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Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Evergreen Herbal Massage The gentle scent of Pine permeates the room while we begin your session with an Evergreen and Rose herbal compress to induce deep relaxation and warmth. A blend of gentle massage and energy work will then be enhanced with an herbal oil made with local Evergreens. Not only do evergreens help to connect us to our past allowing us to release old trauma but their anti-inflammatory abilities help to soothe achy muscles

$85.00 Sale $68.00 518-952-1161

Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Peppermint Ginger Herbal Massage Deep Relaxation & Revitalization Start your session with a peppermint foot compress individually wrapped around each foot followed by a full body massage. Using Swedish techniques with a focus of stress relieving points on the face, scalp, hands, and feet. This 60 minute session is then finished with the ultra soothing strokes inspired by Lomi Lomi on the back and legs. An Herbal infused oil of peppermint and ginger will enhance your massage with its restoring and revitalizing properties

$85.00 Sale $68.00 518-952-1161

Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Great Gift Ideas Body Mind Spirit Massage-Tailored just for you, The Body, Mind, Spirit Massage fuses together a variety of gentle massage techniques with foPrice: $68.00 cused energy work, and is enhanced 60 minute session with aromatherapy and herbal oils. Who Deserves it: Anyone dealing with high stress, anxiety, needing an escape or achy

Couples Massage Lesson-Each of you will get a chance to learn tips and tricks to make massage at home meaningful and productive. This hands on experience will allow you to both get massaged and learn to massage your partner Price: $100.00 90 Minute Session and reconnect. Who Deserves it: Your favorite couple who need to reconnect, have an escape from the kids, or just want a fun date night 518-952-1161

Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Great Gift Ideas Specialty Massages

Head, Hands, & Feet-Stay fully dressed and fully relaxed. Often clients remark about how deeply soothing this session can be even more than a Price: $50.00 full body massage. 45 Minute Session Imagine the parts of Who Deserves it: Anyone who works with their hands or your body you use on their feet, Suffers from arthritis, or is uncomfortable getting undressed for a massage the most singled out for decedent relief .

Tummy Love Massage-Gentle Mas-

Price: $50.00 45 Minute Session Who Deserves it: Those who suffer from any sage and Energy work demyriad of digestive issues or an emotional disconnect signed to help you reconnect from body.

with your body, and soothe “tummy troubles�, an herbal oil of peppermint and ginger is rubbed into abdomen to enhance the benefits of this special massage 518-952-1161

Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Winter Blizzard Sales

Children aren’t the only ones who deserve to be excited about a snow day! This winter when either office gets a significant amount of snow, you will want to check your emails or our facebook page because we will be announcing a 24 Hour Blizzard Sale. Each time will be different and may offer special gifts, added time, or even major discounts on massage services and with all of that snow you will end up shoveling, you will definitely appreciate these deals. 518-952-1161

Sanctuary Massage Presents:

Serenity, Harmony, & Inner Peace Give the gift your loved one truly needs this year

Special Package Pricing: ď‚?

Purchase 6 Gift Certificates each for the 60 minute Body Mind Spirit Massage for just $325.00


Purchase 3 Gift Certificates each for a 45 minute Specialty Massage for just $110.00

Gift Certificates are valid until January 1st, 2015 and can be given away as gifts or kept for yourself 518-952-1161

And THANK YOU From: Sanctuary Massage

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Check out all of the amazing Winter Herbal Massage Services, Great Gift Ideas, and Special Holiday Packages Sales! And when was the last tim...

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