Attorney Journal, San Diego, Volume 130

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Estate Planning for EVERYONE Teague Law Focuses on Affordability and Education For All


want estate planning to be available and accessible. My typical client is an average San Diegan looking for estate planning—a will, trust, or other estate planning documents—or who is looking for help with estate administration. I do not market towards or focus on high net-worth individuals. I provide an affordable, high-quality, personalized estate planning option for my clients,” says Ashley Teague, founder of Teague Law. The decision to enter into a field of law which is a relatively non-adversarial field of law, was admittedly even a surprise to Teague herself. “I was stubborn and argumentative as a child,” she recalls. “Everyone always told me that I should become an attorney, presumably because of it,” she laughs. As such after college, Teague moved from her homes state of Texas to attend University of San Diego School of Law. After passing the Bar, Teague spent her first few years working for a general business law firm in La Jolla before launching Teague Law. “I had the opportunity to work in many different areas of law, and figure out my preferences. Estate planning and probate consistently stood out as my favorite area of law—I loved being able to practice in an area that is generally not adversarial and simply serves to help clients. It made me feel good at the end of the day, like I had done something to make a positive difference in my clients’ lives,” she says. During those first few years, Teague also says that she was fortunate to work with exceptionally talented attorneys who helped her in countless ways. “I received incredible experience 28

Attorney Journal | Volume 130, 2014

by Karen Gorden

and mentorship, and I’m so thankful for the guidance I received when I was first starting out.” Thus, when she was ready to launch her own practice, she knew exactly the type of attorney she wanted to be, and the type of firm she wanted to run. “A huge component of the services I provide to clients is education. I offer unlimited amounts of my time to answer any questions or concerns, and to explain in detail what each estate planning document is, and why it is necessary,” she says. Teague says “I also strive to keep my prices as affordable as is humanly possible. I know there are so many San Diegans who are in desperate need of a quality estate plan, but do not necessarily have the disposable income to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for one. My clients know the price from day one, and I am flexible with payment plans if my clients want to pay the flat fee in installments. I keep my overhead low so that I am able to provide high-quality work at an affordable price.” With five years of success under her belt, Teague has plans to eventually become licensed and expand her practice into Texas, to help her friends, family and connections with estate planning as well. In the meantime though, she’s thrilled to be able to offer estate planning services to all who need it in San Diego. “It is so important and necessary for many who can’t afford the big firm prices. I walk away from each and every client feeling like I have helped that client in a very specific, measurable way, and that feels great.” n