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Take a trip to an ancient silk city of India- Bhagalpur Have you ever thought of visiting Bihar? Bhagalpur is an ancient city of Bihar which offers a historical grandeur to its visitors. The Vikramshila and Mandir Hills are one of the prominent places to visit in Bhagalpur. Here is a brief description of the place. Bhagalpur is a well-known city of Bihar. It is situated on the bank of River Ganga and it has a deepseated history. The name Bhagalpur is derived from “Bhagdattpuram” which means “the City of Good Luck”. The city is quite old and it has references in Mahabharata and Ramayana as well. Earlier, it was a place of great significance. It is known that renowned Chinese travellers like HuanTsang and Fa-Hien also visited the place. Even, during the 7th century, Bhagalpur was a big and busiest trading market in Eastern India. Angika is the main language here.

Bhagalpur is also an ancient silk city of India. Tussar and Bhagalpuri Silk are some famous silk sarees of Bhagalpur. Generations after generations are involved in silk production. The town produces high-quality silk. The city is also famous for its milk and milk products. Bhagalpur is roughly 220 km east of Patna. December is a good time to visit the place. Although it is cold during that month, but you will enjoy the places to visit in Bhagalpur. Well, Vikramshila is one of the prominent places to explore in Bhagalpur. The Vikramshila was one of the prime centres for Buddhist in India. It is located 50 km away from Bhagalpur and it offers a good insight into the Buddhist history. Vikramshila Mahotsav during February is a good time to relish this historical site. While exploring slowly, you will understand why the city was one of the best cities of ancient India. Mandir Hill which is located 52 km south of Bhagalpur is a good place to enjoy. It is a hill with stairs and a temple is situated at the top. Climb the hill for serenity and the view from the top is refreshing.

Visit Sultanganj for witnessing the cave sculptures of Ashokan period. It is only 20 km away from Bhagalpur and the journey towards the place offers a picture of the medieval history of India. There are some other places too which will fulfil your trip. Overall, Bhagalpur is a great historical city to explore. If you are a history buff, then your historical journey is incomplete without a visit to Bhagalpur.

Besides Bhagalpur, there are many other regions of Bihar which are wrapped in historical grandeur and mythological tales. October to February is the perfect time to explore the state and its attractions. Patna Airport is the nearest one from Bhagalpur. It is 183 km away and it is connected with few major cities of the country. Buses and taxis are available from Patna to reach Bhagalpur. The train is the best mode to reach the city. As Bhagalpur has its own railway station, there are several trains from other major cities which directly connect to Bhagalpur. You can also check from Bhagalpur to Surat train. There are very few hotels in the city as it is a business

Take a trip to an ancient silk city of india bhagalpur  

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