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IN THIS ISSUE: Finding “THE ONE” {gown that is!} SPOTLIGHT ON COLOR: Green THE RIGHT BOUQUETS: by Kathy Wright & Co. DESTINATION WEDDINGS: Step by Step – part 2

PLUS: Engagement announcements How to get your photo taken { ISSUE 2012:2

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NUPTIALS san diego nup·tial [nuhp-shuhl, -chuhl] adjective 1. 2.

of or pertaining to marriage or the marriage ceremony: the nuptial day; nuptial vows. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of mating : nuptial behavior.

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L i m or K a m r y & M i ke S p i l ky July 3, 2011



CEREMONY & RECEPTION at Estancia La Jolla PHOTOGRAPHY by Tim Otto Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2



EVENT DESIGN & PLANNING: Kristin Garuba, Pink Papaya Creative Events PHOTOGRAPHY: Tim Otto Photography FLORIST: Natasha Rivera, Classic Creations LIGHTING: SWANK A/V RENTALS: A Perfect Table, Irene Gonzales MUSICIANS / BAND: Wayne Foster Entertainment CAKE: CAKE INVITATIONS & DETAILS: Pink Papaya Creative Events VIDEOGRAPHY: Jeff Roldan, Roldan Productions RABBI: Chalom Boudinah TUXEDOS: A Better Deal Designer Tuxedos MAKEUP:

Davia Matson HAIR STYLING: Cheng, Model Call Salon

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


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NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


Save time and money while enjoying fashion shows, meeting vendors, viewing, tasting and feeling out your options, to find people you can trust in putting your big day together!


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


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NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


Finding ‘The One!’ {dress that is!}

We follow our NUPTIALS “Bride of the Year” as she tries on the latest bridal gowns at Bridal Showcase in the search for her perfect dress …

Lovingly photographed by Cassie Lee Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2



NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2



NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


Tip Top


of San Diego’s most talented event designers create tablescapes in a contest of style! Voting results are in!

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2



NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


WINNER category

“Trend SeTTer”

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2

Pink Papaya Creative Events 63

WINNER category

“SUrPrISe!” Cynthia Zatkin Events

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


WINNER category

“drama qUeen” & “LOVe!” Floral Poetry

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


WINNER category “whaT brIdeS wanT!”

Wedding Elegance by Nahid

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


Hannah Mims & LJ Camp February 11, 2012

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


Ceremony & Reception at Scripps Seaside Forum Photography by Adam and Shawna Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


On December 26th, 2010, LJ, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, and San Diego based MH-60S helicopter pilot, and Hannah, a Southern Belle graduating from nursing school, from were driving to Pensacola, Florida on a trip to The Gulf Coast to visit Hannah’s family for Christmas, when they decided to take the scenic route and drive past all of the places where they used to hang out. Having fun, reminiscing on all of the great times they’d had together down at the beach, LJ suggested they park the car and walk down on an old familiar spot; a pier where they used to sit, fish, and talk for hours. As it brought back all of those sweet feelings of the summer love that had blossomed years ago, LJ suggested he take a picture to celebrate their memories. Hannah, who loves pictures, readily agreed. LJ told Hannah to face the water so he could take a picture of her. And in just a moment he said "Hannah, turn around..." Hannah turned to see LJ, down on one knee, holding out a beautiful ring, with the immensity of his love evident on his face. "Hannah this is where I fell for you, and where our love story began, I love you with all of my heart and would be honored to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2

86 Ceremony & Reception Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum Photography Studio: Adam and Shawna Photography Event Planning & Decor: Kelly Instone Florist: Natasha Rivera of Classic Creations Rentals: Elegant Chiavari Chairs DJ: Nik B of Sleeping Giant Music Catering: Continental Catering Cake-Desserts: The French Gourmet Bakery Videography: Wedding Tales

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2







NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2




Two Asian heritages inspire one beautiful wedding, as a Vietnamese bride and part Chinese groom combine their cultures in a romantic vineyard event. Event Planning by NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 97 Photograpy by

Annie and Kevin met through mutual friends and since they both loved wine tasting, they fell in love with all the beautiful amenities that Ponte Winery provided.

Annie is Vietnamese and Kevin is part Chinese so they wanted to make sure we incorporated some of each of their heritages into the wedding. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


August in wine country can get warm so white parasols for all the guests were the perfect accompaniment to the day and definitely added to the photos and ambience.

For the ceremony, the couple agreed with Wynn to stay with all white flowers across the ceremony pergola for a clean, chic look. Strings of crystals in varying heights sparkled from the pergola, catching the light to create almost as many sparks as the couples love! NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 100

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 101

Inside, different shades of purple and pink paper lanterns strung above the dance floor added a romantic and whimsical touch. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 102

Event designer Wynn Austin designed a romantic wedding for the couple. Wedding colors if soft, elegant grey with different shades of lavender and pinks made for a subdued and chic decor. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 103

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 104

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 105

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 106

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 107

To honor their families and cultures, Annie and Kevin celebrated with a traditional tea ceremony in the morning,‌ NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 108

‌then Annie changed into her Vietnamese dress to receive all of their guests and for the cutting of a beautiful traditional wedding cake. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 109

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 110

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 111

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 112 Reception Venue Photograpy : Event Planning and Design

Florist Linens, Chairs DJ: Catering:

Wedding Cake: Invitations, Favors: Makeup: Hair: Bride’s gown: Groomsmen suits:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 113

How to get your photo taken {well} Part 2 of a series

local experts share their top tips

Getting your photo taken {well}:

the formula

ďƒźhealthy skin from your new regimen ďƒźin our+ true expert makeup application next issue

+ add in good


+ and of course a great

you: love

+ bring the real

+ and feel the



the result =



local experts share their top tips

NUPTIALS Suzanne Hansen of

Edition 2012:1 2012:2 115

POWDER PUFF: Applying powder before eye liner really sets it. And always apply liner from the outside corner of eye towards the inside corner. It gives more control.

GET CATTY: Make a “cateye� by tracing jewel toned pencil lines with a thin stroke of black liquid lines on top and wing out at sides.

KISSER: Really red lips are back. All bright colors are brighter, fuchsia and orange too. Brides absolutely must use lip liner to avoid edges running!

PRIMER: Primers are a must for preparing your skin before any makeup [even eye shadows]. They make color show up more and diminish any wrinkles too!

BOLT: Blotting papers with shimmer dust are popular this year.

by Randy Hosking of Indigo Salon & Spa NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 116

CLEAN UP: Use under eye concealer with a brush to clean up under eyes when finished applying makeup

SMUDGE FREE: Use powder instead of pencil on eyebrows, it lasts longer with no smudging.

LASH COLORS: Two tone lashes are big. Colored mascara in blue green or purple. In day time colors look great in the sun. Accent your eyes. Also new this season is jewel tone liners are. CURL UP: When curling lashes do it twice. Once at roots then again at ends.

IT’S ALL IN THE WIGGLE: When applying mascara, wiggle wand from left to right at base of lashes. It’s the mascara placed at the roots that gives the illusion of length. And, of course, waterproof mascara is a must!

EL SOL: Always use moisturizer with sunscreen.

BRONZED: To even out face and body, extend bronzer from face to ears and chest.

GO PRO: Always work with a professional to apply your makeup for important events and photographs! NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 117


by Abby Jane of Indigo Salon & Spa

Your everyday makeup has no hard rules but when it comes to makeup for your wedding photos the rules change. The cameras we use every day is very different from the camera our professional photographers uses. It’s all based on light. Recommended MakeUp brand:up with these tips and congratulations! Make sure you’re appropriately polished Being True. A mineral based line that is beautiful in all lighting conditions on all skin types and is gentle enough to use after facial and even medical procedures.

INDOOR MAKEUP: Indoor lighting is normally created by incandescent bulbs, which produce warm soft tones. Keeping this in mind, it is always best to choose foundations that are not too warm in order to hedge off looking gold and unnatural. Choosing foundation shades that are neutral and contain, very little, if no gold, peach, or olive undertones is imperative for indoor lighting. This will balance out the warmth from the incandescent atmosphere and the best part is, neutral tones translate just as beautifully in daylight.

MORE ON INDOOR MAKEUP: Using a loose pigmented or translucent powder over a liquid base can make your finished look glow. However, is not recommended for someone who tends to be on the oily side because, well, they glow naturally. For those who are on the oily side a mattifier and pressed powder works magically to down play any excess oil. The use of highlighters under the brow bone and eye will bring out futures that can get lots in low light areas. Indoor events may require a higher need for flash photography. In order to not look ghostly pail choose a professional who uses mineral based make up. Mineral make-up is non refractive and will not reflect theNUPTIALS flash back to the camera inEdition images. 2012:2 118

*Eyes in both indoor and outdoor events: FALSE LASHES - I cannot say enough good things about them. If you have an outdoor event and the sun gets too intense. You can help the squinting that can arise. These bad boys help to keep your eyes albeit glamorous, also a bit more shaded and defined. As for indoor events lashes define the eyes and length lashes. For those of us whose lash color is on the lighter side, false lashes give the look of long, thick, dark lashes and stand up to all types of lighting environments.

OUTDOOR MAKEUP: Make up for outdoor events has to be up to the challenge of facing changes in weather and light. It is best to stay away from heavy application on any area of the face because daylight and even over cast lighting showcases everything. Furthermore, because it is so bright outside your make-up will be showcased brilliantly. In this case a little can go along way. Let your professional match your foundation in daylight making sure the color suites you in that lighting. If choosing a smoky eye stay away from black eye shadow. Use deeper earth tones like: charcoal, deep browns, grey, or mahogany to emphasis the eye. Black in daylight is for too harsh and can look too extreme up close and make the eye look sunken from far away. A light simmer blush and contour color along the cheekbone and temple area is sure to make you glisten and bring out bone structure NUPTIALS that can get lost in bright day light. Edition 2012:2


EYES: We all know the eyes are what every woman wants to play up. Keeping your has eyenoshadow light Your everyday makeup hard rules butwith when it comes to makeup for your natural tones that your skin already wedding photos the rules change. The cameras we use every day is very different gives off our willprofessional keep you photographers looking freshuses. It’s all based on light. from the camera andyou’re glowy. To add a pop of “WOW” Make sure appropriately polished up with these tips and congratulations! grab yourself some false lashes. This might get tricky since all lashes are not created equal, consult your professional to makeup sure what size and shape will best show off your favorite feature.

LIPSTICK: Lipstick is very personal, I know everyone has their “go to” at the top of their makeup bag, but is it the right color? Finding the right shade might be frustrating but having someone with experience to guide you to the right shade will make it easier.

OUTDOOR MAKEUP: When your party is outdoors don’t be too scared to add a little more color. The natural sun light is much more direct on our skin and much quicker to wash us out. Indoor light is softer and much more forgiving; Keep your makeup bag close just in case you need to throw on a little more lipstick.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 120 by Chandra Campos

FOUNDATION: Help create perfect skin with a primer. This will ensure your foundation goes on as smooth as possible with a long lasting effect. Make sure you’re wearing the right foundation color and texture so as not to look overdone. Consult your makeup artist to find out if your foundation at home is the right one for you. Matching your body’s color will give you a more even look without worrying about if you have the “line”. If you like to tan or rock a bronzed look make sure your foundation matches.

HIGHLIGHTING FEATURES: Along with glowing skin its important to play up your features. Creating depth and highlight will bring your facial structure more of that runway look you always wanted. Everyone has cheek bones even if you think you’ve never found them before, I can promise you that they’re there. If you want to downplay your not so favorite feature than play up your favorite. If your nose is not your favorite then draw attention to your eyes. If you want to reshape your face then always remember to contour and highlight. Contouring hides while highlighting plays up the beautiful cheek bones you know you have.

MAIDS: Don’t forget the girls! Your bridesmaids need to reflect your beautiful look as well. The day of is not the time to play dress up. Technique and professional product are what will make pictures look flawless. Remember, pictures will last a lifetime. Take the day of as a time to become pampered and really enjoy becoming NUPTIALS the beautiful bride you as imagined and are! Edition 2012:2



Jacquelyn Kevane weds Patrick Moriarty for “The Grand Finale”

Spotlight on COLOR:

Details Defined Paul Barnett NUPTIALS

Edition 2012:2 122

Spotlight on COLOR:

A magical wedding day at San Diego’s most iconic venue is celebrated in true Celtic tradition: with the richness of love and joy, the excitement of brilliant colors and an abundance of charming little ones! NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 123

“The Grand Finale” or Six Daughters, Six Weddings! The Kevane Family of San Diego, California jokingly refer to their sixth daughter, Jacquelyn’s wedding as the “Grande Finale”. Bob & Cheryl Kevane were blessed with six lovely daughters all wanting the wedding of their dreams. Fortunately, not one of them was disappointed . The oldest, Christine, married Steve La Marca in 1995; Jennifer married Kieran Thompson in 2002; then Marci and Matt Dublin in 2003; Bobbi married Gil Salazar in 2008; Karly and Stephen Lobbin were married on January 2, 2010. Then, the baby of the family, Jackie, found the man of her dreams and “The Grand Finale” began to evolve. Jacquelyn, the baby of the family, and a young Irish lad, Patrick Moriarty became engaged in December of 2009. They decided on a September 11, 2010 wedding, a date they felt strongly about not only because of it’s significance to our country, but because it would also be the 45th Anniversary of Patrick’s parents, Dennis and Terese Moriarty of San Francisco , California. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 124

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 125

The Claddagh's distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, topped by a crown. The heart symbolizes love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty. Claddagh rings are used as engagement and wedding rings. In Ireland the Claddagh is handed down mother-to-daughter or grandmother-to-granddaughter. The way that a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer's relationship status: On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is single and may be looking for love. On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is in a relationship, or their heart has been "captured". On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is engaged. On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is married. Claddagh rings have come to be a thoroughly Irish tradition and reflect great pride in Irish heritage, while continuing to be symbols of love or marriage. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 126

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 127

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 128

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 129

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 130

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 131

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 132

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 133

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 134

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 135

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 136

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 137

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 138

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 139

St. Joseph’s Cathedral The Grand Ballroom ay The Hotel Del Coronado : Lisa Lippe, Details Defined Paul Barnett Kathy Wright & Co.

Forget Me Not Fundation SWANK Audio Visual The Mission de Alcala Choir Phil Carrillo The Mar Dels Twiggs Bakery

The Invitation Factory Ashley Video Productions

Father Brian Corcoran Three Ways Beautiful : Arti Limousine

Old Town Trolley Epod Talking Photo Booths

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 140

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 141 Paul Barnett Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 142

Spotlight on COLOR:

Green add this relaxing color to your big day! NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 143

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 144

Suzanne Hansen SheWanders

Spotlight on COLOR: Suzanne Hansen SheWanders

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 145

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 146

Tim Otto Photography

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 147

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 148

Suzanne Hansen SheWanders

Suzanne Hansen SheWanders

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 149

Spotlight on COLOR: Bethany Belle Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 150

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 151

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 152

Paul Barnett Photography

Spotlight on COLOR: Tim Otto Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 153

Spotlight on COLOR: Tim Otto Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 154

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 155

Bethany Belle Photography

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 156

Suzanne Hansen SheWanders

Spotlight on COLOR: Tim Otto Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 157 MeWha Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 158

swatches? PANTONE® swatches are a complete library to Allow perfect color reproduction and are the language that designers use to communicate color Accurately. In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone's founder, created an innovative system for identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the innovation of the PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized color in fan format. See Pantone’s website for the full scoop.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 159


Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 161

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 162

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 164

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 165

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 166

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 167

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 168

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 169

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 170

Spotlight on COLOR:

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 171

Centuries ago, brides carried flowers that were symbols of fidelity and trust and, of course, true love!

Photo for Kathy Wright & Co. by Boyd Harris Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 172

Fashionable Bouquets by Kathy Wright of Kathy Wright & Co.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 173

In addition to carrying flowers that represented fidelity, trust and true love, in bygone times some brides chose bouquet flowers that were ancient symbols of fertility. Well, not any more…

Within our lifetimes brides have had the freedom to choose bouquets that were complementary accessories to their dresses and to the overall style and look of the wedding! Style, fashion & weddings; three things a florist lives for! Everyone is always asking Kathy Wright, Event

Designer & Florist “What’s your favorite thing to

design for a wedding?” and her answer has always remained the same…

THE BRIDAL BOUQUET! Such a reflection of the bride herself, is her bouquet! Kathy Wright of Kathy Wright & Co.

brings you some tips to help you choose just the right bouquet to go with your perfect bridal gown!

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 174


The most classic bouquet ever: the cascade is perfect for the tall slender bride wearing a full skirt, and yet is also perfect for the not so tall and not so slender girl with a more fitted skirt. Both body types look great with this bouquet that causes your eye to follow a vertical line, enhancing height and slenderness. This bouquet styling has been updated by creating it in a hand tied fashion. This bouquet photographed by Jennifer Dery.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 175


The hand tied bouquet is a great fit with a dress that has soft ruching. ‘Ruching’ is a sewing technique that takes fabric or ribbon and gathers it to form ruffles or petals. For a wedding taking place outdoors, this is a great bouquet. Delicate blue tweedia blooms enhance this hand-tied ‘less than formal’ gathering of white and blush roses. Something borrowed…something blue…something you! This bouquet photographed by Vallentyne Photography.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 176


Another great choice for a simple gown, with a more fitted shape…what a luscious collection of vibrant peach, pink and coral tones…this bouquet enhances the simplistic silhouette of the gown, and she chose to marry in the great outdoors, which is a direct reflection of this collection of colorful blooms! This bouquet photographed by True Weddings.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 177


The most romantic of all flowers…lilac and peonies…this must be a dream come true! The perfect gown for this bouquet is soft and flowing, free from heavy embellishments that would compete with the perfect beauty of nature. This bouquet’s smaller size also makes it the perfect choice for the bride that wants to keep things simple. A word of advice: if you simply must have the beauty of peonies and the heavenly scent of lilacs, you had best plan for an April wedding when these flowers are available! This bouquet photographed by Boyd Harris Photography.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 178


When a bride selects a gown that is inspired by a time gone by, with soft fabric rosettes set onto a field of beautiful lace, the bouquet should take its cue from flowers of that vintage time. Here, white hydrangea and blush roses recall a bygone era. The addition of a vintage style brooch, perhaps from your grandmothers’ collection, will provide that something ‘old’ touch to the bouquet. And while lace is stunning and very in style again, it is very busy to the eye so it’s best to choose white or blush flowers to accent a classic lace covered bridal gown. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 179 This bouquet photographed by Riedy Photography


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 180

Vibrant summer blooms make a huge statement against the pale background of a white or ivory gown. If you are a blonde, the eye will go to your flowers before they see your face, wearing a white gown. If you are a brunette, there is more balance in the contrast of a white dress. Yet, it is hard to argue that a stunning collection of the hues of a summer sunset is not what a bride would want to carry down the aisle‌especially if the aisle is grass or sandy! This bouquet photographed by Paul Barnett Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 181


In the last few years, the trend has been to add various embellishments to bridal bouquets to express the personality of the bride, and coordinate closely with her dress. The bouquet on this page shows the use of vintage buttons scattered amidst the flowers. The bouquet at right shows several varieties of feathers and crystals woven thru the flowers. Both bouquets are perfect for simple dress styles that are not heavily embellished with lace or crystals. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 182 Both bouquets photographed by Paul Barnett Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 183


Is there a more classic silhouette than the dress that follows the hourglass shape of this beautiful bride? This gown is so simple, and yet so detailed at the same time. To make a statement as big as the dress, we clustered many varieties of large white flowers…peonies, gardenias, cymbidium orchids and white ranunculus. Seasonal alert: this is another bouquet that has a limited season…April and May only even in So Cal! This bouquet photographed by Paul Barnett Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 184


If you are going classic in your gown designs, then the classic monochromatic white bouquet is in style forever! To add more texture and drama in this bouquet, we mixed two classic white orchids, and then added romance with white roses. The small white flowers are stephanotis, which we studded with rhinestones to complement the dramatic crystals on this bride’s wrists! This bouquet photographed by Boyd Harris Photography Edition 2012:2 185 NUPTIALS


A classic lace veil, like this Mantilla style, calls for a very classic bridal bouquet in shape and style. The most classic of bridal bouquets, and far and away the ‘favorite’ flower of brides, is the all rose bouquet. This style of bouquet also works perfectly with a bridal gown with a simple skirt. This gown’s bodice is embellished with lace and clear crystals, which is mirrored in the crystals sprinkled into the roses. This bouquet photographed by True Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 186

THE COMPOSITE BOUQUET And then there is the bride with her own sense of style and personality that will allow for the extreme and the unusual. Composite flowers have grown in popularity over the years and this is one giant composite flower, crafted from many birds of paradise. This edgy and exciting bouquet is the perfect finishing touch to the high fashion, flirtier or edgier bridal gown. This bouquet photographed by La Vie Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 187


Idea girl

The Idea Girl

is featured on

Your "go-to" girlfriend for all things Wedding!

Dear Rita, You are not alone, but the guests who are single and dating should be. If you know the invited guest is serious and has been with their significant other for more than 6 months, you will probably know that person’s name and it should be used on the invitation, vs. “and guest”. If you don’t know the guest name and consider it strictly “a date” then invite your friend to attend alone. There will be other singles and you can sit them together if you choose. As for the kids. No need to say “no kids” or “adult only” if their name isn’t included on the invitation, that should be enough. If you think your friends need some extra guidance then add childcare information on the direction card. A final step could be a personal call to them to let them know you are having to limit the guests to adults to fit into the space, but love their little ones dearly! With gratitude,

The Idea Girl


Wouldn’t it be great if you could look up ideas like you do words in a dictionary

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to include that special someone without making her a bridesmaid, looking for ways to ensure a fun factor into a formal celebration, or embracing multi-cultural traditions with balance and grace,

The Idea Girl is here to help with ideas, answers and real-life wedding experiences! Send your questions, experiences or even an idea you just have to share to The Idea Girl click here. Anyone can ask for ideas: Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, family, guests or even wedding vendors!



innocence Jack in the White House, Jackie in pearls, and a man actually walking on the moon‌ NUPTIALS style team went on site with Adam Baruh Photography to San Diego’s hippest, retro-chic venue; The Pearl Hotel, to create a work of editorial art in lighting, atmosphere, surroundings, mood and fashion, immersed in and inspired by the heady, unspoiled era of innocence that was

















205 VENUE The Pearl Hotel


HAIR and MAKEUP Abby Jones for Indigo Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY Adam Baruh Photography VEILS Justine M Couture FLORALS Flowerchild



First Class Ticket: PART TWO: here we go!

A guide to having a truly amazing Destination Wedding by expert event planner Lisa Lippe of Details Defined

images by Resolusean Photography

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 208

BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME: Before you leave home, make a check list and double check you have packed all your important belongings and your wedding file. Talk to your fiancĂŠ and your close family members to establish an expectation of times you will be available to your guests and what you want to schedule for down time alone too. Having all the important information above will give you a peace of mind, but remember your planner will have it all under control for you, so you can enjoy your time. KEEP IN MIND: Different countries have different laws. Be sure to research what the local laws are and talk to your onsite Manager about anything you should be sensitive to or know before traveling. You are basically on vacation with your friends and family when you plan a destination wedding. Providing a welcome bag that includes and itinerary is a way to share when you are available to your guests and lets them know what to expect. If people are traveling with kids, you may want to give them some suggested local activities that are kid friendly and a resource to a local sitter. Make sure you plan for some time to yourself and some quality time with your fiancĂŠ. NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 209

Prepare an easy to reference list of vendors with contact information to have handy when you arrive‌

HAVE DRESS WILL TRAVEL! When booking your flight ask about arrangements for your wedding dress. The dress salon where you purchased can assist with packaging the gown properly for travel and the destination hotel can arrange to have it steamed once you are there. CARRY ON INVENTORY: Upon arrival to your destination wedding your carryon bag MUST include: Prepare and pack the travel itineraries for VIPs and or all your traveling guests, so you know when to expect them and your coordinator can arrange to have them welcomed upon arrival. Hotel Room list with confirmations and room assignments (confirm room numbers post check in) so you can call your family and friends in their room, know where to deliver welcome bags. Have the contact information for the Onsite Catering Manager, Room Reservation Manager, and Audio-Visual Technician (sound &lighting) in the case you have a question, request, change, or concern. Prepare and easy reference list of vendors with contact information to have handy. Transportation manifests and contacts so you can confirm your friends and family arrive safely and again another important reference. Airline hotline and reservation numbers in the case you need to make a change or add a flight, or check on arrival and 210 departure flights.

OFF THE PLANE 1 2 3 There is an order of business needed when you arrive: 1. Your wedding planner will arrange for a pre wedding meeting with the Catering Manager to review final set up, changes, updates, or simply confirm the plan and review details. 2. Meet with the Florist and Rental Company to provide any updates in numbers, and possibly see samples of the product. 3. If your photographer is traveling with you, arrange for him or her to get a tour of the grounds and encourage them to attend rehearsal if available. If using a photographer from the area you are traveling to, be sure to confirm a few days out and if possible schedule a meet and greet in advance of the wedding. 4. Review pronunciation of names and overall timing with the Emcee [or DJ] and Officiant. 5. If you have not had your trial run of hair and makeup, you can be doing that while your planner takes care of business on your behalf. 6. And of course don’t forget the pampering! A light massage is a nice way to settle into your wedding weekend.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


In the land of BorinquĂŠn

April 10, 2011 Jessica & Joel Zepeda Old San Juan - Puerto Rico NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


La Borinqueña Lyrics: Manuel Fernández Juncos (1846-1928) La tierra de Borinquén donde he nacido yo, es un jardín florido de mágico fulgor. Un cielo siempre nítido le sirve de dosel y dan arrullos plácidos las olas a sus pies. Cuando a sus playas llegó Colón; Exclamó lleno de admiración; "Oh!, oh!, oh!, esta es la linda tierra que busco yo". Es Borinquén la hija, la hija del mar y el sol, del mar y el sol, del mar y el sol, del mar y el sol, del mar y el sol.

The land of Borinquen where I have been born. It is a florid garden of magical brilliance. A sky always clean serves as a canopy. And placid lullabies are given by the waves at her feet. When at her beaches Columbus arrived, he exclaimed full of admiration: Oh! Oh! Oh! This is the beautiful land, that I seek. It is Borinquen the daughter, the daughter of the sea and the sun. of the sea and the sun, of the sea and the sun, of the sea and the sun, of the sea and the sun!

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


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NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


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NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


The Island of Enchantment, the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding. Jessica and Joel both wanted an intimate wedding, which for two people blessed with large families, translates to about 60 people. They decided that a destination wedding would be perfect, but wanted somewhere that was special to them and easy for their guests to get to. As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, one of Jessica and Joel's favorite vacation spots, and Joel's family is from Puerto Rico, it didn't take them long to choose Old San Juan. Jessica and Joel’s Old World wedding weekend began with a welcome dinner and Flamenco show for their friends and family at the birthplace of the Piùa Colada, Barrachina. Their ceremony took place overlooking the ocean, at Castillo de San Filipe del Morro, a historic fort Constructed in 1540 which guards the entrance to San Juan Bay. Their guests then traveled the blue cobblestone streets to El Convento, a 365 year old Carmelite convent, which was restored to its original splendor and converted to a luxury hotel nestled in Old San Juan.

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2

233 Photographer – Resolusean Photography

Rehearsal Dinner - Barrachina Ceremony – Castillo San Felipe del Morro Reception – Hotel el Convento with Kamil Riviera Cake – Sugar Dots Dress: Custom Design by Watters Rentals - Gala Rental Guitarist (ceremony) - Pancho Irizarry DJ - DJ Rockhand

Hair and Makeup - Caridad Vidro Wedding Invitations – Dingbat Press Videographer - NDF Video (Nelson D’Freitas) - Daryle Parker Vintage Car Owner/Driver - Pedro A. Perez Soto

Wedding Insurance - Beth Echevarria of Travelers Insurance

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2



by Shawna Suffritti, Wedding Photographer and Destination Bride “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu {Or a really good suitcase!}


b NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 237

Photographers Shawna Suffruti and Adam Baruh of “Adam and Shawna Photography” wed this October in Italy!

Finally…How to Relax Believe it. You are on your way to getting married. Your bags are packed flawlessly, your dress is safe and sound and even your skin is very happy. Take a full deep breathe in and with the exhale sink deeper in your seat. Lean over and kiss your fiancé who will soon be your husband. Don’t forget to go with the flow and be open to everything not going exactly as planned. Embrace the surprises since the very nature of a destination wedding is in its adventure. Because what is life but a great adventure!?


Edition 2012:2 239

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 240

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 241

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:1 242

Meet event planners

Thomas Bui & Wynn Austin

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 244

What did you want to be when you grew up? Wynn: I wasn’t sure the exact position I wanted to be in, but I wanted to be in the business world and climb the corporate ladder so I could wear a suit everyday. Then, when I was in it, I hated the corporate culture and I hated wearing suits. Thomas: I wanted to be a High-End Fashion Designer, but now I’m a High-End Wedding Designer so I think it’s pretty close to what I wanted to do.

Pleased to meet you!

What was your first job ever? Wynn: A bank teller Thomas: A pharmacy clerk

Who inspires you? Wynn: Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Tony Robbins. They are three amazing people that overcame adversity and became successful because they stuck to what they believed in. Thomas: Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, and Preston Bailey. The vision and the products that they create are amazing, and I love how they dream big and out of the box.

Why do you love what you do? Wynn: I love what I do because I love working with couples and getting to know them and their families. Also, it’s such a thrill to see everything that we planned and brainstorm to come together before our eyes. I love having the couple see the room for the first time. Even for me when we are running around all day, and to stand back and see the finished room, it’s an amazing feeling. This job allows me to embrace my creativity and to design and create things that don’t exist. Thomas: I love creating new spaces and taking on an element that the client loves and expanding that vision to a higher level that they didn’t know existed.

Did you / do you have a mentor or hero? Wynn: My hero is my mom. I know sometimes I take her for granted but I wouldn’t have all that I have if it wasn’t for her hard work. I am lucky to have a lot of Mentors! I have my fabulous best friend Thomas Bui to be my wedding mentor in this industry. I have my friend Mike Bosworth, who is an entrepreneur & author who continues to teach me that I need to work smarter not harder. My biggest mentor is my husband who’s taught me to think out of my comfort zone. Thomas: My mentors are my parents

What is your specialty? Wynn: My specialty is my passion for design. I love the design element of weddings and bringing up ideas to my clients that they love. Also, I would say another specialty is working with people. I’ve always learned that you have to treat all people with respect. I work well with people, even when something goes wrong or not according to plan, or when we are all under pressure. Thomas: My specialty is styling weddings & events.

What do you like most about doing weddings? Wynn: I love that it’s always a happy event. Even when I know during the process everyone gets nervous and things can get pretty stressful. I know that moment will pass and the end result will be a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding. On the wedding day there is always so much amazing energy because everyone is excited and happy, and that’s what I love! Thomas: I love the entire process of planning. From brainstorming different ideas, showing clients different products, and putting together all the details.

What is your most memorable [professional] wedding moment? Wynn: My most memorable moment happened last week. It was a Saturday wedding, and the weather was acting up, sprinkling, then clearing up, then sprinkling. We decided to have the ceremony inside so the chuppah was all set up. But then the sun came out and the couple really wanted to have an outside ceremony. Next thing I knew I had 5 handsome groomsmen that came in and picked up the chuppah and carried it outside. It was crazy but cool at the same time. Like something out of a movie. Thomas: My most professional moment was when I was first starting out and I was getting hired for jobs where I was competing against very well known and high end planners. It was a moment that made me proud because I felt it was a big accomplishment and turning point in my career.

If you could have a super power what would it be? Wynn: I would love to be able to read people’s minds Thomas: I want to be able to see the future, and predict the weather way in advance

What is the place in the world [where you haven’t been] that you would want to visit the most? And why? Wynn: I have so many places on my list. One place that is on top of my list is Japan. I love the food and the crazy fashion. I want to experience the hustle & bustle of Tokyo. Thomas: I want to go South Africa, it’s always been my dream to experience the safari.

If you could have 6 people to dinner from any time or place in the world who would they be and where would you dine [and on what]? Wynn: My people would be Oprah, Coco Chanel, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Tony Robbins, Preston Bailey, Steve Jobs. We would be dining on French food & wine in a little café in Paris Thomas: Coco Chanel, Motzart, Da Vinci, Tom Ford, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Barbara Barry. We would be dining in a castle in Paris with a tasting menu where everything was infused with champagne.

What’s your best advice to couples? Wynn: Hire a wedding planner that you click with and understand your style. It’s a long -term relationship. Also, if you have a planner that understands your priority and can accommodate that. Thomas: Trust your wedding planner’s judgment. They do this for a living and you hired them for their knowledge.

How do you come up with the inspiration for designs? Wynn: I get my inspiration from home magazines & books. Also, fashion magazines. Sometimes I just browse the mall or boutiques to find inspiration. Thomas: I read a lot of books and get my inspiration from my travels and from the fashion industry.

What should brides/grooms/curious seekers know about you? Wynn: I’m pretty playful, I like to joke around a lot and make people laugh. Thomas: I enjoy fashion so I take pride on my style, my manners, and knowledge of etiquette. I’m also well connected in the community.

What makes your business wonderful and stand out from the rest? Wynn: I think Thomas and I have our own style & design niche but we also share a niche of the Vietnamese community. I think aside from the cultural standpoint, what makes my business stand out is that I’m willing to do and try new things. So if a couple and I come up with an idea, and I know it’s something that my team can build or make, I’ll toy with the idea and see if we can make it work. Thomas: I’m one of the few men wedding planners in San Diego and it’s always been my thing. I feel like I can bring a masculine feel or element to a wedding in the design.

What advice do you have for brides to be? Wynn: Enjoy the process and don’t put things off. The sooner you get things done, the less you have to worry about later. That way you can enjoy and relax before your wedding. Thomas: Splurge on your big day for something that you really want because you can’t bring that day back and change it later. Also, don’t micromanage your vendors, hire professional vendors and trust them.

What do you do in your ‘off time’ that might surprise people about you? Wynn: I’m a bit of a nerd so I like to read a lot. Also my other passion is to cook. Thomas: I love shopping & shoes so I like to go shopping!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding? Wynn: My favorite part is when I send the bride down the aisle. I love watching her go down the aisle. That’s the moment everyone is anticipating and that’s the whole reason for the wedding. Thomas: I love seeing everything come together on the wedding day and seeing the couple happy.

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Next show

July 1, 2012 at The Hyatt Regency La Jolla. click for discounted tickets and show specials!

February 26, 2012 The Omni HotelNUPTIALS San Diego

Edition 2012:2 254

What our friends have to say…. ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS

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San Diego

In closing… NUPTIALS

We at & e publication don’t believe in the ‘perfect’ wedding, only the perfect wedding for YOU. So although we offer you a bounty of beautiful images of weddings, décor, fashion, trends and ideas to inspire and delight you, we remind you that it is by staying true to your own style and focusing on how you feel that you will create a wedding which resonates with true beauty, meaning and power. Because the most important message we can impart to you is that you and your version of love are beautiful just as you are.

Thank you San Diego for all you are… NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2 259

NUPTIALS Edition 2012:2


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