San Diego Center for Children Annual Report 2015-2016

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the Joy of Childhood

Emotional Suffering


As San Diego’s oldest children’s nonprofit, the San Diego Center for Children is a trusted leader in providing a comprehensive range of therapeutic and educational services to children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. We are guided by our mission and vision in order to serve holistically the needs of over 1,000 children, teens and families every day. From July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, we empowered the lives of 8,318 youth and family members through our evidence-based and nationally accredited services. Our success is the success of our community. We thank you for your generous contributions to our fiscal year milestones.

Annual Report 2015-2016

San Diego Center for Children


Protect the Joy of Childhood. Prevent Emotional Suffering. Incite Change.

Inspire a world where all children and families live joyful and healthy lives.

San Diego Center for Children

Message from Leadership Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters, As we complete our 129th year, we have had the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments as San Diego’s oldest nonprofit dedicated to the care of children and the vital resources we have provided the community. The children, teens and families we serve have much in common. For many, it’s the struggle of coping with a mental health condition or a developmental disability. For others, it’s the aftermath of abuse, trauma or neglect. The youth and families we serve come from all different backgrounds and circumstances. Some families are simply unaware of available resources or when it’s time for them to seek support. Some of the youth we serve come from families where there has been a need to be removed from their parents’ care and be placed in foster care. Most are struggling in school and many are bullied or made fun of. Regardless of the circumstances for the children and families we work with, they unfortunately have not experienced the stable, soothing and caring environment needed to effectively address their struggles. Because we understand that one solution does not fit all and that one treatment approach does not help address all problems, we have worked diligently to develop a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health and educational services to best respond to the varied needs of the families we serve. We offer a true continuum of nationally accredited services and we continuously strive to improve the well-being of the more than 1,000 lives we empower every day.

Moisés Barón, Ph.D., President & CEO

But there is more that we need to do to achieve our vision for the future. We continue to work diligently to chart a new and exciting course as we approach the remarkable milestone of serving the community for 130 years. We encourage you to read this report and visit our website to learn what we have accomplished. We also invite you to come for a tour at the Center to a get a closer look at what we do and learn about our plans for the future. We are striving to make the San Diego Center for Children a household name in our community and to create new pathways for families to access the services that we provide and that they deserve. We are proud of our accomplishments over this past year and grateful to our Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, dedicated and professional staff, and to all of our friends and supporters for their generous, life-changing contributions. We truly believe that the San Diego Center for Children has a bright future to add to its distinguished 129-year history. Together, as partners, there is much more we can accomplish to benefit the lives of children who, by no fault of their own, are in need of the vital services we provide.

Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President & CEO Annual Report 2015-2016

Keith Wilson, Ph.D., Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Keith Wilson, Ph.D. Chair of the Board of Trustees 3

mental health needs is “ What more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation about illnesses that affect not only individuals, but their families as well. - Glenn Close



San Diego Center for Children

Commitment to the Entire Family’s Well-Being The struggles and unfavorable connotations regarding mental health dates back many centuries, yet they are still alive and prevalent in our society today. Several factors contribute to this perpetuation, causing families to delay or not receive the proper attention and treatment needed to address their child’s struggles. The unfortunate stigma of mental health may cause a family to sweep harmful situations under the rug or label their child’s behavior as “just a phase”. Additionally, a family may be unaware about mental health or developmental disorders in order to recognize symptoms and signs, and further, may not have access to care or know where to seek help. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that of the more than 105,000 children and teens in our County experiencing a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder, 80% may not get the help they need. This lack of care leaves many feeling displaced, others feeling hopeless to dream and imagine a bright future, and too many at risk of developing more serious problems as they become adults. Problems with mental health are not a phase. They are real and can affect us all in one way or another. The San Diego Center for Children is a compass for families, guiding them to access the help they need when they need it. Our integrated therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition services are designed to address a child’s condition and a family’s struggles in an effective, comprehensive and compassionate way. A child’s success means success for their family, and an empowered family means a healthier, more mindful community.

“My child got all the care and attention that he had never received in other places. Now he doesn’t get upset when he goes to school and he feels proud of himself and his achievements. Thank you.” - Center Parent Annual Report 2015-2016


Our Collaborative Impact & Reach 1 Center 4 8 program sites 4 365 staff 4 1,544 cases seen 4 8,318 individuals empowered Our fiscal year impact in empowering the lives of 8,318 youth and family members was set in motion by over 365 culturally-and trauma-informed team members – across 8 program sites located throughout San Diego County – our main campus in Linda Vista, and community-based programs within hundreds of homes, schools and communities. Evidence-based therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition services were accessible to families of all backgrounds and circumstances. With a superior quality of care, nationally accredited by The Joint Commission, each youth served through our programs received individualized treatment that was strength-based, child and family centered, and culturally relevant.

86% of youth served improved after discharge


of youth avoided psychiatric hospitalization


of youth were discharged to a lower or same level of care after treatment

96% family involvement during youth treatment

90 Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students – from 13 schools – participated in our professional training programs – in 4 areas of psychology, counseling, special education and social work. San Diego Center for Children

Youth Served by Race/Ethnicity Ages 0-21

1% Native-American 3% Asian/Pacific Islander








Continuum of Care Services

Other/ Multi-Racial

25% of the 1,544 youth we served are foster youth

Our 8 Program Sites

“I felt comfortable around them. It was really convenient that they came to my house, and I felt that I could trust them.� - Center Youth, WrapWorks Program Annual Report 2015-2016


San Marcos Escondido

Serra Mesa Linda Vista Main Campus

La Mesa Spring Valley South Bay


Max continues making strides not only at home and in the community, but also in his school environment.


San Diego Center for Children

FINDING ANSWERS & HOPE THROUGH THERAPEUTIC SERVICES Max, a 9-year-old boy, was displaying severe social and behavioral challenges at home and school. Max’s mother was beyond frustrated due to her numerous contacts with various health care providers who never called back or completed an assessment for Max. This was not due to lack of insurance, as Max’s family had the resources to seek professional help. Although Max was “high functioning” and not struggling academically, his parents feared that a lack of understanding regarding his significant behaviors could lead others to label him as a “bad kid” – or place him at risk of facing school suspension or police involvement. They were committed to seeking help for Max and received a referral to the Family Wellness Center from a family who had received help for their child experiencing similar struggles. Through an initial consultation and diagnostic tests, our clinical staff confirmed that Max’s behaviors were not representative of an unruly child. Rather, Max was displaying behaviors characteristic of children on the autism spectrum. Before receiving treatment and social skills group services at the Family Wellness Center, Max would have triggers and explode without knowing the reasons for his volatile reactions. Max is now more aware of his physiological sensory body responses and stressors, and able to articulate what his triggers are and how to address them. Max started to advocate for himself better in sharing what his needs are,

and through family therapy sessions at the Family Wellness Center, his parents have also learned how to better support him. Additionally, the Family Wellness Center team advocated for Max during his Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting once he was diagnosed to help his school better understand his autism spectrum disorder and identify appropriate supports and services. This collaboration has resulted in a positive partnership to ensure Max continues making strides not only at home and in the community, but also in his school environment. Through the services and support that Max and his family received, there was an opportunity for peers in his social circle to build compassion and understanding of the struggles experienced by those on the autism spectrum. *The child’s name and image has been replaced in order to protect their identity.

Outpatient therapy, autism and school-based mental health services were provided to

2,750 youth and family members this year.

Annual Report 2015-2016


THRIVING IN THE CLASSROOM & BEYOND THROUGH EDUCATIONAL SERVICES As a young child, David was exposed to extraordinary neglect, living in an unsafe and unsanitary garage with no one to properly care for him. At the age of 9, David was removed from his home by child welfare and went through 6 placements over the next several years, including time in a juvenile detention facility. As a foster youth, David was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 10-years-old and developed social anxiety due to being bullied by his peers. Through our LifeSchool Program, a partnership with the Sweetwater Union High School District, David developed coping skills through our therapeutic and educational services and started to excel in his academics. David additionally continued to work in his therapy sessions to address the overwhelming trauma he experienced as a young child to become more resilient and serve as a role-model to his fellow classmates. David met his treatment goals the last semester of his senior year and successfully mainstreamed into a traditional high school setting where he received his high school diploma. Big goals are on David’s horizon, including plans to possibly major in criminal justice or pursue studies related to forestry. We could not be prouder of David’s success and goal to continue his education. *The student’s name and image has been replaced in order to protect their identity. 10

San Diego Center for Children

Academic Programs




33% Female, 66% Male, 1% Other


San Diego Center for Children Academy, LifeSchool & North County Academy


Total Students






41% Extremely Low

324 students from over 20 school districts were served through our WASC accredited K-12 nonpublic school and school-based programs.


Student Income Level

17 middle and high school graduates completed their respective studies at our Academy. Over the past 8 years, we have achieved a 97% success rate of graduates who received a high school diploma. North County Academy provided services to students from 15 different school districts of which 9 students received their high school diploma.


Annual Report 2015-2016

San Diego Center for Children


San Diego Center for Children

CREATING STRONGER FAMILIES THROUGH FOSTER CARE SERVICES Missy always had a passion for children with a specific goal to adopt a child. In 2011, Missy began her journey with our Special Families Foster Care Program to become a certified foster parent. Two years later, fate brought a sweet 6-year-old girl, Aricelli, to be placed in her nurturing and safe home. “Ari” was missing school 60% of the time prior to being placed in Missy’s home and performing under grade level in kindergarten. Missy received invaluable support and services through weekly meetings and 24/7 guidance provided over the next 3 ½ years by our Special Families Foster Care team members. Resources included understanding how to navigate the foster care system, building a reunification plan with Ari’s biological family, and managing complex issues that may arise with biological family members. Additionally, Missy and Ari received family therapy over 15 months through our Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment (FFAST) Program to equip them both with coping and life skills in order to build permanency, attachment, discipline, safety, joy and resilience in their relationship throughout the fostering and adoption phases. Missy’s goal to adopt became reality when Ari’s adoption was finalized in 2015. Today, Ari is 10-years-old and is excelling and engaged in her academics and afterschool activities. She also ran her first 5K, landed her second lead role in a school musical, has developed significant attachment bonds with both her biological and foster extended families, and speaks about “when she goes to college”.

“It’s been a privilege to witness the transformation of Ari – this beautiful, bright, joyful, inquisitive, resilient girl who aspires to big, bold, beautiful dreams. This is largely in thanks to the Center’s programs and the intensive attention the staff gave to me and Ari.” -Missy

Annual Report 2015-2016


“The competition was really fun because I got to bond with a lot of staff. I think the Center was a good place for me and I’m glad I ended up here even due to all the misfortunate experiences I went through. I feel I’ve learned a lot of coping skills. I don’t feel trapped anymore. I have more options and the future doesn’t bother me anymore as I’ve learned a lot, such as how to apply for colleges, find apartments, how to cook, what to do in an emergency and more. Now, I’m not so worried about the future because I will know how to survive in the real world.” - Center Youth 14

San Diego Center for Children

LEARNING LIFE SKILLS FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESS THROUGH TRANSITION SERVICES Planning and thinking about one’s future can be daunting for some, especially when you are in foster care or when you are trying to cope with a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. However, for the 43 teens served through our newly developed Successful Transitions Program, things look brighter now that they have an individualized plan for their future and are equipped with critical independent life skills to help successfully transition from our programs and eventually into adulthood. Transition services were provided to youth in our Clark Adolescent Residential Treatment, WrapWorks, North County Academy, LifeSchool, Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment (FFAST) and San Diego Center for Children Academy programs. Our Life Skills curriculum includes 14 skill building categories and additionally offers teens certification in CPR & First Aid, Therapy Dog Handler and Food Handlers. A teen living in our Clark Adolescent Residential Treatment Program applied the culinary skills learned through our transition program at the San Diego County Young Master Chef Competition. We were proud of her accomplishment to place 2nd out of 30 competitors with her delicious “Spinach Fettucine with Ratatouille” recipe, which was inspired by her grandma. The teen shared, “I love my grandma! She makes ratatouille and it’s the best. I felt I should honor her through this competition as she’s supportive of me and such a good person. She had my mom, so I love her and I love my mom too!” Annual Report 2015-2016

In Loving Memory: Jack Clark The Clark Adolescent Residential Treatment cottage, named after long-time friends and donors, Jack & Carol Clark, is home for up to 30 teens needing intensive therapeutic support. As we reflect on this past year, we wish to acknowledge the passing of one of the Center’s dearest friends and most loyal supporters, Jack Clark. He, along with his wife, Carol, devoted extraordinary resources to ensure the best facilities and treatment were available to the children and teens at the Center. Our most sincere appreciation for his legacy of generosity and passion for our mission. His name is now part of the DNA of our institution and we are fortunate to have Carol continue their legacy of transformational giving. San Diego Center for Children


Financial Stability 89%

Statement of Financial Position 6/30/2016


Total Assets

$ 14,310,166

$ 13,844,592

Total Liabilities



Total Net Assets

$ 10,089,754

$ 10,053,169

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$ 14,310,166

$ 13,844,592



Fees for services - government

Revenue & Support

6% 5% Fundraising $


Fees for services - non-government






Other income



Total revenue and support

$ 21,409,906

Expenses Fees for services









Total expenses

$ 21,373,321

Change in net assets



Net assets beginning of year



Net assets end of year



Fees for services non-government


3% Fundraising

Fees for services - government

88% Services

Revenue and Support

9% Overhead

Statement of Activities

* For June 30, 2016 16

San Diego Center for Children

Community Support & Collaborations Our success would not be possible without the many donors and volunteers who provide their valuable resources of time, treasure and talent to ensure our mission and vision are accomplished. Thank you to the companies who have generously supported our efforts through sponsorship, underwriting, employee giving, volunteerism and more throughout the year. We are thrilled to continue vital partnerships with such outstanding organizations.

It has been a joy to partner with caring organizations, community and civic groups, school clubs, and local businesses. Their generous contributions have provided vital underwriting and volunteer resources for the children and families we serve.

The Iris Auxiliary to the San Diego Center for Children has supported children in our care for over 35 years. Their mission is to provide the “extras” that help the children have the same experiences that other children enjoy. This amazing group of ladies presented us with a $28,000 check at their Annual Meeting in June 2016 from all fundraising activities they coordinated to continue benefiting the youth we serve. “I get a lot more out of volunteering than what I give to the kids. I can see in their faces that they appreciate the consistency of me being there week after week. They have suffered a lot of loss and broken promises. I just love working with children.” - Pat, Volunteer of the Center & Iris Auxiliary Member

Countless hours were provided this fiscal year by over 500 volunteers. Iris Auxiliary members alone totaled 439 volunteer hours in helping youth learn how to sew various items, including quilts. “I saw the positive turnaround my stepson made from going to the Academy, and I can’t speak enough of what the Center has done to help him. I’ve gotten to know people at the Center, which is why I also continue volunteering. I’m loyal to the Center.” - Maribeth, Center Volunteer of the Year 2015

Employee Collaboration & Wellness We are thankful for our caring, multidisciplinary team of over 365 culturally-and trauma-informed team members who support the health care needs of thousands of families. The safety and well-being of the families we serve are as important as the needs of our employees. Through our employee-run Live for Live Committee, we offered 502 wellness classes and activities this fiscal year, with 2,019 instances of staff participation from approximately 361 individual team members.

Annual Report 2015-2016


Fundraising Events Wacky Wonky Walk & Kids Festival - October 25, 2015 A scrumdiddlyumptious day it was at the gorgeous Waterfront Park that included a 4.89K Wacky Walk reminiscent of the spirit and décor of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Over 1,000 attendees were led to a kid friendly festival, which included food vendors and wacky activity extravaganza enjoyed by all ages. “I slept in the same style of bed. None of these children are here by choice or did they ask for this. I know exactly what they’re going through. Even if I help one kid through what I do for the Center, it’s worth it.” - Joe, Volunteer of the Center and Wacky Willy Wonka

Holiday FUNDrive - December 13, 2015 Holiday cheer was celebrated on our main 9-acre campus in Linda Vista which was turned into a Winter Wonderland. 300 community members helped trim the trees, hang stockings and decorate for the holiday season. Additionally, toys and gift cards were donated to help families we serve. Vespa Motorsport’s Annual Scooter Toy Run was also a big highlight of this fun-filled event.

129th Anniversary Celebration - June 2, 2016 Our “Blues Thursday” gala was celebrated by 300 attendees at the U.S. Grant Hotel. Guests were amazed by the musical and artistic talents from our youth through an open-mic performance, and the success story of a former Academy student. It was an honor for us to also present Susie Sides and Jim Avery with our PATH Award – “Partner in Achieving Transformation and Hope”. On behalf of the San Diego City Council, Councilmember Lorie Zapf presented a distinguishable City Council Proclamation proclaiming June 2, 2016 as Susie Sides and Jim Avery Day.

Thank you to our generous event sponsors who helped us raise funds and awareness of our life-changing services: Alliant Insurance Services BB&T - John Burnham Insurance Services Calpine Corporation Kyocera International LANtelligence Inc.


NRG Energy, Inc. Pala Casino & Resort PAR Electrical Contractors Picketfence Design Inc. San Diego County Credit Union SDG&E

Southwest Airlines Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Takeda California U.S. Bank

San Diego Center for Children

Donor Wall Jennifer Aase ABB Inc. Elaine Abraham Acru Health Precision Chiropractic Nancy Adams Lou Addeo Advanced Microgrid Solutions Beatriz Akins Christine Allen Alliant Insurance Services Inc. Helen Allison Shirley Allister Elizabeth Allman Allstate The Giving Campaign Karla Alves Kirjah Amantea Amazon Smile Foundation Alena Amott Amphibious Construction Battalion United States Navy Cynthia N. Anderson Duane Anderson Ray Anderson Frederick and Alice Andrus Angels Baseball Anonymous Donor Advised Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation Anonymous James and Elizabeth Ferris Jay Anthony Nick Anton Aquarium of the Pacific Arizona Tile, LLC Tomme Arthur AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Peter Aubrecht Weldon and Deborah Aultman Jim Avery and Susie Sides Patricia Avery Charles Bahde Aldona Maria Balciunas Gabriella Baldoni Ballotta Entertainment Reiss Balog Bank of America Charitable Foundation Annual Report 2015-2016

Barbarella Restaurant Caroline Barberio Moisés and Vicki Barón Barona Band of Mission Indians Dawn Barrett and Carol Baker Leticia Barron Diane Barry Gordon and Susan Bartow Amanda Bates Charlotte Baum Larry Baza BB&T John Burnham Insurance Sean Beatty Beck Ellman Heald Agency Inc. Dave and Alison Beck David and Kathy Beck Christine Becker Curt Becker Tashina Beckmann Behavioral Health Recognition Dinner Brett Beightol Marisa and Riamour Bell Bellus Academy Belly Up Tavern Belmont Park Ray Bender and Peg Neuhauser Linda Benning John and Margot Berg Jenni Bethell Paul and Maralyn Bevilaqua Mary L. Bianco Big 5 Sporting Goods Big Daddy Cigars Bikes for Kids Bob and Darcy Bingham Joe Binning Cammile Bird Pamela Stones Bistro Du Marche Bixby Zane Larry and Marla Black Dawn Blaikie Linnea Blair The Arthur and Barbara Bloom Foundation Bernard and Heidi Blotner

April Bolduc Nichole Bolger Lynn Bond Robert Bond Books in Boxes Boomers Ed and Mary Ann Bosanac Robert and Jacquelin Boswell Susan Bourrillion Heather Bowden Richard Boyce and Elaine Rogers Cheryl Boyd Boys & Girls Foundation Brack & Mason Attorneys At Law Mary Bradbury Lala and Jasmine Brandolini Don and Jeri Brandom Richard and Susan Braun Ernest Brazier Carol Breckenridge Tiana Britt Donald and Gary Brodhagen Greg and Sandy Brown John Brown Paul and Julie Brown Antonina Brunetto John Bucher Dennis Buckley Buffalo Wild Wings Jennifer Bungo-Gaudinez Christa Burke The Burnham Foundation Esther Burnham Estate Scott and Louise Burrus Business Network Consultants, LLC Vanessa Buso Callaway Golf Company Callaway Vineyard & Winery Peter Callstrom and Patti Riley Calpine Corporation Rodrigo Calvo Albertina Camacho Marianela Camarillo Camp Diego Canine Daycare and Boarding Richard Campagna

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We have made every effort to include our donors who graciously made a financial or in-kind donation from 7/1/15 - 6/30/16. If you have found an error or omission, please contact Karitina Morett, Development Coordinator, at (858) 5693935 or


Leadership Team Board of Trustees Keith Wilson, Ph.D., Chairperson Vice President Takeda San Diego

Brian DeWitt Vice President and Division Counsel Qualcomm, Inc.

Ann Garland, Ph.D., Vice-Chairperson Professor and Chair, Department of Counseling & MFT University of San Diego

Jackie Greulich Student and Career Services Manager University of San Diego School of Business

Frank Fornaca, Treasurer President The ReadiGroup, Inc.

Candace Kasperick Program Nurse, Children & Youth in Transition San Diego Unified School District

Paul Davis, Secretary Manager, Sponsorships Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Damian McKinney Founder and Chief Executive Officer McKinney Advisory Group

Jean Pohl Special Education Resource Specialist, Retired San Diego Unified School District Patricia Riley General Counsel McKinney Advisory Group Nancy Rix Managing Partner Dickerson Rix and Co., LLP Veronica Rubio Senior Vice President & Senior Private Banker City National Bank, Private Client Services

Meg Schneider Technical/Proposal Writer, Retired Doreen Schonbrun Interim Executive Director Arts and Culture Commission San Diego Susie Sides San Diego Gas and Electric, Retired Gwynn Thomas Vice President HUB International Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer San Diego Center for Children

Advisory Council Jodie Brokowski, Esq. General Counsel Children’s Specialists of San Diego Tim Carter Director, Alternative Funding Solutions Employee Benefits Division Barney & Barney, Marsh & McLennan Agency Dave Cieslak President & Co-Founder Scutari & Cieslak Public Relations

Linda L. Katz Community Leader, Civic Activist Richard Kintz, Esq. Partner, Corporate Practice Group Sheppard Mullin (of counsel) Bruce Kramer Director North County Consortium of Special Education (retired)

Lidia S. Martinez Community Affairs & Grassroots Manager Southwest Airlines

Pam Werner Senior Executive Director of Development UCSD Health Sciences (retired)

Lynne Newman Former SDCC Board Member Former Kids Aid Auxiliary Member Phyllis Snyder Active Community Leader Rest Haven Children’s Health Fund Rady Children’s Hospital

Senior Leadership Moisés Barón, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Cheryl Rode, Ph.D. Vice President of Clinical Operations Lori Barnes, LMFT Senior Director of Campus Programs


Alison Beck Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Don Bradley Director of Operations Pamela Hansen, LCSW Senior Director of Specialty Clinical Programs

Misty Howard Director of Quality Assurance

Pamela Ross Director of Human Resources

Diana Landis Director of Finance Nancy Macnamara Director of Education/Principal San Diego Center for Children

child’s mental health is just as “ Aimportant as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support. No one would feel embarrassed about seeking help for a child if they broke their arm — and we really should be equally ready to support a child coping with emotional difficulties. - Kate Middleton



Funding for a portion of our programs provided by the County of San Diego

San Diego Center for Children

3002 Armstrong Street San Diego, CA 92111 Phone: (858) 277-9550

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