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LLC, in existence since 1987, is known for award-winning modern design, innovative use of materials, and strong leadership in the green movement. The office has completed dozens of buildings from Single-Family Residences to Office Buildings and Multi-Family Housing developments. The firm recently won a competition to design a Performing Arts Center for Idyllwild Arts Academy in Southern California. The firm’s ‘total environment’ approach has also resulted in the design of fixtures, lighting and furniture. The firm started its own line of products, including a cast resin sink and glass-and-steel desks, all fabricated in Southern California. In the prefab arena, the Sander Architects brainchild, called HYBRID HOUSE, designs each house as part prefab, all custom™. This brings the efficiencies of established prefab manufacturers to their buildings, each one designed exclusively for the client. The HYBRID HOUSE approach is cost efficient, provides lower per-foot construction and allows a budget of any size to go much further. The firm has used the part prefab, all custom™ concept in projects ranging in scale from 2000 to 30,000 square feet in rural, suburban and urban settings. A melding of art and architecture/interior design, the design approach of Sander Architects creates international award-winning buildings that have been published in books and major magazines around the world.

Canal House Venice, CA 2100 sf, $175/sf

Canal House is composed of a cube-like studio on the street, and a double-cube (volume) residence on the Canal. Inside surfaces are warped, wrapped, twisted and folded, offering softness to the rigid geometric exterior volumes.

Residence for a Sculpture Santa Rosa, CA * Hybrid House, 4500 sf, $190/sf

The downhill facade is lifted above the site on prefab frame pilotis. The uphill side is composed of masses anchored in the hill combined with a series of prefab frame buttresses.

Tree House xxxxxxxx, CA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The site has a meandering stream and is filled with century-old towering trees. The house nestles among them. It’s vertical cedar siding is tall and narrow like the forest, and the second-story living room, which is thirteen feet off the ground, has a large mitered corner window that opens into a long view throught the trees.

St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation St. Kitts, West Indies

* Hybrid construction, 12,000 sf, $80/sf

A prefabricated light-gauge roof sits atop the 3foot thick volcanic rock walls of a colonial era cotton storage warehouse. This modernist insertion into an historic building allows research scientists to conduct delicate investigations in new labs under a roof structure that can withstand 150-MPH hurricane winds.

Residence at the Butte Terrebonne, OR

* Hybrid House, 4500 sf, $130/sf

Residence at the Butte sits on a retention pond facing a wide rock outcrop. One side of the 150-foot-long house is composed of translucent and transparent panels facing the view. The other long side is covered with steel panels that reflect the fractured geometries of the butte.

Orange Office Venice, CA 7200 sf, $150/sf

A guerilla response to an urban context of used car lots on the most heavily trafficked surface street in Los Angeles. An off-kilter volume, sitting on concrete tines, is shaded by an exterior layer of fiberglass screens normally used to protect chemical factory workers from chemical effluent The building’s skin is entirely composed of translucent acrylic panels, providing a warm, shoji-screen type of interior light.

Residence for a Briard Culver City, CA * Hybrid House, 4300 sf, $160/sf

Residence for a Briard incorporates a simple prefab shed structure with a façade that references Braque’s Cubist painting of 1912, Aria of Bach. In the interior, this musical theme translates into a gallery/staircase that can accommodate an audience and into hard and soft materials calibrated to maximize the acoustics of string quartets.

Residences at Wilson xxxxxxxx, CA xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Idyllwild Performing Arts Center

Idyllwild, CA

Hybrid Construction 30,000 sf, $16.4 MM construction to commence fall 2010

The elements which compose IPAC echo the two types of geological forms which surround the site. A low, sloping, curved roof, like aged hills, will be greencovered and walkable, with outside seating and movie viewing spaces. The flytower and concert hall masses pierce this soft surface like jagged peaks. The Hybrid construction approach has been independently costverified to be $1.5 MM under budget. Construction to commence Summer, 2010.

Prefab is anything that is manufactured off-site and shipped in. A lightbulb is prefab. The term causes confusion in the context of prefab homes because it has become a catch-all that can encompass many approaches. For example, prefab could be a module (or glorified trailer home) manufactured offsite and towed to your site. It could be a home manufactured offsite in panels that then get shipped to your site where they are snapped together. For the HYBRID HOUSE we use established steel frame manufacturers to produce the frame, or bones, of your house offsite. These then arrive at your site on a flatbed truck and fit together like an erector set. Since we are able to take advantage of long-standing cost competitiveness in the industry, our system provides you with extraordinary savings and allows a budget of any size to go much further. Right now, other systems still need to ramp up their volume to the point where these kinds of savings will be possible.

Design Philosophy Sander Architects seeks to find an architectural balance between poetry and pragmatics. Starting with essential elements: environment, program, site restrictions, we encourage forms to develop which satisfy these basic needs while embracing the possibility of the poetic. In this way, a house for an Orthopedic Surgeon becomes a covert study in anatomy: metaphorical skin and bones. The elements that make up an aerobics studio, its interior architecture and furniture, take on physical tendencies: tension, compression, torsion, sinew. The entry for a sculptor’s house is a ‘vessel’ whose proportions are based on a large-scale clay jar produced by the owner. These strategies are covert, not obvious, and allow the built environment to resonate thematically with the program and the people who use it. It is a strategy of innuendo, not declaration, a struggle with nuance, an attempt at quiet fertility. If the work celebrates what it means to inhabit, in grander terms, the work is a celebration of man’s rhythms and rituals. Recognition: Sander Architects has been awarded the The American Architecture Award by the Chicago Athenaeum, Dedalo Minosse International Award for Architecture in 2002 and 2004, along with Pritzker Prize winners Richard Meier and Hans Hollein. Numerous other national awards include AIA awards in 1996 and 2003, Architecture Magazine’s Home of the Year, and Architectural Record’s House of the Month. Publications include magazines such as Dwell, GA: Global Architecture, New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as the Los Angeles Times Magazine. The studio’s work has been widely published in over two dozen books including Another 100 of the World’s Best Houses, noted architecture critic Michael Webb’s Brave New Houses, Adventures in Southern California Living, Ecological Houses, from TeNeues, Prefab Houses from Taschen, as well as 1000x Architecture of the Americas and Ecological Architecture from Braun. As mentioned above, the firm recently won an invitation-only competition to design the Idyllwild Performing Arts Center in Idyllwild, California. Sander Architects was a finalist in the 2006 Living Steel Competition as well as semi-finalist in the 2006 Global Green Sustainable Housing Competition, sponsored by Brad Pitt, to design low-income housing for post-Katrina New Orleans. The work of Sander Architects is widely featured on many architecture blogs including ArchDaily, ArchInnovations, Architnect, and Arkinetia.

Whitney Sander before founding Sander Architects, LLC, in 1987, received

his Masters in Architecture at Yale University, and was in the Peace Corps in West Africa from 1981-1983. Since 1991, he has taught Architecture and Art classes at Yale, UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts (San Francisco), and Woodbury University. As an architect Whitney is the recipient of numerous awards and honors and is considered a leader in green architecture.

Catherine Holliss s Director of Interior Design for Sander Architects. Catherine

received an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and is an award-winning writer and web designer. After extensive coursework in the UCLA Extension Interior Design Certificate Program, she joined Sander Architects, LLC, in 2003. As a designer, Catherine is recognized as a leader in green materials and design and has been invited to sit on several green design panels. She regularly guest lectures at UCLA and other universities.

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