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CHAPTER  FOUR  -­‐-­‐  Searching  for  Answers      


The  last  time  I  laughed   so  hard  it  hurt  I  was  in  Jamaica   on  the  Kingston  2  Kingston   Mission  Trip.  We  were  asked  to   make  skits  on  self-­‐esteem  and   present  them  to  middle  school   kids  the  following  day.  My   friends  Katie,  Noel  and  Fred   were  in  one  group,  and  they   made  a  skit  about  Fred  getting   bullied  for  having  bright  orange   backpack,  but  eventually   learning  to  love  himself  for  his   unique  sense  of  style.  The  skit   was  so  ridiculous  it  was  hilarious!!  Even  our  teacher  supervisor  Mrs.  Hawkins-­‐Hogan   couldn’t  take  the  skit  seriously.  We  laughed  so  hard  we  could  barely  speak,  and  we  all   had  tears  in  our  eyes!  When  we  tried  to  explain  to  the  other  groups  what  was  so  funny,   nobody  could  understand  why  we  found  the  situation  so  hysterical.  You  had  to  be  right   there  in  the  moment  to  experience  the  cause  behind  our  laughter.  It  was  definitely  a   moment  where  I  connected  with  some  of  my  fellow  mission  trip  members  on  a  level   which  only  we  could  comprehend.  This  moment  taught  me  that  true  happiness  can  be   found  in  the  smallest  of  things,  like  a  laughing  fit  with  a  group  of  friends.      


My  dad  passed  away  when  I  was  in  grade  six,   but  before  he  died,  he  gave  me  a  gold  necklace   which  he  bought  from  Cyrpus  when  he  was  on  a   peace-­‐keeping  tour  there  before  I  was  born.  Even   though  he  hadn’t  had  me  yet  when  he  bought  the   necklace,  he  bought  it  purposely  for  the  son  or   daughter  he  would  have  one  day.  This  is  the  most   thoughtful  gift  I’ve  ever  received  because  I  feel  so   lucky  to  have  had  a  dad  who  thought  of  me  even   before  I  was  born.  Now,  it’s  a  remembrance  I  have   of  him  and  his  thoughtful  nature.  I  hope  to  inherit   this  wonderful  quality  of  his.    

Me wearing the necklace my dad gave me.


These  two  memories  are  absolutely  some  of  my  most  cherished  moments.  They   are  special  times  in  my  life  because  they  made  me  feel  blessed  to  have  such  amazing   people  surrounding  me.  I  have  learned  so  much  from  my  fellow  missionaries  and  my   dad.  They  are  such  amazing  people;  I  can’t  help  but  become  inspired  by  their  joyfulness   and  compassion.       The  feeling  of  being  blessed  made  me  connect  to  something  bigger-­‐  God.  These   moments  and  these  people  came  directly  from  Him,  and  I  feel  like  He  put  them  in  my   life  to  help  me  grow  as  a  person.      


-­‐-­‐Make  a  scrapbook  and  include  photos  from  special  family   moments,  to  look  back  and  cherish  special  memories  together   -­‐-­‐Shopping  for  birthday  gifts,  focus  buying  something  with  sentimental  value-­‐  not   material  value     -­‐-­‐Tell  a  joke  to  a  friend  the  next  time  they’re  having  a  bad  day—laughter  is  contagious!                

Laughter is the best medicine!


  Mom preferred the homemade cake I baked her to a store-bought cake with no sentimental value.

CHAPTER  FIVE  -­‐-­‐  Your  Philosophy  Takes  Shape    


What  means  the  most  to  me  in  life  is  having  a  strong  sense  of  self.  Having  a   sound  mind,  body  and  soul  allows  me  to  live  my  life  happily.  When  I’m  happy,  I  feel  like   my  true  self,  and  I  can  socialize  well  with  others  and  make  them  happy  too.       I  am  a  very  social  person,  and  I  can  only  be  at  peace  when  all  is  well  with  my   loved  ones.  If  my  friends  and  family  are  going  through  a  hard  time,  I  can’t  relax.  I  feel   anxious,  and  I  feel  the  need  to  do  something  to  make  sure  all  is  well  in  their  lives.  The   happiness  of  my  loved  ones  is  pivotal  to  me.       PRIORITIES  OF  MY  WEEK       -­‐ At work singing Friends  and  family  à  being  a  loyal   to a guest for support  system  for  my  loved  ones   his birthday! -­‐Myself  à  thinking  positively,  eating   healthy,  exercising       -­‐Academics  à  doing  all  my  schoolwork   to  the  best  of  my  abilities   -­‐My  job  à  enhancing  guest’s   experiences  as  a  hostess  at  Jack  Astor’s   -­‐My  yoga  practice  à  finding  time  to  meditate  and   reflect  on  my  life   Running -­‐Respecting  the  environment  à  eco-­‐friendly   keeps me practices   fit and   healthy


My wonderful family!

  Canoeing much more eco-friendly than driving a motorboat!

MY  ROLE  MODELS     God-­‐  My  religion,  centered  around  God,  shapes  the  way  I  conduct  myself.  I  try  my  best   to  make  my  every  action  in  tune  with  Catholic  Principles.       Mom-­‐  My  mom  has  had  a  huge  impact  in  shaping  my  life.  Growing   up  in  the  Philippines,  she  has  taught  me  to  appreciate  everything  I   have.           Dad-­‐  My  dad  was  the  most  self-­‐motivated  and  organized  person  I’ve   ever  known.  I’ve  inherited  these  attributes  from  him,  and  I  aspire  to   mirror  his  selflessness  as  well.           Kelley-­‐  My  mom’s  partner  Kelley  has  only  recently  come  into  my   life,  but  over  the  few  years  I’ve  known  him,  he  has  taught  me  so   much  about  being  self-­‐sufficient  and  staying  calm  in  tough   situations.        



My  yoga  practice  has  truly  grounded  me.  It’s  led  me  to  realizing  the  beauty  of   simplicity,  and  appreciating  that  I  am  only  one  person  within  the  great  network  that   makes  up  our  global  community.       The  Jamaica  Mission  Trip  was  also  an  incredibly  grounding  experience.  The  trip   taught  me  about  the  unimportance  of  material  things.  Being  around  the  school  kids   who  had  nothing,  yet  were  so  happy,  made  me  feel  foolish  for  basing  my  happiness  on   getting  new  gadgets  and  clothes.  Those  kids  taught  me  to  look  for  joy  in  the  company   of  others  instead,  which  is  also  a  lesson  that  Jesus  taught.      


-­‐-­‐Set  an  intention  for  my  morning  yoga  class  and  carry  it  out  throughout  the  day   -­‐-­‐Cut  out  and  save  newspaper  articles  concerning  the  environment  to  stay  updated  on   the  issues  that  matter  to  me   -­‐-­‐Do  yoga  with  a  friend  to  strengthen  the  mind  and  body  of  myself  AND  a  loved  one    

CHAPTER  SIX  -­‐-­‐  Benefits  for  Me      


I  can  achieve  my  goals  in  a  way  that  benefits  others  by  first  and  foremost   considering  others  in  my  goal-­‐making  process.  If  I’m  looking  to  achieve  a  goal  which   will  better  myself,  chances  are  somebody  else  would  love  to  earn  those  same  benefits   too!  For  example,  I  really  wanted  to  improve  my  5km  race  time.  My  good  friend,   Allyson,  is  also  a  runner,  so  I  often  encouraged  her  to  train  with  me.  By  achieving  my   goal  this  way,  we  both  got  faster,  and  at  the  same  time  we  bonded  as  friends.    



As  for  developing  skills,  a  good  way  for  me  to  do   this  while  synonymously  helping  others  is  through   teaching  that  skill  to  someone  else.  One  of  the  best  ways   to  study  something  is  through  practicing  it  by  teaching.   Everything  is  more  enjoyable  when  done  with  friends   anyway,  so  why  not  teach  the  skill  to  a  buddy?  I  utilized   this  method  before  when  I  taught  my  friend,  Fred,  how  to   play  the  song  “New  Soul”  on  the  piano.  It  was  the  piece  I   was  currently  working  on  with  my  piano  teacher,  and  by   teaching  it  to  Fred,  he  learned  a  new  song,  and  I  got  to   strengthen  my  piano  skills  at  the  same  time.      

Playing piano is a great skill to share

EXTENSION     -­‐-­‐Learn  a  new  dessert  recipe,  then  bake  it  and  give  it  to  a  friend!   -­‐-­‐Shop  at  Value  Village  with  a  friend;  this  method  of  recycling  is  eco-­‐friendly  AND  will   contribute  to  our  wardrobes  at  a  great  price!   -­‐-­‐Put  on  a  short  concert  for  the  family;  they  get  free  entertainment  while  I  get  practice            

Second-hand shopping is a great form of recycling! Sweet treats are made for sharing J

Sharing my love of music!

Me to We: Chapters 4-6