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Flooring in San Diego: Simple Tiling Methodology for the DIY Enthusiast, PART 2 “This two part article series provides tips and advice on how to choose tiles and then lay your own tile flooring.” Welcome back to part two of our two-part series. Here, we will outline how to put down wonderful tile flooring by doing it yourself! We are focusing on bathroom flooring and walls, but these techniques can apply to kitchens, entrance ways, living rooms and any other area of your home that may require beautiful tile substrate. In the last article we outlined the list of tools you’ll need, and how to select the perfect tile in San Diego. Now, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty, or so to speak! Tiling in San Diego: Take it Step by Step 1.

Preparation: Ensure that the area in question is clean and dry. Remove any and all old tiling (a flat head screwdriver and a hammer will do the job), flaking paint, mold, dirt or grime with a scraper; vacuum the area well and ensure no moisture remains. If you need to remove the existing cement board after removing the old tiles, be sure to find and loosen the screws and tacks holding it in place first.

2. Mix a batch of thin-set mortar in a bucket. Only use half a bag, as it dries quickly and, if you’re not tiling quickly enough, can set in the bucket before you have a chance to use it. You can always mix more as needed. 3. Apply a layer of thin-set mortar to the subfloor, using roofing nails to secure the cement board to the area. 4. Leave the area to set for a day before you begin laying your tiles. 5. You need to create a correct and very straight chalk reference line from which to work, both horizontally and vertically, using the spirit level from the center of the room. Any mistake in this regard is amplified with every step and repeat. By the time you get to the other side of your flooring area, your mistake will be obvious. 6. Lay out one single row of tiles along this vertical and horizontal axis. 7. Make any additional chalk reference marks once the layout for your tiling is complete.

Setting Your San Diego Tile Flooring:


Rule number one: start at the far end of the room and work your way towards the doorway. You don’t want to paint yourself into a corner!

2. Start small: Mix some tile adhesive and lay it on the cement board, using a grout spacing tool to keep the tile evenly spaced. It looks like a small plastic cross (see image below), and should fit snugly between each tile intersection when you’re done. 3. Slowly, small area by small area, lift the tiles you have laid out, apply tile adhesive to the cement board below them, space them with the grout spacer and place them firmly down. 4. Use a tile cutter to custom fit your tiles to the shape required. 5. Once the tiles are set and dry (usually one to two days later), apply grout firmly to the space between each tile and remove any excess grout with a soft cloth before it dries! 6. When the grout is fully cured, seal the area. And you’re done! Easier than you thought, huh? Well, the process requires patience at first, but once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing stopping you from creating the most beautiful tile flooring in San Diego!

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Flooring in San Diego: Simple Tiling Methodology for the DIY Enthusiast, PART 2