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DECEMBER 2012 GIFT GUIDE Poopy Carrier The Litter Genie

Poopy Carrier is happy to help dog owners have a more enjoyable and safer walk by having both hands free to keep a better hold on your leash/dog and contribute towards keeping our environment clean.

Litterfish a revolutionary new cat litter box that is both attractive and functional.

Created by the makers of Diaper Genie, the Litter Genie provides a convenient, effective solution for soiled cat litter. The Litter Genie can hold up to two weeks of cat waste before needing to be emptied. Finally, cat owners can empty the Litter Genie when it is convenient for them, like on garbage day! In addition to the benefit of convenience, the garbage pail design and the 5-layer disposal bag inside of the Litter Genie help to control odors like no other product on the market today.

Snoutstik™ Dog Balm New Pet Product makes it Easy to Apply Moisturizer to Dogs’ Snouts.

Butterfly Peace-Pull This toy belongs in the hands of everyone around the world because peace isn’t easy, you’ve got to work for it! And work for it you and your dog shall with this toy: a 5 inch round peace symbol and a 9 inch handle, and featuring our custom 2-Tone Reversible LUCKY leather colors and tri-color rope.

Every dog deserves something beautiful and long lasting (besides their owner), and we can’t think of anything better than our Butterfly. Our Butterfly is a symbol of our commitment to rescue animals, going into a shelter alone and unwanted, and emerging as something beautiful.

4 Square Our design team threw down the gauntlet on this one, using math, motion, and color to create a toy that will boggle your dog’s mind! Perfect for one dog, or two dogs, or three… the square root of this toy is fun!

LUCKY Pet Products by Holly Madison supports the rescue animals of the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas and promotes animal rescue across the world. LUCKY exclusively uses images of shelter animals on product hang tags and photos. A portion of proceeds go directly to the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas. | DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013


San Diego Pets Magazine, December 2012  

Consummate Las Vegas performer and "Girls Next Door" reality star Holly Madison launches her latest project: Lucky Pet Products, a line of t...

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