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Woman San Diego

Informing, Entertaining, and Featuring the Women of San Diego


Women in Business Directory 2013

Jo Dee C. Jacob

San Diego Girl Scout CEO Molding Tomorrow’s Leaders

Think PINK

Everyone Deserves to Dance



San Diego


Woman San Diego

Dear Readers,

Over the past seven years we have had the pleasure of providing many issues with unique themes. Our focus throughout has been women, and how we could provide information which would help them in their business and personal lives. It dawned on us recently that although we have featured many remarkable women over the years, there are many who have not received the recognition they too deserve. Obviously, we cannot get to every woman and tell each of their stories, but just the fact that there are so many women-owned and operated businesses in San Diego led us to the idea behind this issue. We would like to present the first ever “Women in Business Directory.� This Directory is a place where women can list their businesses or services, and give us all a quick overview of what they do. In doing so, we can help women find other women owned businesses to support. Sisters supporting sisters! In addition to the listings in the Directory, we have also included special features on some of these amazing women. Who better to epitomize women then the woman who heads San Diego Girl Scouts, Jo Dee C. Jacob. Her background and experience will amaze and inspire you. San Diego Woman would like to thank her for the work she has done over the years, shaping and molding our young girls into successful and wonderful women. This new aspect of our magazine will be a permanent part of all upcoming issues, growing in size with each issue, thus allowing our Directory to eventually cover every area of business in town. So please join the many women who have already stepped up to become part of this ground-breaking Directory. A great way to celebrate women and all they do is with a toast! Luckily, we are one of the first to let our readers know that there is now an alcoholic beverage made especially for women: Pink Tequila is being introduced in San Diego this month. This is the first time women have had their own liquor. Read the story about the man behind this latest phenomenon.


If you want to be one of the first San Diego Women to sample this tasty new beverage follow us on Twitter @sandiegowoman for a chance to win a cruise on the renowned Hornblower cruise line, courtesy of Pink Tequila. Thanks once again to all of our readers. We appreciate every one of you. Keep the emails and phone calls coming; we love to hear from you. We are San Diego Woman Magazine and we are here to meet the needs of the women in this wonderful town. Hope to see you on the upcoming cruise!


Judith A. Habert Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Subscription Information Annual subscriptions available on request Please send name, mailing address, and check for $25.00 payable to San Diego Woman. Subscriptions can also be purchased online at www.sandiegowoman.com

San Diego Woman 254 E Grand Avenue, Suite 201 Escondido, CA 92025 888 275 7125 858 735 5301 Disclaimer: Products, services, practices, websites or informational packets mentioned within our pages are in no way an endorsement by San Diego Woman, but are provided to our readers for informational purposes only. Privacy Advisory: Personal information provided by our readers will be used solely for the purposes of providing requested information and will not be shared.

Photographer: Melissa Jacobs Model: Jo Dee Jacob

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Tequila, It’s Not Just for Men Anymore Pink Tequila for Women Only!

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Facts You Need to Know About Tequila Some Unknown Info You Should Know

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QuickSplint TM Innovative New Product

Women in Business Issue 2013

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Jo Dee C. Jacobs San Diego Girl Scout’s Fearless Leader Page 12 Women in Business Statistics How Far Have We Come? Page 15 Lisa K. Miller Making Memories That Last

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Wineries on the Southern Coast Some Surprises in Our Backyard

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Sonali Soni Putting The Creative in Creative Director

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Beverly Weurding Everyone Deserves to Dance

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Shay and Star Hughes Focused Perfection

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Sheri Malvestuto Touched by an Angel

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Women in Business Directory Women Owned and Operated Businesses

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Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue A Little Bit of New Orleans Comes to San Diego

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Skin Care Roundup Anti-aging at its best

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Life is Simple The Many Stages of Life Style On A Shoestring Designing the Perfect Home

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1st Annual Appreciation of Women in Business Fashion Show to Benefit Cancer Research

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2013 Bravo ! Awards NAWBO Celebrates Women

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Girl Puhlease! Living up to the Hype

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Reving up Our Guy’s Style Fashion Designers Help the Guys

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Douglas Kirkland Does it Again Great Gatsby through the Master’s Eyes

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Dementia and End of Life Care How to Deal With Dementia Why Wait To Put Your Plans in Place? The importance of creating an estate plan now!

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Letter from the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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Bitchin and Moaning That Beloved Phone Voice

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He Said, She Said Parenting, Oh How it’s Changed

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Transitions with Carol LeBeau Getting Ready for Summer

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Poetry Corner with Duke Nauton Lido Beach and Roses From the Past

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Fabulous Finds Read about the Hot New Products We Love

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Ask An Angel Protecting the Elderly from Identity Fraud

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My Worst Date Ever The Mechanic How to Save the Postal Service Solutions for saving a dying enterprise.

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San Diego

USO Neil Ash Airport Center Until Everyone Comes Home


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Publisher/Editor-in-Chief editor@sandiegowoman.com

6 Sonali Soni

Creative Director


Woman San Diego

San Diego

Judith A. Habert


Behind the Pages

Judith A. Habert Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Sonali Soni Creative Director

Robert Tussey Copy Editing

Lisa K. Miller Photographer

Jaime V. Habert Entertainment Editor

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Graphics/Magazine Layout: Sonali Soni www.sonalidesignstudio.com


Rob is President of The MarketBuilding Team, has written two books on marketing, and authors a free marketing advice column called, Ask Mr. Marketing. You can subscribe to his free marketing newsletter at www.marketbuilding.com

Ruth is a freelance writer who savors all that life has to offer. She has a masters degree in Organizational Development and lives a life of gratitude. Ruth loves spending time with family, nature, and connecting people. Her years of experience as a professional, leader, and consultant have prepared her well for bringing insight, creativity, and passion to her work.

Linda Mullin

Linda Mullin is originally from upstate New York, and now resides in Poway, California with her husband and children. She enjoys reading and attending writer’s workshops. Her true passion is writing, and she is currently working on a suspense novel.

Lisa is the owner of Photography by Lisa K, a custom portrait studio located in San Diego, specializing in the highest quality portraiture. As the mother of twins, Lisa shines at capturing moments in pregnancy and early life. She shares her talents with many local charities www.photographybylisak.com

San Diego

Robert has been a published writer for over thirty years and has been providing editing services for the past twenty-five. As a musician, he has written scores of songs. His life has revolved around his music and writing, often melding the two into articles and interviews.

Ruth Carter Szakaly

Lisa K Miller


Robert Tussey

Rob Weinberg



Jeani Zuber

Carol LeBeau

Carol LeBeau spent close to 30 years as a beloved fixture on San Diego News. Today she is enjoying her retirement, as well as a second career as an in demand speaker at functions throughout San Diego. In addition to her many speaking engagements, Carol is a columnist for San Diego Woman speaking about life after her news career.

Lisa Matar

A San Diego State University graduate has lived in San Diego since 1997. After graduating with a degree in Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, she put her skills to work in the real estate industry. After enjoying a successful career, she retired and began fashion writing and blogging San Diego events. She currently resides in Scripps Ranch with her husband and two young children.

Jeani spent close to 30 years as a successful professional in the marketing and business development fields, which included both medical and private sector Martha Perez companies. As project Martha stays busy with commanager she also designed munity volunteer projects, book and wrote the content for club and fellowship groups, all promotional marketing fitness and personal-growth materials. Presently retired activities, mentoring young she takes great pleasure adults, and advocacy in health in her second career as a issues. gifted free-lance writer for She earned her Doctor of several publications. She is Pharmacy degree and ‘retired’ currently writing a book. as a hospital administrator to care for her family. Writing poetry sparked her love of writing and she enjoys writing stories from a woman's heart point of view.

Linda Brumley is a writer who divides her time between San Diego and Seattle. She and her husband of 52 years. raised their family in San Diego. Her recently published book of devotionals for women is called “My Beggar’s Purse.”

Bill Edmett Bill is the CEO of Intelibiz Business Solutions, Inc. with over thirty years of experience in database programming and custom business software. Intelibiz specializes in database websites utilizing SQL Server, MS Access and ASP.Net. You can visit his company’s website at www.intelibiz.com.

Jaime V. Habert

Jaime is a music enthusiast is a music enthusiast and serves as Entertainment Edito for San Diego Woman. She has plans to pursue a degree in Business Management. She is a freelance writer, who takes every opportunity to write about the subject she loves.

Linda Brumley

Hannah Cunningham Glenda Batzer

Glenda holds a B.S. in Molecular Biology and has worked in scientific research for more than 17 years. A transplant from Massachusetts in 2004. In her spare time, she is learning to play golf and enjoys writing human interest stories.

Hannah Cunningham is a contributing writer, humorist, and educator in the San Diego area. She relocated from Chicago 5 years ago after receiving a Masters in English as well as a Masters in Education and started her teaching career in Solana Beach. A writer at her core, Hannah's favorite hobby is finding and recording the humor in women's everyday lives and relationships.

Woman San Diego

Letters Editor to the

Carol LeBeau’s article on her battle with Breast Cancer, could not have come at a better time. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be operated on this coming month. It helped me to see that it is a disease that you can survive and get past. Thanks Carol for your bravery! Mary from Coronado I Feel Guilty all the Time was such a well written article. Why do women always absorb so much guilt from every event around us? It’s time for us to be proud and not guilty about all we do in a day. Linda from Escondido Women Friendly Physicians, now that is a great concept. I have dealt with some serious medical issues in the past year and have been to see many different doctors. I wish I had your list in hand then. Many of the doctors, although very knowledgeable, did not take the time to explain the ramifications of the medical treatments I was facing. Though I hope I will not need it in the future. Having a list available is great! Thanks to all those special doctors. Angel from Pacific Beach


I never understood what a “Cloud” was and felt stupid when co-workers discussed it. Thanks for the article which enlightened me and brought me up to speed. Joanne from San Marcos Bitchin & Moaning was so spot on. It is amazing how many waiters and waitresses utter the same annoying comments to us as we sit down to enjoy a quiet meal. I appreciate their concern, but perhaps they can get some new lines to memorize? Edna from Del Mar I felt such a camaraderie with the article “A Career Quake”. I lost my administrative job after 22 years and I was so devastated. I learned a lot about myself in the process and I enjoyed hearing how another woman handled this crisis. Thanks San Diego Woman, you always know what the women need to hear. Lana from San Diego I love the article Lust Lost and the writer who penned it. It is too true. I want to read more from this writer. Julianna from San Diego One of my favorite sections in your magazine is Fabulous Finds and I love learning about the unique items and services mentioned. I bought a few “designer duds” for my poodle and next time I will bring him by to play with other dogs. Anna from Poway Women are amazing! The more I read about the accomplishments that women have made throughout history the more I want to scream out that we are definitely not the weaker sex. Reading the story on Marguerite Higgins reinforced my opinion. Thanks for helping women to see how much we have accomplished and how much more we can accomplish in the future. Debra from Temecula Date Night in San Diego was so refreshing. My boyfriend and I are always sitting around trying to come up with new things to do on the weekends. We now have some new ideas. Thanks so much. Carmen from Rancho Bernardo

Tequila, It’s Not Just for Men Anymore

Spencer Wright, "The Man Behind The Phenomenon"

By Judith A. Habert

San Diego

When you first meet Spencer Wright, you can’t help but like him. After a few moments of speaking with him, not only do you like him, you just want to give him a great big hug. Spencer Wright is a man of many talents, much history, and great big smiles. Born in San Diego, but raised in Mexico, Spencer has had a very diverse and prestigious career. With his recent marriage to the love of his life, Joan, it appears that he is starting yet another chapter in his life. Spencer and his beautiful wife Joan exude love, and seem to take the most pleasure in the fact that their current endeavors allow them to work side by side. Spencer currently owns a holding company called Del Pacifico Marketing Group Inc., with companies that focus on food, fashion, import/ export, marketing and advertising and most important to us ladies… liquor. Spencer Wright had an epiphany a few years ago. He realized that women are totally left out when it comes to one of the biggest industries worldwide, liquor. As Spencer explains, “Women are ignored in the liquor industry. Most liquor is targeted to men, but women enjoy drinking as much as men, yet there is no specific product designed, engineered and diligently filtered for women. This is no longer the case. We are very proud to unveil our newest product Pink Tequila.” Pink Tequila is treated with kid gloves, held up to exacting standards, and filtered through a unique method to guarantee that it is the smoothest Tequila on the market. To assure this, Spencer brought into his distillery a very special filtration system. “In creating a women’s Tequila I knew it was important that it was as smooth a Tequila


Photos by Lisa K Miller

9 as we could possibly create. In order to assure this, I ordered a special filtration system from Raycor, a company well known for providing filtration systems to hospitals worldwide. They utilize super micro-carbon filters. Our Pink Tequila is run through this system four times-utilizing water from our own wells for additional purity.” Spencer has been in the liquor business for over two decades and to many he is simply referred to as “The Tequila Man.” Over the years he has worked with most of the major liquor distributors, and has held his distilleries to very high standards. When other manufacturers were looking for ways to speed up the twelve year maturation process for Tequila with the use of chemical additives, Spencer stood his course and continued the age old methods of producing quality Tequila. As a result, many of the largest Tequila manufacturers were forced to come to Spencer to acquire his Tequila, since their crops had been destroyed.


Referred to as “Our Spencer,” by all of the women who work with him, his attorney Patricia Verdugo Loya filled us in on his latest accomplishment. “Our Spencer has just been awarded a major agreement with Slaur International from France. His company has taken over, from another major importer here in the US, as importer of choice for their extensive portfolio of spirits. This is a major accomplishment for him and all, due to his incredible reputation and work ethic. Slaur is one of the largest exporters in Europe with top of the line or premium wine & spirits; one can only be proud of him.” Spencer is a hands-on business owner. He will not carry an alcohol product in his line unless he personally likes it. One of their most popular Tequilas, an Almond Tequila, received rave reviews from his customers. Spencer does not take his business lightly. If he is not enamored by the product, it is rejected and he will move on. He will never put his name on anything that he does not 100% believe is the best product out there. Even when first starting out in the liquor business, he did not operate in a conventional manner. Spencer and his partner did what, at the time, was unthinkable; they went from state to state, and restaurant to restaurant, introducing their line of products. They did not rely on a sales staff, but were hands-on every step of the way. This earned them a high level of respect. The same is true today in his decision to produce a “Women’s Tequila.” Spencer notes, “The team at the distillery were quickly losing patience with me. Time after time they would bring me samples and I would turn them down insisting it was not smooth enough.” After four long years of diligent work to get the Tequila to reach his exacting standards, Pink Tequila was born. One of the most interesting facts I learned about Spencer was that he is strongly opposed to the use of women in print advertising to sell liquor. “As everyone knows, many companies believe that sex sells, so they place a scantily clad woman holding a bottle of liquor as a way to promote their product. I feel it does just the opposite. Besides objectifying women, most viewers of these ads will remember the beautiful woman, and forget the name of the product.” Spencer lives by this rule in all of the advertising he has done for himself and other companies over the years that contracted his advertising and marketing services. “In studies done, it was shown that sales grew considerably when instead of highlighting the sexy woman, you highlighted the product.” Many major companies have taken his lead and toned down the sexy ads for one that highlights what they are actually selling. The women around him all seem to recognize this as a standout characteristic. Attorney Patricia Verdugo Loya had this to share with us. “ I represent 'Our Spencer' in Mexico and he has become one of Mexico's favorite "Son's.' Like in Europe & Mexico, he has become special as an advocate for women’s rights and always exhibits a strong business ethic. By this I mean not using women as sex objects to promote a product or brand. As a woman, I am proud of his manner of business.” Aside from Spencer’s many business holdings; which include a clothing line, a food line, liquor distilleries, an import and export company, and a marketing and advertising agency, he still manages time to devote to a large number of worthy charities. He is a man who has spent his life giving back to those less fortunate. I witnessed his compassion and watched his eyes well up with tears as he shared some of the atrocities he has witnessed over the years, and the passion he felt to change the lives of those who couldn’t do so without some help. He is happy that he has been able to help change some of these lives for the better. Thank you Spencer Wright for focusing your efforts on women, and now even giving us a liquor we can call our own. Pink Tequila is made for women, but as Spencer adds, “It is a product made for women, but if you feel like it, you can also

share it with those important men in your life.” Pink Tequila is crystalclear all natural and made from the Blue Weber Agave plant. Spencer’s effort to create the perfect Tequila was surely a huge success. You will agree once you take a sip of the first Tequila that we can truly call our own. To find out more about Pink contact Del Pacifico Marketing Group, Inc. at 858 500 2495. Editor’s Note: Rarely do I receive unsolicited accolades about a subject when I interview them, but a few days following our interview I received an email from Brittney, one of the many women that Spencer has helped over the years. She had heard that we were doing an article on him and felt she just needed to provide some insight. After speaking with Brittney I learned that she was the person responsible for bringing Spencer and Joan together, pretending to be Spencer online and carrying on an internet conversation with Joan for several months before she came clean. Today they are happily married newlyweds. She shared the following with me: “Spencer has done so much for women through a very private foundation. for which he is the sitting director: He has helped battered women and children, homeless children in various orphanages, and even provided assistance to schools both in the US and Mexico. Coming from a very well known and prominent family in Mexico, he is very low key about where he comes from. Yet he will use his influence to help others in need. In all the years I have known him, not once has he ever turned his back on friends in need. I guess you might say he is a man for all seasons and many of us feel he is just that. Yes, he was there for everyone including me; I come from a foster home and he too changed my life as he has done for many. Being there for so many truly makes him special. He has such respect for women, that most men should take notice. He is such a gentleman.”

• I learned that Tequila is produced in 5 regions in Mexico, most of it in Jalisco. • Different regions of Mexico utilize different agave plants; there are both blue agave and green agave. • These plants are highly advanced and know that they need to hibernate as soon as the weather gets cold, but once spring brings the warmer temperatures the plants grow like crazy. • Unknown to most people Agave is not a cactus; it is a cousin to the water Lilly. Years ago The indians trying to escape the brutal Aztec rule, left to find a haven in the highlands of Jalisco. There they found lagoons filled with Agave plants that were laying in water. They pulled them out and threw them up on a hill where they began to grow. • In appearance, the Agave Plant resembles a pineapple, like the ones that grow in Hawaii. • The Agave plant is very dangerous since it is covered in needles. At the tip is a needle often used by the Indians for sewing. • Tequila was originally used for medicinal purposes. • Surprisingly, it was not the Mexicans who discovered Tequila, it was the Spaniards. Their liquor was brandy, but they ran out and saw the Agave plant and tried cooking it and then letting it ferment. Pretty soon it was very potent and they called it “Vino de Tequila.” • Once the Spaniards were kicked out of Mexico the Mexican people found out about this amazing plant and started producing their own “Vino de Tequila,” but they dropped the Vino (or wine) reference and simply called it Tequila. • Tequila is meant to be sipped and not gulped. And one last bit of information I learned, which will definitely make the men at that cocktail party impressed by your extensive knowledge of Tequila, is that the tradition of drinking Tequila with a lime and salt sprinkled on your hand was begun due to a movie produced during the silent film era. A Mexican film star, while being chased by the police, was exhausted and slipped into a saloon for a drink. Thinking the pitcher was filled with water he took a huge sip and was then desperately trying to find a way to recover. He tries lime and then salt to cool his mouth. Along the way this method was adopted and is now considered proper Tequila drinking protocol.

is that a mold will be taken to prepare an apparatus, which the patient will sleep with to correct the problem causing the pain. This often takes several weeks to be made, so subsequently the patient continues to suffer until the appliance is ready for him or her to take home. The Quicksplint™ allows the ailing patient to leave the doctor’s office with an immediate solution to their problem, hence putting them out of pain much sooner. What exactly is the Quicksplint™? It is a transitional discluding device intended to be worn by the patient overnight. It reduces posterior bite force, thus fostering an immediate and pronounced relaxation in the masticatory muscles. Quicksplint™ is simple to fabricate- taking only minutes –and completely comfortable for the patient to wear. Not only does the Quicksplint™ help with TMJ, but it can also be useful as new treatment protocol for Endodontic, Periodontic, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, to decrease post-operative complications, protect restorations, and address occlusal trauma at the time of surgery. In a few short minutes, your doctor or dentist can fit the appliance specifically to your bite. It is placed in your mouth allowing you to bite down on the soft pliable bite registration material. When it is removed it is molded to your exact bite. It will harden quickly and after any excess material is removed it is ready for the patient to take home and use that very night. So not only does this product provide instant relief for the patient, it also allows your doctor to see if oral appliance therapy will work for you, avoiding a costly purchase that may not be of any help in solving your problem. Thank you Dr. Eli for creating such a useful product that not only helps to get patients out of pain sooner, but also helps avoid a costly purchase, which may not be needed as part of the patient’s treatment. For more information contact Dr. Brad Eli’s office in Encinitas at 760 436 6365. Dr. Eli is a nationally recognized leader in sleep disorders treatment and pain management. He is on the hospital staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla and UCSD. A graduate of UCLA, Dr. Eli received advanced training in sleep disorders. He remains the only expert with this unique skill set in the San Diego region. Dr. Eli is a member of numerous professional associations including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He holds multiple patents in the fields of both sleep and pain.

San Diego

During our interview I learned some very interesting facts about Tequila that I just had to pass on to our readers. Now that we have our own delicious Tequila, we should have some interesting facts to share at a cocktail party while sipping our “Women Only” Tequila.

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Brad Eli

It always amazes me at the ingenuity when a new product is created. The Quicksplint™ is a great innovative idea, especially since it is an item that helps put people out of pain. I first came upon this unique device when I was one of those people suffering pain. The doctor who helped introduce me to this item was Dr. Brad Eli, who holds the patent on this unique device. I was a patient of Dr. Eli’s, suffering from several symptoms, which led Dr. Eli to believe that this invention would be of help in easing the suffering I was experiencing. TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a very common disorder in our country today with over 10 million individuals suffering from this ailment. What generally happens when you visit a doctor or dentist with this complaint,


Facts you need to know about Tequila

The Quicksplint™


Jo Dee C. Jacob by Carol LeBeau They say a moving target is hard to hit and no one is more on the move these days than Jo Dee C. Jacob, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts San Diego. Girl Scouts just concluded its 100th Anniversary year. Jacob led San Diego’s high-octane birthday celebration, re-igniting excitement in the iconic organization that’s helped mold the lives of millions of women and girls. Now in her 11th year at the helm of Girl Scouts San Diego, Jacob’s passion for girls to grow in courage, confidence and character has not waned. She believes the organization is as relevant as ever.


for her unparalleled leadership skills. Highly regarded by her staff and volunteers, Jacob leads with a servant’s heart. And like all Girl Scouts, she’s friendly, courteous and loves to have fun. But the charismatic J acob also brings a unique set of skills and life experiences to her role as Girl Scouts San Diego’s CEO. Before taking the helm at Girl Scouts, Jacob spent most of her career in the Navy as a woman alone… literally in a “sea” of men. At nearly every station where she was assigned, she was the first or only woman. Jacob retired in 2001 with experience in politico-military affairs, logistics, education and training.

“Our bedrock values have not changed,” says Jacob. “The Girl Scout Promise and Law are timeless in their relevance.” When first-grader Jo Dee Catlin joined her Brownie troop in New London, CT, she pledged to be honest, fair, and responsible. Those tenets of the Girl Scout Law still guide Jacob as she leads 31,000 girls, 13,000 adults and 115 professional staff members in San Diego and Imperial counties. Under Jacob’s tenure, the first successful Girl Scout capital campaign raised nearly $6 million to improve properties, and, rebranding efforts have positioned Girl Scouts San Diego as one of the leading charities in the region. Jacob, 61, is an accomplished, hard-working professional known

Her career path wasn’t exactly typical for a Stanford graduate during the early ’70s. “I was a Navy kid,” Jacob recalls, “and I often felt out of place during that politically tumultuous time.” An art history major, Jacob didn’t intend to make the military her career. After graduating, she fell into an economy that looked much like today’s…finding work at a variety of jobs from retail clerk to church organist. In 1974, Jacob joined the Navy to, as she says, “make money, meet men, and travel!” She adapted well to the adventure and variety offered in the military. Her initial two-year commitment became a stellar 27-year career, culminating as commanding officer of the naval station in Guam, where she provided fuel, weapons and logistics support for the 7th Fleet. Jacob believes her military experience set the stage for her position with Girl Scouts.

Today, Jo Dee Jacob continues to return the favor…motivating girls and young women to become tomorrow’s leaders. “Girl Scouts involves far more than cookies, crafts and camping,” she explains. “We’re about leadership, careers and community service.”

Self-deprecating and funny, Jacob is someone I liked from the moment I met her. With her high-energy, positive-attitude, can-do spirit, it’s hard not to be attracted to the human dynamo with a broad smile, sparkling eyes and brilliant shock of short, blonde hair. Actually, what first caught my eye was her hair: super-shiny…. literally glistening in the sunlight. I knew right away we were kindred spirits. That telltale sheen is found only on the hair of someone who spends time in chlorinated swimming pools. Indeed, Jacob revealed she works out regularly at the Naval Hospital pool, often sharing a lane with wounded warriors. “They’re such amazing athletes,” says Jacob.

Girl Scouts is beginning its second century by launching “ToGetHerThere,” a multiyear advocacy and fundraising cause campaign to help break down societal barriers that hinder girls from leading and achieving success. Girl Scouts is asking all adult members of society — parents, corporations, governments, and nonprofits — to help girls reach their leadership potential and place this urgent issue front and center on the national agenda. “We all have a role to play in helping girls achieve their full leadership potential,” says Jacob. “When girls succeed, so does society.” Former Girl Scout Carol LeBeau served as Chair and Promise Leader of San Diego’s celebration of Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary.

Our shared passion for swimming paved the way for what’s become a fun and enriching friendship. “Make New Friends” aren’t just words sung around a campfire for Jacob. She never forgets a friend. On vacation, Jo Dee mails postcards to 100 friends and Girl Scout supporters.: In a digital age, she hand-writes more than 20 personal “snail mail” notes and letters every week. She says she mourns the dying art of thank you notes and phone etiquette. At age five, the self-described “born leader” honed her skills miming the preacher at church…then became a woman in leadership before it was fashionable. Although she had few female role models, she persevered in a world of men. “For every dinosaur out there, there were five egalitarian men who helped me succeed.”

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Jacobs.

San Diego

“The only real difference?” says Jacob, “I issue Thin Mints, not Tomahawk missiles.”

The successful leader believes in empowering people to succeed and celebrating their success. “I always surround myself with people smarter than I am,” she says.


“I was in charge of heads and beds, grass and trash, roads and commodes,” she humbly quips, “not to mention housing perks and fireworks, parking lots and cemetery plots.” As Girl Scouts’ CEO, Jacob says, she’s still in charge of properties — including the 13-acre headquarters in Balboa Park, two camps in the mountains, and satellite facilities in Carlsbad, Escondido and El Centro — personnel and those 13,000 adult volunteers…not to mention the logistics of the iconic Girl Scout cookie drive.

In addition to her CEO duties, Jacob is president of the 528-member San Diego Rotary Club and wife of 34 years to husband, Glenn and she maintains a fitness regimen that would break most 30 year-olds! How does she do it all? “I don’t ‘do it all,’” Jacob confides. “Sleep is very important. Glenn is the homemaker. And at work, I delegate authority.”


Bitchin’ & Moaning


By Judith A. Habert

Is that Call for Me? The other day I got home from work just in time to catch my son and daughter in a winner take all battle of the siblings. I am not going to say it was the first time this has happened, matter of fact it is more likely that I will walk in on one of their notorious fights than not . What is it about brothers and sisters that cause this constant bickering to occur? I would say it is the male vs. female thing, but when my older daughter lived at home the fighting ensued with my two girls as well. The difference was that within ten minutes they would be joking and hugging again. This isn’t the same with the other two; they do eventually start speaking civilly but it could take days or weeks. What amazes me even more is the fact that if the phone rings for either of them, the loud raucous sound of them yelling insults at each other instantly disappears and their voices sound like nothing is wrong, especially if the caller on the other end is a member of the opposite sex or a friend or colleague from work. I do think my daughters can accomplish this better than my son. There is a very good reason for this and that is that women have the “phone voice” in their genes. Now, if you think about it, we have all heard it. There you are sitting at the dining table when your daughter, sister, aunt, or mother gets a work related phone call. Suddenly, the woman you have been carrying on a conversation with for the last hour, whose voice is so deep normally that she is often mistaken for a man, picks up the phone and

a new person emerges. This high pitched, new extremely feminine, perhaps even prepubescent voice comes out of her mouth. You spin your head around amazed at what you are hearing, then you think about it for a moment and realize that yes, you too have the “phone voice.” Some refer to it as the “work voice,” but either way it is definitely not the voice that you use in the house with family. Perhaps, women believe that if they sound more feminine and younger they will be thought to be so by the person on the other end of the phone. The irony is that this phone voice occurs even when we are speaking on the phone with people who know us, see us every day, and know exactly what we look like. The funny part is that once the call ends, the voice goes back to what it was before. So on this particular day when I walked in on the fight, the phone rang, the fight momentarily paused and as soon as the call was over, my daughter went from feminine, professional high pitched executive assistant, to New Jersey House wife during one of their numerous family brawls. Is this something that is inbred or do we learn it? My vote is inbred, since the voice change occurs when we are little girls who want Daddy to do something for us or buy a special toy. We do it to boyfriends when we are trying to get them to see the movie we want or take us to the restaurant we want or even go with us to a family barbeque. I sit here trying to think why it is that we need this special voice? Maybe it is a mask we wear so that we can compete in a male oriented business world? Or maybe we just want to show how multifaceted we are; we can be a down to earth housewife or a high level executive. Why the voice change should promote this I have yet to figure out. I suppose it will be one of those mysteries that may never get solved. Unfortunately, I need to go break up another fight….darn kids - I wish the phone would ring.

San Diego Woman Magazine’s Women in Business Directory Women in Business Statistics

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• 7.8 million is the number of women owned businesses in the United States. • From 1997 to 2007, women-owned firms grew 44%--twice as fast as men-owned firms. • 77% of women founded their own businesses. Of these, 72% have never owned businesses before. • 58% of women small business owners do not have a bachelor’s degree. • Nearly 2/3 of women owned businesses have full-time paid employees.


San Diego Woman would like to acknowledge the wonderful accomplishments made by the Women of San Diego. Women are leaving their mark across the country breaking out into their own businesses and making them successful. A recent report noted that women owned businesses represent one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy. Read the statistics and give yourself a huge pat on the back. Women are making a difference every single day!



By Ruth Szakaly All photos provided by Lisa K. Miller

On the outside, Suite P of 12225 World Trade Drive looked like any other corporate office building. The minute I walked inside the office of Photography by Lisa K, my world was transformed. Lisa K. Miller, owner/artist, greeted me with a welcoming smile. The portraits on the walls invited me to share intimately the lives of her family and friends: Cherished moments that “tell the stories” in people’s lives. Lisa’s own life has come full circle. The moment her twin girls were born, she started capturing memories through pictures. Lisa’s father had died when she was thirteen years old leaving only seven photos of him. These pictures became treasures for the family. Lisa learned first-hand the value of cherishing family memories with photography. She didn’t start out planning to be in this business. It just evolved. Initially she took classes at Palomar College, just for fun. While she was there she discovered that people were willing to pay for her images. She got certified and accepted a part time job with J.T. MacMillan, a professional photographer. She was having fun. Lisa became involved in professional organizations such as Professional Photographers of San Diego County and Women in Creative Photography. She was blessed to meet Abby Chamberlain, another mother of twins. Abby was a masterful portrait artist who became an amazing mentor for Lisa. Today Lisa networks with other professionals. She is committed to giving to others and is developing a program that will “give back” to the community. Lisa’s twin girls are now in college. She and Darius, her husband of over twenty five year, are experiencing the empty nest syndrome. She is doing what she loves, growing her business and having fun. Photography by Lisa K has always been a “family affair”. She started with a studio in her home “When the

portraits took over the house”, in 2011, she moved to her current office. Lisa’s clients quickly become friends. She knows she’s been successful when they see their pictures and get emotional. Lisa is honored to be part of their lives. She watches their family’s grow and experiences their special events. Her business focuses on portraits of pregnancy, newborn, family, high school senior and executive portraits. She delivers a personal touch, giving people something they love and will treasure for generations. Despite Lisa’s passion, there have been challenges. Marketing today - in a world of social media and digital technology requires different strategies. Today she works her business plan and continues to focus on getting new business. Keeping up with current marketing trends can be a full time job. In today’s world people don’t print pictures. Lisa fears that we won’t capture treasured memories in the lives of our families and friends. When Lisa creates a portrait, it is heirloom quality. She creates an experience in which the location, lighting, emotion, and memories come to life.

By Joseph Patti

There’s something that I am grateful for and will be my life through. It is the gentle lovely warmth that emanates from you. It lifts my spirits just to know that you are still my friend. Through all that I have done ‘til now may have caused it all to end. Yes, I’ll be ever grateful child Long as this earth I trod. For all that you have done for me You are my gift from God. He sent you into this sick life To keep me safe and warm. To take away my every strife And guide me through each storm. May life be kind to you my child with joy to never cease I wish for you God’s very best of health and joy and peace.

Wineries on the Southern Coast By Jim Mutton

love.” She went on to say, “I learned that the hard way. When you try to do everything yourself, the risk of burn-out is high.” Her husband describes her as, “always trying to achieve excellence." “Everyone has a story.” Lisa K. Miller uses her creativity to turn those stories into timeless treasures.

Did you know there is a local winery right here in coastal San Diego County? Not just a wine store, but a full-fledged winery? This winery crushes the grapes, ferments the juice, and ages and bottles the wines. True, the grapes come from the best areas of California for vineyards, but Carruth Cellars on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach performs the full operation for many of its vintages, and produces wines from an oaked chardonnay to full-bodied reds. Who would have thought? Wine tasting at the beach, anyone?

San Diego

I asked Lisa to share her “words of wisdom” for women who want to be business owners. She hesitated, thoughtfully and said, “Make sure you are doing something you are passionate about and love doing...surround yourself with people who do the things you don’t



Lisa is an accomplished artist and photographer. She has won numerous awards both in her professional and personal life. It can be difficult when work is “crazy busy”, especially before the holidays. Over the years, Lisa has been flexible and tried to schedule herself for those important things as their lives changed. She was committed to being present for her family’s events, like Girl Scouts and sports. Life balance isn’t perfect, but you do the best you can. Lisa involved her girls in the business. She proudly states “My kids have seen in me, a strong role model... you can do both career and family.”



SONALI SONI Freelance Artist/Owner, Sonali Design Studio By Martha Perez

Sonali Soni is creative. It stands to reason why she is the Creative Director for San Diego Woman Magazine. Her talent is evident in her Sonali Design Studio business portfolio and most certainly in the layout of each issue of San Diego Woman Magazine. I asked her when she recognized her creative side and her reply did not surprise me. “As soon as I could pick up a pencil I started drawing. My mom encouraged me and there were paints around the house since she was a landscape artist. As a child, I would pick up magazines to copy images. At school I always took art as an elective.” When Sonali was old enough to venture off to college, she packed her bags and moved to the opposite side of the country of her birth, India. Her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Sonali attended college and received her undergraduate degree in

Art. She pursued a Masters degree in Design with a specialty in Textiles, designing fabrics for fashion houses and others. She also designed scarves, saris and fabrics for a multitude of uses. “People have faith in me, in my talent. I am asked to do jobs that are outside the usual, and I deliver a product they are happy with. I like thinking outside the box. As I challenged myself to expand and work with all types of media, my job became very gratifying. It is a passion.” Sonali met her husband, Nakul, an engineer, in college. After a short courtship and wedding, they packed their bags, TWO bags she said emphatically to make her point, and moved to San Diego to start a new life. She received her certification in Digital Design from the University of California, San Diego. She worked for UCSD Cancer Center in charge of digital design, illustrations, presentations and photographs.

"Jewels" Mixed Media on paper

Generally, the design field is male dominated. Sonali said she bumps into more male designers than female, but the landscape is changing. “I stand out by the quality of the work I produce. It represents and speaks for me because of my background in both art and design making it unique. It is important to attend school to get a design education, giving you a reference point to tap into later on in your career.” Sonali Design Studio specializes in print, web, illustration, murals and custom color evaluation. Educating the client is important to her. She does it by relating to the process of getting dressed with clothing that match their taste and evoke emotion. A lot of people have influenced her style of work. Sonali leans toward abstract expressionists. She is flexible with expression to meet her client’s needs, and this is when her two degrees, art and design, come into play to blend the two for the best possible outcome. “You create art for art’s sake, but you design based on a request from a client. It is an art to match and blend the client’s needs and point of view. Often, I play psychologist and listen to a client for a long time without interrupting to assess the feel of the client. Then the first question I ask my client is what colors do you really, really dislike? I move from there to pick colors and begin the design process.” I asked her when she knows a project or job is done. “It is never done. I have to walk away. You can damage more than you can improve.” In graphic design the client gets three rounds for review and approval; for murals, she provides sketches for the client’s approval and clients signs off on it. Each of the steps provides a sign off requirement that is necessary for moving forward with the project with accountability from both her and the client. Sonali’s greatest creation is her son. “My son, Shaan, is my number one priority. I had already achieved so much before he came, so I am satisfied with my accomplishments. Being a mom has changed me. My son has totally changed me. I balance my duties by working at night to be more productive. I am a different human being and I have learned how to optimize my time and I don’t waste a second. I choose my moments wisely now. Emotionally my son has softened me. He is my vulnerability.” There is so much love in her voice, whenever her son is mentioned. Sonali came about her role as Creative Director for San Diego Woman Magazine when, in 2006, she was invited by a neighbor familiar with her background in art, and was matched up with Judith Habert, Editor in Chief-- to start a magazine. “I direct the photo shoots, ads, layout of magazine and piece together the final product. It is a one-stop shop for me when usually it requires a team to do it. I have the drive and passion for the magazine.”

Besides her full life with family, her business and magazine responsibilities, Sonali contributes to the community. “Before my son, I was very active in Rotary and now I am in charge of all their graphic design needs, such as posters used for the literacy campaign and other print materials. It makes me humble to be of service. We can get caught up with our lives of plenty, that we forget how others live. Contributing service to others is important to me. I look forward to do more as my son grows up.” Her dream project or job is to have a huge design studio and to manage all aspects of design— to have a one-stop shop. Specifically, her dream project is “any project with a big budget!” I asked her if she has a pet project that steals her away from her to-do list despite deadlines. “Murals and paintings call me. Hands on and getting dirty with paint is exactly what I gravitate to. I enjoy all facets of my job. I am passionate about EVERYTHING I do.” Would you say you are doing exactly what you always wanted to do professionally? “Yes and no. Yes because I am designing and creating. No because I need to expand my business and capture more opportunities. I am on a path to reach my goals and find it very exciting.” Sonali gives this advice to aspiring artists today, “Be true to yourself and follow your passion. Take business courses, at least one, to learn about the real business world and how to market your business.” That’s exactly what she has done and now enjoys the fruits of her dedication and hard work. Indeed, Sonali Soni is creative.

San Diego

Sonali had many supporters who gave her the confidence to pursue her dream of having her own business. “Starting a business in design can be difficult because creative hours, and the process to create, are not tangible like most products. Clients do not witness the creative process at play late at night or in the studio. They only get to see the work in progress and the final product, so you have to prove yourself to them.” Sonali recommends taking a business course before starting any business to learn the complexities of marketing, bookkeeping and managing a business.

Many of us gravitate towards creative outlets for fun and relaxation. I asked Sonali how she relaxes when she is not creating. “I paint for me. Right now I am working on a mural in my home. It has taken me a while to finish, but I use every free moment I can get. Stain glass projects are also a hobby of mine. I love books. I am currently reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. This book was recommended by a friend and I am loving it.”


She was attracted to the medical environment and the scientific images until one day over a Christmas vacation she decided that the medical side of art was not for her after all. During this time she was also a production designer for an independent film company. “I learned a lot working on this award winning film and production company.”



Beverly Weurding

Everyone Deserves to Dance By Judith A. Habert They twirl across the dance floor - moving as if they had wings. They don’t, but they do have wheels. The event was a performance by San Diego’s Wheelchair Dancers Organization (WDO). Not only was this a wonderful event, but it was at this function that WDO set a world record when the grand finale included a Flash Mob of 38 Rollers and Walkers performing to “Stand By Me.” Until this show I had not known of the organization’s existence. After seeing this amazing spectacle, I didn’t understand how I could have not known of them. I and could honestly admit to myself that here I was with two perfectly good legs and there was no way I could have performed with the agility and grace that I witnessed from these amazing dancers. President and Founder Beverly Weurding was on hand to tell me a bit about this amazing organization and how it came to be. “Our organization is five years old and it started with my dream and my desire to dance again. You see, I had been an able bodied individual until my mid 50’s when muscular dystrophy restricted me to a wheelchair. Up until then, one of my favorite things to do was to dance. The thought of never being able to do that again made me sad.” When Beverly’s illness confined her to a wheelchair she suddenly realized how cruel life can be for physically challenged, wheelchair confined individuals. As she notes, “It took me a full year of isolating myself because I didn’t know how to be disabled. I had no friends who were disabled. It was tough having people look over me as if I didn’t exist, as if I was not even a person.” It was at this point that Beverly dug deep and listened to her inner voice, which told her she had to do something. She had heard about wheelchair dancing but had no idea what it was. She decided to find out everything she could. “I did a lot of research on the computer. I found that there was only one dance studio in the country that offered ballroom and Latin wheelchair dancing. I got in touch with them and was able to find a dance instructor who was willing to walk my dream with me.” She knew from that day that she would dance again and no one could stop her. As evident in the performance, they have come a long way in just five short years. “We have so much more that we want to do. We want to reach out to the young people, go into schools and work with special needs children and disabled youth. We want to work with veterans and wounded warriors. Encouraging anyone with a disability to know they can achieve whatever they put their minds to.” Beverly acknowledged those who have stepped up to help her make her dream a reality. Wheelchair dancing requires specialty chairs which allow more movement and freedom and makes it easier for the dancers to give their best performance. The Sharp Grossmont Hospital Foundation, has secured several organizations to cover the costs

of offering free, on-going ballroom and Latin wheelchair dance classes throughout San Diego “Ten wheelchairs were donated by the Christopher Reeve Foundation. The specialty wheelchairs are cambered in such a way that we can turn more readily. If an individual cannot transfer out of their wheelchair on their own the many volunteers who work with us will help lift them out of their chairs and into the specialty chairs.” I asked Beverly, if she had the opportunity to speak out to all of our readers, what would she have to say. “I would encourage all of them, if they have someone in their family who is in a wheelchair, or even if they use a walker, we can put them in one of our wheel chairs. That they should definitely look into getting them into one of our classes; it is a mindset at first, if you are in a wheel chair, that you are not going to be able to do anything ever again, not even dance. By coming to our classes they will not only learn to dance with us, but they will meet the greatest group of people. It is a great place to socialize and everyone loves everyone and we just have fun.” Thank you Beverly for helping those who are wheelchair bound to take back their life and walk their dream. Because as it states on their website at www.wheelchairdancers.org, Everyone Deserves to Dance! By popular request, WDO is offering their first evening dance class to accommodate volunteers and wheelchair users who work full-time. This free 8-week dance class starts on Wed., July 3rd and runs to August 21st, 6:00 to 7:00 PM, Grossmont Hospital Auditorium. No registration required. Open enrollment. Join us any Wednesday through August 21st. WDO is the first organization to offer wheelchair dancing in Southern California. Classes are taught by a professionally certified dance instructor, Joe Torres, owner of Angel Dance Studio. WDO promotes the growth and development of wheelchair dancing in San Diego which provides disabled young people and adults of all ages the opportunity to learn the Fox Trot, Rumba, Salsa and Cha-Cha dances with an able-bodied partner. The Wheel Chair Dancing Organization meets every week for classes and social events. Please contact Beverly Weurding at 619-9058488 or email Dance-whisperer@att.net for more information on this dynamic group.

Shay and Star Hughes Focused Perfection

Photos courtesy of Shay Hughes

at Hughes Marino. She was pleasant, smiled and shook my hand and offered me water or coffee. Although she is only 22 she has accomplished more in those short years than many accomplish in an entire lifetime. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration which she completed in only two years and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration which she completed in only one year. Star Hughes is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker. Next we were joined by the Chief Operating Officer, Shay Hughes who happens to be Star’s Mother and the wife of Jason Hughes, President of Hughes Marino. Like her daughter, Shay greeted me warmly and then proceeded to give me a tour. Shay informed me that they had purchased this building only two years before and had completely gutted it and started from scratch. She also told me that she had made all of the interior design decisions for the newly renovated spaces. Shay told me, “Her goal was to have it feel as though you were walking into someone’s home”. Mission accomplished! After the tour we settled in a small conference room to conduct the interview. Star began by telling me about her background and described her role at Hughes Marino. Although she grew up with the business, she has been involved full time for the past 18 months. She is responsible for Client Outreach and conducts tours with potential clients and is involved with the real estate transactions. Shay mentioned that Star is really involved in sales and selling the company when she interacts with clients. Star also told me that she feels incredibly blessed to have her father serve as a mentor to her and for that she feels incredibly lucky. I asked Star: Do you feel that there is a role for social media in Commercial Real Estate? Star replied: “I feel it is important because there are many younger up and coming Business Professionals that are very tuned into social media.” Star’s Mother, Shay entered the conversation as well, “A few years ago we did not think it was applicable or even appropriate in this particular business setting. But Star has pushed us to step into the 21st century. So, yes, absolutely we both believe that social media becomes another important business tool”. Shay Hughes went on to speak about the company as a whole. “The focus of the company both internally and externally is to treat everyone fairly and with dignity and be as inclusive as possible. The Hughes Marino organization treats all of its employees like members of the family, and all of the thirty employees have the same mindset. They all function under a unifying set of ten core values.” Shay also went on to explain that the company feels very fortunate, and as part of being a successful company recognizes there is a need to give back to the community. As part of that effort, Hughes Marino opens its doors as a venue for non- profit organizations to host events. It makes perfect sense; after all they are in a great location with a great renovated space. “We have hosted many events and will continue this tradition for many years to come”, said Shay. From my observations I see that Shay Hughes is a modest and humble woman who acts as the unifying message for the company. That is not surprising given that she is the “Chief Operations Officer”, however, I would also add that Shay Hughes is a visionary, she understands that everyone has a voice and everyone can contribute and you can never truly move forward without looking back. I was quite simply in awe of these two women and the entire Hughes Marino Organization. They are focused on what is best for the entire organization and their surrounding neighborhood, and their commitment to the San Diego Business Community is Perfection.

San Diego


I recently had the privilege of meeting with both the Director and the Chief Operating Officer for a Commercial Real Estate Company named Hughes Marino. The company is located downtown at

By Glenda Batzer

1450 Front Street just at the edge of Little Italy. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Commercial Real Estate involves purchasing or renting any property that would be used to generate an income. Commercial Real Estate companies assist business owners with finding the appropriate space for their needs which occasionally includes expanding into larger spaces. I had done a bit of research about the company before the interview and was already surprised by the list of awards and accolades from the San Diego Business Community that Hughes Marino has received. They have been voted San Diego Business Journal’s “Best Place to Work” and received a “Workplace Excellence Award” and were even voted one of San Diego’s Healthiest Companies. On the day of the interview I parked my car and as I walked through the glass doors and into the center of the business, it was like walking into a beautiful home. There was a living room with big oversized couches and a large flat screen television mounted into built in bookcases. Off to the left there was a huge dining room table and a beautiful kitchen. The area was flanked by large glass walls which let you see into several conference rooms. Even the conference rooms had beautiful tables and lighting. It did not feel like a cold or sterile business environment. It was warm and inviting with a lot of windows and natural light. I was greeted by Star Hughes, who holds the position of Director


Sheri Malvestuto Touched by an Angel By Judith A. Habert Photo courtesy of Sheri Malvestuto

I have often heard the statement, ‘she lights up a room when she walks into it.’ I had always thought it was just an expression or exaggeration - hyperbole. I can now honestly say that this person does actually exist. Her name is Sheri Malvestuto. She is full of smiles and excitement and someone who honestly loves life, even though it has dealt her a few very harsh blows. Sheri is the owner of Visiting Angels, a senior care company, that makes it possible for many women and men to go to work each day,

had been spent caring for her husband, now she was all alone. After some agonizingly lonely days and nights she realized what she needed to do. She had created Bobby’s Way and opened Visiting Angels, providing the same kind of care to strangers that she had provided to Bobby. What started off as a small operation has since grown to a major organization employing over 100 employees who spend their days caring for those who cannot care for themselves. Sheri spends countless hours at work, proving by her cheery demeanor, that this is truly a labor of love. Almost five years have passed and slowly Sheri began to take back her life, finding some time to pursue interests that she had previously enjoyed, one in particular was Salsa dancing. This was not only enjoyable for Sheri, but it was a way to keep in shape. It was also about to change her life - again. It was here that she met a fellow Salsa dancer who Sheri soon found had a heart of gold. Joe was a dance instructor, and Sheri and he quickly hit it off. Of course, before long Sheri found that she could help others even through her love of dance. She soon became very involved in a relatively


secure in the knowledge that their elderly loved ones are well cared for and in Sheri’s case, loved. The origin of Sheri’s company was the result of a situation she was facing in her own life. Sheri’s love of her life, Bobby, a handsome executive and vice president of global operations for HewlettPackard, was suddenly struck with a debilitating disease. The couple lived in Italy, where Bobby was assigned, and they were the idyllic happily married couple living abroad. When Bobby got sick it was Sheri who took care of him day and night. Although family members suggested life would be easier if Sheri found a nursing care center to aid Bobby through his Alzheimer’s type disease, she knew there was no way this was going to happen. In the beginning Sheri worked full time and was reliant on home health care workers. Although some were good, a majority of these workers would show up late or sometimes not at all. Before long, Sheri was forced to quit her job to be Bobby’s full time caretaker. After ten years, Bobby sadly lost the battle with his disease. It was at this point that Sheri found herself lost. Every moment of her time

unknown form of entertainment for the physically challenged known as Wheelchair Dancing. Today she and Joe spend much of their time working with the Wheel Chair Dancing Association. Sheri recently achieved a long time goal, to open a daycare center for the elderly. She recently found the perfect home to pursue her dream, which is now a reality: “Angel House” recently opened its doors and can easily be recognized by the painting of a beautiful set of angel wings on the garage door. Sheri’s “Angel House.” has become a landmark and a place of hope for those who desperately need some help for an elderly parent. A part of this house includes a large dance studio where Joe and Sheri teach wheelchair dancing to many who thought they would never have a chance to dance again. Watching a recent performance I was enchanted with the smiling faces of the dancers as they glided across the dance floor spinning and dipping with Joe and Sheri as their dance partners. Sheri is not only a great woman, a great business woman, and a great friend to all who know her, she truly cares. The name of Sheri’s company could not be more apropos, without a doubt Sheri Malvestuto is an Angel.

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KATHRYN RUDLIN, LCSW Therapist in Private Practice Helping women thrive from the experience of growing up un-mothered. My comprehensive approach addresses healing at all levels; body, mind and spirit. Office location: 10175 Rancho Carmel Drive San Diego, CA 92128 Website: www.ghostmothers. com Contact info: 619.987.5471 krudlinlcsw@att.net INVITING INTERIORS OF SAN DIEGO Carolyn Burdette, The Doctor's Decorator. Redecorating the private practice healthcare provider's office to create a more welcoming environment for their patients. 9921 Carmel Mountain Road # 317, San Diego, CA 92129 United States 858-722-5924 Carolyn@DoctorsDecorator. com www.DoctorsDecorator.com "Transforming the Waiting Room into your Reception Area" METRO CATERING AND EVENT PLANNING Cheryl Phillips Raiken Recognized for exceptional,

LA VITA COMPOUNDING PHARMACY Deb Hubers & Chris Givant "Helping women Live Better Longer through personalized prescriptions" 3978 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92121 858-453-2500 www.LaVitaRx.com info@LaVitaRx.com GERVAIS WATSON LLP Kara L. Gervais, Attorney at Law Real Estate, Business, Litigation 10636 Scripps Summit Court, Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92131 (858) 549-1071 Email: karagervais@gwlawllp. com Website: www.gwlawllp.com DONNA M STEWARD, INC. DBA: Your Real Estate Place Donna M. Steward, California Real Estate Broker and Realtor We have always helped women. We make loans, buy and sell real estate, and we are a property management company. We work with home modifications and short sales. 2911 S. Santa Fe San Marcos, CA 92069 (760) 598-9889 dm-steward@sbcglobal.net SHOP WITH JOY Joy Bell -- Independent Miche Representative The Miche Bag -- Endless

Possibilities™ Always stylish. Always convenient. Always affordable. Always there for you no matter what you're wearing today. It's your new favorite accessory! So you. So now. So Miche 4484 Cynthia Pl San Diego, Ca92105 (619) 818-0710 ShopWithJoy@cox.net www.ShopWithJoy.net VERNETTA'S DANCE STUDIO Vernetta Bergeon Established in 1962, San Diego's oldest and Most celebrated dance studio. Ages 2 thru any age, no one is too old to dance. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Ballroom, First wedding dance. Private and Corporate parties Quality service at an affordable price. Located in the North Park Lions Club 3927 Utah St. San Diego, Ca. 92104, 619-260-1707 ww.vernettadance.com vernettadance@cox.net KAREN DIETZ Business story expert, coaching, training and consulting with leaders and businesses of all types to connect, unite, and inspire people to achieve dramatic new goals. Convey your values, vision, and mission with stories to affect change, engage customers, and grow your business. 2802 Grape Street San Diego, Ca92102 (619) 235-0052 dietz.karen@gmail.com FINANCIAL PLANNING SOLUTIONS, INC. Shelley Lee Boyce, CFP®, AIF® Providing financial services for over 25 years 2784 Gateway Road Suite 102 Carlsbad, CA 92009 (760) 929-1180 slboyce@financialdesign.net www.financialdesigns.net

BRIGHTBODY ULTIMATE FITNESS FOR WOMEN Dana Dansereau Full gym and spa for women of all ages. Group and individual training and classes including SeniorFit, GroupX, Yoga and Pilates. Summer programs for you and your kids. Special classes for special interests such as Managing Menopause, De-Stress with Exercise, Essential Oils and You, and much much more! 5125 Waring Road San Diego, CA 92120 (619) 582-2155 dana.dansereau@brightbody. com www.brightbody.com SAN DIEGO NORTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Debra Rosen President & CEO Building Vibrant Communities Through Stronger Commerce San Diego Women's Week A week of Empowerment, Inspiration and Connection www.sdwomensweek.com 10875 Rancho Bernardo Road Suite 104 San Diego, CA 92127 (858) 487-1767 drosen@sdncc.com


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FINANCIAL FOCUS Gloria Foote, CFP® and Barbara Williams, CFP® 1903 Wright Pl #150, Carlsbad, CA 92008 760 431 3040 barbara.williams@natplan.com www.fifo1.com

healthy cuisine and wonderful service, Metro Catering has the distinctive dedication and style that assures complete satisfaction. Metro Catering 6625 Top Gun Street #101 San Diego, CA 92121 858 626 2800 cheryl@metrocateringsandiego. com http://www.metrocateringsandiego.com


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Trombone Shorty

& Orleans Avenue!

So much more than a great musician

By Debbie Storm

Troy Andrews endearingly known as “Trombone Shorty” has a big heart filled with gratitude, and I must say my time spent with him was inspirational. He recently appeared at Humphreys on the Bay June 17th at the In Concert for Cancer Event, benefitting cancer survivorship programs at Scripps Health and sponsored by United Health Care. He will led his band from funk-rock sounds all the way to Louis Armstrong rave-ups and rounded it off with some traditional jazz. Performances like that tell you why he is headlining all around the world. Growing up in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, Troy was born with music in his blood. He played with brass bands in parades and was a bandleader by age six. He expresses so much love when he talks about all the great musicians like Dr. John, Fats Domino, Uncle Lionel, Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, the Marsalis brothers, the Neville family and other great musicians that took him under their wing. Troy also expressed the influence that non-musical people have had on his music. He states, “They dance a certain way in the neighborhood and they tell me what to play”. Genre-crossing and collaborating with all New Orleans music bringing us his crowd pleasing SuperFunkRock. Troy states, “It is all about celebration and joy and letting the music take over. We’re not trying to do anything besides make some music and put smiles on people’s faces, that is all New Orleans is about. We bring a big party where ever we perform.

26 photo credit: Kirk Edwards

Troy was nominated for a Grammy in 2010; he is a composer, musical director and an actor. He starred in six episodes of the HBO series Treme. He performed the National Anthem at NFL playoff game between The New York Giants and The Atlanta Falcons in 2012. He appeared on live and televised shows playing with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz and more. Appearing on TV and touring the world Troy never loses focus of helping young musicians. His charity, Trombone Shorty Foundation, evolved from The Horns for Schools Project. The foundation helped schools across New Orleans receive quality instruments donated by Troy personally. The Foundation’s mission is “to preserve and perpetuate the unique musical culture of New Orleans by passing down its traditions for generations of musicians.” In December 2012, the Foundation partnered with Tulane University to create an After School Academy to mentor aspiring high school musicians in the New Orleans area and preserve the unique musical culture. In December 2013, Troy will have a book published about his life from age four to eight telling how a musical instrument transformed a young boy’s life. It will benefit the foundation’s mission of nurturing the next generation of musical talents. www.tromboneshortyfoundation.org/ I got together with Troy after he returned home from a photo shoot, in New York, for his new CD coming out in June 2013. He flew to New York from Miami where he had just finished The Kid Rock Chillin’Cruise. Our conversation started by Troy stating “Thank you for even wanting to talk to me”. His laid back charisma comes through as he tells great heart-felt stories. I’ve heard you’ve been quoted as saying “The City of New Orleans raised me.” What is your perspective on that?

them. I’m inspired by these kids and how serious they are about playing music and taking it to the next level. I think most of the kids in the program are very serious about music because they didn’t have to show up after school, but they continue to show up and play music. I just want to give them a chance to do what I am doing and be better and bigger than me. I am just opening the doors for those kids and let their music and their instrument be their passport to the world. I would like to have an impact on them that may help change their lives." How do you see your legacy in Treme? In Treme, they love their musicians and have named a park after Louis Armstrong. In the park there is a picture of the Great Uncle Lionel who the community just lost, he was the King of Treme. I mean I am looking at the picture of Louis Armstrong

San Diego


"Everyone in New Orleans is like family and even if you’re not they treat you like you are family. I remember when I was a kid and walking down the street carrying my trombone about 7 pm and people passing me in their cars would say, ‘Hey boy, do your parents know where you are?’ They would follow me in their car and make sure I got home. Many great musicians took me in when I was a young boy and I would play music with them. My parents and brothers trusted them. I received a lot of input from the community and that is why New Orleans raised me. Just one of those things, it is just a beautiful city and everyone cares for each other, loves each other, and makes you feel like you are a part of their family. It is one of those things I will never forget."


You travel all over the world. How do you keep that New Orleans attitude? "Oh, I don’t know. I think New Orleans is just in my blood. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, it is hard for me to get away from where I have lived for my entire life. You know in New Orleans it is about us just playing music, we are not trying to be stars. We are not trying to do anything besides make some nice music and put smiles on people faces. That is all New Orleans is about. That is what probably keeps me in my New Orleans attitude. I have never forgotten where I come from and what got me where I am." You have unquestionable artistic talents. What is your dream in all of this? "My dream is to become a better musician and give back to the youth of New Orleans and spread that around the world. Hopefully save the lives of some of these kids here in New Orleans. The only way I know how is through music. That is my dream." What is your greatest hope for ‘The Trombone Shorty Foundation?’ "My greatest hope is that all of the kids benefit because of the music brought to

and Uncle Lionel and now they are starting to paint my picture. I’m honored to see my picture. I’m very honored to be where I am in my life right now. When I drive down the streets in the neighborhood I don’t see a lot of kids in the parks playing ball. You know, it may be fun to help restore one of the parks I see around here. Maybe I can redo a park and make it really exciting for some of the kids, put in some swings and basketball courts. It may be something I have to do next because when you do not see kids outside too much something is wrong."


Skin Care Round-Up We were lucky recently to get a bunch of top named skin care products for us to test out. With an office full of women, as they say, of a certain age, we were happy to have the opportunity to test out some anti-aging products, including a moisturizer, an eye serum, a hand treatment cream, and a face scrub. The following were some of the products we tried.

VICHY LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 Anti-aging power serum The claims that are made by the product are so on target. It amazed me how quickly I could see the visible results from using this serum twice a day. The serum is lightweight and silky and makes your face feel better the moment it touches your skin. One of the important ingredients of this serum is Rhamnose in a 10% concentration. Also in this product is hyaluronic acid, ceramides & anti-oxidant rich Vichy Thermal Water. Rhamnose, a naturally derived plant sugar, is proven to stimulate rejuvenation of all skin surfaces layers simultaneously. It is true as they claim that even one drop will make your skin firmer and smoother. After using this product for only three short weeks, the results were noticeable. I could visibly see the improvement of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and laugh lines. I am hooked and will be certain to make this a regular part of my skin care regimen. VICHY is a a renown name in skin care. It celebrated its 80 year history in 2011. Created by Dr Haller in 1931, it has been a part of the skin care regimen by European women who understand the benefit of the antioxidant water from the Vichy Spring in France. For more information contact Creative Media Marketing at 212 979 8884. OBAGI Medical ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum As we age, one of the areas that most show the years are the area around our eyes. So I was very happy to try this product from OBAGI. This eye serum was formulated with their patented Bi-mineral Complex that works to replenish elastin and support collagen. Surprisingly it did just that. I saw an increase in the elasticity of the skin around my eyes. I was surprised to learn that one of the ingredients was caffeine. Some research led me to find out that it is the caffeine that helps to reduce the under eye puffiness that comes from too little sleep and additional strain we put our skin through. The caffeine actually energizes and revitalizes the skin.This product from OBAGI is physician dispensed. To find a physician in your area, visit www.Obagi.com OBAGI Hydrate Facial Moisturizer I actually never realized how much applying moisturizer on a regular basis would really help my skin look better, until I tried the OBAGI Hydrate Facial Moisturizer. I never really understood the process for how moisturizer worked. I did learn from this product that it works differently than most moisturizers. The majority of moisturizers work by occlusion,

which is a process that consists of forming a film on the skin to prevent dehydration. OBAGI Hydrate is a unique formula that features innovative technology called Hydromanil. This is a process where water is captured and assimilated into the skin both immediately and lastingly due to an advanced multi-capillary process. This reduces water loss on the skin’s surface while continuously releasing active moisturizing and water-retaining compounds. It isn’t the scientific explanation that will sell you on this product, but the way your skin looks and feels. It can be found in dermatology, plastic surgery and other aesthetic physicians’ offices. So don’t forget to ask at your next appointment, you won’t be disappointed. GOLDFADEN MD. Hands To Heart Anti-Aging Plus Brightening Hand Treatment As most women know, one of the key areas that give away our age is our hands. Well, thanks to GOLDFADEN MD. Hands To Heart, this may soon be a thing of the past. This progressive hand treatment was created to address the unique needs of the hands. It is a rich, yet fast absorbing cream, that will help fade dark spots while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It instantly smoothes and plumps the skin giving a younger appearance to one of our most tell tale areas. Niacinimide, which is a powerful form of vitamin B, aids in the reduction of dark spots, while Glucosamine helps to increase hydration and plumps up the skin. The addition of Retinol, which is the most active form of vitamin A, is responsible for bringing the appearance of youth back to the skin. If you find that you are always hiding your hands, try this product and see the amazing results you will encounter. This product is available directly at www.goldfadenmd.com. GOLDFADEN MD. Doctor’s Scrub GOLDFADEN MD. Once again comes to our aid helping us to solve skin problems which haunt us. If you look in the mirror and the image staring back at you appears to dull, we now have some help for this problem. This high quality exfoliator, contains powerful ruby crystals that provide immediate cell renewal by polishing away dead skin surface cells. We have all heard the benefit of exfoliating, but with this product the evidence can be seen almost immediately. The result is brighter, clearer and younger looking skin. This product contains antioxidant protection, through the inclusion of nourishing seaweed and organic red tea extracts. Daily use reduces fine lines, provides a reduction of pore size and leaves you with a radiant glow. You can find this amazing product at the Henri Bendel, beauty Collection and online at www.goldfadenmd.com

He Said, She


Photos by Lisa K. Miller

Are Men really from Mars and Women from Venus, as author Dr. John Gray states in his bestselling book? Do men and women really see things that differently? If given the same question could their answers really be so different? At San Diego Woman we wanted to explore the differences between "them" and "us". Read this month's installment and find out how the sexes differ when it comes to communicating with each other. What topics would you like to see us duke it out over in upcoming issues? No topic is off limits, so write me at editor@sandiegowoman.com. I can't wait to hear from you!

Being the mom of three, okay I admit it, grown children, I am always in awe of the various methods that parents today use to raise their offspring (where in the world did that word come from.) Things have noticeably changed. Not to say that children in our day were raised any better, but we were raised differently. Perhaps the change can be accounted for by the fact that when we were children most of us had the luxury of having at least one parent at home. Today both parents are forced to go out into the workforce in order to support a family. My parents were quite liberal for the most part. But then we were good kids, so not much discipline was needed. Stop laughing, we were good. But why? Over the years I have tried to think back to those growing-up days and figure out what it was that my mom and dad did to keep us on the straight and narrow. Mostly because I figured if I could duplicate it my children would be well behaved and easier to handle. I cannot honestly tell you what it was that put the fear of God in us and caused us to do what was right, instead of allowing our hormones and wild friends to lead us in the wrong direction. I think what it came down to was respect…and fear. Now why should there be fear? In all of my years growing up my parents never laid a hand on me…well, except for one time and quite frankly I deserved it. It was my Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary and they were dressed to the nines going out for a night of dining and dancing. Except, for the fact that I was never left with a babysitter, and neither was that the case on this special evening. My parents drove me over to my grandmother and aunt’s house in Jackson Heights, New York, while they headed to Manhattan for their celebration. Only they never expected that I would put on such a spectacle of crying, screaming, and almost passing out, that in the end they gave up and put us back in the car and took us home, clearly disappointed that their evening would not occur. My dad looked at me and gave me one strong slap on the rear. Although horrified that my daddy would ever hit me, in my mind I knew I totally deserved it. That was it. I was never hit or even punished again. It is true that Dads and Moms parent differently. Since mom generally spends more time with the children, they are forced to provide more of the discipline. Aside from the few times a mom has to say, “Just wait until your father gets home,” moms handle the day to day discipline. After a while, the children are so used to hearing “Stop it, pick that up, clean up your mess, be nice to your brother, share your toys, go to bed, don’t jump on the bed, no drawing on the walls etc…” that they zone out and don’t hear a word mom is saying. So that is when the threat of telling dad comes into play. Things were different in my home growing up. Mom had a look. When that look was directed towards me, I immediately stopped doing whatever it was I was doing. It didn’t take yelling or screaming or threats of telling my dad. All she had to do was give me that look. I recognized the look, even across a crowded room. In essence, that look said it all. There were times that I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong, but if I saw the look I immediately took a seat, clasped my hands in my lap, and acted like the perfect little lady. Unfortunately, I never learned how to give the look, so in my case I had to resort to the litany of warnings and the threats that my mother was gonna hear what they did. That always put more fear in them than telling them dad would be told, since my children knew my mom’s famous “look,” and they feared it too. The other difference in parenting was the “cut off phrase”. My parents, and most other parents of the same age, knew that there were only a limited number of questions they would allow from their children. When my children were growing up and they wanted to know why they couldn’t go out to play, or why their friends couldn’t sleep over, we were very diplomatic and took time to explain the exact reason why it was not such a good idea at the time. This was generally followed by a “but why not?” or “please can’t they sleep over.” We would then delve deeper into the exact reason why they couldn’t. We were taught to be diplomatic and converse with our children, which often took 15-20 minutes to reason through with our kids. We were told this would make them well-rounded independent thinkers and more likely to succeed in life. In comparison, when we were children and asked our parents why our friends couldn’t sleep over or why we couldn’t go out to play, we were met with 4 little words that closed the conversation immediately. The simple response was “Because I said so.”

San Diego

Child rearing (when I was growing up) had a completely different meaning. And there were implements involved: Switches (which usually came off of a bush or tree), fly swatters, hands – you remember. The worst thing your parents could say was, “I’m gonna get the belt!” They had reason to use these things with me as I was a tad impetuous. My dad called it something else. Several of his words I was told I couldn’t use. Mom liked the hair brush. Today I’d be taken by CPS and incarcerated in foster care. You can’t ‘rear’ a child today thanks in part to Dr. Spock (not Nimoy for you Trekkies). Raising boys is different than girls. Fathers are complete wussies when it comes to daughters. The expectations are different for their sons: Boys require…engineering. Most fathers beat their chests and try to get the first word to be – football. AARRGGHH! Or baseball, but it doesn’t matter as long as they play a sport. He’s drawing gridirons and plays when he’s three. Men and boys are, as you ladies know, predictable. And then Wendy changed the world. Seven years old with long strawberry blond hair. I fell victim to what I thought could never happen to me: Wrapped around her finger and smiling – with the occasional tear in my eye. And her mother simply laughed. Girls get away with most everything. Boys have to earn it all. Girls simply are. Boys, well we’re rough riders on a mission of destruction and recovery. We break bones because we discover flight – and the roof of the garage was too high. Better yet, dumping water on dad from the same roof and laughing at his blue language knowing the ‘cuss jar’ will be ripe for the picking in the morning. My dad was a cop and didn’t like surprises. I don’t think child rearing today is as effective (please no cards and letters) but I’m glad to see the end of spankings. I know if you gave me a time out when I was a kid I’d spend the time plotting and planning my next insurrection. And ‘use your inside voice’ wouldn’t have registered in my brain as a command but rather a challenge. What on the earth is an ‘inside voice’ but a construct by some doctor that thinks telling a kid to be quiet is too damaging to his/her psyche. I have (joyously) watched parents in public try the ‘inside voice’ thing to exhaustion, until the ‘please shut up’ erupts. Hee Hee. I believe teachers should be able to say, loudly, BE QUIET! And parents too. Women manage child rearing differently: Better – probably, but certainly not much. From what I see today men are more involved in their child’s life than ever. And they are good at it. Moms will always have a special place in the lives of their children that men will never experience; nature at her best. But we guys are pretty darn good too.

She Said...


He Said...



Transitions Spring may be in the air, but summer is just around the corner…and that means swimsuit season is upon us. (At my age, it’s actually become more like capris and t-shirt season!) But whatever stage of undress you plan to display this summer, now’s the time to start paring down and tightening up. Exercise is a great start, but eating right can get you to your goal weight faster than anything. Like you, I hate, HATE dieting, but love little nutrition “tricks” that help maintain my weight without embarking on some cumbersome, complicated diet “program.” Fortunately, some foods can actually help you fight fat! I’ve been “sneaking” some of these slimming superfoods into my diet lately and already last year’s capri’s are feeling a little looser! Perhaps these fat-fighting foods can help you look your best… no matter what you plan to wear this summer!

with Carol


1. Chili powder This spicy powder contains capsinoids, which burn belly fat. When volunteers in a 2009 study popped 6 g of capsinoid oil a day, they lost five times as much fat as those who did not. 2. Grapefruit When volunteers ate half a grapefruit before every meal in a University of Arizona study, they shaved an inch off their waists, thanks to naringenin, which experts say may help burn fat. 3. Nonfat ricotta: Muscle loss as you age can tank your metabolism. Made from whey protein, ricotta can enhance muscle building and metabolism. 4. Bell peppers Vitamin C is an unsung weight loss weapon, and one bell pepper provides twice your daily dose. 5. Romaine lettuce Filling up with a leafy green can trim the overall number of calories you eat by 10%; two cups of romaine rack up half your daily fill of Vitamin A, plus 11.3% of bone-building Vitamin K. 6. Nuts Their satisfying trifecta of protein, healthy fat and fiber can help you slim down. To slow your intake, choose nuts in their shells. 7. Melon Satisfy your sweet tooth by spooning a thick slice from the rind for just 45 calories. 8. Canned salmon Protein requires more calories to digest and keeps you feeling full. With nearly 17 g of it per three ounces, salmon makes getting your fill of protein a breeze. (If, like me, you just can’t do canned salmon…go for a small can of nice, light, white albacore tuna!) 9. Edamame Packed with an intelligent combo of protein, healthy fat and fiber…these pods are guaranteed to keep you full and satisfied for hours. 10. Dark chocolate (yes!) chips These flavor bombs put the brakes on a craving. The little pieces fool you into thinking you’re getting more, helping you eat less, finds new research. So, fire up for swimsuit season by filling up on these fun, fat-fighting foods. See you at the beach!



Lido Beach By Duke Nauton

But not just a gaze, an acknowledgement… more, Recognition, inside, she had been here before.

As the sea bathed her ankles it sang to her soul, soft whispers and songs of tranquility sold. She, the seagulls, the shells, and the sea, all one with the sun, with the sand, and with me.

San Diego

At the edge of the forest the grass changed to sand, the dew turned to mist, and the sea washed the land. The hot morning sun burned a hole through the haze. She slipped off her shoes and met the sea with her gaze.

She talked to the seagulls as she walked to the wet, and was one with each sandpiper and seashell she met. Every clam, every crab, every smooth polished stone was as fully a part of her life as its own. They shared their existence as part of the earth, natural extensions of each other’s worth.


A woman with blue in her eyes, like the sea, that could change, blue to green, back to blue, like the sea, left camp in the morning and moved through the trees with the dew in the grass and the soft morning breeze.

Roses from the Past


By Duke Nauton

He brought her rosesand she loved them. Long-stemmed roses from the past. For an instant, she went back in time. To a world that didn’t last. In a way, it made her angry thinking how it might have been If instead of broken promises he had brought her roses then. But her head soon caught her rushing hearttheir love ended long ago. Now the roses were just flowers that would wilt and die, and so. She arranged them in a vase and gave them water so they’d last. And told her beating heart to slow. they’re just roses, from the past

Duke Nauton, traveled thanks to the Air Force, and always found time to read and write poetry. One of his greatest loves.

Backlinks Using Backlinks to Rank Higher in Search Lists with Google, Bing and Yahoo

By Bill Edmett More and more shoppers are using search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find the goods and services they want. And most businesses will have a distinct competitive advantage if they can manage to pop up on page one in the search results Better yet; in the first 5 or 6 positions on page one. Imagine if your business appears in the first few positions whenever buyers search for what you do. Then if they click the link to your website they could be greeted with your story of how well you do what you do. How do some businesses manage to bubble up so high in those search lists? It’s probably because they use some form of ’Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO. And one of the many ways to improve your position in search results is the effective use of ’Backlinks’.


A Backlink is a special reference to your website that sits on some other website. It’s a text-phrase that contains an invisible link back to you. For example, if the local newspaper’s online edition published an article about you with a link to your website, that’s a Backlink. Backlinks are valuable to search engine companies who use software programs, nick-named ’crawlers’ that operate 24/7 crawling through websites all over the world collecting, storing and indexing information so that people can quickly find practically anything they want. So why not make it easy for the crawlers to find you? For Backlinks to be effective they should be well placed on informative and interesting websites. Google, Bing and Yahoo will score Backlinks and determine who gets to sit above the

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By Robert Tussey

I have the answer to that eternal question of ‘what’s it all about?’ It came to me the other day while chatting with friends. We had the option of playing cards but chose to talk and drink coffee. We were catching up on who is doing what and where the rest of our group was and…you know, solving for X: Just looking for sense in this life of chaos. Then it came to me; there are three distinct stages we go through in life. The first stage begins at a toddler’s first ‘no’ and flows into our early twenties. This is the era of statements (know it all clause, part one). Everything we say is said with authority and bravado. “I’m going to that party I don’t care what you say.” “Gawd you are dumb.” “You just don’t understand.” You know the drill. We are so sure of ourselves that no one could possibly understand. Our decision process is flawed to everyone but us. Each generation gets its own music which forces their parents to say to their kids the same thing our parents said to us and we vowed to never repeat, “Turn that noise down!” How embarrassing it is to grow up to be our parents. The second stage is from the mid-twenties to the early fifties. This is the age of metaphor, when all that stuff we thought we knew (the first third of our lives) is either in need of reinforcement or redefinition. And until we get good at it we use ‘like’ a lot. “You know, like, he’s just like trying to be nice to me, but, like, it’s all a cover for his insecurities.” As we move into our thirties we lose the ‘like’ of old and move into the prepositional phase, comparing everything to…everything. We’re telling people up front - here comes the metaphor. This is the career and family-building age where being sharp and multitasking and running through life requires us to talk metaphorically to get our points across and create converts to our way of thinking. This stage also includes the ‘know it all clause part two’ except now we’re still trying to make sense out of the stuff we thought we knew and refuse to back away from. “Ok, it’s like this…” Just fill in the blanks from there. This is also the stage where parents are marginalized and their advice is as welcome as a chaperone at a pool party.

San Diego

This is the age of ‘know it all, phase three’ except we simply can’t remember things that were once on instant recall. Does it matter? Who knows. Like Aunt Ruth used to say at the age of ninety-two, “I used to know everything I knew.”


The last stage begins in the mid-fifties, albeit slowly at first. You’ve had your family, and your career is winding towards retirement (or at least the thought of retiring). The younger generations have taken over at work and your kids are full steam ahead into their own existence. This is the age where you start looking for your keys. You forget why you went into the garage. It is the age of ‘I can’t remember.’ Barring Alzheimer’s and its related cousins, the doctors say it is normal. Dang. We spent our whole lives avoiding normal - to set ourselves apart from the crowd - and here we are, en masse, in the crowd. As we sit with our friends our conversations usually start with, “Hey, remember Charlie, the guy with the Goldwing and the wife who, ah, what’s her name…” Or, “Did you see that movie with what’s his name, you know, the guy who played Tarzan back in the day? Ok, he didn’t play Tarzan but wasn’t he also in Spiderman and that hospital thing on TV?” And it goes on and on until one of us pulls out our smartphone and Google’s the answer – if we can remember the question.



By Linda Brumley

What began with doing a favor for a friend in 2002 has grown into a business set to garner five million dollars in sales this year. Tracy Lynn, owner of Style on a Shoestring, says it all started when her friend, Kim, came to a party in her home and admired not only Tracy’s decorating style, but her creative party staging as well. Before long this friend was asking for Tracy’s help in decorating her own home. Soon Kim’s friends were admiring Tracy’s work in Kim’s home and asking for her help in their homes, too. It became clear that Tracy could not keep offering her services gratis. As she began learning how to estimate costs and work


with clients, she found that her passion extended beyond decorating. She also loved designing a business model. It was a perfect marriage of extraordinary talents that also catered to the need of a young mom for flexibility in her schedule. A round table discussion with a group of friends produced the business moniker, “Style on a Shoestring.” Tracy was determined to make good design available for people even on tight budgets. Perhaps you’ve picked up on the involvement of friends in Style’s inception. Now that the company has 12 employees, it remains permeated by friendship, and not only among the staff. In most cases, even when Tracy’s clients begin as strangers they end by being friends. This accounts for much repeat business, and happiness all around. Style has never launched an advertising campaign and owes its success solely to word-of mouth recommendations and a stellar reputation. By 2007, the business had grown to the point that serious decisions had to be made. Perhaps the most significant of these was the decision for Brian, Tracy’s husband, to quit his job and go to work full time for Style. Formerly a financial planner, Brian brought additional business acumen plus skilled

carpentry, construction oversight and really helpful muscle to the projects. What sets Style apart from other interior design firms is a commitment to service that puts the customer first. While they don’t have a formal written guarantee, Tracy said, “Integrity demands that we correct anything that is disappointing to a client.” Tracy and her team have built a reputation for insightful responsiveness to clients’ needs and ideas. With high integrity as a hallmark, they are consistently on budget and on time. This is true for projects as small as accessories for a single room to a full house remodel or addition. Tracy values quality as much as beauty. She selects her employees and her subcontractors with a practiced eye for excellence. The same high standards apply to materials used and she especially loves working with fabrics. The company actually prides itself on not being known for a signature style because they love working with the clients’ own tastes and preferences, but never shy away from making suggestions. Every project begins with a designer’s visit to the client’s home and a complimentary interview to assess the client’s needs. This meeting aims at learning the client’s design preferences and lifestyle, prompting questions like these: “How many people would you like to be able to entertain in this room?” “Where do you put your Christmas tree?” “Where do your kids put their backpacks?” “How many pets share your space?” “What current possessions do you want on display?” “Do you want to shop for the big ticket items (like a sofa or entertainment center) or do you want our designers to do your shopping?” A follow-up to this visit comes in the form of an itemized budget proposal. Upon approval by the client a contract is signed and the designers at Style go to work. One thing that keeps the energy and enthusiasm alive at Style is the day of installation for any project. With all hands on deck (and sometimes friends who just volunteer to get in on the excitement) the big reveal is staged. Furniture is delivered and arranged, rugs laid, lamps placed, art hung, accessories distributed, drapes hung, and pillows fluffed. The customer returns to a transformed space. An excellent reputation has pushed Style’s clientele beyond the budget-conscious into those of greater means. Some have suggested that the Shoestring part of the company’s name doesn’t lend it the aura of status that wealthier clients might desire. Nevertheless, the company has thrived even in a down economy and remains committed to beauty and maximum functionality in every space they design.

Fa b u l o u s Fi n d s Flawless Airbrush Makeup and Tanning

When the ladies of San Diego Magazine were lucky enough to test out this airbrush makeup system, we were all so amazed at how good we looked, that we just had to go out for lunch to show off our movie star makeup. We have to admit, at first we were a bit skeptical since none of us are pros at makeup application, but we were shocked to find out how easy it actually was to use. The results speak for themselves. On occasion, we are involved in photo shoots and are professionally made-up for these shoots, so we have some experience from which to draw. If you have never tried airbrush makeup you don’t know what you are missing. One of the most important benefits is that it provides a coverage that lasts all day long, whether you are going to work, chasing after your children, or going out for a night on the town. Airbrush allows for a perfect match in skin tone and the application takes less than ¼ the time of traditional makeup. With the Belloccio Airbrush System your look like “You” only better. Blemishes, age spots, redness, acne, freckles, wrinkles, and fine lines and pores magically disappear. You can also use this system to airbrush on that perfect tan without suffering the danger that sun exposure can cause. After using this product we are happy to give it a two-thumbs-up. We suggest that anyone who wants that professional look for an extremely modest price should consider this airbrush system. For more information on this product and information on where you can pick up one of your own, visit their website at www.belloccio.com or call them at 858.909. 2120.

Enjoy a Grand Tea Time By Jeani Zuber

Nestled right in the hustle and bustle of downtown Escondido is The Grand Tea Room. When owners Louisa and Bob Magoon finally decided on opening a tea room, it fulfilled a long time dream of Louisa's. It is the only tea room in all of North County. Upon entering the establishment, located on Grand Avenue, you are instantly transported back into a time gone by. The Grand Tea Room is a restaurant with a charming gift shop in front and a large beautifully decorated Victorian formal dining room, for everything from a leisurely tea time, a light lunch, or an afternoon two-hour high tea. The gift shop is overflowing with a great selection of 40 loose-leaf teas (for purchase) as well as an incredible collection of delightful tea accessories and gifts such as teapots, tea sets, demitasse spoons, trivets, and books about tea. The ambience of the dining room with lace covered table cloths, fine bone china, and exquisite crystal chandeliers, is definitely one of the reasons women of all ages; ladies, mothers and daughters, as well as grandmothers with their granddaughters flock to this hidden treasure. The food is served in a grand tradition with an array of tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, homemade scones served with lemon curd, cream, and preserves as well as petite desserts to tantalize every palette. With outstanding customer service, a catering menu to accommodate every occasion, and a tea time experience you’ll never forget, this establishment is one of my favorite places to visit.

Wear Your Faith

San Diego

“Looking and Feeling Beautiful”




Printed Purpose is the company to watch! Combining great quality merchandise, with deeply held beliefs, is what makes them so unique. Do you have a favorite bible verse? Now you can carry it with you everyday, with Printed Purposes quality versatile printed straps. Printed Purpose produces Straps with printed messages, faith based accessories and even items for your favorite pooch. How does it work? It is simple. The choices are up to you. If you want the ultimate printed purpose experience, pick out your favorite Bible Verse Strap and pair it with one of their coordinating bags. Then, you can accessorize with beautiful rhinestone cross earrings or bangle bracelets. All items are delivered within 5 business days and come wrapped up so beautifully you would think someone special just sent you a personal gift! At San Diego Woman we especially loved their products for the high quality of their sublimation printed straps. Sublimation is a process which uses heat to imprint high concentration dyes into fabrics. This type of printing means you won’t have to worry about text disappearing after months of useGod’s word is here to stay! Their selection of accessories is also one of the reasons our staff couldn’t wait to share them with our readers. With products starting at only a few dollars, PrintedPurpose.com is the perfect place to buy bridal party gifts with a positive message. Wear your faith proudly and visit www.PrintedPurpose.com.



Congratulates THE SAN DIEGO USO ON THE OPENING OF THE NEIL ASH CENTER Largest USO Airport Center in the World Opens its Doors.

Neil Ash and Wife June Cutting the Ribbon of the USO Neil Ash, Airport Cente

Neil Ash

USO San Diego and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority recently held its Grand Opening of the new USO Neil Ash Airport Center.

families worldwide and to create a cooperative relationship between U.S. military communities and involved or supporting civilian communities.

On June 26, 2013 The USO San Diego, in partnership with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, held the grand opening of the new USO Neil Ash Airport Center. Spanning nearly 10,000 square feet, this facility is the largest USO airport center in the world.

The USO San Diego’s programs and services positively reached San Diego’s military community more than 378,000 times in 2012, and are funded primarily through the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations within the community. The funds raised directly support USO San Diego programs, and vital services for military service members and their families. Volunteers donated more than 29,000 hours of their time.

Open 365 days a year, the new airport center will provide support and services to well over 125,000 military service members and their families annually. A “home away from home” for traveling military personnel, the center features a variety of services, including a friendly and comfortable place to relax, high-speed wireless Internet, Skype access, and complimentary refreshments. The new center also includes contemporary furnishings and an expansive outdoor courtyard for guests to get some fresh air during their travels. The center is named in honor of Neil Ash, a dedicated supporter of our nation’s military service members and the visionary behind the creation of the first USO center at San Diego International Airport. During World War II, Mr. Ash was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific. He was later called back to active duty during the Korean War and earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His decades-long support of troops in the San Diego area and his admirable leadership, resulted in the opening of the first USO Neil Ash Airport Center in 1990 and now this cuttingedge facility 23 years later. Mr. Ash is a longtime resident of Rancho Santa Fe. The mission of USO San Diego (www.usosandiego.org) is to enhance the quality of life for U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their

USO Directors from left to right USO San Diego, President & CEO John Dooley USO San Diego, Board Chairman Charlotte Jacobs USO Neil Ash Airport Center, Director Sgt Maj Bobby Woods USMC (Ret)

Paul Bloom Fox 5 News Anchor Brigandine General Daniel D. Yoo USMC MCRD San Diego and Western Recruiting Region, Commanding General

RADM Bruce R. Boland, USN (Ret) San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Board Member

San Diego

The Appreciation of Women in Business (AWB ) recently held their 1st Annual Charity Fashion Show, in collaboration with the American Cancer Society. At the event 12 award recipients were honored. These women were women entrepreneurs who were singled out for their outstanding contributions and overall accomplishments. The entire proceeds of the benefit went towards cancer research. The highlight of the event was a fashion show including True Honor, Serena Cowles in collaboration with Diane's Beachwear, Designs by Lisa Ann, Wilhelmina with Star Fashion Boutique, and Ochea with Ochea's Fashions. Rebecca Justice, wife of famed Major League Baseball player David Justice was also in attendance and was one of the 12 award winners. Rebecca is an accomplished model, mother and furniture designer, who accepts her fame with poise and grace. Founder and President of the non-profit organization of AWB, Rene Gonzales, and owner of C&E Makeup Artistry had a vision of establishing a forum for successful business women, where they could network and offer one another a means of support. Her goal was to offer a platform of encouragement to highlight these women's accomplishments and achievements, with the intent to inspire and motivate other aspiring female entrepreneurs.


1st Annual Appreciation of Women in Business Charity Fashion Show



Woman San Diego

Advertise in San Diego Woman With 91% of all purchasing decisions made by women, why not go right to the source. Advertise in San Diego Women. Contact us today at

254 E Grand Avenue, Suite 201 Escondido, CA 92025 888 275 7125 858 735 5301 For a media kit with special rates and information contact us at marketing@sandiegowoman.com Photography Submit local photographs that depict the beauty of San Diego. Photo credits will be proudly displayed with your pictures. Letters from our readers make us smile! Share your thoughts on our articles and include suggestions for future topics. San Diego Woman is your magazine, we want to hear from you!



San Diego



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Courtyard Mariott Airport | Liberty Station

NAWBO BRAVO! AWARDS In a time when many businesses are failing due to the

these women, it also serves as a fund raiser. A portion of the money raised through the Silent Auction is donated to San Diego City College for women business students’ scholarship fund.

These women are great role models and pillars of the community. President Tamara Badkerhanian-Ganev was on hand to present the winners with their awards.

NAWBO is a community of female entrepreneurs who benefit from their membership by expanding their networks and growing their businesses; gaining a support system of their peers, getting involved in public policy issues that affect the business community, and taking advantage of the resources offered by NAWBO corporate partners. San Diego Woman is proud to be a corporate sponsor of NAWBO. We would like to congratulate the 2013 winners and all of the nominees.

tough economic climate, NAWBO members recently came together to celebrate those women who not only survived these times, but prospered.

Every year NAWBO presents the Bravo! Awards to help celebrate the accomplishments of Women Business Owners. NAWBO San Diego is proud to offer unique opportunities to women business owners. In addition to being a great night of recognition for



A guide for family, friends and loved ones in preparing for the effects of the growing elder population …a Public Service from “Those Who Care”

The idea of living out your life enjoying the “Golden Years” while fishing, golfing, traveling, etc., has faded from possibility in most boomers’ minds. Instead, we wonder about how we can pay for health insurance, will our retirement money last until we die, how long will we have to work, will social security be around to help with income, will I be a burden to my children, will Medicare still be in existence, will I need to move out of my house into an assisted living arrangement, etc., etc., and even more etc.

The Golden Years

People are now living longer through the development of new medications and medical procedures forcing us to face issues that many of our parents and grandparents did not have to face. We are now up against different environmental factors that were previously not a concern, i.e., global warming. Health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, dementia, and nutrition are now more under control than ever before; allowing elders to focus on other issues that are more out of their control. Issues, like financial abuse, have now become more prevalent as we age. With an estimated 5 million elder financial abuse cases each year, and with only 1 in 25 actually being reported, it is no wonder that financial abuse is a major concern in their lives. Living through decades of change, struggling to get through life’s hardships, and needing to face our own mortality has often forced elders to be skeptical about life. In reality, today’s elders, just as in the past, want life to be positive, people to be trustworthy, and everything to “work out.” Yet, with the many “other” non-health related issues mentioned above, older folks have become susceptible to the various opportunities that scammers come up with that sound good and thus feed into the somewhat “Pollyannaish” mentality and can spell financial ruin for far too many elders. As we age, we often seem to forget to be on our guard for the scam artist who can so readily come up with a new version of a well-used scam. The “it’s-to-good-to-be-true” scenario seems to hold course more often than not, and even when told to have the “buyer beware” attitude, these slick scammers very often find their prey willing and ready to give up all they worked so hard to obtain

to someone they not only don’t know, but also who present no hard evidence of the quality of their company or their products/services. Fraud and identity theft (I’ve lived through identity theft three times – no fun ride there) are here to stay and as such, we must protect ourselves from this form of abuse. Below, are a few contacts to know if you feel you or an elder close to you thinks you/they may have been a victim of identity theft or financial abuse: •Contact all creditors and let them know of the situation. •Contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-IDTHEFT. •Call the three credit bureaus (fraud division). -Equifax, 1-800-525-6285. -Experian, 1-888-397-3742. -TransUnion, 1-800-680-7289. •Alert all your banks. •Contact your local police. •Contact your attorney. As always, being proactive is the best way to safeguard against financial abuse, and any other issues that may be lurking in the darkness to run havoc with one’s life.

Girl Puhlease! The Lies we Tell Ourselves in Hopes Other Girls Will Believe Them

By Hannah Cunningham

them to you because he got caught cheating or you tried to dump him for treating you like crap. Yea, I’m so suuure those flowers arrived “’just because.”’ Birthday and anniversary flowers, fine, but “’just because flowers.,”’ I’m skeptical as to why those even exist.

San Diego


As I teeter on the brink of 30 I’m starting to feel an insatiable need to speak truths and surround myself with friends who are confident enough to do so. And yet, I remain to be the biggest hypocrite in a lot of ways. I’m drawn to all images of perfection and secretly long to be perfect in someone’s eyes. I also still love my friends and unless there’s an extreme case of ‘I cannot believe you’re faking it THIS much that your life is perfect.’ I have no intention of dumping them as friends. For instance, I love style, home, beauty and fashion blogs where the protagonist’s life appears to be perfect. Hell, I even bad mouth the blogs I see where the girl giving the fashion tip of the week looks anything less than a pop star. I’ve noticed that the most popular fashion, style, mommy, home, DIY blogs all portray a glossy Martha Stewart-esque finish to them. They create a fantasy of perfection. Just like Pinterest can make you feel like a mess of a person because you don’t DIY (do it yourself) holiday cards out of organic papyrus reed that you grew and hand pressed ALL year long, or spend hours building a marshmallow winter wonderland to bring as a hostess gift to the holiday party you’re attending [insert gag reflex here]. I love visiting glossy blogs (as I’m going to refer to them from now on) and studying the photo updates because I feel like I know the perfect little family, in their perfect little house re-decorating their formerly ho-hum living room from start to finish, while caring for their perfect little baby dressed in perfect little outfits. It’s the stalker in me and the dreamer in me and the writer/cynic in me all being pulled to the forefront during my blog reviewing experience. My imagination runs wild entering the reality of someone else’s life as if I should know it personally. The cynic in me creates scenarios (and even dialogue) of who these people really are behind the controlled stage of the blog, - and the dreamer in me longs for IT ALL. My crazy says, “If I study it hard enough I can re-create this. I can someday portray my dream of the beautiful little home, perfect husband and adorable baby.”. But the truth is there will ALWAYS be the illusions of perfections for the next step I don’t have. I went through it when everyone I knew from Iowa got married, and again when the rest of my San Diegan friends are going through it now, but now we’ve upped the antie. It’s not just a husband in your 30s, it’s a husband, a house, and babies. The glossy blogs remind me of Mad Men where 1950s house wives were perfectly done up to greet their husbands and make peanut butter sandwiches for their children all day. When behind closed doors they can’t even sit down because their dresses are so tight and/or they’re suffering from one hell of an identity crisis, having had to adopt the husband’s identity for so long. Don’t get sucked into the “I’ll have what she’s showing off on social media” either. Girl, Puhlease, you ain’t foolin’ no one when your girls know you and your boyfriend are on the rocks and you post a picture of flowers you received - caption reading: “So nice to get flowers from my honey just because…” [Insert double gag reflex here]. Truth: he sent


Imagine what a cooler world it would be if when you show up to party and you ask Cynthia how things with her boyfriend of 8 months are, she responds, “Generally good but I’m struggling with this whole trying to figure out how to live together idea.” Instead I usually hear, “Things are soo good! They really are, they really are, they really are, like sooosooooo good. How are things with you and your man?” We’ve become conditioned to act this way because heaven forbid we should be experiencing a challenge in a relationship and expose ourselves. We’ve bought into the idea that everyone who portrays perfection lives perfection, and therefore how could we ever share anything less than sunshine and diamond rings? Catch my drift, yet? Yes, I always try to follow the herd and still don’t know who I am, but at least I appreciate a good truth amidst the Pinterest layer cake lies girls tell on the daily. Being honest with your friends feels good and let’s you know who your true friends are - fast.


REVING UP OUR GUY’S SENSE OF STYLE Tips from Fashion Week San Diego’s designers

By Lisa Matar

Photography by Jon Bagalso Photography

While mingling at a cocktail reception at Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar in La Jolla, the designers for Fashion Week San Diego 2013 were announced. I had the opportunity get inside some of San Diego’s most influential fashion minds to hear their take on an age old question. How can we help the men in our lives dress more fashionably without over reaching? Over the past few decades, men’s fashion has obviously gone through a major overhaul. In both the personal and professional realms, it has become acceptable for men’s style to become less formal, more casual. As we all know, there is a big difference between casual and sloppy. To pull off contemporary casual menswear, it requires some thoughtfulness and in some cases, direction from experts and the women in their lives. Native Southern Californian and Fashion Week 2013 designer Maralonzo Hernandez, has a stepbrother in his 30’s who has realized he has been influenced by his designer stepbrother. Single and thinking he should fix the fashion in his life, he wants to incorporate better style, and is asking Maralonzo for help. Alejandro Vazquez, Maralonzo’s business partner chimes in, “Jeans have become too casual, too comfortable”. He suggests taking jeans and make them “more grand by dressing them up. Think sophisticated”. As Maralonzo says, “style has to come from within and in some cases, taught how to pull it off in a beautiful way”. Maralonzo is doing just that for his stepbrother. For some guys out there, they need a confidant, a trusted person to engage in fashion discussions. According to Vazquez: “If the women push it the men will change. At the end of the day, we (men) follow!” C Venti designer Christina Ventimiglia has found herself being a full time fashion designer and contributor to Fashion Week San Diego 2013. At home, she is has fallen into the role of fashion consultant to her loving beau. She takes the initiative to purchase the clothing to suit his skin tone while being mindful of patterns in the textiles. Her inspiration is GQ magazine where she finds a look then nudges him to try it for himself. “I think a lot of times, although men see it in a magazine and like it, they may be afraid to try it… but once they are influenced by a woman, they say “wow, why didn’t I try that sooner”? Prior to marrying Allison Andrews, the founder of Fashion Week San Diego, Elliot Canter admits he had found few occasions in the past to dress up in San Diego. Now that he attends press events, fashion shows and various other industry events with his wife, he needed to step up his style. He makes more of an effort. Elliot sees a lot of variety in men’s fashion and believes it is best for men to not make a drastic change but rather enhance the style, not re-work the whole

look. Asking if Allison has helped him, he quickly responded, “Yes! Of course! She loves fashion and shopping. She has a great eye”. Aside from shopping together, Allison suggests new items and encourages him to have fun with his clothes while still being a classic gentleman. “I love him in his new signature bow tie”. With a little inspiration, courage and kid gloves, we San Diego women can help our men present themselves with panache. Keep it fun, an uplifting experience and our guys will follow our lead. As we all know, the women wear the fashion pants in the family. Buckle up and be inspiring! For more fashion inspiration, Fashion Week San Diego will be held September 30- October 6th. The excitement will be held at Broadway Pier in Downtown San Diego. Fashionweeksd.com

FIVE STEPS FOR ENHANCING MEN’S FASHION 1. ENCOURAGE THEM TO ASK FOR HELP. Personal shoppers, fashion forward friends or a stylish woman, are all perfect places to seek guidance. 2. FIND A STYLE THEY ADMIRE AND INTERPRET IT. Magazines, Movies and Social Events are great places to watch what men are wearing. Don’t be afraid to try out what you see. 3. DO NOT CHANGE TOO MUCH TOO FAST. Making drastic changes will not last simply because men need to evolve into new trends to feel comfortable. Take it one step at a time. 4.FIND A SIGNATURE LOOK. Being consistent with a vibrant sock or bold accessory for a season can become a signature look that can evolve over the coming seasons. 5. INVEST IN A TAILOR. Gained or lost a few pounds? A tailor should be top on your list of places to seek assistance. A precise pant or sleeve length with a crisp hem is critical to a finished look.

Iconic Photographer Douglas Kirkland Does it Again!

San Diego


Remember the vibrant photo of Marilyn Monroe that graced one of our first covers

Famous Photographer Douglas Kirkland is still going strong creating wonderful images of the recent notable film, “The Great Gatsby.”

Traveling the globe, Douglas continues to preserve and create history with his amazing photographs. Look for his new book “A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph due out Fall 2013.


My Worst Date EverThe Mechanic By Linda Mullin David had dark wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a great smile. He also had a full time job and a brand new car. After being introduced by a mutual friend, I thought I had hit the jack pot when he asked me out. He picked me up at eight o'clock on a Friday evening. We were going to a little country western bar in Auburn, N.Y., about twenty miles from my home. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing much about country music. David was

bump on my head and pain in my side, but I told him I was okay. It was pitch dark, I didn’t know exactly where we were, and we didn’t have cell phones at that time. What else could we do but hitchhike? I must have faded out for a while, because the next thing I knew, I was in the backseat of a white Cadillac; David was in the front, talking to the man driving. I felt a little relief, thinking that I would be going to the hospital, or at least home. When we were dropped off at the service station (where David worked) I was not feeling well at all. As I climbed into the station’s tow-truck, I figured I could rest my eyes until he got me home. It was already 2:30 in the morning, and I wasn’t going to be in good shape for work. When I opened my eyes again, we were back on that dark road where this had all started. I looked at David with disbelief. He explained that as long as we were in the tow-truck, we could pull up his wrecked vehicle before the people whose yard it was in, woke up and completely flipped.


very charming though, and even taught me a few dance steps. We talked, laughed, and even danced a little, and I finally relaxed enough to really enjoy myself. As we both had to work the next day, we decided to leave around one a.m. We held hands in the parking lot, and I decided that if he asked, I was most definitely going to see him again. We drove home on the back roads; since we were both from small towns and knew them all. We talked about our jobs and families, and when he asked me to sit closer to him, I scooted right over and let his arm drape over my shoulders. After about ten minutes of driving, he turned his head to offer me a kiss. Caught up in the moment, I began to kiss him back. The next thing I remember, I was sitting alongside a two lane country road. David was standing over me, asking if I was alright. I had a

And there was the vehicle, lying on its side, the windshield smashed where apparently I had hit it. We first had to right the car and as David winched it up to the embankment, I had to get in and help steer. After dropping off the wreck, he took me to an all night restaurant and poured coffee into me: He was afraid to let me fall asleep with a head injury. He finally drove me home at around five-thirty in the morning. As we sat in the front of my house, he explained that while he really did like me a lot-maybe it wasn’t the right time for us to date. As I got out of the tow-truck, he put his hand on my arm. “That was one hell of a kiss,” he said with a smile. I went to work the next day with three cracked ribs, a bruised shoulder, and a concussion. To this day I still wish I could remember that kiss.

Dementia and End of Life Care

It is not uncommon for people with dementia to get agitated or frustrated. When dealing with someone’s agitation it is important to go to their reality and calmly ask where, what, when and how type questions to redirect and calm them down. For example, Cindy shared that one of Lightbridge’s hospice patients was convinced she had hair loss. The Lightbridge staff and the patient’s family were encouraged to ask: “When did you first start noticing this”, or “where does the loss seem the worse” or “what do you think might make it better? How about if we try to style your hair this way?” instead of arguing with the patient that she had no hair loss. “It is important to live their truth, identify their feelings and show empathy and respect. Allow for negative feelings to be expressed then redirect and guide the conversation to more positive ones” said Cindy. Cindy also shared “restlessness of a loved one with dementia will often exhaust the caregiver.” It is helpful to provide a dementia individual with items that promote self-soothing. A body pillow with the cologne or scent of their spouse can bring comfort. Rocking chairs and gliders have also been found to relieve stress, and birdfeeders can be a nice distraction. Setting up an area where a loved one can engage in a repetitive activity can help. Some things that have worked well include a table for folding laundry (don’t be surprised if your loved one does this over and over again), or pictures to look at or recipes to sort. It is very common for someone with advancing dementia or Alzheimer’s to have outside hired caregivers. Some families decide to move their loved one to a facility: When a patient is on hospice, LightBridge staff works with the family, caregivers and/or the facility staff to create a plan of care that is customized to the person’s needs and stage of disease. LightBridge staff can help train individuals who may not have a lot of experience in working with persons with advancing stages of dementia. Cindy stated “It is important for caregivers to be calm when they are with your loved one. Observe the caregiver or facility staff. Do they talk slowly with a low pitch (if it is too high pitched it’s more difficult to comprehend). Are they present and kind when interacting? When asking something do they have your loved one’s attention? Do they ask one question at a time and wait for them to process the question and answer? How do they respond when your loved one can’t remember a word or noun? Do they give short, simple and concrete information and break down tasks into steps?” Each of these is important in communicating with a person with dementia. Moving a loved one with dementia into your home or a facility can be traumatic. “When a person with dementia is moved into a new environment, try to make the room look, feel and smell like them. A common mistake is buying new decorations and furniture; the result is that little is familiar to them so they often will repeatedly request to go home. An evaluation of their living space prior to their move is important to identify areas were the person felt most comfortable.

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As our population ages and baby boomers reach 65, an increasing number of families will be affected by loved ones with dementia. Dementia is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. One in eight Americans over the age of 65, or more than 5.3 million people, have dementia. African Americans are at four time’s greater risk of developing dementia and Hispanics are two times greater risk. Dementia is not a specific disease. It's an all-encompassing term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person's ability to perform everyday activities: Alzheimer's accounts for approximately seventy percent of cases of dementia. Vascular dementia, which occurs after a stroke, is the second most common dementia type. In addition, there are many other forms of dementia and related conditions that can cause symptoms of dementia. Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells. While symptoms can vary greatly, at least two of the following mental functions must be significantly impaired to be considered true dementia: Memory, communication and language, ability to focus and pay attention, reasoning and judgment, and visual perception. People with dementia may have problems with short-term memory; keeping track of a purse or wallet, paying bills, planning and preparing meals, remembering appointments or traveling outside of their familiar neighborhood. Many dementias are progressive, meaning symptoms start out gradually, or more suddenly (as sometime occurs following general anesthesia) get worse. While the challenges of dementia can be heartbreaking, a peaceful, meaningful existence is possible even if a loved one has advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a disease that is life limiting and one that is terminal although some people will die of other illnesses. LightBridge Hospice recognized the unique needs of this population and developed a special dementia program. This program involves training for all of their staff to become dementia specialists, who are then able to provide the best care possible for hospice patients with dementia. “When we begin providing care to a patient who has dementia we explore who the patient was before their illness. What is their personality, their likes and interests? What are their values beliefs and culture? This assessment allows us to create a personalized plan to bring peace and the most comfort possible to a patient and family,” says Jill Mendlen, RN President/CEO and Founder of LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care. “Our staff finds special ways to connect with a patient, engaging their senses through sound, color, scent and touch. We share this connection plan with their loved ones and caregivers.” Cindy Hutchinson, RN, Vice President of Clinical Services at LightBridge explains, “A person with dementia has generally lost the last 20 to 60 years of their life and is living in another time in their mind. It is helpful to ask the person with dementia how old they are so you know how to respond and make them feel comfortable. If the response is ‘forty years old’ and the person is actually eighty, you can better understand if they don’t recognize their adult children because in their mind they are still youngsters. Perhaps the dementia patient may ask for their mom, thinking she is still alive. Our goal is to provide reassurance and comfort, so we don’t want to say, “Don’t you remember? Your mom died years ago.” This response actually makes them relive that sad time. This is why we explore who they were before their illness. If they grew up on a farm we might respond “mom is out on the land”, or you could try asking questions that required only yes or no answers. “Did your mom use to go in to town to shop?” “Did she have animals on the farm?” “Did your Mom feed the animals?” This promotes communication and provides the family/caregiver an opportunity to provide comforting reassurance.


Article courtesy of LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care



If they sat on a couch that had a favorite afghan, make sure the afghan comes with them. If they spent time in their bedroom, try to arrange the bedside table and lamp on the same side they are accustomed to it. You can spray their pillow and room with their favorite cologne or perfume for a familiar scent. The less change in environment the dementia patient experiences, the higher they will function” said Cindy. Often as people age you will see a change in eating habits. As we age we lose, our sense of taste and foods taste, bland so more spicy items may be preferred. Bitter is the last taste sense we lose so things that normally tasted good may taste bitter. Sweet is the least prominent taste so they frequently need more sweeteners for food to taste sweet to them. A large plate with too much food may be overwhelming for someone with dementia. Cindy shared that a person’s “vision may be impaired and they are unable to see food directly in front of them. To find their best field of vision you can offer their favorite food in a brightly colored bowl and move it around until they reach for it”. Some people forget what utensils are or, have difficulty using them, so finger foods are a good option. Another component of the extensive dementia training LightBridge Hospice staff receives involves the use of a variety of tools to enhance care. These tools include music therapy, relaxation techniques, healing touch, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, and behavioral management/response techniques. Payment for hospice services is covered by Medicare, MediCal and most insurance plans, however, the costs of many of the therapeutic tools such as aromatherapy and healing touch are not covered. This is where LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation steps in. LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with the thoughtful support of those touched by the care they have received at LightBridge Hospice. The Foundation funds exceptional programs that enhance the end of life journey for all hospice patients. These programs include integrative therapies such as Aromatherapy, Pet Therapy, Healing Touch™ and Simple Gifts, grants for end of life wishes and unfulfilled dreams. The LightBridge Foundation also provides music therapy through the Norma Sluizer Music Therapy Fund which supports purchasing CD’s and CD players as well as a certified harp therapist. Certified from the International Harp Therapy Program in San Diego, LightBridge’s harp therapist is trained to find the “resonant tone of individuals and then use an improvisational method of attending to a person based on their resonance”. Their harpist has attended specialized training for interacting with patients with dementia. Patients consistently experience positive results from the music therapy program. The LightBridge Hospice clinical teams consistently witness positive, measureable results including lowered blood pressure, decreased heart rate, reduced anxiety, and increased mood elevation from music therapy and the other programs supported by LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation. More-

over, these specialized programs enhance peace of mind, dignity and comfort during otherwise difficult moments. LightBridge has been a leader in developing specialized programs for families experiencing their end of life journey. The dementia program is just one example. Jill Mendlen, LightBridge President/ CEO commented, “Our clinical teams are committed to making the journey as gentle and peaceful as possible for all hospice patients”. The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation continues to fulfill its mission with the support of donors; individuals, corporations and foundations. On Sunday, October 20, the LightBridge Foundation Walk will take place at NTC Park in Liberty Station in San Diego. This year’s theme will be focused on Veterans and will have distinctive displays and demonstrations. Proceeds from the walk will contribute to specialized programs for those facing their end of life journey. For more information about LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care please call (858) 458-2992 or visit their website www.lightbridgehospice.com. For more information on the LightBridge Walk or the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation, please call 858.500.7545, email contact@lbhcf.org, or visit the website at www.lbhcf.org.

Your Partner in Caring. LightBridge Hospice provides a full complement of integrative therapies to enhance the quality of life for patients during end-of-life care, including:

Healing Touch™

A certified program using light or near-body touch to clear and balance the human energy system to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Supportive Music

San Diego

The use of essential oils which is directed by patient need and choice.



Pet Therapy


Music facilitates physical, cognitive, and emotional quality of life. Interaction with pets may lower blood pressure, ease pain or anxiety, and decrease agitation. What makes our integrative therapies unique: • The level of training for each therapy — our staff and volunteers are trained in a wide variety of therapies. • A full complement of therapies is available to the patient. • Integrative therapies are funded by the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation through private donors and families of former patients.

For more information on our Integrative Therapies, call 858.458.2992 or visit LightBridgeHospice.com. LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval

Why Wait To Put Your Plans in Place? The importance of creating your estate plan now! By: Attorney Rebecca Briskin, Bolander Law Group


As most of us know, an estate plan allows us to provide for the passage of our property after death, affords immediate and future tax benefits and, most importantly, allows us to avoid probate – a legal process that is both time-consuming and expensive. Probate is required when an individual dies, with or without a will, owning real property in excess of $50,000 and/or personal property in excess of $150,000. The task of “administering” an estate through probate is not only costly, but time intensive and often stressful for the surviving family members tasked with initiating the proceedings. Aside from time and financial considerations, probate cases are a matter of public record, allowing anyone and everyone (including creditors) to view information about the estate, its value, and the assets the decedent owned at death. Probate also opens the door to litigation in families with strained relationships. The bottom line: probate is a place to stay far, far away from and the best way to do that is to have a solid estate plan, including a trust, in place. What you may not know about an estate plan is that you can and should establish one now. All individuals, whether married, single or divorced, with or without children, can create an effective estate plan to take advantage of the benefits described above. Oftentimes, planning for the future is put off until marriage, until buying a home or until starting a family – if you’ve ever considered these

justifications, ask yourself: why wait? Although an estate plan is one of the most effective and important ways you can plan for the future, it is also one of the easiest. A comprehensive plan includes: (1) a Trust: the instrument that “holds title” to and protects your real property and significant assets from probate and provides for your intended distributions of that property; (2) a Last Will and Testament: the instrument that distributes your personal property and effects such as jewelry, furniture and family heirlooms; (3) a Durable Power of Attorney: the document which appoints a nominated person to deal with your finances in the event of your incapacity; and (4) an Advance Health Care Directive: the document that contains your wishes regarding medical treatment and disposition of your remains after your death. One of the most critical features of a well-drafted estate plan is the contingencies it contains. Ideally, your estate plan should anticipate and accommodate any number of events before and after your death. With the right contingencies in place, many estate plans don’t need to be continually updated when new property is acquired, when a child is born or when a beneficiary dies. However, there are circumstances when an estate plan does need to be updated, or in legal speak, “amended.” These are typically straight forward and don’t require an entire “re-writing” of your documents. The first step to creating your estate plan is finding the right attorney. In San Diego County, there are numerous firms that specialize in estate planning as well as other probate-related matters. The Attorney Referral Service is a great place to start and can be accessed online at www.lawreferral.org. Once you’ve found an attorney that you’re comfortable with, an initial meeting ordinarily takes place in order to review your assets, discuss your donative intent and explore who you want to handle your estate after you pass on. Based on this information, a plan can be created quickly and conveniently with drafts for you to review within a few weeks. A final meeting is then scheduled to sign and notarize your documents. Overall, creating an estate plan is a quick and painless process. However, its importance cannot be understated. Simply put: Why wait to put your plans in place? For readers of San Diego Woman Magazine, Bolander Law Group is offering a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in establishing an estate plan: Must call before August 31, 2013. For more information on Bolander Law Group and Attorney Briskin, please visit www.BolanderLawGroup.com

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How To Save The Postal Service By Rob Weinberg

The US Postal Service - legally obligated to serve all Americans, regardless of geography, at uniform price and quality, runs a $16 billion annual deficit. Common wisdom says they’re obsolete. Perhaps it’s time to think outside the mailbox for a solution.

A little history

When it began the Post Office was every community’s democratic center. People of every stripe would pick up their mail, see their friends, and run their errands while in town. From 1863 to 1912 mail was delivered seven days a week. Religious leaders forced elimination of Sunday mail in 1912 to prevent post offices doubling as gathering places and cutting into church attendance.

A little background

The USPS employs 522,000 people to deliver 160 billion pieces of mail to 142 million addresses. By Congressional mandate it pays $5.5 billion to pre-fund retiree health-care, 75 years into the future. Despite receiving ZERO tax support, no major operational changes of any kind are allowed without Congressional approval. The Postal service operates 212,530 vehicles. Most are near their life’s end, and the service spends $500,000,000+ annually in repairs. A new fleet would cost $4-5 billion. The service uses about 450 million gallons of fuel annually. Every penny increase in the national average price of gasoline means an extra $8 million in fuel costs for the USPS. There are 31,272 post offices. Every day of home delivery costs the service roughly $2 billion per year. The economy, email, and competition have all cut into revenues, and management scrambles daily to increase sales and cut costs. For years they’ve been selling ancillary items (greeting cards), cutting service (Saturday delivery), closing underutilized postal stations, and laying off employees.

A little inspiration

The solution is in one word: Starbucks. Already striving to replace the town square, the coffee giant seeks to open two new shops daily. With over 13,000 current US locations, they’re running out of viable opportunities for finding new customers.

A little explanation

Assume there are 2,000 communities under 2,000 people in the US, and five-day delivery continues to them all. This eliminates Congressional concerns about rural cutbacks. We stop home delivery from the remaining 29,232 locations, forcing people to come to the Post Office to pick up their mail. This helps make our communities more tightly knit, returns the Post Office as the social center of town, and encourages downtown stability and retail sales. Next the Post Office rents space for a Starbucks kiosk at each of these 29,232 locations.

A little math

Let’s say we average $350 in monthly rent per kiosk. This alone would generate $122,775,000 in new revenues. Now we remove 93.5% of the postal fleet from the roads, not using 420,750,000 gallons of gasoline. At an average price of $4/gallon, that works out to $1.7 billion in annual savings. Consumers will tie in the Post Office trip with their other errands. Given the USPS annual employee attrition rate (20,689), 29,232 postal delivery positions would be eliminated within 18 months. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports mail carriers earn $48,940, generating savings of $1.5 billion from salaries.

A little bonus

Following this path means 243,100 vehicles have been removed from the roads, lowering pollution and infrastructure wear. Starbucks hires an additional 29,232 baristas, generating $526 million in new salaries. Entrepreneurs can also be expected to pop up offering to deliver mail to businesses, helping to create more jobs in the private sector.

A little summation

We’ve just generated $123 million in new postal revenues, saved 420 million gallons of gasoline, and cut over $3 billion in overhead while creating new private sector jobs in every major city and most minor ones. ALL without raising postage by a penny. This doesn’t count additional savings from management not needed for overseeing non-existent operations. This also doesn’t count profits for Starbucks stockholders, their ripple effect on the overall economy, and boosts to each community by encouraging more foot traffic and downtown interactions and sales.

A little food for thought

The Post Office is doing what it must to survive, selling supplies, products, and now clothing. And while I’m not suggesting selling naming rights on each building (yet!), why not coffee and biscotti? Naturally, not everyone will offer their stamp of approval. But given the real potential for the Postal Service to crash and burn VERY soon, it’s time for bold thinking. Maybe a bold, dark roast is the answer.


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