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Belize Real Estate: The Wonders of Having a Vacation Home in Belize Belize is one of the countries around the globe that has been gaining quite a huge following from tourists, expatriates and retirees. With its extraordinary take on tourism and hospitality, people are starting to take notice of this piece of paradise on earth. Having a vacation home has now become a necessity more than a luxury because the world we live in has become a breeding ground for stress and diseases. People need to relax and have peace of mind. This is essential for our well-being and having a vacation home in one of the most beautiful places on earth can give that. The Belize real estate industry has experienced a surge in property purchases in the past year. People purchase lots and houses here because there are so many options to choose from. You can go for either buying a modest living space in a small town or go for grandeur by acquiring a house in Sanctuary Belize for the ultimate luxury experience at an affordable price. A vacation home in Sanctuary Belize will surely give you a thrilling experience. Aside from a very grand house to live in with superb taste and style, you are actually living very close to experiencing different adventures in the heart of paradise. Just take a few steps and you’re at the beach or take the road to visit the Mayan structures that were built by the Mayan people ages ago. Go scuba diving in the best diving spots with the richest marine life in the country. You can also try looking at other vacation homes in Belize for a considerably cheaper price but you can’t find another vacation home with all the amenities beyond ordinary than in Sanctuary Belize real estate properties. Here, in this private community, you have 24-hour gated security, therefore, eliminating any form of worry in your head about safety of the neighborhood. The community has amenities, such as the Equestrian Center, where a resident can mount a horse and go around the area to appreciate the surrounding sceneries in a slow pace and higher angle. This way you won’t have to think about getting tired, but do think

about your next activity. Living in these areas means adventures; lots and lots of adventures. If you are not the type to jump into adventure then you can also relax by doing nothing and simply appreciate nature’s wonder in this place where more than half of the total land area is preserved for Mother Earth and her animals. Get to enjoy their private resorts and spas, get to stay in cabana-style huts or choose among the other rooms available. This is just one place to get a vacation home, but having a place here in Belize takes you closer to every aspect of paradise as mentioned above. Additionally, the country has peaceful people living in it coming from different races living in harmony. Despite that fact, the main language spoken here is English; therefore, you would have no need to learn another language. Getting around is very easy and foreigners will never have a hard time getting around the place, giving you more time to enjoy the place!

Belize Real Estate: The Wonders of Having a Vacation Home in Belize