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CHAPTER  TEN  -­‐-­‐  Redefining  Happiness    


Keep your eyes open for opportunities to support local charities. This yoga fundraiser for Autism Awareness month combined fun, fitness, and funds for a great cause!

Show a friend you really care by putting time and effort into making a homemade birthday gift


Embrace ALL God’s creatures-four-legged friends included!

Cherish a special moment by taking pictures to capture and share memories


Show gratitude to God with time spent enjoying and appreciating the beauties of nature.

CHAPTER ELEVEN  -­‐-­‐  Creating  Community  


Our beautiful city

The issue  I  identify  with  is  the   environment.  With  this  issue  comes  a  quest  for   an  unpolluted  earth,  clean  eating  and  chemical-­‐ free  home  and  body  care  products.     As  far  as  the  ambition  for  a  clean  earth   goes,  I  could  hold  garbage  clean-­‐ups  at  local   parks  as  a  way  to  call  awareness  to  this  issue.  I   could  advertise  my  event  with  posters  and   online,  and  ask  friends,  family  and  even   strangers  to  come  out  and  support  the  event.       As  for  the  aspiration  for  natural  food  and  products,  the  local  Farmer’s  Market  in   Springer’s  Market  Square  sells  sustainable  organic  products.  By  buying  from  these   vendors,  and  encouraging  others  to  do  the  same,  I’d  be  making  a  difference  by  getting   people  to  adopt  sustainable  living  habits.     A  clean  earth  and  healthy  eating  are  causes   that  will  benefit  every  person  on  this  earth!  I  want   these  objectives  not  only  for  myself,  but  for  the   future  of  the  human  population.     I  can  remember  the  changes  I’d  like  to  make   by  keeping  an  online  Me  2  We  Journal.  I  will  do  this   online  to  save  paper-­‐-­‐  I  had  the  same  intention  when   I  decided  to  create  this  project  digitally.  In  my  online   journal,  I  can  record  new  findings  on  environmental   affairs,  brainstorm  ideas  for  environmental   initiatives  and  document  my  feelings  regarding  the   issue.  If  I  ever  feel  lost  or  uninspired  in  my  quest  for   environmental  sustainability,  I  can  turn  back  to  my   Fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market journal  and  read  it  to  give  myself  a  boost  of   motivation.  Also,  I  can  look  to  the  support  of   others  to  keep  me  going.  By  getting  involved  with  environmental  functions  within  my   community,  I  will  meet  like-­‐minded  people  who  share  my  passion.  These  friends  will   keep  me  involved  in  eco-­‐friendly  practices.    

Me to We: Chapters 10-11  

By: Sarah Sanders

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