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Vacation homes have been a very attractive luxury in the past years, especially when it comes to Belize real estate properties. A noticeable surge in purchases of vacation homes has made the country build more for the constantly increasing demands. That is why several communities have sprung out of nowhere like mushrooms in the country of Belize, and a lot of expatriates and retirees are now living in the same country aside from people visiting for mere vacations. According to some people, vacation homes are quite a necessity when you are planning on leaving your stressful work, and have a relaxing and peaceful getaway so you could refresh your spirit. What a perfect way to do to freshen up your soul than by visiting Belize and have a wonderful vacation home where you can take your family and friends during the holidays. How can you have the perfect vacation home in Belize? That is quite simple. The perfect vacation homes can only be found in Sanctuary Belize, just in the southern region of the country. This community is well-known for its incomparable beauty and creatively designed homes. Only made with the highest quality and eco-friendly materials, homes here will definitely be able to endure the harsh rays of the sun and the strong winds of any storm. Not to mention, you may even find your home to be similar to those found in architectural magazines. The builders

are world-renowned and the local contractors are only the best to give you a home that is worth every penny spent. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, you can choose among the hundreds of scenic locations where to build your gorgeous abode. Would you prefer to be surrounded and embraced by lush greenery? Or perhaps you prefer the powdery white sand and the cool sea breeze? Wherever it may be, you definitely have a choice on where you want your home to be. You can also have your own architect to join the building team of your home if you have one. You don’t have to worry about anything since everything is practically within the boundaries of the community. Want to satisfy your shopping fixation but you think you are in the middle of a forest where no mall is around? Fret not, since the community has their own focal center, the Marina Village. It is a structure of several shops and restaurants that will cater to your shopping needs and tickle your taste buds with the taste of local Belizean cuisine. Other amenities include their private resort and spa. Pay a worthwhile visit to this facility if you are tired of combing the beach shore and would like a luxurious pampering moment and at the same time get to experience one of their 32 luxurious rooms or their famed cabana-style huts. While walking around the area can be quite a beautiful experience, why not try to do it while horseback? With the community’s Equestrian Center, you will definitely think you

are in Marlboro Country while galloping through the bridle paths. Getting the perfect vacation home in Belize real estate is made easy through Sanctuary Belize.

Get the best Belize real estate and vacation home  

You can even have your own private caye for that ultimate retirement haven. Discover your haven here in Sanctuary Belize.

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