuring an aquarium. The Great Depression and World War II changed everyone’s hopes and the Star of India languished at dockside, until the tide turned. In 1957, by some great stroke of luck, master mariner, author, adventurer, Alan Villier’s came to San Diego to lecture about his voyage across the Atlantic on the replica ship Mayflower II. By then, the idea of a Maritime Museum was focused on the aging hulk. The Australian’s derisive comments in the San Diego Evening Tribune, October 3, 1957, upbraided San Diegans: ...the Star’s a bloody mess…she couldn’t be replaced for millions of dollars.... He demanded: Fix her up the way she deserves, or give her to another city who will give the old girl a decent break. And so this call to action hit a tender chord in the proud Navy town and action was struck. By America’s 1976 Bicentennial celebration, the Star of India was able to put to sea and with every proud San Diegan within view. She has sailed thirty-five times since then and will sail three times in November, 2013. Once Upon a Star celebrates more than Euterpe/Star of India’s 150 years; this once-in-a-lifetime event celebrates the oldest sailing ship in the world still able to put to sea and sail; it celebrates an heroic past when windjammers shipped goods between continents and emigrants sought a new life in countries thousands of rough sea miles away; it harks back to the isolated Alaskan canneries and the bustling wharves of San Francisco. Most of all, the Star of India reminds us of the San Diego Community coming together to preserve the one constant that defines us – our maritime heritage. Please join us for this unique and historic celebration aboard our National Historic Landmark, Star of India! For more information, or to purchase tickets for the Star Gala contact: Chris Berggren, Maritime Museum of San Diego, Development Office Ph: 619 234-9153 ext. 141 or go online to:

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On the race course

Race Committee By Summer Greene Photo by Brian Ganz

Visit our website ( for details on these exciting SDYC events.

The Race Committee has enjoyed a

short respite in our normally hectic calendar. In June and July we typically host several smaller regattas that are more casual then our spring calendar and in a lot of ways more fun. This year is no exception and June and early July consisted of three events that used fewer RC volunteers then our busy spring. The first weekend of June brought another One Design Weekend, PRO’d by Bruce Greene. Etchells, J/105s, J/120s and Flying Tigers came out for good, if light conditions on Saturday. Although we had 21 boats compete on Saturday, as of 6pm only two Etchells were planning on racing Sunday. So, for the first time anyone can remember, Sunday racing was canceled due to lack of interest. One design racing is great fun and we hope to see more boats out for the rest of the summer. So far July is looking promising with Etchells, J/105s, and J/120s on Saturday and PCs and J/22s on Sunday. In June we also ran a US Sailing qualifier for the Match Race Championships. Ian Trotter and Susi Graff co-PRO’d this event for their first time running match racing. Eight

competitors competed on the city front near the Maritime Museum on a tricky course. The wind consistently shifted though 40 degrees. Commercial traffic was heavy and Maritime Museum kept shooting cannons at us! After fifty six races in two round robins and a final that finished in a Black Flag, Scott Dickson from LBYC walked away the victor. Jim Person ran this year’s Kettenburg Classic, with 21 boats competing. This is a fun event that has the unusual tradition of starting Sunday’s racing from the Cupola with a cannon. Friday the Club hosted the Concours D’Elegance with most of the boats on display at the main guest dock med tie style. The weather conditions for both days were perfect for these classic wooden boats. Saturday the two races were run in the Coronado Roads. Wind direction was steady all day at a bearing of 255-265, 10-12 knots. Courses 4 and 5 were used, with a distance of 1.1 nm for the first and 0.9 nm for the second. Sunday’s race around the bay went off very well; only one headsail was lost to the stiff breeze enjoyed by all the sailors. After Sunday’s race was the trophy ceremony, with the PC Skylark taking 1st overall. At 85 years young, Sally took the honor of being the oldest boat entered in the 2013 edition of the Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta. Our race committee volunteers have been helping out with several things not on our normal calendar. First,

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

Regatta Top Finishers One Design Weekend: June 1-2 J/105 Winner: Stewart Canon, J-OK J/120 Winner: Peter Zarcades, Meltemi Etchells Winner: JJ Fetter, 706 Flying Tiger: Timothy Chin, Abacus Area GHJL US Match Race Championship Qualifier: June 15-16 1st Place: Scott Dickson, LBYC 2nd Place: Ryan Davidson, BYC Kettenburg & Classic Yacht Regatta Class A Winner: Johnny & Teresa Smullen, Altair Class B Winner: Peter Hylen, Pilot Class PC: Hurlburt/Reynolds, Skylark

Upcoming Events August 3: One Design Weekend August 17: SSSS Saturday Race August 24-25: Rollins Bowl / Star Pre-Worlds August 28-31: Star Worlds Registration August 31: SSSS Saturday Race September 1-7: Star World Championship September 14-15: One Design Weekend September 14-15: Beneteau Cup September 20-22: Bishop Rock Race September 21-22: PC Nationals September 21: SSSS Saturday Race September 27-29: J/Fest

during the bad weather at the Yachting Cup we lost the burgee staff from Corinthian’s bow. Special thanks to Dan Brown for helping fix the broken thumb screw on the Corinthian’s pulpit, and Bruce Greene for varnishing a new staff and rigging the all-important yarn antenna. Gray Adler has been doing a great job helping out CRA with markset for this summer’s Beer Can Series. And finally, Gary Adler, Tiffany Billings and Kris Zillmann help put out and retrieve that marks that delineated the expanded La Playa anchorage over the 4th of July weekend. See you on the water. AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 17



SDYC.ORG/PV Fun, warm weather, the challenge of an historic ocean race and spirited competition from the best boats and crews. All of it is waiting for you. Enjoy the party and stay for MEXORC. Visit the website for more information about PV ’14 and register today.

Multi-Hulls • ORR • Double-Handed • PHRF See you at the starting line on MARCH 14th 2014.

Chuck Sinks Vice Commodore San Diego Yacht Club Steve Malowney, Regatta Chairman:

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on the race course

U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship By Tracy “Trixie” Nackel Photo by Isao Toyama


ast month the U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship (USWMRC) was held at the Chicago Match Race Center (CMRC) on Lake Michigan’s Belmont Harbor. Representing SDYC, the team consisted of Shala Lawrence (driver), Julie Mitchell (tactician), Summer Greene (bow), Julie Servais (jib/spin trim) and Tracy Nackel (main trim). We were excited to sail with and against some of the best women match racers in the country. We flew in on a Wednesday afternoon and were greeted by a severe thunderstorm that delayed our luggage for 2 hours on the tarmac. Welcome to the Midwest! Off we went to meet our hosts and take over their home for the next few days. Who would be insane enough to have five strange women stay in their house for four nights? Shala had met Kevin at a sailing event a couple of months earlier and he invited her and the team to stay with them while we were in Chicago. Crazy, huh? Turns out they were awesome and the location was ideal! Thursday morning came early as we had to be at the race site to register and weigh in. Unfortunately weigh-in did not go as smoothly as expected due to a slight kilo/pound conversion error and we still had a few pounds to lose. No breakfast this morning! Before getting out on the water, all teams participated in a clinic that was run by CMRC Sailing Director Taylor Canfield. He gave us some great pointers on tactics and techniques that have helped him rise to being ranked 2nd in the ISAF World Match Race Rankings. He also provided some helpful information about how to sail

the Tom 28 which our team and a few of the other teams had never sailed before. After the clinic we headed out to practice. In addition to on-the-water coaching from Taylor, we had a CMRC intern on board to help us learn the boat and give us some information about local weather and wind conditions on the lake. We loved working with him! We sailed outside Belmont Harbor in front of the break wall and the wind was blowing about 25 knots with a lot of wind chop on the water. After a couple hours of drills we came in for lunch which we were able to eat because we finally made weight. Yay! Deep dish pizza for all! In addition to Team SDYC, the field included a diverse array of talent, ranging from Olympic and Americas Cup veterans to up-andcoming new names fresh off the U.S. intercollegiate circuits. Friday, we had a great morning of practice and came in for a break before the racing started. The winds had died down from the previous day and changed directions, but race conditions in the afternoon were nearly ideal, with the 10-14 knot northeast to east breeze building up 2-3 foot swells. The racing format included four stages, beginning with double round robins followed by a round robin to determine places 5-8, a semi-final knockout series for places 1-4, a petit final for places 3 and 4, and a final knockout series for places 1 and 2. Friday afternoon we completed 6 of the 7 races in the first round robin. Although our result of 1 win and 5 losses that day was disappointing, we felt we improved each race. Saturday brought rain and a race delay due to lack of wind. We were greeted with a new wind direction and lighter winds than previously experienced. We completed the last race of the first round robin and the entire second round robin. By the time we finished, it was nearly 7:00 pm. We sailed better than the previous day, but unfortunately our 4 wins and 4 losses on Saturday were not good enough to • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

get us to the semi-finals. That night as we were in search of dinner, we stumbled across Sausagefest Chicago!! What a deliciously unexpected surprise! featured warmer Sunday temperatures and light winds from yet another completely different direction. The first race started and it soon became apparent that the conditions weren’t ideal for fair racing. The next race was postponed and the first race was abandoned. After a short delay and moving the course out further from the break wall, we were able to get in all the scheduled races for the day. We started out great with 4 wins in a row and then lost the plot with a couple of losses. As it turned out, we were tied for 5th, but lost in the tie-breaker to end up 6th. Although the final results were not what we were hoping for, the race site, boat, competition, and race management were all fantastic and we were glad we were able to participate in this event. On a side note, not surprisingly, local knowledge and boat knowledge played a big part in the success of teams at this event. The top 2 teams led by winner, Jennifer Wilson and second place finisher, Stephanie Roble dominated the event. Both sail out of Chicago and have extensive experience on the Tom 28’s. Our team felt that we improved each day and we really enjoyed the experience. It would be interesting to see how we would perform against these teams on our turf and on our boats. Just a thought…

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 19

On the race course

The Kettenburg & Classic Yacht Regatta

June 28-30, 2013

By Ed O’Sullivan, Regatta Chairman Photos by Brian Ganz

Presented by the Ancient Mariners

Sailing Society, The 2013 edition of the Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta was held at the San Diego Yacht Club on June 29 through July 1st. Featuring wooden boats, both power and sail, and benefiting the Ronald McDonald Charities of San Diego and the San

Diego Maritime Museum, the event started off on Friday afternoon with a Concours D ‘elegance held on the front dock. Entrants from up and down the coast had their 40 to 80 year old wooden boats glistening with varnish and polished bronze. Tied stern-to the dock, the boats were easily accessed by the judges who meticulously inspected each boat. The gangways and dock were busy with viewers and guests, With the Concours results in hand, but not to be revealed until the awards ceremony on Saturday night, the judges retired to enjoy the rest of the evening festivities. Saturday started off with a skippers meeting followed by two buoy races out on the Coronado Roads. Fresh

20 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

breeze touching 8-12 knots kept the old boats lively. The PC’s started first with the rest of the boats starting 6 minutes behind. 14 or so wooden boats on the starting line can be interesting and challenging. Skippers and crew came back to med-tie at the guest dock greeted by appetizers and cocktails. But each crew had to clean up as best they could and catch the ferry taking them over to SWYC for the dinner presentation and Concours awards. Ray Ashley, CEO of the San Diego Maritime museum gave a very informative talk about the San Salvador and its impact on the history of San Diego. After dinner, the participants were shuttled back to SDYC and their boats by the ferry. Sunday’s schedule called for a bay race for power and sailboats alike. The start-finish line was right in front of the club reminiscent of how it was done in the old days. And keeping with tradition, the race committee started the race nestled up in the clubhouse cupola. After a polite warning to all the brunch guests, Jeff Johnson fired off the old cannon and got things moving. A strong breeze began the race but alas, quickly diminished to a light breeze that was the order of the day, favoring some of the smaller and lighter boats which made it a challenge to defend the results from the prior day. But everyone prevailed to return to the award ceremony where prizes were given for racing and other things. We hope everyone enjoyed the event this year. We appreciated the growing participation and we look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event.

Fleets, Etc.

Model Yacht Fleet By David Ryan Model Yacht Fleet Captain Photos by Lauren Wright


year’s extended Independence Day weekend brought many opportunities for club members and guests to enjoy a variety of fun activities, with a full schedule of festive events packed into four days. The western theme, a perennial favorite for many, and a “can’t miss” fit for celebrating America’s birthday across the country, means chili cook-offs, hay bales and plenty of music with “twang”. As usual, the club received a wonderfully creative transformation by a very talented committee of members and staff, led by Commodore Hope’s wife, Kitsy. With many members donning appropriate garb to support the “hoedown” experience, yacht racing is not the first thing that comes to mind when one’s spurs are jingle-jangling’. Despite this apparent disconnect thematically, SDYC’s model yacht fleet was up for the challenge. The “shootout” event represented a number of firsts for our fleet’s annual 4th of July holiday representation. It was the first time we raced at our regularlyscheduled time (1700) for our weekly Friday night Sunset Sailing, within the framework of the club’s holiday event schedule. More significantly, it was the first time we’ve had all novice skippers, with brief instructions being provided, as needed, by the boat’s owners. Additionally, it was the first time we’ve used different colored caps, worn by the skipper controlling a boat displaying a corresponding colored pennant, so that competitors, commentators and spectators alike would be able to discern who’s who on the race course. Despite a few minor logistical glitches, the event was a tremendous success, with about 20-30 new, novice,

radio-control skippers participating. We had ten short, one or two lap, windward-leeward races utilizing a six boat fleet. New racers had the opportunity to rotate in, following the finish of the previous race. The competition was stiff, with a number of prominent SDYC sailors jumping in. Among those that took a crack at it were Mikee Anderson, Brad Rodi and Rex Cameron, as well as other “hot shots”. Our board officers were also well represented, with multiple races being sailed by “3/6 stars” from our club’s “top brass”. Vice Commodore, Chuck Sinks, and Rear Commodore, John Laun, both walked away with their share of prizes for strong performances in their respective heats. Hope for a ‘six-stars” showdown turned out to

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

be fleeting, when Commodore, Chuck Hope, briefly motored through the race course in a “run-about” packed with revelers, only to turn around and be gone, despite apparently inaudible pleas from celebrity colorcommentator, Dr. Asa Morton. The model yacht fleet appreciates the support of all those that participated. We look forward to many of you joining us in the near future for racing that’s as competitive and challenging, as it is fun. There are turnkey, fast used boats for sale from fleet members Gregg Morton and George Szabo, as well new boats available from Chesapeake Model Yachts at various stages of completion, depending on your motivation for assembly. What are you waiting for?

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 21



The camp is in excellent condition! Tents are full of SDYC families

and friends. Boaters are coming and going at a steady clip as well. The 4th saw great festivities at Buffalo Beach - thanks primarily to Shelley Capron’s on theme stylish decor and fire safe light up activities for the children! The Cibit’s popped in for a quick chat. The Capron Clan was there with friends, the Savigliano’s with Kina the pooch, the Alagiris with their guests and Dan and Puck helped round out the celebratory ensemble.

Eduardo Savigliano and Jim Jones abandon ship.

Cathy Cibiti, Eduardo Savigliano, Paul Trusso, Matt and Shelly Capron

22 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

A group of nine - five children among them- was the first to hike to the airport this summer! It was a hot, clear day with glorious vistas, fox sightings and delicious burgers and cold drinks at the On the return journey from Airport in the Sky, the party of nine spent a considerable amount of time waiting for three buffalo to give them clear passage back to camp. ultimately Matt Capron facilitated a rescue, when it was realized that the hikers had been gone since 10am and it was nearing 7pm! Details of this escapade are sketchy at best. Deer spotting at camp is a daily occurrence. The night time raids in coolers and trash cans are less welcome than the cocktail hour visits from afar. (If going please take bungee cords to seal your coolers.). Be sure to grab some custom Buffalo Beach gear prior to departure by contacting Susy Dorsey or get it from Dan while at the Outstation. Buffalo Beach continues to prove what an excellent asset it is to our membership, as SDYC families create priceless memories!



“Dog Days” and other predictable cycles that affect our boating lifestyle By Bob Vincent N6EZV Photos by Bob Vincent

The phrase “dog days” refers to the

high temperatures experienced during the days of summer in July and August which are typically the warmest days of the year. We all know that the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year; however, it takes a few more weeks for the overall warming effect that occurs after this astronomical event for the maximum temperatures to catch up, accumulate and circulate all of that warm (hot) air around our Northern Hemisphere. Even though San Diego is widely known to have year-around boating, we all try to get out and enjoy that “warmth” that July and August and even September bring to our SoCal boating cycle.

that we all love so much. For me running a boat, navigating, chart reading and onboard communications are some of the other things that are brought to a heightened awareness that I really enjoy while boating. While cruising the San Juan Islands and the Strait of Georgia, B.C. on a chartered 42’ Catalina this past June, we were lucky that it was clear for our one and only night in Echo Bay, Sucia Island, Washington for this year’s Summer Solstice on June 22nd. That was also the only clear day and night we had; it rained the next 6 days straight, but being sailors, we had a great time anyway! Besides seeing the full “Super-Moon” at maximum diameter (lunar orbital perigee), we were also experiencing a maximum tidal oscillation between a seasonal high tide as the moon was rising and ebbing to a seasonal low tide as the moon was setting creating a 16+’ tidal swing that also created maximum local currents between the all of the many islands along our route in that unique island doted cruising area. While the moon’s continually

Summer Solstice “Super-Moon” in perigee on 22 June 2013.

Summer Solstice Super-Moon rising over Echo Bay, Sucia Island, Washington.

In addition to enjoying the transit time spent sailing or motoring between waypoints on a journey of any length, one of the things that is also enjoyed by many is the added value of looking at the night sky and thinking about the cyclic forces of physics that governs our daily lives especially while we are aboard our boats

changing gravitational pull of our ocean’s waters creates our tides with its predictable cycle, the sun spot cycle with its repeating 11 year variation of sunspots, solar storms and disturbances directly affects all of plant earth’s ability to communicate, both short and long range. Radio propagation is affected by the sun’s daily changes to the level of ionization of the particles in our planet’s upper atmosphere. This interaction stimulated by either periods of high • w w w. s d yc .o r g •

intensity or quiet periods of little disturbance that causes solar radiation to either sharpen or dull how Radio Frequency radiation is refracted, reflected, absorbed, polarized and scattered back to earth. The interaction of all of these variables enhances or degrades our chances of clear, long range, radio communication.

Sunspot prediction graph by NASA

According to NASA, we are currently approaching the maximum number of sunspots for this particular sunspot cycle (Cycle 24). As a result, the SDYC/ ARG Communications Center has been experiencing better than average RF propagation to literally hundreds of countries around the world. In addition due to the RF Noise Reduction Program that was recently completed under the direction of Peter Van Horne KA6U, our Comm Center can now “hear” fainter signals from distant countries much better. As we celebrate our third year of radio operations in our Locker Building facility, we also now know that the technical performance of our Comm Center has been validated and verified as a “World Class” Amateur Radio Station. If you and/or your children are interested in learning more about radio, please goto: for more information. Thank you!

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 3

Fleets, Etc.

PC BY Rish Pavelec, PC #16 DAWN Photo by Rish Pavelec, PC #16 Dawn

The Famine Ship

What a treat it is to sit down at my

computer and write! We have been traveling so much and trying to keep up with obligations that I often loose track of what day it is!! Don’t they say that this is one of the symptoms of “Old Age”?? I count it as a blessing because we are busy, happy and fortunate!!! Talking about old age… Last month, I mistakenly referred to the May 18 & 19th PC Fleet Championship as being the “PC Nationals”. All the details and facts were correct…but I had a little senior moment and let that one slip by. Our Nationals will not be held until September 21-22. My bad. The 23rd San Diego Wooden Boat Festival was another success. We saw a few boats that were new to the show and that is always a plus. Thanks to PC Fleet members John Dodge and Doug Holthaus for showing #40. Next to her was Davy Gardner’s #78. Thanks to all of you for bringing your boats over for the show! I noted that #78 still has a HUGE chunk missing from the aft port section. Dave tells me it is a result of a “meeting” with #26, a few races back. Thanks to the club Dock Master, we were able to complete haul outs for those boats needing new keel bolts. We are now looking for another place to store the PC Trailer for future use. Thanks to Dennis Allen who has helped store the PC trailer in the past. The Kettenburg Regatta was held on June 28-30.There were 7 PCs at the line! As always, ours was the largest fleet to sail. Congrats to #31 for cleaning up not only as overall winner

but, of course, 1st in the PC class. Finishing boats were #31, 11 14, 9, 72, 40 and 42. #11 looked beautiful at the front dock and made us all proud. Great job, Jim! Our collective “thanks” to the SDYC and to the Ancient Mariners for putting on this fantastic display of wooden boats and sharing them with all those who were present. July 14 was the date of the ODW with only PC’s sailing. August 18th will be the annual Coronado Islands Race. Please sign up if you have not already. As you must know, September 2122 will be the PC National’s. Our Fleet Captain is already preparing for this event and notices will be sent out soon. I stumbled across a homemade video on “You Tube” the other day. Do a “You Tube” search on “Balboa Peninsula 1950’s” and you will see a great old 16mm film of Balboa. Toward the end, much to my surprise, #71 went sailing by. She was built in 1946 for Herb Richards. After a few owners, she ended up in the hands of our Fleet Captain, Geves Kenny, who sold her in 1974 and was shipped off to Lake Taho. I have no idea if she is still there. Check the film out. It’s fun! As a deserved mention of “Thanks”, I want to acknowledge those who are so good about sharing their photos with the club and certainly the “PC Article”. Friends Bob Greiser and Stu Hartley seem to be everywhere/every time and offer their fantastic photos to the club and the PC Article. It is so great to be able to contact either Bob

24 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

or Stu and ask permission to use one of their photos to add to the monthly Mainsheet PC article. Not ONCE over all the years that I have been writing, have either of these Pro’s said “NO! Readers should know that other people with a camera HAVE said “NO” and wanted money, but I elected to move on and I wished them a great life… But Stu and Bob have always given their talents to make the “Mainsheet PC” articles a GIANT plus. I thank them both and I know that they both understand what I am saying. Remember that every time you see a Mainsheet article or race report, or PC article...they probably include photos from one of these professional guys…so I want to go on record as someone who thanks them both!! I have included a photo of the Jeanie Johnston taken while we were in Dublin. She is a replica of the original “Famine Ship”. In the mid 1800’s, while over a million Irish tried to flee the famine, she was one of over 5,000 so called “Coffin Ships” that took immigrants from Ireland to North America. Of them, over 100,000 people died aboard these ships during transport. The Jeanie Johnston never lost a life even after multiple voyages. The replica vessel is now a museum and worth a visit!! In closing, I wish you all great sailing! The weather looks good, the wind looks good…the water looks good… all you need is a woman to tell you what to do, and you’re good to go!! Get out there and enjoy life!!!

Fleets, Etc.

SSSS Fleet By Dee Van Horne

Summer is officially here and is in full

sail! To kick off the summer, the SSSS had its annual summer party and this year it was graciously hosted by SSSS member Lynnlee Slayter. Lynlee and her husband Dick Slayter hosted the event in their Point Loma home on June

14th in their mermaid-ornamented garden. Mermaids and Merlot was the theme for the party and awards ceremony. Decorations created by Gayle Gould evoked an undersea world in which 65 members and friends of the fleet circulated and enjoyed “bubbles and bites.” It took several blasts from Rita Moller’s infamous jeweled whistle before the happy partiers would redirect their attention to the business at hand honoring those

SCWSA regatta winners

All Girls Sail Jam

who excelled in the most recent racing season. Here are the results: Winter series: A Fleet: 1. Dick Denzler, 2 Julie McPherson, 3. Dan North. Spring Series: A Fleet: 1. Dan North 2. Dick Denzler, 3 Julie McPherson. B Fleet: 1. Darin Hayden. On June 15th, Mission Bay Yacht Club hosted the All Girls Sail Jam. SDYC really had a great showing of girls in Snipes, 420s and sabots. There were two SSSS sailors, Rowena Carlson and Dee Van Horne. Rowena took 2nd in the sabot fleet! On June 23rd, the 5 members of the SSSS fleet attended the 2nd of the SCWSA series hosted by Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The sailing conditions were typical June with a little overcast, but mostly a sunny and breezy day of racing. There was a 3-way tie for 3rd place with Lois Harrington, Dee Van Horne and MBYC member Ruth Jones. And, Lois Harrington received her first bullet in this regatta. The crown goes to Betty Becker with a first place in Ladies A fleet. Congratulations to all sailors who compete in every away regatta that the SSSS participates. Our fleet really does shine! As you know, Thursday night sailing is in full swing. The winds have been light and puffy, however the evening sailing is just beautiful! If you are interested in sailing with the SSSS fleet, come on out and join the racing. It’s fun and easy sailing… hope to see you out there! Fair winds and smooth sailing, Dee Van Horne.

Dan North, Audrey McGinty, Stacy Szabo, Pam Lindley Doug McGinty

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 2 5


Anglers Fleet

Every Kid is a Winner

By Peter Evering Anglers Fleet Captain


caught that many would either say it should be bait or rose fertilizer, to hear from the father was cleaned, breaded, cooked and eaten by the little angler that night. Congratulations again to our neighbors at SWYC for winning another year, but congratulations to SDYC Rob Fletcher for bringing in a point for the Largest 12 lb Halibut placing first in that category. We did set the bar for best host club of all time. The 80 pound donation of Yellow Fin tuna from Mark Moffat, taco toppings from the Morton’s Brig, prepping from various members, Joey at Squid Co for the discount on prizes all made this event unforgettable. Please remember the next time you are at the club, stop by the front desk to sign up your Kid for the Junior Coastal Anglers Tournament Sunday August 18th. Open to members and their guests, ages 8-15 who can fish on their own with no assistance except in help baiting the hook.

Kids fishing

Kids Fishing Tournament Winners

26 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Photo Courtesy of Louie Zimm

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Kohls

Kids Fishing Tournament

Photo Courtesy of Pete Evering

hat an amazing three weekends in July with plenty of excitement and first time catches. Many cliches come to my mind as I am writing this from my headquarters inside Tent City. “If you’re not first your last”, as we lost another year to SWYC in the 4th Annual Bay Tournament. “Everyone goes home a winner”, as we had 30 kids fishing off the Sea Watch in which every one of them caught at least a half dozen if not more of bass, mackerel, barracuda and rock fish. “Safety first”, might be my (inside joke) best, with a son getting a bait hook embedded in his finger, having it removed sight on scene, to take it like a champ to fish again a few minutes later. “We all have a Hero in our heart”, is my favorite to those fathers, mothers, grandparents, volunteers and at one time strangers who became friends over the past two weekend to ALL of our kids. Wished I could have stayed to witness more of the excitement of 55 kids and their parents running up and down the docks this weekend with smiles and laughter ear to ear, but to arrive back and hear the stories put a smile of success in my mind. Hero might be a strong noun to use, more movie like, but the powers of a being a Role Model is something we all have in our hearts. As I was leaving the dock for a joy drive to Urgent Care, I heard one humble father ask another how to bait a Ghost

Shrimp working together as teammates for the benefits of the kids. With a hook in a finger of a kid trusting Louie, a man with many years of wisdom, became that Superhero who saved the day. Moms sitting their little ones in a lap of love to assist in casting and reeling in a potential winner produced that trusting environment. No yelling, pushing, negative comments but instead all members working as a team, successful catching from the boys and girls, cheers from everyone involved and positive support are the main reasons why the SDYC Main Dock is filled every July 4th weekend. Thank you again to all who stepped up when a member of their team was taken out. Congratulations to Gracie, Austin, Lewis, Gigi, Quinlan, Sean, and Alec for their winning fish. The Take a Kid Fishing aboard Capt Chris Sea Watch Charter out of Dana was another great event this month with many first time mixes of 30 kids and 15 adults. Again many of species were caught, but the experience for many will last a lifetime. I enjoyed stepping back to see the first time fishing girls and some of the boys starting off not wanting to touch a squid or a live sardine, then with in the 5 hour trip become experts in grabbing the bait as quick as they can in hopes of bringing up another fish. How about the joy of a 6 year old cranking as hard as he can while dad is holding the back end of the rod so either the tackle, fish or kid goes overboard? Many of the youth found it frustrating to possibly have the largest bass, to only discover that Sea Dogs like the large catch more. My favorite story is of one fish

Sea Watch Group shot

Fleets, Etc.

Tennis By Keith Danon Photos by Christy Radecic

The summer and tennis racquets are

both in full swing. We have had more fleet members participating in our activities than ever before! Put your hands together and applaud Scott Launey and Matt Brown for heading the “Putting in the Pavers” work parties. We had over a dozen volunteers who helped them out and all of you will be acknowledged in the future. You can still support the Tennis Fleet and put your name forever in stone for only $250. The order form link can be found on the SDYC website on the Tennis Fleet page. All new

orders will be etched on location! The 4th of July tournament was a huge success thanks to Matt Brown and Christy Radecic, who co-chaired this 3-day event. Kudos go to Betty and Marty along with all the volunteers that made it happen. The Women’s Doubles brought out 16 players. All the ladies played some great tennis! The semis put Team “Cowgirls” against Team “Bandits” with “The Cowgirls” prevailing with a 7-5 win. Congratulations to Tracy Nichols and Gail Hutcheson prevailing over Annie Chambers and Tama Harris. The finals were excellent with over 25 fans rooting them on. The Men’s Doubles had 30 players bringing their best games to the courts. Food, bloody mary’s, and snacks kept all the players energy up. The finals were a re-match of 2 years ago teaming myself with Alex Hawke against S/C Mike Fink and Bruce Peeling. The tables were turned this year with Mike and Bruce beating us 6-4. Congratulations to both you Gentlemen! An extended thank you to the Ogle Family for allowing us to us their private court during the tournament. Our final event of the weekend was

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

the Mixed Doubles. Fourteen Teams competed in a round robin format. In the finals we had Bruce Ives and Erin Walsh with a win over the husband and wife team of Jane and Tom Fetter. Kudos to everyone who participated and cheered our players on every match! Don’t miss our annual Tennis Fleet Raft up - August 17-18th, 2013 is HUGE in La Playa with a hosted happy hour. On Saturday and Sunday there will be the “Tennis Ladder Play Day” with challenge matches being played during the day and the party on the water at night. The ladder has been changed to only single bracket for Men and Women. Sign up for the ladder by e-mailing Scott Launey at s-launey@ You will be able to challenge players 2 spots ahead of you and see your name go towards the top. Bruce, don’t get too comfortable up there! The club championship is in October with the top 4 players competing on both the Men’s and Women’s side for the Club Champion Trophy. Thank you to everyone that had contributed time, energy, and money to support the Tennis Fleet. See you on the courts!

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 27







Model Yacht Sunset x



Bridgedeckers Jr SABoT nATionAlS

Night Tennis

Deck Dining




Adult Learn To Sail

8 Darren & Terry Show


Steak night

one DeSiGn

Model Yacht Sunset xI



Bridgedeckers Jr SABoT nATionAlS (MByC)

Burger Bash


Prime rib


Night Tennis

Beer Can BBQ




Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xII

MoDel yAChT SUMMer i


Tennis Raft up & Ladder Challenge


Steak night Tennis Ladder Challenge

Bridgedeckers Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash


Prime rib





Prime rib


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xIII




Steak night

Bridgedeckers Adult Learn To Sail

Burger Bash

CrUiSinG FleeT ChUlA viSTA CrUiSe

Beer Can BBQ

Cruising Fleet Dinner



Night Tennis


Beer Can BBQ

Night Tennis


Night Tennis

rollinS Bowl/STAr Pre-worlDS


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xIV

MoDel yAChT SUMMer ii

Steak night



Adult Learn To Sail

STAr worlDS reGiSTrATion

Burger Bash

Prime rib

Deck Dining

Beer Can BBQ








SuNDAY 1 STAr worlD ChAMPionShiP

Steak night



Tennis Clinic







SSSS FAll SerieS i


STAr worlD ChAMPionShiP

Burger Bash


Prime rib



Loma unit Bridge Group



Prime rib


Pasta night





Prime rib



Pasta night


Prime rib


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xVII Stag Cruise

Night Tennis

Pasta night

28 • AUGUST 2 013 M ai n s h e e t • w w w. s d yc .o r g

Steak night lehMAn TiKi heAD

BiShoP roCK rACe

27 Bridgedeckers

SSSS FAll SerieS iv


PC nATionAlS

Night Tennis

Burger Bash Burger Bash


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xVI


New Member Cocktail Party

Burger Bash

15 one DeSiGn

Darren & Terry Show

SSSS FAll SerieS iii


Steak night


Night Tennis

SSSS FAll SerieS ii


Deck Dining Model Yacht Sunset xV


Women’s Luncheon

Burger Bash

MoDel yAChT FAll i

Night Tennis

Pasta night



29 Stag Cruise

Steak night Stag Cruise


Deck Dining

Steak night

ClASSiFieDS You must e-mail a renewal each month if you’d like your ad to appear in more than one issue. All new ads, and renewals must be sent to by the first of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.

PARTNER WANTED: Seeking non equity partner for a 38’ Hernandez trawler .Partnership tailored to your specific usage needs. Very roomy and comfortable yacht overlooking La Playa Cove at the end of H dock! Separate aft and bow cabins with adjoining Heads . Split level floor plan with sunken full galley area.Stove and oven, refrigerator, microwave, double stainless sinks, flat screen TV, Fireplace, I Pod ready stereo throughout! . Tempurpedic mattress in aft cabin. Twin, low consumption diesel engines,Genset, windless. Lots of outdoor area to relax and cocktail on. It’s a condo at the club!. Call Archer 619-701-9999 FOR SALE: WHAT ABOuT A PC? After all, they are splendid sailors, and a lot of fun. Ours, Yankee, PC 72, would like another skipper. PCs are comfortable, responsive when racing or cruising, and always a delight to the eyes. Yankee, having always been well maintained (and with a freshly painted bottom), is in excellent condition with a full complement of sails. Want to know more? Contact Dave Grundies, 858.999.1898. FOR SALE: WANT TO GO SAILING, EASILY? Our Cal 25, Let’s Away, comes with a good complement of sails, and a newer 6 hp Johnson outboard. Cal 25s are good sailors, and easy to maintain and sail. We’ve enjoyed Let’s Away and now look to find a new owner who will use her more often. Call Kendall Squires, 619.606.2012. FOR SALE: Duffy Herreshof 30. Built by the Duffy Electric Boat Company to plans drawn by Nathaniel Herreshof. 30 feet in length, it is powered by a 96 volt Advance DC Electric Motor (Whisper Drive). It has a 5.5 KW Northern Lights GenSet Diesel auxiliary that runs on biodiesel fuel. Its bottom is coated with CeramKote (zero copper). Teak and fiberglass superstructure with inlaid wood interior. Beveled glass windows fore and aft. Microwave, refrigerator, Bose sound system. Full electronics. Hydraulic steering, autopilot, bow thruster. Full size enclosed Vacu-Flush Head. Kept at SDYC Slip F-14. Contact Mike at 619-846-0215 or LOST: Black Nintendo DS case. Lost in tent city area during forth of July weekend. Case had games and a green stylus - no ds in it. Please call/text Rachael 619-823-8585 FOR SALE: PC 48 GOOD CONDITION, FuLLY EQuIPPED WITH ALL SAILS, INCLuDING SPINNAKER. CALL PETER: 619-265-0426


By Jackie Kohls

What is an interesting fact about you? Or what would you like people to know about you? Along with working for the SDYC, my family and I opened a business called the Hot Monkey Love Cafe, which was a multi-cultural arts and entertainment center. It was my dream upon retirement to open this business.

When did you start working for SDYC? I began working as a part-time employee in 2002. What was your first position at the club? My first position was a receptionist and hostess. Where were you born? I was born in San Antonio, Texas and lived there until I retired from AT&T after 20 years.

What is your favorite television show or movie? I enjoy crime films and t.v. shows in which a crime has to be solved.

How long have you been in San Diego? I have been in San Diego since 2001. I took off half a year for vacation after retirement. What was the most difficult aspect of moving to San Diego? Leaving part of my family behind is the most difficult part about the move. My son Rick James moved to California in 1987. He asked me to move with him to San Diego after my retirement. My daughter, Kandice was interested in attending college at FIDM. So, I didn’t think twice and agreed.

What do you miss the most about Texas? I miss the rest of my family and all of my friends.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? I would like to donate to wildlife conservation, feed the hungry, and pay off my children’s and grandchildren’s college tuition.

What is your favorite thing about San Diego, California? My favorite thing about it is being able to meet people from many different backgrounds and of course the beautiful scenery.

What is your favorite part about working at SDYC? I enjoy assisting and interacting with the members, working with my fellow employees and managers and I enjoy the organization overall.

• w w w. s d yc .o r g •

AUGUST 2 013 M ain s h e e t • 29

1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106

Mainsheet August 2013  
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