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Why real estate in Belize will increase in value over the time Belize, located in Central America, is one of the most diverse ecological systems in the world. It has the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Aside from the fact that it is home to hundreds of endangered species such as the Jabiru stork – one of the biggest flying birds in America, it is also home of the Mayas. Mayans inhabited the lands for thousands of years and are still living there, harmoniously concentrated in the Toledo district of Belize. There are a lot of protected and preserved areas in Belize that is why developments in certain areas are limited. There is a good possibility that the real estate industry in Belize may affect the ecological system of the country. For one, the construction of the houses, hotels, condominiums and other developments dedicated to uplift the human interest may not be good for the environment. Constructions, whether it be in a different country, has adverse effects to its surroundings. If demand of real estate in Belize increases, which is apparently happening, businessmen and companies will find a way to extend the supply of land properties. An increasing demand also means an increasing population; an increasing population also means more tons of harmful wastes. Carbon footprint is the expression of human activity affecting climate change, calculated in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced. In other words, it is the impact of the human race to the world's environment by the lifestyle we follow. Although it could be claimed by environmental advocates that real estate companies in Belize are only out to make money out of the destruction of its environment, the government has strict laws on where developments should start. The Toledo district is said to be the most pristine place in all of Belize with the Mayas protecting it. A few years back, the Mayas had proposed that the area be their homeland. The Mayas cultivate the land and forest through a system called the “Milpa Agriculture� which was also applied by the Native American Indians hundreds of years ago. The Milpa system is a way of producing food, while at the same time maintaining healthy and diverse ecosystems. The reason for this is conventional farming as we see today, such as grazing lands for cows and extensive farming of crops, is actually disturbing our environment and creating disorder in the ecosystem. Grazing lands in present times even out the forest for cows, affecting all the other creatures living in the forest. With limited forest resources, some animals and insects die, causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. Increasing demand for real estate in Belize and limited development for companies to expand real estate properties would affect the value of land in Belize greatly. Although they haven't reached their

limits yet, it is best to assume that in the next few years, land properties in Belize would increase a significant amount making it the best real estate investment target. Everything in this world is limited including our earth's resources. Now, it is up to us how to make use of it efficiently.

Why real estate in Belize will increase in value over the time  

Belize, located in Central America, is one of the most diverse ecological systems in the world.