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In today’s fast-paced workplace, having an accurate measure of progress towards your goals is critical for knowing what you’ve done, how you’re doing and what you have to do next. Measurable OKRs not only keep teams aligned and individuals accountable, but also lead to higher performance within the company. Think of this through the lens of fitness wearables: Fitbit users take 43% more steps than non-Fitbit users. Why? Turns out that just making goal data and progress available to an individual and their peers is motivational for doing more. Different jobs call for vastly different types of goals, so we’ve created specific OKR examples for major roles within Product. At BetterWorks, we believe setting good OKRs is easy if you start with the five Goal Science™ pillars: connected, supported, adaptable, progress-based and aspirational. As you’ll see, the OKR examples we provide follow these pillars to ensure that your team’s goals are on the path to success. To make these examples even more valuable, we’ve divided them into two categories: objectives and key results. The examples are not intended to be complete packages of objectives and key results. Instead, you can choose which cross section of examples is best for you, or simply use our examples as a guide as you begin setting OKRs. Chairman of Kleiner Perkins (and BetterWorks board member), John Doerr, believes that there are three words that make or break goals: “as measured by”. So a simple rubric for good OKRs is as follows:

I will ________ as measured by ____________.

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Head of Product GOAL


Increase platform engagement

• Increase daily active users by 3%

by end of Q4

• Increase weekly active users by 5% • Increase monthly active users by 15%

Manage product lifecycle and strategic planning

• Finalize requirements with stakeholders from R&D, Design, Product, Engineering and Packaging by Oct 20 • Create a use-case messaging document with Marketing by Nov 5 • Present the vision and roadmap to executive team by Nov 20 • Implement new prioritization and new feature process for all Q4 products by end of Q4


Product Manager GOAL


Increase daily engagement

• Interview 50 customers or users to get feedback by end of Oct

with the product by 3%

• Set up 10 A/B tests on mobile application to drive engagement by first week of Oct • Modify onboarding experience with educational content and social features middle of Q4 • Identify power users and document their behaviors by Oct 15

Launch new integrations with

• Get trained on partner’s product by Oct 15

3rd party partners on Dec 15

• Document goals and shared vision with external vendors by Oct 20 • Write and scope requirements from partners and key business stakeholders such as business development, sales and engineering by Nov 20 • Work with with big data application and services team to outline rollout and integration plan by Dec 1

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Ideate and ship features for

• Interview 5 premium subscribers by Oct 4

premium subscribers

• Develop 4 use cases to be addressed by Oct 20 • Finalize feature requirements with Head of Product and deliver requirements to design and development by Oct 12 • Ship premium subscribers features by Nov 10 • Increase premium subscription signups by 2%

Increase cross-functional transparency into product KPIs by Q4

• Hold monthly meetings with key stakeholders from Marketing, Engineering and Sales on product KPIs • Develop a product KPI dashboard partnering with analytics team • Ensure that 100% of Q3 product features have robust success metrics associated with them • Analyze the lifetime value of the average product user vs. the average premium subscriber


Product Designer GOAL


Design major interactions

• Participate in 5 user interviews with User Researcher by January 10

for new product launch by

• Meet with lead software engineer and QA engineer 3 times before February 15

end of March

• Create and present 5 prototypes to Head of Design by March 5 • Deliver visual designs to product and engineering by March 15 Receive promotion to design manager by

• Implement and run a revamped new hire onboarding process by January 20

improving prototyping,

• Create 2 March sprint prototypes using Form by February 15

management and thought

• Attend MAP training session on February 18

leadership by end of March

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• Chronicle the design process for new mobile web browser in a blog post by February 22



Technical Writer GOAL


Restructure content in

• Eliminate redundant documentation by May 20

customer support portal

• Condense and refine existing FAQs with the help of customer support by June 15 • Develop documentation formatting and style guide by June 30 • Propose and share new style guide with product team on July 5

Create content and documentation for Fall 2015 release

• Meet with PMs and key stakeholders to understand new features and use cases by May 25 • Document additions/deletions to product and share with customer support by June 20 • Write 3 drafts of comprehensive Fall release guide by end of June • Get final approval on release guide from stakeholders by July 5 • Send release notes to user base one month before product launch date on July 15

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Goal ScienceŽ Thinking The BetterWorks platform is designed for today’s workforce by applying five Goal Science pillars, based on proven goal setting practices and organizational research.






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