Attorney Journal, San Diego, Volume 173

Page 26

Overcoming the

Isolation Of Being a Solo Practitioner by Terrie S. Wheeler

Do you ever feel a little isolated as a solo practitioner? Like you’re hanging out, doing all the right things to market and grow your practice, yet the results just aren’t happening? If you’re in a small firm or a solo practitioner, isolation can be debilitating, particularly when you are trying to build a “firm” mentality with your clients and prospects. Plus, I have to admit, at least in Minnesota, weather does become a factor. You were planning to attend that morning networking event, and you hear on the morning news that traffic is at a standstill and your trip “in” will take another hour. Guess what? I’d cancel too! I am simply acknowledging that you need to approach your marketing efforts with commitment, but also with a degree of flexibility. So as you are sitting atop your perch today, looking out at the world, what can you do to propel your practice to the next level? 26

Attorney Journal San Diego | Volume 173, 2018

Use Technology as a Solo Practitioner Between email, Skype, GoToMeeting, and other technologies, you can bridge the gap into the outside world. At PSM we have clients across the country. We definitely feel more connected to our clients when we can talk “live” with them on Skype.

Spend Time on LinkedIn Truly—LinkedIn is one of your best marketing tools. You can sit in your office and connect with your contacts. You can comment on posts they have made, and post links to articles and websites you find interesting. In addition, you can check out the ability to answer questions prospective clients have about your area(s) of practice, or to conduct advanced searches for people YOUR contacts could introduce you to.

Write a Blog Content is king, and the best way for you to share your content is to regularly post blogs to your website, then promote them on social media. Clients want to see that you have done what they need, so don’t be afraid to share your expertise—it’s what makes a client hire you!