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Offering high level of care and concern Sandbox Preschool Childcare Centre

The main concern which is generally faced by the working parents is about the care of their children. If their kids are in the safe hands, then the parents will be able to concentrate more in their work, peace of mind and knowing that your child is being cared for and learning in a safe environment provides.

At Sandbox Preschool childcare in Papamoa and Te Puke offers the complete curriculum as well as operational philosophy that is followed as per Te Wh達riki which is the early childhood curriculum of New Zealand. We document the learning of your child as a individual as well as the group level. The planning, assessment as well as evaluation is all about responding to your childs interests, and also recognizing their potential. Hence, the Sandbox Preschool is the initial choice for many local parents for the education of preschool and learning in Te Puke and Papamoa.

The Sandbox Preschool, Papamoa childcare offer the benefits of substantial support which include ECE (30 free hours of child care for children aged between 3 and 5).

In the childcare centre Papamoa, you will find that we have a small group of boys and girls assigned to each teacher, hence complete attention and complete care is provided to your child. This ensures that your little one is the safest hands coupled with proper attention with regards to hygiene, grooming and their eating habits to encourage active learning skills.

There are of course various day care centre's in Papamoa and you need to choose just one day care centre amongst them. Selecting the day care centre can be a really difficult task as it is a place where your child will spend several hours of a day most days of the week; this is why we welcome you to visit without any appointment so you can really see how our child care centre's operates.

It is true that whenever a mum is a working mum, she also sacrifices' her time which is required by her kids; but through acquiring a safe child care or day care centre papamoa it ensures that her child is in a safe environment while providing peace of mind. The Sandbox Preschool Papamoa and Te Puke Preschool are here to help you and your family succeed, to get in touch simply give us a call on 07 542 5492.

Childcare In Papamoa  
Childcare In Papamoa  

Sandbox Preschool for childcare and education in Papamoa and Te Puke. The Sandbox Preschool can provide access to substantial support benefi...