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DOGGIE STREET FESTIVAL! Southern California’s largest dog and cat adoption festival is coming to Robb Field See ad page 21. in Ocean Beach June 10, 9am - 4 pm.

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PARTY LIKE A PUP-STAR! RSVP for the party of the year coming to Camp Run-A-Mutt June 22. Details on page 9.

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Get yourself outdoors and your little dog, too B y K E N D R A H A RT M A N N | S A N D I E G O P E T S

ust about everywhere Dawn Celapino goes, her Cairn terrier, Jack, goes, too. And if there’s a place Celapino needs to go — a restaurant or shop — that doesn’t allow dogs, she simply doesn’t go there. It’s not just when running errands or eating out, however, that Celapino insists Jack join her. As a personal trainer and an avid lover of the great outdoors, Celapino has built her life — and Jack’s — around activities that the two can do in tandem. “He’s my best friend and I couldn’t imagine doing my outdoor activities without him,” she said. When Celapino says she does all of her outdoor activities with Jack in tow, she’s not exaggerating. The two have gone kayaking, surfing, mountain biking, camping, running, hiking, swimming and paddle boarding together — to name a few (“We’re shopping together right now!” she said during our phone interview). Celapino is of the opinion that Jack should never have to stay home alone for any measurable 4

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length of time — which is why she started her business, Leash Your Fitness. A fitness training program based around a joint human-dog workout, the program offers training in cardio, strength, balance and yoga — with some dog obedience training thrown in, as well. “People don’t realize what their dogs can do,” Celapino said. “Even now, when I tell people what I do with Jack, they say, ‘What?!’ They don’t give their dogs the benefit of the doubt.” Jack even does some activities that Celapino doesn’t. Take surfing for example — “I don’t like to surf,” she said, “but he loves it.” Jack readily jumps on the surfboard, and Celapino pushes him in to shore on a wave, proving her pet truly enjoys his active lifestyle. Just like humans, however, dogs don’t necessarily have the ability to perform physically demanding activities from the get go. The most important thing when including pets in a workout, Celapino said, is training.


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He’s my best friend

and I couldn’t imagine doing my outdoor activities without him

Dawn Celapino catches a wave with her Cairn terrier, Jack.

Courtesy Photo by Dale Porter,

“People have to realize they have to train their pets like they train themselves,” she said. “You can’t take your dog biking up a mountain when it can’t walk a mile.” The trick, she said, is to start slow. “Just try a few things at a time. And a better-behaved dog will be able to do more of these things with you, so obedience training comes in handy. And it’s not a good time to teach them how to behave when they’re in the kayak with you.” The stigmas about what a dog can and can’t do relative to what we humans do are slowly fading away, Celapino said. The evidence can be seen, she said, in the travel industry. “Airlines are changing their policies, and hotels are, too,” she said. “You and your pets can travel all over the country SEE CELAPINO, Page 7

CELAPINO STARTED LEASH YOUR FITNESS WHEN, WHILE WORKING AS A PERSONAL TRAINER, SHE DISCOVERED SHE ENJOYED WORKING OUT WITH HER DOG — and her clients did, too. She offers boot camps, running clubs, aquatic adventures (like kayaking) and circuit programs (which focus on upper body, core, yoga and cardio routines), among others. For more information on programs or class schedules, visit | JUNE 2012


COVER STORY D 5 d H B Island where the dogs can get out and play and UPCOMING LEASH YOUR FITNESS ACTIVITIES then we paddle back! MONTHLY TRAIL RUNNING CLUB Every Monday and Wednesday. Locations Vary. Join Kelly, Scooter and the rest of the gang for drills, stairs, hills, sprints, endurance, run specific stretches and help running with your dog. CIRCUIT MADNESS

Every Thursday at UTC--Nobel Athletic Field. Circuit style class with focus on upper body, core, yoga and cardio. KAYAKING WITH THE DOGS Saturday, June 23, from 2-4 pm at Aqua Adventures. Easy, flat guided paddle on the bay to Fiesta

Leash YourParticipants recently returned from Leash Your Fitness’ fourth annual canine camping trip in the Laguna Mountains outside of Julian.

YAPPY HOUR / YOGA CLASS Friday, June 29, from 6-7 pm at Mission Bay. Beginning with a short walk with standing stretches along the way then 45 minutes of yoga with your dog incorporated into a few stretches. Optional yappy hour at nearby dog friendly restaurant after class.

Dawn Celapino and Jack lead a Yoga session at the end of a circuit-style class held at UTC.



together. Jack has been in 18 different states, and we swam together in all of them. It’s definitely different state by state, though, and California is very dog friendly. I think we humanize our pets more here than in other places.” Taking your dog out for an outdoor activity, whether it’s a four-day camping trip or an afternoon boot camp class, should be a no-brainer, Celapino said. “I just can’t believe it when I see people out walking, and they’ve left their pet at home,” she said. “Maybe it’s because the dog is not well behaved enough, I don’t know. I can’t overemphasize the fact that people need to train their dogs, and not just puppy training when they’re 6 weeks old. You wouldn’t only teach your child things when they’re a toddler, and leave it at that, would you?” | JUNE 2012


Arden Moore,


ACCBC, ADCBC Pet trend, behavior and safety expert

admit it. I’m a party girl. I host parties that bring out the best in dogs and their people and I am inviting you to the 2nd annual National Dog Party Day™ on June 22. There will be three parties taking place that night in San Diego, Miami and New York City. At each party, all net proceeds will benefit three hardworking charities: Spay Neuter Action Project in San Diego (SNAP), Bideawee in New York City and Paws 4 You Rescue in Miami. I extend a personal invitation for all you San Diego pet lovers to participate in the party taking place at Camp-RunA-Mutt/Point Loma, 4030 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego on June 22 from 7-10 p.m. Tickets are $25 apiece and you can register now by visiting for details and party rules. Space is limited, but register today. In the pet world, I happily “wear” many collars – author, animal behavior consultant, radio show host and pet first aid instructor. But I absolutely love being known as America’s Party Animal.

$25 RSVP


CAMP RUN-A-MUTT / POINT LOMA, 4030 SPORTS ARENA BLVD, SAN DIEGO I’ve staged parties for 500 in Kauai at the annual Love a Dog Day and for 800plus mutt-loving members of the military at a Navy base in San Diego. I’ve even demonstrated a dog party with my Husky-Golden retriever mix Chipper before cameras in a CNN-Headline studio in New York City.

Three Reasons To Party

No matter if the party is big or small, I focus on these three goals: To sneak in good doggy manners in a fun setting. Just like us, dogs learn best when the atmosphere is fun and full of positive, can-do energy. At my parties, all dogs are on leashes and bring their “dates” – their favorite person. Dogs get the chance to participate in a variety of games and gobble up healthy treats. To benefit worthy pet charities. This year, all net proceeds from the San Diego party will benefit SNAP. This small-but-dedicated group of volunteers led by Dorell Sackett provides free or low-cost spays and neuters to keep a lid on pet overpopulation. We

are hoping to park the huge SNAP mobile van in the parking lot at the party so attendees can step inside and take a mini-tour. At most parties, it is common to fret about what you’re wearing or what small talk you will engage in. At my parties, dogs take center stage, allowing you to live in the now and enjoy creating wonderful memories with your dog. I believe in the power of purposeful play for both dogs and people. Both deserve the chance to laugh, love and learn. That’s why I boldly created National Dog Party Day™. My goal is to sponsor big and small parties all over America on the third Friday of every June.

June 22: Double Dog Day Celebration

Why that date? As founder of Four Legged, I wanted to partner with another group committed to bolstering the people-dog bond. I

SEE DOG PARTY DAY, Page 11 | JUNE 2012



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donated by many sponsors. You will get to do the Super Smiley Flash Mob with award-winning and animal adoption advocate Megan Blake.

Participate in K9 Karaoke

Actress and animal adoption advocate Megan Blake leads the crowd at the 2011 party in San Diego in a Super Smiley Flash Mob.


found the perfect match: Pet Sitters International. Each third Friday in June, PSI sponsors Take Your Dog To Work Day™. I reached out to PSI founder Patti Moran with the idea of staging a Double Dog Day Celebration. We even came up with a motto for our dual event: “We work like a dog by day and party like a pup at night.” If you have a business, I encourage you to visit and see how your company can participate this year – June 22 – in Take Your Dog To Work Day™. I promise the attendance in your office will be high because of having canines in cubicles and other work places. Then go home, get into your party clothes, grab the leash and bring your dog to the party taking place at Camp-Run-AMutt. A big paws up goes to the camp’s owner, Heather Rolinski, for donating her center for the party. The camp features plenty of indoor and outdoor space to give attendees lots of opportunities to participate in games, do some doggy dancing and enjoy lip-smacking appetizers. We also appreciate San Diego Pets Magazine for being our local media sponsor. As party host, I promise you three-hours of jammed pack fun and the opportunity to win mega prizes generously

We will play plenty of games, including Snoopy Says, Canine Musical Chairs and Walk This Way Doggy, and we’ve added a new event this year: K9 Karaoke. No, this isn’t a competition of dogs howling and baying. K9 Karaoke features people serenading their dogs. We are looking five or six people to register in advance for this contest. Contact me at We want you to grab the mike, bring your dog on stage and belt out a favorite song that best captures your connection with your dog. A panel of American Idol-like judges will crown the top K9 crooner who will be awarded a major prize. So, start rehearsing now!

BOTTOM LINE: Dogs are born party animals and they learn

best in a fun setting. I hope you will join us on June 22. After all, when it comes to party trends, dog parties win, paws down! For more information, please visit Founder of Four Legged and creator of National Dog Party Day, Arden Moore is an animal behavior consultant, best-selling author, professional speaker and certified pet first aid instructor. Tune into her Oh Behave! Show on Pet Life Radio and enroll in her pet first aid classes. For more information, please visit, and /behave.html . | JUNE 2012



When it comes to improving your heart health and overall wellness, taking Max, Fluffy or Fido for a walk is just what the doctor ordered. Dogs are the reason behind two-thirds of the walks their owners take each week and more than half would rather exercise with their pets, than workout alone, according to a survey commissioned by Mars Petcare.

“Owning a dog is so good for mind, body and soul,” said Christina Page, a local writer and health care marketing manager. “Toby, my 3-year-old beagle mix, deserves the exercise, so he encourages me to exercise. He bounds up the stairs with such enthusiasm that it's impossible not to follow up with equal pep in my step.” To get the most cardio benefit, you need to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up. The America Heart Association indicates that “brisk walking is beneficial when done regularly for a total of 30 minutes or longer at least five days a week.” Dog owners take walks more frequently, walk for longer periods, walk at a quicker rate and are more likely to enjoy an active lifestyle because of their canine companion. Page agrees. “Toby walks much faster than I do, so I have to pick up the pace to keep up.” The survey revealed that one-quarter of people with children and pets regularly make trips to parks and other outdoor areas because of their dog. Oscar Escobedo and his wife, Cathy take Lexi, their 8-year-old boxer-lab mix along on family camping trips, hikes and outings to dog beach. “She loves to have space to play catch with a tennis ball, fetch the Frisbee or just run around,” said Oscar.

though I don't know any of their names, I do know the names of their dogs and that's enough.” Learn more about keeping your heart healthy by visiting Claire Yezbak Fadden took her dogs, Bandit and Jersey Girl, for a walk right after she finished this article.

Pets can also provide the social support so crucial to sticking with an exercise program and ultimately improve your overall well being. “Toby has strengthened my ties with friends who have dogs, because of our shared interest,” added Page. “Being a dog owner has forged conversations with new people at the dog park. Even 12

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A Letter From Bolt’s New Family

“Bolt is doing great! I think he has finally settled in. His weight is coming along nicely now, especially since I think he is no longer so nervous with his new surroundings. He's made great improvements with his behavior on the walks. We had [San Diego Humane Society Sr. Trainer] Margaret here for a couple training sessions and that really helped. He rarely barks at cars now and what used to be a very "chaotic", very short, walk around the block has turned into nice 20-30 minutes walks around the neighborhood. I've just started taking him on small hikes in Presidio Park. He seems to really like that and is very curious about the squirrels and little lizards we see. Fortunately he is showing no problems with his arthritis and dysplasia. As long as we keep the activity moderate, he does fine. That is good, since he loves chasing the ball. We'll play soccer with the kids in the backyard and he loves that. He'll keep a deflated ball in his mouth and just follow us with the ball. He loves playing defense and has now started to bat at the ball with his paws and even stop it with his mouth so you can't get past him. Very cute! He continues to do great with the kids and their friends that come to the house. He views everyone that comes to the house as a potential playmate so greets everyone very happily. Of course, the kids love playing with him too.”

About the San Diego Humane Society & SPCA The Humane Society offers San Diegans a wide range of programs and services that strengthen the human-animal bond, prevent cruelty/neglect, provide medical care and educate the community on the humane treatment of animals. More information at | JUNE 2012


Behavior Bytes

Stefanie Schwartz,

DVM, MSc, DACVB Veterinary Behavior Medicine

“...for a busy household with three young children, you have to realize that getting a dog, especially a puppy, is like having another child.”

Dear Dr. Schwartz,

I have three children, three-year-old twin boys and a 6-year-old girl. They have been begging me for a dog for ages, so I’m about to purchase a Golden Retriever puppy because everything I’ve read says this breed is so great with children. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Busy Dad

Dear Busy Dad,

Most of the dog breed books out there are filled with anecdotal tidbits that can be cut and pasted into any number of breeds, and just switching the pictures to match. Golden Retrievers can be wonderful dogs. My late brother Joey was a beautiful, noble Golden. My sister Josie is a lovely sweetheart of a Golden girl. BUT, for a busy household with three young children, you have to realize that getting a dog, especially a puppy, is like having another child. Are you ready for that? You don’t really expect your children to take care of this dog, do you? Are you prepared to devote hours every day to a young dog who needs to walk, play and socialize with other dogs, too? Realize that the mistakes you make in raising a large dog are amplified compared to the same mistakes you might make in raising a small dog. The consequences of your inexperience will be far more significant the bigger your dog is. SO YOU HAVE SEVERAL CHOICES: 1) Get an adult Golden Retriever from a shelter or rescue organization where it has already been evaluated as a true family dog. 2) Get a smaller adult dog that is easier to care for (e.g. less brushing is needed for Pugs, Boston Terriers). 3) Wait until your children are older. Regardless of the breed, it’s the individual dog that has to be perfect for your family. And you have to be ready to provide for all his basic

needs and keep him safe from the antics of three spirited kids. Any dog you acquire will not be a toy for the children; you all have to be prepared to accept responsibility for the dog’s welfare for a lifetime.

Dear Dr. Schwartz,

I recently lost one of my two cats to old age and kidney failure. My remaining cat Baby seems lonely, but at 11 years of age I’m wondering how she might take to a new kitten?

Dear Baby’s Mama,

Is Baby lonely or are you still grieving for your other cat? Baby might be perfectly happy to have the rule of the house. However, if you do want a young kitten my suggestion would be to get two! That way, they will entertain each other and give Baby some peace. She might still be playful, but you don’t want her to be the only playmate for a solitary kitten. Get new toys, a cat tree or two, and at least

three litter boxes in different areas of your home to give them lots of options. You might consider an older calm cat who is used to living with other cats. The most important thing is to introduce them very slowly. Keep the newcomer(s) confined to a cat proof room for several weeks before they are let out to explore their new home. You can never undo a bad first impression, so take more than enough time to get it right. You can download tips about pet selection and introducing new pets on my Quickfix Handout Page at Dr. Stefanie Schwartz is a board certified veterinary behaviorist based in Southern California. She sees patients at California Veterinary Specialists in Carlsbad and at The Veterinary Neurology Center in Tustin, CA. For more information, please call (949) 342-6644 or visit | JUNE 2012



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PET PRESS Humane Society calendar fundraiser accepting entries

The Escondido Humane Society’s Best Friends 2013 Calendar Photo Fundraiser is accepting entries now through Sept. 26. The tax-deductible entry donation of $25 supports animal rehabilitation and adoption programs at the Escondido Humane Society. Eleven winning photographs will appear as the famous Pets of the Month, and the first 50 entries that meet contest guidelines will be featured in the calendar’s Community Collage. Every completed entry receives a complimentary high-quality calendar. The regular suggested donation is $20 per calendar. Anyone can submit their favorite snapshot, but photos must contain only animals (no people), and copyrighted photographs are not accepted. High-resolution, horizontal-layout photos are preferred. Entry forms can be downloaded at s_056.htm or picked up at the shelter, 3450 E. Valley Parkway. Completed entry forms and photos can be e-mailed to For more information, call (760) 888-2235.

2nd Annual Hounds for Hope Walk and Festival


JUNE 2012 |

Come join the 2nd annual charity walk to support canine good health and a wonderful cause Saturday July 28, 10:30 am to 1 pm at beautiful Dusty Rhodes Park in Ocean Beach. This family-friendly event features local vendors offering new and innovative pet products and DJ provided music. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to come join the fun doggie games in the Howlin’ Hounds FurZone. Fabulous raffle prizes will be given out as well. Pre-reg-

ister now to reserve your goodie bag with five raffle tickets and more, at All proceeds benefit Labrador Harbor who helps families who cannot afford life-saving procedures for their dogs. Learn more about our charity at If you would like to become a vendor at Hounds for Hope, or offer a sponsorship of the event, contact Mike at


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Cardiff canines grooming up for ‘Dog Days of Summer’

The fastest-growing street fair for dogs and dog lovers in Southern California is set for Saturday, August 11th, from 10am-3pm on Aberdeen Drive and Newcastle Ave in Cardiff-by-theSea. The seventh annual Cardiff Dog Days of Summer, hosted by the Cardiff 101 Main Street, is expected to draw more than 10,000 four-legged friends, fans and family members. Highlights of this year's Cardiff Dog Days of Summer event include the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Ambassador Program, a special performance by celebrity dog trainer Melissa Heeter with her rescue dog Viola, an obstacle course sponsored by K-9 Connection, a Kid Zone with a bird show and games, silent auction and contests. There will be music, vendor booths and the County Animal Services Rabies, Vaccination, License and Microchip Clinic will be in attendance, too. Again, this year, the event will open with The Blessing of the Animals by Drupon Samten Rinpoche of the Tibetan Meditation Center of Escondido. Proceeds benefit local animal charities and Cardiff 101 Main Street, which sponsors other community events throughout the year. Visit for more information and to reserve booth space.

Dog Days of Summer event 2011. | JUNE 2012




arrived at Meg’s house. She had called me, desperate for a good home-school tutor for her 9-year-old son. He was too ill to attend regular school, and Meg pulled him out. So I waltz on over there and knock on the door. A deep bark met my ears, followed by that crying whine dogs make when they really, really want to eat that yummy bone or chew on that pesky toy or chase that strange woman knocking on the door. And that was how I met Max. He was a big 80-plus-pound German shepherd/Lab mix, about a year old, tall enough to reach my midthigh (and I’m 5-9!), restrained on a leash by a tiny woman holding his chain with both hands while bracing herself in the bathroom doorway. She seemed nervous about something. Huh. “You must be Kris,” she said. “I have to introduce you to Max. He bites.” But Max wasn’t thinking of biting. He was whining, and his tail was wagging so hard that Meg’s legs would be bruised for days. “Oh,” I cooed; “who’s the big strong puppy? Is oo full of loves for me?” Max promptly head-butted my knees so hard that he literally knocked me on my tushie and licked the makeup off one side of my face. “Huh,” said Meg, unbracing and removing Max’s chain. “He’s never done that before. I guess you’re OK.” And she smiled and winked at me, the first smile from two women who, as it turned out, were destined to become lifelong friends.

But Max wasn’t done with me yet. I sat down with 9-year-old Joey at the dining table, and Max channeled his inner lap-dog, promptly flinging the front half of his body right on my lap, knocking me off the chair and on my tushie—again! “Do you think he likes me?” I asked Joey, who was grinning from ear to ear now as I tried (unsuccessfully) to save the makeup on the other side of my face. And what does my very precocious student say? “Naw. He’s just tasting you.” KR Johnson is an award-winning speaker, longtime educator and advocate for kids and improvisational theater performer. She is the author of The Eleventh Sense, the hilarious journey of Simon, who must find his mother’s killer with the help of the most unusual, and annoying, bunch of friends ever, available on | JUNE 2012


Pet-friendly hotels make summer vacation a true family affair


B y M A RT I N J O N E S W E S T L I N | S A N D I E G O P E T S

ummer vacations are meant for the family. And since your pet is as family as family gets, leaving it behind while you recharge your batteries would be like interrupting the family bloodline or something. Increases in pet ownership and looser regulations on boarding pets make it easier than ever to take your companion with you—today’s hotel owners have ramped up their facilities accordingly, offering everything from on-site vet services to discounts at nearby pet boutiques. Some 160 local venues call themselves pet-friendly; this can mean anything from allowing the animal in the room all the way up to Happy Hour invitations (with a view!). We’ve prepared a brief list of the pet-friendliest lodgings we could find in San Diego, Honolulu, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Sedona, Ariz.—if your vacation plans don’t include those cities, the story might at least jog a thought or two about what you might consider in the way of your destination’s available amenities ( is a good resource for pet-friendly accommodations in other cities). It’s all about the family, after all, and the four-legger who’s undoubtedly its most important member.

The Indigo’s Level9 Bar and outdoor patio is as dog-friendly as it comes.

San Diego

The Hotel Indigo, at 509 Ninth Ave. Downtown, has been open since 2009, with its flagship facility unveiled in Atlanta five years before. Pat McTigue, the local hotel’s marketing director, noted that the Atlanta venue had lots of dog owners nearby—“and what better way to get some exposure or awareness about the hotel than to invite the neighbors in. We had a happy hour at the bar, and the neighbors were encouraged to bring their dogs. It was really successful; the community really took to it.” The San Diego owners, noting the de-

BUSINESS LISTINGS Ark Animal Hospital Small animal veterinary hospital 6171 Balboa Avenue, SD, CA 92111 Open Mon–Sat • (858) 277-3665

Bark Avenue Resort and Kamp 655 Benet Road, Oceanside, CA. 92058 (760) 433-3763 Ext. 7 Email:

California Veterinary Specialists 2310 Faraday Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008, (760) 431-2273 • 7 days 24 hrs.


JUNE 2012 |

mand for pet accommodations, took the idea a step further—and now, once a month, the Indigo’s Level9 Bar, which ironically overlooks PETCO Park, welcomes the guests’ dogs as part of the camaraderie. “We usually get about 50 to 75 dogs,” McTigue said, “and our capacity up there is 160. If you can imagine all those dogs that come with people, that’s a pretty big turnout.” Most of the dogs are off-leash, and McTigue said that hasn’t resulted in any unpleasantness among the animals. “I think the dogs are more understanding of one another,” he explained. GET LISTED! Call (619) 573-5615 for rates.

County of San Diego Department of Animal Services (619) 767-2675 •

Dog Beach Dog Wash Do-It-Yourself•Service•Accessories 4933 Voltaire St., San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 523-1700

EasyTurf A Field Turf Company Request a FREE DESIGN consultation 2750 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081 1-800-550-7270

Four Legged Life Pet event speaker Arden Moore Dog/cat behavior consults Host dog parties • (760) 433-3480

Fuzzy Wolf Canine Training Academy Cert. Trainer Program, Group & Private Pet Parent training. (831) 979-0303

Home Buddies by Camp BowWow Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Dog Training Bonded and Insured (619) 889-7767


Hotel Indigo, which gets modest call for cat accommodations as well, doesn’t charge fees or deposits on pets. “Because we’re so pet-friendly,” McTigue said, “I think dog owners are that much more respectful. People just really appreciate the fact that they can bring their dog. For more, call 619-727-4000 or see and click on “Explore Hotel Indigo.”

5 d H B


A Hawaii rule change in 2003 relaxes regulations on animal quarantine. According to the owners at Honolulu’s Aqua Waikiki Wave hotel, that translated to a 30 percent increase in requests for pet accommodations in just three years. Today, this hip boutique venue welcomes one to two dogs (up to 40 pounds each) per customer and charges a $100 security deposit and a fee of $35 per night. Treats, food and water bowls, dog liners, dog beds and a take-home toy are included in the package; the guest service desk will hook you up with a daycare service or veterinary care. Call 808-922-1262 or see

San Francisco

The Serrano Hotel might as well be a high-end kennel. The Tenderloin District venue regales its animal guests with rawhide fetch-it sticks, lamb-andrice dog and cat food, disposable clean-up bags, designer water and

Serrano Hotel is a pet-friendly, downtown San Francisco Kimpton hotel

even theme-based fun and games. The lobby has a gigrundous gourmet treats shop, and pets stay for free to boot. For more, call 415-885-2500 or see

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a bit of a different—uh— animal than most cities. So much coming and going often translates to much more stringent requirements at hotels when pets are involved; most places require a live human being to stay in the room with the animal. But staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites Las Vegas Airport South offers one advantage that very few other Vegas hotels do: Pets stay free, which means you can spend more on everything that Vegas is about. Call 702-492-8900 or see

Sedona, Ariz.

The stunning red-rock countryside and the nearby Grand Canyon mark Sedona for the naturalist’s gem that it is. The El Portal Hotel has its natureloving side as well—owners and native Californians Steve and Connie Segner spent a lifetime in the pet care industry, so they have a special handle on what makes a memorable stay for you and your loved one. Treat baskets and pet yards are the order or the day here, and four of the lodge’s 12 rooms have pet patios. The sprawling Sedona Dog Park isn’t that far away. For more, call 800313-0077 or visit Where is your favorite pet-friendly vacation spot? Share your answer with us on our facebook page:


Pet First Aid 4 U

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company

Dog and cat 1st aid, CPR classes Hands-on training. Earn certificate. Throughout S.D. • (760) 433-3480

Serving San Diego and surrounding areas

(619) 296-4928

Leash Your Fitness Fitness class for you and your DOG. Classes / events throughtout San Diego. 619-822-3296

Mission Animal & Bird Hospital 655 Benet Road, Oceanside, CA. 92058 (760) 433-3763 Email:

Puptown Doggy Daycare 205 16th Street. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 234-5278

PoopPac Dog Walkers Case BAG IT – PAC IT – TRASH IT! Enjoy your walk in style No Odor - No Mess - It Works!

San Diego Humane Society & SPCA (619) 299-7012

Project Wildlife Wildlife rehabilitation and education 887 1/2 Sherman Street, SD, CA 92110 Wildlife Hotline 619-225-9453

SD House Rabbit Society (858) 356-4286 | JUNE 2012



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Emergency Hospitals BONITA/CHULA VISTA Pet Emergency & SpecialtyCenter of South County (619) 591-4802 885 Canarios Court, #108, Chula Vista, CA 91910

CARLSBAD California Veterinary Specialists (760) 431-2273 2310 Faraday Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008, 7 days 24 hrs.

ENCINITAS VCA North Coast Veterinary & Emergency (760) 632-1072 414 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024,

ESCONDIDO Animal Urgent Care of Escondido (760) 738-9600 2430-A S. Escondido Blvd., Escondido, CA 92025, 7 Days 24 hrs.

KEARNY MESA/CLAIREMONT Animal ER of San Diego (858) 569-0600 5610 Kearny Mesa Road, San Diego, CA 92111 M-F 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sat. Sun. 24 hrs.

LA MESA Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (619) 462-4800 5232 Jackson Drive #105, La Mesa, CA 91942, 7 Days 24 hrs.

MISSION VALLEY VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center (619) 229-2400 2317 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA 92108,7 Days 24 hrs.

MURRIETA California Veterinary Specialists (951) 600-9803 25100 Hancock Ave. #116, Murrieta, CA 92562, 7 days 24 hrs.

POWAY Animal Emergency Clinic (858) 748-7387 12775 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064 M-F 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sat. Sun. 24 hrs.

SAN MARCOS Veterinary Specialty Hospital (760) 466-0600 2055 Montiel Road, Suite 104, San Marcos, CA 92069

SORRENTO VALLEY Veterinary Specialty Hospital (858) 875-7500 10435 Sorrento Valley Road., San Diego, CA 92121 7 Days 24 hrs.


Animal Shelters & Humane Societies ACCEPT STRAYS & HAVE ADOPTION BAY PARK/MISSION VALLEY County Animal Services 5480 Gaines St., CA 92110 (619) 767-2675 Hours: Tues-Sat 9:30am to 5:30pm

Rescue, Adoption and Service Organizations A Passion For Paws (Akita Rescue) (818) 925-4827

BONITA County Animal Services

Baja Dog Rescue (619) 407-9372

5821 Sweetwater Road, CA 91902 (619) 767-2675 Hours: Tues-Sat 9:30am to 5:30pm

Bat Rescue

CAMP PENDLETON Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter

Boxers N Birds (all breeds rescue and adoption) Like us on Facebook. 3308 Mission Ave. Oceanside, CA 92058. (760) 433-3763 x224

4th St. Area 25 Bldg. 25132 CA 92054 (760) 725-8120

CARLSBAD County Animal Services 2481 Palomar Airport Road, CA 92011 619) 767-2675 Hours: Tues-Sat 9:30am to 5:30pm

CHULA VISTA City of Chula Vista Animal Shelter 130 Beyer Way, CA 91911 (619) 691-5123 Hours: Sun & Mon Closed, Tue-Fri 9:30am-5pm Sat. 9:30am-4pm

CORONADO Animal Control Facility 700 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118 (619) 522-7371 Hours: 7 days 8:30am to 4:30am

EL CAJON City of El Cajon Animal Shelter 1275 N. Marshall Ave., CA 92020 (619) 441-1580 Hours: Tues-Sat 10am to 5:30pm

ESCONDIDO Escondido Humane Society 3450 E. Valley Parkway, CA 92027 (760) 888-2275 Hours: 7 days 10am to 5pm

Cat Adoption Service (760) 550-2287 Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue (760) 726-4813 Greyhound Connection Independent Therapy Dogs, Inc. A non-profit therapy dog organization providing therapy dog visits for anyone who would like one. e-mail:


It’s The Pits Specializing in the Bully Breeds (858) 484-0985

San Diego Humane Society-North (For dogs) 2905 San Luis Rey Road, CA 92058 (619) 299-7012 Hours: 7 days 10am-4pm

List Srv 4 Therapy Dog Teams A listing service/electronic bulletin board.

San Diego Humane Society-North (For cats) 572 Airport Road, CA 92058 (619) 299-7012 Hours: 7 days 10am-4pm

Operation Greyhound (619) 588-6611


Paws of Coronado (619) 522-7371

San Diego Humane Society-San Diego Campus 5500 Gaines Street, CA 92110 (619) 299-7012 Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm Sat-Sun 11am-5pm


Pit Bull Rescue of San Diego (858) 693-7331

Friends of Cats 15587 Olde Highway 80, CA, 92021 (619) 561-0361 Hours: Tues-Sun 10am to 4pm

Rescue House (760) 591-1211


San Diego House Rabbit Society (858) 356-4286

Rancho Coastal Humane Society 389 Requeza Street, CA 92024 (760) 753-6413 Hours: 11am -5pm every day except Tues. 11:30am-5pm

RANCHO SANTA FE Helen Woodward Animal Center 6461 El Apajo Road, CA 92067 (858) 756-4117 Hours: 7 days 11am to 6pm

S.D. Turtle & Tortoise Society (619) 593-2123


Second Chance Dog Rescue (619) 721-DOGS (3647)

National Cat Protection Society 9031 Birch Street, CA 91977 (619) 469-8771 Hours: Tue.-Sat. Noon to 5pm

Westie Rescue of California (619) 579-6395

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Welcome to the Dr.'s Corner. I am Dr. Jason Sweitzer and I am a veterinarian at Mission Animal and Bird Hospital in Oceanside with a specific interest in Emergency Medicine, Behavior, and Exotic Animals. This column is your chance to ask a vet your questions. I’ll pick topics that are the most timely and useful to pet owners but will try to respond to all e-mails. Please submit your questions to

I have been thinking of switching to a grain free, raw diet for my dog. Is there anything I need to know?


This is a great question and one of my biggest pet peeves so I am glad you asked. Let me break this down into the raw food diet portion, and then the grain free concern. Raw food diets have many claimed great health effects including elimination of itching, skin infections, loose stools, vomiting, and being the more natural food, etc. Most of these are not only not true but they can be worse on raw food diets. If they are improved, it is often for a reason other than being a raw food. The biggest reason a raw diet may help is because it contains a different protein source than you were feeding before (a cooked packaged food has the same effects). The things they don't mention about raw foods is food safety

and that dogs are not wolves. A German shepherd dog or chihuahua is nothing like a coyote or wolf and they actually have physical differences including digestion and especially longevity. Raw foods markedly increase the bacterial counts throughout your home. Remember you clean your counters after preparing meat but your dog will lick their bowl, lick their feet and walk all over the house and sit on the couch or bed. Then they will lick your hand or give you a kiss. Guess how much Salmonella and E. coli they just spread over your whole house? A Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist I spoke to recommended to never feed your dog a raw food diet. Period. As for the grain-free craze. This was perpetrated by food companies realizing that humans had some grain allergies and dogs have skin allergies so dogs must have grain allergies. If they sold grain or gluten-free foods, they could charge a lot more for it. We're talking making millions of dollars off these foods. It makes sense, the problem is it just isn't true. Skin allergies in dogs are composed of fleas, food, and environment with food usually the significantly smallest portion. Of those dogs who actually have food allergies, the overwhelming majority are to the meat protein in their diet with chicken, beef, and dairy making up almost the entire food allergy pie. They are not bad just the most commonly used proteins. The remainder of the food allergies are to


List your Business, call (619) 573-5615 for rates.

Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs

Sophie Bella's Studio

Learning With Love Dog Training Animal Behavioral Specialist (619) 813-1252,

Professional Photography Call Us for Your Holiday Photos 858-717-6200

Whole Dog Sports Center

Star Grooming on Fifth

Dog training agility sports. All levels. 6,000 sq ft indoor field. Classes available. Located in Carlsbad • (760) 931-2600

Professional Pet Stylist 1845 Fifth Ave (Between Elm & Fir) (619) 571-1795

Silva’s Dog Training

The Total Dog, Swim & Gym

Training Puppies and Adult Dogs “From the Moment They Arrive Home!” (760) 613-3175

the less commonly used proteins like fish, rabbit, duck, lamb, etc. with grains and gluten not even registering as a blip on the allergy spectrum. I spoke to one of the major food companies and they admitted to me that the only reason they came out with a grain free diet, is because that is what everyone is buying and they lost market share without it. No science, no research, just pure money and business. If you want to help your dog (and these are also true for cats), do not feed grain or gluten free diets and never feed raw food as it can cause hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (bloody diarrhea). Instead, talk to your veterinarian so they can try to first evaluate if a diet trial may even be helpful (many times it is fleas or environment that need addressed instead) and help guide you through the search for the right food. So to answer your question about what you need to know...don’t do it! Hope that helps keep yourself, your animals, and your family safer, and helps keep your wallet fuller.

3060 Industry St., Ste. 108 Oceanside, CA • 760-721-1DOG (1364)

TouchNpaws & MakeNscents Comfort * Wellness * Mobility Serving the North County area (Mira Mesa up)

(619) 405-4144 •

TTouch for dogs, cats and rabbits By certified practitioner Mary E. Cannon 858-361-8038

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Friday June 8 (must have fair ticket) more info:

Pet Lounge TV Air Times On Cox Cable & Time Warner Channel 4

June 9 and 26 at 1 pm and 5:30 pm

Doggie Street Festival Robb Field in Ocean Beach. See ad page 21

Sunday June 10, 9 am - 4 pm

Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition Saturday June 16, 10 am - 2pm

Pet Fest & Doggy Dash Saturday June 16, 8 am - 12 pm

National Dog Party Day Friday June 22, 7 - 10 pm. Page 9

Hounds for Hope Walk

More events and details posted online:


Purina Pro Plan Incredible Surf Dog Competition

Page 16

Saturday July 28, 10:30 am - 1 pm

Dog Days of Summer

Page 17

Saturday Aug 11, 10 am - 3 pm

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5 d H B

Be Your Pet’s Health Ally!

Pet First Aid/CPR classes 760-433-3480 | JUNE 2012


San Diego Pets Magazine, June 2012  

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San Diego Pets Magazine, June 2012  

GET ACTIVE with your pets! We interview Leash Your Fitness owner, Dawn Celapino, and her Cairn terrier, Jack. Read all about National Dog P...