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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our “Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians” Issue. We are very excited to share this important Directory with you, our readers. As our first issue of 2013, we decided to provide some very significant information to our readers, so they can have a healthy 2013. We would like this year to include as much reader interaction as possible, so please let us know what you would like to see in our upcoming issues. In order to accomplish the best selection of doctors included in this Guide, we sent out a request to our readers, to nominate doctors whom they felt were exemplary in their field of expertise, and with their women patients. Our directory is different than others for one very important reason: The doctors selected were chosen by their patients - not their colleagues. Who better to tell women which doctor's treat them with respect and understanding, but those women who have been their patients? The physicians selected possessed something that other doctors did not; they took the time to listen to their patients and let them know how important they were to them. Many of the women we interviewed felt that these doctors were very concerned with women’s needs. Not every doctor is like this, and that is why the doctors listed in this directory deserve special appreciation. Not only are there special features introducing these professionals to you, we also include a full directory of all of the doctors chosen by our readers. Take a few moments to go through the directory and read some of the comments made by our readers, before selecting a physician. This directory provides an important publication that you should hold onto, should you need a great doctor in the future. In addition to this special section, we have many other fun articles, including information on San Diego Fashion week, for those who couldn’t make it, some great recipes to try, and a very insightful column by Carol LeBeau. If the New Year means you are in search of new adventures, take a look at Robin’s article about Big Sur. Her comments are invaluable and the images she shares are beautiful. a more serious note, do you struggle with guilt? Soma’s article will help you understand and improve your 4 On thinking, making 2013 a guilt free year. We hope you enjoy our first issue of 2013. As always, we would love to hear from our readers. We strive to be the voice of San Diego Women, so please share your thoughts and dreams with us. As always, I would like to thank all of our loyal readers, our writers, our hard-working staff, and our advertisers, without whom San Diego Woman Magazine could not exist.


Best wishes to all of you in 2013. May all of your dreams come true.

Judith A. Habert Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

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Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians Our First Ever Directory Honoring the Best of the Best. Dr. Karin Kordas A Hospitalist with a Heart.

Issue 2013 Page 9 Page 10

Dr. Stefan Moldovan Helping Patients to Survive.

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Dr. Angela Nahl Innovative LASIK Surgeon.

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Dr. Erik Viirre San Diego Women’s Favorite Neurologist.

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Dr. Sudabeh Moein Bringing two Worlds Together.

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Dr. Bradley A. Eli Sleep disorder and Pain Specialist

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Dr. James McClurg Excellence, Dedication & Caring.

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Are You A Siren? Chic-Ceo Shows You How to Become Successful.

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A Bright Light For San Diego Fashion Fashion Week San Diego a Huge Success!

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Big Sur Adventure Discovering the Beauty of California.

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Be A Butterfly A Journey to Destiny.

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I Feel Guilty All The Time A Working Mom’s Struggle.

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Date Night In San Diego Great Ideas for You

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He Said, She Said Share Your Hot Topics! Page 29 Transitions with Carol LeBeau Healthsource….Breast Cancer. Page 30 Fabulous Finds Our Staff Shares Their Favorites.

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Woman of Distinction Marguerite Higgins Wartime Journalist.

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Ask An Angel Overmedication of the Elderly.

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I’ll Be in A Meeting All Morning Winning Communication Strategies.

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Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians Directory Our Readers Share Their Favorites.


Dr. Sean Daneshmand Making Miracles Happen. Page 21



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Lisa K Miller Even as a child, Don attempted to understand the psychological problems of his family and friends. As an adult, he achieved a successful career as a computer design architect. After retiring, he applied his scientific training to his interest in humanistic problems, discovering new powerful life changing principles. Don currently writes for local publications and is currently completing work on his new book, “Pyramid to Love”, which will be available early 2013.

Cynthia is a Chef and owner of Citrus Organics, a published food writer, blogger, culinary instructor, recipe/ product developer. Her passion for food started at the early age of 5 in her family's Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles. She opened her first restaurant Augustine's at the age of 17 and has been obsessed with food ever since. Visit and for alternative culinary options (vegan, dairy, sugar, gluten free)

Lisa Matar

A San Diego State University graduate has lived in San Diego since 1997. After graduating with a degree in Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, she put her skills to work in the real estate industry. After enjoying a successful career, she retired and began fashion writing and blogging San Diego events. She currently resides in Scripps Ranch with her husband and two young children.

Martha Perez

Martha stays busy with community volunteer projects, book club and fellowship groups, fitness and personal-growth activities, mentoring young adults, and advocacy in health issues. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree and ‘retired’ as a hospital administrator to care for her family. Writing poetry sparked her love of writing and she enjoys writing stories from a woman's heart point of view.

Colleen Humfreville

As a graduate of UC Irvine and a Literary Journalism major, She hopes to become a travel writer, and photojournalist.

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Bill Edmett Bill is the CEO of Intelibiz Business Solutions, Inc. with over thirty years of experience in database programming and custom business software. Intelibiz specializes in database websites utilizing SQL Server, MS Access and ASP.Net. You can visit his company’s website at www.

Lisa is the owner of Photography by Lisa K, a custom portrait studio located in San Diego, specializing in the highest quality portraiture. As the mother of twins, Lisa shines at capturing moments in pregnancy and early life. She shares her talents with many local charities

San Diego

Carol LeBeau

Carol LeBeau spent close to 30 years as a beloved fixture on San Diego News. Today she is enjoying her retirement, as well as a second career as an in demand speaker at functions throughout San Diego. In addition to her many speaking engagements, Carol is a columnist for San Diego Woman speaking about life after her news career.

Rob is president of The MarketBuilding Team, has written two books on marketing, and authors a free marketing advice column called Ask Mr. Marketing. You can subscribe to his free marketing newsletter at www.



Robert has been a published writer for over thirty years and has been providing editing services for the past twenty-five. As a musician he has written scores of songs. His life has revolved around his music and writing, often melding the two into articles and interviews.

Don Tipon


Robert Tussey

Rob Weinberg

Soma Bhadra

Jaime V. Habert

Jaime is a music enthusiast and Entertainment Editor for San Diego Woman. She has plans to pursue a degree in Business Management. She is a freelance writer, who takes every opportunity to write about the subject she loves.

Glenda Batzer

Glenda holds a B.S. in Molecular Biology and has worked in scientific research for more than 17 years. A transplant from Massachusetts in 2004. In her spare time, she is learning to play golf and enjoys writing human interest stories.

Soma is the CEO of PROTEUS Consulting, a boutique consulting firm for Water, Energy, Information, and CleanTech sectors. Having lived and worked in India, US, Australia, and Singapore, Soma has developed a broad and unique perspective about life with all its rewards and challenges. Soma lives in San Diego with her husband and two adorable poodles. In her spare time she experiments with fusion cuisine and teaches Indian cooking classes.

Letters Editor to the

I thought your fashion issue was FABULOUS. It was nice to see that you included a variety of ages when selecting your models and clothing styles. Just cause you are over 40 it doesn’t mean you can’t look Chic. Thanks Ladies. Vivian from Temecula I love hats too! They are such an underappreciated fashion accessory. Thanks Erin for celebrating my favorite way to express my personality, with a hat. Barbara from San Diego What made your fashion issue so interesting was that all of the designers were local San Diego Women. Thanks for continuing to celebrate our women and what they accomplish. Aliya from Poway Featuring books like Forgiveness is one of the greatest things about San Diego Woman. I had to order the book right after I read Josee’s article. Wow, if she could survive what she has been through and even manage to forgive, I know I have hope too. Cheryl from Oceanside


That was one great meatball and you were right! Cafasso Meatball Company on Carmel Mountain Road was so good. I felt like I was eating at home at Sunday dinner 25 years ago. Very yummy. Linda from Rancho Bernardo Thanks for the informative article from the ladies of Chic-Ceo. I visited their site and found so much valuable information. I am working my way through starting my own business after years of working for someone else. It is a scary process, but this site really helped me appear as if I knew what I was doing. Lana from Escondido

Your fitness shake-up article was full of some great ideas on how I can get in shape without the boredom of the same exercise each day. Now I mix it up and I am enjoying exercising. Something I never thought I would be able to say. Shayna from Rancho Bernardo I used to feel so guilty about indulging myself in a massage. After reading Carol LeBeau’s article it is nice to see I am not alone. Angie from San Diego I have been seeing doctors quite often over the past ten years and its always the same... what is your problem and a quick diagnosis and off to the pharmacy. In, out, next. Imagine having to sit in the lobby and wait while Dr. Moein spent an hour or more just talking to my wife about ways to increase her overall health. I mean, whoever heard of diagnosing overall health in the first place? After a few years of this I come to realize that not only is my wife healthier than she has ever been but, she is happier. Happier, more playful, less stressed, able to take every day issues as issues instead of trauma, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Understanding the affects of vitamins and minerals are not something a regular doctor has the time or patience (patients) for. After a few years with Dr. Moein and her lovely staff, my wife is more centered and healthier and that has created a sense of calm in her life and our marriage. Hopefully, Dr. Moein's dedication to the art of Integrative Medicine (google that if you don't know it) is helping hundreds of husbands and wives find better balance through the balance of natural medicine as it has for us. Daryl Beeson from San Diego

Dr. Steven Eisenberg

“Dr. Eisenberg has been my salvation. I don’t know how I could have gotten through my cancer diagnosis without him. He put me at ease and made me believe that my life was worth fighting for. I will forever be grateful to him.”

Dr. Neil Berkowitz Dr. Sean Daneshmand

“His heart is so full and he gives so much to his patients. He helped me in a time when I felt so scared. He has such a kind way with words and I could see in his eyes how much he cared about me and my fears. How much he cares about every one of his patients.”

Dr. James McClurg

“I have recommended Dr. McClurg to at least 15 or 20 other family members and friends. He has done so much to improve my health and I want to share him with everyone around me who can benefit from his medical knowledge and his caring nature.”

& Dr. Ruth Nelson

“They really care about each person and take time to find out what is going on in your life as they ask you questions and listen to what seems to be the issue. Each visit is like seeing a very smart friend. They never make you wait for more than 5 minutes for your appointment- they know that your time is as valuable as theirs is…Their staff is friendly and kind and professional, and they always ask how our family members are doing.”

Dr. Stefan Moldovan “He was so kind and caring. I was so scared I couldn’t think straight. He made me believe that there was life after breast cancer, and thanks to him I am fully recovered and definitely feel I owe my life to him. He is a real sweetheart.”

San Diego

Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians


San Diego Woman Magazine’s 9


Dr. Karin Kordas

We received many nominations for Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians, but this one was quite unique. Dr. Karin Kordas was recommended to us by the family of a patient she cared for while in the hospital. Dr. Kordas is a hospitalist, which means she is an inhospital doctor. These doctors have a unique job, often seeing patients for only a short period of time, treating them and sending them home for follow-ups by their own doctor. These physicians are often overworked by a high volume of patients, who are often in critical condition and require immediate attention. Married for 9 years to Brandon, a structural engineer, they are the parents of active and engaging two year old twin boys, Cameron and Zachary. Her family is the primary reason she chose this area of medicine. “With my young family now and all of the paperwork required to work as a primary care doctor, I did not feel able to serve my continuity patients as well while still being available to my children and husband.” A caring and considerate physician, we weren’t surprised to receive the following recommendation for Dr. Kordas, “My brother, who has a host of medical issues, has had multiple hospitalizations and each time I felt that I was kept in the dark. I would try to speak to the doctors, calling them, leaving messages for them or trying to be at the hospital during the time they made rounds. I rarely had any luck. When my brother was admitted, and Dr. Kordas was the doctor assigned to his care, I did not even have to leave a message, she kept in close contact with me. This made such an impression with me that I had to nominate her as an “Outstanding Women Friendly Physician.” Not only did she call me, but she left me her pager number and encouraged me to call her should I have any questions about his care. She was the first doctor to actually explain my brother’s condition in a manner in which I could understand his diagnosis, suggested treatment and prognosis for recovery.” Born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California, her brother Tim stayed in the area working as a software/hardware electrical engineer. Her close family ties have remained important to her. “My mother, Mary Ellen was a director of a Montessori school and spent decades building a respectful cooperative environment for children. My father, Joe, was employed as an Engineer, but spent many hours of his personal time working with his church youth group, raising money for hunger charities, and distributing gifts and supplies for underprivileged families. I was fortunate in being able to accompany him to many of these events. For both of my parents, making a difference in the wellbeing of the future has been very important. They have moved down to Southern California in order to be involved grandparents and I look forward to continue learning from them.” It was during her high school years that Dr. Kordas decided that she wanted to go into medicine. “While in high school I learned about a program at UC Riverside with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. I loved science and wanted to work with people so it

By Judith A. Habert

Photos Courtesy of Dr. Kordas seemed to be a good fit and would provide me useful training for other professions if my interests changed during college.” Luckily for her patients, her interest remained on track and she went on to college at the University of California at Riverside and completed medical school in a combined program between UC Riverside and UC Los Angeles. Graduating in 2000, Dr. Kordas went on to do the usual three year Internal Medicine residency at UCSD, followed by a one year fellowship training in Women’s Medicine and primary care procedures. Dr. Kordas has been working at Palomar Hospital in Escondido for the past three years, a position she loves, particularly due to the friendly and cooperative atmosphere. She is contracted through a non-profit community clinic; Neighborhood Healthcare and is board certified in Internal Medicine and currently works almost exclusively as a hospitalist physician. I asked Dr. Kordas what it was that she liked about being a doctor, her answer explains why her patients and their families consider her so extraordinary, “I love the relationships with the patients although mine are shorter-term now that I am a Hospitalist. I am able to act as a teacher and advisor to my patients. Sometimes through understanding their illness they are motivated to make major lifestyle changes toward a healthier life. Finding a diagnosis in medicine is often like solving a puzzle and is rarely boring. I also am continually impressed that despite all of our similarities, patients continue to be individuals and do not all respond the same way to treatment. As a hospitalist physician, I am grateful that the amount of time spent on paperwork is manageable.” When asked what her goals and dreams are regarding her career and her personal life, she shared the following, “I am grateful to work for an organization like Neighborhood Healthcare as a hospitalist. I would like to further support my group by continuing to care for hospitalized patients. The hospitalist program, started by Dr. Dan Harrison, has a primary focus on high quality medical care and good communication. Personally, I look forward to seeing my boys grow up, and I enjoy working with my husband to ensure that they have a strong sense of compassion and respect for others” With all of the rave reviews regarding Dr. Kordas, her caring ways, and sincere concern for every patient she encounters, we can honestly say her children, Cameron and Zachary, and every patient she comes in contact with are extremely lucky to have her in their lives.

Dr. Stefan Moldovan By Judith A. Habert

Dr. Moldovan does multiple surgical procedures, but breast health is of great importance to him. He is actively involved in a cancer detection program through an organization in North County that serves underprivileged patients. He sees many patients who come to him through this free service. The existence of these screening services in these communities has helped detect cancer in patients that would have previously gone undetected. Dr. Moldovan noted, “There is often a long period of time from when a suspicious finding is noted and surgery is performed, often 3 months, which is too long for this problem to go untreated. I strongly believe in the continuity of care, so the more I see and do

myself with the same patient, the better for the patient. I will do several procedures in my office including ultrasound and needle biopsies, so the patients do not have to go into the hospital for this care, which often makes them more at ease.” In addition to breast surgery, Dr Moldovan also performs gastrointestinal surgery and vascular surgery. San Diego Vascular Center has a vascular vein practice which is noted throughout the county. I asked Dr. Moldovan about his vascular practice where he treats many women. “We treat both men and women in this area, but women tend to come to us earlier in the progression of the disease. Often because they have spider veins and they do not like the way they look, so they are in search of a treatment to remove them. Often they don’t feel they have symptoms of varicose veins until they get the procedure done and realize they were having pain or discomfort as a result of the problem. Men will come for the treatment, but usually only when the pain has become an issue or ulcerations are present.”

San Diego


On my first meeting with Dr. Stefan Moldovan it was obvious that he was indeed deserving of the title “Outstanding Women Friendly Physician.” His patients told us that what made him special, beyond his impressive medical credentials, was his kindness. Dr Moldovan is Board Certified in General surgery, but has several specialties. One of his main areas of expertise is Breast Surgery. He has been (literally) a life saver to women who were diagnosed with breast cancer or the suspicion of breast cancer as a result of cancer screening. One of the patients who nominated Dr. Moldovan had the following statement regarding the doctor, whom she referred to as “the best doctor in the world.” She was diagnosed with suspicion of breast cancer and was referred to Dr. Moldovan, she recalls her meeting with the doctor, “He was so kind and caring. I was so scared I couldn’t think straight. He made me believe that there was life after breast cancer, and thanks to him I am fully recovered, and definitely feel I owe my life to him. He is a real sweetheart.” We have found a similar characteristic among these special doctors who care so much: They chose medicine because they love the field. Dr. Moldovan knew as a young child growing up in Bucharest, Romania, that he wanted to be a doctor. His mother was a primary care physician and he was fascinated with her anatomy books. Life was tough for a doctor in Romania-; he watched his mom travel for hours to get to a village needing medical care, at times staying away from home for days to care for her patients. Dr. Moldovan went to medical school in Romania, but decided to travel to the US to do his surgical residency. There were several factors that led to his decision to leave Romania, “The political and economic climate in Romania was rough. It was hard to gain a position in the city unless you had political connections, so if you were to be a physician you would most likely be working in the countryside. In these villages it was hard for a physician to be affective given only a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, two or three drugs, and nothing else.” Dr Moldovan’s family was supportive of his move to complete his training and start a life in the United States. He traveled here in 1991 to complete his surgical training, part of it at UCLA and part at Baylor College of Medicine. With a love of research and teaching, Dr. Moldovan originally planned to venture into academia. He remained for two years as an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, well known as a center for cardio vascular surgery. After his time as a professor he felt a need to venture into private practice. Dr. Moldovan accepted an offer from a colleague he met at Baylor and moved to San Diego as one of the prestigious staff of the San Diego Vascular Center. Dr. Moldovan works alongside some of the best physicians in their field: Dr. Anatoly Bulkin and Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Salloum. Dr. Bulkin was doing his vascular fellowship at Baylor School of Medicine while Dr. Moldovan was completing his surgical residency. Dr. Salloum joined the team a few years ago and is also fellowship trained in vascular surgery.


When asked how he felt about his nomination you could see him swell with pride and humility “I don’t know any other way to treat patients. They often come to me at a time when they are faced with fear. I often have bad news for them and it is never easy, so I take my time talking and explaining what the progression of treatment will be, and it seems to help calm them down and make them feel a sense of comfort knowing I will do all I can to help them.” Aside from the pride Dr. Moldovan takes in his practice he feels even more when it comes to his family. He loves the time spent with his family mountain biking or at the beach. You can see his face light up when he speaks of his wife Adina and his two sons Matthew, 13 and Alexander, 12. He values the time spent with them and summed it up when asked about his family with four simple but meaningful words, “They are my universe.”


Dr. Angela Nahl Innovative LASIK Surgeon A career in the field of ophthalmology wasn’t always on the horizon for Angela Nahl. “I had recently graduated from Harvard University and was pursuing a career in financial services when I experienced some issues with my vision,” said, Dr. Angela Nahl, Ophthalmologist and founder of La Jolla LASIK. An optometrist prescribed contact lenses for Nahl, but she found them extremely uncomfortable. “They were so irritating…I wanted to scratch my eyes out.” Nahl decided to get a second opinion and sought out one of New York’s most prestigious optometrists. “When I arrived at the second optometrist’s office, I was very impressed. I found the professionalism of the staff, the doctor’s knowledge and kindness, even the décor of the office itself to be very inspiring.” Nahl said. She continued, “I liked the idea of interacting with different people on a daily basis and helping them with something as vital as their sight. After taking some time to research careers in optometry and ophthalmology, and to talk with my optometrist more about his practice, I thought to myself, this is for me! And made a change in my career path.” Dr. Nahl is being featured in this month’s edition of San Diego Woman (not only) for her excellent work as an ophthalmologist and founder of The La Jolla LASIK Institute, but for her work within the community. After learning of pending budget cuts, Dr. Nahl pledged to raise over $500,000 for San Diego schools by 2014 in order to support their full day kindergarten program and other school programs. Dr. Nahl said, “I am so grateful for my education. I wanted to help give the same opportunities to children today.” Dr. Nahl and her team also volunteer their time to meet with elementary students and teach them about the eye and the field of ophthalmology. As an accomplished LASIK surgeon, Dr. Nahl is often asked what factors should be considered when choosing a LASIK provider. She invariably replies, “A doctor’s experience and skill is probably the most important factor, as they are assets that cannot be replaced or substituted. Following that, I would say that the provider’s standard of care is very important…how they care for their patients, how they run their business…how they sweat the details. Lastly, I would have to say that the technology used during the LASIK procedure can make a big difference in the outcome.”

Dr. Nahl’s Experience

Dr. Nahl earned her medical degree at the University Of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine. As a medical student, she spent an extra year pursuing her interests in ophthalmology by doing research in the development of color vision. Her research team was the first to discover significant changes to night vision in laboratory mice. She also completed her residency at the prestigious Doheny Eye Institute of the University of Southern California. During her

residency, Nahl exhibited a highly desirable trait in the medical world - - great manual dexterity. “Ever since I was a child, I was the ’go-to’ person in the house if someone needed a needle threaded, or a splinter taken out,” Nahl said. “I was able to do these things easily and gently. I didn’t realize until medical school what a gift this was for me to have. Because of this gift, I was often rewarded with more cases than your average resident and even more than some of the fellows.” After she finished her schooling, Dr. Nahl was given the opportunity to train the next generation of eye surgeons at UCSF medical school. “I loved being able to give back to the medical community by passing on things that I had learned in the field of ophthalmology. It was also at this time I trained under the supervision of Dr. Edward Manche, Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Stanford Eye Laser Center and Professor of Ophthalmology in the Stanford University School of Medicine.” Dr. Manche is a world renowned expert in laser and surgical techniques for vision correction, and has personally performed over 28,000 laser vision correction procedures. In 2000, Dr. Nahl re-located to San Diego to work with Dr. Glenn Kawesch. “While I was there,” said Dr. Nahl, “I was averaging over a hundred cases a month and achieving good outcomes for my patients, but at the same time I felt a growing voice within me, encouraging me to strike out on my own.”

La Jolla LASIK is a direct reflection of Dr. Nahl’s determination to provide the best outcomes possible for her patients. She has assembled a team of caregivers that share her personal ethos. For example, while most LASIK providers may check a patient’s prescription once or twice prior to performing LASIK, Dr. Nahl and her team routinely check each patient’s prescription four and sometimes six times prior to their LASIK. “I have often seen that attention to details like this often makes the difference between a good outcome and an exceptional outcome,” said Dr. Nahl. “And at La Jolla LASIK,” she continued, “we are all about exceptional outcomes. We even go so far as to use a different type of eye drop to dilate our patient’s eyes prior to checking their prescription because it has been shown to produce a more relaxed retina and therefore a more accurate reading.”

La Jolla LASIK’s Technological Edge

At La Jolla LASIK, Dr. Nahl has access to one of only two Alegretto 400 lasers in San Diego County. The Alegretto 400 laser is considered (within the ophthalmology community) to be one of the most efficient and precise lasers available. What may take other lasers 2 minutes to perform, the Alegretto 400 can accomplish in as little as 26 seconds. “This means that there is less opportunity for inaccuracies to occur,” said Dr. Nahl, “and the patient does not have to endure unnecessary discomfort.” The Alegretto 400 laser is the only laser in existence that has been approved by the FDA to claim that it reduces the potential for halos and glare in a patient’s night vision. “The results we are getting with this laser are simply incredible, said Dr. Nahl. “For patients with mild to moderate myopia and/ or astigmatism*, we are able to achieve 20/20 results in 100% of the cases. And in 85% of these cases, we have achieved 20/16 vision! Compare this with other LASIK providers who achieved 20/20 in only 87% of their cases and only 32% were 20/16,”

added Nahl. “This means that we can successfully treat even the more extreme cases,” concluded Dr. Nahl. *Data as of 10/24/12, single treatment, vision at 241 to 430 days postoperative visit, patients with 0 to -7.00 diopters spherical equivalent myopia with 0 to -3.00 diopters astigmatism.

Affordable LASIK

“One of the major improvements we have made at La Jolla LASIK is that we are able to finance just about every patient who comes through our doors,” said La Jolla LASIK Treatment Consultant, Ryan Sanchez. “Considering that LASIK can be as inexpensive as a few dollars a day,” he continues, “why wouldn’t you look into it?”

Considering LASIK ?

For those considering LASIK, nothing can be more important than selecting the right team to perform LASIK surgery on your eyes, so why not choose the team selected San Diego’s Best by the readers of the Union Tribune for three years? After all, they are your eyes, right? “One thing is for certain - - we don’t take being voted San Diego’s Best LASIK Center for the third time for granted,” said Dr. Angela Nahl. “Every day I get up and ask, ‘How can I make the La Jolla LASIK experience even better for our patients? How can we improve? How can I make my patients’ dreams of perfect vision a reality?’” asks Dr. Angela Nahl. She concluded, “If you are living with less-than-perfect vision, we’d like to help you. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you and review your LASIK options with you.”

About Dr. Nahl

Dr. Angela Nahl lives with her husband and children in La Jolla. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, she completed her residency at the prestigious Doheny Eye Institute of the University of Southern California and has been an instructor at UCSF. An accomplished ophthalmologist, Dr. Nahl is the founder of the La Jolla LASIK Institute and is a member of the following organizations: American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), The International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS), and The International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS). The La Jolla LASIK Institute has been voted “Best LASIK Center” three times by the readers of the San Diego Union Tribune. Dr. Nahl is an avid cookbook collector and amateur photographer.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha

San Diego

Dr. Nahl founded La Jolla LASIK in 2001. She explains, “This was my opportunity to put together all of the best practices I wanted to use but had been unable to while I was working at other clinics. At La Jolla LASIK, I would be able to do what I personally thought best for my patients.” True to her word, at The La Jolla LASIK Institute, patients will experience these best practices immediately. “I give my personal phone number out to all of my patients,” said Nahl. “I feel strongly that, as their doctor, I should be accessible whenever they need me. I also meet with them personally during EVERY office visit,” she added.


The La Jolla LASIK Institute’s Standard of Care



Dr. Erik Viirre Dr. Erik Viirre’s entrance into the medical field may have been unusual to those who knew him growing up in Canada, but his family clearly understood his interest. As a young boy he suffered from severe bouts of asthma and pneumonia, and since there was no other doctor in the family, his parents can only attribute his strong desire to go into medicine as a direct result of spending most of his childhood around physicians and hospitals. It might be expected that, given his childhood, the last thing Dr. Viirre would want to do was spend his life in the medical field, but it had just the opposite effect. By the 7th grade Dr. Viirre knew he wanted to be a doctor. He went to medical school in Canada at the University of Western Ontario. Being a self-proclaimed geek, Dr. Viirre jumped at the opportunity to participate in the newly formed joint MD/PhD program. “This allowed me to fulfill both my geeky science urges by doing research, while following my quest to be a doctor. I’ve been very lucky in my life and a large part of it was that I was born in Canada and received most of my medical training at no cost.” Doctor Viirre notes, “My quest has been to do interesting and important work at the same time as serving patients. It was through my PhD work on the inner ear balance function that I ultimately ended up getting some sub specialty training in what we call Neuro-otology, which is what my specialty is. I handle the medical end of this specialty, referring my patients to Neuro-otology surgeons if needed.” Although his high school yearbook proclaimed his path in life would be as a heart surgeon, he quickly realized that his real interest lie in studying the brain, particularly how the brain controls and keeps movements of the eyes accurate. “In the brain there are very precise systems so when you have an eye or ear disease it creates dizziness. To provide an analogy you can liken this system to driving a car. When a car has wheels which are out of alignment the car doesn’t feel like it is driving straight. So my patients with these problems often feel that their bodies are not driving straight. Just like a car can be realigned, the brain has a similar ability to be fixed and get back on track repairing the balance system so we can go back to feeling perfectly aligned. This is the area I focused on for my PhD.” When asked about advances in his specialty of medicine Dr. Viirre shares, "A lot of innovations have been made over the last century in the area of Neuro-otology, primarily over the past 20 years. One of the ways I try to help my patients is to fully explain their disease. Understanding their diagnosis helps patients get better in a number of ways, especially when they feel motivated to work towards the progress I know they can make.” Dr. Viirre recently participated as a speaker at a conference on dealing with dizziness, for other physicians who were involved in this specialty. Part of his session focused on “How to Talk to

By Judith A. Habert

Photo by Lisa K. Miller

your Patients.” After 15 years at UCSD, Dr Viirre has realized that there are times when it is crucial to choose your words carefully. He explained this to his audience with the following scenario. “I have very carefully chosen the words I use while talking with patients. As an example, I see many patients who have inner ear viral infections. The most common virus that causes the infection is herpes simplex one. If I use the word herpes some patients get very upset. Then I have to tell them that, yes they do have herpes, but it is also known as the cold sore virus, so instead of alarming my patients, I choose my words very carefully and tell them they have the cold sore virus. The truth is just about every US adult has the cold sore virus in their body, often hiding in the facial nerves, which can result in cold sores, and in some cases inner ear viruses.

hormones, especially if they are dealing with stress or depression. Born and raised in Canada, I was interested in how Dr. Viirre managed to end up in San Diego. Born in Toronto, some 500 yards from Maple Leaf Gardens, the doctor grew up an avid hockey player, hockey fan and self-proclaimed geek. Dr. Viirre’s father was a mathematics professor and his sister followed in his footsteps. His interest in the brain led him to pursue the joint major MD/ PhD program. “Yes I was the black sheep of the family choosing medicine over mathematics,” but he did not let that deter him from his path of research and medicine. His PhD work was focused on the brain and specifically diseases of the inner ear. It was this work that garnered the attention of the neurology department at UCLA. “I was invited to become a fellow with Dr. Baloh at this prestigious institution. Dr. Baloh is one of the leading medical practitioners in the world on medical management of inner ear disorders, and the author of many books and papers. While at UCLA I was introduced to the former chairman of Neurology at UCSD, Dr Jim Nelson, who is now retired, and he introduced me to Dr. Jeffrey Harris who is the head of the surgical ENT Department and is a surgical Neurootologist. These two doctors ultimately were responsible for getting me an appointment here at UCSD.” With all of his family back in Canada, it was a bit tough in the beginning to make the move to Southern California. “We love Canada dearly, if we didn’t live in California we would live there. In my opinion there is no other place that has the kinds of people and opportunities for research and technology in medicine as does San Diego.” Dr. Viirre, his wife MaryAnn Hawke, an environmental biologist, and their two children Rosanna age 14 and Aleksander age 2 are happy to call San Diego home. Although they both spent some time working in Los Angeles they were happy to make the move to San Diego, knowing it was the perfect place to raise a family. Frequent visits to Los Angeles allows them to enjoy the faster pace lifestyle, but they are always glad to come back home to San Diego. “UCSD has been absolutely wonderful to me as an institution that has looked after me for the past 15 years.” In turn Dr. Viirre has managed to look after the hundreds of patients who rely on him to help overcome some extreme medical conditions, and is often known to do so with a dose of much needed laughter. As another of the doctor’s patients noted “I am never intimidated when I talk with Dr. Viirre because he listens to every word I say and makes me feel as if I am his only patient. In my heart he is indeed an “Outstanding Women Friendly Physician.”

San Diego


If I use the word herpes, then I am off on a track talking about herpes, which takes time away from my goal and delays getting started on their treatment.” Another area that Dr. Viirre feels is extremely important is taking time to explain not only what his patient’s diagnosis is, but also what their prognosis in curing (or at least lessening) the symptoms that are adversely affecting their lives. Part of this discussion must involve potential side effects of the medicine he is prescribing for their treatment. Knowing not only the benefits of the medicine needed to help in their treatment, but also the potential side effects, often calms the patient and allows them to make an informed decision as to the path of their treatment. “The term ‘side effects’ is often alarming to my patients, but honestly everything we use has potential side effects, even oxygen. What the patients sometimes fail to understand is that it is only a potential side effect and most people will experience no side effects.” One of the comments received on behalf of Dr. Viirre’s nomination as an “Outstanding Women Friendly Physician” focused on this exact fact. “One of the many things that impressed me about Dr. Viirre is that he took the time to thoroughly explain my disease, then he gave me the options for treatment, and told me that he would do everything he could to make things better. He made no promises, because I am suffering with an illness with no known cure, but he gave me something that none of the other doctors who I had been to before had provided…he gave me hope” Dr. Viirre cannot say enough positive things about his association with UCSD. “Here at UCSD I am lucky in many many ways, working in a great place, with amazing colleagues and really nice patients. The support I receive is above my expectations and I have enjoyed being part of this institution from the first day I joined the staff.” Dr. Viirre notes that, “The challenge in my daily work day is to give the patients as much time as is needed, and yet be efficient, so I am able to help as many patients as possible.” A large portion of Dr. Viirre’s practice involves women’s health issues, particularly when it comes to his patients who suffer migraines. Hormonal changes in women’s bodies are often the cause of these migraines. The headaches come with the onset of menses, with pregnancy, and with menopause. Often his female patients who suffer migraines, significant enough to seek medical attention, find that these headaches follow a pattern, sometimes occurring during the time of their periods, during ovulation, or at the onset of menopause. Surprisingly, when women get pregnant their migraines often go away, since this is the time in a woman’s life when her hormones are the most level. Men will also suffer migraines relating to


A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs. -Joan Welsh


Dr Sudabeh Moein

By Toni Thomas

Photos courtesy of Dr. Moein

The quest to learn and serve women has taken Dr. Sudabeh Moein to many places and shown her many things. The quest began with her childhood in Iran where many opportunities for education and advancement were denied to women. Subsequently, Dr. Moein left her homeland and journeyed to the United States to gain an education, making her way through and learning about women in Pakistan, Portugal, and Spain before reaching her destination. And still Dr. Moein journeys, serving women, with regular trips to India to observe and learn, to treat and to train. What drives Dr. Moein?. “I love to learn,” she says, “and my passion is to serve women by empowering them with the knowledge they need to live a healthier life.” Dr. Moein never stops learning and never stops teaching: to date she has given over 50 community health lectures to the women of San Diego in furthering her passion for service. As stated by Judith Habert, Publisher and Editorin-Chief of San Diego Woman,

"We are honored at San Diego Woman to have Dr. Moein as our Chief Medical Consultant and as an esteemed member of our Board of Advisors" Dr. Moein received her training at Chicago Medical School and specialized training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. However, once she embarked on a private practice, she realized that she still hadn’t acquired all of the tools she needed to meet her female patients’ needs in San Diego. Dr. Moein began researching new technologies and alternative treatments to better address women’s health needs. Two new, and seemingly incompatible, directions caught her attention: robotic surgery, one of the most advanced techniques of modern medicine; and integrative and holistic medicine, which reaches back to include ancient and non-traditional approaches to wellness. One of the newest and most exciting breakthroughs in women’s health is the development of robotic surgery. Robotics allows surgeons to perform complex surgeries in a way that is minimally invasive, allowing for quicker healing and better results.

Dr. Moein also began exploring the use of integrative and holistic approaches to medicine. She incorporated Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into her practice and found great success in relieving the symptoms and adverse effects of menopause. Spurred by these positive outcomes, and recognizing the demand for and shortage of doctors providing holistic medical services, Dr. Moein recently pursued and obtained board certification from the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Another outcome that has resulted from Dr. Moein’s association with Scripps Mercy Hospital, is a relationship with the Naryani Hospital and Research Center near Vellore, India. “It was with the encouragement of my mentor, Dr. Mimi Guarneri, that I first travelled to their center and met their spiritual leader, Sri Sakthi Amma,” Dr. Moein says. With subsequent trips to their hospital, school, and spiritual center, Dr. Moein has had the opportunity to train doctors in better methods for treating women, and to be better trained herself in the techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine .

Diego WSan oman

It was when Dr. Moein began her training in robotic surgery, that she was first introduced to Scripps Mercy Hospital and their state-of the-art robotic surgery facility. “I love the Scripps Mercy approach,” says Dr. Moein. “With their Centers for Excellence, they show real commitment to providing the latest technologies, and the best

both allopathic (traditional) and holistic treatments, and it will have the potential to address women’s psychological, medical, surgical, social, and emotional needs.”


services to women in the community.” Little did she know that this collaboration would open up a new world of possibilities in serving women. Two marvelous outcomes have risen from Dr. Moein’s association with Scripps Mercy Hospital. In discussions with Mr. Tom Gammiere, Scripps Mercy Hospital’s visionary CEO, the potential and then the reality began to emerge of creating a women’s center at Scripps Mercy Hospital, one that emphasizes integrative and holistic services with Dr. Moein as founding director. “We hope the center will open its doors in about a year,” Dr. Moein explains. “It will be a one-stop shop to provide for all the needs of women, with

If preparations for opening a women’s center at Scripps Mercy Hospital and her consulting work in India weren’t enough for one woman, Dr. Moein is also in the process of writing a book about her experiences in India. “My book will be titled, Conversations with the Avatar,” says Dr. Moein. “In my sessions with Sri Sakthi Amma, he allowed me to ask any questions I wished. I asked all of the questions that women might want answers to—love, destiny, faith, relationships, happiness, peace, and prosperity.” And so for Dr. Moein the quest continues, teaching, learning, traveling, and healing.


Dr. Bradley A. Eli Story & Photos by Judith A. Habert While attending college I worked at a local hospital where I first heard the term Sleep Apnea. At the time I thought it was only a disease that affected babies. My time spent with Dr. Bradley Eli made me aware of the widespread existence of this disease among adults. Sleep Apnea is a major part of what Dr. Bradley Eli treats in his Encinitas practice. For those of us not aware of the seriousness of this disease, according to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 38,000 deaths occur in the US on an annual basis that are related to Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a condition in which the patient will stop breathing while asleep. As Dr. Eli explains, “While sleeping we are breathing in and out, but when you exhale and then attempt to inhale, your tongue and soft palette fall into the airway space and actually seal the space closed. So without warning, you are breathing along and all of a sudden, when you go to inhale you can’t. This disrupts your sleep and causes severe stress to your body. In the worst case scenario it can cause death. There are those who have Sleep Apnea causing them to stop breathing 10-15 times per hour of sleep, and in severe cases it can happen even more frequently.” With these statistics I was interested in how a patient would know if they had Sleep Apnea. Dr Eli explains, “There are certain symptoms which are associated with this disease. Often the patient is overweight, they snore, or have high blood pressure. Typically, if a patient has an 18 inch neck, or greater, they are at risk for Sleep Apnea.” Dr. Eli has become known as the specialist in the comprehensive treatment of apnea, and has created an easy test that you can do in his office. Dr. Eli explains, “It is called the A.R.T. test (Apnea Reality Test) which can allows my patients to experience what it is like to not breath, so they truly understand the seriousness of this disease.” I was amazed at what I learned about Sleep Apnea: How overweight patients are at risk for the disorder, and having the disorder can result in you having even more difficulty losing weight due to the stress of not breathing and release of stress hormone. Dr. Eli shares the process while being diagnosed for this condition. “Once a patient is diagnosed with this disease they are placed in

a classification. It is necessary to find out specifically if you stop breathing, and if so for how long, and does your body keep trying to breath despite no air movement? Once these factors are determined we then know what to do regarding your treatment method. Perhaps you need a CPAP machine; which is an apparatus that fits over your face and forces air to your airway while you sleep.” Dr. Eli shares the number one problem with this treatment method, “Although it is an excellent treatment for this disease and is provided through my office, not everyone seems to be able to use it consistently, about half the patients use the machine nightly as they should. Tragically when not used patients can die. football player Reggie White, died from sleep apnea that was untreated.” Dr. Eli has taken this problem and created a much needed solution. “We match the patient to the treatment, not the other way around. If a patient knows they won’t use the CPAP then we will find an alternative treatment. We want 2013 to be the year we raise awareness of sleep disorder breathing to the community of women and men. It is a universal problem that has been treated in a less than ideal way. We have alternatives to the Cpap that may help but many patients are not even aware that other treatment options exist. We do offer the Cpap, but in addition we have mouthpieces, pillows, positioning therapy, dilator therapy, and every single non surgical treatment option available for sleep apnea. We strive to make the patient and treatment fit, so that they will use it all night every night!

San Diego

a specialized practice I was curious as to how Dr. Eli chose this path in medicine. Dr. Eli has a unique medical practice considering that his initial profession was in the dental field. Although he breezed through dental school and loved the profession, he decided that this was not enough. Once you meet Dr. Eli, you will understand that it is apparent he does not settle for the ordinary. Dr. Eli found himself drawn to the issue of pain management. As a trained dentist he decided to further his education in post-doctoral studies on TMJ and pain management issues dealing with the head, face and neck. When he decided to pursue this subspecialty the year was 1990 and there were only three such training programs in the country that took dentists and gave them a post doctoral education in head and neck pain management. These three programs only accepted two candidates per year. When Dr. Eli graduated his program at UCLA, he was only one of six experts in this new specialty. Even today there are only 7 such programs which makes him one of only about 40 doctors with the level of training in the country. After completing his degree, and knowing that there were so few specialists, he decided to leave Los Angeles and venture to San Diego which was lacking in his specialty. His first staff position was at Scripps La Jolla. At the time Scripps was one of the only hospitals with a pain center. He held the position of head and neck consultant for the Scripps pain center. At the time there were only seven practitioners in San Diego in the field of pain management and Dr. Eli was the only one who was a trained dentist. Dr. Eli explains, “When UCSD founded their pain center and started educating their staff in pain management as a subspecialty, I was brought on staff to help train their doctors in this area.” Loma Linda University also found Dr Eli’s expertise invaluable, and invited him to join their staff as well, leaving him commuting from San Diego one day a week to serve his patients in his former home town. With three prestigious hospitals utilizing his services Dr. Eli spent a lot of time commuting between hospitals. With all of this experience behind him, today Dr. Eli, a Diplomate

with the American Board of Orofacial Pain, is the Director of the Headache and Facial Pain Center: A very specialized program, but one that is often the last hope for patients who have found no relief from the numerous doctors who have attempted to help solve their problems. I asked Dr. Eli how most of his patients found out about his services, “I am a quaternary care physician. Most patients will start with their primary care doctor, who will refer them to a specialist, if this specialist cannot find the cure, the patient will be referred to an even more specifically trained physician. If this doctor cannot find the answer they then will get my input.” One of Dr. Eli’s patients nominated him as an Outstanding Women Friendly Physician, based on her experience. She shared with us, “What truly impressed me about Dr. Eli was how he just sat back and listened to my experiences and my problems, never rushing me, but paying close attention to every detail I shared about the treatment I had received prior to visiting his office. It wasn’t until I was completely done explaining the various doctors and other professionals to whom I had already been referred, that Dr. Eli even began to provide his input in what my next treatment method should be. This was the first time I had ever been to a doctor who was so patient and willing to hear me out before deciding upon a treatment program. He is truly unique and wonderful and thanks to him I am pain free today.” I shared this accolade with Dr. Eli who went on to explain, “I know it sounds like I am patient's and in some cases I am, but unless I hear the patients entire history that led him or her to my office, am I able to put the pieces of


Not only does Dr. Eli provide all of the options on the market for sufferers of Sleep Apnea, if it is not available he has been known to create it; as proven by several patents he has acquired for apparatus to help his patients. One such item is an easy cleaning mechanism for the Cpap tubing and mask. He has also created a “TMJ quick splint” which provides temporary relief for his patients while their permanent TMJ apparatus is being made at the lab. This is not the only condition that Dr. Eli addresses in his practice; he is the Director of the Headache and Facial Pain Center. As Dr. Eli explains, “Our practice is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of head, neck, facial pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and the treatment of sleep disorder breathing.” With such


the puzzle together to come up with a game plan to help fix their problem. If a patient found me directly I would not be as effective, since the information that I gather during this initial consultation tells me what has been done, what worked and what failed miserably.” As modest as Dr. Eli appears, several of our readers felt that this was not only a practice done for his benefit, but it also made his patients feel hopeful and involved in their own treatment plan and recovery. The father of two college aged girls, Dr. Eli spends his free time doing one of his favorite things, flying or golfing. With all of the good that Dr. Eli does in his practice I believe a major part of it is due to his unconventional training, and treatment which sometimes involves creating solutions to existing products in the market place. I commented during our conversation that what I thought was great about the doctor was the fact that he was so sensitive to his patient’s needs and was always willing to look outside the box to come up with a solution to help them, whether with pain issues or sleep apnea concerns. He smiled and said four simple words which truly describe Dr. Eli’s approach, “There is no box”


Dr. James McClurg There are three words found under the logo on Dr. James McClurg’s business card, they are Excellence, Dedication & Caring, and these words certainly sum up the essence of the man. I was lucky enough to spend some time the other evening discussing the doctor’s practice, the state of medicine in this county, the changes coming our way with the new healthcare reform, and how he feels about a profession that has been his life over the last 30 years. The study of medicine has been a passion for Dr. McClurg since he was only 5 years old. A decisive child, by the age of twelve, he had even chosen his specialty, Orthopedics. Dr. McClurg grew up in Puerto Rico, in a home where he was the only male among a bevy of females. His father left when he was three, so the doctor was surrounded by two sisters, an aunt, and a mom, who he proudly credits for his abundance of caring and his unstoppable work ethics. As Dr. McClurg shares, “I have a profound respect for women and I understand them. If a woman comes to me and is very upset or emotional, I take her seriously and I listen to her concerns. I will take as long as is needed to help answer her questions and alleviate her fears.” This man is not only extremely intelligent, and a phenomenal surgeon, but he is an all around nice guy. With his white jacket, proudly displaying the American Flag, Dr. McClurg pays homage, not only to his service to our country as a eminent surgeon, but also as a reminder of his time spent in the military serving in both the Air Force and the Army. What was it that his patients felt made him deserve the title of “Outstanding Women Friendly Physician?” Ironically, one of his patients, a physician herself, shared the following comment about Dr. McClurg, “What impressed me most was how compassionate he was. My visit with Dr. McClurg was one of the longest appointments of my life. I thought perhaps he did it for me because I was also a doctor, friend and colleague, but I watched and he did it for all of his patients. He helped me find a surgery that I could have which was a lot less extensive than what other doctors had recommended. I felt comfortable enough to question him and then make my own choices.” As Dr. McClurg notes he will never shortchange a patient when it comes to the time he gives them. As a result he has impressed his clients enough that they not only continue using his services, but they recommend him to family and friends in need of a caring and competent orthopedic surgeon, another female patient noted. “I have recommended Dr. McClurg to at least 15 or 20 other family members and friends. He has done so much to improve my health and I want to share him with everyone around me who can benefit from his medical knowledge and his caring nature.” As a result of his dedication, Dr. McClurg often puts in long days with patient care, surgery and the business of running a practice, which is not easy in our current economy. He informed me of a very serious situation facing many doctors today. “Close to 40% of all medical practices are on the brink of bankruptcy. As a physician you must not only handle your patient’s medical care, but also the daily management of your business. Unfortunately, this is not something taught in medical school, and often is the reason for failing practices. If we do not fix this soon we will be faced with only the corporate practice of medicine, and doctor’s offices will be a thing of the past.” Other changes in the medical field also have Dr. McClurg concerned, “There is talk of shortening the length of residency programs, and having stricter limits as to the time a doctor can be on duty. This may result in less qualified physicians and more waiting time in doctor’s offices.” With a son currently in medical school, Dr. McClurg is cognizant of how these changes will impact our future healthcare options.

By Judith A. Habert Photo by Lisa K. Miller

I asked Dr. McClurg what we can do as patients to help ensure that our medical system continues to be available to those who need it, particularly with a large number of baby boomers facing the need for increased medical attention. His response was extremely interesting and allows for all of us to play a part in the future of our medical system, “A large majority of patient illnesses and complaints are due to poor lifestyle choices.

As a society we need to eat better, exercise more, stop smoking and limit alcohol intake. We basically need to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, which will in essence decrease the amount of doctor’s visits needed.” He adds, “This decision to practice a healthier lifestyle must start with our young people. Parents must encourage their children to eat healthier and get up off the couch and walk. As a physician I can tell you that the epidemic of obesity in our children really worries me. When I was in training, seeing a child suffering from type two diabetes was unheard of, you would only see type one. Now we are seeing this quite often. We have a massive number of overweight youngsters with type two diabetes. It is so hard for these children to grow up to be healthy fit adolescents and adults.

The numbers are showing us that this is indeed a problem for our country. It is actually at the point where it may become a national emergency. With all of these overweight children, we are having trouble getting enough physically fit young adults to serve in our military. So living a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our children is not only an advantage when it comes to our future medical needs, but it is also imperative to meet the needs of our country.” As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. McClurg also strongly suggests that stretching should be a part of our daily activity, as it can help prevent future physical problems. When questioned as to what made Dr. McClurg select orthopedics as his specialty he proudly responded, “It is a happy specialty, because most of the time we are able to improve the quality of life for our patients. It is the feeling that I get returning people to function, having them say thank you for giving them back their life. The good feeling you get from doing what we do, makes it all worth it in the end.” Above those three words found on Dr. McClurg’s business card, Excellence, Dedication & Caring, is a drawing of a window encom-

passing a tree with a rope tied around it, the International Symbol of Orthopedics. This tree sits on the divine hands of God who is presenting us with this tree; a bright light is in the center of the image. This is the light of knowledge and the window is our view of the world through our human eyes. From our in depth conversation there was one characteristic that stuck out clearly in my mind; Dr. McClurg is not only an outstanding doctor, and an outstanding woman friendly doctor, but he is also an outstanding human being, who takes no credit for what he does and is just thankful for his God given talents. He stated, “I personally feel that I am an extension of God in this world. I am his hands in this world and my mission is to bring health to people for the glory of God. I don’t take the credit for this. It is a gift that has been given to me and I share it to help people return to function and health. If God didn’t give me the opportunity to do this, I couldn’t, and since he did I will do it for as long as I can.” San Diego Woman Magazine would like to say thank you to Dr. McClurg for all he does and how much he cares. He is most definitely “An Outstanding WomenFriendly Physician.”

Dr. Sean Daneshmand

San Diego


Dr. Sean Daneshmand is an ob/gyn with a subspecialty in maternal-fetal medicine, He has been a specialist at the San Diego Perinatal Center for the past 10 years. He graduated from New York Medical College in 1995 and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1999. He went on to pursue a fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine at the University of San Diego, California with his thesis on amniotic fluid volume regulation and joined the San Diego Perinatal Center giving care to women at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns in 2002.

enhance the well-being of women and their families through education, prevention and medical care.

Dr. Daneshmand has also been the medical director of the A & B Spa and Cosmetic Surgery center since May 2004.

He was nominated by CNN Heroes as a "Hero nominee" (April 2010) for his work and effort in establishing Miracle Babies.

The one factor that we at San Diego Woman would like to recognize about Dr. Daneshmand is that he is also the founder of a public-benefit charitable organization called Miracle Babies. Founded in 2009, Miracle Babies is a 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is: To provide support and financial assistance to families with critically ill newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit and to

Dr. Daneshmand also serves as the editor of "Fit Pregnancy" magazine and is a clinical professor at the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the University of San Diego, California.


Sean Daneshmand, MD Maternal-Fetal Medicine San Diego Perinatal Center


San Diego Woman Magazine’s Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians Dr. Afshin Bahador Obstetrics and Gynecology 1130 2nd St Ste A Encinitas, CA 92024 (858)455-5524 Dr. Munish Batra Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 12264 El Camino Real Suite 101A Del Mar, CA 92130 (858)847-0800 Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul General Surgery Olde Del Mar Surgical 9850 Genesee Ave., Suite 570 La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 457-4917 Dr. Suja Duboise Gastroenterologist 4060 4th Ave # 240 San Diego, CA 92103 (619)291-6064 Dr. Bradley A. Eli Head and Facial Pain Center/ Sleep Apnea 4403 Manchester Ave Encinitas, Ca 92024 (760)436-6365 Dr Stefan Moldovan General & Vascular Surgery 625 W Citracado Pkwy Suite 203 Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 739-7666 Dr. Anatoly Bulkin Vascular Surgery 625 West Citracado Parkway Escondido, CA 92025 (760)739-7666 Dr. Sasha Salloum Vascular Surgery 625 West Citracado Parkway Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 739-7666 Dr. Daniel Einhorn Diabetes & Endocrinology 9850 Genesee Ave Ste 415 La Jolla, CA 92037 US (858) 622-7200

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Dr James McClurg, MD, PC Orthopedic Surgery 10672 Wexford St. #240 San Diego, CA 92131 (858) 536-9500 Dr Saad Joma Urology 320 Santa Fe Dr Ste 300 Encinitas, CA 92024 US (760)753-8373 Dr. Anoop Karippot Sleep Medicine Adolescent & Pediatric Psychology (Board Certified) 10672 Wexford St. San Diego , 92131, Suite 280 9834 Genesee Av La Jolla, 92037, Suite 400 (858) 412-7362 Dr. Michael Kouris Ophthalmology 3969 4th Avenue #301 San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 291-6191 Dr. Ruth Larsen Cancer Surgery Pomerado Medical Center 15525 Pomerado Road Suite A2 Skin Cancer Centre Suite C2 Poway, California 92064 (858) 451-3311 Dr. Lynn Lunceford Psychiatrist Old Town Psychological Srvs 2356 Moore Street, Suite 100 San Diego, California 92110 (619) 220-0585 Dr. Kevin Merkes North County Internists 15721 Pomerado Rd Poway,CA92064 (858) 485-6644

San Diego Woman Magazine’s Outstanding Women Friendly Physicians

Dr Mark Melden Psychiatrist 158 C Street Coronado, CA 92118 (619) 435-5400 2892 Jefferson St. Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 434-9500 Dr. Marianne Rochester Urologist Premiere Urology Associates 3969 4th Ave Ste 202 San Diego, CA (619) 260-0060

Dr. Neil Berkowitz Family Physicians Medical Center 10297 Scripps Trl San Diego,CA92131 (858) 586-0443 Dr. Ruth Nelson Family Physicians Medical Center 10297 Scripps Trl San Diego,CA92131 (858) 586-0443

Dr Sean Daneshmand 1130 2nd St Ste A Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 943-0279 Dr. Eric Toppel Cardiologist 3344 N Torrey Pines Ct SGM 300 La Jolla, CA 92037 US (858) 554-5708

Marialyn Sardo, MD, FACS Board certified, Plastic Surgery 9850 Genesee Avenue, Suite 840 La Jolla, CA. 92037 858-452-6226

Dr. Mary Wilde Breast Surgery 9850 Genesee Ave Ste 510 La Jolla, CA 92037 US (858) 554 7510

Dr. Raneth Heng 10820 N Torrey Pines Rd FC 2 La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 554-3348

Dr. Angela Nahl Refractive Surgery, Lasik 4529 Executive Drive, #230 San Diego, Ca 92121 (858) 551-4100

San Diego

Dr. Ritvik Mehta ENT (Triple Board Certified) Ear, Nose & Throat Otolaryngology (ENT) Sub specialty Neurontology (ear conditions) Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 9834 Genesee Ave Ste 111 La Jolla, CA 92037 US 6260 El Camino Real , Suite 105 Carlsbad, Ca 92009 (858) 909-0770

Dr. Lokesh Tantuwaya Neuro Surgery (Back & Brain) 7830 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 300-2626


Dr. Stuart Kincaid Plastic Surgery 8929 University Center Lane Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92122 (858)450-4199 Temecula Office 40963 Winchester Road Temecula, CA 92591 (951)695-9934

Dr. Erik Viirre Neurotology UCSD Neurology 9350 Campus Point Dr, Suite B La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 657-8540


Dr. Marc Sedwitz Vascular , General and Trauma Surgery 9850 Genesee Ave Ste 560 La Jolla, CA 92037 US (858) 452-0306

Dr. Tess Mauricio Dermatology 9999 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92131-1006 (858) 689-4990 2720 East Plaza Blvd. Suite R National City ,Ca 91950 (619) 434 8950 512 Via de Valle Suite 101 Solana Beach , Ca 92075 (858) 755 8377 1160 North Central Ave. Suite 201 Glendale, CA (818) 244 5705

Dr Kusum Sharma 10672 Wexford St Ste 280 San Diego, CA 92131 US 477 El Camino Real Encinitis, CA Phone: (858) 412-7362

Dr. Karin Kordis Hospitalist 425 N. Date Street Escondido CA 92025 760-739-2371

Dr Carol Salem Neurology 4060 Fourth Ave Ste 310 San Diego, CA 92103 US (619) 297-4707

Woman San Diego 254 E Grand Avenue, Suite 201 Escondido, CA 92025 888 275 7125 858 735 5301

24 Construction workers and subcontractors on McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., projects across America wore red on February first in support of the American Heart Association (AHA) National Wear Red Day速. The campaign is designed to focus attention on the number one killer of women: Heart disease. McCarthy, one of the largest commercial construction companies in the U.S., has been a strong supporter of AHA efforts since 2004. Above is a photo of these workers showing their support while working on the new $110 million dollar San Diego Mesa College Math and Science Building.

Live in rooms full of light. Avoid heavy food. Be moderate in the drinking of wine. Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics. Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water. Change surroundings and take long journeys. Strictly avoid frightening ideas. Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements. Listen to music. - A. Cornelius Celsus

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We believe success in achieving important financial goals starts with a comprehensive wealth strategy. We will help you define what is most important to you and then formulate the strategies that are suited for your needs, whether you are accumulating wealth or investing for income, solidifying your retirement plan or devising a distribution approach that meets your lifestyle and legacy goals.

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Bitchin’ & Moaning


By Judith A. Habert

How is Everything Tasting? Over the years of meetings at restaurants and personal outings with friends and relatives, it has become apparent that there is a special language spoken only by those who work in restaurants: It must be part of the training for new employees. Of course most restaurant training is necessary; we wouldn’t want the new waiters and waitresses to miss sessions on good customer communication, order taking and food dispersement. Those waiters and waitresses who are able to remember everything ordered amongst a party of twelve are truly scary. I really don’t think they are taught that, and quite frankly I know that they are going to get something wrong. Though I must admit some are amazing. You can order a hamburger, “hold the ketchup with grilled (not raw) onions, medium well , no lettuce, mustard, the spicy kind not the Dijon kind, on a bun…no wait make that lettuce wrapped with a side of French fries, no never mind the French fries let’s make it veggies, but hold the broccoli and with it I will have an Arnold Palmer with a little more lemonade than iced tea, Splenda not sugar and a water on the side.” There are waitresses who will get everything right, even the Splenda. So, before I complain about the training and service received by those hard working waiters and waitresses I have to say most of them are truly amazing. I know I couldn’t do that job, even on my best day, because I did their job and failed miserably. My waitressing experience came when I was in my teens and working in the coffee shop of our local hospital. This was not a good experience. I remember being so excited because it was my first real job, and at the time hospitals paid three times minimum wage. The excitement lasted about 20 minutes until I met my supervisor. Apparently, they failed to mention that Anna, who ran the coffee shop, had her sister, husband, and son working there. So I was the only none family member. As such, guess who got all the dirty jobs. I couldn’t complain because after all I was the new kid on the block. The problem with working at a hospital coffee shop is most often you served the same people every day, the hospital staff and physicians. Some of these customers had some very unique idiosyncrasies. I can remember one gentleman who worked in inhalation therapy, he would come in to the coffee shop every day around three o’clock for his afternoon snack which consisted of two scoops of ice cream, one chocolate and one vanilla. The vanilla had to be on the bottom. No one mentioned this to me and he got extremely angry because I put the chocolate on the bottom. He called me over and told me it was not possible for him to eat this dish of ice cream because I had plated them in the wrong order. He actually made me throw out the ice cream and build him a new one to his satisfaction. The customer is always right! Well I learned that on my first day of work. Having said that, I totally understand how difficult a job being a server can be. So I make sure that I tip well and do not abuse those I come in contact with. However, there is one thing that is a bit annoying while dining in just about every restaurant, particularly the franchised ones. There is a language that the servers are taught and like robots each one repeats the same phrases. “How is your meal looking” What is that suppose to mean? My burger looks like a burger, my pasta is shaped as expected, my cola is brown as it should be. I guess the answer then is ‘good.’ Within a few moments of receiving your food, having maybe taken one bite, the next question comes, “how is your food tasting.” I guess it tastes as it should. In between the questions is the need to fill any fluid on the table. In the midst of a conversation, pitchers come

flying across the table filling water glasses, tea glasses, and this is even more evident if you are having coffee. When the plate starts to empty the next question is “are you finished or are you still picking on it?” Picking on it? Would I ever pick on food? I guess there are two things more annoying than this ‘picking on it’ question. First would be the server who doesn’t even give you a chance to put your fork and knife down when they scoop in from nowhere and slide the dish away from you, while you are in mid chew. Or maybe even worse is when the waiter or waitress comes to your table and, seeing your completely empty plate except for maybe a sprig of parsley or a few lonely French fries, asks if you would like a box to take it home. Oh yes, I am planning on eating a sprig of parsley for dinner, please wrap it up. There are of course the over anxious servers who continually interrupt you mid sentence to make sure you don’t need anything else. After twelve times there is the urge to say…”yes leave us alone for five minutes”…but of course we realize that these servers are just doing their job. In contrast is the waiter or waitress that disappears and you are left waiting 30 minutes to get your check. I still am a big fan of the Bubba Gump Seafood Restaurant and their use of signs they place on every table. These signs say “Run Forrest Run,” which means you don’t need assistance at the moment. The other says, “Stop Forrest Stop, which means that any server within sight of your table will show up and ask what they can do for you. This is customer service at its best, since you have a say when you will be approached and if in need of extra drinks, more napkins, or a takeout box. You can just eat in peace while carrying on the conversation or business meeting - which was the reason for the lunch to begin with. Then there is also the sing song manner in which some servers speak with your. It almost sounds as if they are singing your order. But I suppose that is better than those who speak so quickly and ask so many questions that you are exhausted just from answering the list of questions pertaining to your order. In any event, if it were not for these hardworking souls, robotically trained by their management, we would be forced to fend for ourselves, or even worse - stay home and cook. So forget all that I just said and thank you to my next server who I hope has not read this column.

u S d . u S d r i . r i D D kk s s AA

San Diego

advocates integrative medicine:

An award-winning surgeon, she A: Dear Karen, inspired by her own in-depth You are faced with a difficult task. Not only is this an emotionally advocates integrative medicine: journey through a woman’s difficult time in your life, but in the midst of your turmoil you have to inspired herspirit, own Dr. in-depth mind, body,byand Sudi objectively search and make important decisions for your health. journey through a woman’s brings together information I would hope for you to find a doctor who is not only a skilled surfrom disciplines in order geon in the many specific area your needs, but also willing to answer mind, body, andofspirit, Dr. Sudi all of your questions and concerns. At times it may be scary, but it tobrings comprehensively understand together information is possible to find the right match for you. and improve health manywomen’s disciplines ininsurance order company’s website or It is veryfrom convenient to search the and well-being. to zip comprehensively understand merely by codes for the doctor nearest you. However, doing so is a game chance and will likely result in missing the opportunity andofimprove women’s health to findDO theYOU best physician to suit your needs. Even if your search HAVE A QUESTION and well-being. leads to a consultant who is out of network, he or she may very FOR DR. SUDI? well be willing to charge a reduced rate. How can you find regarding the best provider? Questions women’sIf you are comfortable with DO YOU A please QUESTION your primary care HAVE physician health may be sent to consider his or her recommenFOR SUDI? dation seriously. YourDR. doctor is most likely to recommend someone who is most compatible with his or her own philosophy of treatQuestions regarding women’s ment. After seeing the consultant, don’t forget to give feedback to mayasbethissent to only way to improve his or her your referringhealth physician is the referral list. After finding a physician you may want to search their name online and read other patient’s reviews of their experience. My advice is to read them with a grain of salt; typically you will find reviews that are extremely good or extremely bad, and not necessarily objective.

Truly the best approach to finding the right physician, is by word of mouth. Talk to people whose opinion you trust and ask for their experiences. Ask about a doctor who is skilled, one who is willing to spend extra time and effort toward your diagnosis and treatment plan, and one who is willing to answer all of your questions. After choosing a specialist, it is critical for you to research your medical condition and the treatment options that are available for you. There are many internet resources available; here are some of the best: • For finding definitions of the diseases and medical terminologies, I recommend PubMed Health (select the PubMed database at, or • For asking questions about a specific topic, or Ask. com will give you the most options. • To view surgical or procedural videos, or to find lectures on medical topics, I recommend searching on • Finally, state-of-the-art information on any medical condition or any surgery can be obtained by subscribing to Uptodate is used by more than 700,000 clinicians around the world. Subscriptions are available annually or for as small a span as a week. These resources will give you the tools to ask the right questions to your healthcare provider at the time of your consultation. Knowledge is power; by learning all that you can and knowing what to expect, you will be better able to deal with all aspects of your condition. Please remember that you are not obligated to go with the first consultant you see. It is often wise to get a second and third opinion; doctors are human and the first one you see may not have all of the answers you need. If you were to buy a wedding gown would you pick the first one that you see in the first bridal store you walk into? It is okay to shop around even if you eventually return to that first store and buy that first dress after all. I wish you much luck in your quest.


Q: Dear Dr. Sudi , I was recently diagnosed with a serious condition, which will require surgery. With so much at stake, I want to find the best physician performphysician the surgery and for follow-up care. A is thetofounding of the few years ago, Integrative I found myCenter primary care physician through the Women’s for is theList” founding the “Providers on myphysician insuranceofcompany’s website, but with Obstetrics and Gynecology Women’s Integrative Center fordo everything in my my new diagnosis I am determined to Poway and power(WICOG) to find theinbest physician and surgeons for my care. So Obstetrics and Gynecology Hillcrest. you have any suggestions on how to go about finding the best (WICOG) in Poway and doctor? Hillcrest. award-winning surgeon, she KarenAn M. Poway, CA

To ask Dr. Sudi a question please email her at



Recipe Corner Fresh Lavender, Mint Tarratini

This fresh concoction is like sitting in a Lavender Garden for Happy Hour could just fall asleep after and have sweet technicolor dreams...that's after your cocktails of course!!!! 4 cups Steeped Fresh French Culinary Grade Lavender Buds 4 cups Freshly Brewed Mint Ice Tea 1/2 cup Simple Syrup Premium Vodka..(I prefer Grey Goose or Belvedere.... or you may use Organic if desired) Fresh Sliced Ginger (sliced on mandolin preferred)..for garnish Fresh large sprigs of Tarragon for garnish Large Martini Shaker packed almost 2/3 full of ice cubes...(keep in freezer until ready to use) Mix all and shake for 40-50 seconds till nice and chilled and thoroughly infused. Pour into Chilled..I mean Freezing Chilled Martini Glasses and serve!!

Tangerine Halibut

This Tangerine soaked fish is so amazingly moist, fragrant and super easy to make that you feel like you secretly could be a Restaurant Chef!!! JUST GO WITH IT!!! 4 8 ounce fillets of Halibut (or any of your favorite white fish) Fresh squeezed Tangerine Juice..(approximately 1 cup) 4 Tangerines peeled and sectioned Fresh Rosemary (4 large sprigs) Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt or Kosher Coarse Black Ground Pepper Dash Soy Sauce (low sodium preferred) Marinate Halibut in a bowl for 1/2 - 1 hour..(make sure all fish is covered with the marinade). Directions: Heat a chef's skillet then add Olive Oil (about 4 Tablespoons) Take the Marinated fish with tongs and place gently into the preheated skillet. The skillet should be quite hot and the fish should sear nicely on both sides. It should be ready in approximately 10 minutes. After both sides are seared and a beautifully golden brown, place the skillet with fish and juice in the oven and bake @ 350 for about 10 minutes. Plate the fish and Tangerines over the top of quick fry short grain brown rice or mashed potatoes (shown in picture) and garnish the fish with a fresh sprig of Rosemary (or your favorite herb).

Fresh Fruit Cobbler

This Elegant but simple dessert will have your friends and family begging for more!! The fragrant juicy peaches and zest from the lemon make an unbeatable.. fresh combination and the Balsamic glaze drizzle gives an earthy depth of flavor! Ingredients For the filling: 5 large ripe peaches, pitted and cut into chunks 1 lemon, zested and juiced 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1/4 cup tightly packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch Kosher Salt For the topping: 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup sugar 1 1/4 stick cold unsalted butter, cut into pea sized pieces 1/2 cup sliced almonds Pinch kosher salt 1 to 2 tablespoons cold water Special equipment: 6 (6-ounce) ramekins Directions Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. For the filling: Toss the peaches in a large bowl with the zest and lemon juice.

Add the rest of the ingredients and stir to combine. Divide the filling evenly between the ramekins. For the topping: Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor except the water. Pulse until combined, this will take about 30 seconds. Add water, 1 tablespoon at a time until mixture is clumpy but crumbly. Top each ramekin with the topping. Be sure to loosely sprinkle the topping and not pack it down. The idea is to look very crumbly. Place the ramekins on a sheet tray and bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the filling is hot and bubbly and the topping, brown and crispy. **If desired serve in ramekins or spoon out into a nice large bowl with wide a large rimmed soup bowl as in photo. Top with your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream and drizzle Balsamic Glaze and a slice of fresh white peach or plum on top.

He Said, She


Photos by Lisa K. Miller

Are men really from Mars and Women from Venus, as author Dr. John Gray states in his bestselling book? Do men and women really see things that differently? If given the same question could their answers really be so different? At San Diego Woman we wanted to explore the differences between "them" and "us". Read this month's installment and find out how the sexes differ when it comes to communicating with each other. What topics would you like to see us duke it out over in upcoming issues? No topic is off limits, so write me at I can't wait to hear from you!

While it is true that men and women are different in many ways, there is one way in which they are alike. We all crave love, look for relationships and hope for the “Happily Ever After.” Perhaps the difference is in our approach and expectations. When Bob originally suggested this He Said/She Said column, I jumped at the idea, as much for our readers as for my own interest. Decades of dealing with men; male friends, male relatives, and male children, made me often wonder if we even spoke the same language. One of the first times I realized this was on my way out of town on a business trip, when I carefully listened to the authoritative male voice with a dreaded list of things not to do while waiting for your plane. You know the “don’t leave your bag unattended, don’t accept packages from strangers and don’t bring any liquids over 3 ounces in your carry-on luggage.” This list of forbidden actions ended and not 3 minutes later the exact same announcement was made only this time the strong authoritative voice was that of a woman. So apparently this indicates that it is true, men and women do speak different languages. All of these bits of information that I have learned over the years in this column have made me a bit more prepared to deal with the men in my life. I will also let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell Bob. I always made him go first since, as he will attest, women always want to have the last word, Sorry Bob. So here we are at a crossroads and it is time for our readers to tell us what it is they want to read about. So please email me at and share your suggestions. Nothing is taboo, and I might even go first the next time and allow Bob to have the last word.

San Diego

Men are…different! Women are complicated. What was yes this morning is no at dinner. The word ‘maybe’ never means ‘possibly,’ it usually means No. Time has no meaning – it is a point of reference. ‘Where’ is not a place (except Nordies), but something mystical that could possibly exist but hasn’t been found, yet. Men dress according to what they like, not always what is appropriate or…clean. Women dress for women, or men, or both, or…? Women can challenge men on their attire but men can never – and I mean never – question a woman. Men are required to answer one of the worst, most loaded questions in the universe, “Do I look fat in this?” Or any variation of it. And men are not supposed to look at (other) women and how they dress, specifically in the chest area. It doesn’t matter that so many times there is so much showing that even other women are looking. We have covered these and other man/woman issues in this column over the past three years and have always had a great deal of fun with it. The differences between us are the exact things that attract us to each other. Men are pigs but, honestly, most of us are pretty good guys. Women are (I have to watch myself here), let’s just repeat, complicated. But most of you are marvelous, surprising creatures. And we are drawn to each other for exactly those reasons. May this dance never change. However, we think that it’s time for a change. The topics we’ve covered in He Said, She Said, are interwoven and can become a bit redundant. We’re, Judith and I, proposing another fun way of looking at the male/female dynamic by having you, our readers, pose questions for us to answer. Nothing is off the table. We can make this a cross between Dear Abby and Dr. Ruth or anything in between. Work, marriage, relationships, what turns us on or off, the joys of being a couple or the horror of divorce, whatever is on your mind. We promise that there will be fireworks and a great deal of laughter.

She Said...


He Said...




with Carol

Healthsource…Breast Cancer Two years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and former 10News colleague, Bill Griffith, for an article in Palomar Health’s “HealthSource” magazine. A six-year male breast cancer survivor at the time, Bill spoke candidly about his rare experience with the devastating disease that kills 40 thousand women a year in the U.S.

Lighthearted and positive about his treatment and recovery, when I asked Bill whether he’d known that men could develop breast cancer, he gravely admitted, “I knew it was possible. I just never thought it would happen to me.” I shuddered…imagining for a brief moment being in his place. Meanwhile, in a companion article on the same page with Bill’s interview, yours truly pontificated, opined and passed along expert advice on how to avoid becoming a breast cancer statistic. “Up to a third of breast cancer cases could be avoided,” I wrote, “if women tried eating less and exercising more.” I remember feeling a bit smug as I passed along the results of a major study done by the World Health Organization: 25 to 30 percent of breast cancer cases could be avoided, according to the study, if women were thinner and exercised more. With confidence bordering on arrogance, I recall thinking surely I must be immune. I’ve exercised and eaten well for years. Breast cancer could never happen to me. A phone call from my doctor early last year shattered that notion… and my world. In a matter of seconds, I went from arrogance to gut-wrenching fear as I joined my friend, Bill Griffith as one of the more than two hundred thousand men and women diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Like Bill, I didn’t fit the profile of a breast cancer victim…or so I thought. As I’ve come to learn since my diagnosis, breast cancer doesn’t care about your “profile.” Breast cancer can happen to anyone. I received the grim diagnosis January 2, 2012. With mirror image, slow-growing tumors in both breasts, my options were few. Several weeks later I underwent double mastectomies with lymph node dissections on both sides.


In the weeks prior to surgery, I recall my emotions….alternating between calm resolve and denial. This can’t be happening, I reasoned. I have no family history of breast cancer. I’ve never smoked. I exercise and eat well. I’m healthy! I’m a health reporter, for heaven’s sake! Desperate and terrified, I cried out to God, “You must have me confused with someone else… someone who can actually do this!” Weak, scared and completely ill-equipped to face my ordeal, I prayed for strength. He came through in a mighty way. God’s strength… along with the love and support of my sweet husband, loving family, faithful friends and excellent healthcare providers …literally carried me through the toughest time in my life. As the New Year unfolds, things are getting back to normal. I’m on anti-estrogen therapy, finishing up the reconstruction process...and grateful for renewed strength to work, play, laugh and swim in La Jolla Cove! Life goes on, but some things are forever changed. Although I’m currently considered cancer-free, I’m now keenly aware there are no guarantees. And so I gratefully live one day at a time replacing my former pride and arrogance with humility and compassion. I still swim and eat lots of salmon and blueberries. But I now know that may not be enough to keep breast cancer at bay. There are many risk factors to consider and the need, more than ever, for early detection and treatment. Because when it comes to breast cancer, it doesn’t matter who you are.

A Career Quake By Glenda Batzer

Initially, it was pure shock. Not only was I shocked that my job had abruptly halted, but all the people that I interacted with and were friends with every day, were torn away from me. It is especially true when you work for a small startup; your co-workers are all in the same life raft with you. This amazing group of passionate, intelligent, funny and clever people always managed to pull together to meet our weekly and daily objectives. But now, there was no gentle parting of ways. No chance to finish paperwork, data analysis or update your scientific notebook from your last experiment.

No closure at all After about ten days, the shock wore off and I became very sad. I cried at the drop of a hat over stupid little things. Not earth shattering life events, but that I forgot to buy milk. Not an appropriate response, right? After a week or so I managed to control my sadness and get a grip.

I had found a form of acceptance I applied to quite a few positions, did phone interviews and even several face to face interviews. But there was still an element that I had not faced. It was FEAR. Fear of what was next. Fear of what that next job would look and feel like. Fear that I was not strong enough to move ahead. Fear that I was somehow damaged goods. Fear I would not have co-workers that I would be able to relate to. One day I applied for a position that was a 70% pay cut for me. When I told my husband, he looked at me and said, “You are being controlled by fear. You are intelligent, passionate and have an amazing resume and there is a great job waiting for you. STOP BEING AFRAID.” It was FEAR……..

After all that I have experienced in the past several months it occurred to me that this has been an emotional journey not unlike grief. I told you that I felt as though I had been on an un-ending roller coaster.


No More Sadness for me I was walking on the beach one day and I felt this overwhelming anger. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Why couldn’t they see the value in continuing the company? We were making progress. I was so mad. I would visit my grandchildren to divert my attention and after another week or so, the feeling of anger had dissipated.

I had no more anger I had already sent my resume out to over thirty different job postings. But as I continued to search the usual job boards online and through networking with peers, I began to realize I now felt nothing. It was as though the emotional part of my brain had been wiped clean.

San Diego

After experiencing this earthquake in my career I have come to realize a few things. The scope of emotions that I have felt the last few months have constantly rocketed me on an emotional rollercoaster that I thought had no end.

Yet, I felt a sense of calm. I realized that it was time to mentally move forward. I needed to take what I had learned at the last company and figure out how to apply it at the next, so that nothing was wasted.


I recently lost my job at a research startup biotechnology company. If you have any friends or family that work in non-academic scientific jobs, they will tell you that this is not an unusual occurrence. I have been incredibly lucky in that after many years in the field, it was my very first job loss.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe what Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. It is true. I feel stronger every day. I am happy to report that I have accepted a position at a medium sized company. I have stayed in contact with all of those amazing, passionate, intelligent, funny and clever people from my previous job and will continue to do so forever. I would like to dedicate this article to those 27 wonderful people I had the pleasure to work with for the last 39 months. Thank you and I will always hold a special place in my heart for each one of you.


What is “The Cloud” By Bill Edmett

The definition of the Cloud has been evolving, and has become a trendy cliché, but at this point in time it seems that many experts agree that Cloud Computing simply means “renting” the use of hardware or software that exists somewhere else, and is maintained by someone else, leaving you free of the worry about technical maintenance and enabling you to focus on your business. The concept is not new and my research indicates that the idea has been around since the 1950s. I’ll try to demystify the concept and help you as a business person to begin a decision process. “The Cloud” is not someplace in the sky, or some kind of byte heaven. Although I have to say, it seems to me that some computer technicians seem to enjoy the idea that the whole thing is mystifying to the rest of us. I’ve sat in on meetings with clients and technicians, when a client will typically ask, “Where will my computers and software reside?” And a technician will say, “They’ll be on the cloud.” As if that really answered the question. The cloud is just a stylized drawing shape that designers like to use. They could have simply drawn a box but they seem to like the cloud shape. Inside the cloud shape, a designer will draw all the computers and software that you’ll use, but only the hardware and software that you rent or subscribe to will be accessible. But everything in the cloud drawing will simply exist in a building somewhere. And who cares where? And it will all be maintained by an expert (hopefully) so you won’t need to worry about it. You’ll use it, talk to it, input and retrieve data from it, typically by using your own local computer browser or a low cost light-duty computer which is frequently referred to as a “thin client” because it’s a smaller computer with fewer capabilities. So with your own inexpensive laptop, desktop or maybe even

a mobile phone, you’ll have access to all the costly computer power that exists somewhere else, in the cloud. If you use on-line banking, reviewing your bank accounts, paying bills or transferring money from here to there, you’ve experienced cloud computing. When you visit a bank teller who looks at your account, the teller is probably using cloud computing, because the computers and software probably exist in some other location. Now what does this mean for you as a business person who needs hardware and software for your business? For example, you need costly finance and accounting software and an expensive computer. And you need to plan for growth, as in when you’ll need a bigger and faster machine and more licenses for the software. You’ll need to plan for backing up your data, and to manage a hardware failure, so that repairs or part replacements can be handled quickly with little or no down-time. A good place to start is by surfing the Internet, searching the term “Cloud Computing” or “Cloud Hosting” or simply “Hosting”. You’ll find a large selection of companies, Cloud Providers that will be happy to discuss your current and potential future requirements. It’s common to find several Cloud Providers that will guide you in the selection of an economical starting plan that will also allow for growth. There are several component services to Cloud Computing and the following is a brief explanation of some of the components. Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Network as a service (NaaS) and Storage as a service (STaaS):

Financial Considerations: Each application is radically different and should be researched and analyzed. But generally, the costs will be less than purchasing hardware and software licenses, especially when setup and maintenance costs are factored in. With most Cloud applications, one could consider the concept similar to a utility, in that a business person will only pay for what is actually utilized and the entire expense can be stopped or eliminated when no longer needed. Capitalization and depreciation is also a factor to consider and could be similar to leasing any business equipment versus an outright purchase. Cloud Computing can be a good way to handle computer needs for small, medium and large companies. My research indicates that there are thousands of small and start-up business that elected to go with the Cloud, mainly to keep start-up costs low. Yet, with growth, many tend to stay with it because it’s more economical to expand. My research also indicates that many Fortune 500 CEOs are happy with their decisions to utilize the Cloud. So in conclusion, why go with the Cloud? There will likely be lower hardware and software costs, lower setup and maintenance costs and you can save on utilities. As newer software releases are produced, most Cloud providers will provide the upgrades, and they typically have the most capable versions of software and site licenses, so they'll also have access to features at much lower costs than you’d be able to get with any outright purchases.

By Lee Tucker

A friend recently assured me that I am too old to elicit lust from a man—not that any happily married, morally upright woman would be an intentional temptress or want to elicit anything illicit from anyone. The context of my friend’s remark was (I think) supposed to be heartening—like the up-side of being elderly, the desistance of an inconvenience. I’m 69 (but people tell me I don’t look a day over 68 ½), and admittedly well past the age of flaunting or flirting. Still, there is something terminally sad about accepting that even if I tried, I couldn’t quicken a man’s pulse. I do admit there is not one square inch of firm flesh left anywhere on my body. My skin has gone wrinkly, crepe-y and saggy at a rate that can be visibly tracked on a daily basis. I see no positive spin on these facts. I bruise easily, heal slowly and my skin has gotten so thin I’m afraid to exfoliate. There are so many things people just don’t tell you about aging. For instance, in my youth I had heard people say that old women become butt-less. Little did I know—until the disappointing personal experience—that you don’t lose your butt, your waist just thickens up and you start looking more like a sausage than an hourglass. We won’t even talk about wings and wattles—did my friend really think I see myself as a fem fatale? I try to be presentable, but on the inconspicuous side. Neutrals are my go-to colors. I sort of have a signature style, but no one would say I’m haute—nor hot either apparently. I do own a few designer labels, but I bought them all on the sale racks at consignment shops. I concede that I have entered the Metamucil era of life—and the statin era, the 81mg aspirin era, the omeprazole era, and the glucosamine era. I have enough pills to start a small pharmacy, but I never make it a topic of conversation (of course, here I am writing it for publication). I have no estrogen, no collagen and no illusion that I occupy the daydreams of elderly men. But I’m relatively alert and I wear cute shoes. I also practice good oral hygiene, I still shave my legs and I try to smell nice. Unless and until the happy eventuality that I might afford a skin peel, a face lift and liposuction, this is the best I can do with what I’ve got left.

San Diego

Software as a Service (SaaS): This is basically a software application that resides on a Cloud based computer. Examples would be applications to manage finance and accounting, inventory control, supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM). SaaS enables a business person to subscribe to the use of the software without actually purchasing the software and installing it at much higher cost.



Each of these services basically refers to renting space on one or more computers that reside on the Cloud. These services enable a business person to utilize all or part of computers that will be maintained by experienced technicians, and at a lower cost compared to purchasing the hardware outright.



Fa b u l o u s Fi n d s Look Young Again!

Senté Dermal Repair Cream is a hypoallergenic and fragrance free dermal repair cream, ideal for twice daily use on all skin types. The product can be used on the face, hands and neck. The break though proprietary formula in Senté Dermal Repair Cream, utilizes a patent pending low molecular weight heparan sulfate, the most biologically active of all the glycoproteins that reside in the skin. This key ingredient helps the body replenish the essential skin building blocks that are lost through aging and UV exposure. Try it today and find a visible reduction in fine lines, redness, irritation, and dry skin. It is also ideal to soothe and calm the skin after cosmetic procedures and injectables. Senté is also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Put it on in the morning and follow your usual makeup routine and then again in the evening before bed to see the increased benefit to the look and feel of your skin.


Are you Lonely?

We came upon a very interesting website, that we felt our readers may have interest in learning about. In a town like ours, there are often women who come to town with their military spouses. Knowing how lonely this can be, a site came to our attention which seems to help ease the loneliness. The site is called this is a site that helps women connect for platonic friendships with other women. Not unlike a dating site, you join by listing all of your interests, favorite movies, hobbies, favorite songs, common lifestyles etc. After filing out the necessary information you are posted on the site and they will match you with people of similar interests and lifestyles. If you find a possible new friend, you simply send them a virtual cup of coffee. If they agree then you can meet in person and begin a new friendship. So for those out there who are feeling lonely, or have moved to a new town and are tired of being alone, give this site a try, and before you know it you could be having a real cup of coffee with your new bestfriend.

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For more information contact Senté at Senté, Inc. Rancho Santa Fe Plaza 162 South Rancho Santa Fe Road, Suite F50 Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 753-5400


The San Diego North Chamber of Commerce announced this week that Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers and Sharp Health Plan will be the title partners for the 2013 San Diego Women’s Week. San Diego Women’s Week will inspire, empower, and connect women in the San Diego region. It is a week of celebration, inspiration, health and wellness. The weeklong event from March 11 to 15 will provide inspirational speakers, forward-looking forums, and unique opportunities for the women who attend. On Thursday, March 14, Sharp Rees-Stealy will host an evening of health and wellness at Sharp Rees-Stealy Sorrento Mesa located at 10243 Genetic Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. This year’s conference will feature Spiritual Leader, Deepak Chopra, as a keynote speaker on Friday, March 15. For more information contact:San Diego North Chamber of Commerce at (858) 487-1767or visit

Indulge Your Pet!

A great new store has opened in the Poway area that anyone who owns a pet must visit! It is not just a pet store, but offers so much more. As with most pet stores they offer pet food, treats and accessories. But at Lily & Toto’s Pet Boutique they also offer trendy designer apparel and handmade pet furniture. As if this wasn’t enough, this unique boutique also has a photography area, where you can have portraits done of you and your favorite four legged friend. In addition,

doggie daycare is available if you want to keep your pet happy while you go to work or run errands. A children’s area is also available so they can play while you leisurely stroll through the boutique picking one-of-a-kind items for your beloved pet. Lily & Toto’s is located in the Oak Knoll Plaza shopping center, on the corner of Oak Knoll Road and Poway Road. Lily & Toto’s Pet Boutique 12245 B Poway Road Poway, CA 92064 (858) 486-3633


Woman of Distinction

Women of the War Effort, the Unsung Heroes By Colleen Humfreville Marguerite Higgins was described by other reporters and onlookers as an “Alice in Wonderland” look-a-like: With blonde hair and blue eyes, she was an unlikely candidate for being a reporter, especially a war correspondent.. During WWII Higgins was one of many women who were questioned regarding their ambitions because of their gender, their stereotypes being as women of the home front and not the front lines; preconceptions particularly dominant in the 20s, and 30s, In fact, in the 20s when women first started making their debut on the society pages of numerous newspaper syndicates, their domain was referred to as the “Hen Coop,” – a nickname that needs little explanation. At times, other reporters were even sent by the city editor as a type of punishment. When it came to researching these women (who went against the expectations of their time) most of the material was written by men; who were outside the realm of what women would have experienced at the time. Isn’t that adding its own biased perspective on the material, its own narrowing lens? One thing is clear, women made great strides during WWII. With men leaving home and work to fight for their country on the front lines, women soon had the opportunity to take their places –with the realization that these jobs would probably be lost once the men returned. With such a shortage, they filled the demand that manufacturing plants, other industries, newspapers, and even the army required. Things still had to be taken care of, and the need for more hands had to be met. The particular focus for my own research was on newspaper women of WWII, specifically Marguerite Higgins. The story is the same everywhere: Higgins, and women like her, was fighting to

create a public space for themselves that had yet to be carved out of the male-dominated society. What I realized along the way was that there were numerous sources on the strides women made during the war. However, what is soon lost in the literature is everything they did in the context of the job itself. Unfortunately most sources utilize a lens that puts more emphasis on their gender than their individual accomplishments. Isn’t this perspective limiting in itself? Are there actions that have gone unnoted, unmarked by historical records? Marguerite Higgins was able to capture stories that no one else managed to get. What is underplayed, though, is that she had more published articles during WWII that any other reporter. She was the only certified female war correspondent (out of 131 reporters) in Korea. She received an award from the New York Newspaper ‘Women’s Club’ as the best foreign correspondence of 1945 for her coverage of the liberation of Dachau. The list goes on. The best sources, then, are those that not only acknowledge the increased difficulties for women in participating in these new opportunities, but also go beyond the scope of gender taking note of all of these women’s accomplishments. One of Higgins’ fellow correspondents once said of her, “The front line is no place for a woman, but it’s all right for Maggie Higgins,” and other women like her. Her gender did not stand in her way.

LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation: a passion for funding exceptional programs By Judith A. Habert

LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation, was founded in 2005 with the thoughtful support of individuals and families touched by the care they had received at LightBridge Hospice; people commit-

A patient wished to attend her beloved granddaughter’s wedding but she was physically unable to shop for the special occasion. A LightBridge volunteer purchased several dresses and brought them to the patient, allowing her to choose the dress she liked best. A hair stylist travelled to the patient and created a beautiful hairdo for her. The patient enjoyed the wedding in style! The funds for the dress and hair appointment were provided by the Foundation. A LightBridge volunteer learned that a patient wished to leave a living legacy of his drawings. The Foundation funded the art supplies which allowed the patient and volunteer to create a beautiful portfolio of the patient’s art. The volunteer then entered the portfolio in a program that displays it in multiple cities around the country and it will be permanently displayed at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Coming Soon!

The Foundation purchased a vest for new pet therapy dog “Gracie,” a Rhodesian ridgeback who visits the Veteran’s Home of Chula Vista weekly and provides heart-lifting Our New Estate Jewelry companionship to patients throughout San Diego County.


ted to making a difference in the lives of others. The Foundation has grown steadily in a little over five years and has provided a wide variety of specialized programs that enhance peace of mind, dignity and comfort for people facing their end of life journey. They include Simple Gifts (grants for end of life wishes), Integrative therapies (Music Therapy, Aromatherapy, Pet Therapy and Healing Touch™) and Jewish Hospice Program Fund. “We attribute our growth to many remarkable people including our very dedicated Board of Directors,” said Jill Mendlen, Chairman of the Board. “They have personally witnessed the outstanding work of our staff and volunteers at LightBridge Hospice as they have cared for their loved ones. Their commitment to the Foundation is a beautiful tribute to their families and a most meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of others.” “Most recently, we added an Advisory Council, many of whom are volunteers at LightBridge Hospice. So they too support the meaning of hospice care and the need for the important programs provided by Foundation. We feel very fortunate that our leadership believes in our work wholeheartedly. With their expertise and dedication, we are ensured continued growth and the gift of providing even more programs for so many facing their end-of-life journey.” The money raised by the Foundation, helps fund programs that bring added peace and comfort to patients and families. Here are just a few stories from recent LBHCF grant recipients:

“Lights of LightBridge” is currently in development for launch this spring. The idea behind the inaugural fundraiser is to radiate light in honor, memory or celebration of individuals or family members touched by LightBridge Hospice and the mission of the Foundation. In the fall, the 5th Annual Remembrance Walk will take place in San Diego. Additional events will take place in 2013 as LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

San Diego

As LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation moves forward, a variety of fundraisers are planned to help further its mission to fund exceptional programs that enhance the end of life journey for patients and their families throughout San Diego.


LightBridge Hospice, LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation and Coco’s Restaurants partnered to create Located Adjacent to our Operation Pumpkin Pie; funding Thanksgiving feasts for Location. several patients without familiesCurrent or the financial means to have a special holiday gathering. The meals were delivered by devoted volunteers to homes and facilities throughout San Diego on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’d like to learn more or to make a donation to any of these worthwhile programs, please call (858) 458-2992, or email Ways to make a difference include participating in special events, attending educational programs, giving to patient care programs, volunteering or granting an end-oflife wish.



Woman San Diego

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Looking For Love?

To interact with a person you must first be aware of them. You must be conscious of where they are, where they are going, and what they are doing. This information allows people to interact physically in many ways, such as shaking hands or walking together. Similarly, awareness allows people to interact verbally and visually. Everything you do requires awareness to perceive the environment, then additional awareness to control your actions. Many people do not realize how valuable awareness is to a relationship and they often waste their attention on things of low value. For instance, going to the movies, a sports event, or getting intoxicated at a party are poor choices if you want to get to know a person or improve your relationship. Movies are the socially accepted date night activity; and I am not saying movies are all bad; but if you really want to make some progress, if you really want to build your relationship, you need to maximize your awareness of the person. Better choices are a trip to the skating rink, an entertaining game for two that allows side discussions, or for extra credit – help the person with one of their projects. A one-on-one activity is focused, providing maximum awareness of the person. You cannot go wrong with awareness, use it, and let it work its magic. By the way, visiting a coffee shop after the movies is an excellent choice. Increase your knowledge of the person When you first meet someone, you start saving all sorts of data, such as the color of a person’s eyes, their telephone number, and complex information, such as their goals in life. All this data adds up to knowledge about the person. To illustrate the importance of knowledge I will use an anecdote. Let us say you are walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day and all of a sudden, a handsome man appears before you. With a sparkle in his eyes and the most charming smile you have ever seen, he stutters, “I ... I think love you.” Now “love at first sight” is great theater and very dramatic; and you should be just as gracious and charming in return; but in the back of your mind,

Increase your understanding of the person If you understand a person, you are able to predict how they are going to respond to events. Understanding is extremely important. Without it, you may say the wrong thing and insult them, intrude in an area they consider as private and personal, or just be afraid to interact in a meaningful way. Once you achieve a high level of understanding, you will know how to show respect, team up with them and work smoothly, assist them when they need your help, or ask them for assistance where you know they can contribute. To understand a person you must first have a significant amount of knowledge of the person. Then you must analyze all the information so that you have a good idea of how the person will react to different situations. The greater the accuracy of your predictions, the greater your understanding. Understanding supports all the higher steps of the pyramid, or shuts them down if it is deficient. If you are in a relationship, and your partner’s understanding of you seems to be stuck, you should know that the higher steps must also be stuck. What do you do? Get angry and storm off? That will not resolve the problem. Remember, the steps below understanding are its primary source. Help your partner to increase awareness and knowledge about you, and understanding is sure to follow. In addition, increase your awareness, knowledge, and understanding of your partner; then, you can assist your partner. You may discover that sometimes you need to lead in this relationship. Do you want additional insights about love? We have only covered the first three steps of the pyramid to love – awareness, knowledge, and understanding. The next steps are essential for your success with relationships. Look for announcements of future articles and for the release of my comprehensive book, Pyramid to Love, on the website:

San Diego

Increase your awareness of the person

you had better pull up a picture of the pyramid to love. Your thinking may go like this. “Hmmm – now let’s see – if we just met, that means he doesn’t know anything about me – which means he doesn’t understand me – and all those higher steps on the pyramid to love are at zero. That means he does not really love me – and I do not really love him for all the same reasons. I better be cautious and find a charming way to introduce some sensibility into this encounter.” This little story demonstrates how to use the pyramid to love. You evaluate the condition of each step of the pyramid. If you find a step that is deficient or missing, then you know that the steps higher up suffer from the same condition. In addition, to correct a weakness, strengthen the lower steps.


Love is a complex human relationship that few people understand, resulting in frequent mistakes. If you are looking for love, have just started a relationship, or want to enhance a mature relationship; you need powerful tools to take charge of your love. This column and future columns describe new concepts about the inner workings of love, plus essential techniques for avoiding mistakes. Love is an activity, a process composed of actions for creating love, keeping it alive, and encouraging it to grow. In addition, it is a step process, where each step is a prerequisite for the next. The diagram below (Pyramid to Love) illustrates the lower steps supporting the higher ones. To explain the pyramid I shall start at the beginning, at the step that supports all others: “Awareness.”

By Don Tipon



A guide for family, friends and loved ones in preparing for the effects of the growing elder population …a Public Service from “Those Who Care”

Overmedication of Our Elderly Polypharmacy is the term that is used to define the administration of more medications than are clinically indicated for an individual. "30% of all prescriptions and 50% of all over-the-counter medications are consumed by the elderly. One third of all prescription related deaths occur in the elderly and 20% of all hospital admissions for elderly patients are due to medication-related problems." -Resources for Seniors, February 27, 2007 Clearly, the over medication of our seniors is a serious problem, and one that demands all of us to scrutinize how our care recipients are handled by their doctors and their families (with regard to their medications). Andrew Duxbury, M.D., a geriatric medicine specialist at UAB, notes, "Adverse reactions to medications represent the number-one health problem facing the elderly today." There are numerous reasons for the wide-spread phenomenon, including: • Metabolisms change: As we age, our bodies' metabolisms often change; such as elders' absorption rates slow, medications may stay in the body longer causing higher risks of toxicity. • Overmedication: This tends to lead to greater drug interaction and increased side effects (i.e., dry mouth, dizziness, falls, depression, etc.). • Noncompliance of medications: Elders not taking their meds as prescribed, possibly leading to forgetfulness, confusion, and side effects. • Falls: 10% of all visits to the hospital emergency room are related to falls. Solutions to overmedication are out there - it is a matter of implementing those solutions. Here are some of the more recognizable solutions: • Brown Bag Visits: Have an annual doctor's visit to review all your senior's medications, including both prescription and over-thecounter. (This can also be done with the local pharmacists as

well - this serves as a good double-check • Doctor Review: Gently remind the elder's physician that not every side effect is simply due to old age - some may be due to overmedications or the interaction of certain medications. • Research the Medications: Most medication research is performed on adults under the age of 65. Seek out studies related to the medications taken by your elder that focused on the over 65 age group. • "Main Brain": Dr. Duxbury suggests using one central person as the gate-keeper for the review of your elder's medications - less confusion, less conflict. • Natural Medications: We live in a Westernized medical culture, yet more and more physicians are beginning to see the value of Eastern medicine - look to see what more "natural" remedies are available. • Simplicity is Key: Keep drug medications simple and routines easy to follow. Make written instructions size appropriate and verbal instruction easy to remember. The over medication of our elderly is a national crisis. When I worked at Villa St. Michael's in Baltimore (a 250 bed nursing home), the main focus of the attending physician was to reduce the average number of medications taken by a resident from eleven down to five. It took a few years to reach that goal, but the results were noticed by staff, family and, most importantly, by the residents. Some cultural habits are not positive - over medicating our elderly is one of those negative results of the medical culture in this country. With your help and diligence - the increased education of our clients and care recipients, and continuing to ask the right questions of our elder's physicians -- we can reduce the dependence of our elders on medications and become a healthier population. Informational source: (Over) Medicating the Elderly: The Need for a "Main Brain", Stanley Holditch, UAB Publications, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama.

Thomas Jefferson

Chic CEO also runs San Diego SAVVY; a social networking group for women under the 6 Degrees ( umbrella. San Diego Woman would like to applaud Chic-Ceo for all they are doing to help the Women of San Diego fulfill their dreams of Entrepreneurial Success. For information about all of the free tools available visit them at or for more information on their new monthly membership programs check them out at www.

San Diego

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far. -

While getting her MBA, Stephanie Burns discovered there was no online web site where women could find the business knowledge they required to start a business. Since not every woman has the time or money to obtain an MBA, Stephanie knew that she needed to fill the gap in the market. So in 2010 she decided to start www.chic-ceo. com. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder Stephanie has managed to help thousands of women achieve their dreams. This site is a free web resource for female entrepreneurs and in 2011 received the honor of being named as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women and one of the top 100 Websites for Women by Their recent introduction of their Chic Siren program makes life even easier for women business owners. It is their new yearly membership program which is enabling members to take their businesses to the next level. This new program caters to both existing business owners, and those still in the development stage. It is affordable for all women and is divided into three levels. * Level one at $9.00 a month allows you to access their Chic CEO Download Center full of templates including Business Plans, Operating Agreements, Guides and so much more. Their shared learning center allows you to peek into the business of other Chic Sirens and learn from their experiences. * The next level up is $19.00 per month and provides all of the above mentioned items as well as access to Chicworks, their robust sales and marketing software and their huge marketing resource guide. * The top level membership is $55.00 per month and includes all of the above in addition to Monthly Strategy Calls with Move the Fire, Monthly interview series with top Business Women, Potential Guest Blog Opportunities and Brainstorming calls with the company CEO, Stephanie Burns and Chief Marketing Officer, Jody Coughlin.


Are You a Chic Siren?




Photography by Lisa K Miller San Diego's second Fashion Week was held in October and showcased local designers which enabled attendees to interact with industry professionals. Allison Andrews, FWSD's producer is the mastermind behind this event. She has a degree in Fashion Merchandising from FIDM and a degree in Organizational Leadership from National University. She also is at the head of her company, APA Business Consulting Inc. based out of San Diego. The events of the week started off with a mixer at Roppongi Restaurant in La Jolla where the chosen 12 designers mingled with spectators and press. The second event, held at the W Hotel in Downtown was visually stimulating and explored the art and beauty behind fashion. Next came an industry professional evening which FIDM hosted on their new Downtown campus. The evening featured an interactive discussion that explored the state of local retailing, manufacturing and trend spotting influences in San Diego. The next was a preview event which allowed the designers to show one piece from their collection. The setting allowed for discussion and interaction between the designers and spectators. Fashion Week reached an exciting climax with the runway shows at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego. More than twenty-five hundred Audience members, buyers and press were able to score designers on wearability, creativity and overall production via smart phone. Kenneth Barlis, the designer with the highest score was awarded with a business package to help launch his line. The first runner up was Jessica Faulkner and the second runner up was Dos Caras Swimwear. Fashion Week came to a close with a private shopping event held at the Hard Rock Hotel where buyers had the opportunity to add local designers' work to their wardrobes. The runway event was highly entertaining with an outstanding display of collections created by the 12 accomplished San Diego designers. Most notably, Jessica Faulkner's sportswear line was impressive as it was completely wearable for the San Diego woman; a very fashionable collection. Dos Caras swim and resort wear dazzled the audience as the models took to the runway dressed in sexy bikinis and seductive loungewear. Love is a Devil presented its jewelry collection on models who wore nude leotards with fishnet stockings. The jewelry popped on the model's blank canvases. Kenneth Barlis presented a whimsical collection of eveningwear, which was suitable for any red carpet event. Impressive details and impeccable tailoring were trademarks of Kenneth's formal wear. Andre Soriano's glamorous eveningwear and presentation of his collection was the grand finale of the show. His collection commanded attention as his models were dressed in classic couture quality gowns suited for Hollywood's most chic

Fashion Week San Diego celebrity. During the intermission of the Runway Shows, DJ Violinist ‘Spags’ wowed the crowd with a unique and artful electric violin performance. Spags took to the stage dressed in a cropped black leather and lace dress with knee high boots. As she performed on the runway she commanded the audience's attention by playing her ultra modern, exceptionally small electric violin. Her passion lit up the room. Two male dancers performed along side her to add to her theatrical performance. Spags wildly entertained the crowd. Fashion Week San Diego was a delightfully interactive event that cast a bright spotlight on our city’s emerging and talented fashion designers. Allison Andrews is looking forward to bringing this wonderful event to San Diego for many more years to come. Fashion Week San Diego is already being planned for 2013.

Big Sur adventure By Robin Dohrn-Simpson

California has many natural treasures that will take your breath away, but one of my personal favorites is the Big Sur Highway. This California Scenic Highway stretches 125 miles (200 km) from Cambria in the south to Monterey in the North. The scenic two-lane road winds along the dramatic Santa Lucia

2.) Jade Beach is the halfway mark of Highway 1. There is a parking lot and a not too rugged path down to the beach. On the beach there are two bays, plenty of sand and a great spot to surf and hunt for green jade rocks. Are they real jade? I’m not sure, but they look like it: Very shiny and green, with white veins running through them. Just be careful of the poison oak. We weren’t. 3.) Maybe the most photographed waterfall in Big Sur is at the Julia Pfeiffer State Park. A short walk from the main road opens up to a calm, thin, waterfall that spills directly into a protected bay. The water in bright turquoise,and the sand is pristine. 4.) Nepenthe Restaurant hovers over the Pacific Ocean with a spectacular 50-mile ocean view. The Fassett family, who has owned the restaurant for almost 50 years, felt they couldn’t keep the view to themselves and needed to share it with everyone. They hired an architect (who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright) and built an angular restaurant that is surrounded by windows and patios filled with tables facing the ocean. Inside and out there are giant fireplaces that have served as a meeting space to talk and warm up with a drink. Next door to the restaurant is The Phoenix Shop featuring merchandise from both local and international artisans.

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5.) Art galleries and artist communities. The juxtaposition of the ruggedness of nature and the sensuality of art is intriguing and compelling. It is virtually impossible not to feel your creative juices flowing amidst this beauty. Big Sur is populated with artists, many living in houses precariously perched on oceanfront properties. You can browse through myriad galleries, attend

Mountains that spill from their peak to the ocean. Much of the shoreline is rugged with no harbors, while other areas offer sparkling white sand beaches, with waterfalls that flow into the sea. In springtime, the Big Sur roadway dazzles with a rainbow of wildflowers. Summer shows how California got its nickname, The Golden State; the golden mountains are dotted with green forests of pine and redwoods.


This is a road convertibles were made for. There is nothing like the fresh ocean air against your skin, the smell of redwoods, and the 360 degree view. However you choose to enjoy the scenery, make lots of stops, take photos, smell the roses, take a hike, get a cup of coffee, surf, or walk along the beach looking for shells or jade. My top 5 favorite highlights along the highway are: 1.) The thousands of elephant seals who rest on rugged Piedras Beach to the west of Hearst Castle in San Simeon. You can get out of your car and walk around, talk to a docent and experience huge mammals. Many form colonies and stay for a few months each year. They give birth, breed, and allow their offspring to grow large and strong enough to continue their trek up to Alaska or out to sea. While on shore they also molt, shedding an entire layer of epidermis with hair and all.

retreats, meditate or practice some yoga in this energy rich haven. Every experience on the Big Sur Highway is different. I love to be open to whatever presents itself. Well, except for road closures. Just today a eucalyptus tree fell across the highway and stopped traffic for hours. You never know what’s going to happen on this rugged roadway. If you’re lucky enough to spend a few days here either in a lodge, cabin or camping, make sure to bring your camera. You never know what may cross your path. For current road conditions or to find out what’s happening, where to go, what to see, or where to stay go to:


BE A BUTTERFLY By Martha Perez

What happens when she mindfully sets fitness goals then surprisingly a result manifests in the heart never having been thoughtfully planned or expected? She discovers her true self. Was it destined?

with the light and she flies freely loving her life. She is transformed. Was it destined?

Serendipitously an opportunity arrives online for self-discovery shrouded in the familiar resolution so popular with the advent of a New Year; lose weight and exercise. She joins a boot camp and soon discovers it is not your run of the mill place. Nothing prepared her for this venue - the holistic approach, the trainer and her fellow campers all deeply impact her life. She opens her heart to all the possibilities. Was it destined? Self-discovery continues well into a second year. She has met her initial goals plus more since. Her body changed, she is the picture of health, but most importantly, her soul has awakened and feels new on the inside. She lost physical weight along with the emotional baggage that negatively impacted her quality of life. Initially, this experience felt like hitting a huge oak tree. One could think of it as bumping into the tree of life—a jolt necessary for clarity of purpose. Now, the recollection of these experiences carry a different feel to them with little memory of challenges and pain: Exactly the way it is supposed to be when becoming a new being saved and awakened by love. How surprising it was to encounter the spark of change in boot camp. She was inspired to continue her journey. Was it destined? Her life has been one of many mixed blessings. Bountiful opportunities and accomplishments have been the rule rather than the exception in her life. Most of what she sets out to do, to have, to give, manifested. Yet, something was missing. A void in her heart existed: Difficult to define or explain and to fill. Externally, observers witnessed her ‘wholeness’ and success and inaccurately applied the term “perfect life” for what they believed her to have. Self- awareness and self- love proved to be key for what was to come. She begins her metamorphosis. Was it destined? Results happened when her heart opened and surrendered to the love within; finally believing she is loved unconditionally. This was her breakthrough. This is when her life began to change. She triumphed and emerged as a beautiful butterfly --free to be herself at last. Leaving her cocoon behind and all that was weighing her down. She feels lighter: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her journey was not easy or painless. Facing oneself honestly never is. Was it worth it? A resounding Yes! Now on the other side, free and joyful her colorful wings dazzle

Living life present and in the moment with an awakened heart opens her up to experiences never envisioned. This awakening was an unplanned result yet it is as natural as the breaths she takes. She exudes life, joy and love. It was destined. Martha Perez lives in San Diego and is a client of


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I feel guilty all the time … By Soma Bhadra How often have you felt guilty for: Leaving your kid at day care? Not having enough time with family? Leaving work early? Not serving a home-cooked meal? The bills paid late, laundry not folded, dishwasher not cleared out? Guilt is a prevailing undercurrent of women’s lives, at least in the first 10-15 years of professional life with a growing family. Does it need to be this way? Why do women spend so much time consumed by this and feeling miserable? No, it is not work-life balance issue, and it is solvable. Guilt is the top effectiveness-killing emotion, an absolute waste of energy and time. We are conditioned to feel guilty since childhood, a very hard habit to break. Parents, teachers, neighbors, family, religion, all use guilt to regulate behavior. We are taught that there are strict right and wrong behavioral rules and expected to feel good and bad respectively. This conditioning is carried over to adulthood, reinforced by society every step of the way. Guilt is the perfect excuse for not changing self. When something is not working, we tend to 'pay our dues' by feeling bad about it, and then go on living. It is the easy way out. Guilt also allows us to hold others responsible, while we look for approval and pity. By feeling guilty, we feel conscientious and caring. If only there were not these extenuating circumstances forced on us by the evil world, we would have come through. Then there is the bad case of "should-have". “I should have asked for an approval.” "I should have added this to my to-do list.” “I should have started this project earlier.” Feeling guilty over what does not get done is pure misery. It is usually a long to-do list, why expect that 100% needs to be completed by the end of the day? On your to-do list, only 20% is actually important. Attend to only those items. Others will solve over time. The key skill is to identify which of those items is important. I did not say urgent, I said important. There is a big difference. 99% of what you think is urgent, is not! Clear up

your mind and thinking, spot the difference between urgent and important. Focus on the important first. Recognize the past for what it is. Write 10 things that you wish you hadn't done, and then write 10 things you wish you had done. Give yourself five points for each item that feeling bad about would really help. Your score is zero, isn't it? Practice feeling guilty: Set aside 15-20 minutes daily and think of a past event to feel bad about. Feel guilty. Beat yourself up. Pity, anger, worry, bring them all on. Then step back and see what an enormous drain of energy feeling guilty is. Why do it? List all the things you are avoiding by feeling guilty. What are you planning to do about them? You can avoid doing almost anything by feeling guilty, being lazy, lacking direction. Spend your time actually doing something about the situation rather than sitting and feeling guilty about it. Accept responsibility for the choices you make. They are yours, be it mistakes or misfortunes, own them. You have the right to be wrong sometimes, it's OK. As long as you do something about it, resolve to never repeat it, it's all right. Dissociate yourself from guilt wielders. The world is full of people who cast off their bad feelings onto others. Ignore them; throw them out of your life. They are not your friends; they are your worst enemies. Connect with people who help you construct a good life. The worst case of guilt is demonstrated by young mothers going to work leaving their child at day care, feeling miserable all day and wondering if their career is worth it. You bet it is worth it! Please do not feel guilty - it does not do anything for you or your child. Instead accept that you are human and life does not flow smoothly, and think long term. Things are going to be lopsided and messy and often - but over time, it's all going to ease out. Your kids will not curse you when they grow up. Instead they will admire you as a superwoman who went for a career while loving them as much as you could. Reading suggestion: Work Smarter Not Harder, By Jack Collis; Ambition is Not a Dirty Word by Debra Condren.

Your Partner in Caring. LightBridge Hospice provides a full complement of integrative therapies to enhance the quality of life for patients during end-of-life care, including:

Healing Touch™

A certified program using light or near-body touch to clear and balance the human energy system to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Supportive Music

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The use of essential oils which is directed by patient need and choice.



Pet Therapy


Music facilitates physical, cognitive, and emotional quality of life. Interaction with pets may lower blood pressure, ease pain or anxiety, and decrease agitation. What makes our integrative therapies unique: • The level of training for each therapy — our staff and volunteers are trained in a wide variety of therapies. • A full complement of therapies is available to the patient. • Integrative therapies are funded by the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation through private donors and families of former patients.

For more information on our Integrative Therapies, call 858.458.2992 or visit LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval


Date Night in San Diego Living in San Diego can lead some of us to default to the typical tourist attractions or Gaslamp hotspots but, there are places around San Diego where you can experience the thrill of the city, without the bore of familiarity. Change it up and visit these reader favorites for your next date night… Cinema Under The Stars, Mission Hills

At “Cinema Under The Stars” you’ll find nothing short of romance. Seated under the stars, the cool air and giant screen play blissfully off the twinkling night sky. The films vary from classics to comedies and all concessions are only $2. One of the biggest draws to this theatre is it’s movie selection, as seeing classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Graduate is a rarity at larger Cineplex’s. You buy tickets ahead of time at the box office for around $15 each and have the option to reserve yourself a “zero-gravity” seat for extra comfort. Along with these reclining seats, come cozy blankets which are perfect for snuggling up close to your sweetheart. But a word to the wise, get there early because sell-outs are frequent. Visit for more information .

Tavern & Bowl, Escondido

If you are looking for a more casual outing, may we suggest Tavern & Bowl in Escondido, California? This location of the popular chain is inside a reader favorite shopping center, Westfield North County Fair Mall. The restaurant and bowling alley has a myriad of televisions set to San Diego team games and guy-favorites like ESPN and SPIKE. Featuring a great selection of beers on tap, and an edgy décor, the cozy booths make you feel that you are at home but just a hipper, sexier home. After a great burger, fries, and a miller light, try your luck on the lanes. Fun is required- bowling shirt, optional. Visit for more information.

Humphrey’s Restaurant, Shelter Island

Ready to class it up but don’t want to have to mortgage your house to do it? Visit Humphrey’s Restaurant for Sunday Brunch. Priced at only $39.95 for adults, you can enjoy a delicious endless meal alongside free-flowing champagne. The picture-perfect views of the water make for a beautiful background to your romantic afternoon. During the holidays, they have special brunches with unique food choices and festivities. Brunch is served from 10 am to 2 pm and reservations are suggested. Visit for more information.

San Diego

Madhouse Comedy Club may be in the middle of all the action downtown but, it definitely doesn’t feel like it. Located in the Horton Plaza Mall next to Nordstrom’s, Madhouse features some of the biggest comedy acts in the country, as well as local talent during the week. With a menu of such delicious treats as “garlic infused tater-tots” and “pulled pork sliders” you will hardly believe you are here for the jokes. Tickets start at $10 and even major acts typically go for around $20, so you aren’t about to break the bank on your night out. Get there early because seating is first come first serve. Visit for more information.


Madhouse Comedy Club, Horton Plaza

Solid Rock Gym, San Marcos

Are you in the mood for a group date? Get together with a few friends and their significant others and go rock climbing! Solid Rock Gym offers group deals at $13 each which come with 2 hours of climb time, harnesses, climb shoes, a personal instructor to teach you the basics, and a ½ hour use of their party area. Bring a few pizzas or order catering and make a night of it! The gym has locations in Poway, San Marcos, and Old Town and requires reservations for group events. Don’t feel like a crowd? Make it just the two of you and go from wall to wall challenging each other. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time and get a great work out without even realizing it. Visit for more information .

San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours, La Jolla

I know what you are thinking- “this is the quintessential tourist attraction”- but you are wrong, kind of. While San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours does service a great deal of out-of-town customers, it also offers more diverse tours than the typical landmark ones. If your significant other is not easily spooked, we highly recommend the “Swim with the Sharks” tour. Available only during April to November, this tour features 2 ½ hours of dive time where you can get up close and personal with leopard sharks, stingrays, and rockfish. It also includes a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, and all kayak equipment. Priced at around $34 a person, you won’t find a better deal. Visit for more information.



I’ll be in a meeting all morning By Rob Weinberg

In today’s marketplace, sales leads come from many different directions including websites, publicity, newsletters, text campaigns and the like. The phone remains one of the first lines of defense for any firm, providing instant mental pictures of the organization and oftentimes the caller’s first – or only - impression of the product or service provider. This means every company must maintain a professional image or they’re in trouble. As a marketing professional, I’m always looking for examples of communications that really stand out. Employees using potty talk at work is TOPS on my list of bad communications strategies. It happens weekly: I call a business contact and am told “He’s in the bathroom. Can you call back?” This very personal information has nothing to do with my reason for calling, yet I’m subjected to it…and disgusted. When I finally reach Mr. Jones I have that image of him stuck in my mind. Can I ever again view him professionally? Yes, I know everyone uses the bathroom. But what if you walked into Staples and saw the manager sitting on the toilet by the entrance? No doubt you’d turn around and never shop there again. This may be the exact impression your business is giving YOUR customers. Perhaps I’m hyper-sensitive, but whether my party’s having lunch or doing his business is NONE of my business. Sharing his exact location at every moment does nothing to engender better business relations. Since the goal of any business is to increase sales, it’s smarter to instead put your best foot forward with a positive image like “He’s in a meeting”. Or offer “He’s not available – may I help you?” The objective – covering for Mr. Jones – is accomplished…only without the icky part. Inadequate employee training is guaranteed to lead to bad communications, poor implementation, and lost sales every time. Many companies shortchange employee training with the mistaken notion they’re helping profits. This causes wait staff to speak with customers like they’re good friends; telemarketers to lack basic information about their product line; and clerical staff to volunteer

information about someone doing his personal business rather than tending to company business. However, over time these negatives are guaranteed to take a toll on the all-important bottom line. The Commerce Department reports around 407,000 businesses start up annually in the US. Many of them have employees unable to communicate professionally, taking the path of least resistance by asking customers to send an email or call back, rather than bothering to take a message. No matter how you slice it, such strategies will consistently hinder a company’s professional image. And as mom always said, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression. As good communications skills become an increasingly lost art, those who can communicate well should, in theory, rise to the top of their chosen field. Those who put their best voice forward, speaking courteously and smiling when talking, will communicate best. Being polite at all times and circumspect when appropriate will encourage customers to return again and again. As you view your own communications efforts, consider this puzzle: if a business spends lots of money on coupons, publicity, and online ads to get my attention, what’s the advantage to providing me a negative image when I call? Okay, so I sound like an old poop. I’ll give you that. But if you only get one chance to make that impression, do you really want it to be of you sitting on the toilet?

My own prescription for health is less paperwork

and more running barefoot through the grass. -Terri Guillemets


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