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Humphreys picturesque bayside location and lush tropical setting provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. You’ll enjoy delicious cuisine from our award-winning Humphreys restaurant and our professional staff will ensure your special day is picture perfect. • Waterfront banquet rooms for up to 150 • Outdoor bayside facilities for up to 350 • Elegant guest rooms and suites • Home of Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

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Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Photo by Stephanie Sundell


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Dear Readers, .

Here Comes the Bride… Yes, it is that time again. Time for our Mega Bridal Issue. Let’s face it - who doesn’t like weddings? Well, I suppose there are some people out there who are not fans, but for the most part all you need to do is mention the concept of a wedding and a smile comes to our faces. Maybe it is the childhood fantasy of ‘Happily Ever After,’ or true love finally coming together and lovebirds growing old together? Whatever it is, our wedding issue seems to be one of the favorites for our readers. One of our advertisers just provided a groundbreaking first in San Diego. The Dapper Dames, designer of Women’s made-to-measure Tuxedos for Bridal and special events, exhibited their exquisite women’s suits and tuxedos during the fashion show at the Bridal Bazaar Bridal show at the San Diego Convention Center on September 27th. This was the first time a bride walked down the runway in a tuxedo. With same sex marriage now legal, these tuxedos are a new groundbreaking fashion statement, not only for brides, but also for women just wanting a comfortable alternative to the formal dress. These suits are gorgeous, and can be used for a multitude of reasons; one simply being the comfort of a classy suit over an uncomfortable spanks, stockings, dress, and heels combo. Our Bridal issue highlights some beautiful venues, dresses and services to make your wedding the dream it is meant to be. We also have articles written by women just like you, with their stories on what their weddings were like, with all of the trials and tribulations that go with planning and preparing for the big day. Take some time before your big day to read Dr. Penny's article on things you should ask before you say "I do." It might just keep you from become one of those horrible divorce statistics.


After you have read our issue, log on to our website at and share your own wedding stories with us. Yours could be selected to be published in our next issue in addition to receiving a special prize for the winning entry. Remember, San Diego Woman is your magazine, so keep in touch and let us know what you would like to see in upcoming issues. We love hearing from our readers and look forward to every email, phone call and letter we receive. Thanks for your support of San Diego Woman Magazine.


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Carol LeBeau

Carol LeBeau spent close to 30 years as a beloved fixture on San Diego News. Today she is enjoying her retirement, as well as a second career as an in demand speaker at functions throughout San Diego. In addition to her many speaking engagements, Carol is a columnist for San Diego Woman speaking about life after her news career.

Samir Kagalwala Samir an Electrical Engineer by profession now retired and consulting, Samir has long had interests in writing, music and photography. His freelance writing has been published in professional magazines and news papers. In 2002, Samir moved from Chicago to San Diego and has since been happily enjoying the beautiful weather. Samir can be reached at Samir.kagalwala@

Sharon Hightower Born in CA, Sharon grew up in Lakewood. She was married at eighteen and had two children. She has 9 grandchildren whom are her joy. Her first career was business, but she made a midlife career change in the 90s when she earned her MA in TESOL (teaching English) from CSULA and started teaching. She currently teaches at Palomar College and CSUSM. She recently went back to school and received her MBA from PLNU in 2012. Sharon enjoys writing and has a blog at rockon65.

Gerald Neff

With more than 40 years living and working in South America in the agriculture and forestry business, topped off with 25 years in the U.S. Embassy and Peace Corps. His writing experience includes local publications and years of U.S. Embassy reports; so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Deeba Van Overberghe

Daughter of an artist, Deeba grew up with the influence of art all around her. Deeba has dedicated the last 14 years to refining her artistic talents and abilities in Fine and Decorative Arts and Illustration. She has illustrated books here in San Diego, painted murals as far away as Indonesia and flown to places like Wyoming and Hawaii for Decorative Painting.

Pamela Waller-Niven

Pamela Waller-Niven is a poet, freelance writer and entrepreneur. Pam's love of art led to her to write "Interpretive Verses" for paintings by San Diego artists featured in their gallery shows. She has a BA in International Business from SDSU. Pam is working on two poetry books, a cook book and developing her line of greeting cards and t-shirts. Contact her at


Heather Middleton

Heather Middleton was always an artist at heart, but it wasn’t until she discovered photography that she knew she had discovered her true calling. Prior to wedding photography, she had two solo exhibits of her artistic work at the San Diego Art Institute, and was asked to curate and show, in an art show at Superbowl XXXV11. This year Heather and her husband, Skip, who comprise Shadowcatcher Imagery, were awarded Bride’s Choice for 2015 on Wedding Wire and Best of Weddings on The Knot for 2015.

Dr Penny Michelle Abrams Dr. Penny Is a clinical psychologist Psy Lic 20753 in La Jolla, providing individual and couple counseling as well as personal, professional and corporate coaching and high conflict mediation. Visit her website at sixtyminutesofclarity. com for more information. She can be reached via email at

San Diego

Robert has been a published writer for over thirty years and has been providing editing services for the past twenty-five. As a musician, he has written scores of songs. His life has revolved around his music and writing, often melding the two into articles and interviews.


Robert Tussey

Lisa K Miller Lisa is the owner of Photography by Lisa K, a custom portrait studio located in San Diego, specializing in the highest quality portraiture. As the mother of twins, Lisa shines at capturing moments in pregnancy and early life. She shares her talents with many local charities

Letters Editor to the

There is nothing that inspires me more than stories about our military. We rarely see them focusing on women in the military, so it was nice seeing the story about Hannah and Bryana. All I want to say to those ladies is “Thank you for your service,” and thank you San Diego Woman for running an article about them. Kyle from San Diego After reading your article on Wineries in San Diego, I took a trip to the Hacienda de las Rosas Winery. I was so pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the winery and the wine and the pleasant employees working there. We now have a favorite local winery to frequent. Lindsey from Poway I was so thrilled to hear about Unveiled Bridal in Escondido. When I got engaged a few years ago, I was forced to deal with the embarrassment of going to the ‘typical’ wedding dress stores where I was made to feel like a freak because nothing in the store fit me. The few dresses they could get me into had to be pinned to my bra, and I had to go out to my bridal entourage half undressed to have them see what the dress might look like on me, if it was the right size for me. Several months ago my baby sister got engaged and since she also is not a size 4 or 6 I dreaded the idea of her going through what I did. She is even more sensitive about her weight than I am. Luckily, your issue came out just in time and the minute I read your article on Unveiled I called and spoke to the owner, Danielle, and made an appointment to bring in my sister. We had a wonderful time. Danielle was so warm and friendly and made my sister feel so good. She found her perfect dress and had a wonderful experience. Her wedding is in December and she will make a beautiful bride thanks to Unveiled, Danielle and San Diego Woman. Thanks so much. Maria from Escondido The idea of an experts issue was great. I loved seeing so many women who were experts in so many varied fields. I have looked at your Women’s Directory online and I think it is such a great idea that you are promoting women to utilize the services of other professional women. Way to go SDW! Barbara from Rancho Bernardo

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Dapper Dames is exclusively sold at Unveiled Bridal. It is the only place that you can buy elegant high end structured tuxedos, no different than the kind men can buy at exclusive menswear stores, but made exclusively to fit the female body. Photographer:Ezequiel De La Rosa

Models:Yesi Rodriguez, Heather Dinneen

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Beautiful Brides of San Diego

Flowers: Lovely Stems Floral

Flowers: Lovely Stems Floral

Love’s Magic By Deeba Van Overberghe Is the grass greener? Oh, I don't know. I hear marriage requires a lot of work. But, on this side of the fence - the single side of living - it's kind of boring. I understand the Tzimtzum factor of union and know that I haven’t been ready to make room for anyone else. A true believer in love and marriage, I’ve just been timid, having turned down three


proposals, I’m still looking. Waiting, Thinking and Believing. Trusting, or not. Recently, I had two weddings to attend on the same day. The first was being held in San Juan Capistrano at a beautiful gothic church. Celtic songs floated from the strings of a harp, beautiful words were sung in this language I didn’t speak and yet in my heart I understood. Families, love, joy, whispers and grace were everywhere. Bowing of heads and hearts: The raising of eyes and exultant sighs, as father and bride walked down the aisle. The bride was a petite and beautiful soul, in a stunning dress. Beads sewn onto the dress as if a belt hung low on her size two hips; perfection in action. And her groom was tall and handsome, distinguished with happiness around the edges. His attire showing off the big shoulders that will carry dreams hopes and desires to fruition for his new family. They were so beautiful, these two who are now one. Love and light resonated throughout the candle lit sanctuary.

Driving back from this experience, I was impressed with the tradition in their wedding, and the strong threads of love from which the bride and groom were composed. It was beautiful to witness their families celebrating them with wishes of great abundance in all its forms. Charm was in the air as the sun was beginning to set. The reception for the next wedding was being held garden-side at an estate in Rancho Santa Fe. I was greeted by a group of young, white gloved, tuxedoed valets, eager to park my car. A beautiful young girl handed me a glass of champagne and invited me to walk down the cobblestone path covered by tall trees harboring twinkling lights. Glass jars with candles inside were hanging from satin ribbons off trellises and tree branches, twinkling soft light across the path leading to the reception. Music was carried along the breeze as people were dancing across a raised floor. Floating candles sparkled in the pool, white, brown and green flowers and plants spilled in abundance across tables, footpaths and patios. Everyone looked so beautiful. The bride was in a dress that tumbled to her feet, spilling down toward the floor. The groom's charm, more than the tux he wore, was warm and inviting. Happiness was everywhere sprinkled with the lilt of laughter. A fun crowd, we danced long into the night. Toast after toast, dinner and more dancing. The parents were proudly telling funny stories about the bride and groom when they were young. And so laughter rang long into the night. Exhausted, I made my exit on tired feet, heels in my hand; I felt the magic of love in the air. I thought of how these two weddings symbolized the longing for people to join together, to prosper with a partner and to share that love with the world. I wondered that night, if I had been selfish with my life, living alone, and for a brief moment, thought, Hmmm, perhaps it is time to hop the fence to the other side and “give it a go.”


San Diego


Photos by Shadowcatcher Imagery

Founded in 1889, the Bernardo Winery was originally developed and built by a group of Sicilian farmers, vintners and businessmen in 1889. The course of which these five men took to build and plan the structures of the business or buildings is a mystery. What we do know is that they were offered the land, which was originally part of the Rancho La CaĂąada de San Bernardo Spanish Land Grant. The land was then granted to Don Jose Francisco Snook whom was originally an Englishman sailor named Captain Joseph Snook. It is unfortunate that no written records or accounts of the sale or transfer between Snook and the 5 Sicilian Partners were ever found. For the next thirty-eight years the five Sicilian partners shaped the winery into a producing operation. The winery currently have the last few bottles of Port under the Lanza-Lacata label that the partners used most frequently. On or around 1927, Vincente Rizzo came across the winery during a hunting trip. Living and working in Tijuana, Mexico at the time, Mr. Rizzo made hunting trips regularly to the area and became more and more familiar with the winery and its operations. How the

opportunity arose to invest in the winery, we do not know, however we can speculate that the Sicilian partners were becoming more and more risk averse considering the current state of the wine industry. Prohibition of alcoholic beverages was passed into law by the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution and suddenly it was illegal for the five Sicilian Partners to manufacture wine or brandy. At that time it is said that the winery survived the hardship of prohibition as well as periods of draught and rising water costs by selling sacramental wine to the Catholic church, as well as “grape juice� that was guaranteed to ferment by the time it reached the long dusty road from the winery to the main road (Pomerado Road). Another means of surviving the financial hardships was to harvest and produce Virgin olive oil from the 600 plus olive trees on the Winery grounds. For a time, Bernardo Winery was the sole supplier of olive oil to the San Diego Tuna Industry. This endeavor made it possible for the winery to last through these periods of economic hardship.

Mr. Vincente Rizzo moved to Detroit, Michigan as part of the Marshall Plan after participating in World War I as an infantryman for the Italian Army. His first job in the US was building fruit boxes in a factory for pennies. Again, as records are very sparse, we do know that Mr. Rizzo traveled to Texas to work on a Cattle Rancho by 1920, and then by 1921, Mr. Rizzo moved to Tijuana, Mexico. The ever-present alcohol prohibition pushed many of the alcohol-seeking patrons to Tijuana from Southern California to Las Vegas. With a very ripe economic outlook for the area, Mr. Rizzo prospered and became a very prominent individual, owning bars, clubs and a hotel. With the potential to own a winery, which was a family tradition dating back to generations before Mr. Rizzo, and the opportunity, Mr. V Rizzo became a partner and ultimately the sole owner of the Bernardo Winery in 1928.

San Diego


During the late 1930’s, Mr. Rizzo married Elizabetta Curia

from St Louis, they had a son in 1939 named Ross Rizzo, who would go on to become the owner, and president of the Bernardo Winery for longer than any other owner or president has. For forty-four years, from 1964 to 2008, Ross Rizzo Senior was the director of Bernardo Winery and really changed the landscape of the business internally, to reflect the changing landscape around and outside of the business. Olive oil was produced once again and made available for sale at the winery, and the winery village shops and artisan village came to be, as well as the several event venues in use today. In 2008 Ross Rizzo Sr passed away, leaving the winery in the capable hands of his son Ross Rizzo Jr. to continue the family wine tradition. Today, Ross and his mother Veronica and sisters, Selena and Samantha, run the family winery and continue to shape and grow the winemaking business in an ever changing and growing San Diego wine region, while preserving history and keeping the old ways alive and well.


The Family Photo: Back Row from L to R

Rick Roberts, Selena Roberts, Veronica Hall-Rizzo, Samantha Nawrocki, Weston Nawrocki Front Row from L to R

Spencer Pewitt, Ross Rizzo, Max Pewitt


A Hidden Jewel The Bernardo Winery

There is an innate quality I have discovered over the many years that I have been visiting business establishments, both in my personal and professional life. It is this difference that often makes a business stand out. Family owned businesses have a certain warmth and friendliness that others do not. Add this quality to a beautiful location hidden away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and what you have is the Bernardo Winery. This elegant and historically rich venue is a location where saying your “I Do’s” will count you among an elite class of couples who find themselves returning yearly to visit this magical place where over the past decades many happy unions have begun. The year was 1928 when Vincent Rizzo, who made a living building fruit boxes in Detroit, was given an opportunity to move to Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, and open several bars. Little did he know, that a leisurely hunting trip to Rancho Bernardo would lead his life in yet another direction. The area in which his hunting excursion took place was where five Sicilian business men happened to have a winery up for sale. This was of great interest to Vincent and he made the decision that this was truly his destiny. Vincent Rizzo came from a family of winemakers, so his decision was a natural one. The only thing he longed for now was a wife to share his life. He was introduced to Elizabeth, in what some would call an arranged marriage, and he brought her back to Rancho Bernardo where they settled down for a life working the winery. Since Vincent’s purchase the Bernardo Winery has provided a destination for San Diegans to get in touch with the beauty of nature, while enjoying some of the best wines in Southern California. Since the Bernardo Winery was established during prohibition, they kept the winery profitable making sacramental wine for the Catholic Church, and olives and olive oil for the tuna fishing industry. They were also known for producing a very popular grape juice, which was guaranteed to “ferment” by the time their customers got down the road from the winery. In 1963 Ross Rizzo, Vincent’s son, took over the running of the winery and kept much of the traditions in place. Ross expanded the winery and began adding little shops making the winery into a small quaint village of its own. He also added events for the community, like large family BBQs bringing the community together. When Ross passed away in 2008 his children took over the management of the winery. His son Ross Rizzo Jr. took over the reigns as winemaker and President. His stepdaughter Selena Roberts became the General Manager and his other stepdaughter Samantha Nawrocki became Marketing &

By Judith A. Habert

Advertising Director. So with the three siblings at the helm and Mom Veronica Hall-Rizzo running the twice-yearly craft fair and overseeing much of the landscaping and gardening of the grounds, the family is an ever present part of the Bernardo Winery. In addition to the immediate family, just about everyone’s spouses and children join in to lend a hand whenever needed. The Bernardo Winery is truly a Family Affair. So if you are planning the Wedding of your dreams you can be assured that the Bernardo Winery will truly provide the experience of a lifetime. Their exceptional staff is there to meet all your wedding planning needs headed by Terri Lowrey and Meaghan Braun. What makes a wedding at the Bernardo Winery unique is that there are several different locations available, so they can accommodate whatever size wedding you are planning from 3 to 300 guests. Couples can select Rosario’s Pavilion, the Winery’s original wedding venue, which is surrounded by beautiful landscape, a vintage pavilion and gazebo which is shaded by decade old olive trees. The Barrel Room, a delight to the senses. The 125 year old wooden building houses some of California’s only large scale redwood wine storage vats and is a favorite choice for smaller more intimate weddings of 50 guests. Vito’s Park, which accommodates the larger weddings of 300 guests and has a backdrop of vineyards and gazebos. and has a large shaded patio. The variety of locations, and four caterers to choose from, will help you tailor your wedding to fit whatever you desire. “You don’t even have to worry about flowers for your ceremony, with all of the beautiful flowers found on the grounds of our winery. Bernardo Winery is a combination of rustic and elegant, so it appeals to many brides looking for a special wedding venue” adds Samantha Nawrocki. With various restaurants on site, the winery can also accommodate rehearsal dinners and bachelorette parties. Several quality accommodations are available nearby, such as the Rancho Bernardo Inn, which has shuttle service to and from the Winery, so out of town guests can languish in the luxury of a 4 star resort only minutes from the Wedding location. For more information on planning your wedding at the Bernardo Winery visit their website at or email directly or call 858-487-1866

Wedding Professionals Terri Lowrey and Meaghan Braun

Facts About the Bernardo Winery.... Did You Know? Samantha Nawrocki, one of the family and the marketing Director is currently opening a coffee roasting business. “We bought a completely environmentally friendly coffee roaster, made in California. We will be selling coffees from around the world. We will sell it at V’s coffee shop and will do tastings at the roaster. Though coffee tastings, are referred to as cuppings” Some of the wonderful Shops that can be found at the Winery include:

• Every Friday there is a Farmers Market from 9am-1pm • During the Summer Every Friday Night between 4-9 pm is the Artwalk where local artists display their work. There is music and wine tasting. •There is a Craft Fair two times a year, one around Mother’s Day and another in October • Join their email list to keep up to date with events at the winery.

Bernardo Winery's V's Coffee Shoppe Bernardo Winery's Olive & Cork Bernardo Winery's Sweet Shoppe Botanicals by the Sea Cafe Merlot Clay Artists at the Vineyard Cotton Cottage Cozy Posies Flowers & Gifts Gently Hugged Icarus Studio & Gallery Jewel and Vine Manzanita Roasting Company Salon at the Vineyard Salvageability Soulscape Studio The Vine Theater Bag Cellar

Did you know that the Majority of the Winery Shops Are Owned by Women!

In addition to the Bernardo Winery being a haven for the shopaholics in us all, it is also a cultural sanctuary housing the Rancho Bernardo Cultural Society, and the Mojalet Dance Collective.

At least 90% of the Shops found at the Winery are Women owned. This is thanks to the fact that the family owned management go out of their way to help support the shop owners by providing reasonable rents and a supportive environment for women starting businesses at the Winery.

For more information on any of the above establishments visit the Bernardo Winery site at and join their email and get e-blast sent out every two weeks to find out about big band concerts and events.

Did you know that there are Special Events At the Winery?

Women Business Owners at the Bernardo Winery

San Diego

• Grows over 400 olive trees for olive oil production including ascolano, mission, manzanilla de sevilla and sevillano, • They grows over 50 Hass avocado trees on the north side of the property. • Has 2,500 grape vines including red and white Concord, Barbera, Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Muscat, Mission, Tokay & Grenache are spread around in the various lots and buildings around the winery. • Has fig trees, guava, loquat. And various citrus and one of their favorite, the nopal cactus. •They only use well water, grey water recycling from winery and runoff to irrigate all landscaping and crops


The Bernardo Winery


Christina Rousseau, The Vine, Toni Kraft, Café Merlot, Sharon Kearin, Soulscape Movement Center, Linda Willits, Cotton Cottage, Selena Roberts, General Manager/CFO of Bernardo Winery, – Sam Nawrocki, Marketing and Advertising Director Bernardo Winery,Veronica Rizzo, Bernardo Winery Matriarch and Craft Fair Manager, Theresa Green, Icarus Art Gallery and Studio, Melissa Duke, Salvageability, Elaine Buddhe, Salon at the Vineyard, Sherry Molling, Botanicals by the Sea

Six-week bridal skin plan

By Adina Moldovan

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life, with so many things to plan and prepare. Since all eyes are on you, one of the many things a bride should not forget is to make sure her skin is glowing and in tip-top shape. If you have any concerns with your skin's appearance it is best to tackle the issue early, in order to allow time for the treatment to work and your skin to heal.

Adina’s results-proven approach to a dramatic skin transformation includes six glycolic exfoliation and microdermabrasion treatments spaced at weekly intervals. Alternatively, and for even better results, in carefully selected individuals a retinol peel four weeks before the wedding day is the preferred treatment. The peel coagulates the proteins in the upper layer of the skin and results in flaking of the old superficial layer in the following three to four days. The result is a super smooth glowing skin finish with no large pores, brown spots, or blemishes. Following the treatments, a rich moisturizer with hyaluronic acid serum will be applied the day before the wedding to nourish the skin cells and plump any fine lines. Adina is passionate about educating her clients and is available for anybody who wants to find out more and seek advice about results proven clinical skin care. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a skin consultation with Adina contact her at the Salon at the Vineyard, located at the Bernardo Winery at Phone: 858-485-0771

San Diego

Eight weeks before your wedding day you can have your skin analyzed and have a treatment designed specifically for you. Makeup is not the way to make your skin glow. As a matter of fact, covering the skin with a lot of makeup will give your complexion a dull look.


Adina Moldovan, a clinical skin care specialist (trained both in Europe and the United States) with twenty years of hands on experience, has all the answers to a fresh, beautiful, glowing skin to make you shine on your big day.



Broken Rock Ranch By Judith A. Habert

Since all brides are not the same, neither should all wedding venues. Broken Rock Ranch is a prime example of one of these unique wedding locations. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kami Voertman, one of the owners to discuss this unique venue. If you are searching for a down home country-style wedding the Broken Rock Ranch is the ideal wedding spot for you and your fiancée. With a history dating back to 1924, the grounds have been everything from a TB sanitarium called “Happy Land Sanitarium” to a Lutheran church camp. The camp was owned for quite a while by Caroline Hertzog and her family who had it during prohibition. Since the grounds were full of grape vines it seemed only natural that they would make wine. So after prohibition she decided to become a church, and a faith healer. When she passed away in 1960, she donated the entire camp to the Lutheran Laymen League, the church was built and dedicated in her name. The Light of the Valley Church, was started in the early 1970’s with its 12 original members. They opened it up to the townspeople, requiring two hours of service church projects, and they would then be allowed to stay on the camp grounds. After 30 years, the camp and its facilities become quite run down. Kami and her family acquired it in 2009 and I asked her if her original plan for the facility was as a wedding venue? She giggled and responded, “No! I originally wanted to run stables here. I love horses. I had plans to turn the hotel rooms into barns stables.” So I had to ask how she ended up going from horses to brides? She smiled and said, “Well it kind of just evolved. We started doing church functions and business groups, and realized that if we could do those functions then weddings were not all that different? I had to ask what the biggest challenge was with owning a wedding venue, and Kami admitted that there are times when things get rather crazy. “Sometimes I will take a look at the Bride, and I can tell that she is about to have a major meltdown. I will go to her, grab her by the arm and say, ‘come with me, you need to powder your nose’ and I will get her out of the line of fire. It is so overwhelming sometimes, and she is being approached by everyone looking for answers, when in reality, no one should be bothering her on this day. This is her day, and she should just be enjoying this memory that will stay with her for the rest of her life.” Kami revealed that often it is the MOB and MOG that are even more demanding than the bride and groom. I looked at her with a dazed expression, not wanting to look like a wedding novice and after a few moments I figured out to what or should I say to whom, she was referring. The Mother of the Brides and the Mother of the Grooms. Kami also admitted that this occurs in all families whether they are doing a wedding for a Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom or Bride and Bride, “the stress of the wedding day can often get to them and I feel it is part of my job to remove as much stress as I can.” Kami explained that although she remains rather unobtrusive she can usually be found sitting on a bench somewhere on the grounds keeping an eye out for that frazzled bride

needing a calming force. A quick look at Yelp reviews echoes the role Kami plays in all of her weddings. Every review raves about the service they receive from Kami and how she made their wedding day perfect! Kami admitted that she learned this from personal experience. About to walk down the aisle she completely froze and her legs would not move. Her Dad coaxing her finally allowed her to move methodically down the aisle. This occurred during her marriage to her high school sweetheart whom she started dating in Dec 1979 for 2 years, and decided to track down in 2004. Her determination to find him paid off, as they just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary. A true romantic at heart, Kami wants to be sure that each bride has the happy storybook ending she deserves. If you are looking for a venue that will take you away from all the hubbub, which generally surrounds your life (and is escalated during your wedding), this facility will allow you to get back to nature and concentrate on the real reason that this gathering of friends and family is occurring. Although it is located in the small town community of Valley Center, only 40 minutes from Downtown San Diego, it makes you feel as if you are in somewhere in the middle of America. Broken Rock Ranch offers several different plans for your wedding day, but there is one thing that makes this venue stand out even beyond the varied choices. Where others offer you a block of time into which you must cram all of your planned wedding day festivities, Broken Rock Ranch is different. When you book your wedding with them you don’t just have access to the facility for the usual 6-8 hours, you are given it for three full days to assure that you have sufficient time to make your wedding event the wonderful day you always dreamed it would be. Whether you use these days to drop off dresses or tuxedos, to decorate the facilities, to hang out with your bridal party, to use their resort style swimming pool or even to stay overnight in their rustic accommodations, bunk beds and all. It is totally up to you. Once you have booked this venue, your next decision is where to hold your ceremony. There are several choices and endless possibilities as to where you can say your “I Do’s.” You can select an open air ceremony on their large open field decorated with large bales of hay and a classic vintage tractor. The backdrop for your ceremony is what is referred to as the Grandfather Pepper Tree. The surrounding view for your guests are rolling hills of plush greenery. Now how many of your friends will have similar wedding pictures hanging in their homes? If this isn’t unique enough you can opt for a wedding in their large amphitheater, which has tiered seating where guests can sit and watch you and your groom exchanging your vows under an altar made of branches. If you are more of a traditionalist there is always the third choice, a wedding in the church that was built by Broken Rock Ranch’s previous owner. With three unique choices no two wedding have to be the same. As with the ceremony, your reception can be held either inside or outside. There is a reception hall where you can let the festivities begin or opt for dinning beneath the stars on the Reception Lawn with tents and its recently built dance floor. The lodge’s professional kitchen is perfect for your caterer to whip up the amazing wedding fare, whether you chose to go with a traditional BBQ menu or select an elegant cuisine. To serve alcohol on the grounds you will need to hire a beverage service or a restaurant with a liquor license since the Ranch does not have a liquor license. Rates for a wedding at the Broken Rock Ranch are extremely reasonable with two available packages. Package A is $3,700 and that is for 200 guests and Package B is $3,000 and that is for 100 guests with every 50 over being an additional $250. A $1,000 deposit holds the venue for your wedding weekend. $2,000 refundable security deposit is required. If you do not want the cookie cutter wedding that all of your friends have opted for, take the time to visit Broken Rock Ranch and speak with Kami. Visit their website at for more information and photos Kami can be reached via email at "mailto:Broken.Rock@att. net" or call 760 719 1278

If you have a big event coming up in your life, like a wedding, honeymoon or special vacation, and the thought of putting on a shorter dress, or slipping into a bathing suit horrifies you (due to varicose veins) then take some time to make an appointment to see Dr. Moldovan. Keep in mind that as these venous marks did not happen overnight, they will not go away overnight either. So allow sufficient time for healing. Also if you have a problem in both legs, the treatment, must be given to one leg at a time, and when treatment is first done the area will look worse before it looks better. , Insurance generally covers full treatment but will sometimes require you be treated with compression stockings first as a conservative measure. Dr. Moldovan indicates that the medical literature has shown that compression socks help to improve some of the symptoms, but do nothing to actually treat the disease. A comprehensive treatment based on imaging studies as outlined earlier is required to cure the condition. The best part about getting this treatment done is the very low rate of reoccurrence. The success rate for the procedures employed by Dr. Moldovan’s office is 95% at the five year mark. An amazing statistic. This of course is based on the fact that the patient has followed the doctor’s medical plan that is designed based on the results of the venous ultrasound. If you are unhappy with the visible varicose or spider veins, or are in constant pain by the end of the day needing to get off your feet due to fatigue and heaviness, even without any visible varicosities, you may have venous disease. Knowing that this painful debilitating problem can be easily fixed with a few office visits and minor discomfort is a life changing situation for anyone who has suffered with these issues. Contact Dr. Stefan Moldovan for more information and to schedule an appointment. (760) 739 - 7666

San Diego

As the saying goes, 'Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder' but as women we often have body issues that bother us. These issues are often not even noticed by others. Sometimes we find that we alter our lives significantly based on this body issue. Remember how much you loved putting on a pretty dress for an event, but now you find yourself reaching for pants whenever you can? Women who suffer with Varicose or Spider Veins find themselves doing this often, because they have not been made aware of how easy and relatively painless the treatment is to get rid of this nagging problem. On top of this, most insurance carriers cover this procedure completely, so cost does not have to be a deterrent. I had the pleasure of discussing this matter with esteemed Vascular Surgeon Dr. Stefan Moldovan. Since varicose veins are not considered a popular ailment we don’t often see articles or TV commercials about it, but over 25 million Americans suffer from vascular disease and 72% of women and 42% of men will experience varicose vein symptoms by the age of 60. Women often will go to the doctor due to the unsightly veins on their legs. Sometimes they have no pain or other symptoms they are just looking to get rid of the marks that they find undesirable. Men who have the same marks will often ignore them and only go to the doctor should they have pain associated with the varicose veins. I asked Dr. Moldovan what the symptoms were that we should be on the lookout for that would warrant treatment. He responded, “Symptoms of varicose vein disease are: leg pain, fatigue, heaviness, restless legs, burning, and cramping. These symptoms can be accompanied by skin pigmentation, leg swelling, and the presence of varicosities. It is important to know that one can have no visible varicosities in the legs but can have symptoms of varicose vein disease as mentioned previously. If you experience any of these symptoms make an appointment to Inquire about treatment options. All the treatments are minimally invasive and done in our office. The first step in evaluating somebody with venous disease is to do a venous ultrasound. This is a necessary test since it will allow us to find out the cause of the varicose veins. If the varicose veins are treated without treating, the underlying cause, you will find that the varicose veins will return." The underlying cause for the formation of varicose veins is the condition known as Superficial Venus Reflux. Normally, one-way valves in veins keep blood flowing from the periphery of the body toward the heart—against the force of gravity. When the valves fail and do not perform their function, blood can flow backwards or reflux. This reflux results in what is known as venous insufficiency, a very common condition that results in the pooling of blood in veins that become large and tortuous. It also results in all the symptoms mentioned above. So it is very important to treat the reflux in order to resolve the symptoms and decrease the chances of having recurrent varicosities. The venous ultrasound provides insight into how severe the problem is, which veins are affected, and what method to use to treat the problem. As Dr. Moldovan adds, “Ultrasound will tell me if there is a problem beyond the visible, where the problem is, and how to formulate a treatment plan. If we just inject or remove large varicosities without treating the underlying cause the varicosities will likely come back in the future. If someone has small veins or spider veins and no symptoms of venous insufficiency they can be treated with injections only. The venous reflux can be treated with either radiofrequency or laser technology. Radiofrequency works best long term and is less painful. It makes the vein clot and changes the collagen content of the vein walls. In our office we offer both technologies. Since all treatments are done in the office setting and do not require hospitalization the procedures can be done as an outpatient and requires little recovery time. Of course one of my main questions for Dr. Moldovan was how do you avoid varicose or spider veins in the first place? “Unfortunately, there is really no way to avoid varicose or spider veins. For the most part they are hereditary, but it has been seen that individuals who have jobs which involve standing for long periods of time or those who are obese are more likely to acquire vein issues.” What are the signs to look for, aside from the visible varicose veins and spider veins? “If you have cramping, swelling in the ankles, pigmentation changes, leg fatigue or heaviness, and restless leg syndrome, you should consult a physician.”


Show off those Beautiful Legs Again with the Help of Dr. Stefan Moldovan


Top 5 Go-To Wedding Gifts That They Really Do Need By Pamela Waller-Niven


It's wedding season again! Most couples pick their wedding day to be either in the spring or summer and for good reason...spring symbolizes birth, new beginnings and summer's weather is usually nice or at least predictable. In San Diego, however, with beautiful weather year round wedding months are just about every month. So, you have been invited to a wedding in November and now you have to decide what to give that lucky couple on their most glorious day. How do you decide? In this day and modern age, the bride and groom help us out quite a's called a bridal/wedding registry. Usually the bride will be choosing the majority of the items and the groom has to nod "yes" in agreement. The bride and groom go to their local department store or favorite housewares store and pick out items that they think they want or need to start their new life together as Mr. and Mrs. This task can be exciting and/or overwhelming for the bride and groom. Mostly because many of these future spouses have no idea what they really need for their new home, be it an apartment, condo or house. All they know is that they better choose things and get this task done before all the real work starts, pulling off a fabulous wedding of their dreams. When one is an invitee to this future life changing event, it is not only an honor, but it's your duty to present the best gift that you can think of or at least afford. The first thing you should consider is what is your relation to either the bride or groom. Is the bride your niece or a family friend's daughter? Or is the groom your cousin or your son's college roommate? This relationship fact is important, because it will determine what is an appropriate expenditure for the gift. A good rule of thumb is if the person is related to you by blood, your budget should be $100-300. If the person is not a blood relative it is safe to spend around $50-200 on a gift. Of course, the final amount is up to your financial discretion! If you choose to give the most practical, a check written in both

of their names for $200 in a beautiful card given directly to the couple at the event or placed in a gift card box customarily provided at the wedding. Or you could give the card to one of their parents for safe keeping, which is discrete and appropriate too. If you plan to purchase the future couple's wedding gift from their registry, you will not be alone. Most people would surely opt for the ease of having their choices laid out for them in a black and white printout at the store. But be forewarned, unless you shop a least a month or two before the wedding date and if they have a large guest list, you could possibly be left with slim pickings from that list! My experience has been that you could end up having to choose from a few spatulas and maybe one China place setting to wrap up in a gift box! The randomness of it all is so ridiculous, and you will be the guest who had to settle for bringing "that gift"! One strategy is to look up the happy couple's gift registry ahead of time online to see what they have chosen. Then go to the store to buy what you had planned to get only to find out they don't have the item in stock anymore or someone has already purchased it before you got there. Or you could purchase the item online, hope that it arrives on-time and that the registry has been updated in real time automatically. No big deal, every newly wed has had to do a lot of returning or exchanging duplicate items, am I right?! So, to be safe please do look at their wedding gift registry online, but use it as a guide only. Here are the top 5 great go-to wedding gifts, why all newlyweds really do need these things and will probably thank you years later for getting them in the first place. 1. Le Creuset Dutch oven. These pots are offered in many color and sizes, but the 5 1/2 quart is the standard and the most useful size. Look for great deals online or go to discount stores to purchase this traditional iconic Dutch oven. If neither bride nor groom knows how to cook yet, someone will surely have to learn soon enough and this fabulous cast-iron enameled pot will be their go-to pot for soups, pot roast, pulled pork and any other kind of one pot recipe. Not only would it be a staple in anyone's kitchen, but the newlyweds will thank you for buying it for them since most young couples do not have extra money laying around nor do they even know that they needed one...yet. There are other manufacturers of Dutch ovens, just shop around to find the best one for the best price and voila the best gift ever! 2. An everyday dish setting for 12 in white. Now I know what you are thinking, white? How boring...but not really. White is the most elegant color, it will go with any decor, table cloth, and food looks the most appetizing on it...take note of dish color next time you are at a nice restaurant. Find the best dishwasher and microwave safe dishes you can find. Look for fine ceramic with simple lines and if you can find an open stock type where they can easily be replaced if chipped...that is ideal. Shop around and look at stores like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and department stores. I realize most brides dream of picking out their signature style China pattern, but let's face often do you really use your china anyway?! They will thank you every day they reach for their plates at every meal. 3. At least 2 full sets of luxurious 100% cotton bath towels. Color is subjective so, get hints from the happy couple's gift registry, but white is always a great choice. Why? Because again it will go with most decor and it can be washed in hot water and bleached! Shop around at all the department stores for the best price or buy from an online linens store. They will both realize how thoughtful you were to give them something they use everyday! 4. A high-thread count 100% cotton, high-fill baffled down comforter. First, you will have to find out if either bride or groom is allergic to down. I sure hope not, but if one of them is, you could still buy the softest downalternative comforter. Refer to their gift registry to see what size bed sheets they have listed. If not listed, you could make a call to their parent or friend to see if they have recently bought sheets or bedding and in what size, but be discrete so they don't steal your idea. A great down comforter can last a very long time and you can easily replace a duvet cover when it's time to redecorate your bedroom! The happy couple will thank you for a cozy nights sleep every night! 5. Small appliances, such as: toaster or toaster-oven; coffee machine and grinder; Panini press; and rice cooker (if you want to spend more, any combination of these). The best most practical wedding gift my husband and I ever received was a rice cooker from our Auntie Marge. I didn't realize how much I would use that little useful machine. You can cook rice and steam vegetables at the same time (in the steamer tray that comes with the cooker)! I have always been grateful to Auntie Marge for that first rice cooker until this very day! Many young couples may already have these appliances, but inexpensive models, so you could make the upgrade for them. Check their gift registry to see if they listed any of these, but I highly doubt it. These are the most overlooked and undesirable gift items to purchase, but mark my words...they will thank you after drinking that eye-opening indispensable cup of joe in the morning or after eating that easy chicken, rice and veggie dinner last night!

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The Grand Tea Room Full Service Tea Room

We look forward to serving you as our guest

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One coupon per table. Can not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Expires 1/3/13 1/6/16

145 West Grand Ave. Escondido, 92025

A Great Spot for Your Bridal Shower

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue By Sharon Hightower As an older bride, my main concern about the entire wedding was how I was going to look. I’m sure all brides are concerned, but I was crazy obsessive about it. I drove my friends and family nuts as I agonized over my dress and my shoes and whether or not I should wear a veil. I don’t know what concerns you today, but I just want to tell you that it doesn’t matter. No matter how hard you try, Murphy’s Law will be in force on your big day. But when you look back on it, the thing that goes wrong, the snafus that kept you up nights trying to avoid, may turn out to be the things that make your wedding memorable; the very things that will take the edge off and give your guests a giggle. And, in time, you may laugh about them too. I finally got a dress, but due to some unforeseen circumstances the big day got postponed – twice, so I found myself sweltering in the hot afternoon in mid-August in a long sleeved gown purchased for my April wedding. But what can one do? You can’t return wedding dresses – especially after they’ve been altered a bit to compensate for the extra ten pounds the nervous bride had gained. To ensure that I was well rested, I opted to spend the night at the venue – the old Mission San Luis Rey. They have lots of guests’ rooms for their retreats, so they could easily accommodate one slightly crazy bride-to-be. My big concern at this choice was the lack of mirrors. Normally on a retreat, one’s outward appearance is not of great concern, so you don’t find a lot of mirrors around a church. How was I going to see the final look once I’d managed to get into the cumbersome dress I’d chosen? Simple. I told myself. Bring your own mirror. Of course I forgot. When I arrived late that afternoon and began to unpack all of my paraphernalia, I quickly realized that I had not brought the full length mirror I’d taken off my the door in bedroom closet especially for this day. Well, too late now. I checked in with the receptionist, who I’d known for quite some time, and she happily showed me to my room with a small smile on her face. It seems they had given me the retreat leader’s room (one that I’d never seen before) and it was like a suite compared to the usual “cells” that I had stayed in. And, yes, there was a mirror – in fact, there were two. One on each closet door. Yea! I imagine no one was happier than my bridal party when the morning dawned. Soon, it would all be over, and they could stop listening to me worry about every little thing. The guys were on their own and the girls were up early and off to the hairdresser. Both my niece and my daughter opted for “updos” and looked splendid when I arrived a couple of hours later. They twirled around and preened showing off truly lovely hairdos. I was so excited for them and anxious to have my turn. I took my seat in front of the mirrors and relaxed as my hairdresser, Patty, began brushing my long hair as we discussed – again – the style we’d chosen. I’d also wanted an updo, and in honor of the big day had grown my hair to shoulder length, a real accomplishment as I’d been wearing it super short for years. And just to be sure we got it right, she’d had me come to the shop the week before and we’d played with several styles.

It was a busy morning in the shop. There were two other bridal parties all laughing and talking. I’d sent mine off to see to things at the church, but also because I just wanted to relax and breathe deeply. Sitting at the shampoo bowl, I thought about how lucky I was to know my hairdresser. Patty was my brother’s longtime girlfriend and somehow knowing her made me feel safer. Although, in all honestly, I didn’t have her do my hair regularly because she thought short meant a razor cut. We proceeded. She applied some yummy smelling conditioner, rinsed my hair, and wrapped a fresh towel around my head. Patiently she dried my hair and then began to backcomb it. As she did, I noticed that she was glancing around sort of nervously, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. She asked one of the other stylist to finish my hair saying that she just couldn’t do it. If you watched the movie Bridget Jones and saw how her hair looked before the hair dresser finished with it the evening of her big date; mine looked worse. It was literally standing up all over my head having been ratted within an inch of its life. It stuck straight out like the worst frizz out you’ve ever seen. And Patty had a meltdown. And no one could help with all the other ladies there also going to weddings. Patty took a few deep breaths and stuck some hairpins in and then disappeared somewhere in the back of the shop. I was horrified. I paid someone (why???) and left the shop. I needed to get back to the church and get dressed. I didn’t cry. I was in such shock, that I didn’t even cry driving all the way from downtown Fallbrook to Oceanside. I don’t think I breathed either. When I got to the retreat center, my daughter was waiting for me. And her expression told me everything. “Good Lord, what happened?” she burst out. “I don’t know. Patty had a meltdown,” I replied. Fortunately, I had not made up my mind about a veil and had bought two – one with a tiny wreath of flowers and one with a fairly wide brimmed hat. The choice was clear now. Sarah took the hat and managed to stuff most of my hair into it, leaving a few tendrils, so that I didn’t look quite so awful. In the heat of that August day, folks probably wondered why I never took the hat off, but – hey – let them wonder. It was my secret. When the altar boy dropped the bell and it went clanging down the stairs, a twitter went around the church at my sister’s wedding. When the flower girl froze at my friend’s wedding, her failure to toss out the rose petals got funnier the closer she got to the altar. When the bridal party turned onto a one way street at another wedding, it was both dangerous and hysterical. These are the things that really make the day memorable. So, relax. Something will go wrong. And, in the end, it will be all right. As for me, I didn’t take my hat off until my new husband and I arrived at our hotel room where we staying before leaving the following day on our honeymoon. When I took it off, his eyes got big and he said, “Good Lord, what happened?”

For more information on catering for your wedding or planning a rehearsal dinner or shower at Café Merlot call 858 592 7785

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There are few people in San Diego who do not know her name, particularly those in the Rancho Bernardo area. Toni Kraft, owner of Café Merlot at the Bernardo Winery, has been a staple in this community for many years. Toni has done much for the community and is always willing to step up to help those in need. As the owner of Café Merlot, she is one of the preferred caterers for all weddings that occur at the Bernardo Winery, in addition to catering events throughout San Diego. What makes the food at Café Merlot so incredible is that you cannot get fresher food anywhere. Just about everything served there is made from scratch, with a good part of it coming from their micro farm on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery, where their restaurant is located. When a bride and groom select Café Merlot as their wedding caterer, they know that they are going to get an individualized menu that fits their every need. I even asked what would happen if the bride and groom had specialty food requirements, perhaps they were vegetarian or vegan or even paleo. Toni explained the following, “We always design a menu in three different ways. Seasonality, your vision, and your budget. And if you design a menu that you love and that speaks to you, and we can push that out to 150 of your guests they may not even realize that you have planned it with a special diet in mind. They may not even know that they are eating a plant based menu, nothing with a face and no dairy, they will love the food because it is you. You don’t have to have P.E.T.A protesting in front of your wedding reception to get the point across that you are vegan or vegetarian. What it comes down to is that as long as you have 6 main tastes from sweet to bitter, and you add in a pungent flavor by including a glass of wine or beer, your guests will be very happy with your wedding menu. Keep in mind also that the art of food presentation is most important at a wedding, so you can make a healthy dish appear as beautiful as an unhealthy one. Colors and plating are important, so even on a lower budget your food can look beautiful. Toni also uses seasonal fruits and vegetables to enhance the colors and presentation of the wedding entrees. If you speak to anyone who had their wedding catered by Café Merlot they will each have a totally different menu to share, but the common denominator will always be the wonderful fresh and healthy food that they served at their wedding. Toni closely adheres to the mission statement she touts, “Come for the food…Stay for the friendship.” The other commonality is the fact that once you have eaten at Café Merlot you cannot keep yourself from going back, over and over again. Yes, it is the food that gets you there, but it is the warm welcome, friendly faces, and staff who remember your name and treat you as if you are a welcome guest in their home, because to Toni Kraft that is exactly what you are.


From Farm to Wedding Café Merlot Makes it Fresh



My Life's Star By Pamela M. Waller-Niven

You are the star in my life's sky. Your love is the weight of air surrounding my body. You are the universe that contains my breath. Being near you, baits my longing. As I approach, feeling only the smallness of the void closing, until we are enveloped. A kiss from you, vast dew as the night lingers in my mouth, recalling the taste forever clear and true as a star in my life's sky.

Nuptial Emotions By Samir Kagalwala

Sentiments bride experiences within, I would know not. Like flies daring expedition in cosmos, attempt I a shot. Moon is not far for her nor can clouds hinder her flight, Through the glittering stars she finds her way just right. Flapping wings of hopes, to the wonderland she hovers, Leaving world behind like a dot in space, high she soars. With her man in one eye and dreams in other, She flies sky high. I, her Dad with smile in one and tears in other, Wave her good-bye.

CATANIA Coastal Cuisine

By Cynthia DiMatteo

Wild Salmon Crudo, uni, cucumber, salsa verdi, radish and olive oil. That’s all you had to say..…I’m In!!! Catania Coastal Cuisine recently opened in the beautiful La Jolla Village on the corner of Girard and Wall Streets. It has everything a restaurant and their patrons naturally desire: a breathtaking ocean view deck (perched on the 3rd level), phenomenal menu (that the South of Italy would salute), and savvy patrons. Start off with a Catania Cocktail to kick the meditation level up … try the Ciao Bella bourbon, seasonal jam, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters or, one of my favorites, Catania Signature Prosecco Cocktail rosemary, Italian bitters and prosecco. Italian certified beers and carefully selected wines from Sicily, Venezia, and Veneto are offered. The menu includes small starters like Suzie’s (a local boutique Organic farm about 15 miles away) Caponata Crostada: Grilled Italian Bread, roasted eggplant, zucchini, peppers, pine nuts and tomato. A natural pairing on any Italian table would be the bright green olives infused in

Trevisio radicchio lends a smoky note to juicy slightly sweet and unquestionably delicious quail. Small Shares at Catania can build a “foodies Nirvana” with smells and tastes of a creative genius. Yes! And, by the way, we share Italian Family Style…Oh Yeah! Wood earthed pizzas boast creative toppings like the Sicilian Pistacchio Pie with oven crisped Mortadella, melting cheeses; pecorino and cool Burratta perched on top, slowly melting as it is served. Whole Roasted Branzino salsa verde crust fennel, orange and wild rocket (arugula). Add roasted fingerlings, rosemary and parmesana reggiano. Grilled Prawn Salad: Suzie’s Wild Organic greens and pear vinaigrette. Even the desserts flaunt bold flavors: two of our favorites (hands down) were the Budino (pudding) drizzled with Cabernet reduction and a plush Pistacchio Torta with sweet berries and lemon sorbet. Vanilla, espresso and chocolate gelato nestled extravagantly in a sliced, tender brioche - an irresistible ice cream treat!

fresh rosemary aromatics, orange, garlic and Calabrian chili oil. The Chef, Vince Scholfield, dares diners to explore unfamiliar ingredients and preparations such as the smoked Duck Liver Mousse elaborately garnished with a salad of parsley, dates, pickled shallots, and almonds all tumbled in Champagne Vinaigrette that tartly rounds out the flavors.

Savoring this unforgettable setting with friends and family, the South of France type vistas, the breath of salty air and food that the Italians would be especially proud of..…I will be back! Ciao for now! Cinzia

Love is Better the Second Time Around

The odds of your marrying again after a certain age are less, they say, than the odds of you getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery. But it’s happened. The thunder is rolling, the bells are soon to be ringing and you know that love is better the second time around. You’re over 40 and your biggest worry is not about getting to the church on time. Your biggest concern is what to wear to the wedding. Before you begin, remember that neither Martha Steward nor Dear Abby will be among the guests, so you needn’t accept their unsolicited and often outdated advice. Nor should you listen to your single friends who are bearing up despite being pea green with envy. And now is not the time to listen to your mother who would probably start by counseling you against a formal wedding for your second trip down the altar. But if not these people, who can you ask? First, listen to your heart. What do you want? How do you visualize this most precious moment? Do you really want to wear a pastel suit with conservative pumps and a small corsage? If not, don’t! Do you fancy yourself looking like a princess in a flowery film of organza? Do it. Do yards of Chantilly lace appeal more to you? Go for it. Is it reams of silver satin that give you goose bumps? Then do exactly that. Get some brides’ magazines and dream. These are your wish books. Look through them. Then put them away. Then go back through them. Do the same dresses appeal to you? You’re on the right track. Second, listen to your groom. He is after all, the reason you won the lottery. What would he like? How does he picture his bride as she joins her hand in his? Does white make him uncomfortable or does he think ivory looks dingy? Third, listen to your mirror. It told Snow White’s Wicked Witch

the truth. Going to the bridal salons will take some courage, but you have courage: You’re getting married again, right? Try on a dizzying array of dresses. What looks wonderful? What looks awful? Then, it’s time to get practical. What is your budget? Do you really want to spend $500.00 on a dress? Would you prefer to economize on the dress and use the money you’ll save on the honeymoon? Of course, it is possible to buy a lovely and reasonably priced dress. Shop during the summer after the June brides have had their day. Look for sales. Most bridal salons will have a rack of dresses that didn’t quite make it down the aisle. As you’ll probably want to alter yours a bit anyway, this can be a real cost saver. At some point, you’ll need to consider how your dress will fit into the overall design of your wedding. Does a traditional formal church ceremony appeal to you? You can have a formal event if you want. The rules that governed your first wedding have pretty much been tossed aside. So, if you prefer, you can opt for a more casual wedding outside in a lovely garden or down by the sea. This is your moment. Do it your way. Of course, you’ll want to consider the time of day and the season of the year in which you’ll be married. If you’re planning a winter wedding in the morning, you’ll probably want long sleeves – even in California. If you’ve decided on an August afternoon, you may opt for one of the lovey sleeveless dresses that are popular these days. Remember, when it’s all said and done – when the photographer has put away his camera, when the last of the cake has been served, when the last toast has been offered – this is your day and you’ll want to be able to say in the words of Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way!”

Diego WSan oman

By Sharon Hightower


Smile Pretty for the Camera Your wedding day is coming near and you have most of the details in place. Except for one thing that has been haunting you for years. You have always wanted to feel comfortable showing the world how happy you are, and now, on the soon to be happiest day of your life, you are afraid that your insecurities will get in the way of you opening wide and giving a great big smile. It doesn’t have to. We were lucky enough to

can cause staining to teeth, so after we perform an in office whitening procedure we suggest that you stay away from foods that are known to stain teeth. This will keep your teeth white for a lot longer.” In office dentist supervised treatments provide a much better result in a much quicker period of time. The at home kits generally take 7-10 days to see the full results. Dr. Bhor adds, “The dentist supervised in office treatment typically whitens teeth 5-10 shades within 45 minutes. Our take-home kit contains a higher concentration of whitening agent than the over the counter kits and ours are easier to use. Our patients are always more satisfied with the outcome with our kits than with the store bought kits.” So I asked Dr. Bhor if a bride or groom wants to have beautiful white teeth for their big day when should they come in for treatment? “Two weeks before would be fine. They could come the week of the wedding if they would like. With all they have going on there is some flexibility since the whitening will last for quite some time.” What is entailed in the teeth whitening procedure. • Your mouth will be prepared by covering your lips and gums so that only your teeth are exposed • A professional-strength whitening gel will then be applied to your teeth • A special light will be put on your teeth for 15 minutes to help the gel penetrate and whiten your teeth • The gel will then be reapplied to the teeth and light treatment is followed two more times Your total teeth whitening treatment time is 45 minutes. What About Veneers? More extensive cosmetic surgery such as Veneers require much greater planning.


A veneer is a thin shield of porcelain that is used to cover the front surface of the tooth. They are designed as a permanent way to enhance the look of stained, chipped, or broken teeth. Impressions are taken before, during, and in some cases after the final placement of the veneers. The impressions taken before your veneer appointment are used to make a stone replica of your teeth. The stone cast may be sent to the dental laboratory to assist the lab tech when fabricating the final veneers, or to create a wax-up, which is a replica of what the final veneers will look like. The wax-up may be used to create a temporary set of veneers that is worn during the time when the veneers are being made.

have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sasha Bhor DDS about some of the top cosmetic procedures that she performs in her office, which are guaranteed to make you want to smile. The top two procedures most requested, particularly for those about to say their I Do’s are Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneers. So I decided to ask Dr. Bhor about these two procedures. “Teeth Whitening is a very popular procedure, but many patients make the mistake of believing that all teeth whitening is the same. With all of the over the counter products guaranteeing to give you a bright white smile, few of them come close to the whitening that you will receive in a dentist’s office.” Whitened teeth can stay that way anywhere from 4-12 months depending on the type of teeth whitening you have done. What also plays a big part in how long your whitened teeth stay white are the foods that you eat. Dr. Bhor explains, “Foods such as blueberries, coffee and tea

“One of the more important steps is selecting the appropriate shade for your final veneers. When we select the shade we want to be sure it will match your skin tone and it is especially important if not all of your teeth are getting veneers. The color will then have to match the shade of your existing teeth.” After all preparatory work is done it will take between 7-10 days for the final veneers to come back from the lab and ready for final fittings. “After I look over them and make sure they are perfect with no flaws or shading issues, we will then permanently adhere them. We will then check for any biting issues and once all is perfect you are done. You have a perfect smile for your big day and for many years to come.” Since the process of getting veneers is a much longer and costlier process, it is suggested that this should be done several months or more, before your wedding day. Just remember, this is an investment in you that will not only make you more confident and willing to show the world your beautiful smile, but will last well past your wedding day. For more information on teeth whitening and veneers contact Dr. Sasha Bhor, DDS at 11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd. , Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92127 858-592-9500. See her advertisement on page 11 for specials for Brides, Grooms & Wedding Parties.

Countdown to Your Best You!

If you are like most women, you have fantasized about your wedding day long before you actually met Mr. Right. It’s a time we want to look and feel especially beautiful… and want our photos to show it (Mothers of the bride. I’m talking to you too) You probably have a plan for your dress, your hair, your make-up, and your photographer. Have you thought about how your face will look “wedding ready”?

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Exquisitely natural Your best you


Depending on your age, your skin tone and texture, and how much time you have before the big day, we can customize a plan for your most radiant you – a look that’s refreshed and exquisitely natural.

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Be YourBest You

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our beauty and referral bucks.

Your gift to you: Complimentary 30 minute consultation See what’s possible with little or no downtime. • Facial rejuvenation • Facial rebalancing • Improve skin texture and tone

As you countdown to the special day, come see what's possible for Your Best You!



He Said, She


Photos by Lisa K. Miller

We have all realized that obviously men and women don't always see things exactly the same way. So, even though, we are a Woman's Magazine, we only thought it fair that we allow men to have a chance to share their opinions. Hence, He Said, She Said was born. Should you have a topic that you would like us to debate, email our editor at I can't wait to hear from you!

He Said... Ok, we get it, this is your day. This is what you have lived a lifetime for. Magic happens. You find the man of your dreams and he pops the question and you say yes and the Cinderella story begins. UGH! What happens is the emasculated male sulks in the background until you need him for some trivial task and then you tuck him away again until THE day: This is performance art and he needs to be invisible. C’mon gals, give us a break. Sure your mom and dad are footing the bill. Sure, your mom and girlfriends create this perfect storm of estrogen and shrieking and hands flailing and we sit quietly so as not to upset you. If we do something you deem inappropriate you begin to look like Linda Blair with her head twirling and spewing stuff and shouting ‘I will kill you’ and we just run for shelter. What did we do? Who knows? Men don’t look at weddings the way you do. We are simply looking to make our relationship more permanent and start building towards the future. Kids. House. Family. Toys for daddy. You want a fairytale. Reality is suspended and you believe you will live happily ever after. Your picture of the world is mono vision and you don’t want us in the way until you get your birthrightwedding day. Guess what, we are here too and we have plans and ideas that you need to hear. Maybe we want to be asked to join in the planning stages? Maybe, just maybe, there are two stars on that special day. Another thing. Nearly 50% of marriages fail. That hasn’t changed in eons. Too often a woman will say yes just to have that special day. Their dream of the fairytale wedding and magic will cloud all reason. Parents or friends may mention the red flags and you can’t see them. Won’t see them. And your marriage fails. The myopia of a woman with starry eyes and a wedding gown is rampant. I know, men are dogs, but it doesn’t mean you have to marry them just because they ask. I have watched too many men sit like wet puppies on the sidelines and wonder what they have gotten into. I have heard the lament over and over (for so many years) that the wedding process is too much yours and too little ours. We don’t want to run things. We’re smarter than that. But men today do want more of a role. Few men want huge weddings. But it all comes down to you. We love you. We want to spend the rest of our lives with you. We want you to be happy. But, in the end, we want the same things; a wonderful day to seal the love and commitment, and bathe in the joy of seeing your face as we say ‘I do.’ We also want to be loved and respected. And that respect should include the process of planning the wedding. You are our princess. We are not the paupers.

She Said... I have to say Bob, you make some very valid points. As little girls we are taught that we will one day grow up to meet and marry our Prince Charming. So for the majority of our young years many girls are on the lookout for this perfect man, the yin to our yang, the prince who will make us a princess. This is probably one of the greatest disservices that parents can do to their little girls, but the reality is that it is still done. In 2015, when two of our presidential candidates are female, we are still teaching our little girls to aspire to be princesses, not presidents. So of course, for most women, this is ingrained in their psyche. So, regardless how liberated we are, when that special man asks us to marry them, we find it hard not to turn into that giggly little girl who has planned the dream wedding since the age of seven. We go into a sort of trance that starts when the last of those four little words “Will you marry me?” leave your lips until the last dance on the night at our wedding reception. It is at that point that the real woman you have dated and fallen in love with comes back to you. Those months in between, are totally beyond our control. Should we be more willing to share the wedding preparations with you, our beloved soon to be husband? We would of course, but let’s face it, you know you will screw it up! Okay, maybe you don’t know it…we know it. In the same respect, we know if you did screw it up, it wouldn’t be your fault, so we are actually saving you from yourself and from the wrath of the Bridezilla that we know we will become. Since every detail of our wedding is of the utmost importance, oh did I say every detail? Because I mean every-single-solitary-detail. And we know you will not see it that way because you have no idea that there are actually 16.7 million different shades of red. So, my husband to be, when we tell you that we want your groomsmen to wear red bowties of course we have to go with you to be sure you have the right color of red. To most men…red is red…but not to your blushing bride-to-be. What do you think the chances are that you will pick the right one? See my point? Why would you want to subject yourself to that? Honestly, when we get flat tires, do you see us rolling up our sleeves and jacking up the car? No! We know that you are better at that then we are so we are smart enough to just step out of the way and let you take care of it. So….weddings…those are our things…so step out of the way and let us take care of it. Of course if you express interest in a certain part of the wedding we may consider letting you get involved, like the music, the food or perhaps the venue. You are right. It is your wedding too and without you, there would be no wedding. So grooms need to speak up and let their brides know if something is of extreme importance to them. Most of the time us ladies are kind enough to share some of the wedding preparations, just don’t try to get involved in Bridal gowns, color schemes, or the outrageous themes we come up with. Those are hands off. As for the women who simply say yes to a proposal because they want to have a wedding. I totally agree. There are many women out there who simply want to have a day totally dedicated to them: A day when they are the center of attention and they get to be princess for that day. If a woman is more excited at the thought of the wedding than she is at the thought of the marriage, her fiancé should be leery of going through with the wedding. You can’t just blame the woman. I think by the time a man has gotten close enough to a woman to ask her to be his wife, he should know if she is really into being his wife, or just into being his bride! Keep in mind that women still face enormous pressure to be married - once they reach a certain age. So it really isn’t totally their fault. After you have had Aunt Jennie and Grandma Alice ask you “So when are you going to settle down and get married,” for the four thousandth time, you just finally give in and figure it is easier to just do it, than to be the only unmarried cousin in the crowd. Is it right? No, not by a long shot. But, unfortunately we have become a society that thinks of marriage as disposable. So when marriage is no longer viewed as ‘til death do us part,’ many individuals enter into it more easily, believing that if it doesn’t work they will just walk away.

The View From 33 Years By Robert Tussey

Love and lust are the early drivers in relationships. But they are not enough to sustain a long-term relationship; it takes so much more and you need to know this stuff before you get close to deciding on marriage. You must be friends. You have to like them. You have to enjoy who they are and why they are that person. Don’t tear each other down – build and support each other with praise and support. History: Explore it and embrace it. But remember - what was done in the past IS in the past.

You have to know that it’s ok, even necessary, to have disagreements. They are building blocks and you get to use the tools of compromise and trust; this is what growth is all about in a marriage – turning adversity into advantage. But it takes practice, lots of it. My favorite advice is never go to bed mad. Reread that again and again until you get it. Solve the dispute. Make it right between you. Agreeing to disagree only gets you through till morning when the bleary-eyed coffee seeking self starts the rehash again and again and you avoid each other until you get home from work and it begins again. It isn’t healthy and you need to fix this. I think the biggest asset in marriage is friendship. Lori and I are the best of friends. And friendships are so much stronger than love alone. How often do we forgive our friends and not our lovers? Building a friendship is slow and it will test you both. But that friendship is the sustenance that keeps the love alive and growing.

San Diego

Here’s the view from our 33 years of marriage. This is what it looks like after this many years of struggle in careers, and friendships and – life. Lori and I are stronger than ever. But there is a price on arriving here and saying that. We have had arguments, big disagreements, money problems, and a great many successes. It’s how we got to this point that shows the strength of not just our love for one another, but our friendship.

I have stood best man more than once for a few of my friends and I tell them all the same thing – think with the big brain first. It goes for all of us, men and women. Probably not politically correct to say that but everyone knows what it means and everyone knows it’s the truth. The common denominator in our journey is that no matter what comes, good, bad, or worse, we stick together. We find a way to make it work and we don’t give up.

When Lori and I first met and felt our attraction for one another, we had that crushing pressure in our chests that said we couldn’t wait to see each other. There is no other feeling like it. She soon had to make a trip to Oregon for two weeks, and I remember wishing the trip was done and her back in my arms. Never forget what that feels like.

An article in this issue talks about a checklist to use when in the process of building a relationship towards marriage. This article should be printed and placed on every refrigerator in the world. And given to all young (and perhaps not so young) men and women starting on a journey with another person. Read it and take heed. Perhaps this is the best advice to start on that road to a long and successful marriage.

Communication is one of the building blocks of a strong relationship. Without it, the coupling has no chance of survival. Love is another building block. Without it… But, there are so many more of these aspects in the basic structure that must be present. Mutual respect. Compromise – it brings more strength than it takes away. Having common goals and a plan to get there. Commitment.

And the journey is worth it. We know each other like no other person(s) in our lives. But there is still discovery, a new thing we find out about each other once in a while. It’s quite a thrill to be this far along and still be surprised by this person I have spent so much of my life with.

All of these (and more) are what it takes to get to 33 years and still feel like it’s got more to give. You need time together and you need some alone time too: Very important stuff but often difficult to agree on. Girls night out and boy’s night out and date nights and weekend getaways are all necessities for success in this almost impossible thing called marriage.


Weddings are mystical things: It’s the joining of two people who very much want a life together full of happiness and kids and friends and adventures and a house with a picket fence. Your fairy tale comes true. Of course the reality is nothing like the dream. It is very hard work and the struggle often ends (over half) in divorce. Sad, but true.

Love each other, like each other, and keep your goals in front of you. And as my Grandmother said, “Your wife comes first now. Don’t forget it.”


ASK DR PENNY (Dr. Penny Michelle Abrams)

KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU SAY "I DO" When you are dating the person of your dreams, everything about him or her may seem wonderful. In fact, few things can spoil your partner's good looks, education, sense of humor, or promising career. But before you make your way down the aisle, there are considerations to discuss with that very special person. Ask yourself these questions and share them with your partner.



*Can you discuss your personal strengths and weaknesses with one another? *Can you express your feelings and needs when you are hurting or feeling vulnerable, and do you feel heard? *How do you disagree? Do you share your point of view or does one leave the room? Are either of you more concerned in being right than working on solutions together? *Have you each worked through your prior relationships so as not to have lingering hot spots that will set you off?

Romance & Sexual Intimacy

* What does it take to feel loved by your partner? Do you need presents, compliments, affection, chore sharing, or spending time together? What does your partner need to feel loved by you? *Do you share the same levels of sexual desire? If you don't, how can you each be satisfied and not feel neglected? *Are you each willing to maintain a date night or date day, where the two of you can escape the focus on work, family, and friends and spend time together?


*Are you in sync with your philosophies regarding money? Are you a saver and your partner, a spender? Does either one attempt to use money as a control? *Will money be kept separately or jointly or a combination of the two? *Will you divide bill paying? * Your bank account, your fixed monthly payment allocations, and your financial saving and spending goals as individuals and as couple, should dictate your spending needs, whether it be for vacations, clothing, furniture, entertainment, gifts for family and friends, or emergency family assistance.

Family, Children, Religion

*How do your relationships with your own parents and siblings affect your relationship with your partner? *How will holidays, including interfaith and intercultural holidays, be celebrated and shared with family members, especially, with blended families?

*If children are desired, what are your philosophies about staying home with your infant or providing daycare for your child/children? What are your hopes and dreams for your children when it comes to talents, abilities, education, behavior modification, or special needs? *How would you both negotiate career and family time? *If you and your partner are of different religious backgrounds (including no belief), would each attend the other's service in addition to your own, or would you find a common denominator? Whose faith would be followed if and when you decide to have children?

Career, Friends, Activities

*Are your ambitions in sync with your careers? If one decides to change a career or has to find another position, would you and your partner be supportive for retraining or going back to school or relocation?

Remember that unfulfilled expectations can set you up for disappointment, frustration, resentment and many sleepless nights. Instead, use your months of wedding planning to touch on issues that you feel are fundamental to your relationship needs. Listen intently to one another and note which points of discussion are hot buttons or sources of indifference for you and your partner. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers to the questions listed here. But the answers need to be discussed, so that the two of you can have realistic expectations about your life together. A sexy, exciting marriage to your best friend, doesn't just happen. You both need to express and show your love and respect for each other, daily.

Dr Penny Michelle Abrams is a clinical psychologist (Psy Lic 20753) in La Jolla (UTC), providing individual and couple counseling as well as personal, professional and corporate coaching and high conflict mediation. (


San Diego





Carol LeBeau

Gratitude Compared to the rest of the world, we live in a place of plenty. Catalogs fill our mailboxes, enticing us to buy more “stuff.” Shopping is a national pastime!

Bottom line, practicing gratitude means you’re able to be content in the moment even while pursuing long-term plans. A grateful approach enables you to be happy, despite the imperfections of life.

Why, then, aren’t the fabulous boots I bought in September still making me smile? How is it that I still complain I have “nothing to wear,” despite a closet full of clothes? Isn’t it strange that somehow, more is never enough? Rather than happiness and fulfillment, more “stuff” often leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Sadly, these negative emotions can seep into other parts of life…affecting relationships, work and family.

Having a thankful heart may lead to a lower risk of mental health problems, greater happiness (call it joy!), increased sense of fulfillment, positive relationships (a great bonus!) and even better sleep!

What if I could simply replace desire with gratitude? That’s what a dear friend of ours does every day…and it’s changed his life! We’ve known Bob and his family for years. Bright, accomplished, always something nice to say, Bob has achieved enormous financial success. But that’s not what makes him happy. Bob’s joy comes from giving generously and his ongoing attitude of gratitude. “From experience,” explains Bob, “I can say that gratitude is important to my health and well being. In fact, I try to start my business day by asking myself who did something the day before that deserves my appreciation…and then expressing it.” Bob believes the daily discipline may be as important to his health as physical exercise. “For certain,” he says, “it helps my day begin on the right note.”

But the trick is putting gratitude into practice. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living has a few tips: 1. Start your day with gratitude. Like Bob, making gratitude your first thought in the morning, you start your day on a much more positive note. 2. Be thankful for the simple things. I love this one! Throughout the day, take note of the things you often take for granted. I may be thankful for a promotion at work, but can’t recall the last time I was grateful for electricity, running water, clean clothing or a cup of coffee! 3. Look for the positive in the negative. Try to see your struggles as necessary forces that focus your energy on what’s really important. 4. Acknowledge your riches. If you’re feeling bad, count your blessings…health, a car, warm home, steady job, children and grandchildren. The list could be endless! 5. Keep a gratitude journal. As you think about the people and things you’re thankful for, reinforce your thanks by writing them down. 6. Say thank you. Express your actions in words and deeds. The whole world would be better if we all said, “thank you” more often.

A growing number of scientists are siding with Bob! According to recent research from the Mayo Clinic, “gratitude, when exhibited as a regular part of life, not only explains a high sense of well-being, but also can be fostered in simple ways to increase happiness and fulfillment.”

What issue better than San Diego Woman Magazine’s Mega Wedding Issue to point out the importance of Gratitude. Sometimes in relationships we tend to get a bit too comfortable, and we take each other for granted. Take a moment each day to tell your partner how grateful you are for them and I guaranteed the favor will be returned.

We all feel thankful at times. But gratitude--especially as it correlates to a higher sense of well-being--isn’t just an emotion, but a way of being that focuses on noticing and appreciating the good things in life, and acknowledging that the sources of goodness are frequently outside the self.

Sound like too much sweetness and light? Maybe. But as the science continues to prove otherwise, I think I’ll send a thank-you note to someone special. Hmmmm. Feeling better already!

A guide for family, friends and loved ones in preparing for the effects of the growing elder population ‌a Public Service from “Those Who Careâ€?

Use It or Lose It As we age, we all know that not everything in our body works as well as it once did. For example, joints begin to ache, we can't bend over as far or as easily as when we were 10 years old, and it seems that adding numbers in our head is more difficult than when we were in high school. We do slow down as we age, yet it also appears that with the proper stimulation and exercise, we can not only keep our bodies acting years younger than our chronological age, but we can actually make our minds sharper too. It is clearly understood that if our body and mind are not stimulated regularly, they will atrophy. It was also a long-held belief that as we age our brain begins to lose cells, which were not reproduced and replaced - thus, the idea was that if we kept losing brain cells our mental abilities would also decline. However, the new area in neurological research believes that "neurogenesis" (the creation and growth of new brain cells) is more the norm, if, we continue to stimulate the brain in new and varied ways. The point here is that we must "use it or lose it." As caregivers, you have a wonderful opportunity through daily contact with an elderly loved one to provide this stimulation and help promote the growth of new brain cells. Using new and varied activities, neurogenesis may occur regularly, thus warding off such illness/diseases as Alzheimer's or dementia. Exercising the brain can: Improve attention span. Increase blood flow. Strengthen brain synapses.

For example: Have the care recipient develop a scrapbook for their old recipes. Takes trips to the zoo.

Go to a museum that the elderly person may have never seen, or saw many years ago. Take naps, as sleep allows new brain cell growth. Go on picnics to different parks in your area. Begin to learn a new language with the elder person. Expand on an existing hobby, or start a new hobby.

Promote neurogenesis.

Involve the senior in many aspects of meal planning.

Reduce gray matter.

The list is endless. If you were to engage in some new activity once per week, that might be enough to stimulate new brain cell growth and ward off some neurological illness. At the very least, it would fun for both the care recipient and the caregiver. With new activities comes be fun and laughter - what a great way to live.

(The above five points were taken from the article, Elderly Parents Brain Exercises - Mind Exercise Games for Seniors, found on The simple idea is to not just work cross-word puzzles or similar games, but to move into a more varied activity schedule.



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Daily Stress and Seasonal Rhythm By Toni Kraft

The old saying “You are what you eat” must be taken a step further, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU DIGEST. True digestion is a threefold process, taking in Information, Emotion, AND Food. What is not digested is stored, in our physiology, sometimes for days, sometimes, weeks and will in time cause an imbalance – that imbalance will then in turn cause DIS –EASE. To give you’re a snapshot of what I mean when speaking of good digestion, I suggest using BIT- or Body Intelligence Techniques when it comes to a meal- Examples would be; You should Include All Six Tastes at every meal* Eat in a quiet, comfortable environment Eat ONLY when you feel hungry Do not eat when you are upset Always sit down when you eat Reduce Ice Cold foods and beverages Eat at comfortable pace, stay conscious of the process Listen to your appetite; digest previous meal before starting the next one Eat freshly prepared foods. Lightly cooked are preferred to raw or overcooked Favor fruits, vegetables, grains, warm milk, almonds Sit quietly for a few minutes after finishing your meal. Focus your attention on the sensation in your body, and then take a short walk.

Good nutritional food is fuel to our bodies. When undergoing stress. Keep Mother Nature in the forefront as a guide, on what is needed based on seasonal rhythms. You just have to visit your local Farmers Market to see what we should be consuming now for optimal health. This guide also will balance your internal clock, seasonal and Circadian rhythms, allowing you to have restorative rest, and stay hydrated. All of these subtle and primordial needs will keep you healthy and filled with good energy not only thru the heat of summer but all thru the year.

San Diego

We all need a “little “stress in our lives to have our adrenalin kick in and get us motivated for change. However, we all experience stress differently. When we have extreme, or prolonged stress in our daily lives our bodies actually do not digest our food or process information for our emotions. We are all in need of a little digital detox, and we must slowdown in our lives, especially with our eating habits. When experiencing time depravity we become off balanced and this has proven to be very harmful .The sultry heat of the summer is a perfect reminder that we should slow down and eat with intention. Our fire of digestion burns brighter and urges us to eat more cooling foods that bring us balance, and with this balance, we digest.

*Six tastes-Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Astringent, and Pungent Example Breakfast: Oatmeal (made with salt in water) topped with Raisins, and Almonds, serve with black tea and orange juice; Example Dinner: Penne Pasta (cooked in salt) Marinara, Steamed Garden Vegetables (include legumes), Baguette served with Ghee glass of Red Wine


As I sit down to write this article about stress and eating habits I would be remiss if I did not speak of the foods that also comfort us, and by comfort I mean the types of foods/or tastes that bring us to a sense of satisfaction in our mind, body and spirit.

Even as you are nurturing yourself, you should also take the time to feed and nurture your family and friends. When dining out make certain that you are picking the best off the menu. At home set your intentions on preparing the highest nutritional food for yourself, and others, relish in the moment, breath in the aromas of the meal you are preparing, and whenever we can think of those who may need a night out, or those who can use a home cooked meal, give with a gracious heart. It is truly better to give, than to receive, food always tastes better when we share our lives, be story tellers, as well as story-catchers, give from our own bounty. In this act alone you will feel the stress melt off of your body, so start now, this summer, slow down, breathe, digest. For an added pleasant stress releasing experience take off your shoes before you eat, feel your feet touch the earth and get grounded. Come visit me at Café Merlot where we plant, grow, play every day. ~ Relax, and let me do some of the cooking! Namaste, Toni Kraft


Come join the ever-expanding family of Women’s Museum of California members. We invite you to explore, celebrate, and participate in all we do. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Want to know how to defend yourself?

“Like” us on Facebook at Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do or use Promo Code: SDWM to receive two FREE passes for our Women Self Defense Workshop Class. Bring a friend and learn to be aware and safe!

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Make History

Empowering Our New Generation of Women One Kick at a Time In America we are known for progressive movements such as race and gender equality, however it’s known that we still struggle with a lot of race and gender equality issues today. There are still struggles within our culture that diminish minorities and women’s chances of success by labeling them with various expectations and false attributes. As you can easily turn on the TV and find various shows and commercial communicating stereotypes upon everyone watching. And a lot of times it’s our new generation of women that are absorbing these stereotypes and eventually those ideas will concrete themselves in these growing girls. That’s why it’s important for our new generation of women to grow up believing that they can do anything. And not be told they are expected to be a housewife or expected to think a certain way. This is where I firmly believe Martial Arts are a productive and positive hobby or sport for a growing girl to have. Why you may ask? Because within Martial Arts it’s expected that everyone gives their full 110% everyday no matter who you are. For example, I’ve worked with plenty of girls at my studio and expect the same hard work attitude I would want from any of my students because that’s what I see them as, students. When I pair kids up to spar (contact exercises with padded gear) against each other, I only use their experiences and talent as the way to judge who to spar who. A lot of times I purposely pair kids with a more experienced student so they’ll learn faster and experience struggle. Because overcoming struggle is a key element to teaching kids how to become productive human beings. Our lives are not padded roadways, but instead we will run into bumps and cracks. That’s why it’s important we treat both girls and boys with the same expectations within any hobby or sport; with our only expectation that they’ll get better and learn how to succeed. At Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do we are proud of having amazingly talented female students; we’ve even had multiple medal winners at Tae Kwon Do competitions both at home and even internationally. We as a Martial Arts studio believe in improving every student that walks through our doors and would only want to see them succeed later in life.




Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do

NAWBO Welcomes its New President: Mindy Bortness

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the newly elected president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, better known to most of us as NAWBO. For those not familiar with NAWBO it an organization of which all women entrepreneurs should be aware. NAWBO represents the interests of more than 10.4 million women-owned firms in the United States, accounting for 28.2% of all business in the United States.

by Judith A. Habert When you look at the statistics for members of NAWBO, the numbers are impressive with 33.33% having salaries up to 100k, 25% with salaries between $101-$250k and 41.67% with salaries over 501k.

The NAWBO Association propels women entrepreneurs locally, regionally and nationally into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide by: • Strengthening the wealth creating capacity of their members and promoting economic development within the entrepreneurial community • Creating innovative and effective change in the business culture • Building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations • Transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers So as you can imagine, being at the forefront of an organization such as this in San Diego is a position that holds with it much responsibility. During the first few moments of speaking to Mindy, it is quite obvious that she is definitely up to the challenge. Mindy is the owner of Communication Works, Inc. I asked her a little about her company and what it is that she does. “I save companies a lot of money by meaningfully lowering employee turnover and increasing engagement, culture, and leadership. If you are having issues with employee engagement, turnover or a less-than-ideal culture, I can help!” Owning a business is tough, but as any business owner can tell you, the true key to a successful business is having a great staff behind you. So Mindy helps to guarantee this for her clients. “Most know the pain of a poor hire. The tangible and intangible costs are tremendous — as much as 3 x salary or higher! Clients call me “eHarmony for Jobs” in that I profile the job, then match the right candidates to the job!”

San Diego


Some examples that Mindy provided proved just how valuable having the right employee can be to the ultimate success or failure of your business. She shared, “In one national retailer we lowered store manager turnover from 65% to 25% within a year. In a large law firm, our business development program helped them exceed their new client acquisition goals. In a manufacturing company, we are coaching all the managers who report directly to the CEO to increase their leadership skills.” When I asked Mindy what it was that drew her to this type of business she shared the fact that she could never understand people who were miserable in their jobs. “Life is too short to not play to your natural talents. When we are in alignment with our jobs, we feel great about the work we do, we feel good as we put our head on the pillow at night. With this thinking, I have always loved helping people find their right roles. And I do so using pragmatic, proven and powerful assessments. My motto is “assess, don’t guess” because the data gets right to the point!


Mindy and husband Brian, who is also self-employed and the owner of San Diego Appraisal Works for the past 11 years, just celebrated their 14th anniversary. From the look in her eyes when she talks about him you can tell it is a true ‘Happily every after story’. “He is the love of my life, and when he married me he lovingly and happily became the step-dad to three terrific kids, and two dogs! We still have our three kids of course…and now…three dogs!” Their three grown Children Bryce, Hayley, and Mattie, are all living out of state, but their house is still bustling with their three dogs, Jeff (10-year-old Chocolate Labrador), Curtis (7-year-old Wire-haired Pointing Griffon) and David (1-year-old newly adopted Pyrenean Shepard Mix). Born in Chicago, and a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BS in Communication, Mindy started her career in corporate America. “I started working for ad agencies in Chicago and San Diego, then I went on to run the marketing and research department of The San Diego Union-Tribune, I then became VP of Marketing for Hang Ten and a bunch of old school surf brands, I had a stint as VP of Merchandising for an Internet start-up and in 2002 when I took the leap and started my own business, I’m grateful for the freedom and challenge of running my own business.” In 2010 Mindy joined NAWBO and didn’t waste any time jumping onto the board, where she held a few different positions, and has now risen to the top spot of president and corporate liaison. With close to 100 different women’s groups in San Diego I asked Mindy what it was that attracted her to NAWBO? “I experienced a number of different professional women’s groups in San Diego and NAWBO was my right fit for a number of reasons: Having been in corporate America, I respected the caliber of woman attracted to NAWBO”

- With husband, Brian Bortness, San Diego Appraisal Works


But what is more important to Mindy is the fact that although NAWBO has a local footprint they also have a national voice. As Mindy added, “There are ten chapters in California and hundreds across America and internationally. We have an advocacy element —NAWBO is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, having been founded in Washington, 1975 when a block of women business owners formed to create their voting voice. What was also very important to me is the amount of learning, educating, building, and supporting that the organization provides. We support and celebrate one another’s success. I always leave a NAWBO event smarter than when I walked in. I am always richer in relationship and often, business, thanks to my NAWBO investment. We do business with one another. We are the San Diego County representation of 1.1 million women business owners in California alone!” Most women don’t realize that unlike most of the other women’s organizations, NAWBO has a strong voice for women that other women’s groups don’t have. “Each NAWBO chapter has a Public

Policy Director who stays current with what’s happening in their state and national laws, policies and directions. We encourage members to attend the annual Propel your Business Conference, sponsored by NAWBO, held in Sacramento, April 24-26, 2016. While there, we hear from state and national legislators and visit their offices to share any concerns, ideas that have bubbled up from our membership.” In closing I asked Mindy what she has gained from being a member of NAWBO over the last 5 years. “I’ve gained a sisterhood of women I know, trust and love. I have their back and I know, without doubt, that they have mine. I’ve been blessed with rich conversations, challenges to my status quo, laughter when I needed it most and terrific new business alliances. NAWBO attracts good women and it’s my honor to lead them as president.”

A Special Corner of the San Marcos Library By Gerald M. Neff There is a special corner of the literary world and you will find it in San Marcos: The Friends of the San Marcos Library. This is the name of the donation bookstore in the San Marcos Library in the town of the same name. This library is sponsored and maintained by the San Marcos Governing Council, overseen by the Mayor and his staff. It is maintained by local funds and donations. Other libraries, such as Poway and Escondido, are on a different system and are part of the San Diego Library group and are maintained by State funds and private donations, and some twenty-three libraries in all. Whatever the funding they all have a used or donated bookstore section and is run by volunteers. In the case of San Marcos, there is a chairman and vice-chairman along with some 28-35 volunteers who serve 1-3 times weekly. These fine folks are mostly local community minded woman of over 55 years of age. This group coordinates the donations, book arrangements and sales in their attractive corner of the library. Michael Glen, the present chairman of “The Friends of San Marcos” is 15 months into his tenure and has brought innovative new ideas and special sales to the store, including antique books, special editions, and illustrated coffee table books. Accompanying him is vicechairwoman Gayle Sisemore, who after 35 years in the Boston City Library system and has brought her vast experience along with the Dewey Decimal System for organizing the books. Their staff of volunteer women and several men are all in their golden years and share a love for reading, book collecting and general lust for knowledge and the willingness to share with all throughout the bookstore. Because San Marcos is an up-scale community, the books and other donations are recent and quite prolific. The folks of San Marcos read well. I often find books just donated that are still on the best seller lists and ready for a second purchase before the regular library has even ordered them, let alone received a copy. This is great! Recent books of one year or less are tagged at four dollars. Last year's books are only three dollars, and anything before that are two dollars a copy or less. The donations are so numerous that many of the 1980-2000 books are priced for quick sale at 2/$1.00 and many for $0.25 on the special quick sale carts. This bargain

price is to move the reading material as quickly as possible due to the limited area. The children's corner is particularly well stocked and a pleasant mixture of books for all ages, from toddlers to teens and often includes CD's and Pop-Up kiddie selections. Books are from the 1990's to the present day with the price tag of 0.25 to $1.00 each. This corner is much frequented and there is a big turn over, so check this area often. The CD collection is a movable feast of oldies, big band favorites (from those attics and garage selections), to many hip hop groups and modern music way beyond my recognition. For more inquires call The San Marcos Library at (760) 796-4877. You can ask for details or just drop off your books and CD’s at the library on Civic Center Drive; and while you are at the library take a pleasant stroll through their well-organized corner and pick up a few items. It is a noble effort and service performed by cheerful volunteers and a wonderful addition to our San Diego ambiance. Happy Reading!!!

Lifestyles in Focus presents Lifestyles in Focus Cuisine Ten years later they are still speaking and living their brand and always growing it. They are no longer just in Southern California, they are across the country now. Their methods are not only for white collar or gold collar, but for blue collar. They are in hospitals and hospice centers, and they are teaching caregivers and healers how to care for themselves, as well as for their patients. Lifestyles in Focus works with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and truly believe that in a society such as ours when we are constantly being bombarded with information from all directions and we need digital detox, information detox, motion and food detox and if we don’t break all of this down and it is not all consumed we don’t end up with the balance we need and this results as dis-ease. When asked to sum up what Lifestyle in Focus stands for in one word, Toni clearly repeats, “Balance, that would have to be what we all need in our lives and that is what we are trying to achieve through Lifestyles in focus and Lifestyles in focus Cuisine.”

San Diego


Ten years ago a conversation between mother and daughter led to the beginning of a business which would take off and become a nationwide brand. The mother was Toni Kraft, who at the time owned a motor skill development gymnastics program, and had been a chef working for the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Wolfgang Puck and her daughter Jessica McClure, who was a graduate with a BA in Biology from Northwestern and had worked in the medical research field working on diseases such as ALS, Lupus and Cancer at the R&D and bench level. The conversation they had focused upon was based on a common concern, both mother and daughter had recognized how important personalized care was in the prevention of disease. They had also realized that caretakers, who often were women, were not very good at taking care of their own needs, since they were often too busy watching over everyone else. Both Jessica and Toni realized that they needed to do something to initiate the impetuous of the need for individuals to be proactive in their own health and wellbeing. The notion that education is power and that people have the ability to positively affect their own wellness is the premise on which Lifestyles in Focus was born. Today LifeStyles INFOCUS® is a woman owned, family business based in San Diego that serves as a Wellness Solution for companies, organizations, and communities both locally and nationwide. Since Toni’s has trained to be a certified CHOPRA educated Ayurvedic lifestyles teacher and Jessica worked in the biotech industry researching and viewing disease from the very micro level, they both believe that each person has the power to make real changes in their own lives – but not without a little help. That’s where Lifestyles in Focus came in. What Toni and Jessica and their staff do is they go into corporations, hospitals, hospices centers and various other locations and teach how to bring a healthy lifestyle to employees. They have learned over the past ten years that just lecturing employees on what they should do is not necessarily the best way to approach their goal. They have now added a brand new element Lifestyles in Focus Cuisine. With this new element they are bringing food along to these events, so they can show attendees how to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives. As the owner of Café Merlot, a wonderful restaurant located at the Bernardo Winery which boasts its own micro garden, Jessica explains “So we create a cuisine specific to the event. We may cater to the season or a specific theme, demographics or mindset of the corporation. When we started bringing food to the events we found that it made these events much better in several ways. Jessica adds, “When the attendees saw how easy it was to add healthy elements into their diets and that quinoa really wasn’t that bad, they could leave the event with some new ideas for making healthier choices. We would also teach them about the healing qualities of certain foods, since my mom was so well versed at the many different ways to utilize food for healing and in the prevention of disease. In terms of the events the addition of Lifestyles in Focus Cuisine we found that there was also an increase in attendance, and the length of time the attendees stayed at the events increased as well. This was a welcomed benefit to the practitioners who were exhibitors at our world events. When Toni and Jessica started this business they realized how important education was. “We saw that women were terribly stressed. They were trying to balance a life going a million miles an hour. They rarely had time to take care of themselves, and if they couldn’t care for themselves they would not be able to be the rock for the rest of their family. Because, let’s face it, women make almost all of the decisions when it comes to food in a household. So if they were not informed about the healing qualities of food and the healthier choices, their families wouldn’t be either.” With the busy schedules that most women in Corporate America were faced with they knew that when they brought their presentations into these companies they had to make these healthy changes palatable an digestible, because if it was too impractical and took too much of a change these busy women could not fit it into their already crazy schedules.



Profile of a San Diego Woman

Keerti Sharma Born in Delhi, India, and raised all over India, I was always a shy and quiet child. I put all my energy and attention into academics, art and athletics, yes the three As. I was the middle child, and that definitely influenced my being independent, hardworking and a perfectionist. I am a restless person by nature, who is constantly seeking, and yearning to learn new skills and pursue new hobbies. Being here, in the U.S., has definitely made it easier for me to chase all my passions. I have scratched the surface of quite a few things, taking classes for photography, dance, tennis, golf, and guitar.

I thrive in challenging myself. I was always a track & field person, growing up, but moved to badminton, in 9th grade and went on to play school Nationals, winning gold. in 12th grade. After my son was born, organized sports became hard to continue. So I picked up running. When I started, I could barely run a mile. I have since run 6 half marathons, 2 10 mile races and 2 10K races, all in last 4 years. I am currently pursuing tennis and golf, in full swing. Becoming a mom has been a life changing experience. It comes with its challenges, a balancing act that's hard to achieve. But I have taken it as an opportunity at a second chance at learning things I couldn't as a child. My son, who is not only brilliant, affectionate and has a wonderful ear for music, has inspired me to pick up a musical instrument, and learn with him. Having him, has inspired me even more, to work with children through volunteer work at his school and getting children together for various endeavors like art, story telling, and fun in general. I am on a journey. Turning 40 this year, has only fueled my desire and urgency to do more. Doing a bike-a-thon is the next thing I plan on attempting.

Photo Credit: Monique Feil Photography

San Diego

I feel the itch again, and now, I am dabbling with writing and illustrating Children's books. I am enrolled in a Certificate Program to do just that, while taking other art classes at UCSD, like Figure Drawing and painting.


Ever since I left home, at the age of 17, I have been constantly reinventing myself. I trained as an architect in my undergrad, and worked for two years on a few interesting projects in Chandigarh, before I moved to the U.S. In 2000, for my masters in Computer Science. Soon after, I joined Qualcomm as a Software Engineer. I have worked at Qualcomm for 12+ years now.



THE WHEELCHAIR DANCERS ORGANIZATION IT’S ALL ABOUT DANCING AND HAVING FUN! BALLROOM, LATIN AND HIP HOP DANCE CLASSES FOR ALL AGES, WITH OR WITHOUT LIMITATIONS ¥ Currently FREE Ballroom and Latin Dance Program: Thursdays, 10 to 12 Noon, at the Muni Gymnasium, 2111 Pan American Plaza Rd., Balboa Park, 92101. ¥ 2016 FREE Ballroom and Latin Dance Program January – February: Thursdays, January 7 – February 25th Location, Gym, 3911 Landis Street, San Diego, CA 92105

Dance Programs contact Beverly Weurding or 858-­‐573-­‐1571

¥ Youth Hip Hop/Jazz Team:

For wheelchair users and stand up youth dance partners (ages 7 through 14).

Contact Joe Torres, dance-­‐ or 619-­‐750-­‐7584

¥ Performance Dance Team: Interviewing individuals with dance experience to partner with wheelchair dancers.

Contact Joe Torres, dance-­‐ or 619-­‐750-­‐7584

¥ Volunteer Opportunities: Learn dance routines to partner with those using wheelchairs. Website experience/proficient in web design. (This could lead to a nominal fee for maintaining our website)

Contact: Carmen Bonilla at or 267-­‐847-­‐8153

Website: Email: Like us on Facebook

San Diego Woman Magazine’s Women in Business Artist

Victoria Bennett is an Independent College Admissions Advisor located in North San Diego County. She helps students organize for the college application process by creating lists of appropriate schools, brainstorming for and editing essays, consulting on extra-curricular activities, testing and courses, navigating the different applications and being available during the entire application process to answer questions and concerns. For more information visit Victoria’s site at She can be reached via email at or by phone at 619 993 1613

JoAnn Dutton is a broad spectrum artist... specializing in the construction/fabrication of habitats for life in captivity. This translates to building museum quality simulated rock, trees, vines and other organic features indigenous to a specific species' environment in a zoological setting. After nearly 20 years in the industry, her work can be seen in zoos, natural history museums, aquariums and amusement parks all over the country. JoAnn is currently a lead with Universal Studios in the hands on construction of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood opening in 2016.Visit her site at for more information. JoAnn can be contacted by Phone at 310 924-0025

Member WEG Attorney

Lauren Hanna

JoAnn Dutton

Member WEG

Vanessa Lurie

Certified Life Coach

Lauren Hanna is an athlete, attorney, and entrepreneur and has worked in brand building and licensing prior to starting her own trademark licensing firm in 1998. Hanna's Company represents and builds brands (e.g. Jack Daniel’s) by developing and implementing strategies for brand extension via trademark licensing. Lauren is also a sponsored triathlete and races for HERevolution Women’s Triathlon Team, participates in many cycling events, and is an avid skier. Lauren shares her passion for fitness and health through her second business as an independent distributor for Lifevantage, Corp., a health and wellness company. For more information visit You can also contact Lauren by email at or by phone at 858.442.6776

Vanessa Lurie is the mother of three amazing sons, wife of one incredible husband, and Certified Life Coach. Through individual and group coaching, she helps women who are in their 40's, 50's and 60's transition into their future with ease and self-care. She will lovingly help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, step into your power and get what you want out of this next exciting (yes it will be!) phase of your life. Contact Vanessa via email at or by phone at 858.395.8278

Member WEG

Member WEG


Marcie Laws

Member WEG

Marcie Laws is a San Diego native that owns a boutique-style Senior care and personal assistant company, Mirabella Care. As a single mother to an active toddler, and someone that has been involved in Senior and end-of-life care for more than 15 years, she understands the importance of providing quality, reliable, and affordable services to families that are "sandwiched" between raising their children and caring for their elderly parents. Services range from meal preparation to laundry, errands, hands-on Senior Care, and home organization. Marcie loves to hike, cook, and spend time at the beach with her son, Evan. Marcie graduated from Ramona High School and then obtained a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Miami University in Ohio. Visit her site at or contact her via phone at 858.208.3678 or by email at

Clinical Psychologist

Dental Implant Consultant

Member WEG Real Estate Agent

Dr. Penny Michelle Abrams

title issues including forgery, fraud, and liens – problems that might limit a homeowner’s use and enjoyment of their property. She works with home buyers/sellers, realtors and lenders. Kristi specializes in business planning and marketing solutions with agents of all levels and skill sets, assisting clients achieve results in their business development efforts. She proudly represents Title365, offering the very best products and services in the business. She is personally dedicated to providing superior customer service and support to the people she works with, constantly looking for ways to be a valuable member of their team in order to help them achieve their goals and ultimately increase their business. For more information email Kristi at HYPERLINK "" or contact her via phone Mobile: 858.752.1115 | Office: 619.564.5600

Member WEG

Jaime V. Habert Jaime is your key to home ownership. After helping her mother find a home, Jaime fell in love with the field. The ability to make life-long relationships with people while providing a superior service was the catalyst to creating her business. Jaime’s background is varied. From her early days as an Animal Caretaker, to her most recent position as Entertainment Editor for San Diego Woman Magazine, Jaime’s skill set is as diverse as her clientele. Assisting everyone from first-time homebuyers to established investors, Jaime’s outstanding customer service remains the same. Contact her via phone (858) 829-7891 or e-mail at

Dr. Penny Michelle Abrams Is a clinical psychologist (Psy Lic 20753) in La Jolla (UTC), providing individual and couple counseling as well as personal, professional and corporate coaching and high conflict mediation. (

Title Insurance Sales Kristi Neal Kristi is a sales representative with Title365. Title insurance provides Executive home buyers and lenders with vital protection against losses from certain

Cathy Geddes

Cathy Geddes is a Dental Implant Educator and Consultant. She is also a vacation rental by owner. Her goal is to develop new relationships, build wealth and collaborate to support others in their business endeavors. Cathy Geddes, CDA, is a credentialed Certified Dental Assistant graduating from George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. With 30 years of experience in the dental profession she now lectures, sharing her passion to educate those involved in the advancing world of implant dentistry. In 2013 Cathy started her own consulting business called Geddes Solutions. While working with many dental professionals in her career, Cathy saw a need to educate the dental team on how to answer patients’ questions on implants with confidence. For information on Cathy’s Dental consulting firm or Vacation Rentals contact her via email at

Corporate Sales

Risé Edney, Risé Edney, former corporate sales person, current volunteer extraordinaire, and major people person. She currently assists her husband in his Business Succession and Estate Planning practice as Brokerage Director with Mass Mutual and as owner of Estate Resource Group, a firm of professionals involved in all aspects of tax planning for successful business owners, their key employees, and their families. Rise is also an Ambassador for the San Diego County Fair and works with the fairgrounds throughout the year. A resident of Carmel Valley for almost twenty years, she has embedded herself in the community. having held various business to business sales, and marketing positions throughout North Coastal and Central San Diego County. Rise is considered a center of influence and an excellent referral source who delights in creating partnerships for either business purposes or just helping someone find that “perfect deal”. To contact Rise email her at HYPERLINK "mailto:raedney@prodigy. net" or reach her by phone at 858.361.8236

Member WEG

San Diego

Victoria Bennet


Admission College Counselor



San Diego Woman Magazine’s Women in Business

English as a Second Language Instructor Carol Haitin

Member WEG

Carol Haitin is a specialist of TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Carol has conducted numerous teacher training workshops and developed curriculum for non-English speakers at various universities and community colleges - UC Berkeley, Holy Names University, English Language Institute, La Catolica University, Washington Educational Research Associates, Pasadena City College, to name a few. Most recently she was the coordinator of a federally-funded program to assist amnesty applicants meet educational goals while serving as an adjunct faculty member of Pasadena City College. For more information visit her site at Carol can be reached via email at Or by phone at 858.342.9423

Home Staging and Redesigning

Laurie Itkin

Financial Advisor

Laurie Itkin founded The Options Lady to educate and empower women and couples to take control of their finances, overcome their fears of investing, and grow the money they work so hard to earn. She is also a financial advisor and money manager at Coastwise Capital Group. Laurie is the author of the Amazon best seller Every Woman Should Know Her Options: Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment. Laurie graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1990 with a B.S. in economics and a concentration in finance. For more information visit You can contact Laurie by email at or by phone at 858 220 4736

Member WEG

Interior Design

Sophia Segal

Doro Pirino Dorothée Pirino is an allied member of ASID (American Society of Interior Design), she has over 15 years of experience in interior architecture and design. Working with homeowners and developers on new constructions and remodels, Dorothée approaches her work with a client-centric mindset. She listens to her clients to design unique interior spaces that are esthetical, functional and tailored to their needs. She likes to create design solutions that enhance her clients’ lifestyle and sense of well being in their homes. Originally from Belgium, Dorothée is greatly influenced by European design and architecture. To obtain more information email Dorothée at or contact her by phone at 619.980.6185

Sophia Segal, is a professionally trained and certified designer, and the brains and talent behind Creative Home Styles. Creative Home Styles is an HSR Certified Professional Home Staging and Interior Redesign company serving San Diego and surrounding areas. Her personal style is exquisite and eclectic and she delights in the many popular genres of home and commercial space designs. Whether you are selling your home and need someone to update it and increase its appeal for prospective home buyers, or perhaps just want a change of atmosphere, give Sophia a call at 858.500.6298 or email her at For additional information visit

Member WEG

Member WEG

Marketing Strategy

Lauren Essex

Marriage and Family Therapist

In her 20+ years as a marketing quarterback with Fortune 500 and early stage companies, Lauren has run multinational brands as large as $150M in sales, launched new businesses generating over $75M in sales, and helped take an early stage company public. Her customer-centric approach enables companies large and small to understand their target, build brands and launch go-to-market strategies that have impact in the market. Lauren’s expertise spans technology, consumer products/services, and healthcare with a particular emphasis on marketing to women. To learn more about getting your brand to market, contact: lauren@ or visit Linkedin/LaurenJEssex.

Member WEG Medical Spa Owner

Dr. Mary Anne Fuchs

Member WEG

Member WEG

Personal Trainer

Dr. Mary Anne Fuchs is the owner-director of Del Mar Aesthetic Clinic, a full-service medical spa, Through artistic application of the latest non-surgical techniques and technologies, she focuses on achieving “natural" facial sculpting and skin rejuvenation for her clients. A graduate from UC Santa Barbara (Summa Cum Laude) in 1988, Dr. Fuchs received her MD degree at UC Irvine, followed by specialty training at UCLA and UCSD in Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Fuchs founded the Del Mar Aesthetic Clinic in 2009, and has brought together a small team of talented, highly-trained clinicians and staff. Del Mar Aesthetic Clinic has been designated a ‘Black Diamond’ provider (top 1% in the country) by Allergan, makers of Botox® and Juvéderm®, two years in a row. For more information visit Dr Fuchs’ site at You can contact her at or by phone at 858 259 4772

• Dr. Kristine Reese Naturopathic Medicine LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic, Inc. At LotusRain we offer Naturopathic Primary Care in a positive, light-filled space. Additional services include IV Therapy, Integrative Oncology, HBOT, and Infrared Sauna. Join us in your pursuit of optimal health by contacting our office via e-mail at, via phone at 619-239-LIFE (5433), or visiting us online at We are located at 5210 Balboa Avenue, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92117. Optimize your care, your health, your life!

Adrienne Blumberg

Adrienne Blumberg is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who has been working with children, teens, adults and families for over 25 years. She counsel children, families, individual women and men in addition to couples on all issues impacting one’s healthy and productive lifestyle. Adrienne is a member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT) in addition to a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. (CAMFT) Adrienne is also a Registered Play Therapist and proudly holds a membership in the Association of Play Therapy. For more information visit her site at She can be reached via email at or by phone at 858.349.1422.

Linda Kennedy

Member WEG

Linda Kennedy, CSCS, SNC, FMS has been in the fitness industry since 1993 as a fitness expert, public speaker and published author. A former competitive athlete, professional dancer and winning figure competitor, she has appeared on Fox 6 News and been featured in local newspapers for her LEANPower!® Exercise and Nutrition System. She has helped countless clients not only cease using cholesterol and blood pressure medications, detect breast cancer and other diseases, and re-established hormonal balance, but lose over 900 pounds, 350 inches and still going today.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Marialyn Sardo MD, FACS The Center for Beauty in La Jolla provides an elite cosmetic experience, from your initial consultation to post-surgical care. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Sardo should be top of your list. With more than 20 years of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery experience, you can be certain your results will be extraordinary. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Sardo brings an artistic hand and a woman’s sensitivity to her refined technical skills. Whether you are considering breast enhancement, reduction or lift, tummy tuck, or are ready for your mommy makeover, Contact The Center for Beauty toll free now for more information and a free consultation at 866-Dr Sardo

San Diego Woman Magazine’s Women in Business Real Estate Agent

Melissa Cizauskas Melissa has enjoyed a varied and successful career in the Real Estate Industry. She is currently with Keller Williams Realty-Carmel Valley/Del Mar office. Melissa currently enjoys using her decades of real estate experience in finding homes for buyers and selling homes for her sellers. Melissa is able to provide her valued clients with the very best representation possible to meet your needs. For more information visit her site at Contact Melissa via email at or phone at 858.353.6985

Katie Wilsey is the founder and race director of the Carmel Valley 5K and owner of Wind at your Back, LLC, a company that puts on races aimed at giving runners a fun and unique experience. The races also have a charitable component, as Katie has formed the Wind at Your Back Foundation, which gives to local schools and other great causes. An avid runner herself, Katie frequently runs marathons and other distance events. For more information or to get in contact with Katie, please visit Contact Katie at or by phone at 858-761-8799

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Restaurants and Cafes

Julie Otto Julie Otto is Unique. She has grown up surrounded by success. Her family has been in the real Estate business for nearly 40 years, and that environment sets her apart. Her Father is Oakland Raider All Pro member. Julie and her Mother were Relocation Consultants from St.Louis invited to assist the Franchise Move for the Rams in 1995. Julie has excelled assisting clients in the renovation aspect of real estate and also has been a Lender since 2003. Her clients often comment that Julie is Resourceful, Intuitive and Caring. You too will agree. Julie E Otto CA BRE #01481228 Keller Williams Realty 12780 High Bluff Drive Ste.130 San Diego, CA 92130 858-688-6260

Senior Dating Service Karen Wilson

Grand Tea Room Full service tea room and gift shop. We serve a traditional afternoon tea menu with tea sandwiches, scones, savories, desserts and fresh fruit and an extended menu of soups and salads and a la carte items. Please visit our website at for pictures of the tea room and our full menu. Please visit our gift shop for a nice selection of beautiful gifts 145 W. Grand Avenue Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 233-9500

Independent Business Owner Lisa Perlmutter

Karen Wilson was a director of sales for Great Expectations dating service in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego from 1992 to 2007, where she successfully matched hundreds of clients into long-term relationships and marriages. She is currently launching a new matchmaking service in San Diego exclusively for Seniors over the age of fifty, who are seeking long-term relationships. Karen was formerly a music and art teacher for over ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she received her Master's degree in music and fine arts at U.C. Berkeley. Originally born in New York City, Karen attended the High School of Music and Art in Lincoln Center and received a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute. For more information contact Karen at

Lisa Perlmutter is an Independent Business Owner for the well-known and respected Skincare line Rodan + Fields®. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv,® launched Rodan + Fields to extend their vision of bringing dermatology based skincare solutions to everyone. With Rodan + Fields, looking good and feeling confident has never been easier and it's all possible without a trip to the dermatologist's office. For more information contact Lisa by email at or by phone at 858.442.1666. Visit for additional information. Concierge

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Geriatric Care Manager

Colleen Van Horn Geriatric Care Managers who are RN's and Companion Caregivers that specialize in assisting older people maintain their independence with coordination of care at home. 557 E. Alvarado St. Fallbrook, CA 92028 United States (760) 731-1334


Member WEG Visiting Angels

Sheri Malvestuto Visiting Angels provides elder care services, which allow families to stay together. Visiting Angels provides qualified, professional elder care providers who will treat your loved ones with compassion, dignity and respect. We can provide both temporary and long term care. Call us today and let us put your mind at ease while keeping your loved ones at home where they belong. For more information call Sheri Malvestuto at 619 401 2040

LightBridge Hospice and Palliative Care LightBridge Hospice and Palliative Care is the leader in their field, due to their quality of care and expertise in end of life care. LightBridge is nurse-owned and staffed by qualified hospice professionals, who share their unique vision of supporting patients and families to move through the last stages of life with grace, strength, dignity and hope. Their hospice team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care counselors, hospice aides, and volunteers. Among their many recognitions for outstanding care, LightBridge has received The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for Excellence. They offer programs unique to hospice care including a specialized Veterans program, one for Dementia, The Jewish Ohr Ami Program, Heart to Heart Cardiac Program and Palliative Care. For more information contact LightBridge by Phone: 858.458.2992 or by Email at contact@LightBridgeHospice. com or visit their website:

San Diego Woman Magazine

San Diego

Real Estate Agent

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Kate Wilsey

Race Director



GivePower Foundation Meital Stotland

San Diego resident Meital Stotland has found a way to combine her professional goals and personal passion through SolarCity, the nation’s #1 solar power provider. As a SolarCity senior field energy consultant with a degree in environmental studies, Meital helps hundreds of San Diego homeowners go green and control their energy costs by going solar. That might be enough for someone who wants to help build a bright future for her two young sons. But Meital also works with SolarCity’s charitable nonprofit organization, the GivePower Foundation, which addresses energy poverty by providing solar-powered lighting to schools in the developing world. Recently, Meital raised so much money for GivePower that she was chosen to travel overseas with a small group of other SolarCity employees to help install a solar system on a school in 2016. This year the GivePower Foundation will bring light to some 1,500 schools in remote villages in Mali, Nicaragua, Kenya, Haiti, Uganda, Nigeria, Malawi, Nepal, and Ghana. Meital is also active with SolarCity’s Women In Power initiative to encourage more women to work in the clean energy industry. “Solar energy is changing the way we power the world, and I want to help ensure that more women take part in this rapidly growing industry,” Meital says. “This work and the ability to give back through solar is near and dear to my heart.”

GivePower Foundation installs solar energy system at Ngomeni Primary School, Kenya

GivePower Foundation installs solar energy system Kiliboti Primary School, Kenya

San Diego Woman is a Proud Corporate Sponsor Of NAWBO

Upcoming Events Network With NAWBO Wine and Cheese Networking Event Date: Mon., Nov. 2, 2015 Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m. The University Club 750 B Street, Suite 3400 San Diego, CA 92101 Seminar Series Topic: 5 Insider Tips to Cultivating Relationships that Yield Humongous Results Presenter: Nicole Matthews Date: Fri., Nov. 13, 2015 Time: 12:00-1:30 p.m. Brandman University 7460 Mission Valley Road San Diego, CA 92108

SAVE THE DATE! Sponsors & Members Appreciation Event Date: Wed., Dec. 2, 2015 Time: 5:00-7:30 p.m. San Diego Yacht Club 1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106 Registration will open soon To learn more about NAWBO visit their site at


San Diego


Dr. Tess Mauricio

“America’s Favorite Dermatologist”

Serving The San Diego Community For Over 10 Years!

Summa Cum Laude, UCSD MD, Stanford University School of Medicine Past President, San Diego Society for Dermatologic Surgery

A Renowned Expert, Speaker, & Media Personality, You’ve Seen Dr. Tess On: The Dr. Oz Show, The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors, The Talk on CBS, America’s Next Top Model, San Diego Living, The Wellness Hour, Fox News, QVC, The Dr. Tess Show, and more!

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