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4 Things to Know When Buying a

Motorcycle Jackets

• Modern motorcycle jackets have come a long way from their yesteryear counterparts. From simple leather jackets to Kevlar ones, the variety of riding jackets at a motorcyclist’s disposal is huge.

• Whether buying your first motorcycle jacket or replacing your trusty old one that has seen many a mile (and hopefully none a fall), there are scores of options you can choose from.

Things to know consider before buying a motorcycle Jacket.

1. The Jacket Should Complement Your Riding Style • Are you a track junkie? Or do you love exploring unpaved routes and trails? Or do you instead prefer cruising through the countryside?

• Track riders are better off with a one-piece suit that hugs the skin tight and doesn’t flap at high speeds. But in the other two scenarios, a separate riding jacket and pant is more suitable.

• A standalone jacket trumps a one-piece suit any day.

2. Know Your Jacket Material • Motorcycle jackets are made of different materials. • Textile jackets made of synthetic fibres like nylon are popular and tend to sport abrasion resistant materials like Armacor, Dynatec, Kevlar, and Cordura.  •  These materials also excel at breathability, cold protection, and waterproofness.  • If you are a casual weekend rider or tourer, go for a nylon or polyester jacket as it offers unmatched comfort.

• If you are a sportier rider and do not mind sacrificing a little bit of comfort in the quest for greater safety, go with a leather jacket eyesclosed.

3. The Most Important Aspect of Your Jacket – Its Armour • This is the most important part of choosing a good motorcycle riding jacket. • It should have certified and integrated armour at all the right places. That includes your back, arms, and chest. • Look for a jacket that has ‘CE’ approved armour. CE1 and CE2 are standards that any piece of riding armour is graded on. • you can opt for a jacket with CE1 armour and later upgrade to CE2 armour. • Regardless of which grade of armour you opt for, make sure its protective padding is elastic and large enough to dissipate the energy of an impact efficiently. 

4. Why is the Fit so Important?

• Your riding jacket has to fit you in a snug yet comfortable manner. • Comfortable because it should allow you to perform your full range of motion, which is necessary when you are riding a motorcycle.  • When trying on a jacket, check if the jacket fits you well while standing and sitting.  • Motorcycle clothing is usually sold separately for men and women. And while a few can be labelled as unisex, sizing usually differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

• While there is no arguing that a motorcycle jacket makes you look good, that alas is only its secondary function.

• The answer to the question of how to buy a motorcycle jacket as such lies in giving due credence to those factors above everything else.

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4 Things to Know When Buying a Motorcycle Jacket  

Modern motorcycle jackets have come a long way from their yesteryear counterparts. Here are four things you ought to know.

4 Things to Know When Buying a Motorcycle Jacket  

Modern motorcycle jackets have come a long way from their yesteryear counterparts. Here are four things you ought to know.