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SANDEEP BHALEKAR   02#03,  Block  No.  851,  Hougang  Central,  Singapore  –  530851   Cell:  +65-­‐98501120  (Singapore);  Email:   Website:      

IT PROJECT  MANAGEMENT  PROFILE   Software  Professional  with  5+  years  of  IT  project  &  process  management  experience  for  Banking  &  Financial  Services      including  2  years  of  international  exposure   Active  Social  Worker  and  Activist      

Awarded Social  Worker  of  the  year  2008  from  Abhinav  Bharat  Sevabhavi  Sanstha  (NGO),  Maharashtra    

Profile Snapshot:    Acknowledged   for   well-­‐defined   understanding   of   the   business-­‐technology   interface   and   capacity   to   identify   and   align   emerging  technology  needs  with  products  and  services.      Performance  driven  with  a  flair  for  ensuring  adherences  to  Six  Sigma  &  ITIL  practices,  ensuring  timely  completion  and   successful  delivery  of  project  to  the  client;  extending  technical  support  for  applications    Demonstrated  strong  analytical  and  technical  skills  in  Project  planning,  design  and  implementation.  Excellent  knowledge   and   hands-­‐on   experience   of   all   formalities   required   for   effective   liaison   with   direct   clients   for   providing   business   solutions,  from  the  prospecting  stage  till  project  delivery.    Acknowledged   for   capacity   to   tackle   challenging   issues,   handle   multiple   projects   at   the   same   time   and   provide   innovative  solutions.  Adept  at  zeroing  in  on  core  issues  affecting  the  Projects.  Brought  projects  back  on  track  without   affecting  project  schedules.    Skilled   in   optimizing   teams   dynamics,   uniting   diverse   agendas   to   a   common   goal,   and   harnessing   strategic   and   operational  drivers  to  deliver  results.     OBJECTIVE:   Seeking  to  be  a   Project  M anager   in  a  well  established  and  globally  reputed  organization,     by  utilizing  the  following  exper tise  in...     Business  Skills:  Project  Management,  Process  Management,  Technical  Support,  Problem  Management,  Change   Management  and  Resource  Management.    

Technical Expertise:    Mainframe  CICS  administration,  CICS  system  programming    CICS  Region  build  up  &  clean  up,  dump  analysis,  JOB/JCL  maintenance,  SAS  system  statistics  and  delivering  Test  on-­‐call   support  &  First  level  helpdesk  support.    Reading  CICS  transaction  dumps  &  system  dumps  and  debugging  CICS  Storage  Violation  dumps.    Communicating   with   CICS   Automated   Operator   (CAO)   for   resolving   problems,   handling   AIT/AIF   application   lookup   for   on-­‐call  person  and  using  NEWS  on-­‐call  system  for  escalation.    CICS  internals,  Six  Sigma  &  ITIL  procedures  including  Mainframe  CAB,  Mainframe  standards  and  architecture,  Enterprise   architecture,  IMS,  DBw,  WMQ,  OSS,  etc.    


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ITIL®V3 Foundation   IBM  Certified  System  Administrator  (WebSphere  MQ  V7.0)   IBM  Certified  System  Administrator  (WebSphere  Message  Broker  V7.0)   IBM  Certified  Solution  Architect  (Cloud  Computing  Infrastructure  V1)  

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE     BANK  OF  AMERICA,  HYDERABAD  (INDIA)  /  SINGAPORE  (Nov  2008  –  till  date)   Senior  Analyst,  Singapore  (Sep  2010  onwards)   Analyst,  Singapore  (Jan  2010  –  Sep  2010)   Senior  System  Engineer,  Hyderabad  (Nov  2008  –  Dec  2009)    

Key Profile:   Joined   as   Senior   System   Engineer   in   Hyderabad,   selected   as   one   of   the   employees   from   India   to   be   a   part   of   the   Singapore   Command   Center   Team   within   2.2   years   of   joining   the   organization   and   subsequently   promoted   to   be   Senior   Analyst  within  8  months  

Senior Analyst   • Involved   in   project   &   process   management,   providing   support   to   multiple   Banking   Mainframe   CICS   applications   and   executing  a  Six  Sigma  Project  for  delivering  CICS  business  support.   • Key  member  in  developing  CICS  Architect  for  new  bank  applications.     • Responsible  for  creating  new  Mainframe  CICS  sandbox:  testing  environment  for  new  college  graduates.    

Analyst • Automated  environment  change  mainframe  CICS  system  monitoring.     • Provided  round  the  clock  (24*7)  on-­‐call  support  and  imparted  several  trainings  to  the  Singapore  team      

Senior System  Engineer   • Joined  as  an  Individual  Contributor  and  created  automation  to  monitor  Credit  card  system  changes.   • Assisted  the  local  management  to  create  resource  utilization  matrix  for  the  ET&D  Department.    

Other Responsibilities:   • Acted  as  a  Project  Leader  for  Six  Sigma  Green  Belt  Automation  project.   • Worked  as  a  Fire  Warden,  ET&D  Mainframe  Department,  BAML  HarbourFront  Singapore.   • Worked  as  a  Volunteer  for  Hair  for  Hope  and  Kids  at  Workplace  events.   • Functioned  as  a  permanent  member  of  the  Organizing  Committee  for  monthly  and  annual  celebrations.   • Active  participant  in  Dragon  Boat  and  represented  Bank  of  America  team.       HSBC  GLT,  PUNE  (Aug  2006  –  Nov  2008)   Software  Engineer  (Feb  2006  –  Nov  2008)   Trainee  Software  Engineer  (Aug  2006  –  Feb  2006)    

Key Profile:   Joined   HSBC   as   a   Trainee   Software   Engineer   and   underwent   initial   on-­‐the-­‐job   training   on   Mainframe   CICS   System  Programming,  by  being  associated  with  a  US  based  CICS  support  project.   • Promoted   to   be   Software   Engineer   and   supervised   new   project   CICS   HTSA   Support   (HSBC   GLT)   involving   Mainframe   CICS.   • Singlehandedly  managed  all  technical  work  and  involved  in  creating  all  ITIL  project  documents  including  project  scope   and  project  plan.   • Recruited  a  Trainee  Engineer  and  imparted  training  to  share  daily  workload.    

Achievement: • Recipient  of  the  Best  Team  Member  from  India  Award  from  the  Hong  Kong  Data  Center  head.    


JAN LOKPAL  BILL  SOCIAL  SERVICE  ORGANIZATION   Co-­‐Founder,  Member  of  Advisory  Board  (Aug  2011  onwards)    

Key Profile:  Co-­‐Founder  of  Jan  Lokpal  Bill  Social  Service  Organization  and  involved  in  creating  awareness  on  Lokpal  bill  and   its  advantage.   • Participated  in  Jan  Lokpal  movement.    

KERBAJI BHALEKAR  SOCIAL  SERVICE  ORGANIZATION  (KBSSO)   Founder,  Member  of  Advisory  Board  (Aug  2009  –  till  date)    

Key Profile:   Established   an   active,   Non   Government   Organization,   working   for   betterment   of   rural   part   of   Maharashtra,   emphasizing  on  social  issues  like  education,  employment,  rural  and  urban  development,  etc.)   • Included  IIM  &  IIT  Graduates  in  the  Board  and  Member  body  for  providing  a  unique  approach  to  the  Non-­‐Government   sector.   • Recruited   2   personnel   and   created   a   team   of   skilled   resources   to   participate   in   THINK   (An   educational   awareness   project,  providing  key  facilities  for  educations).    


• • • • •

Six Sigma  Green  Belt  Workshop   Rexx  Basics,  Bank  of  America,  Singapore   SAS  Foundation  Workshop,  Bank  of  America,  Singapore   Unix  Foundation  Workshop,  Bank  of  America,  Singapore   CICS  Administration  Advance  Training,  HSBC,  Hong  Kong  (5-­‐19  May  2007)  


Bachelor of  Technology  (Electrical  Engineering),  M  N  National  Institute  of  Technology  (Formally  REC),  Allahabad  (2005)  



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Languages:         Operating  Systems:         Databases:           ISV/MVS  Utilities:         Diagnostics:         CICS  Development  Tool:       OS  Monitors:         Data  Structures:         Concepts:           Change  Management  Products:    

Application Package:    

CICS/TS 2.2/3.1/3.2/4.1;  zOS  /  JES2  /  JES3;  TSO  /  ISPF  /  IOF;   NDM;  MVS  JCL;  ChangeMan  /  Endeavor;  Tivoli  Enterprise  Portal;     SMP/E  &  General  Software  Installation  Processes   COBOL,  C,  REXX,  SAS,  Eztrive,  Assembler   OS390,  Z/OS,  MS  DOS,  Windows  95/98/ME/XP/NT/WS   DBMS,  DB2/MAINFRAME,  SQL,  PL/SQL   FileAid  /IDCAMS,  IEBGENER,  IEBCOPY   IPCS,  ABENDAID,  SVC  Dumps,  CPSM  (WUI),  TEP   Xpediter   Omegamon,  RMF,  CPSM   DB2,  IMS,  SAM,  BDAM,  VSAM   MQSeries  concepts,  Network  (SNA,  TCP/IP)  &  FTP   Techreq,  RPS,  Service  Center,  ChangeMan,  Maximo,     GSD  Global  Service  Desk)   MS  Office  (Word,  Excel  and  PowerPoint),  Service  center  client,     Macromedia  Flash  MX  2004  GSD,  Techreq,  Ticketing  Systems  


Date of  Birth:  2nd  November  1983   Languages  Known:  English,  Hindi  and  Marathi   Permanent  Address:  Bandhkam  Nagar,  Mahasul  Colony,  Taroda  (B  K)  Road,  Nanded  -­‐  431605,  Maharashtra   Enclosed:  List  of  projects  –  Annexure  

ANNEXURE   Bank  of  America     CICS  Application  Support  -­‐  Business  Financial  Solutions  (Nov  2008-­‐  till  date)   Applications:  Banking  and  Card  domains,  Infrastructure   Outline:   CICS   Support   team   provides   24*7   application   supports   to   Bank   of   America’s   Mainframe   CICS   systems   by   US   and   India   working   hours.   Major   functions   of   CICS   Support   team   include   providing   consultancy   on   CICS   technical   usage   to   application  and  operation  teams;  CICS  Automation;  CICS  production  Support;  CARD  SYSMOD  Window;  Production  and  Test   on-­‐call  support;  Third  Party  Product  installation;  fixing  patches  for  different  products;  installing  PTFs,  etc.   Responsibilities:   General  Tasks   • Gaining  exposure  on  environments,  naming  conventions,  CICS  region  build  up,  clean  up  and  dump  analysis.   • Involved   in   Support   System   IPLs   &   SYSMOD   outage   windows,   Test/Prod   RDOs,   JOB/JCL   maintenance,   SAS   system   statistics  and  providing  test  on-­‐call  support  &  first  level  helpdesk  support.   Problem  Management   • Coordinating  with  CICS  Automated  Operator  (CAO)  for  resolving  issues.   • Handling  AIT/AIF  application  lookup  for  on-­‐call  person.   • Handling  and  using  NEWS  on-­‐call  system  for  escalation  purpose.   • Providing  on-­‐call  support  in  the  event  of  on-­‐call  problems  and  official  escalation  process.   • Delivering  problem  resolution  procedures  and  covering  full  24  hour*7  days  as  on-­‐calls  (As  a  Team).   • Interacting   with   different   on-­‐call   groups   like   Operations/CCO,   Capacity,   Change   Management,   Mainframe   CAB,   Mainframe  Standards  &  Architecture,  Enterprise  Architecture,  IMS,  DBw,  WMQ,  OSS,  etc.   Problem  Determination   • Reading  CICS  transaction  dumps  and  getting  transaction  trace  information;  Omegamon  and  CETR.   • Reading  CICS  System  dump  and  debugging  CICS  Storage  Violation  dumps.   • Determining  problems  by  using  IPCS.     Projects   Enterprise  Macro  Tables   Objective  /  Scope:  Determine  and  adopt  best  practices  for  CICS  MACRO  tables  and  override  in  parmlib.  Minimize  the  use  of   overrides  as  much  as  possible  by  maintaining  all  that  is  common  within  the  MACRO  tables.       Benefits:   • Simplification  on  evaluating  and  implementing  changes.   • Standardization  of  settings  sets  the  expectations  for  future  implementations/mergers.   • Evaluation  of  best  practice  across  the  enterprise  may  enhance  performance  for  some  regions.       Environment  Report  Creation.   Objective/Scope:  Create  Jobs  to  generate  weekly  environment  report  to  indicate  changes  during  the  week  including  newly   added  /  removed  regions  and  resources  in  all  Lpars/system  individually  to  separate  system  specific  datasets.   Benefits:   • Easy  to  analysis  changes  to  systems  and  take  proactive  actions  accordingly.   • Assists  in  understanding  and  comparing  resource  availability  to  last  week  to  this  week.   • Simplification  on  updating  environment  charts  with  new  changes.     Automation  to  Environment  Report  Process   Objective/Scope:   The   main   objective   is   to   automate   the   environment   report   creation   process   to   collect   changes   from   all   systems   and   Lpars   to   one   dataset   instead   individually   to   avoid   human   errors   and   save   time   manually   comparing   reports.   This  project  is  part  of  JDI  (Just  Do  It)  project  as  per  Six  Sigma  process.   Benefits:   • To  save  time  while  getting  into  Lpar  specific  datasets  and  review  the  changes.   • All  system’s  changes  will  be  kept  in  one  dataset  and  human  errors  can  be  avoided.     HSBC   HTSA-­‐ITO  CICS  SUPPORT  (CICS  Administration)  (May  2007  –  Nov  2008)   Role:  Project  initiator   Applications:  Support  to  HK  Data  Center  Operations  

Outline: CICS   Support   team   (TPS)   provides   both   development   and   production   CICS   technical   supports   to   application   and   operation   colleagues   in   HBAP.   The   CICS   Support   team   provides   software   support   including   Customer   Information   Control   System  (CICS),  Omegamon  for  CICS,  Abend-­‐Aid,  Compuware  License  Management  and  CICS  related  options  in  SmartTest  and   Hourglass.  CICS  Center  in  Hong  Kong  provides  infrastructure  to  several  applications  in  Hong  Kong.  Hong  Kong  CICS  Center   supports  more  than  thousand  developments  and  production  CICS  regions.   GLT  started  work  on  CICS  System,  referred  to  as   ‘HTSA  CICS  support’  at  HTSA  since  May  2007.     Responsibilities:   • Provided  consultancy  on  CICS  technical  usage  to  the  Application  and  Operation  teams.   • Collected   and   analyzed   CICS   system   statistics   for   problem   determination,   capacity   planning,   etc.   to   ensure   integrity   of  CICS  systems  in  HTSA.   • Maintained  and  migrated  CICS  software  to  ensure  that  CICS  and  related  software  level  are  current  and  up-­‐to-­‐date.   • Managed  CICS  resources  at  production  &  development  environment  for  the  Application  teams.   • Generated  performance  reports  for  the  Application  teams  to  review  effectiveness  of  the  CICS  systems.     CICS  SUPPORT–US  (Aug  2006  -­‐  May  2007)   Applications:  Supporting  Credit  Card  System,  Retail  service,  MCD  (Multi  Channel  Desktop)   Outline:  Application  and  Infrastructure  development  for  IBM  Mainframe  services  delivered  out  of  HSBC  Bank  North  America   and   UK   is   undertaken   on   2   processors   at   the   Chicago   CICS   Center   and   one   at   Buffalo.   CICS   center   in   Chicago   and   Buffalo   provides   infrastructure   to   many   applications   around   the   North   America   and   UK.   The   Chicago   and   Buffalo   CICS   Center   supports  more  than  thousand  development  and  production  CICS  regions.     GLT  started  work  on  CICS  System,  referred  to  as  ‘CICS  support’  at  HTSU  since  Dec  2005.   Responsibilities:   • Defined  RDO  changes  in  Development  and  Production  CICS  regions.   • Monitored  all  CICS  regions  for  CPU,  storage,  file  usage  and  setting  resource  limit  by  using  Omegamon.   • Created  and  maintained  GSD  tickets  for  all  CICS  new  release.   • Involved  in  the  pre  and  post  testing  of  CICS  release  TS  3.1  implementation  by  testing  &  verifying  regions.   • Provided  resolution  for  storage  violation  dumps  and  developed  &  cleaned  up  CICS  regions.   • Interacted  with  various  application  teams  to  solve  low  priority  issue  on  CICS  region.    

Sandeep Bhalekar_Resume_Jan2012  

Sandeep Bhalekar_Resume_Jan2012

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