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Kairali started our journey over photography since 1960. Kairali studio has the activity of wedding photos and videos. We capture your precious moments We use our concept to weddings and family event photography taking all kind of photography. Hindu wedding photography, Christian wedding photography, Muslim wedding photography‌etc. We are best

candid photography take special golden moments of your life. Our best photographers will focus traditional side of wedding photos and any other event photos. First we used KB-10 CAMERA. Became the next big thing is digital cameras. We use our team concept and apply to wedding photo and Videography. Its giving you effective coverage. We are used DSLR cameras for video making. video shooting is planning actions. The following action everything to make best


Lighting and editing is most important to make a successful video. Our best wedding photographers capture your precious moments and special memories. We giving you an great result . We can deliver photos and videos the accurate time.




a photographer there are few artistic

things more satisfying than mastering a great new photography technique .Photography are capture your precious moments and golden memories. We take all kind of photography. wedding and family events photos, passport size photos, old photo restoration and lamination. we have always focused artificial on photography. Giving you awesome result. Our best candid wedding photographer capture your colorful wedding moments in traditional method. high speed photography is an sudden freezing moment. Time too fast for normal eye sight. Night photography is capture an image after darkness and shadow. good old feel composition technique are still valid photos. Motion blur photography are click a moving things. In this technique commonly used racing and sports photography. It create best moving objects photos. black & white photography one of the first method of photos. it give effective deep emotions. making use of strong things and shadows to be create powerful image. Color photos are more better than black & white photography.

It can introduce a message without other details.

Smoke art photography is mysterious and wonderful images. Macro photography is capturing huge photos of objects. that are making details invisible to normal human eye. This are classifications of different types of photography.



Videography is just like movie a creation. Main things of videography production ,lighting and editing. Editing is most important to make successful video. A Video become more professional use of lighting. Because soft lighting give to a good video without shadows and darkness. Another one is perfect sound mixing. Crystal clear audio give sound quality is more Attracting the video. This are main things of make colorful high definition videos. Our best candid videographers do it traditional concept. Videography is captured the images like a movie. It’s can covering your precious moments and special memories. Now a day many method can use to covering video images. mainly used as DSLR cameras. gimbals can used to perfect video making . mono pod & tripod can use camera steady until finish the videography. this more comfortable for fixed line photography as well as videography. lighting is important things to take perfect video & photo making. only focuses on the subject avoid darkness and shadow the background. video shooting is planning actions. The following everything to make a best videography .



Kairali studio always focused traditional and artificial side on photography. .we are offer special services for you.Best wedding photography, we take wedding videos in traditional method. Engagement video & photography, Wedding promos and teasers, Out door wedding photo shooting , Family and college programs videos and photos. House warming photos, Birth day function photography, New born baby photos and kids photos, Digital photo album printing, studio portraits, photo mug printing, photo dress printing, photo calendar printing, school and college magazine photo printing, ID card printing, passport size photos, Black& white photos, Old photo restoration, photo lamination…. this are our special services.

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